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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - October 4, 1938, Arcadia, California Tap r to Cauca i \ i Mia i 111 Kunis them inv it Molter let 1938 published Dally except sunday and holidays at 101 n. First Avenue. Arcadia i Alifornia Arcadia publishing company a. H a i o i. I n o o n president and publisher entered a s second class matter March 14. 1930 at the Post office at Arcadia. California under the act id March 3, 1870. A u the Tribune was de stg naked As a newspaper or general circulation Cree of court on Day of May 1931. By the de san in Ems kit Arcadia chamber of Commerce California newspaper publishers association Arcadia Hest Side association Bureau of advertising american newspaper publishers association strange As it seems by John Hix for further proof address the author enclosing a stamped envelope for reply. Reg. It. S. Tat. Of. Cupid re Dos a bus 6u \ Poti an Banks \ represented in the Ini mgt Sta rps Ani Canaiy by a j. Devine in associates inc new Yolk City Ali Lago Detroit. Pittsburgh pa., and at Laura. A. Contos o l daily Tribune and full information about Arcadia and surround g Market can be obtained from any of these offices. Subscription Price single copy. 5c 10c per week 40c per month. Phone 2131 for All departments. Advertising ratt�t3 on application i newspaper week Cli Apter Xiii they were up Early and breakfasted gaily beside a Little Stream nearby on some food they had purchased the night before. It was fun breakfasting together and comfortably Dona Stic even without the added touch of Casanova s presence. They discussed Desdemona love and the lion Tamer again and the Ever Gre Elia. And wondered where t it were but they made no further nun Ion of their own problem or a tile immediate future held it either of them. If they could have looked ahead to hit. They might i to i have Felt a o pm Eft or. Tile South it Undine morning was Lovely however anti their spirits j a a i Quot i they took to the Road i i i a i i of i i in double decl or bus leading Foi in o sensible Quot Wash in ally the Iii a week tin pc in to proclamation signed by gov. H rank h. Meiriam. Starting sunday. October 2. Was proclaimed As newspaper week in the state of California. Carrying the state Seal the proclamation signed by error follows. As a Power for Good and a bulwark against evil the reaper has been the Friend and servant of the people. The Peoples Confidence in the integrity of the news and u t honesty of the editorial opinions expressed have made the Freedom of the press possible and kept it intact through All the years that the United states Constitution and that of the state of California have guided their destinies. As the guardian of the Freedom of our people the editor and his staff of trained profession and technical associates gather and disseminate the news of the Day and Iii turn interpret its relationship and effect upon the general trend of events. Thus the newspapers Mold Public opinion and become an Agency of civic and spiritual Progress. In View of these sentiments and in recognition of the faithful performance of their duty to the Public they serve now therefore i. Frank f. Merriam governor of the state of California do hereby proclaim the period beginning with the 2nd of october 1938 As a newspaper week Iii Ca forma. M 1 a ps&3l3 i los the 192 world series for the hew York 6ifink eth 6plm6, a nplm61h6 �>eri6�.� of lol a v. Quot puce old South. Ill Hough More Ami of up their usual both i ii it \ Cli More cd to admit. Sudden d on the by ukes. So be become in their a Ion of Shuting the had failed to notice a my he Rood a drive e pulled Bim up Iii child i i a Jerk Ontoh m0r6�hrdw- Oakland Calif. Cam whip Fae Looy d n0 hum he Mcna a synodical it a >11 min . They to i thu i l i which than either Caily Tony Amin Engi of cd had i pit lit d v. T a1 Iii that la u Man standing Eros sixth set rather than the my thumb of Intel i Ltd 1ms rumbled to u Stop and linger spoke As one. A emr. Briggs a a a aha the admirals by claimed tile ii a Utica i i i hey had not seen Lulu night before last. His yachting Cap was still tilted it a rakish Angle and As he swayed on his land legs it could he seen that lie was As drunk As Ever it not More so. The Jug which hot been m. As the both Tony go sex r Briggs. Since the severely. A i never take Shea food when i it a where did you disappear to Quot asked Tony. A a in be been trying to find my boat. Have you Sheen it i Tab White with Black funnels named the cattle Casino Quot lie lovingly uncorked the Jug. Quot have a libation a without waiting for a reply he tilted the Jug Anil drank deeply. Then delicately wiped his lips. A of Chapah i never told you a said or. Briggs pensively a but in Man orphan. A a so a Gertrude now Quot suit Tony putting Tho bus into High again. And grinned at linger. Quot trash too bad a said or. Briggs. And yawned a Elf you sight my ship off the starboard Bow Wake me Ile closed his eyes and gently fell asleep him when chuckled icky if lie r if ins brought carry my Ivas Cli they to Iii his hand to a a lies a still pm 11 red a grind no. A Maud Hast Jug yet a unit is its i of a a thai a not a jul a c a a it a Gertrude open a it is. W Bim ipad cantly. A Ani Tony his Cit j the niger. Door. Cut a i.