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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - October 20, 1938, Arcadia, California To Ira duty october 20,.1938arcadia daily Tribune pug it Vito Avert cold weather car damage local Mobil Gas stations. In move to help motorists play Safe against elements issues warning against delay a storm warning Flag Arn displayed in windows around town this week. They have been posted to warn a great army of ear throttle pushers that cold wearer is in the offing proposing to protect Auto St. From breakdowns bearing and gear failures. Tire punctures and blowouts. H. D. La Heureux warn i ii g of danger Days ahead due to approx cling Winter is to i n g broadcast to motor s i s. Such is the declaration of if d. L Heureux dist Riel in a n a g e r of general Petro Lorraine Krueger Star of rho radio pictures is amazed at punishment endured by Winter Mobil Oil when she inspects this interesting exhibit. Picture Star learns that Winter motor ii flows either at freezing or boiling a flow persons realize that Winter i Pesature extremes perfection of this Oil rightfully called Arctic a said Taylor his a real achievement of Mobil Oil engineers. It enables car owners to play Safe against fast Wear of vital motor Raptor Oil must stand up at either freezing or boiling and lubricate efficiency under both temperature extremes. The thermometer May be at. Freezing or even below Zero when the car is started. Within a min Lites of driving the Radiator Ifray be boiling. It is important to use an Oil that will endure both kinds of punishment experts say. Learning to her amazement that specs amp Fly created Winter Oil will do its work perfectly either at freezing or boiling. Miss Lorraine Krueger Star of Rio Rodio pictures who when autos Are started on cold pm lays the Lead opposite Joe Penner j nights or mornings motorists will lh�?T1. A a in a from tile City a recently i entertain such a fear judging from i statements they make to service station attendants. A to keep lever from breaking Quot in a afraid Iii break a lever or strip a gear a thousands of times this Winter Battery and Light failures Cooling team who says Tipiere should be no system and spark plug difficulties j delay in having curs Wimer proof and other mishaps that May result inspected. Ifs better to be a week from a change to lower tempera Early than a Day Ture operators of local Mobil Gas a a a a stations Are making a dramatic introduction to this Waterproof Campaign. Offering free inspections of 12 vital car parts in avoidance of seasonal mishaps the Mobil Gas men explain that w inter roofing is merely the proper safeguarding of cars against the ravages of cold wet weather and the resultant expense and discomfort. A inspection of automobiles and changing weights of oils and greases As cold weather approaches declares e e. Bame senior resale Salesman for general Petroleum a is just As essential to the health and performance of an automobile As changing of garments is to the health and Comfort of the Man behind the wheel. A a it a a Wise and essential precaution to Drain out All the Summers accumulation of grit and grime and take a fresh Start with pure clean products specially created for maintaining efficiency during the Winter weather. A a to Start quickly shift gears easily avoid Radiator and Battery troubles prevent blowouts and get full Power pickup and Pep from ones automobiles to really enjoy Winter driving and play Safe against breakdowns and delays. These Are the reasons Why thus waterproofing service is offered to the motoring a Ray interests Many motorists there Are 7,066 oiling and greasing places on the various cars of today. How can anyone know where they All Are. And what lubricants to use the fear that some lubrication Man remember All these places has been one of the motorists worries in the past. Confronted by this problem experts have originated a new Type Chart called the Quot a Ray Quot which is now attracting hit attention of main interested car owners to Mobil Gas stations. Every part of every maraud Model of automobile and the lubrication spot is shown on the in Grok us contrivance. Many to enjoy Snow sports 8 million fail to Start cars Quick starting is made easy everyone car. Snow sports Ilia it v this City a my of the West at it a and ice Fields co Ain area. No far by in these Day. Of motorized e enee when practical cons or drives a oar. Are gaining in to and every other a its favorite in tile High mom a Way. Perfection of the modern a immobile. Building and keeping open Good Mountain highways and creation in Auto Ells and greases work efficiently at Low temperatures Are Lea sons Foi the gaining Snow sport popularity says a statement from c. L. Carlson local manager for general Petroleum. I e Moi inter Elp v jar1 Start quit and ens lit in to nos Che one of tile thoughts Upmier to mind of an Automo Ilist approaches ills garage on a Tor Day. According to inns made by service station d. If Start k into Moi rep you eel a re Eon i Irin Din lid the Interne of tile reasons say local s men for inauguration of roofing inspection service Cai win Start quickly they a if proper attention has von to various inspections in Battery spark plugs Etc. A Gas tank is Well filled with saw an interesting exhibit tile exhibit showed Oil flowing it Yum Filp Ruf bottle of Mobil Oil Arctic which had been Frozen in a cake of ice. Alongside another bottle of the lubricant immersed in bathing water. The demonstration was. Used by h. W. Taylor lubricants department manager of general Petroleum. To prove this Winter Oil will flow freely and lubricate effectively despite severe tem this fear the attendants say grows from the thought that transmission Oil will be so congealed As to cause great difficulty in the shifting of gears. A to overcome this difficulty a they declare. A Mobil engineers have produced a Winter transmission lubricant that works like greased lightning no matter How cold the Day. Twood taste. A Good design a a modest Cost produced this cling Ming Pomona Home. Financed through a Bank of America Tim plan loan under Chai Al �?