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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - October 12, 1938, Arcadia, California I apr four Arcadia daily Tribune wednesday october 12, 1938 a 55 in Beauty children health our own Magazine Page Crisp fall Day is Ideal for campfire picnic if steaks hot dogs and Coffee Are served by Broil Juicy steaks and Ripe tomatoes Over coals for delicious picnic meal a picnickers t Reata by Judith Wilson Jont act like a Bear Anc hibernate Tor the fall brisk Days Are Best for outdoor eating so get out your biggest Coffee put and charcoal Grid. Or frying pan equip yourself with steaks unit hot dogs and eat outdoors eat in the open As Long a you can. Whether it s the Backman Lawn or the Woods in the country and if the winds Are keen. Just put another log on the Campti it and Havi i nother cup of hot coffer picnics Cream if Tomato soup grilled Steak sandwiches potato chips Cole Slaw mincemeat turnovers hot Coffee grilled frankfurters. Cheese and Bacon in buttered Rolls grilled Tomato slices Mustard and Sweet pickles chocolate Cream puffs or frosted applesauce cake Coffee simplicity is the byword for the fall picnic and fastidiousness does not belong. Boil the Coffee on the Krill or on Flat stones Over the campfire. Broil the Tomato slices and steaks alongside on the Grill or in a frying pan Over hot coals let everyone Cook their own hot dogs. Make your outdoor Coffee this Way picnic Coffee use 2 level measuring Tablespoons for each measuring cup of water. Place the Coffee pot Over the fire and bring to a full boil. Remove to a cooler spot and allow to stand without boiling for 8 or to minutes. Strain Well into another pot for serving. Prompt straining is important As Coffee that is allowed to stand on the grounds becomes bitter and Cloudy. If you use a bag tie the Coffee loosely in Fine cheesecloth allowing plenty of space for expansion. Put the bag in the Coffee pot. Add boiling water and bring slowly to a boil place Over a Low fire without boiling for 12 minutes remove the bag and serve from the pot in which the Coffee was cooked. Frankfurters cheese and Bacon Here show your picnic Larder should look if you re Wise enough to get out in the Woods these Crisp fall Days. For a real campfire picnic nothing is quite so Del ious As Juicy steaks and tomatoes broiled Over the coals a big pot of steaming Coffee and a dozen frankfurters you can roast and then eat with Rolls. Take along a bag of charcoal for the Best results with the Steak and tomatoes. Keep your hamper packed with unbreakable dishes and your biggest Coffee pot. Shampoos keep Blond hair Bright 12 frankfurters 12 slices cheese about i by 5 inches in size 12 slices Bacon 12 Frankfurter Rolls Mustard toothpicks split the frankfurters half Way through and stuff each one with a strip of cheese. Wrap in Bacon and Broil until the Bacon is done. Pass Mustard for those who want it or serve with Mustard pickles. Quick Steak sandwiches i Pound hamburger cup milk 2 Tablespoons grated onion Salt and Pepper to taste 8 slices White bread butter prepared Mustard spread bread evenly with butter and a thin layer or prepared Mustard. Beat the chopped beef with the onion Salt and Pepper and milk and spread the mixture All the Way to the edges of the bread slices. Melt butter in a Skillet heat and put in the sandwiches meat Side Brown. Fry about 5 minutes if you like your meat rare about 7 if you like it Well done. If you wish the bread slices May be turned carefully with a Pancake Turner and browned lightly on the other Side. This is unnecessary however As the bread will be thoroughly heated while the meat is cooking. Picnic scramble Blond hair is tops this season according to the coiffure Guild of new York and in their recent showing of new hair styles at least four coiffure out of every five were designed for Blond Heads. Other fashion and Beauty sources Are playing up blondes this season too. Lovely Golden Copper and brass hair tones set off the new fall costume and cosmetic shades to perfection. This is a Blond year so if you Are a blonde prepare to make the most of it. Other women envy you and try to copy you men Admire you. If you Are a natural blonde however you know that your enchantment is frail. Your hair tends to Darken your fair skin loses its fragile porcelain Quality. You risk freckles every time you face the Sun and a tendency to overweight is an in by Jacqueline Hunt miss Hunt 6 frankfurters 3 Tablespoons butter 6 eggs Salt and Pepper to season Cut the frankfurters in thick slices crosswise Brown lightly in butter and add the beaten eggs seasoned with Salt and Pepper stir until the eggs Are set and serve hot in buttered soft buns these Are just As Good for a Midnight supper snack at Home. Brazil nut wafers i cup butter 2/3 cup brow n sugar 24 cups flour i cup finely sliced Brazil nuts let the butter stand at room temperature until softened and beat until Light and Fluffy beat in the sugar. Work in the flour Ana half of the nuts. Chill. Shape into Small