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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - November 18, 1937, Arcadia, California Tiring. Arcadia daily i i Hunky. I in i Silay no it pc i x-1 18, 1037 p n Dent Lar j newspaper published daily except saturday sunday and holidays at 104 n. First Avenue Arcadia Alifornia arc Adia publishing company a. Harold noon president and publisher strange As it seems by John Hix Par tic Rajtar prof Host i 9m Toona m a tamped to Raipe for re plop a. U. T. Pat of entered second class matter March 14, 1930, Al the Post office at Arcadia California under the act of March 3, 1879. Pm a the Tribune was designated As a newspaper of general circulation by decree of court on the 8th Day of May 1931 the daily Tribune and full information about Arcadian Der May be obtained from. Any of there of flees subscription Price single copy 5c, 10c pc month. Phone 2131 for All departments. Advertising rates on application our answer is a no a the people of Arcadia today demanded of its City officials that they use every Legal weapon at their command to prevent the establishment in Arcadia of a Bookie joints and so called Quot relay stations Quot for the placing of wagers during the Santa Anita racing season. Public indignation has reached the boiling Point since the announcement that one w. 0. Caro of 2280 Pacific Avenue san Francisco is seeking a permit from the Arcadia City Council to operate a Quot relay station Quot at 820 South Baldwin Avenue. Caro in his application for a Quot business permit Quot states that he has arranged for a direct wire service Between 820 Baldwin Avenue and san Francisco and that a messenger service will be maintained Between the Baldwin Avenue address and the Santo Anita track. Caro further states Quot Only one teletype operator and two messengers will be permitted to use the room at the Baldwin Avenue address. In Short we will have no Public contacts or loafers on the property. We realize that most of our customers Are to be made up of firms who will receive wagers on the races for a commission. The applicant does not reveal that every bookmaking establishment in san Francisco will display the name of Arcadia in their advertising matter which will prove most undesirable for our Beautiful City. Women a club leaders Church leaders citizens and officials of the los Angeles turf c Lub and the California horse racing Board have voiced Stern opposition to the plan of Caro or anyone else to establish bookmaking or relay stations in Arcadia. The Arcadia daily Tribune in line with its determined policy to keep Arcadia a clean City Calls upon mayor Griffitts members of the City Council the City attorney and the Arcadia police department to use every Legal weapon at their command to keep this Man Caro and anyone else with similar plans from operating in our City. Santa Monica Huntington Park and scores of other progressive cities in Southern California Are fighting the Bookie gang and they will be successful in their Campaign to keep Riff off from besmirch ing the fair name of their respective communities. The Fine people of Arcadia will not tolerate Bookie establishments relay stations or any other method of the racketeering fraternity to work their Way into our City. Caro and his bookmaking connections Overlook the fact that the people of Arcadia do not want them Here. Our answer or. Caro is no arcadians do not know you and have no desire to meet you or. Caro ply a , in be pvt a Over a a cd Fasott Maftei amp acc Wilver Stotlar pts he once in a for Taco today a Best radio program rapid qty. Z. A won of Mhz with h owe / Rte amp trip in i court recovery suit taught a to Wuu. Ins dime wins make. Strange As it seems established ownership Mare in a rapid City a 1920 dime of a Black s. D., Muni Coni inned from Page one identical precedents need constitutional attention if we Are to be insured against such deadly messes As the undeclared wars in China and Spain. We can t permit any president to create a situation of actual War and then leave the people no Choice but to continue it in patriotism or self defense regardless of whether they bitterly disapprove of it in the beginning. That could easily happen especially considering that Congress has completely abdicated to the president its Power to declare economic War and the Powei presidents have already assumed also to conduct military occupation with no declaration of War. Restriction of these dangerous executive Powers is vital. The rest of the amendment confines the present congressional Powers to declare War on conscript men for overseas service to purely defensive wars except with popular consent by referendum. It is moderate and intelligent. In any military threat to North of Central american and the Caribbean countries or to Guam in the Pacific Congress could act alone exactly As at present. In other cases a such As offensive War in Europe or Asia a it could declare us in Only after a popular referendum or both War and conscription for service . The usual argument against the War referendum is that it takes too acing and that modern military situations Cli amp nge too fast we May be destroyed while we Are voting. The proposed amendment takes car of that. For defensive War or if we Are attacked there is no change in tile present system. It would Only b in Case of a projected offensive War by us before we Are attack and then Only if carried on outside that part of the Western hemisphere which bes approximately