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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - November 26, 1938, Arcadia, California Anpo two Arcadia daily Tribune saturday november 20, 19-Lfl published daily except sunday and Holiday at 104 n. First Avenue Arcadia California strange As it seems by John Hix for further proof address the Antler enclosing a stamped envelope for reply. Reg. U. S. Pat. Off. I by Baynard Kendrick Arcadia publishing company a. Ii a i o l i n o o n president and publisher the Tribune was designated As a newspaper or general circulation by de Cree of court on the 8tn Day cd May 1931. Entered a s second Ria s matter. March h. L at the Post office at at Tad la. California under tile a of March 3. 1379. Member Arcadia chamber of Commerce California newspaper publishers association area i West Side association Bureau of advertising american newspaper publishers association represented in tue United states and Canada by j. J. Devine cd associates. Inc., new York City Chicago Detroit. Pittsburgh a. And Atlanta. A. Copies of the Arcadia daily Tribune and full information about armading and surrounding markets can be obtained from any of these offices subscription Price single copy Fie 10c per week 40c per month. Phone Atwater-7-2131 i departments. Advertising rates on application the Arr a Sun i ally t inc term a the licht to copy it Mhz Quot deem <>t>.1fction in dish Quot to or a k a i for Kim maj or n Tiv a a n Quot do and the san of Helcl Val by told s Elt a he read band la until approved in writing i can in of company. He it la. Rtt ring thread i Tribune a and a in Elbl n not shins 61 it ure a b Tsu 7 in Chi High weighs Over la Quot Tok a made in a Kronen to capt in xxvii Midnight Hail come anti. Gone and Van had spent Twenty minutes Oletho Nirta various select gambling a lobs. Before the ear left the ally Lier inn. Detective Patter it it Nisi at the wheel for Stan had i he i y admitted he was in hotter inuit in to Fly than to attempt he Mil Mehte Tak of driving Millis lined a a tips a in Between Stan and the detective Quot As clutching a Quot Liv depleted fourth bottle of wine. It in Pel ice car. Folio Quot my the Coupe detective Hogue was silently Ems a Speed through Here comes Christmas from the Way the youngsters keep talking about it you might imagine that the coming Christmas Holiday now rapidly approaching is the most important event of the Veary barring summer vacation of course. I Here s no doubt about it children do like vacations. Hut be an idea that most of them like school a lot More than they re willing to admit. And Why should t they ? the modern school hits just about everything to make it attractive and beneficial there Are gymnasiums and playgrounds for the development of a sound body. There Are classrooms and laboratories for the development of a sound mind. There Are shops and clubs j for the development of to sound interest in the world and its ways. Iii the past these major benefits of education have largely been available Only to Urban children. The country youngster trudging weary Milos to a one room school i found on arrival Only the in St meager machinery of Educa Tion. Crowded into a single classroom with students of of pkg Jet for amp la i ump a of Motul competed in is so a Dot net / contest at the Hgt of 67/ los tinge is i93& Toul Hebe try noted football coach for 2 eth sons coached 3 afferent teams Aff 3 different institutions i at the same /922-z? a Avon i hips ensuing i hopi Fht in captured Corner a 4>trip of land a mlle ads 7.0 milk who won Oktor of Belgium not captured by German during the world we Man i. I syndic la 26-38 a babe Quot Iio Lungberg seven other grades he was taught grammar by the teachers i although a babe Quot hopi ingery. Left hand while the right hand taught history to another j Washington sat a c Ollery class. Football coach liar no College career at one. Time lie actually coached three Dif but today the Little red school House has gone the Way Ferent football teams at three Dif of the classic curriculum of Reading citing and arithmetic. I Ferent institutions in san Francis modern busses Glide up to the farm Gate and carry the Rural co. Youngster in Speed an s. Y to a modern centralized school. Hopi ingery says a i coached Bate thanks to modern highways and the modern transportation prep school during the years 1922 facilities that shorten Miles the Rural children of America today enjoy educational advantages equal to those it their City cousins. Thanks to today a highways transport and the schools it and 1923 from 3 to 4 each afternoon. Hurriedly drove to another playing Field and coached lick Wil Mordington High school from 4 15 to 6. Then hurriedly drove to a third Hugh Johnson says i ii or their Breakneck the i it i in. With sirens wide open la crossed the venetian Way to Miami Bench and headed North until the licht of Deauville Casino and the surf club Lay behind them. Quot the Gulf clubs about two Miles ahead on the right Pat detective Patterson grunted a will Cut the he Dill so anti fug naked Hogue behind them to do the same by turning the Tail Light Oil and on. have voice sounded loud in the silence. A they d have we were visiting mayors and welcomed