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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - November 15, 1938, Arcadia, California In re two Arcadia daily Tri november i it it Lois mama in 6fseih5-Bfthepp Lwft act. At published let Aily except sunday and holidays Khz n. First Avenue Arcadia California Arcadia publishing company a. Ii v k o s. I n 0 0 president and publisher Post office Fomia in match 3. I Ocmond -14. 191 at arc Dor the 179. The Tribune was Riesop i ated As a newspaper or general circulation by decree of court on the bin Clay of May. 1931. Of Mai it Kainber of strange As it seems by John Hix for further proof address Tho author enclosing a stamped envelope for reply Reg. U. S. Fat. Off. It 41 Nils Weihing % ounce f my 7/2 Incus in circumference Jund Btu Dart chrtztophei4, Waterloo my read a Ira in Ber of Commerce California no opener publishers association Arcadia est Side Visso elation Bureau of advertising american newspaper publishers association represented to the United states and Canada by j j. Devinesr associates. Inc new v irk it try. Chicago Detroit. Pittsburgh a and Atlanta g c pies of the Arcadia Dai it Tribune and full info nation about Annoti and surrounding markets can be obtained from any of these offices. Subscription Price single c a. Ioc per week 40c per Mon phone Atwater-7-2131 i advertising rat a. Ilia i Lily n i Hun p Wnm i Mimi departments. On application til i Srott it it Ani or Iii ii ins-1 the pull ii it v rom Hal it itis trim to Ai to in daily Tri imms night of Tho at Iii a it. Cit Rtia nov Tine Are Tot dual i flu us that the Navy takes the air Navvy a u a Fra in soon Tho Slook of going up Alrain Doon to Sieok Grey sides j a a flying Cigar Quot will again slice through the air of California for bids have just been asked on the construction of a new Nav it dirigible. The new lighter than air Craft will Mark the Navy a first adventure into such construction since the mss of the Akron and Macon. The new ship will not set any record for size. With a Gas capacity of a million cubic feet of helium it will be one seventh the size of the former Navy Queens i of the air. for experimental rather than military purposes the proposed Craft will not add to the nations defences. Yet its construction proves that the Navy be i lives in keeping ready. When the new dirigible soars through the upper air of California it will be sky High evidence that America s Navy is still the nations first line of defense. Of fwd Mcdow ii Vori amp in or of h modern performed Trie first such operation Mth a mob waiting to Lynch him if he tailed Danville Al i amp big it Obb Hilt la to de 12 consecutive double ringers.,. Jackson mich., j 3? h-lg.3 a m no Rucht w. Blame the ganglion Don t blame that Shock of Wavy hair or those sleekly tense Muscles if the sight of saturdays Gridiron hero brings by fish of color to the Cheeks of your favorite lady. Take the word of or. George Crile speaking before the postgraduate medical association those classic features Muscles and Wavy hair have nothing to do with the Rush of color. It s just a Case of an Over sized Coeliac ganglion. What is it ? the Coeliac ganglion is a newly discovered nerve Center an abdominal brain an achievement a Pusher Quot that makes a Man Augress re hard working successful and popular. Its a Dynamo of vital Energy a blood pump that charges Power for that touchdown drive or that All night business session. Done to be too worried about those hero Ward glances. You May be Knock kneed and Cut off close to the ground but you can equal the Gridiron hero in vigor and Success and yes even in the eyes of the lady you can that is. If you have an oversized Coeliac ganglion. So if the lady a dyes waver turf Ward next saturday done to be too hard on her. She a probably just enthralled by the full backs Coeliac ganglion. And for that \ in hardly blame her oks a j Wash Maion merry 0"kb�tvi Spadt Park i continued Iron Page i get a Cabinet Quot was the Way one Colorado beet Farmer put it another thing you hear a lot of grousing about is insincerity the tendency of men around the president and the president himself to Tai High ideals and then stoop to Petty politics. Spa also comes in for a lot of panning not because folks Cion approve of Relief but because local administrators have put so Many of round registered a and electric plus its reside it Howard c. Hopes ice amps full dodged a sen Ding committee recently has been the securities and for in sex then Rolls. Friend Quot parse Sph lol s of Al Kope finally. There is consider pie Ion that the president towing too much to Nevi die sus is k Owen pm Chance commission. However when Jim Farley com pier his memoirs lie hired As his ghost writer the Public relations agent of associated Gas and electric. Fred Hume the agent got $3,000 from Jim for writing a my own Jim got $75,000. Freud of the Job Hume had the Cheek pos to Ted before cashing it. So that posterity might know of his Prosperity. Backwoods Dot Tok immortal in Medicine s Hall of