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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - November 26, 1938, Arcadia, California Foothill bridle path safety zones objectives of meeting tonight read and enjoy exclusive Tribune features Gas Bush Elp n pent daily is newspaper world wide news coverage by International Ami service and United pres vol. Chi no. It .1 weather fair tonight and tomorrow. Arcadia California saturday november 20, 1938 single copy Boru Washington Herry 60 Ronnhi it courageous Pope Pius recovers from heart attack fallen Canton shoulders under bomb made flames \ Washington in the Hies it the stilts department is an interesting Story of How one jew inadvertently upset a colonization plan to Settle jewish refugees lit Costa Rica. It is important because it indicates How Touchy latin american countries Are regarding jewish colonization and latin America represents the chief undeveloped area open to Emig ution. The jewish economic committee in new York had purchased a banana Plantation in Costa Rica. Once a thriving area it was capable of supporting i too jewish refugees. Negotiations were begun with Hie Costa rican government and after considerable persuasion it agreed to permit the entry of the refugees provided the refugees agreed to remain on their farms not come to the cities to compete with Loral merchants. Just As the plan was about completed however Leo sack former in s. Minister to Cost Rica then in new York wrote to friends in the Costa rican capital regarding the colonization. Leo gave the impression that he was one of the chief instigators of the plan. Immediately there was an outcry in Costa Rica. Sack n Newspaperman with an outstanding record in Washington apparently had not been popular when he was minister to Costa Rica. Newspapers denounced the proposed Colony As a sack scheme to continue his influence Over Costa Rica. They expressed Hie fervent wish that Leo confine his activities to new York. And they torpedoed the colonization scheme. Old Story Kathryn Lewis daughter and Secretary of John l. Lewis will make an excellent Delegate to the pan american Union Congress at Lima because she is a staunch advocate of cordial relations Between the United states and South America. However her biggest concern just before leaving for Peru was quite aside from the International aspect of the Mission on which she Alf and other delegates were embarking. Quot i have absolutely nothing to continued on Page two mental giant pontiff arises from sickbed to consult with his cardinals in papal City As fire added to horrors in fallen cantons once an important chinese City. Canton now is reduced to shambles by fire which accompanied the capture of the City by japanese after in arty weeks of siege. Retreating chinese set fire to factories and Power houses by Frank Gervasi ins stuff , Ltd of it re Root 1938 Vatican City nov. 26 a ins a Stout hearted and courageous after a pain wracked night Pope Pius Rase i rom his sick bed today for a Brief period. Turning aside the remonstrances of his physicians and aides the 81-year-old pontiff who yesterday suffered a heart attack that nearly ended his life insisted upon being taken to his private Library. There he received Eugenio Cardinal Pazelli for a Brief audience. Carries on his holiness received the papal Secretary of state less than an hour after dispensing with the oxygen tent in which he was placed yesterday and being placed in a moveable bed. After this change was made Pius stubbornly commanded that he be taken to the private Library on the floor below his sick room so that he might talk with Cardinal Pac Elli one of his noted aides. Gives reply when a High prelate in the papal entourage demurred saying a you must be careful a the holy father replied Curtly a the better a vacant chair than a Pope who does not fulfil the functions of a a _ a loses Quot Powers Quot Tempora Rilyn said to possess strange pow ers which permits her to lift tables without touching them among other things Alice Belle i Kirby 13-year-old Jonesville la., j schoolgirl now is in new York. In a test at a new York news i paper Plant above Alice Tempo rarity lost her claimed i there is $10,000 waiting for Alice j from the Universal Council of psychic research if she can exert psychic control Over inanimate objects Quot without the use of Mir to prevent their utilization by japanese invaders. Your i individual Horoscope do o by Frances Drake look in the Section your birthday comes in and find what your Outlook is according to the stars. Copyright 1938, King features Syndicate inc \ a. E. Ballow aged Arcadian passes away funeral arrangements were being completed today for a. E. Ballow 70, of 653 West Duarte Road who passed away last night at his Home. Forest Lawn will be in charge of the final services. Born in Brooklyn n. A. Or. Ballow retired clothing merchant had been a resident of Arcadia for the past two years he is survived by his wife mrs a. E. Bellow one daughter mrs. C. D. Henry of los Angeles two Sisters and a brother in Brooklyn. What noted people Are saying by International news service f new York Myron c. Taylor vice chairman of the inter governmental committee of political refugees preparing to sail for London and More conferences on oppressed minorities a the victims of these developments Are of Many faiths Catholic jewish and protestant but they Are All alike in that they feel ii is no longer possible for them to think their own thoughts express their own feelings or worship god according to their own Havana col. Fulgencio Batista reporting on his recent visit to the United states a Elf the optimism inspired by this visit enables me to continue the work i have begun blessed be the moment i decided to accept the j for sunday november 27 March 21 to april 