-11 i Uny opened the door and us Riggs Cli it cd abutted be saw that in nautical Hitchhiker Iii truth Cai cd la d no a Levi s portable g Liti til it ii in his 1-ft hand. This lie bet no we on the is at with great canc. Then found the seat he had been originally or spying and fumbled around untie in Alii. A what ate you looking for Quot asked luny. A a to Here did you get Gertrude a Ginger demand j. Or. Briggs grinned of lushly at both As he Drew ins blown j to lie daily Awa Smowton round registered copyist 1938, by United features Syndicate inc by Drew Pearson and Robert s. Allen Washington a largely obscured by the crisis in Europe has been the fact that 70,000 japanese troops loaded on transports have been in route to Canton prepared to Bayman capture that vital Metropolis of South China. Simultaneously a part of the japanese Fleet has been converging near Hong Kong. _ ,. The significance of this has not been lost upon the that of influence Eil Irish. Hon Kong is their most important outpost in the i the far East. Canton is a great British trading Center and virtual capital see if you can be elected. The Only thing that so they sat Down to figure out what Dewey would need to make the Grade. The two chief require lost by a Pebble in All the history of the world series no stranger match has Ever been played in the crucial game at the end of the 1924 series at Washington october out that year. For the first time in 12 seasons the seventh game was to be the deciding one. The new York giants and the Washington senators were tied three games to three. The seventh game went smoothly and evenly up to the 12th inning. I the giants were up first and 1 failed to score. The senators needed Only one run to win the the series and a Check for $5,953.64 for each of the 24 men on the club. I first Man at Bat was Miller third he was tossed out at first. Giant Catcher dropped Ruels foul for an error. Then Ruel ripped out a double past third. Johnson. Senators Pitcher hit to Short Stop Jackson who fumbled Hugh Johnson says copyright 1938. By United press Syndicate. Inc. Reproduction in whole or part forbidden. All rights reserved to Tony and Ginger looked it each other and laughed. A do you suppose he really has a yacht Quot a planning to marry you be divorced me a Tony. A that drunk i 11 owns a Row Buat. I sanitarium knows he s a Quot anyway in a glad ii Gertrude Back Quot said Ginger. Casanova watching the tropical fish from his usual scat across the aisle was also glad. Gertrude uneasily aware of the Thomas cat n unblinking feline regard was not so sure. Casanova yawned display my his Teeth Ami Gertrude was suddenly certain. For through the distortion of Lier Glass walled Home Casanova suddenly reminded Gertrude of nothing so much us a dreaded it loin sox induction the Sharp toothed ferocious tropical fish that feeds on live fish a the gangster of the aquarium family. Gertrude suddenly remembering her marital sins wished she were somewhere else even Back on the Road with a pie eyed Hitchhiker. They were Bowling through Georgia when the Law overtook the Green bus for the third time. As usual the Law was on u motorcycle. As usual too he waved them to a Stop. The state trooper he was not u local officer this time got off his machine and strolled Over to them examining the bus with a curious Eye. Tony and Ginger looked at each other wonderingly and with not a Little apprehension. Experience had taught them that even a Clear conscience was useless on this trip. One Nevei knew what to expect next. A Are you Anthony Taylor from the state trooper looked our prised. N. A i done to know what you re talking about a said he. A a in be Only got a message to give a if ifs from the authorities asking us to get out of tile state doll t worry we re getting out us fast As we can a a Kidder he a Suid the trooper. Well suppose you Call up the nearest state precinct station and kid the Captain. That a my Quot you want me to Telephone your chief what for a Tony was astonished. A search me a said the trooper. A fall i know is that there a been a police radio broadcast throughout the state to try to locate you. You a better Telephone the office Utu find he gave them tin1 Telephone number and Bis name. A you la find a phone in the first store you coma to Down the Road a piece. Tell the Captain i found you. Hope it s not bad news. Good with a half Salute he remounted his Cycle and was off in the direction from which lie Bud come. Tony Aud Ginger looked at each other. Quot what now a a i can to imagine Quot said he blankly. A at least ifs not a Pinch or that cop would have taken us a Well lets go and find out a she suggested. They found the store Down the Road and while Ginger suited in the bus Tony telephoned the police precinct number and explained his identity. A a what a up Quot lie demanded. Quot new York wants to get you on the Telephone. Very urgent. Says for you to reverse the charges. It must be important or they have been Able to locate you through us. Want the number a Quot sure a said Tony. He thought instantly of his father but the elder Taylor was in Palm Beach. A Thui a a new following noun in the Sweet g Munich with Hitler ail further european airs Rote r original game j tonal Ber lain Ball for Britain s sphere in South China. It is axiomatic that the japanese always make it hot for the White Man in China when he is absorbed with troubles in Europe. This May explain the sudden mobilization of the British Mediterranean Fleet at Alexandia Egypt. While the Home Fleet has been mobilized North of Scotland. 