Fame is Ephraim Mcdowell a Doc Tor of Kentucky s Hills who in 1809 made surgical history by Success i fully performing the first abdominal operation using a technique still employed. Called one Day to examine a patient 60 Miles from Danville Mcdowell found her suffering from a tumor. This meant sure death unless he could operate a practice never before used. With the patient mrs. Thomas Crawford Mcdowell Rode Back to Danville. He daily studied his medical books and rehearsed Over and again the smallest details of the operation he planned. A Danville minister hearing of Mcdowell a plan violently opposed the action in a Sermon preached before his congregation. The operation was to take place on Christmas Day so the Benefit of the worlds prayers might be gained. Assisted by his Nephew. Or. James Mcdowell the doctor strapped his patient to the table and administered a few opium pills. Mrs. Crawford Sang hymns As the two doctors worked. Meanwhile outside a crowd gathered. Threw a rope Over the limb of a tree and waited to Lynch Mcdowell if the operation failed. It was successful however and the mob dispersed. In five Days the patient was up four weeks later she Rode 60 Miles Home and lived in Good health until 79 years old. Mcdowell performed two other such successful operations before officially reporting the eases Iii 1816 Hugh Johnson says copyright 193 8, by United press Syndicate. Inc. Reproduction in whole or part forbidden. A rights reserved. Tomorrow cellophane rile House wrapped in new York City something i ought vigorously to be done by the Public Hangman about the word i a i Don t know much about words but somehow there got into cur language two varieties of. A Anglo sax u and the other More or less latin. For example you can say spit or if you Are More High brow you can say expect Ora Hon. You can say sweat or you can say perspiration. You can Sty stink of what s the use this Zonver a nation could get very vulgar i know All the proper criticisms a gains our heritage of ire Short vigorous germanic words. But the it. James version of the Bible Rind of the prayer Book happens to he about 90 per cent full of them. The tense vigorous prose and Poler a of or. Kipling is composed of them almost exclusively. Our language of the Law is larded with the other kind. But our language of the streets is almost exclusively Anglo Saxon and not latin. If you want to Call a Man a son of a gun. You go Back to your real Mother Tongue. I could Start Herr and prove it to you hut the column would probably not get by the censor. Our native language ii vigorous but not us vet. For example take tile word a to another Washington word that might to go through cur wringer is a a but it Means that any particular situation l Bevon i discussion. That Harry Hopkins for example has become the reel White haired boy in the while colonial cottage with Green shutters on Pennsylvania avenues that Tommy Corcoran is just the court Jester and not out of touch with supreme authority or any other guess. When you say. A but that sort of fixes it. Quot but definitely Quot Means its the real Mccoy and not a Rumor. These word a ideology a Quot totalitarian and a but need something done to them in the interest of humanity. I dare say they continued on of themselves Are innocent Page 6 the 1039 California world on treasure Island will open february 18 and continue in Days. Ike Captain Aku the kids w the eleven of diamonds am y a a. V a i a a 9 9 r Fri i Al it a Baynard h. Kendrick re to italian Quot to describe the despotic states. We Don t need and i think we Don t want a word like that. It is enough to substitute for the word a ideology Quot the word Quot plan Quot a r a idea Quot or it sufficiently describes a dictatorship to say a Quot gang bos Quot you Don t have to Call or. Hitler or or. Mussolini a totalitarian. In t it enough to Call him Tho big shot or the Boss we know precisely what that meant chapter xviii a a you saw him too Quot re he Willow was removing n c retie from a slim Gold Rose. Sin routed Dawson s proffered Light fore replying. A net exactly. I i ill commander Dawson remark hut i was thinking of something cd e at tin moment. However i saw a in it come in rom the porch a few minute later Quot to i know him Quot Quot i ii Lio he is his name is Day e butt on Quot How Long was t it a t after the c of Nwandei s remark a she thought a moment. Quot i can t sgt Tiva minutes maybe Quot where did Button go Quot Quot to a table in the Corner where the blonde w As a the Vins playing Bridge then Quot a i presume Stan s Long lingers heat a quiet Tattoo on the Captain s de k. A ten minutes is a Long time mrs. Staunton he aul finally. Quot if Dave Button was Dummy when h went on the porch i think the others at his table would have in n waiting if he stayed out ten min ales. Done to you commander Quot a undoubtedly. But mrs. Staunton said she was not sure of the length of a and in a not or. Rice. It May have been much less or much Lydia Staunton favored tile commander with an approving