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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - November 23, 1938, Arcadia, California Pm kit a two Arcadia daily Tri Rune a 532 �j5& strange As it seems by John Hix for further p of address the author enclosing a stamped envelope for reply. Rec v. S. Pat. Off. Published daily except sunday and holidays at lot a 1 first Avenue. Arcadia Alifornia Arcadia publishing company a. Ii a k o i. I n 0 0 n president and publisher entered a s second mutter. March 14. I the Post office at a California unde r to of March 3, 1879. Limn let Naie general Cree of Dav of paper Ilion 1931 de 8tn Mim mfr chamber of Commerce association Arcadia California newspaper publishers Arcadia Hest Side association Bureau of advertising american be us Nader publishers association paper represented in the United state by j j. Devine cd Assoc. Tes in it Quot Detroit. Pittsburgh a. And Atlanta daily Tribune and full information boil markets can be obtained Torii any of i subscription Price sin in copy 5< month. Phone Atwiter-7-2131 for Allt Trow advertising pat3 on application the i a a i t in a new and Canada it City Chicago if lie Arcadia id surrounding a 1-Fcot cd nil pc a weigh sounds of sep win. 3urn j. A in St made by fret Nae co x Erotide is Loc tip Jim to try a ,.a it from 3 a Fouat if main Stu Etc amp to preliminaries a \ a wimp have amp Seh Pom e Sti cats Over if Soo vsar4 k 40c per then s the i he binding Cromi n n i v just a Little nit. I hand of men and won Bay to raise their to thanks. Barred from by a silent dread of ahead they yet foul thanksgiving than the i be i i in a a it Herod yes. Arms Home by it indians v a son to a i Ai i centuries on the shores and hearts in a wintry Ocean aimed i Hank i Gallant a in Mout h hymn of harassed it a hungry months it a of a later you and the a a isms of of War. Barred Ltd what have into gruesome tailing bombs. In the i children who this Mommy of living will tonight lie sacrificed on the in Germany and Italy voices Are hushed and men forget Ranee men today three Hundred and fifteen years i face another thanksgiving. Plagued 1 y a world gone mad. Harassed by the i Ureal from economic stability we May perhaps As we to be thankful for in China and a a in Homes lie splattered wreckage by the searing splash of East and West men. Women and lug knew the altars of War. Eyes cast Down As Iii England and i marching feet. In America you the knowledge that loved ones Are Safe Power of our voices. What have you this that in a work lured by the boasts a a that in such to pols and pans Tvrz once use by russian peasants fag cooking taehlj01 <h5y the of thu vat us Utti v7 to i heir right to know and think sit silent before the tread Al a world. Is and i will go Home tonight secure Iii it is peaceful and protected that our and that we ourselves still have the the right to think and act. And 1 to be thankful for we have i gone mad with greed in a world Tor of the mighty and cries of the weak i and i Are americans. Or the Young As or. Cap that he r. S. There Siron Good Chance a a Ted by tin that one i be of Twenty five age and experience Able lode has to census the e a pre l ind a a pee that it nov and willing to work there a a got a Job. For figures just role Bureau reveal the startling fact Lions unemployed Are below Hie i it is hard to see a Man t pared by duty and desire to handle a Job yet unable to one. It is harder still to see a Young Man eager to begin his life work yet unable to find a place in the Model ii scheme of things. The unemployment of to Iii is a problem America must solve. America must give its voting men a Chance to work and to build not Only their own p Aire. But Tho future of the nation As Well. Washington merry go Rolf Ltd Pim in m i tins is strange As it seems. Russian pc ants at one time made cooking to and pans from Platinum a met which today is Worth five times much As Gold. Early in the nineteenth Century Platinum was discovered in Russia but full realization of its value was not to come until later years Mon place articles were mad. It Buckler snuff boxes Ana 00cking utensils to Tovah Cioma Dis overed first in South America by Early explorers the Metal came into ill repute in that country when ii was used in making counterfeit . In 1774 several spaniard were Hung from the Yard arms of dutch ships for passing off Platinum ingots instead of gold1 in 1828 Russia became the Only country in the world to mint Platinum coins issuing $38,884,350 Worth that year. Strange As it seems those same coins would today be intrinsically w rth More than $165,-000.000. During the world War. When the Price of Platinum Rose to a High of $105 an ounce the russian coins would have been Worth nearly half a billion dollars. Ugi n ays copyright 1988, by United press Syndicate Imp. , in whole or pail Tor Bichera. All rights reset Quot Yufor once at in is completely and Ai agreement with cretan of or Harold Interior. Or icks wants to buy 5000 acres in the Redwood Mountain District of Cali Olnia and add if to sequoia1 National Park to which it is near. The reason he Secretary wants them is that they contain about the important stand of a big Trees Sequoia Gigantes i still in private o w n Cash Ipp a n d co niger