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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - November 26, 1938, Arcadia, California Tout a or a it a partly Tribune saturday Novara for 2#. Poi it the Wayto 22�?�? a a a a a a championship lightweight team Tribune want ads pay �?~smp1, i if you want to Mea amp age a in the arc to Tho Tribune off e Aily n. I til a or rent you will gel me. Telephone mail Arcadia. Telephone results i or bring you Atwater 7-Li y placing Classi fic 181 or 7 Vou r ads classified a Index us Al it i us a bar air planes a Kami it Al vat vim Al Tomohik i v a Votion b i \ i Tisi ,. Est ions Mill la in. I la full Komi i r Vin 8 Iii it ill of Tok to Milo c rot n try error he to of hts i Quot of Rini i Hoo and cat Iio Sitt to e employment in . I urn Gull Ding trades floor finishing 50 in musical instruments 112 used a l i air irn. >8 by 50 for Beautiful floors rent our new Dustless floor Sander easy to operate. New Johnson a electric posher for rent. $1.00 Day. Wa1 ton hardware 24 n 1st ave. Used grand piano delivered with Bench $197 r. J. Gould Mush 907 and 973 e. Colo c 164-Tfc p. Real estate listings a wan i i i 72 Jena open evening1 ill by. 6-8189 9 00 overnight sports review bitter York. Henry Armstrong gained decision Over Ceferino Garcia thereby retaining welterweight title in i of teen round fight at new alike Jacobs announces Armstrong will make next Start in february when lie will defend lightweight title against loll ambers. Johnny revolt of Evanston hi., and Johnny Hogan of White Plains n. V., tied for leadership in Ridge Wood Columbia open Golf tournament. Army and Navy Grid spectacle in Philadelphia brings together evenly matched teams with army favored to win. You and our nation s affairs reverting to paganism by Ges w. D i Ell professor of economics Ami sociology Vanderbilt univ easily to the Pagan theory of life is that life and happiness come to die individual or nation As a result of be my in a position to command Coin for rent b 25 rental unfurl i fed roil ice. Nam Iii. It knit cry. I i kit Crk la anti i it ii ill int de denial lit Lull Intro mule Home appliances hoi Foh Salk Hoenes Foh rent Moos a Loh Kivi i 46 ,162 91 us stings furnished and cd. Kiln s Gannan 810 Anita. At. 7-2557. 746 pianos for rent $1 of per and up grands $3 00 per to. Up. Rent to apply on pure later. C. J. Gould music to and Hase co., Yeti you Are looking at the championship lightweight football team of Monrovia Arcadia Duarte High school undefeated in san Gabriel Valley league play. From left to right linesmen Bill Story. Don Ellis Art Loomis George Selvage Aime Larouche Ray Macgowan and Noel Tamietti Hacks. Fred Lucas Don West James Wagner and Nat Thompson. My Day real estate 89 e. Colorado St. Pasadena. To of your individual Horoscope 102. Is wanted a furn. I ii t ii in. I is Lance l laundries. Lawn service. Live Stock. Lots Fok Sai f. I Ost hint to i m mattress repairing Misc Ella no is. Money to Mian. Musical instr i Menth motorcycles and till i i is musical instruction moving Anil storage n nurseries. P pets Anil supplies. Personals professional Silt of poultry Ami St Iii Jas k real estate. Ileal Fatale wanted refrigerator Seri ice. Rest Homes Riding instructions rooms Lor rent hug carpet cleaners s schools and colleges situations wanted. Swaps. T a Bailers. Trucks. W wanted to rent. Welti int. 4 1 .4b i Al i. I 9 i Lim 59 112 kid Keal estate wanted if you have desirable improved or vat ant real estate for Sale tent or Exchange we would be pleased to have you consult us. We advertise we work we sell. A. N. Multer 2626 Baldwin ave., Cor Las Tunas phone Arcadia 2770 to of. Rent an accordion and learn to play. Lesson and rent $150 week. Wiggins music co., 510 so Myrtle ave., Monrovia. Copyright by Francks aka Al 1938, by King features Syndicate inc automobiles for Salt 150 a Chevrolet truck. Ton. I a ton Reo truck $665 38 Ham passenger car $967.00 Lerus garage 716 w $325 Gra Koh Duarte re Arcadia phone Atwater for Salt a a it f-1974 741 41 20 Acri Twenty quiet Valley. Co. Owner h i i d a i g o 1-3614. Citrus land plenty water to thirty feet. Beautiful hey. Big Oaks san Diego r. S. Pratt 330 so. Alhambra. Atlantic 746 repairs amp parts to refrigerator service 95 95 7.5 refrigeration service on Ai. Ila makes electric refrigerators. Pm. 7 1 96 Atwater 7-1231. If no answer Call Atlantic 1-1672. D. W. Coffman. 7 231 n. First ave., Arcadia. 