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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - November 18, 1936, Arcadia, California Tribunal twists r Witt no invoices new police chief # a higher ups hero r twister Auml turd nor Nimr by or. H. E. Waterman a a min Gay close follow.-?r of a Civ government. Or rat a a few que Iona and sinks in behalf of local1 . A the past in Yoaw a i 111 Armidio i have endeavoured i to avowal controversy nor have i 1 to Iblis Ltd and. Until the ast tin re Wiks i succeeded. I have up it about ten evenings a year ire Tendance at meetings of lie City Council the remainder i Nave spent at Home. Winn i began practice a few years ago Here i was fat d with a very hard struggle for Tho Barest necessities. Among the acquaintance i made at that time there were two merchants who were of much help to me. Or. Cleve Patton of the m. C. Radio store and or. Ted Immer Man or the blur Bird Fountain . It would be ungrateful of me were i unwilling to speak a Good word in their behalf at this time. I devoted vol. I. To. Tog Bow i a f ii a mini j a a a we k\.�?~. Sep ass a i in sep of Arcadia my Mem a pm Uia Iii in mob Beslin Tramm Binl Quot Arcadia California wednesday november is 1936 Arad Law shome daily newspaper published balls except sundays and Legal holidays i i Iii. Home news who v it is news Quot miss America learns to Cook Edna Lusaber matter heard Here tuesday afternoon by Erbil prior hearing winds up Recomb \ a ions of Imp eerie forwarded to Washington following quiz we Hay r and much in Tho papers the deportation Hing Case involving of Tho construction of the radio for i Street which has Voltl t Fano the Poce department but we have lode att Nuon now a Quot a nut a Quot a a Tittle of the services i atm pending wed from w j rendered by or. Patton and the i ton. Do subsequent refusal of the City of tuesday at Pencil to commend him for i. Lundborn he me in Quot Quot a Taam or -. At ii recent meeting of the City j act pct i or a Quot coup a room Quot i Council or. Patton rendered a Bill i los Anae a to t t of for his services and the manner in j men held a Quot Lim d p n t Elk re payment was rum d prom Heang in in t. A a a i wed me to take Issue with them in lame to i single copy 5c welfare head regard to the whole matter. I am not going into the details of the pol in radio although i am familiar with them having been present at most of the discussions in regard to them. It is a matter of Good business procedure usually followed by competent business men that when items Are purchased and to a void any future misunderstanding that an itemized invoice is go Vrh by the seller and retained by the purchaser. Informal Len Lorn and police departments revealed a Quot non quota a n not in posies i a Sion of ail immigration i requesting to return to Canada through a citizenship mix up involving Many unique and interest i �?�8 an s Legal Techi Catiti s j . Lundbergh a Fate. Which in i eludes separation from Lier Hus i band Lee lunch big and 4 i months old daughter. Now rests a Batton the answer due from Washington d. C. 0 t ittle girls who not so Long ago la Ware brought up with the idea that a can opener was Hie most important utensil in the Kitchen Are today showing such an interest in learning How to prepare three meals a Day that the brides of the next decade Are certain to be Good Cooks. Barbara Jenkins six year old culinary Prodigy discovered and developed by the Public service co. Or Colorado has undertaken to instruct the girls of her Home town and already has taught 1400 Denver youngsters that cooking is simple with a modern automatic Gas Range not Only does she show them How to mix and bake a but Cli of fluff v biscuits but the Good old fashioned dishes Are included in Lier collection of too recipes. Girls of teen age All Over the country now Are joining classes in Home economics at Junior High schools and also appear at local cooking demonstrations which formerly were attended by their mothers. A a a a Quot be a swung immediately i Good int it Low r granted for creation Crusher group will file injunction papers Here defeat d in the Quot first round of aimed to Stop tile establishing of a Rock Crusher Plant at the Southwest Corner of the Arrow no invoices had Ever been received in either department. When i inquired of the mayor the recommendations of inspect the rite a