of operations continued from Page i Murphy is one of the president s band of left Wing intimates who have been trying to pry Ope a Cabinet place for him in r a Long time. Significant of the presidents in decision is his silence. Ile Basil t said a word to either Jackson or Murphy about the ship. It Tormy a Rel ii Oak ins prefer i d in a Choice Between h a the Cabi the i c very Good out i n. A open their Roper s he was not Jackson go if Kins will get a tile Bond be and the pres ii next to son j is More than to any of this a Dan Roper i for can the cover Good bet that d Handicap hop it is also a Roper will he on Capitol Hill on the Mpa. Last week thai plating resignation should with a Large Grain of Salt. His Way to a Long overdue exit and the chances a every Good hat he will make it before the fit year. Reformed the cop is demand of the vote which a Ted Senate Fred a j926 Indiana demo Challenge Senath when he was declare on returns from a co until All other tallies to explain the Para Walt Ait Republican Rector replied Cheet Fernt. We Are for h this Yew a a trying to pry Loose a plaque commemorating the signing of the Webster Ashburton treaty of 184.�?T fixing the Boundary Between Oregon Aud Canada. Assistant t it director it been tee sent a cameraman out to got some a posed nobility pictures of acc boys at work. Tile photographer brought Hack. Among it Tilers it picture of two cd t boys. One Sittin. N a truck smoking. The other leaning on a shovel. Urged by a delegation to run for cd Vinier of new York mayor i-1 cd Cardia replied. A i never take a step mat Haw that they Are in Destruf ton in lumbering that a Only go ice Quot and that Thom in t withstand Mak irs on headline fighter Jim Tully noted author and sex pugilist fought 44 main event As a bad to my by and was never in a mate. It. It his first. In in Lama Ohio 1911 i impressive list of pre a Tully fought three Ait a keel out once. Offered anguish vol. 40-year-old. Elm Vav is rut the c to of a. Angton of Cut some Trees it Only Wood to Quot St Bute Roun i. Bert Williams used in Quot Woodman spare ten to de to Preim Vav tomorrow thanksgivi need ? Why did the Quot first result in near trag Windum town lament but the Roper methods of forestation the Ordinary tree can to made a crop. The forests can rein Duce themselves on a commercial basis in 89 Crio years and in Genie varieties in in. Rut what kind of a crop can you reproduce with Trees that grow from 5099 to 609jyears and at 40 years arc just saplings. \ no must not confuse these giant ins w Ith their cousins the redwoods Sequoia Sempr Vircks v High grow on the coast at lower altitudes. These Gigantes Are the b guest and oldest living things on cd Rill. Some were giants 3000 years ago. When a gaunt jew named Jesus walked the Dusty loads of Palestine. Some antedate the earliest written Page of human history whether on egyptian Granite or assyrian Clay tablets. They grow in Little Groves at Between 8.000 and 10,000 feet Altitude and they wont grow any place else. There Are pitifully few of them. In spite of their great strength Siz and age they Are almost As Brittle As a slate Pencil when they fall they shatter ii he Glass. Thus they yield Little Timber except shingles and is Ort panels. To use them for commercial purposes seems Atmos a s ice Liege like calcining the tones cd your ancestors for tooth powder. I a once a superintendent of s Sequoia Park and lie Nee guardian of Large a remaining Groves. That c was hastily established to Stop la tory lumbering operations the Par Baynard Kendrick be i one ii colonies it i \ Pride Dyn am Ite d Post the Captan and machine. Boys Ven vet reach ii Dot buried treasure in Dis 43 of i in it it a to in ail of Quot i Rich a a Mun. C. O. Cd be c i Chai Quot Why did you if cad if i Coy Quot j ird cocktail who in xxv deride to Tell tm1 instil picked u p Hie ii had flood in i a Oft n it a iced look at cd her the Dill in Ling if scan i of t her m la of his placed a hand Over one wheel and gave it a Light ofter. A a in a i Quot Bien i died and turned away from Millie. Quot i wonder Quot ii t voice he Friendly note he had ii Vor be for Quot. When he turned to h r she was leaning far i Golden curls draped against Van soft Ion Gin Hod lids her Violet Eye. Quot i in a had r Rice lots of men can Tell Only Way to handle a Dame lie i a Ranee is to question her with a curse in one hand and a rubber Hose in the other. In the past ten years in be Only met two men who weren t sold on that idea one of them is dead i thought i better Tell All i knew while there was still a Chance of saving the other a stun got up took her snit hands and helped her Rise. For a Brief instant they were close together Anil Millie a Beauty swept Over him with Heady intoxication. Quot really Millie i be never thought you were Bud a he told her. Quot i knew she sail. Quot that a the answer. Shall we go and eat its after both of them were silent for a Long time is the car headed out toward the Alligator inn on the Tamami Trail. During Tho afternoon the wind had increased and vicious wisps of rain splotches against the Windshield making mock of the wiper. Stan found he was 11 Ying to justify a Strong sympathy which had grown in him for the girl beside him. Finally he asked Quot