smile. A and you can to swear that it was Button you saw on the porch a Stan asked Dawson. Quot it might have been anyone a a except or. Farraday and his Sony who were at your table. Did you take any particular notice of who else was in the room when the Man was crawling around on Tho porch Quot a no. It was a minor incident at the Stan leaned Hack in his chair balancing it precariously against the Wall. A a in a curious about one thing. Did either of you happen to see a Light in the poker room during the evening a a a in a sure i did no to notice Quot mrs. Staunton said puzzled. A there was none on when i went to the Dawson waited then added a there was no Light in the Side a directly in front of the washroom either. That a rather interesting. Come to think of it. There is usually a Light in that. Hall. Is it important a a i done to Start brought his chair Back to floor level much to Relief. A i can t help wondering Why Fowler went in the poker room in the he stood up. Mrs. Staunton was beginning to fidget. Quot i d be glad for All of you to have lunch with me Quot he suggested. A i think in meat tied to celebrate being a a in a enjoy nothing mrs. Staunton said with an air of really meaning it a but unfortunately the commander and i have another a Well reciprocate by inviting you and Captain Leroy for cocktails if you can make it. Five of clock a at my Dawson helped mrs. Staunton to Rise quite unnecessarily Stan thought. Quot ill have to Leroy gave his slow smile. A a policeman n it ver has any Quot in a not a policeman Quot stall said. A will be Ile watched them leave after they had assured Leroy he could Call on them at any time. Then he seated himself on the end of the captains desk resting one foot on an open drawer. From an in mile pocket he took an envelope and removed the few strands of the grass matting tie to a d scuffed from tile floor of that a Sunset porch. Quot if Ive found any traces of Tai on the pants knee of anyone who was at the Sunset Ive might know who was crawling on the Quot that a Why i sent out an alarm to every dry cleaner Iii Miami when i heart Dawson Story. Do you think i in a dope St an a Quot no i am for no t to that yesterday. My i d at the wrong time a w Quot what a your idea thought somebody had that matting if you got those strands a this was my idea Vinco \ i have to pass that w window to get to the cml of the porch Ann the Only Chanco to pass that window without being seen from the Bridge room is to Craw i part a and when you get to the end of the porch a Leroy Iii univ a. A what then a a from the end of the stall explained mournfully a you can Sec through the end Hall ninth n and through i lie door of t Ile poker room. That single chair left for Fowler in the poker room was a set up Vince. The knife you showed me was made for throwing it balanced to a hair a a a a killer goes on porch clutching two foot knife Down pants leg. Crawls past window and throws knife with such and future ii a at i and i a plot d it him i you v it Tai lied Nail p i greens a it 11 ugly a that Imus 111. That it passes through two Anil finds Tho heart of Vietti ii Iii a pitch Black room a a Stan grinned wryly the Tain s voice Hail Trail a1 anal hardened officer was lookup singly at the ceiling and win t a hearts and Flowers Between Teeth. Stun had lunch with c attain Leroy hut his Friend was Moody and not much inclined to talk. Phi tip Tain had cabled the South african authorities the Day before and was waiting for a reply. Ile was doubt fill that it would prove of value when received. A this is the jumping off place for queer ducks a he told Stan Over the Coffee. A a Fowler a body is still in the morgue unclaimed. All the High flyers with Money enough to buy a ticket head Here in the Winter. Eve tried to Trace a few of them before now. a did you Cable his fingerprints a a a not hut i sent enough for them to know him. The department of Justice in Washington a nothing on him. Eve been in touch with a i done to think he a a Crook a Stan protested. A then Why tile cables you can pay for the next ones Stan laughed. A sue me. Fowler was no shrinking Violet. Ile made his Mark on Miami Quick enough and As you say Miami has had its share of wild ones. In a sold on tie springbok its As uncommon As a i wish i was sold on something a said the Captain. A whatever Fowler was he a More trouble dead than alive. In a going Back to the office. And you keep out of gambling 1 joints. Ell bust you on the nose if you get yourself stun drove out to the Sunset. Dawson a cocktail party was nearly i three hours away and he had Learned Many things which he wanted to verify since his visit to the club on sunday. The place had a Barren deserted appearance. Toby Munro a statement that the blot of i Fowler a death would keep players i away was certainly not without foundation. Jumped cd to of the intently. In i in English a i doll spout Spann ii. M r. Iii 1 me i Stan pet Mfd with Juan five Tongue. A Why did you Tell to police that Yoni Home a in it us i vol might avoid