20 Aries a ladies and gentlemen of this fiery sign today a tendencies incline to rash judgment Hasty Sharp speech. Your Panacea then to Overlook pettiness in others be cheerful yourself. April 21 to May 20 Taurus a if out with your lady fair or Best Beau a a yes her or him und be on the Safe Side of unpleasantness keep usefully and healthfully occupied and you la have no time for mischief. May 21 to june 21 gemini a a feeling of Force unnecessary haste but if you done to permit yourself to be in a fog and instead will look beyond the temporary disturbance you la see the Light and laughter provided always by a generous father for those who have Faith Hope and Charity in their souls. June 22 to july 23 cancer a this should be a Good Day for the things of which you cancer Folk arc particularly fond j being with your family assisting those in sorrow or need chatting on the Corner or meeting place. July 24 to August 22 Leo a you Are More honoured today than Are some other of your zodiacal neighbors. And you have the a gift of gab that spreads Sunshine and cheer. Put it on thick today for those who May have real need of it. Its wonderful to make people Happy i August 23 to september 23 Virgo a stars Tell us that old matters wit ii which you Are familiar. Religious and philanthropic interests study Reading and quiet relaxation Art Best favored this sunday september 24 to october 23 Libra a if you have any tinker ing to do in the House Church or even in the shop of it is necessary for the Latte today is just right for these Little than Gas. Excesses taboo october 23 to november 22 Scorpio a you May find outside1 influences Dull. If the Day is one for rest or recreation for you use it for that. Whatever you do do j without Strain or worry. Bless-1 Ings november 23 to december 22 Sagittarius a you can Mold the Day to your needs and liking. Be careful not to go to extremes in anything and you born Doc. 7-22 i must be especially tactful with j friends loved ones. December 23 to january 21 Capricorn a very favourable vibrations Caprio orians whether your lot is work or play you can turn your activities to Good account. Indulge some health improving outdoor sport. January 22 to february 20 aquarius a not auspicious for new business undertakings speculation or any unnecessary work. Restful activities religious services. Reading study most favored. For god s Laws. Good of unusual continued on Page 4 program for education on show schedule february Pisces a easy won t . 21 to March 20 tasks difficult or bother you today or for stars rays Are quite favourable. It will be up to you to take yourself by the Nape of the neck and attack your scheduled program. Good Luck a child born today will not be just one of the crowd if it gets a fair Start through environment. Proper training. This Tot has splendid qualifications that make for Good even Brilliant leadership. It should be taught self discipline and appreciation coloured motion pictures and interesting lectures comprise the educational program of tile third annual san Gabriel Valley poultry association show which opens thursday under the main grandstand of Santa Anita Racetrack. This announcement was made by r. L. Goodwin superintendent of the poultry department of the show according to Godwin on the opening evening and december 2 at 7 30 o clock coloured movies of Large Southland poultry plants will be screened. Topic told with the los Angeles county farm Bureau in charge a discussion will be held on Friday night on the subject Quot egg and dressed poultry marketing problems in los l. D. Sanborn Bureau official will also talk on Quot Pedigree other outstanding educational phases Are outlined for the show designed to be of value to the com my Ciul Raiser As Well As fanciers. Funeral services for Arcadia woman held today funeral services for mrs. Mary f. Hart Ling 76, who died november cd at. Her Home 334 South Gracewood Avenue Arcadia were to be held today at 3 p in. At Pierce Brothers with cremation following at the los Angeles crematory she was born in Lombard 111., and had lived in California 50 years. Resume ish times1 trial of j. L. Mesh of Pasadena Driver of the ill fated Hay rack involved in an Accident which caused the death of Marjean Maurer 16-year-old South Pasadena student and serious injuries to others on the night of oct. 29 last we ill be resumed tuesday morning in Arcadia police court. Mesh faces charges of intoxication. Defend Driver mesh was defended yesterday afternoon on the intoxication charge by two members of the hayride party Walter Zais and Freida Brauer both of Pasadena. Testifying before police judge Ardene Boller the pair declared mesh was not intoxicated. Investigating officers including Forrest Wiley Earl Jensen and Louis sillier of Arcadia testified that mesh was unsteady on his feet had an alcoholic breath and talked incoherently after the doctor testifies or. Cyril w. Shier who examined mesh at the station was prevented from testifying As an expert witness but in testifying As a Layman stated that the Pasadena was intoxicated when examined at the police station. Mesh is represented by attorney George Friend. Arcadia youth stops Over in City in route to Hawaii bound for Honolulu where the san Jose state College football team has a game scheduled Leroy Zimmerman Star fullback and resident of Arcadia stopped Over in the City today Tor a Tew minutes visit with relatives and friends. Zimmerman was accompanied by several members of the san Jose Tell in touring Southern california1 prior to sailing for Hawaii. I Arcadia merchants oppose Pasadena nine tomorrow one of the outstanding Semi pro games of the Southland will be i played in Arcadia tomorrow when i the Arcadia merchants collide with j the Pasadena merchants on the City Park Diamond. Second Avenue