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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - November 23, 1936, Arcadia, California Kanrn two a Arcadia California monday ten of Ember 22, lj2fj. The Arcadia Tribune the daily Arcadia Tribune publish Iii daily suit a y and i holidays Ai 104 n. First Avenue., arc Aita Cal lot my by the Arcadia publishing c 0mpany entered As second Clua a i Hejl Tribune was us in St Range As it seems by John Hix fur further proof address the author enclosing a stumped envelope for reply Rug. U. S. Pat. Off. Matter March 14, Inutile Post office at Arrau la Cal Lien la la undo Iii aet of Mardi 3, 1879. P. M Martini Ali Mai to iltis Art Gik Ruf a Don Nutter i ois Spranger Frank g. Roush at represented a i j san Francisco los Ai copies of the daily i and surrounding Mark subscription Price ail Pliotis 2131 for All d advert is ally by be and ii Tobe Obi i Tine tits j. Ltd. Boston. Arcadia a it fire Ltd a p? ? Ehy i of Tri Riviera i Xinliu club amp 8<7m-�?~5uiv50nw-1re6 of mom Trees 6row, Tio amp Oft to Ripen their. ,3bu / a a vie a a Ujj xxx to Holup. Pm Slif today a Best radio programs Serey to your. Tit a Lii ii a y fir / / a a w Jan try thou or int met was Ca tumm All Ion Reg a to a a i Marumi will or ump tits i a a tool ipod a not ill Filli a to full i it a it w lit on odo1 till no p if tit Only to twi in Tull owl of a my Iso wolds ail Jiin i Bruni m. C by Cut us Fittl putt in it risks or Al i i Lii it la the term flatulence Means Pas Iii the stomach or my Tinea rho principal came is the use of wrong foods which interfere dig a Orward Arcadi it i he Tribune platform for lie i ii its of 1. An adequate sewer system int tile la. In Cox be i 2.�? devel Oquient of Ross Leld into a Coli nov liar it 3.�?accommodations Lur Venters and Iller it i population 4.�?widening of Iii Lim ton or a of a Cadie a incest ministry be a try 6. City Beauty Fth at Ion Jolt i to t i i 5 j1. Of vhf owe i7rt of the my fac Surace of pfc Foo 13 water re form at i he capital la s going to be Lough on a to the 1937 session Iii Sac Lani Enio ii i mend Lions of an ileum Tom mid and investing ii is Fiji a a of for one thin a la \ ii Nave i it x ing in time to atle n i a my >1 v it a o clock an Horn leg Lim a Gani a Early Bird. For another to \ ii lev exactly i p. Rn., in the Siart a a Rob Lorr an i remain until late in the i per Ai \. As though the were no hard enough fms a la be denied what is by All Odd then eat. I pow.1la. Ii Oil rms Anding time to stand still. La a Law is i. It ?b>11 to p Oong set t Lorn i or at Val is Given the recon it 11 \ Nim i Icen lure in ilk prec i i Ltd. Oaf Chic i each mom i a in Quot i Al nine ii Only i a to e earliest n hand daily at a in Jill mtg. In me amp Mcm he Crown thu Emo a jets my sep Loae in Leftawe with the veil inspired Rue compos i Moo / cd vice Oiva ii o. A von la ii Siors Vou know by the bit. Adjournment Wail be Lima and when the deadline 11 these Chan esp. Legislators decide to due beaded by assemblyman is rather big if. Aliet in voluntarily votes to upset h. Int and p Eccl ships upon himself. , Public opinion Ltd it Fox la Ali filiation seeded Adion and Nama non a Public opinion despite All la Pic no or la1 a sustained clamor for inform in a it forget Between sessions. In any Case the coming la Fine recommend in the la on a few. Lopping i Mea by i a clock Elution Ai it Iee it ii nope i Quot 11 it if the committee a a do. And it oat a Law in tier Aud Bung Bardie i onus of Sime led tape. But a never kept up e procedure. Vil i ire offered some a Aparise us and act i a it cd. At 8 o clock. Paul mum makes i Ife Ond appearance on the broadcast Vvhs n he play the title part in an adaptation of a lie Quot Story of Louis past or Quot a role he created in the picture of the ame title. Frit play a example when foods a a starchy an Cook or Charbonnet. And Barbara lad u Lucy a of Mease tile dip Stive juice May not per Diute Tim Civ will portray mrs. Pasteur dial mute gently to wok upon the starch and starch fermentation Tahj i Vav 111 then re ult producing a Large amount of Gas. At Iii Sam hour on kf1 War-1 the combination of Huj Tui am Larch is also