68128 Rug amp carpet cleaners 96 wrecking today 37 Plymouth ope., �?T35 v-8 Sedan 29 Fords and Many others. Safety Glass installed $2.95 up. Gem City wrecking co pm. 2632 193 of Monrovia. Ploor finishing 162 is 154 for Beautiful our new Dustless easy to operate. Electric polisher floors rent floor Sander. New Johnson s for rent $1.00 to Igi Armstrong a the dirty Rug cleaner a the cleans rugs clean phone Colo. 3092 2620 e. Foothill blvd., e. Pasadena Day. Ave. Walton hardware 24 n. 1st 164-Tfc butter and eggs lost amp found lost a Fox terrier Brown and White female. Oxnard License name Reward Call 860 West Huntington drive Arcadia Pur nature 97 new e a furnished by produce Exchange of los Angeles nov. 26 continued from Page i nature will result if patience is exercised next 5 years. For monday november 28th March 21 to april 20 Aries a looks Good with Friendly rays favouring salesmen and Saleswoman. Clerks secretaries newspaper Folk actors persons in High positions labourers domestics. You born after april 3 will need to exercise care in expenditures. April 21 to May 20 Taurus a generous inclinations for those who Are willing to exert themselves to succeed and who will avoid unnecessary controversy. Especially favored building construction. Excavation work Home matters social prestige. May 21 to june 21 gemini a business and social affairs can be advantageously intermingled to further your interests. Fine for exploiting your finer qualities Clever ideas. You born june 5-12 be tactful. June 22 to july 23 cancer a excellent rays from All angles for you cancer natives. Make your efforts count to your Good. No alibis be up and doing Don t postpone what you should attend to today. July 24 to August 22 Leo a sept. 7. Good for All Virgo ans but you bom after sept. 6 will j have to urge yourselves Forward As there Are some restrictions. September 24 to october 23libra a a Challenge to Libras innate sound sense and patience especially in dealings with others. Taking orders from superiors Etc. Be Wise work with not against. Every thing that is Worth while. October 24 to november 22 Scorpio a you can top successfully thus Uphill month by giving i today the full Force of your Capa it vilify and evenly allocated Energy. A what you do today will have Good i bearing on the not As Friendly tomorrow. November 23 to december 22 Sagittarius a skill and accuracy can do wonders with uninteresting work or Ordinary material. Think about this As you proceed with your duties. Much is up to your cleverness. December 23 to january 21 Capricorn a you have to pick your plums out of the air. Friend however stretch your imagination and extend yourself in that in which you want to succeed. Wish hard try hard and the magic Wand will work for you butter used and new furniture. Calif furniture co., 627 so. Myrtle Monrovia. Buy and Exchange. Sis extras prime fir standards undergrads .30 .29 281 j peed amp fuel 46 used but eggs seasoned Walnut Wood. $10 delivered. Phone Al Monte Long 8-5865. Cord Bud 249 Rosr building trades 50 Good used furniture at prices that will please you. Splendid selections. Budget Terni Pasadena storage co. 65 South Marengo ave. Pasadena. Calif. Candles candles candles candles candles Large extras Light dirty extras. Clean standards. Light dirty standards checks. .38 .36 .34 31 .34 you can put today on the credit Side with careful management simplicity and sincerity. Quaint yourself with your subject and know the one to whom you wish to sell August 23 to september 23 Virgo a no need for pessimism or timidity. Helpful vibrations especially for you born before roofing i refinishing c proof in the roof backed by 20 years experience. Our prices and terms will please you. Phone or. Clyde for free estimate. Call Sierra Madre 1563. Or Pasadena Sycamore 3-8444. Expert upholstery slip covering draperies Etc. Estimates free f c. Nash amp co. Pasadena. Phone Atwater 7-1095. 307 medium eggs candles clean extras. Candles Light dirty extras candles clean standards. Candles Light dirty standards candles checks .34 33 .32 .30 .30 All weather roofing co. Flew Yum amp a Small eggs candles clean extras candles Light dirty standards Case count 240 n. Allen Pasadena authorized applicators of certain teed products 491 sell 9oock nov. 26 hens. Leghorn i x to 3�?Ti lbs. Hens leghorn Over 3�?T� to 4 lbs Hen leghorn Over 4 lbs. Hens coloured 3li to 4 lbs. Hens coloured Over 4 lbs. Broilers Over i i to 111 lbs. Broilers Over in a to 2li lbs. Fryers Legh a Over 2u to 3 lbs. Fryers coloured 2 i to 3l lbs. Fryers col., Over 314 to 4 t lbs. Roasters coloured Over 4 to lbs. Stags coloured. Old