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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - October 12, 1938, Arcadia, California Part two new Parky Nih Rnic wednesday. October 12, 102? Miil published daily except 8 an Day and holidays at 104 n. First Avenue Arcadia California Arcadia publishing company a. Ii \ i 0 i. 1> n o 0 n r i of a of Public Lier strange As it seems by John Hix for further proof address the author enclosing a stamped envelope for reply. Reg. U. S. Fat. Off. "9ik d Vantz Allene Corliss entered a s second Elm matter. March 14, 19f the Post office at Arend California under the a of March 3 1370. Or member chamber of tile Tribune was designated As a newspaper or a a Terai circulation by decree it court on the 8tn Cia of May 1931. It Ammerer \ read i a California h a Quot a publishers so Catlon Arcadi a est Side so it nation Bureau a off advertising american newspaper publishers association represented a no the United by j j Devine amp a. Sci ates. Inc Detroit. Pittsburgh. A. And Atlanta. G daily Tribune and full information a Hon markets can be obtained from any of t subscription pro c sin. In copy Fie month. Phone Atwator-7-2131 for ail states and Canada new York City Chicago conies of the Arcadia Are us a it Aud surrounding Loc per week departments. 40c per advertising a i on application Pooch s pm. D. Every so Oft on that College dog to they produce an inf it them that bars the when in pessimistic Are a bad influent1 a pity Complex a in one some who i Tive holders from the1 free Phi mood. We reflect in one respect. Ack of jocular companionship. How May a Bright hut self educated bricklayer marry a Gal who has a a. La. M. A. Pm. I Quot after her name and Hope to Call her a Snook Umsu and now the american Kennel Chih is awarding a a colleges degrees to pooches of High brain Power. Tops is a a la i. Signifying a a Utility dog next i. companion dog excellent last a pc. companion dog. We re against that n the interest of All dogs. Many a Mongrel is snip enough to take those degree s without even panting although due to some carelessness in recording marriages and divorces among his ancestors he could t be smuggled into the american Kennel club unless he \vert4 ground up and introduced at the Frankfurter Concession. Hut no pure should be weighed Down with any degree. Tho average dog we know is Happy a Good mixer free from complexes. Wed hate to see him wandering sadly along shunned by ally from pillar to Post rom 31rp- b ro0>im of a Jake no a 660r6� Johnson factor1 if Ore i pay n a Pouey fucking it his window fit for two to Sefc with it inn of buccaneers to capture the kingdom of nah /l5p by i it Cactus provi ice b Lar bars the fun any other / v Plant known to Man it get u<5�p Ftp it a f Opper. I0./2-3& won the West cry indians f by of amt . Iha weft Meb no hit no Pon game against be Trevi it in Tae i aft amt of Tae series to. -k137 40,000,000 voices to keep the productive forces of an entire nation Active requires intelligent salesmanship on a Large scale and this Foremost Selling Job in America today is being carried on by the country a press. That statement is backed by col. Leroy w. Herron of the Washington i. C. Star who Points out that no less than 40000,000 newspapers daily Are carrying on that Bidi. It us Able Job. For effectiveness and thoroughness you can to beat 10,000,000 salesmen bearing a significant and timely message. Ciu daily Washington merry to Aoi a Zaph continued from Page 11 Ferd is widely known he. Ped elect Dewey District attorney he is a swell campaigner and labor would be too per cent it r him. I think he s a natural intimates of Laguardia privately predict that he will take Ive part in the Campaign one Way or the other but they admit. Tho Are Only guessing and that before the fight is Over lie May he in it up to his neck. Monopoly idea Tor William King member anti Trust investigating com who recently put his staff strange spots the Rural electrification been accused of Many thing 111 is is a new one. A withe local manager torn Bill Quot i think you said the i ant or a i Vav what ii to is Quot til nov Quot a nit always eaten it but putting in per in it. The r e to if i i 11 in bbl k spa new clog the Mittee to ret in at work cooking up arguments to prove that monopoly does not exist in the it. S a., has hit on a new idea to scuttle the probe. The Wordy Utah an wants to switch it from an investigation of business practices to an investigation of Tho Val ious Federal agencies that guard such operations. Also Fie wants to invest Giatte a government Competition with private enter in other Wold. King proposes to it Wigt the probe from an invest 1 i i a. I i Iii Quot h ii i to re Iii. I Columbus was a pirate most of the incidents of the life of Columbus and even the Man himself Are Given to such controversy that historians studying ins life often confuse tact and fiction. I Well credited however is the knowledge that Columbus began his seafaring career As a pirate True he was a