52 vessels in the Mediterranean have been called to Alexandria and diplomatic speculation is that a Large part of them will be sent to Singa pure ready for eventualities with or Nan. Thus in Case of War Mussolini would have the Mediterranean almost to himself As far As the Brit ish Fleet is concerned. Note although 53 ships sounds like a Gigantic Fleet it contains Only three battleships All very old. The British Home Fleet is much stronger though even this one includes Only seven battleships four others bring in dry Dock with one at Gibraltar. Permitting Johnson to reach i inst. Ruel safely held second Mcneely senators Center fit it was up. The stage was set flt i something to happen nobody knew just what. Mcneely threw his whole weight ments he demanded before he could i consent to enter the race were $100.-1 000 of Campaign contributions and i the support of new Yorkus most in-1 fluent Al editors. The latter included the majority of new York s newspapers and be Cora proceeded to help Dewey Contact them including Joe Patter on powerful editor of the daily news who was in Europe but 1 whom they reached by Telephone in the end. Dewey got the Campaign requirements he demanded and threw his hat in the ring for District attorney. The talk with Pecora was one of the milestones in his political career into the Bat slamming the straight As an Arrow Down third base line. The Ball went and bounced viciously. Third i Ball the fast ase aggression and he Cha inure Daladier condemning War. Any further discussion of Milit Ary aspects of the situation May Cern sour. O. K let s take All this at Hue value but keep our fingers thus country certainly is More determined than Ever not to get into any european Shindy. But if tin i Ain of Czechoslovakia says anything it says that out of War is to be Abl yourself our problem of de or. It compared with that i j,.esui country but it remains a problem. O losses but also for adequate t equipment. Americans recently returning from Europe who have had Good Opportunity Tor observation say tit it a principal reason for British and French timidity against the dictatorships was fear that they were relatively unprepared aloft. I i Ive several such reports largely derived from conversation which. Iof urn. I t a seat Hue innately with Relief. Here it in mtg said or. Briggs. Quot i the fir bowl by mistake. Lilac my Surprise when i almost a Lowed the to Lei you a asked la a glance at the bowl. A apse of Gertrude reassured her. Co Tirse not a a said or. Briggs id patted i new York Quot that a right Quot said Tony resignedly. A and this is my wife we be got a a i i age certificate to prove it. And ii you re looking Tor diamonds you be signalled the wrong bus you Tun search it if you want to. The Only things we re carrying Are a tropical fish a cat. And a drunk with delusions of very the state police official gave him the new York number and Tony immediately afterwards put in the Call through Long distance. In a surprisingly Short time lie was connected. A hello is this Taylor a a yes. Who a this a Quot this is Runny Rock Aby Quot came the voice. A do you know who i am a Tony gave a Start of Surprise then grinned. A a sorry i never heard of you a he heard a smothered exclamation. His Grin widened. A this is the Man you attacked Friday morning in front of miss Drakes House. You know whom i mean a a huh him i i owe you in apology to a for hitting me a a no for not knocking your Block clean off a said Tony. To be continued Olav ii it i w in Tenn a Rill a distributed by King Kiaune Kurt drat inc saw 70 bomber electrical jigs through a shop they All moved passed a Given manufacturing. Automatic presses accept wings mounted on ? i slowly moving. As one moved and As each unit station additional Steps were Iak Quot a a Quot bin a Flat f beet of e in Cost. Plans Tor Way to be while very venation. One of tin of comments authentic were still con to on it important Serin. This subject that i a1 aluminium who Side Bent Anc air plane Wing. A a came out the other Fusel Ai i. Imps any Enver thele. I i Nepa Man Lindstrom of the giants crouched reached for the balls and missed it strange As ii seems the Ball had been deflected at the critical moment by a tiny Pebble directly in its path. It bounced Clear Over Lindstrom a head. Ruel calmly walked Home for the winning run. Ending the 1924 world series amidst a Road of excitement from the stands. Element i in the air. It is partly not Only Bec facts about pc ration Iii the cd a so because of likeness Olma the Militar in Unkn Ause of sent re ii Ferent the a prov air Atta in Quantity Insul t Asem Tive pre Palm tries by d effect s. It i. Not Dun Quality i problem ii question of Type an i equipment. Another great Swift and adequate i onh for replacer have been published were those of major Al Williams the Scripps ii card auth Lily on this abject his remarks Are purely technical but they Are those of a recognized expert of first hand observations in each country. In Contra fiction to some advices i have received they seem to indicate a marked superiority in German design. That is a mutter o. Technical engineering opinion. But Al states one forthright Tactual observation. The importance of which is not debatable. It confirms Many