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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - October 12, 1938, Arcadia, California A a a a Quot i Iii. Ill fillip 111. I a a a a a record registration in Arcadia reported for november 8 election \ read and enjoy exclusive Tribune features an independents i a ii news paper la i Lvi a a. World wide news coverage by International Newt service and United vol. Chi no. 241 weather fair tonight and tomorrow. Arcadia California wednesday october 12, i ?1�?T single copy 6o cil Washington merry go thao mask i Al delegates upset policy makers sidetrack report k Washington one of the big a jest questions in the election Campaign is what Manhattan a Chubby Little mayor Laguardia will do in the Buttle Between governor Herbert Lehman of new York and White House aspirins Tom Dewey. Laguardia s new Dei. I pals were jubilant when Lehman finally bowed to their flan tic pleas to run i against Dewey but not the Quot Little for him that made the race a Choice Between the Devil att step Blue sea. Privately i Iguardia intensely dislikes both Lehman and Dewey. He resented Lehman s Surprise attack on the presidents court plan and fought repeatedly with the governor last Spring Over Relief and other new York City problems. La Guardia was willing to Swallow Lehman As a candidate for i. S. Senator but the Prospect of having him in Albany four More years is giving the mayor a sour taste in the Mouth. But Dewey is no sweeter. If anything Laguardia is More Bellicose toward him than toward Lehman. I 2�?The mayor dislikes the governor a hut he distrusts Dewey. Laguardia is firmly convinced that the cocky Young District at Limey has fascist tendencies that if he got to be governor he would a soon be trying to Rule with a mailed a fist. Also the Quot Little Flowers has his own ambitions for 1940 and deeply resents Dewey s crowding him out of the limelight. Floor Buttle is result is report Filer new Holland american line motor ship in new York Harbor i mint files report charging new Deal policies Point toward socialism convention Hall Houston tex., oat. 12. Up a tile american federation of labor today in a riotous session upset its policy makers and sidetracked a report charging that the present policies of the new Deal Are pointed toward socialism. The report which did net criticize president Roosevelt but sharply assailed the trend of new Deal policies toward increased state control Over the lives of the people was referred to the federations executive Council bitter fight there is no likelihood that it will come again before the convention adjourns Friday. The report read by Matthew Woll chairman of the powerful resolutions committee started a bitter i floor fight As he concluded. Of .�?~10,000 comprise offensive push inf Way toward Rich commercial sector looking Down on a new visitor an Aerial View of the new Holland american line motor ship noordam As it approaches new York on its first transatlantic voyage from Rotterdam Tho vessel was to depart for Philadelphia to inaugurate a new freight service there. Candid camera catches noted orchestra conductor at work latest total a in disclosed in report forwarded Here last by parties is revealed setting a new High Mark in a i Cadian a history total registration for the coming november 8 general a selection is 4.684, it was disclosed today by registrar of voters w. M. A or. This City s total registration for the last general election. November. 1936, was shown to be 3.879. The total at the last gubernatorial election in november 1934. Was shown to be 3.646. Party list those which levelled Large portions strength of the various parties of Shanghai. The Blush Consul for the Cornin november election general at Canton advised Engels it Hong Kong. Oct 12. Ins a japanese troops�?30,000 Strong acc it a polished the first aim of their South China invasion tonight when they blew up three Bridges on the Canton Hong Kong Railroad. By William p. Shaw wins stuff correspondent Hong Kong. Oct. 12. a Jap cans and other foreigners prepared to flee from War menaced Canton today As 30.000 japanese troops launched a South China offensive evidently designed to capture the sprawling Southern Metropolis and port. Evacuation ordered fears that the huge City May soon witness horrors of War similar to Laguardia is. Dewey As Early As last Spring Laguardia was scheming to throw Dewey for a loss. At a secret conference in Washington the mayor told a group of administration strategists he was certain Dewey would be the gof candidate for new York governor and they had better get Busy building up a Strong rival. A personally Quot he said a a in a like to see Ferd Pecora run against Dewey. Feld s just the Man to lick him. Continued on Page 2 bicycle ordinance is prepared for Reading to oily attorney James c. Bone today was preparing to Complete work on the new bicycle ordinance requested by the Arcadia police department. First Reading is scheduled for the regular City Council meeting of tuesday night oct 18. Dip crossing is moved approval by the Board of super vis res of a Highway crossing to be j constructed by the City of Arcadia Over Santa Anita Wash at Val Nett Avenue was recommended today by 1 c. H. Howell retiring chief Engineer of the county flood control District. The City has applied to the state i for an allotment from the state emergency fund for the crossing and two other