Xvi a fermentable d n Law is unravels ant ing Story in Tim "20, too years in sing sing Stiles. At 0 30, Jack in w ii i i f i ii i to a Mai it it \ i p a i u 11 a a a a Aoth r excit-1 and in to t canes where the patient complains of 0 in Wilann a. it Wlsh to. Hat he hot a. I a. 1 ii i 11 r firm lilt ii t i ii a a a lei4, bum#1 f l the hmm is \ ii-21si a. Fir Ibl it a i \ spirit Ati on a Man of ii. I try throughout lashed in 1 104. Goethe a famous Poe life a mass of legends and fab tic tragedy a a Faust a give s probably i rivet i if Sid i by Thomas . Greek poet s a greek poet who ,. In the surround All historical material 1 Aown interpretation of Century ii j of die works ascribed on or. John Faust self styled a legend so f to the principal Are the Quot works with the popularity of operas and Day rhe j Heoc by Quot and la it Quot Georgius sat Quot Lions faustus composers turned to the. Hara Cicer Quot the is Junio. That such a Man existed of Faust or ins Rerati n it i Quot Jho Vuk Quot iia been definitely proven than la have been of Pond on this1 a la a Quot human lot d of lieu his by pessimism i ordness of the Tribune advertisers. By a woman composer angelic fun Utin. eve Job printing is a business with us not a Side line get of ii Low Tish is the Arcadia Tribune 104 North first Avenue phone Arcadia l Nevi cd by his 16th Century gel Subj it. Charles Francois Gounod a nun on temporary s to have been being the most i 1 oils. Of h is in in in close league with the Devil he c Uclede a damnation of�?T, by a Lemund a potent magician Ere Berlioz. Quot Faust by a fre Nch com edited pc till or eat supernatural pow joker Viancourt and one Writt eness his death Date or As Many big add have it he Quot carrying Oft b the Devil Quot o sir d some1 time a a mind 152i. I ii Jeveda by some tomorrow Yon an t lose ii it i loj Itie i that Faust died but Assi i nation at the hand of an aroused Village populace who fear d his reflect i Oit i ii Stone Rege faustus life Lichi of Ecidra n w eve n More imaginative a1 Ter j j get Relief now with or emulsion. His death. Within the space of a its wonderful the Way soothing Cool j serious trouble May be brewing and Century stories regarding him had ing brings Relief to it Liing you cannot afford to take a Chance become National legends. Burning cd in even in severe cases with est let to he eat first to size upon the dramatic j a no Tuk Truid irritated ski be of the trouble to Aid nature to to i by lilies of the Faust legends a it to com a it othe and heal the inflamed mein run in cause it its lure Longre Alienis. To rom branes As the germ Laden phlegm a i oi.-, i Maslowe. No Darc it the irritation of nashes Vinc t a. Jos end and expelled. I re his famous a a faustus Quot on it pro , eczema and pimples ursa., it j even if other remedies have w items w re use clean nothing Zemo. It Shoi Iid truth ii has be in every borne. Insist or go beware coughs Flora common colds that hang on. No matter How Many medicines you have tried for your cough Chest i cold or bronchial irritation you can Pearl As Baron Munchausen with the assistance of Charlie Cliff a is heard in his weekly Broad-1 i cast. I the excellent contented program to the air Over Kif at 7, i while wavn1 Kin Quot directs his or a i Hesti to in some Sweet music for Kiu listeners. Quot Hawthorne House written by Ted Maxwell who also. Lavs Chick Morgan in the pro Krum is. Ii i re on kit at 7 3o go in about Hollyw Jodi a is Feur i a att r j by George Fischer Iii his Lii Pic brisk cast. Time Kiu a i Jour Cha Lima 11 of the recon traction finance Corpora i. Dpi be attic speaker on the 1 National radio broadcast Over of Ca a 7 30. 8 of clock and the new poetic me program i a d on Kiu. Pick and Pat Tell about their la a Idle Brand of tobacco through h Ulm to ii at 8 30 kit p. Fill. Vole j. I. It it and Al a a program a Stanford University. Fibs. My Quot and Molly take a in the nigh Marti Iii cd lao ii left at ii and Hora a ii Al by at diet a i Gay id urn the. In eel. I at 9 30, the California. 