or a u Erbst accompany d by publicity hl8, and Las tunes with the 1 a a a a in o a a Perl Quot it to the Blue to the department of Iamond Rock and gravel com forwarded Labo group of protestors it been Learned have acquit d Sci vices of a Legal count the injunction suit b be has the to file against the immigration division. According to . Lundberg her Case. Duh now stand Pat for several weeks r�?zrc.zia3cr n the Tea St the construct on j lion a j Capitol unless further pct Sevelle n Arcadia Ai Bills were paid. Now it seemed a Iliff strange to me that the City try surer should pay such Bills without any adequate record of the items in the transactions. I have never known Good business men to by that foolish. If you will compare the items in the daily paper which have recorded Tho Progress of the construction of this equipment with even the meager records on the City files you will find a Rath r unusual stat of affairs. I am quite sure you will find a Large part of the transmitting equipment was at the police station ready to be installed before even a buying order was issued for the Purchase of the parts. No invoices for these parts have been received to be checked against the buying order for $350.00. Or. Patron s estimate was $335.00 for the whole construction of this unit including a very Nice profit for the const actor and if i remember correctly a profit for the dealer. Or. Patton offered to Purchase the parts at absolute wholesale Diamond concern. M an while i it was pointed out this week the Rock and gravel is now Rushing the Pany a Small band or Arcadia p o Stab to Hing or the foundation for Perty owners on wednesday morn the Plant Quot Scekic a to get a flying ing Laid plans to file an injunction i a tart before further protest action i is taken. I is further pct issued on the Case. In a statement to the press on tuesday night . Lundberg Tor ii is the cont Mien of the local potatoes that the creation of tilt at. The location is an step towards yellow Blue teams to vie for honors in gathering finances for units keen rivalry looms first Renoit due tomorrow at another luncheon drive ends on Friday following a a kick i of Quot luncheon a at the legion Hall today colonels i captains and workers on two com rating teams started the three Day subscription drive for funds pc he Arcadia Melfa ? federation operating the Community fund. Stressing its motto neighbor Quot tin worker tire Campaign lug the vent this noon and a r due to report tomorrow noon the half Way Mark. At another lunch on in the same building. Donald Mccoy former president of the Pasadena welfare federation was scheduled to give the p hic a i address of the pre Campaign rally this noon with talks also due from father Gerald j a a Kcf a pastor or the Church of j a he holy Angels and Rev. N. Milo i i i be pastor of the Arcadia com 1 j nullity Church. Robert she ban president of the j a a Cal Melfa e unit presided Over the gathering. Materials and oth r requirements were Given to the work ors prior to the lunch the two teams the of lowing v How e. E. Wester . Fred Johnson is Kim of brr by clo to poo Jam Oun con on Marble 111 resented by Chambe r for discussion pro and 1 machine situation merchants rep a Quot Quot Man on games matters Poi Marks is. Morris we hams debate is feature re guest of merchants a. Bot to a reconsider Rulin lost in spirited ses on i merhoff Waterman sock Man Peak latter suggests card vote Rob i t l. Sheol in president of the Alf i a a welfare Feder Atim. Who resided this noon it the a kick off Quot luncheon which launched Hie subs i option Fri e in this City. Lire City Conner Amus in the City it is sold Sui \ re Mya Quot tit n i inviting Marble machine Birc dancing where intoxicating liquor Umed till stands oat. J in Simp ii a a a Harris death accidental says jury unable to fix responsibility a us. Me Cna Moer Tare solution Prest ated and to g cup or merchants ail it Council ruling asking a spokesman for this unit i. I a. E. Earl Morris was i great ovation following i 1 to the Council in which the merchants so affect d i que Ting a reconsideration add i item til pm Arizin with Deputy Core Kane in charge the the death of Faire killed in a two car Huntington Are j p Yinqu St i Harris mashup into in Pap hat Are drive saturday night was lie d wednesday to inn the Acadia fun ral h at Ane ens de by r. H. Schwarzkopf local