what Are your plans Millie a Quot i done to know that id thought much about them a she replied hesitantly. A titi probably go North Atter i m Clear of this mess. In a sure be ploy wont miss Quot you can Tell me to go to the Devil if you want to but id like to know How you re fixed for Money. I have a reason for she glanced sideways keenly weighing the lines of the clearcut face visible from the dash Light mentally approving the Clear Blue eyes Strong thin nose and Mobile sensitive lips which could set so firmly upon occasion. A i have enough to last me until i can get a Job a she told him unreservedly. Quot my references May not be so Good but i think i can get modelling work in new York. Strange As it May seem in a tired of making my Home in the muzzle of it machine Quot i can offer you something doing just that. But it May prove profitable. Sunday you said you a do anything to help find the Man who killed Fowler. He a added Ben to the int now. Do you still want to help a a you Don t have to pay me for Quot there a a big risk. If you take it you re entitled to your share or. I armaday has offered ten thousand dollars Reward. Iti see that you get at least a thousand of that there May by much Quot what makes you think that a a Quot Ben a Ekhardt s Story to you that he was on to big Money. The pieces Are beginning to tit together but the picture in t Clear a Clever woman can do a lot to make it so. I it thought of doing lots of tilings in my life. Stan she gave a Short nervous laugh a i he detective Racket Wasny to among them. How does it feel to he working Vilh the radio cars coming to help you instead of to Quot get you a Quot a Why done to you try it and find to among Tho e relics of Antiquity. That had been Many years earlier but pricing though tile desolate spats where some of them had been Cut by vandals of sentiment was Hocking. The great stumps were still the Gri mid f r Many Yare was Black with their Blochl. Thus heir commercial value is insignificant but their sentimental and historical value is incalculable. Their hark is of the richest russet color on Earth. I shall not forget the first one i saw. I was Riding alone through a splendid Virgin far or he r i questions no to the pout i Ted fully on each they it 8th flirt Hor was not she on t ii squeeze to denote acquit i Ady for orders in once determined to Tina h spent ten minutes telling he plans. Lier occasional que were intelligent and he tailor move he wanted her to Mal. Were far out on South w Street West of red Road. And tin City lights were getting apart when he noticed sin listening. He interrupted himself to ask Quot what a the matter Quot Quot have you a gun a site asked without noticeable excitement. Quot my first official act is to Tell you we re in for trouble. We re being Fol Quot i have a gun All right Quot Stan assured her with marked approval Quot but we won t need to use it Leroy has a couple of unwanted bodyguards trailing me All Over town. Iti Grade you a Hundred per cent for Quot but you la have to do better. We lost the police car when you turned South on Grapeland Boulevard they probably figured we were headed for the Alligator inn and went on out Flagler. The car in Back of us was tailing them but its on us now and coming like mad. 5 on better step on it. I know the tactics. Ifs going to shove us Over to the curb and give us a broadside let me take your gun. I have my own and i can shoot two she was Cool As a general taking his tub and Stan awarded himself orchids for enlisting her help hoping they would not turn into tuberose before their ride was finished. As he handed Millie his Blue .38 be caught a glimpse of the pursuing car in the rear View Mirror. It flashed under a Street lamp and showed up As a powerful roadster with top and curtains in place. Millie was rights Tho Miami police department boasted no imported roadsters among their official cars. A a they la have to do Over ninety to catch us a Stan shoved the Coupe wide open. A hang on a a a done to worry a said Millie. A that boat can do a Hundred in a Pinch a Sliver of Glass flew from the rear window of the car and Drew blood from stands right ear. The car swerved and jumped to Sev Enty five rocking violently. A Are you hit a she asked anxiously. A a they be started shooting with a Silencer. Keep Down Over the stands .38 went off deafen singly close to his ear. The car in Back jerked to Tho right getting out of Millie a Range. She laughed con to piously. A my stars a Stan exclaimed. A i believe you like this sort of thing a the Side window went Down Aru the .38 blazed again followed immediately by the spiteful crack of the Pearl handled automatic. The roadster drawing up of the right fell Back. Quot like it Quot breathed Millie. A boy i love it Quot Quot Well sit tight Quot Stan warned. A a we re about to take a Corner a he reached for the dash and pushed a switch. The Wail of the Coupe s police Siren Rose eerily applying icicles to Millie a spine. Ahead on the right a Light marked Flag Ami Boulevard a Short mad winding Jilong close by the Tamiani to j canal. The car hit ii at seventy and the rear tires smoked on the wet Road As Stan used the brains and skidded into the turn. The speeding car in Back missed them by three feet Blit