balls about the size or Hickory nuts flatten with a Spatula and press the remaining nuts into the tops of the cookies. Bake in a moderate oven about 20 minutes this makes about 41/2 dozen Crunchy cookies. Serve these with your picnic Coffee with some Ripe bananas and Rosy apples if the cookies alone Are not dessert enough for you. More English colors from England comes More fashion color shown by Victor Stiebe in country suits on heavy Muik it tweeds town and country suits ii Brilliant Rainbow backed woolens mixed with Plain colors town suits in Plain wools in Gray or Dusty Green som of which have printed tunics Stieber d time dresses include one Rusty red worn with a Dusty Blue coat another that allies Navy with Brilliant Blue. A a Quot Quot Emy waiting to pounce on you. You must work constantly to preserve your loveliness. Gold in your hair naturally your first consideration should be your much admired hair. Do everything you can to keep it fair and shining. You May even be forgiven if you find it necessary to use brightening rinses to keep your fair Halo. Since your hair is loveliest immediately after a shampoo Wash your hair oftener than your dark haired Sisters do. At least once a week you should work Bland bubbly suds into your Scalp. When every strand of hair has been thoroughly lathered rinse with a hand Spray and repeat the soaping. Rinse until every hair squeaks with cleanliness then use the strained juice of two Lemons in your final rinse water to remove any soapy film that might Dull the Beauty of your hair. Or use one of the prepared rinses that not Only leave your hair soft and shining but heighten its natural color. Dry your hair with warm towels fluffing and pushing it this Way and that to encourage any natural tendency to wave. If necessary tuck in water wave Combs and Roll the ends on curlers for your hair is loveliest when softly dressed. When these have been removed and your hair combed and brushed into place you May hold your brilliantine atomizer at an Angle and Spray just a hint of the dressing Over your hair to highlight the crests of the Waves. But remember that brilliantine must be used sparingly. The least bit of Oil tends to Darken your hair and make it stringy. Waists Are slim in fall dresses by Eleanor Gunn Beauty tips old fashioned embroidery Coiner into is own in this afternoon dress of wine coloured celanese a it on crepe set Cli by a flush of Satin at the Nec k line. Interesting also Are the Mutton leg sleeves and the Row of fabric covered buttons Down the front. Question Quot although i am Only a Yourn girl i Arn bothered kith jailing hair. I used to have Long thick hair until i started getting permanents. I Brush and comb my hair according to your directions and shampoo my hair every week. Hora can i Stop this tailing a neighbor has suggested a mixture of Castor Oil. Olive Oil and kerosene but Mother says this will make my hair worse than it is a mixture of Olive Oil and Castor Oil. Equal parts warmed thoroughly and applied to your hair and Scalp an hour before your shampoos will do a great Deal to soften and recondition your hair and improve the health of you Scalp. But Don t add kerosene aside from the fire Hazard it is drying and irritating to the Scalp and will undo the Good of the other oils it is sometimes used in Beauty shops but Only for treatments that no one would care to mention in Public. Do not have another permanent until your hair condition has improved continue the brushing and weekly shampoo preceded by an Oil treatment get a Good hair tonic or a mild Antiseptic and apply it to your Scalp 3 or 4 times Between shampoos. This helps cleanse the Scalp and improves the circulation Brush thoroughly after using the tonic and reset your Waves and curls with soft rubber curlers that will not cause the hair to break. Are you getting enough rest and a Good nourishing diet sometimes undernourishment nervousness due to Lack of rest or sleep cause the hair to fall. Done to imitate men warns male writer by Marian Mays Martin three rousing cheers for the chivalrous gentleman who pays the following homage to women a dear mrs. Martin a books for and about women come along in an endless procession. Can women do this can women do that can women live alone and be Happy can women improve on in e n in Bush Short cuts Drain off water from boiled vegetables to be mashed and Mash Over a Low flame. Season with butter Salt and Pepper and beat to a creamy consistency. To be served piping hot. Use three sheets in making up a bed and you will have a Blanket corer. When looking in a double boiler add a Little Salt to tiny water in the lower Section to obtain a greater degree of looking heat. Adrenal glands a source of our strength stamina by Claud North Chrisman . Or neighbourhood boasts or endures an unusual number of husky Small boys. Ask any one of them what he would rather be or do and he is sure to say a a Man a policeman or a prize fighter. Most of the time we take All their hilarity in Good spirits but sometimes after two or