rumours i have heard Currier and pro doubted. I quote a few sentence it old in one factory in Germany it i says Daly uses the a very Manu Actu. A 3 utly what this i i Niz i a a i new operation on i proc neti Iii idea invt n fold and brought to i Lee to in ii the americ Industry. It requires of production and morn press storks about our conversion of Industry to War Man facture indicate perfection. As one who Row at first hard and was part of our War time mobilization of both manpower and Industry. I in Uke bold to doubt it. Those plans have been worked out by excellent aped to become an j military experts with Little or no background of Industrial experience. That was a he precise cause of the near failure of our Supply program in 1918. The function of soldiers is to fight. It is the Job of industrialists to manufacture. Our Advance in military aircraft design is marvelous. But it would be a Good idea to have a conference Between army engineers air plane Monu Farmers and our Genii of mass production Henry Ford Bdl Knud Ca and Walter Chrysler a on toe question of Swift Low Cost in Ahu l Dure. My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt or lame method. A will recon Means. It is the a a mass of by Henry its first peril automobile a Daad a Ediza Tion of Type Anc. Design. With that worked out it divides Cost and multiplies Speed of production. Although we invented Libs method we have never yet applied it in its entirety to air plane in i nut facture. That is due largely to the american passion for constant change and improvement m us Rug and invention. It makes for a better product but a consume the de 123 sugar coated average australian Eonstim-3 pounds of sugar annually. Washington. A in company w Iii Many other people throughout he world i breathe again this afternoon in the Hope that this meeting in Munich May bring about peace instead of War. It May be harder to work out problems in a pea of id Way but it certainly seems Worth the Effort for things which Are a posed by Force rarely Are . Everyone in this House is constantly Alert for news of the International situation and of the situation among our own people in the Wake of the Hurricane. One letter i received this morning gave the most remarkable picture of the havoc wrought Long the Connecticut Shore and stressed or inability of Many people to Cope with their situation. Some of them Are old and All that they had is gone. Some of them have no resources and no knowledge of where to turn to obtain them. They continued on Page 5 tomorrow if ways can horses Diplo a t in f a tall i so quote from judge r. Walton Moore 80-year-old Counselor of the it ate department who has been worried Over the International situation of late a what is to be will be even if it does t Page the Dupont Liberty league Echo in the Erst a bile Kentucky primary the handler handlers returned a thousand Dollar a contribution to the donor. Net because tin y did t need the Carli by because the contribution came in the firm of a Check on i Wilmington del., Bank. Al g signal for Sorrit a number of fruit packing Holts in Fresno have adopted a Flag Sina arrangement As official firm when the Blue Flag Waves e head office sector the running me Captain and the kids by Rudolph Dirks keeper from to Plant i Freak potato displays human animal faces More Australia s Gold was 1.380,431 Fine $47,924,009 in Alist Toledo. Of. Leak potato w oct. Sighing to i up Jya o pounds Dewey is. Pecora when Reading about the Legal squabble Between new York supreme court Justice Pecora and Racket busting Tom Dew eve Over the Hines Case it is interesting to i know that the two once were great friends and that Pecora was partly responsible for putting Dewey in his present position. Here is an unwritten piece of history about their relations. Before Dewey decided to run for District attorney he came to judge Pecora and asked his advice regarding his political chances. Quot my wife thinks i ought to stay nut of politics and make a lot of Money a he confided. Also he expressed some doubt As to whether he could be elected and raised other difficulties. Quot never mind the wife and the other things Quot replied Pecora a lets my consisting of three branches v As found by mrs. Marie Davis in 1 a Bushel of potatoes she received j from her sister s farm one of the potato branches re j Seibles an old woman with a Bunch j of hair knotted on the Back of her i head and. Turned at another Angle i shows the likeness of a human face j another Branch looks like a Rhino Eros head and a third Branch a i human face looking Down. Joe Paloska by Ham Fisher bottle kills Coyote although he claims no medal for marksmanship Thomas Rose Fresno rancher recently killed a Coyote with a Well aimed Beer bottle at 50 feet. It s some thing terrific a so huh extra Large a mushroom More than two feet in circumference was grown this 1 year in St. Thomas ont. Its a Ano pc. In River i pert3ct night. The sky in Clear and Starrs pcs or looks As Tho eve Rome of importance Ca is Here there s Genie Tunney Jack def Dpi for Koy Hov Ard Charles m cabe. R 1 o a and Jim lev Mavor la Guari i a. Clau Gette Colbert looking gorgeous there a Jack Hearst and the Warner brother s wait a minute polks what is it Clem huh what of folks you won t be it boy of boy. Met not Ugri 8yvi4if. Inc

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