us with a Shower of crooked Dice. Do you think that rat Ca Row told us the truth Quot Patterson laughed shortly. Quot ill say to did. That a the first Rod i pc Ever seen glad to go to jail. X of had me going for a while or. Bice and the lady Here was actually a Alligator tears a said Stan Quot or wine running out of her eyes. She got me quite enthusiastic about the possibilities although there Are times when i recognize the Power of my own thespian proclivities could fairly hear the crunch of Carew a Bones in the hungry reptiles jaws. Please Little girl Quot he took the tilted bottle away from Millie and finished it himself. A you i Ink too much for a lady and you have to be Friendly with the blown up by swingers. I la Dot he wont buy you wine at eight dollars a bottle. A Don t worry. Or. Bussinger s gel Mun a a what a Stan choked on the Dregs of the bottle. A a gel Mun a Millie persisted. A the looks me Over with feverish eyes whenever i get in Range and ii is wife in t looking. Trash it you get the wife i get the gel Mun a we re nearly there Quot Patterson remarked. A Are you sure you re All set or. Rice Quot of a slow Down a mini Stan copyright. 19,, by United press Syndicate inc. Reproduction in whole or part forbidden. All rights reserved a makes possible Rural youngsters can look Forward not Only Field where i coached the olympic to the interests of vacation but to the interests of the new school year As Well. Continued from Page i Wear Quot she exclaimed As she departed hastily for new York on a shopping tour. Buzzard s Roost one reason a lot of voters lat election turned sour on the new Deal despite tremendous Spir is the inconsistency anti laxness of administration in Washington. Take for instance pea s famous i Buzzards Roost Power project in Greenwood county s. C Whid the Duce Power company fought for three years until the supreme court overruled them instead of promoting Ood will for Roosevelt in South Carolina the project has turned a lot of people against him. Here Are the reasons 1. Bare subsistence w age Are paid Quot a Quot Ruck Drivers getting Sti and s7 a week. Roosevelt has aroused Southern big business of depressing wage Levels but his administrators arc permitting exactly tile same tiling. At the neighbouring Santee Coper project of of i. Proteus finally increased wages but not at Buzzard s Roost. 2. It now turns out that Dan Duncan promoter and Engineer for Buzzards Roost will he the chief beneficiary. Formerly an unemployed $50 a month. What particularly gripes a lot of South carolinians is that these payments apparently have been of d in Washington. Folks can to understand a system which underpass labor supposedly the Friend of Roosevelt and then rewards local officials with jobs of their own. Club from 6 15 to 8. A each team used a somewhat different system and set of signals he says. A the Bates team was undefeated while lick Wilm Erdington won the championship both years. One of these years i also coached an american legion team in once hopi ingery won a game from himself by playing Bates against lick. Quot it was quite a Novelty to Rush from one Side of the Field to tile other giving instructions to both teams Quot he says. Quot i was in Hopes the game would end in a draw but bate.-, finally won 6 to 0.&Quot unt Apt red Orner Only part of Belgium not eap Washington d c.�?111 All these plans to create a a jewish Homeland Quot in Tanganyika or otherwise. There is considerable danger to the jewish people. It would be a Fine thing to open up any Quot White Many a country for the poor and oppressed of every nation jews. Catholics and the persecuted of every race and Creed. That was How America was populated. There Are plenty of other areas on the Earth s surface with equal natural advantages. The wonder is that they have not developed As quickly and in the same Way we did. The reason probably is the in creasing barriers to immigration that arose across the world at the end of the world War. If now. By reason of new Waves of persecution. Some of til est Are to be broken Down and immigrants Are to be As a place to go get pm out of jews Are not the Only minorities now in great suffering and danger. In Germany and elsewhere. Catholics Are coming into areas of persecution. No matter which Side wins in Spain the vanquished Are Likely to suffer As few conquered people Ever did. It is not As was our civil War sectional. It is a rift partly religious and partly political throughout nearly ail of Spain. Atrocious cruelty and bloodshed have marked its Progress. Vindictiveness and revenge Are sure to follow any Victory. Never since the dark Ages has Quot Man s i humanism to Many been so vicious. There Are Many place among Many Peoples where the Only Road to peace and Security will be through migration. The zionist attempt to resettle straightened up. A i p r o b a i do tins if i was sober Millie. We re taking a Long chances but in be got to find out Why a Arew was watching the be Finger Leroy has been through their stuff at the Pescador and found nothing. We be found nothing anywhere and i done to feel like my own life is Worth much until i do. Tile nest attempt to got me off this Case May be successful. Ani i right. Pat the detective