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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - October 4, 1938, Arcadia, California Of tire four Arcadia daily Tribune tuesday october 4, 193$ m Sam s Mem Beauty children health our own Maga food i \ fashions Home sport minded youth tops pleated skirts with Gay jackets plaids Are scoring heavily your sweetness turns sour of there a too much sugar by Claud nor 1 11 Chrisman m d. Statistics sometimes take an amusing turn Tor ii Sui my. What effect does it have on the Coffee plantations in Brasil Hen of us refuse our second cup cd Bieak fas. Coin. Y s today. A speaker on International affairs said we should be thinking about the results to our fruit growers ii Only Cha if Man cd Riel be persuaded to eat one prune a week. Well. It is. At the moment not the a acrid markets important As they Are that bother us. It s the state of the or Chrisman National health because of the increasing use of sugar we not Only like Sugai but we use it in such Ever mounting loads that it requires More and in Ore to satisfy our an petites we took it As a world calamity when the Price w e n t so High encourage child to voice his viewpoint to tam Herbert Coward As soon As Mother began Tell and the War Supply was so limited that we could have Only a Small amount. Recent statistics disclose that millions of tons a year Are required to Sweeen things to the world s taste. The per capita consumption rises almost Between figures. Strength in sugar mrs Gou id the Price for so much sugar must be computed in something besides dollars Anc cents. It has to be admitted of course that sugar affords not Only one of the in let nodular sweets but it is a Tom of carbohydrate that is most when unimportant details come up in Irkle Assimilable for inspection in the midst of a it contributes strength when adult the Stow strength must be quickly seemed thing but the child is different. It stat slates and revives when the Many times More keenly observant ii Quot so a far in Bood. He notices facts which often energies run Low. So far so Good. A a. But with our usual capacity for us. Or which we discard automat overdoing we pile on the sweeten Icalia As unimportant and Mele until our taste for the Normal Vyant to the main idea. My has been lost. No one doubts that the natural sugar Content of carrots parsnips. Anc Sweet potatoes has been entirely forgotten by the time the Cook has put a spoonful of sugar to Tell the same Story. Being older into the water they Are boiled in Mother naturally had right of Way. And concludes the process of prep Billy s Mother had understood ration by covering them with a heavy glazed coating which re Bis Point of View she could Lune heated applications of syrup has said jokingly. A hold on who a Tell produced. My this Story you or i a or writer no Lover of Tea for Tea s Sake would desecrate the Aroma by the addition of artificial sweetening nor would the chinaman covet his Rice with sugar. Habit leads us into extravagance. Disposition of sugar depends upon the reaction of the various acids in a Given person when the sugar is introduced into the gastric area. In the Laboratory we know7 that sugar solutions break Down when introduced to a common fungus like yeast and we get alcohol or carbonic acid. When we add certain ingredients to sugar we get another acid perhaps acetic lactic. Butric As the Case May be the housewife uses sugar As a preservative thus protecting the elements she wishes to keep from breaking Down. The pharmacist too. Uses sugar As a preserver of unstable chemicals like the Iodides or Iron. The Over free use of Spear especially among children leads to our refusal of the More necessary foods because of Lack of appetite. I la let you sugar deposited it cannot be refuted that when More sugar is ingested than can be absorbed or distributed it must be deposited. We cannot say the excess use of sugar actually causes diabetes but we have to admit that the indulgence increases the tendency to Deposit the Sweet. Which is the Bash feature of diabetic trouble stomach prow acid and digestion is More difficult thereby it is the Iob of the panel As to rec c e the sugar intake and when the pancreas is overloaded we really Hae a temporary air betes. Sugar is a Hodr Occue. In absorbent of water and tends to take up the porn 1 water Factor in the stomach this if d to irritation and sometimes On to inflammation. To by continued it modes and a n n e r s m questions a How is after dinner Coffee made9 Al j Quot answer it is generally made stronger than Coffee Tor 01 nary use. Three heaping Tablespoons of Coffee to each pint of Watt a in i give the desired strength Sci pc