realty broker on tuesday mor Dirig end Asch in a two hour verbal absolute detrimental Mer society editor of the Arcadia 1 Battle with the los Angeles county 10 at cultural and sub divisional news said j Beard of supervisors in the Hall of growth City of Arcadia. I appreciate the kindness and i records in los Angeles Only to deluded among those making the cooperation Givin melt a the y were up against friends county and civic officials and dried proposition and organizations and the los an a Les immigration directors who, have been very kind to me through Kopf told the this ordeal. A a Cut with the announcement of the granting of the pc Mil Schwa a win Lui supervisors that Quot the i fight had Only Start i taking immediate action the a pug Mage into los Angeles tues Day in addition to Schwarzkopf were messes. Newell and Snoddy and m so am is Adams Payne and Janus and a rep Esen alive of the . William Baird estate in the southwestern s actor of the Queen City. Presented by witnesses. And the Lack in. Composed of a accidental death Quot was the ver a ouse and dict brought in by the jury with the colonels and the jurors stating they were in ,10 fix resp ism it aunt. Mrs. w. Shier . John Wheeler l. L. Moore Rev. N. Milo Fiske Arthur Eastwood and a. R 1 no jul y Vas composed of Al blur . Grant Corby and i a be a a Aye a Pat up John Houlihan and these i r ,u5h Ethel t captains a. B Ellison. 8 v Seerat Rhora. Kins s. L. Gill the. De Hall Mont i i y a Quot i in the inquest pro Oso pol Ock . F. C. Ingram. S. I Medure was Haines Driver l. Chase . Ellen Norris i 0l Cai which was involved in Jan Adcock. John Ainsworth. La a i ident with the Harris be tic advanced gift committee is bandaged bruised and with headed by Jack tester As chairman i his Eft Arm in a Sling Haines Tes i Council s Resolution the following facts i minors were be machines in fact 1 his knowledge. 2. The Mae Hin s were regarded As i amusements not gambling Anc that consideration might to taken on installing the machines for amusement Only with no 3. The merchants do not want a wide open town but that the absence of the machines had Delin Italy Hurt business. 4 i he Quot take on the boards w it carried off ill satchels and not in armoured a s As they car away Money daily from the Racetrack in this City. City seeks $3,000 from supervisors for Huntington drive project re lotion adopted by the tuesday night the City of req sted from the los an buy Board of supervisors amounting to $3,000.00 for i lung of Huntington drive i the business District from c car i Avenue thu i give the ded we is project cording the est Nae it i Anita Avenue to second amount if granted will Queen City its full quota in the financing of this Progress administration now underway Here a to City attorney Elam timoted Cost of the develop according to word Given by Donald h. Connolly spa humane Leader Lieari r l Ine-1�. Chairman Venson. I Viz. S. Mcfarland de r. Stevenson. I Tif de that was returning from Lead made Arcadia Den to be represented at annual banquet session in Whittier tile Arcadia Den. Baby Mem Cost i Bra the foothill Council of Lions without one cent of profit for him j her National. For the first time self. Or. Co. By stated in the coun i will be represented As a full fled cil meeting that $350 was net d lion organization As the annual wholesale Cost. As prices Are very i banquet meeting of the Council in nearly Standard with the dealers in Whittler tomorrow night. Am unable to account for the differ cities throughout the foothill termer. Perhaps some member of the j a try will Send delegations of mein Iid Jessi financial status of organization a Low Job Jones gives reports City Council can finnish this formation it Ems very strange to me that contracts to be signed by the Council Fot Uthe inspection of the constr us Tiofil a of the radio equipment were drawn after the equipment was practically built and that inspection was to be Don by tile Man who req Tadly came Here Al continued to 4 in-1 hers to the affair which according the november directors my Ting of the Arcadia humane society ii id j tuesday in the greater Arcadia building and loan office was presided Over by Gordon Eberly president oth is present being . A. P. Ellison . Diaries dil ing information from the j Ham . A. N. Verr. J. He to Advance committees in charge Premier to Cher and or. Cyril w slue. I one