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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - November 17, 1938, Arcadia, California Int sixteen Arcadia daily Tribune thursday november 17, i dub event planned to raise funds for float entry in order that Sierra Madre May have sufficient funds to make the 1p3s float to be entered in the new year s Day tournament of roses much More Beautiful even Titan last year s prize winning float a Benefit dessert Bridge a for tomorrow my the famous wis Tai Assurance of in was give n the rot meeting attended gallon from the representatives of Lary Junior Woma Wanis club. \ is scheduled a 8 o clock lit i Vine gardens. Ray cooperation committee at a v a Large Dele Merican legion o i Egin axils club and i Garden used mrs. W. J. Lawless offered the use of the Vine gardens for the Benefit parti similar to that which last year netted $60 for the float fund and she will furnish the dessert. Tile affair was scheduled for Friday of next week. Arcadia in or. F. H. Henry announces that he will give three chiropractic adjustments free with each course of six adjustments. Why suffer chiropractic s can give you real health free examination Telephone Atwater 7-1105 or Call at the office Between to . And 4 . Or. E. H. Henry 657 Duarte re. Arcadia just East of Baldwin hero stuff by Dorothy l. Stackhouse they say you grow accustomed to wounds telling you in such a con the cheers and handshakes after comforting Way All die things you awhile. Maybe some people do. It did t know did they think you d always makes me feel guilty and a be pleased to hear that your old Little sick with shame medals and sweetheart married that big fat stripes and honorary titles just be head who a been a seven Days won cause you d had a flair for Leader Der on the Grid but was too yellow ship. It was t bravery. T know to enlist was t it Noble they that now. Duty i was too Young asked you. The Way lie stayed Home to take duty very seriously. It was to support his fatties when he and i admitted this to myself wanted so badly to go across and Long ago mass hysteria you murmured that it was very i laughed about that knowing Noelp but Vou did get add Haft How shocked the Flag wavers would a also damned convenient Mak have been. Mass hysteria. Indeed in amp a Milhon in munitions. To was patriotism that Noble self and your pals. Did they suppose less emotion that sent Mere boys you enjoyed hearing that this one out into the mud of France to had been killed and that one came come Back. If they Carne at All. Home to a life in which there a Blind or limbless or soulless. No Sun. No color no form Only just great sport. War. Generous of a merciless enduring blackness Hie spectators to sacrifice so much. Sometimes i wonder if it s a fuel less monday meatless tuesday tribute or mockery this being asked a or was it thursday did they to give the High school graduates think our Lousy dugouts were a message before they go out into steam heated ? and military music there something so Damn cheerful about it. It brings me a vision of doughboy and red crass nurses doing a minuet with a violin Obligato suggesting bombs exploding daintily so As not to break the rhythm of War at its melodic Best. Some Day. The world Quot or to address the kiwanis or the rot a nans or tile for peace and having to listen while some patriotic citizen drones an introduction abounding in such phrases As Quot heroic bravery Quot and Quot splendid War record that hurts that heroic bravery stuff. What about those other Fel Paf is to ave a Duke and Duchess of recently refiled a Home in Paris for t a ears. Here they Are so Quot a Lear n their new re siderite. The House in Louis Xvi style was designed and is owned by the countess in Sabini. They took it unfurnished. Water color exhibit being shown in so. Pasadena William t. Mcdermitt is showing Twenty five water colors at the South Pasadena Public Library As the monthly offering of the South someone will compose real military luvs whose very names have been music and it will be a Dirge in forgotten i wonder does the i which the destinies of a people Are Mother of that big swede know mingled with the agonies of strife. I that or san died a hero sobbing you hear a lot about the horrors j out her name through lips half of War and you probably think of shot away i always meant to bursting shells and bullets playing i00 her up and Tell her How he tag. Well you re wrong. There threw me Back and took the Shell was something Call it a sort of that had my number. Died in a emotional momentum that earned t Ion How rot Tenly inadequate you through the attacks. The Hor they gave me a medal and a lot rows were the Little things the mud of Praise for wiping out six Young and rain the trenches crawl my with germans whose wives or sweetie. The sobs of some Punk kid hearts waited in Hope or despair. Scared yellow the loneliness and hut waited in vain. They were the nostalgia the endless waiting for dirty huns. Ravi shers baby Kil of letters for news for action i lers hell they were Only Young did t they no enough those Fellows like myself who liked the i Flag wavers sending us out to kill i same simple pleasures a pipe and or cripple without bringing us Back a Hook. Maybe or a game of chess i country whose conditions. Were they making the world Safe musical Prodigy a taking the High notes with the ease of a Lily Pons or a Grace Moore to whom critics compare her natural Soprano voice. Doris Spiegel 16-year-old laughter