Mere lad. But a pirate swashbuckling and my nevertheless. After his sojourn at Ravia Columbus Rota lied in Genoa. By his non statement he was Lien h years old he readily fell in with John of Anjou Duke of Calabria As the pier of adventure offend by the life of a Buccaneer was toe much for Young Columbus to m is. The Duke was fitting out an expedition to recover Possession of the kingdom of Naples for his father. A Duke Rene in 1459. It is known to / have been nothing More than a band of corsairs Bent on piratical adventure. This was Columbus first voyage oddly enough on the same expedition was a greek Captain Aho named Columbus. How the Young explorer to be fared on this venture is connect unable but it did Lay the groundwork for a life at sea which \ As later to make Columbus immortal. Hugh Johnson save copyright res by United press Syndicate inc. Reproduction in whole or part forbidden. All rights reserved. V one of the tile Cactus ionic in the driest com Plant West found a tilt Rue a uncut prickly a ladder Arr thir id and Cid not Ion ant a been carried a by Wii Ville. Ivy to. Ion of the Plant a Roo be toe Amu by to the a Tinc ton. Herr Hitler Cerut in Pip eked the Hope of those who Law a peace for our time grow a r it i of tile great Munich sellout i Rue he told his country. Sunday. That All in wants is peace. But de ado told them that it is to be a a reman Price Quot a peace guaranteed by too fact that Germany Wall be further armed to the Point where she can lick anybody who disagrees with her that is the kind of peace to be expected in a Rabbit Warren by a Lex. During the cd Zech lava kick crisis he told the democracies to inc it St that the germans Quot deeply despise Quot them. Now he tells Britain or j i Ranee that lie distrusts them because being democracies they might elect men who will net kowtow a did i Limber and i Hamber tin. Maybe they had it Kerning to them. Czechoslovakia trusted them. See what she got. No. Germany has i tile Thorn example on which to rust them. On the other hand who would or Eon id Trust Germany t i sin started the modern Avalanche i of it i Honor in Rill six Ipen. She it not violated practically every inter i 1 fir r 11 pre Mise she a. Gain win a i of Quot peace for our time Quot. The Captain and the kids can democracies expect from a Cit la inst y bully who starts it by telling them what lie Balli quote Pines and distrusts them Abd that be prep a to Arm a strongly that or ran ii k them at any time singly or in a Battle Royal i Here is this to be said for her Hillerts thinking in a world where be nation trusts another and Allar arming to the Teeth How can any nation rely for peace on anything irs1 than sufficient military Force to protect itself at Alt events the answer is none can and there is no reasonable argument to the contrary. is hardly one european country that is not Tarn i with this s. Me still of treaty repudiate on Ami an Alme St cynical disregard of Whit roved t be known in the world As National Honor we Are inclined to preen ourselves in the feathers of Sanctity Ani say a holier than thou. A a rut it is Black on the five of r in own record that we coldly and repudiated the Promise in cur Gold Bonds with Little re re for the pledged word As Tim Ali had in refusing to ply the ii a Dabio to us in the s Gnu torte t ii a peek x x Tod walked Home that night with a feeling that things Weir if not right with Whitney Al Lino Safe. Lit had no Way of ton be my that Leas than three months lilt it dam Premie would lie dying of pneumonia in Cha Rice River Village tie and Whitney left Fin Boston an lieu 1 Rafiei the get in t i s wire. Hut Vita in lid not live to Ltd a Ihen. Would not have known them if he had. Helena went immediately t ack to new York after t e funeral but Whitney and Tori staved on Over tile week end at Tho farm wit ii Hester who was putting aria Oil House in order in Hor meticulous new England fashion role us by to leave any of the details to old Martha the housekeeper who co rid have managed easily a i Acle Adam would hate All Lii. Cleaning and polishing and flocking Awny Quot Whitney said. E aping with Tod to the practice Fielden saturday morning. The were leaving for new York the next afternoon. It would be months to fore either one of them returned Here probably. The Filee was pod s now. All these lolling Meadow Ian is High i pastures the Hundred Yoni old Stone House All Belonger to him they crossed the practice Field which was Lough and Brown with half Frozen rills and at Down on a Stone Wall yesterday they had had the hollies out and had churned it to mud Blit it had Frozen again luring the night. Already the Sun was High in the sky. By ii Ion it would Ive warm enough to pull Oil a couple of sweaters the wind whipped at Whitney s hair and blew it sir re Back about her ears and stung hoi chocks with color. Lovely to be Sittni g Here with Tod like this on a Clear fresh March Day. Lovely to feel the wind against your face and in your hair. As children they had sat Here