three hours of playing a a Indian or robbers or Ness there is one going the rounds today entitled a can women be gentlemen a a i have been a Man for a number of years and i see no reason for anybody imitating men or seeking to resemble them in a n y respect. I shall write a Book some Day coed schools allow Normal sex growth a Victoria Regina nets Housman $2,000 weekly machine gun fighting in which they make the machine gun Clatter with their voices we begin to wonder where All their immense Energy Cornel from. By Jane Herbert Goward by Talbot Lake mrs. Martin Don t bleach in spite of constant care some blonde hair naturally darkens As a girl grows older. The Light Pale Gold May change into a Dull Brassy Shade or to a deep Honey color. Lovely Bette Davis of the movies has hair like that and refuses to have it bleached. Do not be distressed if your hair is darkening an off Shade of Blond hair can be the individual touch that sets you apart from the rest of your clan if you keep it gleaming with health and care and find the make up tricks that Are most flattering to your features and colouring. I wish mothers would keep this in mind when their Little girls Blond culls begin to Darken. So Many of them ask about bleaching a when it is so much Wiser to let nature take her course and try to bring out the child a Beauty in other ways. Being a Brunette or in Between have their advantages too. New York the term a period dress is in such general usage that it needs no amplification. The French have a word for it Hobo de style while we often refer to the full skirted Type As a a portrait meaning of course the Type in which women like to be pictured. Evening and dinner dresses Are As usual of two types the wid it skirted Type or the slim Directoire or Pencil types. It Isnit Only the skirt that makes this seasons crop of formal gowns so exciting ifs their necklines. There Are Manj gowns held up by invisible Means gowns without straps or any sort of shoulder treatment and there Are others equally Lovely Cut Square in the neck which usually Means a generous expanse of bodice. Trim midriffs another exciting feature of the new dresses is that they All give one such a new look around the Midriff ones Waist must look Small even though the tape measure denies it. Its All done by widening the shoulder line and the hem. Believe it or not. Sashes Are heavily involved in the plot to focus the Eye on the Waist. Molyneux has caused a revolution of sorts by sending Over a Little Black Wool dress plus a persian Lamb edged jacket the dress has a girls shy round neck line and. Of All things a wide grosgrain Sash. If you be been window shopping at ail you must have discovered that shirring and even quilting is being used and that both contribute to the Over stuffed look some designers consider desirable. Wear a a dog Collar one of the most successful types of Pearl jewelry currently is the a dog Collar idea of victorian reflection a a Throat band of Black velvet with Pearl set Pendant of Cameo with festoons of Pearl drops or in Choker effect of rows of pearls set together. There Are accompanying bracelets and a Pear Button earring with tiny Matching velvet Bow. Another old fashioned treatment of pearls which is said to be coming Back is the Woven Collar or seed pearls with Bracelet and earrings to match. To be titled a can women be women a a i Ani really worried about that because the present fad among women is to be As unlike women As possible. They were All right in the first place and they continue to Register in a big Way when they stick to the original formula. Give false impression a these so called books for women or about women give oui younger crowd a wrong impression of life and the Mission of woman in the world. Certainly there is something More to life than imitating men who seem to have made a terrible mess of things judging from the business condition and the latest european mess a suppose we Start All Over again by writing a lot of books for men urging them to resemble women and to imitate women when possible. Of course their fancy clothes look As though they were trying to do that Little thing at this very minute but the change should go deeper than the surface. A if men would seriously imitate women and women would just go on being themselves we might gel Back to original principles which produced much better results than anything literary meddlers have so far suggested. I am not at All impressed by the follies of 1938. A Are you a woman mrs. Martin. Or Are you too much of a gentleman to admit it c. men no models indeed i do admit to the soft impeachment and wish to add. By Way of pinning a bouquet on myself. That i am not Only a woman and proud of it but one of the few i have Ever met who did not regret it. Why is it that women always Well nearly always a wish they were men it has always been a great mystery to me. In Moo per cent for my correspondent and his views. I sincerely wish that women would try being women acting like them looking like them being like them. Not