roosters coloured old roosters leghorn. Ducklings. Pekin Over 5 lbs. Old ducks White Pekins. Young geese Youn Tom turkeys 14 to 20 lbs. Young Tom turkeys Over 20 lbs. Young Hen turkeys 9 toll lbs. January 22 to february 20�? aquarius a you born before feb. 6 Are in excellent position for personal favors business gains. You born after feb. 6 Are advised to be very careful in financial deals expenditures. February 21 to March 20�? Pisces a better for finishing old matters than starting new ventures say stars. Also Good for preparation work plans. Why not get things in order for action later in week child born today is under a stars that favor writers poets painters. A gifted youngster with ideas that will carry it into the Clouds. Therefore it will be Wise to help it appreciate the business. Correct abruptness. By Eleanor Roosevelt warm Springs. Gay the outside world looks rather cold and gloomy today but most of us seem to be Able to preserve our thanksgiving spirit and so far i have met Only cheerful fares. I had hoped to go for a swim and lie in the Sun but that is postponed in View of the weather. Instead miss Thompson and t Are working looking out of her window towards Georgia Hall across a fairly Green Lawn with a hedge and Magnolia tree whose deep Green would do credit to a summer Day. A pleasant Prospect even under Gray skies yesterday afternoon i drive Over a Good part of the warm Spring property with my husband and was pleased to find the new school building had made great strides since i came to look at it earlier in tin autumn. The medical building does not seem to he going quite As quickly though that too is coming along. As we were driving about we noticed How Many Small houses there seem to be which the painted and which show an attempt at growing something in the Yard. As yet Many persons do not seem to grasp the value of tree planting around the House but shrubs and vines Are appearing instead of the i baked Earth look which used to Greet you around almost every Little House. Commander Callaghan and dr., Mcintire and i had breakfast to Gether this morning and found our i selves discussing the state of the world. When you sit Down to discuss it dispassionately i fear none can paint an encouraging picture. An album of pictures of Spanish children was sent me the other Day. It began with such scenes As children in schools and at play and being fed and ended with 1 Little mangled bodies on streets and in hospitals. You could not help i wondering about what the real i meaning of civilization is and this morning i can to say that from the two gentlemen who Are trained in one of our services that i received any feeling of greater Hope for the future. We Are certainly not handing the next generation an easy world in which to live. Ada Jackson Young prize winning English poetess has written a poem called a Twenty years after Quot which i wish could be handed to every government official and every Young citizen who come of age today. These lines struck me particularly a look Well on Victory on defeat Over let no Man deceive you. They Are the same coins a two headed Penny with hell in its Purchase the two header Penny that Man Lias named modules a n to services or to others. The abundant life is measured by the abundance of what you receive Over and above what you give. Life and happiness Are obtained by getting in the receiving line and holding your place Here. Paganism repudiate work As a misfortune. Because work represents giving and producing services. In the Pagan theory it is receiving from served who has others not giving to others that brings the abundant life. Wage earners Are urged to write letters to Congress and use All the Power they can command to reduce the hours of work and raise wages to the highest Point possible because this reduces what they give and increases what they receive. Likewise Farmers were led by the administration to destroy Over five million pigs for food and a a plow up a millions it acres of food and clothing material crops in order that Farmers might receive More and rive less. In addition. The administration is taking vast sums from those who work and produce. And giving the Money to Mil Lions of voters in order that they May stand in the receiving line and receive without giving and thus enjoy the abundant life. Under this Pagan theory the prime function of the transportation system and the factories is not to give the Best service possible to the Public but to take care of and make life easy for the