of a St. Petersburg Fla shoe Cobbler is winning acclaim which promises a concert and operatic career. Miss Spiegel is seen taking her daily constitutional on the Beach in St. Petersburg. Fashions of the Shio Nable of a whose very ideals were surely their 1 the i changed for democracy too Pasadena music arts club. The weren to those 18 months bad enough a. T u q i orc a f Rob a Hilt a t inn Suh that s what the has Tot books exhibit will be on display All of without the years of rehabilitation to i a a Tho say Germany was seeking a place november and has been brought that a to follow. The Cream of directly to the Library from the the nation a generation of misfits Biltmore Salon where it was re Home again and your Well mean gently featured. Ing friends pouring Salt into your Low prices enable you to buy my very Best dental plates when you find out How Little it costs to Purchase or. Cowen s finest dental plates you will no longer feel you cannot afford to buy the Quality dentures you prefer to Wear. Their Beautiful All Pink color is blended to harmonize with your own Gums and they Are so Quot natural Beautiful in appearance Quot your closest friends will never know you Are wearing artificial Teeth. When fitting your plates or. Cowen exercises painstaking care to plump out hollow Cheeks smooth out the or skies avoid drooping Mouths and in Many other ways improve your facial features. In addition to their exceptionally Low prices you May Purchase any of or. Cowen s dental p ates on my Liberal 5-10-15 easy payment plan. No extra charge end you Don t Hove to make Ana Penny Down payment. No Lush enjoy wearing your plates while paying or. Cowen says a let me help you recapture the a pleasing e x p r e s is 0 n of youth by Truing you properly fitted. Natural appear no dental plates. Truly if you paid me Many times the Price i ask i could not improve upon the Quality of my in the Sun. But then the history books dispose of the we Hole gory business in a handful of printed pages. Funny we Hen you think of it. I those other Fellows born on the opposite Side of the world speaking a different language yet learning the same things you were learning. Memorizing the multiplication table. Five times seven remember the sing song Way we used to say it those other Fellows struggled through Euclid and Caesars wars and the fundamental Laws of matter and motion just As you did. I Don t want to think things like that. It makes me too damned bitter. This is no time to develop a conscience. That part was done half a lifetime ago. This is the half that matters now. There s a living to be made but just for one. That s part of the glory a solitary life. Glory is a swell companion on Winter nights maybe i was Lucky. Gas does t blow your face away. If you can walk and talk and see. You should t mind having your heart and lungs tied in a knot and the knot being pulled tighter Day after Day. Plenty of other poor devils got it worse than i did. But there s no Consolation in that. Thinking of 1 those others Only makes it worse because then this nameless resentment is for them too. Well there a still this half a life to be gotten through. Too bad you can to have it All at once like an operation instead of Day by Day _ year by year. But you can t. So i the adult education department might As Well big out my uniform of Covina High school announces a and polish up the tinware. Parade series of forum meetings on Quot the today you know. And a Wreath for this forum series is an for evening Wear Orry Kelly Hollywood stylist designed this attractive formal gown for Olivia de Haviland screen player. In a soft Shade of Pink. The gown shows a bouffant skirt of Many layers of tulle and fitted bodice of Pink Satin with pleated bands of tulle forming shoulder straps. Weather to be forum topic in Covina the unknown Soldier let it happen again god Don t integral part of the regular forum program and us arranged in recognition of the Citrus Industry on which the Community depends. The meetings Are scheduled As follows at the Covina High school auditorium for monday nights at 7 30 and Are free to the Public. On november 21, Quot the weather Bureau the following residents of the san and Ite work Quot wil1 be the topic with Gabriel Valley this week filed in Floyd d Young meteorologist of residents of Valley file for licenses the u. S. Weather Bureau of Pomo-31 2 East a a a the speaker bridgework crowns plates extractions fillings inlays there is no need fro delay because or. Cowen consistent Low prices c c Liberal credit Nab e of to have demo at a on right now. My Liberal credit p an does not Cost you one extra Penny and you May pay later weekly or monthly you will appreciate How easy it is to arrange for credit in this office because there s no party or finance company to Deal with. Tent ions to wed Arthur c. Kennedy Alhambra Road. Alhambra Charles topic Given e Crook. 31. 717 1-4 South Boyle Avenue los Angeles John e. Mech Ner 25, 518 South Date Avenue Alhambra. Ida s. Schober 23, 812 Date Avenue Alhambra. Marcus d. D. Shetler 23. 1213 Mullen Avenue los Angeles Juanita Mcentyre 21. 1034 Morado place. Quot weather made to order air conditioning Quot will be the subject on november 28, with j. J. Fleming air conditioning Engineer of the Southern California Edison company As the speaker. On december 5, Quot a history of san Gabriel Valley weather Quot will be presented Altadena Moses o. Or Las 28. 