projects and the Board s approval of the crossing plans will Speed granting of the funds by the state Howell said. Tile City plans a dip crossing to be coordinated with the districts j plans for a temporary training Channel in Santa Anita Wash and Howell has approved the dip plan he reported. Women and children to evacuate As soon As possible. One Hundred foreigners including a number of americans Are scheduled to flee tomorrow. Divided As follows Democrat 2192, Republican 2301, socialist 5, prohibitionists 6. Progressive 7, communist none. Commonwealth i Townsend 18. Decline to state 154. Throughout the county there was a gain of 119.462 Over the total Hon Kong. Oct. 12. registration for november of 1936. Anese naval land and air forces in when the total stood at Only 1.396, faded South China today cutting 606, As compared with 1,516,068 for the important Kowloon Railroad and the coming election. The total i sending thousands of troops toward the last time the governor s office Waichro where chinese rallied to was at stake in 1934, was 1,305.527.1 defend the Rich commercial City of total shown Canton. The democratic ranks have a total strength of 920.034 today Ai _ gain of 97,833 during the last two 12 it up Japan to years. Republicans number 501 urged foreign Powers 577, a gain of 3109 since the same in to ave id indications that Pericol they favor the chinese and to re j train As far As possible from a Tivin total strength of the new town ties within the War zone Send party is Given As 12.071.1 Premier Konoye acting As foreign throughout the county there also minister made the request in a Are 69,228 persons who decline to note that was sent to All foreign state their party preference. There 1 diplomatic representatives in Tokyo also Are 2216 socialists 4056 pro As military authorities announced Hibi zionists 5681 progressives 762 the Landing of japanese forces for communists and 453 of the com an invasion of the Rich commercial Mon wealth party. Area in South China. Music Maestro please enterprising cameraman gives you his Lens impression of a Well known symphony orchestra conductor at work. The conductor is or. Sergei Koussevitsky who is starting his 15th consecutive year on the Boston podium. Police officers in tests on Pasadena shooting Range what noted people Are saying by International news service Houston Green president of the american federation of labor a to anyone familiar with the labor situation it is obvious Liat even if John l. Lewis resigned As chairman of the c. I. O. He still would remain its dictator behind the Europe at a glance by United press and International news service seeking Bonus checks to be presented to police department members who qualify As marksmen and sharpshooters with firearms members of the Arcadia Force today were to resume practice on the Range of the Pasadena department. Slow fire time fire. And rapid fire rounds Are shot to compute the total with 240 out of a possible 300 required to qualify. Kin. Queen of England to be invited to l. A. Area Prague Czechoslovakia oct. 12. Ilk a plans for establishment of labor Camps throughout the country at once to care for unemployed were announced by the government today. Report fillo Muth legion report of the building committee i the Glenn Dyer Post no. "47 american legion was on file today following disclosure last night Hollywood olympe Bradna. Movie actress a kissing is tolerable if it in t regarded As in Side Nice show Tom m. Girdler the Republic steel Chicago chairman of corp Quot signs of improvement Are in Prospect Over the Mouths ahead but serious obstacles to genuine and sound Industrial Prosperity their majesties King and Queen Elizabeth of England Are about to receive a formal invitation to be guests of los Angeles county on their proposed visit to the United states next year by action of the Ocard of supervisors. Paul Engstrum official county Hest is to extend the invitation acc ring to a Resolution adopted today. Runs a Over curb to avoid Accident at crossing Bloomington lad or Raymond Pearl John Hopkins University Quot tile average duration of Many a Lite has been hug fluted from a Quarter to a third of a Century by o and a achievements Iii mrs. Frances Emma Williams 1227 Killian Street Al Monte was hailed today Lor her Quick thinking last night which avoided an Accident at the second Avenue Duarte Road crossing. Reports tiled at the police station with chief Loren c. Roosevelt disclosed that mrs. Williams stated that she swerved her car Over a club Quot to avoid an Accident with another Jerusalem oct. 12. Ins a fighting and terror spread in lie holy land today As British troops and planes engaged aral brigands Iii a new series of punitive Battles aimed at restoring peace to Palestine. Re me. Oct. 12. Ins a Premier Musolini abruptly warned Britain and France today that a Quot preventive War against Europe a authoritarian states would be in a militant article circulated by infer Manicne diplomatic Organ of the italian foreign office ii Duce also gave unconditional approval to Chancellor hitlers recent speech at Saar Bruecken in which Der fuehrer announced that Germany a Western defences would be rushed to completion. Rome Ort. 12. Ins a the italian ministry of corporations today ordered italian prefects to turn Ovyn future applications by italian jews for permission to organize Public businesses of any kind. I Transf cars of businesses