employees the purpose or agriculture is not to feed the world in the most efficient Way of sible but to give the abundant life to the Farmers at the expense of the Consumers. The Christen theory of life is til very opposite of the Pagan. It puts tile emphasis on giving not recoil my. On serving not on being the great in in tile Man found life in who greatest abundance is the prime minister the greatest worker. Work to divine. God is revealed As the great worker and it ii through work that men be Coom like god. It is through work thai Man finds life and life u measured by Oik. Business is a Means by which men Exchange usefulness. In the Exchange of commodities and services both parties Are benefited both parties profit. The More a Man gives the More he receives. The abundant life is a byproduct of hard a a a. Or services Given to others. To run away from work is to run away from life. To repudiate work is to commit suicide. It is through work that individuals and nations grow strand and invincible. From begin Long Tif our history Down to a few years Aga the rank anti tile of the american Cit Chis regarded hard work riot Only As a % Ity but also As an Honor. Tile hard it Yoer was a Man of distinction in Community. They had Little for a Man who tried to avoid York and had a contempt for a Bam. Able to work who looked to the do verment to support they fount their lives and grew Strong through h re. Constructive work through co a Tractive service to their Quot amines. It or cola unities and to their courts a they accepted it As their duty to Iipp it it the government from their owning in All of its constitutional. activities but they scorned thy f the Pagan theory is essentially destructive. It has destroyed every Civ shovel a a and revert Iliza Tion that has adopted it. I tire theory of ancient paganism they scorned thy idea of degrading themselves and their Independence by asking to the government to give the a Aby special Aid. It was the proud boast of Sawri Loans up to a few years ago Tow the average american working my did a third More work than any of her average working Man in the we Fri. It was the american Ideal of Wyzik based on the Christian theory of life that made us invincible in the Post shall we give it up a a lean on the to the destruct in in address questions to the author care of this news aver radio program it Ibe following programs arc complied from report Povl did by the broadcaster. Responsibility for last minute program changes on their part. We assume no your dial a tonight jail. I ill i ill it 11 Llie to 70 80 of too to too tin i Ai is a o v v4r a 60 70 80 90 too 110 120 130 140 toddy six i. M. I kit make believe i an cd Kehki news 6 15. Music Kim Hawaii a alls a feb a news 6 15, brith Knox men against death Erkd scores 6 15. Talk a fact news 6 15. Sports Keca a american youth �?6 30�? kit music 6 45 revue Kehew musical program Khz Fisher 6 45. Band Kew by music 6 45. Vocal Knox a night serenade Erkd musical program a fact talk 6 45. Kecan Hall of fun seven p i. Kei America dances Kehe i is a stroll to Tom Obj music 7 15. Sports Kew by musical program Knox Parade. Dana Erkd news 7 15, music i a fact music 7 15. Talk i k dec a symphony i a hrs. A 7 to of tile song search i Kehe news. 7 45 band Kim tic tac toe i 7 45, John Conte sings be we tanforan races Knox 7 45 a Musicale Erkd music Olf to 12 a fact or James Fifield eight p. M. Keil Baru dance. I or. Kehew what s answer Kim Frost 8 15, bund a feb musical program Knox a Joe e Brown show fac recorded pro. 2 hrs �?8 39 a Kehew Carol loftier band Khz musical program Kew by swing Musicale Knox a Johnny presents Reca 8 45 a Ink spots nine p. I. Kfir Fred Waring s band Kehew Gene Krupa band 9 15. Cappy a cabaret Khz a news 9 15. Bund Kew by greatest Story Knox a professor qui Reca band 9 15, Hawaii �?9to�? kit a Avalon time variety pm pc music 9 45. News Kehe dance music Khz a Jan Garber s band a feb a news 9 45 music Knox a Organ 9 45, band Reca Rudy Valier band Nfn p m. A Pic Joe Sudy s band Kimpo musical program Kehew swing show i or Khz a Shep Field p band a feb take it easy Knox a dance bands a hrs. A fact records All night. Keca a recordings. I or. A to to Kfir Jack Winston band Kapci 10 45 the Barber Khz a Wayne Kings band Kew by musical program Kleven p. M. Kfir Ted Weems band pm pc music off 1-7� Kehew Gene Krupa band 11 15 news reports Khz a Jack Mclean baud a feb musical Prog Fth Kov do music off 4-6 Kecan records off 12-8 �?11 30�? Kif band off 12-8 Kehew bands Oft 12-7 Khz a bands off 1-8 Kew by music off 12-8 Knox a Herb Wilkins band Midnight Knox a news 12 15. Music sign off 1-6 a in Erkd music to 6 00 a by. A tomorrow i or. Seven a. M. I Knox a musical to Elk Iii a in. A fit news 8 05, Radium Khz talk 8 20. Funnies Kov do Rev Joe Balas Knox West coast Church Erkd records i or. 1 Cec Church 8 15, music f -8 30-i Kif Madrigal singers khji8 15 thought Kov do Church of Christ Knox major Bowes i or Recap musical program nine a m a Ftp talk 915 drama Khz voice of prophecy Kov do records. 