innumerable times at Tei exorcising their horses on this same practice hold had walked Back to Lite House Ai Leeward pleasantly tired out and hungry to cat enormous dinners Iii the Middle of the Day she Hail worn red berets and Blue pleated skirts and middy blouses and Tod had always been Able to ride harder and walk faster arid eat Mote. But he had never been condescending about it. Or even Superior the Way Scott had always been when he Rode with them which Wasny to often. But Don t think about Scott. You Haven to thought about him much for several Days now. Not a ii Quot the first Day you came and saw him and spoke to him and nothing happened. He was with Olivia and you talked to them for a while in a room full of people and then they both went away and you just Felt numb and sort of relieved. You had seen Scott and it Hadnot mattered particularly there had been none of that old Pierce rapture that singing of your blood and your heart pounding. And you were glad. Suddenly she wanted to talk about it. To Tell Tod that he had been right new years eve and that she was grateful to him and that now there was nothing to worry about. That there never would be any More. But since that night in new York she had not mentioned Scott s name to him and it a hard to do so now. And then while she was trying to think of How to Tell him. Tod mentioned it himself. To said a a done to Tell me if you a rather not. But was it so very Tough seeing Scott again a a Lovely to be Able to Tell Tod that it Wasny to. That she had talked with i Scott and remained a stirred. That that a Over and done with. Lovely to be Eble to say a i can to even re member what we said to each other Tod just the usual obvious things i imagine. Nothing of any in a Portan e i Only saw him one other i i hut she did. She saw him again that night. And the next Day Tod i went Back to new York alone afterwards Whitney was always 1 to believe that if so had not had to spend that last evening Alme that is if Hester had not Peen tired and 1 gone to her room Early and ii i of i had not been Busy w Ith Matthews i Down at the stables everything would have happened it flex Shily. But because she was alone Slit be came re ties and lonely and cd ruled to walk Down the Roo i to meet pod. And because she went to meet pol she met Scott. She knew it was Bis ear the in stunt the headlights flushed into the driveway. She knew it Wains oar before he jammed on the brakes and killed the engine she came Forward to him out of the do linens the wind whipping of her hair biting a inst her eyelids pushing her breath Back Down her Throat and she the Hight Quot Why did he have to come Hen Why he have stayed away and left me alone i was All right. But if i seen him alone like this i wont he. Ill lose All this Lovely not feeling anything about Hirn of Tho last few Days and everything will begin again a his hand was on her Arm he was draw ing her into the Cai beside him. He was saying his eyes excited mid eager As they Alwar were when ii Quot was terribly pleased about some thing a what Luck Whit the most i hoped for was a to w minutes \ alone w Ith you. Hut i had to come \. I stay he stay away she pressed mutely away from him her hands clenched tightly Iii the lockets of her Tweed coat. He stay away. Hut it would have been so much better if lie could have. Then she remembered dully thai All Scott s life he had never done the Wise thing. That always lie had laughed at Wisdom and caution and self discipline and made rules. It was what mad sell me the idea so compete i a a Darling that i came bark Tif Holton and did t try to see you Agni for months. I thought that if we did no to see each other we d gel Over tills thing. But i was wrong. We were Linth wrong Vav lilt. We were both wrong. And toil was wrong. And Olivia was wrong too. So Many people nil wrong it 1 v funny. It is sad. Olivia thought that if i cleared out it would Pix up everything Between her Ami Scott hut it has t. And i of thought if i made a Promise i should keep it. Done to spoil something line and decent by slopping Over now. But id Doe not know everything. He does no to know that two people May love each of hoi beyond All stupid formulas for Noble behaviour. She said a Tell me one thing Scott. I have to know. Haven t you and Olivia found any sort of happiness together at All a Scott did not answer her immediately. Finally he said a i suppose we have. That is. I think Olivia has. I told you once Whit that she was a Sweet kid and deserved a Happy life. I be tried to five it to her. But a in t a marriage Darling it novt top it time after that. Row morning i him i f w e p Robab once so charming and so Gay and so irresponsible. It was w hat had cracked things so wide open for them a year and a half ago. He was hacking the car out of the driveway. She ought to Stop Hun. But sin no longer wanted to. And because she no longer wanted to she was frightened and exultant and miserable. She thought Quot Tod would despise me for this. And he was so Happy about