by jets likewise were prohibited. I it tile. N the Avenue j the Mittee i chows regular meeting of the unit clubhouse on nor til i ii St report prepared by com chairman r. H. Schofield. Latest world news flashes by United press and International news service i plans disclosed Quot plan of the committee Call for a i 16-foot addition across the rear i which will add a store room on the i Cut West Corner at floor level a full stage in the Center and a dressing room or second Stere room on the Northeast Corner. Quot a full basement under the Northeast room am the stage a 10-foot i addition on the front of the build ing to the present Volunteer work labor on the construction work will be carried on by members of the poit with Volunteer work scheduled to get underway on saturday. Fire i Lief James m. Nellis and assistant u. S. Forest Ranger Millard Cyester of the Santa Anita District brought a message to the legionnaires on the significance of National fire prevention week now being observed throughout the country. Motion pictures were screened by the forestry department. Commander s s. Stubbs presided Ever the by into meeting. I ire raging in n. Cd. Field Linden. N. J., oct. 12. Ins a fire raged unchecked through the louvre Warner Quinlan Oil refining Plant to Cav As a series of devastating explosions turned the area into a flaming no Many a land. Helpless before the spreading Blaze which already has exploded eight huge Gas and Oil storage plants local firemen sent a plea for help to Nowr York City and sur Mcmuling communities. Touched off by a blast in a Section of the Plant devoted to the refining of Light fuel Oil and gasoline the lire swept through the entire company property and late this afternoon threatened to ignite adjoining Plant of the company and the american cyanide units. Undy Dit ides to remain silent id collision suffering head injuries and lacerations of the Scalp m. Mehnert. 78 of 1206 Valencia Way Arcadia was m Monrovia Hospital today As a Jesuit of p. E. Car Auto collision at the Holly Avenue crossing. According to reports on file at the police station the car which Mehnert was driving we As struck in j i the rear by an East bound Pacific electric car in the Holly Avenue intersection. Rushed to the Monrovia Hospital the elderly Arcadian this afternoon was reported Quot As Well As could be h Wiser of los Angeles was my to Man of the p. E train with Lee Bashore of Glendora As conductor. The warning wig wag signal was working police were informed. Two Aqueduct workers meet death in tragic a ave in Fred Fitzsimmons Ace of dodger hurling staff returns to ranch in Arcadia a yanks Tough new York. Oct. 12. Ins a Leo Durocher pm Ayer Captain of the Brooklyn dodgers today was named manager of the team for the 1939 season. Ile succeeds Burleigh Grimes. Beri in get. 12. Ins col. Diaries i Lindbergh Lins decided to treat with cold silence the charges Al Sivit airmen that lie Quot lied in allegedly belittling the red air Force it was Learned today. I Bulbul go had been considering writing a letter to Moscow to c Lear the ins her up but he later abandoned the idea. Los Angeles. Oct. 12�?uns a despite heroic efforts of Rescue workers and in Alator squads two men were dead Lien today victims of a Cave in. They were Crystal w. Wellman 34, and Jack f. Feeney 45. The pair were employed As excavators on a Section of the metropolitan wat or districts Long Beach Aqueduct and were working last night in a 30-foot deep Cut when too tons of Earth buried them a live. Fred Fitzsimmons Ace right hander of the Brooklyn dodgers pitching staff in the National league was at Home on his Arcadia ranch today returning from the East yesterday afternoon. Fitzsimmons motored from Brooklyn with his wife and youngster. Credited with 12 victories against 7 defeats the Arcadian a Veteran of 13 years in the majors will Quot rest up Between seasons to be in top Hape for the training grind which in february will take him to Clear 1 water. Florida. In Accord with a major league regulation Fitzsimmons will not play Ball in Southern California plans set for $25,000 Auto court at a by a plans and specifications were being outlined today for the launching of the construction of a $23,000 modern aute court to be erected on property located near the Quot a Quot intersection on Cul Orado place. The property recently approved to be it pot zoned was sold to Paul c. Wagoner of West los Angeles according to plans outlined to Date. Wagoner will construct an up to the minute Auto court on the property partly of the Rancho Santa Anita subdivision. During the Winter months. Quot no. I did t take in the world series a the Pitcher replied in answer to a query a and i guess i did t miss much. Those Yankees Are a powerful Bunch and with Breaks going in their favor they were too much for the cubs. Arcadian wins coast Tennis court Crown ranking of miss Dorothy Workman. Resident of Rancho Santa Anita in Arcadia among the first ten in the 1938 woman Tennis players listing As prepared by the National Lawn Tennis association was virtually assured today following her win with j. Donald Budge of the Pacific coast mixed doubles Crown yesterday in Berkeley. Miss Workman and Budge Defeated Margot Lumb it England and Bobby Riggs of California 5-7, 6-2. 7-5. 8-6 to win the title. Jism Wii r a it mss new Telephone number is Atwater 7-2131

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