that i Admire the so called womanly attributes. I done to like the feline ones but just Between ourselves i have often encountered that same catty Quality in the male of the species and Why not since there Are tomcats As Well As Tabby for reasons into which we need not go at this time it has always been considered flattering to women to liken them to men to say they have a Man s brain or a Man s viewpoint. In be even heard it boasted that a woman carried her liquor like a gentleman which remark was intended for a very sincere tribute. A Happy blend but in be known men and i mean men. Who react pretty much As a woman does to certain qualities or circumstances. I have in mind one who is at the head of a most successful organization. His attitude on unprecedented circumstances is Impi editable. He takes great personal dislikes and Likings to those with whom he comes in Contact both male and female. He is sometimes Given to Petty jealousy and to fits of unreasonableness. But the Point is that this Man is an outstanding Success a touched with Genius his admirers insist but if you ask me its that Happy blend of masculinity and femininity in his make up that gives him a distinct advantage Over Many of his contemporaries. It seems pretty trite to contribute Hie obvious fact that one sex most certainly can learn from the other. It s a mistake however to attempt to forget or ignore on which Side of the line one belongs or to struggle to Cross it. I agree with the writer of the letter that women As women Are stronger More influential and decidedly More agreeable than those who pretend or aspire to be mrs. Goward Pauline s parents Are wondering whether to Send her to the co educational Public High school or to a private girls school after her graduation from grammar school next january. They can ill afford the latter but ire considering it seriously because of ugly rumours involving several girls in affairs with boys at the free school. Naturally they done to want their daughter t o come into Contact with undesirable sex influences. Psychologists and sociologists believe however that co education offers the Best advantages for development of a Normal and wholesome sex consciousness All things bring equal. Every school has its a a fast set. This applies equally to co educational institutions and schools where boys and girls Are separated. A a a fast sex is made up of Young people who Are either Over sexed or merely have developed an unwholesome curiosity about the former can t be helped latter May be prevented. For boys and girls to be tracked to each other is perfectly Normal. Separating them in High school or College neither diminishes the attraction nor their awareness of it. Through being educated together however they get a Chance to know each other As they Are. Through group activities. Theater groups school orchestra. Glee clubs and language societies they cultivate Mutual tastes learn to share interests and How to be friends. Young people like to be together. The school creates opportunities for wholesome social relationships Between the sexes through its various group activities. The Home working in conjunction with the school must go on from Here and further the development of a healthy attitude town Ard sex. The school cannot assume the full responsibility. Home doors have to be open to the Young crowd to Avert the two major evils pairing off and meeting in secret. Adolescent interest in the opposite sex May be largely satisfied by dancing singing and making waffles and Candy together occasionally after school. Sex. The at they Tell aspiring playwrights who feel that they Are not getting the Fame and Fortune they deserve that they should wait and struggle for years and years and it will finally come. If they hand them that line it might no to be a bad idea to mention Lawrence Housman to them. There in t any Shadow of a doubt that Fame and Fortune came to this englishman and deservedly so for he is the author of a Victoria Regina which has been playing on and off since december 26th, 1935, with Helen Hayes in the title role. After 517 performances in new York it toured the country and Canada and has just returned to new York where it reopened on its performance. The Only rub for or. Housman must be that when his play opened he was a Mere Tot of 68 and is now 71 unless in a boggled on his birthrate of july 18, 1867. Before a Victoria Regina was produced the most or. Housman made on his plays and books in any one year was $2,500. Now the septuagenarian earns about $2,000 weekly on royalties. As to Fame at 71. Lawrence Housman had the bad Fortune to be the brother of the famed poet a. E. Housman who wrote that famous Book of verse. A a Shropshire though Lawrence wrote books like a tile Field of Clover Quot and a the Sheepfold and plays like a Prunella a a Bird in hand and others his late brother easily eclipsed him till a Victoria Regina Quot was produced. Housman undoubtedly made things hard for himself because he insisted on writing plays about Royalty. That