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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - November 23, 1938, Arcadia, California Page six san Gabriel Valley topics edition of Arcadia daily trip me thursday november 24, 1938 j Cantrell is Choice meats we feature Ruchti Bros. Baby beef chops Large loin Lamb 3pomfrffm Brand 29 c la. % Small loin 35 la. Legs 27 c la. Shoulders 16 c la. Sliced sea Bass 17 e in age. N. Y. Oysters 25 c Doz. Fresh ground shoulder beef 23 la fresh shrimp 23 0 la Bacon Swift s Premium my. Pkg. 33 it i2ea Morrell Pride Eastern tender hams 26 10 la whole or Shank half Bacon Armour s Star 4-lb. Pkg. 16 10 2ea ask for this Brand Golden state. La. 35c Challenge la. 35c lira Colorado . 34c a Var Pasa Abd in third Quality solids . 30c kit a hex i e s Ted sub. Sack rain la or Graham crackers a 9 Snowflake soda crackers 13 smile bitter crackers Xiv 17 22 10-lb. Sack 40 24 4-lb. Sack my fall fad no. 24 Chmaj m c tomatoes 2 is drifted Snow flour oysters my 10-lb. Xuc 244-lb. Sec Sai k Sark we 5-lb. Sack 5-os. Can to Large package by Bisquick flour.25 =m25�?~ Ariz Sweet Grapefruit juice a 13 Swan Down a cake flour. Pkg 20 in none such 9-Oe. Pkg. Mince meat. To Bartlett pears 10c it no. 2 4 Ian. 15c sliced or halves amp fruit for salad no. 24 can. If pineapple 2 31 a asst no 2i/� lans. M plums Deli be no. 24 can. Ken Mart fresh fruits a vegetables Best Grade imported Chestnut finest Quality Northern Utah Type celery stalk extra fancy roman Beauty apples lbs. Thick meat banana amp Hubbard Squash salad dressing and Mayonnaise Miracle whip inc a pc pint a it. Best food Mayonnaise 7rc pint it 47 Gold Standard salad dressing or Sandwich spread Seel 19 Cranberry sauce 10�?~ dromedary Cranberry sauces to jell-0.3 pk9> 4c he / a or Mutl doors open 8 . 21-0. Jar mum i Sweet pickles i Best foods it. Jar bread and Blitter pickles 15 Lailyn a Cholee Sweet 22-oz. I Pickle nips.14 Lindsay Mammoth size olives a 14c 25 a a a a a a. A a a a of cd a a Grogan null omit size i olives t in a 19c in 33 Grogan med Iii Iii size 14 lie can an olives Lite Lighthouse Cleanser per can Holly Cleanser per can i this Market will close fiem to enable our employees with the on this thanksgiving Day we v of our satisfied customers Wojic roof to those who have not y Headquarters we Are extend see the marvelous new feature gains at this great store. It will Pate in the wonderful values we ent parking spaces make it pcs it family and friends. You will end a i ice. Them a Market s smiling you from 8 o clock in the Mornin it jell a teen. A p�?~910c shop with ease after Jug campfire 1-lb. Pkg. 4 j Del Maiz four ears tall d 914 Marshm Lawsl Corn on cob. 13 m Acom Bers or Apple cider of ill invite marshmallow c hot Cream can inc and Fokd a White or wheat bread Cracker Jack a m an c Popcorn 3 Quot to 24-oz. Loaf Golden state milk so j-16 Borden a milk a Puritan baked 1 Beans pyrex Gla 17 i pet milk Alpine milk pc Bam Bam no. 2 can kidney Beans o finest Northern Sweet potatoes lbs. 10 sex. Fancy crispy delicious apples lbs. 25 we carry a Complete line of Frozen fruits and vege1 tables a a a come in and see our display soap Rinso Jesse. Lifebuoy 3 Lux toilet soap _3 0xy90l a a a. Pug laundry soap Camay toilet soap 2 Peets granulated palmolive 2 Cream Oil toilet soap 3 Burbank no. 2 can a kidney Beans 7 tas Kwell no. 2 can sugar White or yellow Corn Yan Campos a no.2j a m Hominy cams 15 taste will sugar no. 2 can. Peas Mission inn sliced or halves we aril in no. I tall can 7c to ii a Beans i 25c mushrooms Siote l 2-oz. Pieces and Sterns. 