fast a it was going Millie gave it a couple i from the automatic As it passel. I Stan slammed the sturdy car. Est of Cedars and sugar and yellow Pine and suddenly and unexpectedly this great red pillar a to years cd. 25 feet in diameter and reaching to times that distance into the sky. I can t describe the sensation. It was like looking for the fir t time into the stupendous Gorge of Yosemite or the grand canyons a faintness in the solar plexus Awe of the infinite. There arc few. If any remaining Trees outside the area or. I pcs wants to buy to add to the biggest Grove Sequoia Park. But the prowl i Ham urm it i nth Street. Turn at slightly in around two move right into Tamami Boulevard. Carried them Hack to soul i there he made a less Speed Dice sirens were scream i from two directions. The disappeared but Stan blocks Back he stopped with motorcycle a Quot Otto we end a to six madly roadster had in Tho Coupe Tov ut<1 town before on one lice Cruiser on the other. The motorcycle policeman Sci Taggart recognize pointed with concern stained handkerchief m ill in a moping Stan i get an ambulance Quot get a move on Barney Field a Millie yelled at him excitedly. Iti clean his car you Atnita or Fig for an i Ispano Suiza roads new York plates four nine Throe i a it us and it belonged to Fowler Quot she threw two delectable arms around stands neck and kissed him full on the lips. A i pc Lexor a so much fun in my l he Man Ith a. Hmm lord a he said. With both eyes closed. A earn you telling me. Offid Stan and at the red with which car. A shall or. Rice who old with double �?~5 six that car just shot t rim Alligator inn was Toca Edfar enough out on the Tamami i Rad so that late strains of swing music disturbed no one but a few nesting Birds in neighbouring Trees. It. Was it rambling two Story combination of pseudo logs and dutch Dormer windows incongruously shielded from the Road by a screen of tropical Palms. To offset the inconvenience of an Overly Long drive from Miami it offered until Dawn smoking music from a swing coloured orchestra led by the Dusky Tennessee Johnson food touched by the magic hand of it three Hundred Pound negress affectionately known As Quot aunty Trollope and a bored thirteen foot Alligator called Jake. Jake lived in n barred tank at the rear of the dining room and vied heavily with Tennessee Johnson and aunty Trollop As a drawing card. His existence was normally very p6ficcfu1, for to was n Moroso old fellow anxious to he let alone. The minor annoyances of being poked and made to Hiss for the edification of startled Young ladies and the pollution of his water with cocktails presented by solicitous drunks he took in his phlegmatic Way maintaining a great silence. Millie pulled stun from the dance floor in the Middle of their second dance and stopped in front of Jakes Cage peering in at the captive. They had finished vast quantities of Fried Chicken and candied Sweet potatoes and were Well toward the Bottom of a bottle of chateau do quem which Stan him insisted was necessary to bring out a the full flavor of aunty Trollope Sapple dumplings. Quot Ile looks like Apt Aln Leroy a said Millie. Quot Why does no the move Quot Stan beckoned to Thomas the ginning negro head waiter and 1 gave him half a Dollar. A the lady wants to know Why Jake does no to move Quot Quot yes sum a said Tom. Quot he ainu to Goin no place and he s got three Hundred years to git thar in Quot to left them to scat a couple who had to t entered Quot do you prefer looking at this i r. Ii in at or to dancing wit h me a a stun a Dona tided. A i think in a getting a i hone so we be spent twelve dollars on i to be it out in lied g. Rig Tibi a a a ,.tr f ill Blier in it t i in i by h v i eat ii it n<1 Drift in posed Purchase is me of the most put feet and unspoiled Groves. H a should have that appropriation ifs Antly and no matter what it a . Eats potatoes eating potatoes is Hie Quot profession of i. Alison Gifford Harvey 20-Ycar-old University graduate. She and mrs. J. Hunt Are employed by the potato marketing Board of Louden Aud go around to restaurants and Sample their chips and Mash. By Rudolph Dirks As soon As these saps Lead us to the loot Well feed the pack of them to that sea blast you a a you refer a a woman j i Lovely bet that tile boys batteries to term n. A intern of taken in i on it of the tile saw rho Al of i a d t. C Pictish should throw territories Temi nation might forbid the jews from leaving Germany and demand tile return of the colonies on the Promise that Tho a us would be Atlee cd to set it there. N i strategy is to exploit every i o a s i by i i t \ to gain their colonial ends and the barbarous attacks on the jews Are an to client la Liis purpose. The Naris Are very adept at making promises they have no intention of keeping. Once they got their Tut lids on the colonies they would be the masters and an attempt to make them live up to their pledge a it did be hotly denounced As a Winter Jerome in Domestic heavens i have knocked air flotsam unconscious when he comes to hell massacre me or flotsam no favour i capital chaff noticing a group of tourists clustered at a Corner of die Treasury building a policeman found them officer

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