in England is As bad As mentioning that you have a stomach and the lord Chamberlain tears right into such things and censors the very hair off them or. Housman has had the Honor of having 32 of his plays censored bad boy Bernard Shaw runs him a very bad second with four. However. Or. Housman did no to mind because writing about Queen Victoria was to him a labor of love. He liked her and wanted to re create Hor. Gilbert Miller the american producer chanced to see one of Housman a plays about Victoria and bought it. Now a Victoria Regina has turned out to be a major american Industry and regular business. F r e Quentlyn. The rabble turns into a free for ail tussle with the Best Man winning but who is Able to come out the Best Man is the question. It is not always Given to the physically largest and strongest nor to the oldest and Wisest. Sometimes it is the plucky Little Bantam blustered who is the Victor and carries off the halibut or Glove or whatever is at stake. 4 or. Chrisman strength Means Power it often happens that the doctor is asked to explain what it is that makes one capable of hanging on when a bigger one gives up. Many a fond Parent is seriously distressed by the fact that an adored youngster is a a baby a or a a a occasionally a Burly father or patronizing big brother tries to bully the less venturesome one into being a a braves by daring him or by ridicule. There is probably no bigger reason for wanting to be Strong and healthy than because one wants to be equal to anything and Able to hold his own against All Comers. Some forty years ago we began to suspect that somewhere in the body there was a secretion which. If Amole would afford this longed for stamina which we usually Call we began to prove hat the thing that we Call nerve courage or endurance was not entirely a matter of Tempe moment but that the source was physical. On in when we were Able to study the Ductless glands and to isolate and Analyse their products were we Able to list the contribution that they made to the system., w among the first we Learned about were the adrenals or Stipes Renals which lie just above the Ludness when we began to understand whet the secretions of the adrenals did for us. We could aet a Glimmer of meaning in the phrase. A of such a sin�1-tar significant saying was Quot getting his spleen blood gets Sustar Chamois for lint after brushing upholstered fur i iture go Over it with a wet Chamois wrung dry to remove All lint. Girlish sweater that a easily knit pleasing neck lines if hair a a High and Decol Hetage a a lows leaves a Skinny neck Between. Try tying a Black velvet Choker and slipping an Orchid through the velvet Bow at the Back of your neck it s fashions newest Way of avoiding that Long Bare neck in the Lornial evening Mode. Wherever the adrenal extract is used its use Means stimulation. The nerve tissues tighten up and the cells become More responsive to excitation. The blood reservoirs Are the liver and spleen and at an extra touch of adrenalin they add additional sugar. The puffed face and swelling vessels Are an indication of the aroused a fighting when your hair is made to stand on end or a dogs hackles Rise it in t imagination but an actual stiffening of the hair sheaths and the occurrence is real. To the often asked question of whether courage is inherited or a matter of training the doctor can Only answer that it is possible to inherit full bodies and vigorous adrenal glands but they. Too. Must be buttressed by other qualities or hey would be unequal to a real have often seen the sorry pee to clo of a game Little fighting a Ock taking on a combatant larger ban himself Ani getting licked in he end we can count Many instances of the Mother exerting length and courage beyond ail in defense of her Young inv to be destroyed in the Effort. We All admit that much can be one by training but the whole question savors so much of philosophy that the doctor Seldom tries to answer the Drob tem we Ore agreed that reason self control will Dower make one Strong my Are to a Well balanced healthy life. Combs part of hats in answer to the current style question a How Are we going to keep our hats and our hair up several milliners Are sewing comp into the backs of the smaller hats. Modes and m Anners a soft sweater for a soft Young thing is hand knit of cuddly Germantown Zepher. Knit in an All Over pattern with a horizontal line it is extremely feminine and youth Iii. The demure Peter pan Collar the snug Waistband and the t to Are done in alternate vertical stripes of Moss stitch and ribbing. To make this sweater write to this paper for design no. 1162, enclosing a self addressed i cent envelope question a please let my now through the modes and of Art. Ners column whether it is equally Correct to pour Gravy from a Gravy boat and to ladle it out with in spoon in serving oneself. I. Pc answer if one prefer Grav May be poured. But a much neater Way of serving Gravy is with a Gravy ladle or a Large spoon

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