of the outstanding events of to til Winter season. Directors it was brought included in the local delegation feel concern a or the financial will be or. And . Everett Watt. I Tus or Al Lff organization which or. And . Harry Nesbitt. Or. A Low ebb with an income of and . Charles j. Beery and .j$150 monthly Aud a. L. Daniels. Tomorrow noon at be Derby tavern the Arcadia Lions will Convell in their regular Wackly noon luncheon with president Watt presiding. Roe out i a dinner in . J the crossing from lower Hunting a ton drive to the Northern Section Holly Avenue and was proceed northeasterly on Huntington when he noticed tile hurls weaving j medical service for needy families to be theme of meeting Here 1 at in or i machine without lights badly approaching him. Haines stated he slow d is j and the n came the crash. I Henry Hansen father in Law j the deceased identified the i and stated that Harris had i with him at a Figi just begun a the fight on tile Marble machine game dilation in this town has Only just begun a. E. Earl Morris stated this morning in commenting on the Council session last night. Morris pointed facts were Bein it sighing for Cut that Presente to on these for Down of body lived Vav. Huntington j drive. Harris was returning from ill resettlement division of the town purchasing Sandwich j Federal emergency Relief adminis a it solution by the Council the chants feeling that Quot pressure been brought to bears in the ing of this Resolution. J. L. Marks dynamic presid continued on Page thy opt traction will be informed this week by City Clrk Harry Nesbitt meat Hansen pointed out had not been drinking had worked that that j Day and had not complained of Bein City Hall auditorium will be a j ing ill and that the Ca Amable to this organization to meeting on november 30th. Was not a n via the City do tax route operating costs practically that much and a very old car us by Ollie Jerry j oms in the humane work the future of the it City is tottering and doubtful pm m ill a ii a. U a without some kind heated and do j la Monte Vav Omen s unit nolds i mane minded person comes Linen b thursday november 1.9�?noon luncheon meeting of Arcadia Lions club at be de by tavern. Session at tavern thursday Novemb r h up Quot night at . H of clock. 19�?�?oround meeting. 8 one of the recent private gatherings at be Derby tavern on Huntington drive was the regular meet priday Novemb. R 20�?regular i weekly noon luncheon meeting of Arcadia rotary club at woman a clubhouse. F iday november 20�?meeting Lenn Dyer social club with . Atkinson on Alta Street. I Short business session. Friday november 20�?anniver j according to Petersen Thiry meeting. P.e.o., 1304 South j pm is proving a popular i with assistance. Officer Jones r port reveals that during the past 30 Days 52 cats i dogs and 4 coyotes have been handled. Three dog poisoning eases a under investigation. A dog and four ing of the Al Mont. Business Aud houses now have shelters j professional worn no a club it was i made known by Bill p Teisen Man Ager. Fifty five members of the or a a animation was served Petersen re a ports. Bridge and monopoly wee enjoy d following the dinner and in cat of rain due to or. Jon s invest latin a and warning owners of same Tim animals must be provided shelf i from the elements. Tips to the race 1 track stables a made daily. Since i july i. $1600 in dog License it it have been collected. Three straying j and lost dogs were returned to owners. Gordon Eberly who presided Ever a meeting of tin Arcadia humane society yesterday in the Oft ires of the greater Arcadia building and loan association. Queen City Texaco station wins second Honor plaque winning an Honor plaque for the i a Rood time in two Yea s. Jack j Baldwin of the Arcadia Texaco station is proudly the Fame at his station on Huntington i dive. The p Antie is give n each month to the Texaco station which shows the g latest increase in sales from the corresponding month in the previous year and also for be vie my appearance. Baldwins station on the Honor from Moi than 1200 11.