this Date in news of past by Clark Kinnaird compiled by Clark Kinnaird copyright 1937, International news service thursday. Nov. 18 1831�?asa Gray botanist who is in americans Hall of Fame was born. 1870�?dorothy Dix noted columnist was born. 1883�?railroad time became Standard time in u. S. 1890�?amelito Galli Curci celebrated Soprano was born. 1903�?u. S. And Panama treaty for construction of Panama canal begun formally. Could not act As at present. we wait for a popular vote on that kind of overseas adventure exceptions in the presidential restriction ought to be made to cover such cases As Pursuit on a hot Trail of guerrillas like Villa who attack our Border towns and for the traditional use of naval forces to protect Commerce on the High seas and to Rescue american lives in foreign catastrophes of peace and War. The most important question is of the proposed restriction on the present congressional War Powers in the Western hemisphere South of the Equator. What would happen to the Monroe doctrine and to us in a sudden revolt by provinces of Brazil where German nazis Are now politically Strong suppose As in Spain Hitler supported them with military and naval strength in an undeclared War. Supper that resulted in an unexpected threat to create a great German nazi Empire comprising t he whole present Republic of Brazil though not probable that la distinctly possible and this is a constitutional amendment. Should we not preserve the War Powers of Congress As they now Are to include Hie whole of the Western hemisphere and not just its North half Cipal court recently. Walter Runyan of that City claimed he was the animals original owner and that the Mare had disappeared when about one year old. W. Ray Sanders defendant in the recovery suit claimed he had recently purchased the horse. The wheels of Law were at a standstill until Runyan remembered he had once inserted a 1920 dime into the Mare s High Hind thigh As a Mark of identification. A Veter Narian was called and an operation disclosed the dime. The Norse valued at $100. Was awarded to Runyan on the strength of the 10-cent bit of evidence. Norwalk. Conn in August of this year. Or. Clark checked Back Over his birth records and found he had delivered 6.488 babies into the world. The number did not include deliveries made in other states which he estimates at an additional 200. Since August or. Clarks South Norwalk record has passed the 6. 500 Mark foreign wars tend to intertwine during his 49 years of service in that location he has brought Between 40 and 50 pairs of twins into the world his record Are 301 ladies in a single year 36 in one month and 18 in one week. Quot i have attend three generations tons in one or two families Quot or. Clark says of his South Norwalk a services. Continued from Page one both branches. Further modification of business tax Laws was considered by the House tax sub committee As plans were devised for an Economy tight in an Effort to balance the budget. Leaders apparently frowned upon investigations and other moves which might frighten bus Ess and bring further recession w Hie Liberal members impatiently their fire. Two great actresses Are to be heard via radio today one of the Heaters first laches is Jane cowl who will Piny the title role in Maxwell Andersons Quot Elizabeth the Queen on the kale Smith hour Over Knox at h 15. The usual dance tunes with Kate a splendid Solo work football chattel amusing Mon Logist Henry Youngman Are billed. Louise Rainer one of film inn do a most talented actresses is starred on the third airing of a Good news tonight on Kif at 6 of clock she and Allan Jones perform a Short dramatic sketch James Stewart Robert Young. Tom Brown and Florence Rice do a preview of Mem Lite ult there will be some special tonging by Iona Massey newly imported viennese Soprano and by Igor Gorin a number of other Cinema players will be introduced a variation of the Amateur hour bows in this evening on a feb at 8 30 under the title a discoveries of 1938.&Quot the real things major Bowes gang will be heard As usual on Knox at 6 of clock. Rudy Valleen a splendid program is aired by Kif at 5 o clock at 7. There is Bing Crosby and his cast and guest stars on Kif. With the Bazooka blowing of Bob Burns. Following Amos no Andy on Kif at 8 is the Standard symphony hours featuring the Best rendition on the Best music. Calling All cars is billed for Khz at 8 wit i Sam Hayes broadcast ing his sports review it 8 30. Jean Hersholt starring in a Cdr christians has a collection of More than to pipes from All parts of the world and shows up at rehearsals pc it ii a different one for each outfit he wears. A radio poll conducted by Santa Barbara new spa Jer landed Frances Langford in the top spot with listeners in the classification of popular feminine singers according to information released by Knox. Classic singing honors went to Jeanette Macdonald. First and Lily Pons second Andre Kostelanetz won in a Quot Walkaway for classic music new York philharmonic concerts second. Lux radio theater shaded All others As favorite film program. By Eleanor Roosevelt f tiny ii ult nun. I it lid Ira or. I nil re i Catlin in seemed pressure set on Congress withheld continued from Page one Sion program still was bogged in German relations plunged into talks with . Goering and foreign minister von Neurath in Berlin preparatory to ills momentous a informal huddle tomorrow with Chancellor Hitler. It. Wayne ind. Wednesday everyone i see is concerned