in Small cups question Quot Sauld Al in Fork be used Tor spread <1 Salt cheese and Lams on Ca a a a 9 cd f n answer used. A Fork should be she born Hirn hah a is fed f he pm a to Ftp f Iii a a its is a dbl to brisk ques Ion Quot is it polite shake hands with a lady when be tailored cd inc introduced a Don t Quot Van no answer. The lady May Ficher hand when introduced not the co a 1 Man. It in t necessary for her to Dot to Vee do this however. Dangles a woo Ooi in of quart v A or trims to nit fro Tok big father about an Accident she and Billy had witnessed the youngster assumed a pained expression and Shook his head. There were certain glaring inaccuracies of tune and place in Mot herbs account w ii i c h he simply could not tolerate. Before the Story got Well under Way he interrupted three times. Finally Mother ordered him to keep quiet. Hurt the boy retired into a Corner sulking. Children of course must be taught not to interrupt or contradict their elders. It is annoying both for the speaker and listener use but one scent urges noted writer fall uniform by Jacqueline Hunt a it he finishing touch in come hither is the use of scent a says Kay Austin in her new Book a what do you want for $1.98?�?� she explains that the passion for perfumes eau de Cologne sachets Bath oils and scented Mouth washes is older than the recorded history of Mankind. There Are two schools of thought on the miss int but a child has a right to consideration. Mother could not wait to Tell father about the Accident. Billy also May have been bursting ii s e of scent. One claims that Prfu in e should be changed i t la ones mood or costume. According to the author h o we v e a this seems a bit impractical As invariably there must be a hangover from the scent used before the change of mood or costume she advises sticking to one perfume at least for a season that pleases you and blends harmoniously with your own body fragrance. Do not sniff from the bottle when you shop for perfume. Try it on your skin and see whether it blends with your personal scent. A perfume which smells grand in the bottle May be unpleasant once it is affected chemically by the heat and moisture of your body. Do not attempt to test More than two perfumes at the same time or your sense of smell will become confused. If you Are not sure. Buy your fragrances in tiny bottles so you can give them an adequate tryout before you invest in a Quantity. It tells of you aside from the fact that you alar favorite. Developed in differ rules never magic Road to Success by Marian Mays Martin soothing succeeds like Suc Cess. A tis said and the world and his wife Are always curious to know How one succeeded and Why but especially How usually men who have reached the top Are Only too glad to Tell How they got there but i w Onder if they really know. Most of those who have a car Rived Quot Are rather complacent about it and pretty eager to give the t in p r e s s i o n that their Success in life is due entirely to hard work. Which o t course it in t. A great Deal is due to Chance and to that one time Doorknocker top. Port Unity some Success is attain d by those who rub elbows with o not ers who Are successful and some of it rubs Oil. Mks. Martin tale of two women copyright. 193x by Fairchild. This is the dirndl that is seen take for example two women of comparable ability. One is the daughter wife or Friend of an important Man or woman who can add his prestige to her talents. I he other is an obscure person with no influential friends no inside track. No but talents equal to those of her More fortunate contemporary. Ifs absurd to assume thai the a Breaks Quot Are not with the woman with friends or family. Of course a person with no ability cannot Hope to reach the top Fie must contribute something. But for the moment we Are discussing to a for school girl have it woolly look fur is scarce the tailored Type school girl at. The left wears at three piece suit av0id conflict in doors by using Cut fabrics crepes Rayon jerseys and Novelty striped effects it May everywhere these Days it is a pop persons of Talent or ability in some Given line and who have by Eleanor Gunn youths uniform this autumn is a separate still a fall right son Tell a child should be permitted occasionally to voice his impressions. It gives him Confidence helps him maintain his self respect and May train him to become a better conversationalist. Children learn by example. It parents want a child to be a Good listener they must set an example by showing How Well they can listen. Tue York skirt often pleated topped by a jacket of contrasting color and fabrics which is in turn topped by a fur coat Chunky and Short. Watch