brought Tim car to a Stop. A i in afraid you Are or. Rice. Eve handled a let of mugs like Arew. If he did no to spill everything tonight ill turn in my a i know the kind too Sian a a Millie put in her speech More steady. A a he a have squealed on his Mother when you finished with that Gator a All right a stun banged a fist impatiently on one knee. A a Here a what we know Carew is getting Twenty five dollars a Day to report every move the by swingers make. Its mailed to him daily from new York in Cash to general delivery try to Trace that he a been on tile Job Ever since tin bes singers came to Miami and mails his reports to the Llo by detective Agency also in new York i hey i he Lieut til i in sure. He was employed by an unknown Man who approached him in a new York Saloon. I think Well have a swell time trying to connect Moneta Caprille with that set up. We certainly can to jail Tim bus singers and charge them with being followed by sniffer a a can to the new York police get some information out of that Roxby outfit a. A not a Chance Pat. I hey la be holding All Carew a reports on file for a client named John Smith who has paid them but neglected to Calls and they wont have an idea in Tho world Why the be fingers Are being tailed or who Tho bes singers Are. Its a Blind Alley. I wish i knew the right thing to do a i thought you decided that Millie removed her hat and Shook out her curls. A do you always get so Gabby after one or two drinks you spent an hour telephoning to locate the big noise and his wife after they left the inn. Now that we re ier6�?the least we can do is Stop in and watch them lose their Money while you buy me a that Soho Burden a Stan said savagely a a that a going to fall on Durlyn Bessinger. He can pay through Tho nose for his feverish Patterson parked the Coupe in the courtyard which Edward howler had crossed less than two weeks before and the police car with Hogtie driving rolled in close behind it Aud stopped. Two lights on wrought Iron posts flanked the Entrance to the Gulf club shining Spon Gily yellow through the rain. Tho windows were curtained and dark giving no hint of the brilliance inside. Stan had no card but Millie assured him she could get him into any place in Miami where he could spend Money and Stan believed Hor. They crossed Tho courtyard on the run and stood in the Vestibule for a moment until the door opened to admit them. A Short suave gentleman in evening clothes gave Millie a cordial Welcome and made out a card for Stan signing it with an indistinguishable flourish. A i leave you in Good hands a he told Stan with an automatic smile. A Good Luck a he was gone through a door. To they passed through a reception room sky lighted and much be palmed where Small tables were set about a playing Fountain. A girl came through swinging doors to their left bringing with her the murmur of voices and the drone of a croupier. Millie tightened the pressure of her hand on stands Arm. A a they re playing the wheel. I spotted him As that girl came out a a a ooh or. Rice a Start received a coquettish tap on the shoulder and turned to face mrs. Bessinger. A i never knew you indulged in anything so wicked As gambling. I thought it a Only we weaker mortals who were so addicted. Durlyn will be so pleased to see you. X of made Mick an impression on him at the commanders party a a Well Dearie me a Millie a eyes squinted of lushly and she Sam a a Shook her head from Side to is i it mum Ashk him did lie trip rte1�?T in freed herself from mrs. Messing with an agility rather startling in one apparently so drunk and tacked her Way through Tho swinging doors. Stan pulled a chair up close to mrs. Bessinger and sat Down facing her. She regarded him with a feeling close to alarm. To was staring at her with glazed Blue eyes and was swaying monotonously from n Iid j a a a is Side to Side. The motion had a Strong hypnotic Quality and while she feared that any moment Stan might slip from Tho chair she had an overwhelming desire to Start swaying in unison with him. She started to Riso. To waved her Back into place with a hand As agile As the Flipper of a Seal. A my dear mrs. Bessinger a his voice was sepulchral a i did not come Gamble. I came hero to Drill a but or. Rice a a you no one of Tho few women who have not stripped All the niceties from life. I appreciate your delicacy in refusing to join me without your husband nevertheless i shall order wine in lie clapped his hands loudly in front of mrs. Bessinger a face. A bring wine boy in he ordered so realistically that she could hardly credit her senses when she turned and found no waiter behind her. From beyond Tho swinging doors came the sound of protesting voices a few bursts of loud laughter and a moment later a rending crash it proved too much for mrs. Bessinger. Followed by Stan she jumped to her feet and rushed into Tho Roulette room. Tho scene was too much to take in at a single glance. Chips were scattered about the floor in every direction. Five frightened women were huddled together on one Side of the table watching a group of men on the other Side with distended eyes. In the Middle of Tho group a croupier in evening clothes was jumping up and Down like a maniac swearing loudly