ii Hunt tile presidents tooth. I was also when James telephoned me about it last evening just before i went to my lecture. I Hope All will soon be Well however it is a eos Neidens that he and the vice president have suffer similarly on the same Day. We drove from Akron to Orrville this morning to catch a train congressman Thom had asked me to hold a reception for the democratic women in Orrville. Our hostess threw her House open and i had the pleasure of meeting a number of democratic women from nearby towns As Well. Then we proceeded to the station where the High school band played for us. The children were out Early from school and to fill every Inch of open space two freight trains went by while we were waiting and i prayed that the officers would succeed in keeping the children off the tracks. When our train finally came in and we got on and it pulled out mrs. Scheider who is always much concerned about children said with a sigh of Relief a a in a glad that is our first flurry of Snow drove past the train windows during the morning hours today hut alter a while the Sun shone fitfully and then gave up Ami hid itself behind a Grey. And Leaden sky. In Al. Wayne As i was saying goodbye to the reporters this afternoon a Young Man said to me a this is my first experience interviewing someone of importance and i Haven to dared ask the questions i wanted to i assured him i was no person of importance Anc if he had Only known it i Felt almost inadequate and Humble about answering the questions he finally did ask. Al my press conference yesterday in Akron some Sweet Young girls sat on the floor and asked me naively what i thought of journalism As a career for women. I won Der what Are the attributes of a i really successful woman newspaper i reporter these Young people came from High school and College papers with questions which would fill a Book if you answered them really comprehensively. To this a by with All my contacts with Pew paper writers and writers of every kind it would be difficult for me to say what i thought the Ideal temperament was such a Job in the Ideal Tram the Ideal Way it handling when you have got it mid Lor ing the or Job it is ii t so easy to gel these Simp judgments which on must give on a Hundred and one different questions from Young peo Jalc Are one of the things i think Jost Dill unlit Tor there is a Grout responsibility to he honest with youth and. As far As you Are Able to give the Best or your experience. In it Wayne i also met Man who interviewed me in , Indiana Back in the Campaign of 1921 she remarked that at that i talked about my children were playing with their Sand somewhere on tile coast of that seems a Long while i inn who piles in me ago. La r. Arcadia physician to take part in conference tonight or. I n Kendall of Arcadia tonight will present papers and take a leading part in a discussion at St. Hikes Hospital Iii Altadena at a regular monthly meeting of the staff it was announced today. Technical medical subjects will form the theme of the discussion. Switch if divorce proceedings continue As planned mrs. Connie de Bower above will join the Windsor divorce Chain. She is shown As a ranch resident in Reno nev., seeking a divorce from Herbert de Bower of new York to wed Jacques a. Raff Ray after his divorce from Mary Kirk Raffray who plans to wed Ernest Simpson divorced second husband of the Duchess of Windsor. Miniature cameras. Nothing it seems is under the Sun. Not even the a a latest miniature candid camera craze strange As it seems Back in the 1880�?Ts a grand papa of the modern High Speed was the rage it was designed to be worn under ones Vest with Only the Lens peeping through a buttonhole and was capable of taking six Small pictures. Handicapped by Lack of the better films and lenses available today exposures were necessarily much longer. The Captain and the Kos by re Darpli Dirks its tem Fandango president Lumbago in Wise that we flan to bump him off an pot blood shot his son in his place i now bloodshot wont playbill wit it the likes the old Mano baby doctor. In 1888 or. Arthur n. Clark now 77, located his offices in South Captain bloodshot yes not president o Lum Agron a son he dus the ends me yes also my dear Juan the Reau son yes of Mees Way Here to Eton up w Weeth ref our mfg food taster yes still Een the Lamo of the living we shall eat ,. That a my gon Heck of a la he t a a our a Quot i dinner t meet was j Robto live not a j poisoned i Joe Paloska by Ham fishes _ i i i in the action takes a Rex understand place around the / that s practically Vear 1325. Paloska is a farm boy who the Guy s history c except you dont has come to the Oty a Yean innocent a he s Strong As a Bull but rather innocent in to a a Ixl p i you mean Pomes \ at the time,7lo kidding with the English i my build and Champion ability As a at London Boxer x prize rules i could have. Bare knuckle i been he avy that is is of weight Champ making a a if i d chosen triumphant to go in for it professionally. The boy has been treated kindly by the girl in new York and they be fallen in love. One night you meet her with Mer father a prominent sportsman j Viz say by the Way she s a very. Tasty Little dish. Tour of the s n you. J a listen Fred Lay off we re Here on location to make a picture and she s Knobby Walsh s girl besides. J v it my aim yes indeed a very tasty r dish Dan Dunn by Norman Mars North of the Equator that Congress Hugh s. Johnson

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