2 hrs Kirk do music. Momus 12 30 Keca a music Hall. I or. �?9 30�? Kfir Chicago tend table Khz a the lamplighter-9 45. American wild late Knox a Salt Lake Church ten \ m i a Ftp talk 10 15. Music Khz a music 10 15. Drama Knox a Church of the air Kecan talk 10 15. Talk -10 30�? a Ftp music to 45. Cuts 1 Khz a music to 45. Poet i Knox a Europe 10 45. Mike 1 Kecan musical program eleven a m a Ftp sunday dinner Khz a Little review i Kov do jewish hour. I or. 1 Knox a americans ail i Kecan magic key. I or. A Utoy a Ftp sports la 45. Music i Khz a by. I Knox a Texas rangers noon i a Ftp sunday Drivers Khz a sunday afternoon i a fed Glenn Austin i or. I Knox a concert Orch 2 ors Keca a Var to 12 15 Bonks a 12 30�? Kfir Romance melodies i Khz a news 12 45, music Kirk do recorded program i Kecan second Guesser one p m Kfir rangers serenade Khz a Benny Venn to Prog Kov do air editor Kirk do request. 6 30 Kecan National Vesper a i to Kif a human relation i 45 a football 5 00 Khz a lutheran league Kov do recorded program Kecan world is your two p m. Kfir Uncle Ezra program Khz a the steelmakers a fed 2 15 a air world Knox a strange As it seems 2 15. Musical program Reca opera auditions _ >t0�? Ketz Donald Novas 2 45, latin americans Khz musical program a fed recorded program Knox Back Home 8 Caro. Keca vocal 2 45 speaker three p m a Ftp Mara priv s sociable Khz a help thy neighbor of vacs 15 a Spanish. I or Knox a Silver theater Kecan Catholic hour �?3 Toke musical program Khz 9how a week Knox a laugh liner Keca a recorded program form p m a Ftp pro Feasor Puzzle wet Khz in Hal a amp fun in 4 15 Elinor r Warren a fed recorded program Knox Peoples platform Kecia a Edward Tomlinson �?4 30�? a Ftp the Rand Wagon Khz a Dick Barrie bund Rev i 4 151�? silent toll Knox a songs at Twilight Kecan Oran concert five p m. A Ftp Mccarthy hour. I or of a he a cowboys i or Khz j a Bach cantata series a feb Melody Lane Knox Mercury the to a i or fac Sci nce 5 15 music Kecan out of West. I or �?5 Tokhi words Bay it a feb musical program Kehew band 7 15. Tom Khz a of wiil court. I or. Kew by inventors meet Knox a Bob Bench let show of act open forum. I by. Kecan Horace Heldt band �?7 Toke a Hollywood playhouse Kehew evening melodies Kew by musical Prograis Knox a divorce 7 45 editor Kecan musical program eight p m. A Ftp Walter Winchell 8 15 Irene Rich drama Kehe go h service i by. Khz a Frost warnings 8 15. Or a Polyzoides a feb in the gloaming Knox a Ben Bernice show fac or Talbot i or. Kecan music 815 hand a atom Kfir Jack Benny s show Khz a music by Faith a feb musical program Knox a Paul pendants by Keca a iou Breese Bairn nine p. M. Kfir Seth Parker Frog. Kehe Light opera Khz a Foster 9 15. Band a feb curtain Caln Knox a Henry King s band a fact records All night Kecan Ted Weems band a Otoe Kviz one Man a family Kehe dance melodies Khz a Chuck Foster band of Wilb 45 a news Rcpt Knox a band 9 45. News Kecan by 9 45. Explorer ten p m. A Ftp news reports to 15. Organ toll of Kehe Manhattan Krears Khz a Lana St orchestra a feb musical in hrs Knox a band to 15 music Kecan records Oft ll-71 5 45 internal foot Ort n to a Iota a a fact Ginn seven Orch Kehew musical program six p m to 45 Phil Harris band Kfir the Mart of round Khz a Jose Man Janerae by. Kehew mimic 6 15. News Khi revival hour i or a feb new reports o 15 m ical program Knox sunday Cone i or fac news reports 6 is Church to i of Reca the americans a a turf in am album of music Kehe names 645. Muic Kew by reported missing err do music off to 12 a foam talk 6 45 music seven p w Ketz carnival variety Oro Knox to 45i a Harry Owens Kleven p m Kif a record off 12-7 Kehew music la 15 news Khz Jan Garber band a feb til to a musical kid music off 10 k n x it 11 15 a Phil Harris la to Kehew music off 12-fl to Khz a a band off 12-6 a in a feb music off 12-6 Knox 111 45i dance Musi Midnight Knox a musical off -0 i Kirk do music to 6 of a in Tribune classified ads get results
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