in fluent French. With the handle of his Rake to was pointing and poking at something on the floor concealed from Tho swinging doors by the intervening table. Teetering slightly Stan walked gravely around the table mrs. Boa Singer close on his heels. Holding a fat Wallet in one hand Millio was seated astride Tho apoplectic form of Durlyn Bessinger who kept making vain snatches at the Wallet held just out of his reach. A Durlyn old Durlyn a yelled Millie brandishing the Wallet at. Stan. A flesh going to buy wine chateau Why Queens la Tho Short Man with the automatic smile appeared at stands Side. A a what a the trouble Here a j a that woman has stolen my husband s Wallet a mrs. Bessinger pointed a trembling linger. A a trash a lies a dirty lies a Millis began to weep real tears. A she did no to steal anything a said a girl in the crowd. A a she a a bit tight and having a Little fun that St a mrs. Beshinger Mish Mir a goo a she bes d her Down mrs. Bessis Sger. Spright Down. Rice a ordering wine to wine. Chateau Why our is. Threw her arms around i singers Large neck and favor with a resounding kiss. Borne by Millie sluggish weight Bessinger found herself heavily occupying a chair. A gracious a she exclaimed gasping heavily. A did i trip Yeti lbs la f Ranee a Millie dissolved in o weak or in h Cion mrs. Bessinger a shoulder. A a i she trip me Down we go trip Nie whereas go of mister Dur Len Bessis Irei Darlin Nln Durlyn All. Xyon better let to handle this a Stan proclaimed with great dignity. A a to ahead and handle it a said the manager. A but make it Snappy i Lii appreciate it if you la take mis la France a Youit crying Millie a a Stan said tenderly a and get off of or. Bes singers stomach. Xou can give hint Bis Wallet too. Ii buy you some Wii a a he helped to weeping Millie to h a feet and handed the Wallet to Iii disgruntled Durlyn. With a deep How to the assemblage he loft the room with Millie holding his Arm. To be Conli lined c it it y c i ii h t Ity a pub Liber. Lim. F m u a i l11 f a i by King be it ass of rat Ina. Note when the Public administration was asked to alleged Buzzards Roost dirt it. Ent As investigator Francis Belue whose brother is bookkeeper for the Lee construction company build it. 5 of the project s Power House. Investigator Belue White washed the roast. Lured by Germany during the world listed. As was the Case in our Early Palestine As a political and racial War a a narrow strip of land. Days. There May be a great Forward nation of jews rested on a different surge in development of the raw basis. It had been their ancestral resource of countries. Home for centuries. When Tuat was rut to create new and exclusively considered at the end of the wot id jewish areas would be bad for the War. I believe that an alternative jews. It would encourage the pres plan to open up Uganda and Tun ent Blind and brutal wave of anti Tanyika to jewish and of semitism in Many places where it pressed minority migration has leis now not important. The reaction Jeteri in favor of restoring would be Likely to be a now they have the holy land. Eight Miles wide and 20 Miles Long stretching from the coast Inland to works the Ypres Popering he line. Here was located la panne King Albert is Headquarters throughout the War. Gas tax funds set aside for Valley Citie a Man who allegedly trained his five sons As Confidence tricksters was sentenced to six months imprisonment in London on a charge of having been concerned with his son in attempting to steal $750 by a trick from a new zealand storekeeper. Them to it turned out to have been a mistake but that is no reason for not starting out again on the right Road new. It seems to me. For reasons already stated dial the right Road is not toward an Urti finial jewish state but toward the melting pot system that peopled and enriched this country with so Many varied strains of blood. There Are now and there will be More oppressed minorities As piteous and As deserving As the jews. They need no special treatment other than the escape that All these ref h urls hips. But if the nations now set any preferred parking place for jews the temptation in Many Coutris gees nerd. They have proved where they Are envied or Dis Crimi throughout the history of the world that they can take care of themselves in any climate and under any Happy and prosperous k a fed against but where they Are the Captain and tre kids Fps by Rudolph Dirks t Engineer. Dunean High pressured the Power project to the Greenwood county finance Board they applied for Piva funds. Ile makes c per cent of the total contract or about $180,000. Meanwhile a lot of people in the county Are wondering what they will do with the Power. 3. Workers resent the feet that Hwa is paying Greenwood Federal Ca it a White then v Low. P Lam Al Fuh i als various members o Wood county finance received funds from in Grant. These include e. L chairman of Ute Board paid last summer at the rate of $50 monthly m g. Bowles and Viz i. To at is. Members it the Board paid Lite a same e. I. Davis Secretary of the Board paid $375 for june and july Alice bet Fie Board her paid $45 a month. R c Lomnick Cut in to superintendent of schools
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