\aco stations in Southern Cabin Ilia Nevada and new Mexico. Liven for the As the gathering and Way in a j troubling. I in describing the scene cadent. Captain Jack Sun that ii was impossible mine the Point of in Pat i to Ting s 350 f request for the use it the auditorium had set november 23 Date desired for this which will s cd to gain h Adway in two machine the establishing of medical service Harris coup w to needy families in this Vicinity. Holly Avenue Al these families rehabilitated thru i West curb win government Aid. Have recently Benj. Too feet Lur the r Placid on their own yet Are not in Side of the curb financial condition to gain needed found 10-feet to health services and conferences. Inst the Fence the re moment administration j there ale proposing a group cooperative medical service for these Pei pm. Al Monte Road work by Osburn company completed City Engineer Glenn Watson Hail form ii the City Council that the Osburn contracting company has i completed its work on a portion of j Al Monte Road from live Oak nor j til i in eco. Ding to plans and Spe was no eve far As he . The repo t of t was read statin due to Hemmer with multiple Skull being the All rights Resek Ved couple of Hundred Melbourne scots named Mcconchie. Share their l ohs is their pastor bet there Linda tit. Al autopsy surgeon that death wage and Shock facture of the Nipa i Factor. Roc Sevelt says heter go to the South american. Hail to face the a meanwhile to Ike r Atrip rec saved Daw i liquidation assets. I to the Poilu where former officer Bertolina lauded in note to Council i be plaque w As month of s it embed in addition to the j in a letter to the Council. O. E j Everett of Monrovia lauded the a character and ability of l. C. Ber desiring to communicate a a with til humane May t Render i phone 379 or 2121 at any time Din Goth Avenue. Luncheon at 12 30. Voids for gatherings of this Type. Inf a in it a or night j win also i Cei Ved a i $40 which he divided l i his employ a had Given prize. Is for t toward i Ficat a. This is part of the cod control development on this thoroughfare jto3ina former member of the a i police department. Arcadian Active in part. Eve the adore j. Brodhead of 261 a is in charge of frat it Rity open houses at the proper source in Case r inst. Of. Allows one hos bust. Crumbled i one Hoss left la do i where Jon Tai million Shay of i a Heap of Lay c g o that of c Bank i w Bola do or empty and Honor. Baldish prize of equally among Occidental colleges Anima. Home a ervice they coming Day on saturday november winning first i Triina Kin i which a stated that by w nothing of this no meant to be directed Merit Ana. Taken Harry Hopkins a count of the \ of ? is Tan Tamou to a census Harry s in i he just checked his do Mary Pickford 43. Good to lock at. Fancy i rid of some old fashion says Shell marry buddy the m. On administrator Tor this area is $37,- 516.00. With the Federal government supp Ying $25,935.00 of this i sum. Reach i a $3,000.00 will come from the Hare of stat gasoline tax moneys Given to each supervisor it was understood this week. In previous actions on Huntington drive s widening the supervisors had pledged support by at least june i following the Transfer of funds to the Al Monte Road flood control work. Elderly woman found slain in Rio Hondo in cretors and deputies of the he Riff i department late tues Dav a i Ter noon started detailed investigations with available clues and ii ads in the gruesome s aying of an elderly woman i Hose body was found by j. J. Stanfold of Monrovia in the Rio Hondo Wash Between Arcadia and Temple City. Stanford reported the discovery to Captain r. E. Conley of the Temple City sub station. Her Brad crushed the woman was l und to be flinging to shreds of hair. Scuffled Marks about the a Bland led officers to believe a he had been dragged from a car to. The lonely spot. High heeled a Hoe prints were found by inspect ice Norris Stensland. Photographs were taken of automobile tires and broken Liq in r bottles wire studied for possible Finger prints reports state. Gas co. Office on first Avenue wants curb painted a i t que St has been made by the of cittern counties Gas company to have the curb in front of tis by Ding on n. First Avenue painted yellow to limit parking in front of this edifice he quest will be taken under Stop signs names in new subdivision Are sought step in. And names for streets in new sub Divi is in the City of Arcadia have been ref ired to the i a tining i in Mission it was announced this week. E ? vein i a. The avenues in these sub Davisii is have not b in named and traffic signs Are also lacking
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