4-oz. Pieces and 8-oz pieces and stems.2i 2-oz. Fancy 4-oz. Fancy 8-oz. Fancy buttons.3 de Vyole baby 50. 2 a an string bean. 14c Del Monte medium whole m beets .1ic Lar ends shoe string beets i Quot Quot 2 19c Pedigree i la. To amp of avg dog food.6 for butter Kernel Bolden Bantam Cornn no _ 10c 1 Shippy i la. Trial do food.6 for w thursday novem re 24, 1938 san Gabriel Valley topics edition of Arcadia daily Tribune Page seven 7?i rive by w wit to is a Al a in. To to m to sri., no 2 Fenc Iris z7c fancy Iris pumpkin 2r19c fancy Iris Apple sauce. I 21c fancy Iris Sweet peas. 2 cd a 25c fancy tit of of country gentleman shoe Peg or 0 no 2 Corn i in Quot z3 fancy u Tutti walk peeled a jivllk3 a do fat fancy apricots 2 21 . To 4p.m. Thursday nov.24 enjoy thanksgiving dinner families to give thanks to the thousands visited our City under one made this Market their shopping a cordial invitation. Don t fail to share in the carloads of bar by you to drive Miles to Partick ire on display. Our Large Convent in for you to bring your entire our Friendly and hospitable serv Virteous staff Are on hand to serve to of clock every evening. Lour Days work is done of in he v s 8-oz. Cake baking chocolate. Heinz 8-oz. Glass beef Steak sauce. Krafts per pkg. M Spaghetti dinner. 15 fruit juices Libby a pineapple juice Tex if natural Grapefruit juice / to Een we it Orange juice 313 pint bottle Dot grape juice 20 it. Bottle Libby a Tomato juice sugar Fine granulated lbs. Cloth bag Fine granulated lbs. Paper bag quart bottle Kennel. King pure bleach to 4-Gal. Bottle i to gallon 22c a 1-lb. Cans dog food oui Ioc cake of dog soap free with each 3 can purchased 3 17 Douma bus Snow White marshmallows i la. Pkg. 9. No. 2 4 can Jet pumpkin.8 a it peas Liv Golden Bantam country gentleman a Jap use Corn is. Of ass. 217 spinach 2 or 21 fancy tint 2-Selve no. 2 a an 2,or 25 20-oz. Pkg. Quaker pm Koz Oor it Jersey Corn flakes Viz a 5 Large 13-oz. Package a Post Toa sties. Of a free Snow White and seven Dwarf balloon with each package Ralston whole wheat cereals 20 Ralston shredded whole wheat la Large 22-oz. Pkg. By Ralston rykrisp.30c Large package 4 Fly Kellogg Sall bran17c Ede of valuable m e c pocket knife with each Purchase of Thompson chocolate malted milk. Lady Choice pure Concord 2-l> Jar grape jelly.19c Beeland 5-lb. Can 33 lady a Choice pure preserves 2ib. Assorted flavor Farmers Gold 2-lb. Jar Honey gem�?850 Sheet tissue.3 Rolls la Northern tissue.4 and i extra Roll for i cent Roll. 20 Coffee my Best value Coffee 15 ked can Ben Hur is a Cav a package of jell a teen for in with each can of Ben Hur 26cnb 50c i pm. Can Folger i la. Can in 26c 1b s0c breakfast club 25 i la. Can Sanka or Kaffee hag. Gise heats strictly fresh dressed Young turkeys Wilson Tenderizer ham36 whole or Shank half to in Young fresh dressed stewing hens2 i la. Whole or Shank half Eastern Sweet pickled or uns Moked Ham whole or Shank fresh pork loin roast to lbs a a a a a a a a a a a a Cudahy Puritan milk Lamb chops.19 legs.25 14 leg pork roast whole or Shank half. Fresh whole pork shoulder roast a a a a a a Sho Loer roast 100% pure pork shoulder sausage to whole Cudahy Eastern steer beet rib Steak sirloin Swiss cd. Re. Steak Hormel or Cudahy finest skinned Ham whole or Shank half to la Cudahy and Hormel pkg. Bacon. Lab. Pkg. i Valley Cem tee produce Sweet potatoes Sweet Spanish onions in. Sweet Arizona Grapefruit a. Crispy Utah Type red eating apples lbs. Newton pippins apples lbs. New crop English walnuts lbs

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