the Young crowd at school or motoring to stadiums for saturday afternoon games and see whether this Type of costume Isnit of natural Anil Brown herringbone one scent use of one perfume Tweed. She is carrying a Large gives you individuality. It becomes brawn Alligator bag. The girl in a Marj. 0f identification the Center likes sporty togs. Her to most from your Preci of titled coat is of rough English Oug essences you should not use Tweed in heat cry tones. I he in eau Fly Cologne Bali Oil or other in is natural Jersey to match her scented toiletries that conflict with shirtwaist dress. Lier barrel bag is y0u1. Perfume. Incidentally Bath of Brown Calfskin. The pretty Gir. A Jas Are becoming increasingly at the right has on an ensemble of p0puiar. The Bath Oil mixes with Rural rust smooth Wool. The Waist go oils an j gives you an length sleeved dress is trimmed Aura of fragrance that is exclude be considered As an autumn uniform. Beauty tips Many of the qualifications necessary to Success. It Isnit Likely that the Sucic Sului woman will minimize her own share in the achievement by accenting the elements of Chance or position. The exceptional person May do it but not everyone. Its always interesting and Len Quentlyn helpful to hear formulas for Success Diat would be Evn More informative would be to find question Quot my nose shines Bow Many successful Folk Hay with Brown Lapin. Her High Receil Long sleeved dress has a tucked Yolk. The skirt is made with front fullness. And Oil literally seeps tops. You will find reversible Coats galore both Long and Short. Some arc fur on one Side. Among the younger crowd there appears to be a feeling to soit pedal fur trimmings. They approve interesting and unexpected patches or pieces of fur at pockets and jacket Edge or dim of an unexpected fur lining. I hey done to favor great gobs of fur such As Many older women find to their liking. Wools Are striped stews casserole dishes Are real budget it savers n1 to matter How Low your food budget try to balance your meat course Between cuts that must be carved and meat combinations that can be dipped a in by Judith Wilson til they Are a delicate Brown. A tiny Clove of garlic May be added a toilet water with the onion if you wish. Pour in the meat Stock and add the Bay in f. A sprig of minced Parsley. A chopped Carrot stalk and a Teaspoon thyme. Simmer gently for i hour or until the meat is Al among the smartest Coats Are other words Between roasts chops those of Novelty woolens in color and inexpensive steaks and Cesti stripes Diagonal or otherwise ser Ole combinations or stews. In tits sporty liking Coats which Are when Mark Ting Bay larger most Handel. Add the Reed potato carefully fitted and. Because of cuts of meat whenever possible Broad squared shoulders make the there is real Economy in this n.,� a an entire shoulder or tables Are tender. Dumplings a _ May be dropped on top and the quartered carrots. Cover this and simmer again until the veg. From my sively yours and lasts for hours. Even Shower addicts May enjoy skin. My make up icon t stay scented Baths these Days. There More than Hall an hour although Are Shower oils or lotions that Are i use a powder base and More rubbed Over your entire Boria by powder than the average girl fore you step under the apr St Quot of what should i do about this con water. These leave your skin edition will paste or powder Rouge smooth soft and fragrant and Are be Best Tor me? especially grand for fall and win oily skins can stand lots of Ter when the skin is inclined to soap Anco water so scrub your skin Chap and Flake. Thoroughly at least three times a when you Are shopping for your a. Use a complexion Brush and perfumed Bath accessories do you finish with a cold rinse or an ice always know what you want do rub if possible. Watch your diet. You choose an eau de Cologne or an j fake More outdoor exercise and Why the t Ian the average girl requires distinction Between them often Jse a liquid powder base that causes a great Deal of confusion matches your skin tones. Allow it Here a the difference to dry before applying your com toilet water is simply distilled flexion powder. Use Only a Light water to which a Small amount of film of powder. It will stay on alcohol and perfume have been your skin better than a heavy added. Both Are popular in the coat. You might try a rather still summer when the heat of the body textured Cream Rouge As a base heightens what Little scent there apply it immediately after oui followed the same or similar rules first lady a formula Best of ones . Sleeves Are method. Tremendously important and Are often the Tell tale feature of the garment. Fur sleeves have a broadening influence but that s As it so. Lid be. In be it accents the slim Ness of ones Waist. Skunk Sable do re Skunk r be Linc Zieons Lima bean and sausage casserole stuffed Tomato salad banana spice it i cakes claim Able f Ivo the Mort a ii ionic season a great j in con arc Short Imi Foi in. One wears v Cive re in \ one is after the toasted ban n and it Kaiu Lwi lies Apple Date a cry salad cd rotate rennet in a co Fie m k 11�?o ill from i or a Black or i h a in found to any Warden hoi that the r they Oral a a the la skirt is Chuck of Lamb will lea.