4439 by Elbert Griffith. East second Street los Angeles Lorenza Escamilla 28, 114 East Angeline Street. San Gabriel the series commenced last monday night with a a seasonal weather prediction As the topic presented Hisao Yoshida 27, 703 South Palm n Ink Krick. Assistant pro Street Alhambra. Misako m. Shin up a or a meteorology at California Taku. 20. Route i. Box 528. Lomita. Donald e. Fowble. 23. 214 North Institute of technology. Cowen Cha cob Dajc Juh in Pasadena 12 South Euclid Corner Colorado phone by. 2-6927 free parking Euclid and Green Auto Park downtown office 5h a of lists. 506 South Hill phone Mu-1191 Are Bushnell. Alhambra and Grace i. Bird eating spiders White 23. 1126 Stratford Avenue found in Australia South Pasadena George p. Keyes. _ 27. 1212 South Atlantic Boulevard Melbourne Australia. Nov. 17. Alhambra and Helen m. C. Engle. A up a spiders that eat Birds is 1212 Atlantic Boulevard Alhambra the latest discovery in the land Al Robert h. Moore. 26. 1235 South ready famous for Freak animals 10th Avenue. Arcadia and Ruth c. Birds and insects. Smith. 18, 159 North Canyon Boule the discovery was mad by John Yard Monrovia. Clark museum entomologist who Clarence w. Abol Naip 35. 400. Found the legs of a newly killed South san Gabriel Avenue. San a Young Turkey half Way Down the brei p Abol Naip 31, 830 Hole of one of the monster spiders. South Gladys Avenue. San Gabriel the latter have been designated Edward j. Gaughan. Or. 22. 604 was As my a Las and the largest specimen Lemon Avenue. Monrovia and to found was about 9 inches m leg1 Raine Lewis. 20 "30 North Michigan spoil Irh a body As Large As a Avenue Glendora. Bantams egg. I run hmm Tram Marix round registered la Lral and military ties with South America and possibly Australia and Canada. Tills is the most closely guarded and Complex Angle of the defense program but definite moves Are already under Way to establish such Bonds. This is the principal reason wily Secretary Cordell Hull is going to the pan american conference at Lima next month. Not interested emerging from last Friday s Cabinet meeting the first after the election Jim Farley was asked by a newsman Quot did Harry Hopkins explain How he came to he so far wrong on the outcome of the bal Tho British rearmament program tying production into knots toting a problem of the army Navy anti civil experts drafting the Large scale National defense program to he submitted to the new Congress is to avoid it was a a bottlenecks that wrought so much havoc with and skyrocketing prices. The two edged difficulty still Hast been solved by the Chamberlain government despite a number of Cabinet changes and placing big orders with u. S and Canadian manufacturers. This last expediency is out of the question Here first because the country would t stand for it and second because one Basic objective of the armament program is to stimulate business and re employ ment. It is to be the new big spending plan of the administration. Under the previous plans of nationwide construction of schools hospitals civic centers armoires highways benefits were spread out More or less evenly the length and breadth of the country. But armament production is limited to a Tivel few localities and industries such As steel shipbuilding munitions motors air planes. Steel and motors Are Basic industries and Money spent in them will have wide economic effect. But the others Are specially industries and stimulating them will not spread far beyond their own spheres. How to avoid such economic Quot bottlenecks at the same time maintain a steady and rapid flow of material. Also avoid profiteering is the brain cracking conundrum the experts Are trying to solve. One possible solution is being pushed by assistant War Secretary Louis Johnson. In the secret deliberations he is urging a $45,000.-000 appropriation for so called Quot experimental orders for army goods to be Given plants scattered All Over i the country. The last Congress voted $2,000,000 for this purpose. Johnson argues that by greatly expanding this sum i the military preparedness of a Lar-1 Ger number of plants would be in a proved and the economic benefits of the defense program would be j More widely distributed. Ment. This includes mechanization of the army establishment of Mobile and stationary anti aircraft batteries and new naval air bases. 3. Tripling of the army air corps and the development of a system modelled after the germans for mass production of training and fighting planes. 4. Adding 5.000,000 kilowatts of Power producing facilities to the fifteen key Quot War material centers so that there will be sufficient juice for High pressure production in any emergency. This phase alone will Cost Over $2,500,000,000. A can t say Quot replied Farley who secretly dislikes the spa Boss a i did t wait for the Republican election sweep has already begun to plague the president even though the new i Congress is still seven weeks off. J the horde of lame Duck i Emo i cratic senators and congressmen Are literally besieging the White House to be taken care of with jobs. Roosevelt had purposely delayed filling a number of vacancies open last Spring and summer hut now the demand far exceeds the Supply and he is having his troubles 5. Developing close economic to explaining this to the boys. Five phases the defense program is of far greater scope than is generally realized. It consists of five major phases 1. Expansion of the fighting1 forces and their reserves both technical and combat. 2. 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