11 a j ii salutes University of California Al Berkeley. The a ides Vin Quot in. I if citation to the Oran by is ii in Grace loan Tow a Young Chine get stud t of journal ism who i i sing Quot sing baby slip Quot Helen have and her Cai App u m another Chapt. Of Quot Bambi on kf1ca. Amo in a Ai a Reizin ing to Hollywood i ally next month to n urn their Broad Ca Iline r a new arrangement in by Iliev will but saved net work line n Versal changes. Thu i Bla Lri face i am is Jpn ring to change the format of their s ties into a nightly minstrel show and i i is possible that David Bro u orchestra will dispense the music i a change would probably bin t howls of protest from All of r the i try a it would be something of a tre k to Nave the mythical Hula Emily i lie nub t if a no a it i la t Luminal vees ii a. Iii led Bennati e a March and la Quot Arti &Quot.ether. Hum a it 1 me i form a combination of protein and still Al in Well known for their tendency to produce Gas in lie one having a Iii id Clive digest lop. I be re Are other food which seem to Quot lie especially Likely to cause flatulence wit ii to i people such As of cabbage melons onions i Quot Hup i. Turnip id peanuts. To Eie fore if you hex a been conred u of a s by of Forf i sip est that Vou omit the e flt e s in rim a it found that Quot bods inv lacing no up if flatulence m the health a in dbl i will i a t acc cause Able trouble i i Tho e having Iii order of the Large into Tine or Colon. A a a Ariole the patient with col i or an inflamed condition of tin Colon v. I u tingly i amt that eating foods Xvi Ich contain a Large amount of e cd Quot will . Id v produce Gay to it the patient xvii b Coli via May learn to avoid entitle Large amounts of raw salads or of fruit with Tim Akin left on. Ii a Pat in t v. By have been Continua Ivy coast Pate 1 the. Cod. N ii i"f.111 s pi111 ref ii i a Umed Ai i often Snall poll Quot a i of in. I tis a in a by no a int St like Lime be Soma eked til it part of toe Organ a a i h a Halom r la or than a tube. In itch Ca a Poi i Don of t 11 i Idle ult ii h Quot Al it a cl., undergoing Putorti action and limn Lati Mil stills Piha i Quot mat Leine. \ hopi the i a Rel it k in Quot of a cup gently and comp in the t h Mast ii t i of 1 to i. T in til lie. J. It is Vav Iii ,. I to. I bit id ave us. Iii Quot air. A a r uvailox1. In i a ii Hie i ii i . I c 11 a a i a i. Which May be i y tied he a 111 Pic in no of e it along with i neti a cat infill i Ani i c a d Quot a a Tion no re Luna ii i i a a it meekly to c of is i sve Pas in in Iii till he in. Ion hype i. Edity of the i 1 Gall by Bier Iii Rny it s Cie a1 b Apt ii a to i it. 11dtipt of g. A not Quot in by in p i but. I11 or be a i in a syn on. But i f a Obi Hith to t common Chi a f in in t e h Onan far when it i Iii to Xiv Long fee d is a inn a. I a to Sod on of f a i Olla Kin f of ii him Btl it a in to ii Quot. By the i nude in a. Quot o 1 tip Quot Tah t. Of i m tile Pill Al i la i i t he of us if o i a o in in far the nato to Oft Oil s. To f. flt of. I oat is la ii in e i Xvi Oil Quot i Ooi i i the. Laa till a it i. Ii to to co Ina i from this an in it ii a. Union Lay e. A i Quot a it o 1 la or one mc.ut-. In to it o i he i. A ii a t la i e e e Loo of ii e a cum r Rie , Poi Quot into disease state in Tho i olt i Winch to quires Gio or i i 11 d i i. 11, \. A n tin Gat i uni slut ii Coni of t or 11.1 by Pai Ninnia a n by How i tic ii an o i int that it c use in 11 i i i. 11-i, May by is Aire i by taking a Plicato on Oxer the a min n. D i a be who Ltd i let in ipod with flatulence a ii a o j to Send Lur my a i artices on i by i v f. Ian a Tite to me in cart of i in a 1 to in and a in get i Addrel envelope Aud to Ese Ai ii. In xviii be return i to you. Cd a scions and is i d ars Bood to a Nill to. Est Ion a c asks a this in lion Inay seem in it to you but it a i n nip me a lot and i have n yet it Oil my cheat. I lout my left foot Oriel must weal an Artioli. In fool an i of it curse must Wear a Wool slump Rock. These Woolen peeks Are Luther High in Price so i had a neighbor woman undertake to knit my Sonde. Hie of her family recently died with blood poisoning and i would like to know if there is Nix danger of my getting blood poisoning i rom a possible Blister on my stump if i Wear these Hose at least one of the