things this morning. So sure that things were going to be ail right with me again. Hut now he will never believe any thing i even Tell him about Scott and me. He i i know that where Scott is concerned i am not to be depended upon and he will never feel i to the same about me again because i imagine that Tod has very Little use for pen pie who live by their indecision the Way i do. They had achieved the main Highway now and were driving North. Scott turned his head smiled at Hor briefly his Mouth tender. A a done to be so unhappy Whit about our being together like this. I had a lot of Fine ideas too about letting you go Back without seeing you again arid All that rot. But when it came to the showdown i do it Darling. And i done to for a moment think you wanted me to. Did you Whit be truthful a a i done to know. I think i did. You see i saw you Scott arum nothing happened. My i thought that it was All Over. I thought so this is the Way it is. You think about a person for months and then you see them and it Isnit important. And i was glad Scott. I was truly. But now i suppose in a just As glad that it Isnit that Way. A of course you Are. You want it that Way really any More than i would. But Darling if you be been thinking about me for months and in a selfish enough to Hope you have Why did no to you let me come to new yo11 this Winter a a a i wanted to. But wed decided can be. Ifs just another design for two people living a a yet when you married her yen loved her. I remember i asked you and you said i was More in love with her for three weeks this fall than i have Ever been with anyone in my life a or something like that. Quot Stop it Whit. Lets not tear at each other. It wont do any Good. You know that Quot yes i know that. And i Don t want to tear it you a then you done to hate me Whit pot having messed things up so badly for both of us for having been such a ghastly fool As to have married someone else when i should have married you a no i done to hate you Scott. I wish his own j j did its strange that i Don t. I him at ought to hate you. It would he Het Ter if i could. Perhaps if you had gone on being in love with Olivia i would have. Yes i think i a Ted have then. Rut you did no to Why did no to you Darling it would have j made everything so much i Quot tier. So much simpler. It would have ended everything Between you and me forever and this Way it just goes on and on. She said Quot no i done to Halo you j 1 Ile touched her then. Ile put his right Arni around her and pulled her close to him and Bent his head and kissed her Mouth. Driving forty i Miles an hour Over a deserted cutin a try Road he kissed her Mouth and said Quot we could have made such a swell thing of being married Whit. And now we never pc Tomor wont see p re t y d it a i know Hie inc various peace Heath every one c the n. Violat Thev samples mean anything they mean that no nation can he counted on save where its own Best interest clearly it Maini i i y in june that you we lid. You managed to a Tod said a and so Adam pref Hee is dead and buried in Charles River Village and i have become one of the landed Gentry but in be got to go Back to new York Quot try not to hate to too much for this Tod. A a i done to hate you of All. For so Msj reason which i am not at All Clear about at the moment on one occasion i seemed called upon to interfere strenuously in your life. I dream of doing it a second time. Better to thrash me As you once threatened to do Tod than look at me like that. As if you did no to know me at All Well and like me if you did. I have to make him understand some Way. I have i to wipe that bitter detachment out i of ins eyes and out of his voice. He j has never been bitter or detached with Rue before. He has always been Sweet and dear and awfully kind lie Lias always thought Well of me and i cannot hear to have him suddenly so coolly so casually contemptuous. As if anything that i 1 might choose to do could not mat. Ter greatly to him one Way or the other. To be continued Coper Fht. 1947, by King a Nav a a t1 Ifa in that Hiller armed to it Aill simply sit still and consolidate his gains. It May he but who can count on it if or becomes relatively so Strong that or certainly could if he would take Rumania and the Ukraine As he to k Austria Aud the Sud tens by in in stretching Forth ids hand. Or by Rudolph Dirks a All w Ere Pepin a now i Don t in when i skin t know them but after i saw not rest until i had doctor to see if i a this is the Bill for the think you ought to j Washington in the news Washington we never Secretary of the Interior Ickes makes a speech Washington con upon dents eagerly dig into Advance copies of inks manuscript to see who e hide is being skinned Chi and nailed up to dry. He never failed us. Always he Drew from his Catalon of epithets which Aas the most original and largest in Washington and hurled them at the most conspicuous tar gets. When Hue Long was terrorising Jet some of

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