�itll-1 a month car worries Are prevented by Winter Oil a when i step on the starter one of those cold mornings will i Burn out a Bear alg or score a Cylinder because the congealed Oil wont travel through the motor fast enough a this is the harrowing thought that haunts Many car owners when Winter suddenly clamps Down according to those who have studied reactions of thoughtful motorists. At least that a the Way a communication from the engineering staff of general Petroleum puts it. Such fears May be discarded the communication reveals when the crankcase holds an Oil specially created for Winter use. Even at Zero such a lubricant will flow 33 times faster than Ordinary Oil it is said. A when starting at Zero a special Winter Oil such As our Mobil Oil Arctic will travel to vital motor parts in the volume of to ounces per minute but the Ordinary Oil. Not designed for cold weather flows Only the Roe tenths of an ounce per minutes says w. D. Ellison of the engineering staff. Quot when motor temperature reaches 40 degrees three quarks of the special Winter Oil Are in use per minute As compared with Only to i ounces of the Ordinary Oil. Lubricant must be changed before Wea a ther changes to avoid ibis time plan financed Home in Pomona is a Choice example of what Good taste and Good design can achieve at modest Cost n after the nominal Down payment required under the Liberal terms of Fua this Home Cost its owner Only $38.41 per month. Just a few cents More than $1.00 a Day throughout California Bank of America time plan Loans arranged through Fua Are financing the construction of modern Homes. Photographs plans and details of 34 of these Homes Are shown in the Large Book Quot inspiration Homes a which you May obtain free at any Branch of Bank of America. Ask for it today. In mtg of ant Erin National association Momber Federal Deposit insurance corporation californians Only statewide Hank weight of big i locomotive on gears of Auto imagine a giant locomotive bearing Down on the rear gears of you automobile. Motorists who Seldom i think of what happens in the inner Workings of their cars will be Amaz i de to learn that when they drive. The rear gears Are actually subjected j to enormous pressure of 71,900 to i 109.200 pounds per Square Inch. Its just As though each gear tooth were pushing the weight of a locomotive automotive engineers say. Another starter revealed by in i i gingers is that the Pinion gear actually a slides Quot along the ring gear at speeds varying from 16.7 to 26.751 feet Fer second. Realizing the heavy weights and 1 rapid speeds to which these vital parts Are subjected its no wonder Many motorists think something May break when they step on the i Gas especially on cold Winter declares c. H. Wartman Southern division general manager of general Petroleum Quot however we have nothing to fear if the gears Are cushioned with special Winter lubricant. This lubricant stands the Speed and pressure functioning freely when the weather i a fits Clown to freezing or Zero. No hmm inc it 101 Muoio Mathiak you o Del 1 a Cooling system checked for scale and leaks. Hose and clamps inspected. 2 a Radiator drained and flushed. 3 fan Bolt checked and replaced if necessary. 4 old summer lubricant removed from transmission and differential cases thoroughly flushed universals carefully checked and Correct Winter Grade of Mobil lubricant supplied. 5 a Crank Case drained and flushed and filled with the Correct Winter Grade of Mobil Oil. 6 a Oil filter inspected and new Cartridge installed if needed. 7 Battery tested cables inspected terminals cleaned and distilled water added if necessary. 8 spark plugs inspected and cleaned and replaced if necessary. 9w Windshield wiper inspected and adjusted or replaced if necessary. To a lights inspected lenses cleaned. La Interior vacuum cleaned. 12 tires inspected and inflated. Monju in the heat grime and dust of hard summer driving have done tilings to your now comes Winter with its Low temperatures and severe weal her conditions that impose new and even More serious demands. Your safety a the proper operation of your car and Protection of the investment you have in it a necessitate that it he in proper condition to withstand the hardships of Winter driving. The change from summer grades to Correct Winter grades it it fuel and lubricants is important a but that alone in t enough. General s 12-Point Winter proof service includes critical inspection of the viral Points of Wear. This is a precautionary measure of which every Motorist should take advantage. And its entirely free except of course for needed materials you order. Why not have your car in Tor proofed now remember it s better to be Safe than sorry. Drive in today where you see the flying re a horse. I with Mobil Gas a Mem general Petroleum corporation

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