-1 two Hearty Durn Sibly something left luncheon for to when there is t Steak buy a tin five pounds or choicest port Ion the equipped and of a i Civ or the of the Stew or the meat May be till lied into a Casse role Tho top Covert d with tiny unbaked biscuit or a pastry pm. T and browned in a hot oven if a More elaborate i h is desired. Moc whims i icks 2 pounds veal round Cut 1 it Inch thick 1 Tablespoon minced Union i to Pron Poutry sea toning 2 soda crackers crumbled 2 Tabi Espo is melted Bulter 1 cup milk Cia the veal. Teak in triangles 4 i i Long. Se., on Well with the business and professional woman s club of Washington. D c., recently persuaded mrs. Franklin d. Roosevelt to reveal her own private and personal formula. Here it is i. A background of adequate training preferably professional or business. 2 ability to consider her Job important rather than herself. And not to take herself too seriously. 3. Capacity to feel Happy though not in the limelight. 4. Willingness to accept blame when justified. 5 courage to speak her convictions. What do you think of it a Good Start. Id say. But by no Means the whole formula. My personal quarrel with it is is and cuts Down the perfume foundation then use a powder to. Bill. Rouge of the same Shade to touch ducted at the second part of the or. William d. V. Sequier. The up your Cheeks after Vou have put second condition Reading a and director of a Large perfume House on your complexion powder. Try not to take herself too seriously says that a perfect perfume must not to fuss with your face by nut Anco Juu Rii you Why. From close have no a Kink Quot in it from the Ting on fresh make up every few observation of successful persons time that it is applied until it is minutes during the Day. Wait in have discovered that they do completely evaporated. A Good til your mid Day clean up do a to themselves and everything perfume is a rounded blend of at thorough Job of it and completely they say and do very seriously. I or 40 elements. Renew your make up. Smart accessories Jersey cardigans in autumn Leal colors Art smart accessories for the country Tweed suit. With a Monotone Wool suit try a colourful Aliet in tartan plaid. Flair parted in the Middle increases the apparent Width of the face such an arrangement therefore is better for the woman wan a Long face entire h rial of a Salt and Pepper and fill Wail u to n a St n i by n to the sea Lake discovers strange i Arai Lel son in g mar p to a a Lur it ions into one can old n n ii this once its wac in As a Rich hair the s a i Anotia r t Ary and and fret of in it an of i significant Guo influx shh Ciu t in Pat to let a urn Cut five or of i Inch to Cick. La ant its and l Heck h a 11 c it plaids Tor a Occas my Royal colors and Fea ornamentation is also c reran it Silhouette As ton for evening gown Ais her Ted. M 111 ie.1 dirt i be Lux he Louis s it in the men meat boned cubes for Stew Elt lice ii in by it la to i of the Stew. It the than Vou will War Monib of the meat t Well and Wear strips in lunch. I Vimb Stew 2 pounds boned Lamb Cut in is Bacon Drens Ca can do with pc the butt he i urn cd Manta i tips for . Tic rest of hut m i Inch i to .1 Bones and Inch the Craw v is More Lamb for Stew have hopped season the patties in i Tor the Chil veil o a 11 in Tell cubes Well. Me in pm taut and i to hic Poohs Cutter by. Den dropped 3 s iced Miens or l l tiny butt to Shad a cover r ii is in v. Hole ones Shou my the Taco 4 c us is i a my Tok k in Ade Bat to a in in a s to o of from Bones Arm end f icon Bay a of Parsley be iffy a rat by unde a a Par a j a Rye thyme brow a by Well in a lid in Nat ant Par rot a brimmed her wrist Bracelet. Choux of accent in Oves re matched to v f ish stays White to keep i h White add juice of half .5 h r Ion Anc half a in spoon or Salt for each quart of water used a it cooking. �?