at j Huntington drive. Tile game will Bel called at 2 15 of clock. Latest world news flashes by United Presa and International news service equestrians meet tonight civil strife feared in French strikes Paris nov. 26 a ins a both leftists and rightists publicly expressed fears of serious civil strife today As Premier edouard Dander forged rapidly ahead with arrangements to crush expanding strikes by military Rule trans America accused of violating securities act Washington nov. 26�? ins a trans Meriea corporation one of the nations largest ranking and financial organizations was accused by the government today of violating the securities act. In a 21-Page Bill of particulars the securities and Exchange commission announced it had a a reasonable grounds to believe the West coast firm headed by a. P. Giau Nini had filed a statement contain ing a false and misleading information and which failed to show its True financial condition. Pm Forni. Arizona Orange Sii in Hents under pro rate is Angeles. Nov. 26�? up a California and Arizona Orange ship moots were Back under a pro rate program today ending a fortnight of unrestricted marketing. Tiring Mon rattle to save Homes of film stars in exclusive Canyon area Santa Monica nov. 26 ins authorities supervising Battle of flames in the Santa Monica mountains today sought a a fire bugs believed responsible for a new outbreak a Quarter of a mile from the main conflagration flame meanwhile fighters had surrounded the fire and were a a Erlna ing it under font role by Alan Mcelwain i Pittsl pre staff Orr Pondi no los Angeles nov. 26�? up a ashes sifted Down Over Hollywood today As Tricky winds alternately fanned a Brush fire towards and away from the Homes of movie stars and millionaires in two exclusive residential canyons. A sudden shift in the wind saved i the fight in Mandeville Canyon where the palatial Homes of Shirley i Temple. Mary Astor and other i stars Are located. Roar Down slope flames roared Down the dry can Yon slope Sparks showering 250 feet in the air. And reached a Road on i the Canyon floor despite the efforts of hundreds of City firemen when the Breeze suddenly veered towards j the West. The wind fanned the fire Back on itself and the crisis for the time being was averted. I More than 50 fires were whipped up by the wind in the Santa Monica mountains area Northwest of los Angeles where approximately Bod Homes and Cabins have been destroyed by the three Day Blaze. Most of the others were headed towards the sea or into already burned areas leaving the Mandeville sul Livan Canyon area on the City a out i skirts As the chief danger Point. Visioning Arcadia As the Central link in a 28 mile bridle Trail and the establishment of equestrian Crossings lights and warning signs to remove the Hazard from horseback Riding Clyde Wesson of Temple City horse owner and Pasadena businessman has invited More than 200 private and professional horsemen to meet with him at the Arcadia City Hall at 7 30 of clock tonight for the purpose of organizing a Emmittee to study the situation. A because several serious and fatal accidents have occurred to riders and their mounts in or near this Vicinity within the past year i believe that the horsemen of the rally should demand greater Protection a or. Wesson said. Dangers told Quot for a child to ride horseback about our traffic congested Community is extremely dangerous and with the increased traffic through Here during the racing season at certain hours impossible a lie said a motorists Are often discourteous refusing the right of Way to the horsemen and in Many instances Are unable to see them at night until upon them. If safety lights warning signs and equestrian Crossings Are installed the motorists i would be warned in plenty of time to slow Down for a pos table rider j and thus prevent hundreds of i gruesome accidents a Safe Uta or. Wesson pointed out that a vast area of safety remains untapped in the nearby mountains and Foothills. With Little expense Many of these trails could be connected w Ith present by Idle paths in Monrovia Arcadia Sierra Madre. Alta Dona and Pasadena to provide a 28 mile ring of trails California is much behind other i states in this matter or. Wesson explained and stated that Virginia alone has 1,000 Miles of connecting bridle trails and Many of the new England states have two or three Hundred Miles of equestrian roadways through til mountains and Foothills. City leaders City officials of Arcadia on monday december 12. Will meet with county state and Federal government leaders to discuss a comprehensive plan for soil erosion and watershed planting it Wras Learned today. The conference has been called by supervisor h c. Legg retiring chairman of the flood control committee of the Board of supervisors. Means of preventing future Forest fires also Are to be discussed by those attending according to a Resolution prepared by Legg for introduction at the next meeting of the Board on tuesday former Arcadian named to High Post in Honolulu Arthur g. Bowman former resident of Arcadia and graduate of the Monrovia Arcadia Duarte High school has been appointed assistant Public prosecutor for the Honolulu District court it was disclosed today. Bowman graduate of the University of Southern California Law school in j935, was named to the Post of prosecutor Charles e Cassidy. The Arcadian succeeds Ralph Yamaguchi who resigned to join Tho staff of attorney general Joseph v. Hodgson for the past two years Bowman has been associated with the Law finn of Thompson Wood and rus Cit v Council to Convent on tuesday nit lit members of the City Council will Convene in in adjourned session in the City Hull auditorium i tuesday night at 8 o clock mayor Arthur f Malin will Pic Side
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