sen is she was knitting was in the Frame mom As tie patient. Answer there is very Little ii Liger of your contracting blood poisoning in tile Mamie described. Id rib v or if you wish to he cautious have the Hose cleaned by a dry up Quot a Raj Safe. ice of a of a id i til die re Pii pm a1 to 11 rss it Al cd by Tell is 1dend on guarantee Stolk 0 a to hts building Arni i Nail i . A s out of exist Nee. Socia Tion act of the Blate of cab. Fornia As amended at the 1935 Sis Tox Cich sunday greater Arcadia to Quot Dino. To state in Teton us. Al lox i Linh loan association i dated Nove Rabe. Is. 193# in a Sli Glit Trail in mix up sunday night. Or. And or notice is hereby Given j. E. To fic her Secretary. T Madsen of that on the 15th Day of dem Nim. Pub. Nov. 23. Monrovia received minor injuries in ,.,.,0. In greater Arcadia build-1 a Obi Aion with a car driven by j. Ins loan a 0-i,Ilion, a co pc rationed sude Wnedell of los Angeles at will pay to the holders of its guar Tim Flun Ling ton drive fifth ave a note Stock As the same appears a it tse to i on tile Mon Ovia a record on its books on said Date of the Huntington Bridge. No sic it in in it to % vows la . Jop ass k s3 a pm of v. A in a a a u h ii a j in Douglas by comp any diced in 1549. Of. Quick to follow. Quot the tory of i. Faust us a a to cd by the Rich honorable that a Earle of Nottingham his servants a failed done to be discouraged your druggist is authorized to guarantee a it n o. Approve d by Good i in ice Creoma Ion and to refund your it hath been ref Lurt a no. 437-1. Boi Gol it Money if you Are not satisfied with 5ji druggists5. I a it for the first bottle. Get or emulsion right now. Adv it mid i too i my t h cd a Petite ans in hit nil in die Oast <9 Louisiana and Al # it a Civ Ira and of xxx per cent for the .5 to 25 feet there is a in to it of 1936, said dividend to is paid j cry pure Rock Salt which is More from its net profits compost d in Hon 1.000 poet thick. In Lincoln accordance with accounting n a oui to. Nevada v Ert Are Groat Salt Tuwa a Monrovia when one attempt Neej a prescribed by the building non Tams containing under Ain Ted .1 left to n into fifth Avenue and lean commissioner. J layer of Sandstone an tune me decal cig the smash lip. This notice is Given in us Cordano posit of Rock sail As Clear As Glass according to police reports from Monrovia both cars were travelling we. Prescript inn specialists bring 5111 delete s prescription to 1 s. We Titrant it \ nut Ulsh drugs ii i. Huntington or. Dan Dunn secret operative to. If 8 r hers we Are in chrca.60, Wolf of jew a Chi downtown and get started on \ this Ace Bart rut we l h to j 1 Uli Isi Quot / tend or a Llao pm a v. J a i Dunn. Clua h u ii ii it. In i West arcadians cafe meals and Short orders visit out new cocktail Bas the Hub cafe a. Quot Salt k Wal san Quot a 1228 Baldwin Quot in in in got a Little All things Quot in age Here Tommy it glad to \ ma/6e you can i e Vou old / give me i nand Lio we what who in amp up y 7�o ill via by Horman Marsh i have Reagon to believe i Ace Bart 5 in town my 5 going again with he it old Racket counterfeit Money by. I m after him can your / office get a line on hum ? a my Joe Paloska it. Neither o. Of us la Cal i f t be near a by youse be la i Donahue is Gohn a the Rifo i i ? Iai la by i i i Fine will i i i,0. Err at i a in Dijon Sheehan furniture amp Mer. Co. Electro Lux gaffers amp saltier dealer ii new and used furniture Pittsburgh paints window shades venetian blinds linoleum awning machine roofing Flauer pottery Simmons pets amp Spring Rug Uruu doom carpet Vav All paper f 1 phone Arcadia 2558 after 6 . 2843 135-137 e. Huntington or. Arcadia Calif. La i 0 it 1 i a an i la o a t r inst ions a it us i j a us i h a k or y 1 in g a t a i a a a a a j it h v i a a a /. Tvs to i Ilii 11a 1 ii i Gay la i ii41 he. A j Quot or j to Quot a i Iod he aft just l Vly i Ink m am ii Ign by Ham Fisher it tawr�?o�?oj"1 a a w we la Mai nor a got me thai was \ bum. Riviere any Good to these i do Al i but he s a a a it yokels is popular j All Pushover Here. J \ a "4�?~ a do h % Lati j j Liti it my. I
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