�1 medium potatoes Cut cd 4 Carrot Cut in remove As much of the Tai possible from the cubes of la Roll in flour that is Well sea so with a u j Caliper Aud by owl a Dut ii oven i r loins r an in the melted by of Tbs pm a the Mea to one Side and saute the onions in in crackers butter and the milk. R t of far. A with skewers to resemble Turkey legs. Crumble 3 Carlu. Fin dip the mock drumstick i t in in a. Thin into the finc. A a a a h at butter or Bacon at in i try. A pan and Brown the drumsticks quickly on All sides. Add i t in boiling water cover and sir to r 40 minutes or until the mean is tender. Ever a Day hamburger takes on a Rich fore to flavor when prepared with a race of thick or sour Cleam Here is How you make it hamburgers with Sai c e 11 pounds lean chopped Steak i Teaspoon Worcestershire sauce i Large Orion sliced Salt. Pepper sour Cream butter mix the meat and seasonings Aid shape into Flat cakes ii quickly on both sides in r eve r a hot fire the Side cd be Rich Brown and crusty tin cd at i Pink end jul my nge on a hot Platter. a the onion into rings and n in the putt in which the cakes were Fried add 3 troies to ens boiling a Lei wit anti Pepper to season and simmer until the Omen me tender. Poui n i r in or by sour Cleam Sweet Mav be ired if you Piefer boil hard for a few Mimms. Pour the a once Over the Mer serve at once. Between two czech general Jan n tue me i a Talbot Lake lath Century a czech Man by Qyentin named Jan Cizka led when he to his words made office As Premier on the army of tile hussite., Losi us 8eptemb"r 22 right eve in Battle and Defeated a lie germans Many Tim Flore is Are pass no he entire speech. A we through a very critical this is interesting because toe tune in our history. At a time Uke new Premier anti War of the czechs today is general Jar. Syrovy who also lost has right Eye in Battle and who leads his country in tin present crisis with gel Many the 15th Century Jan and the 20th Century Jan arc both i Ecol clod As great military men. The parallels Between the two Are striking Snow i be Ciska is a professional Militarist. He Lins no outside interests Ile is of medium build Stocky and ills single eve is a Brit Dot. Piercing Blue. Both Aie noted for de thousands unusual courage under fire both fought for causes against Grea adds Syrovy is a Catholic fifty years old he is married and is very mild Home Arri t operate in ins habits Lake Hitler w Hom he opposes he new Tiel smokes nor drinks but there he resemblance stops Syrovy is quiet and soft spoken he is for kindness and compassion and be this it ii important that All go about their own business the soldiers in tile trenches the Farmers behind their plows the workingmen in he factories and the office Otoole n the office a no Syrovy does not Issue ringing or rabble rousing orations. Syrovy was a Volunteer in the thank a sense of humor one of the greatest of gifts but a dangerous Handicap in the race for the goal think if Over and Vou will a tree that most of the conspicuously Sucre Ful people you know Are definite.? lacking in Humpy and Are definitely sinous minded the Light touch is a social Grace rather than a business asset atm any tendency to regard the serious business of life with anything out a serious Eye is a dangerous attitude discouraged by those woo have b in taught to respect Industry Enterprise and achievement and most of us have. Possibly it is a mistake to think that a set of qualifications oat make Tor Success in one Field we turn lie trick in another and quite Likely it is up to each individual to work out his own personal and particular Fonn Uja a making it sufficiently fluid to conform to Hie occasion. Smart tailored suit a wardrobe essential. Adrian of Hollywood names ii Czar s army in Russia and won his smartly tailored suit As the Moit commission in 1915. He lost his essential item in the wardrobe it right eve in the Battle of Zborov every smart woman regardless of Poland in 1917 when the russian pow great or Small her clothes Diode out lie Organ budget and regardless of the scoot czech Voun Tjon of the country where it May leers like himself and led them be worn. Not mits i i0s \ us Jia to tie a tailored suits Are universally Lac a later after a trip becoming. They serve for n tuner lie , they leached Nils or radon he Murk re around Ous occasions by Quick change of accessories. Ile was minister of the czech a in buying a suit the one thing Republic in ly26. Was a Goon to guard against is any extreme. To lend of the late president Masa the shoulders should not be to rvs of Czechoslovakia is a Good wide the lapels should not be Loo Friend of the incumbent. President pointed. There is no such thing 4-Bencs. And was made inspect Tias being too conservative in the cakes and is not Given to speeches. Probably general of Czechoslovakia a Fine Choice of a tailored suite Adrian More can be indicated about the army in 1933. Cautions

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