English lot la moment unless Voun afraid Quot i ii in hoi n t he e a Ile Iii ii in i i in Fiat a but a greenish Polit i had crept up under i urn to skin. A Why slum id i he afraid i Quot Ell Tell you. Y in tined that yet i had pent your life in Haven until thic years go i hat a i i and i of know it n m Iii to t in i Tor Knelt i t he ii a you speak to t lure \ in i s end Hermon. It or done to speak Havana Spanish it 1 a mat lied a parisian French y better Tell the truth i my Ami m i axed up i a a my i it Quot Madre do Dios Quot Juan to ins feet and lapse i b Knell h. Quot i know nothing killing or Rice. Ii term l ies get 1 to t of my lift in the spam tis a it Ion of new York in Harlem a a by did no to you a a Quot a a Fly a a i was in a Little the a but ii was during prohibition i was Selling booze like every by Cise. I was afraid the police h in would hold it against me a a you be told everything you know about saturday night Quot a i swear it. I Rice or Munroe was Here with me until i loft a it that was just after two. Ile counted up the receipts for the Day checked up on my Purchase Lieut out a where did you do time Juan a a it was Only ninety Days. I served it on welfare Island. I be been keeping out of trouble since and to you keep that quiet. Or Ripe 1 Starr grinned. Quot Well i never caused trouble in my life for a Man who provided me with n drink i guess its too late to Stait now a Ile pushed Back Frow Tho desk. Quot in a going upstairs to have another look around you wait Down Here. You might let me know if anyone comes. I done to want to lie a i wont forget your kindness a Juan said with a smile nothing ii Sisi changed on the second floor. Stall sat Down in various chairs in the Caid room and looked out of the Side window partially obscured by the Back of the set the swing on tin porch inc Back of anyone crawling a t the window could undoubtedly have been seen from the two tables nearer the window but not from the two further an a. He walked out on the porch. And we around the Corner and Down to Tho end. In the Daylight it was impossible to see through the screen the porch and Tho screen of t he half window into Hie poker room. Tho screen on Tho porch was set in a wooden Frame and fastened in pitied with four Largo screws which allowed no signs of Bai my recently been 11bed. I Listi Ile sat Down on the Settle swing and lit a cigarette staring resent i fully at Tho end of the porch some Juan Andres answered the door j time Between eleven and two sat drafter a third ring. The sleek cuban a a Riff it someone Iii the Sunset Steward had a ruffled appearance j Bridge club had killed Edward and Stan judged lie had disturbed i Fowler and stall Rice believed him from a stolen siesta. That t he killer Bud stood on lift porch a a where a or. Munroe Quot Stan a a thrown the knife into Fowler a asked. I Back through the window at Tho Juan shrugged a lie left Early Sod Ltd the Hall. Stands aching head last night sir lie was drinking Quot i was positive proof of the accuracy Juan paused and added Quot business of some unidentified persons Ann. Has been bad since Ile the belief had come from so Cebu made no move to ask Stan inside. Dolls a thing As tile Hick of a few a Iii a to a Cut s Tan. C i a in you i on stat pushed the door open and stepped in. I he blinds were drawn downstairs. Tile place smelled Musty. Juan followed him into Toby a office arid asked inquiringly a is there anything i a Mem looking for typewriter. I wan be a re Rug Lull i it can or. I to Clun Roe s i ave him in a i ruin ii Poud or. Mon roes Foi the Stan sat Down again Juan lice have it a a. Quart a when a a yesterday Tain pen is in a never hand Man sat Down at Toby s ii in looked searchingly at Juan and said suddenly Iii spa Iii a take a hair. Juan i want to talk to you. Do you know the police Are checking up on you a a Quick malevolent glint flashed in Juan s Black eyes and was gone i dead houseflies in the Bottom of tin j full length screen at the end of Tho 1 Hall. On sunday morning. Stan had opened every window screen in Tho j club and found flies trapped in i them All save on a. Ile was certain. That screen had been open ii silently before Fowler a Deal ii. Perhaps the screen at the end of j til porch had been removed entirely i saturday night Ile Shook his head an a in t he a idly at the thought mosquitoes flies would have swarmed into lighted club. Of Ivy cos murderer it not quite so obvious of Tho Sci ecu had i had been rep mutable task Stan left to men removed it All it Ai of i Nat Antly a for judging by its size. In porch dismiss my it with an irritated snap St i n Ling. Re. To be it continue 11 t a Quot in right of or can it a to punt i i it i inc i 11 Iii. I by King Ken la a a sin Dirner Ina by Rudolph Dirks of Torie Alii the s. Peo Titan in and fear altho the my. Complete cd episode tie Eros Beira in and the British pie Are doing More the eve a before about foreign a a Quot Flanger of War allo want . It emed during was Given the by Europe. Tji Tkv dint understand Why Bull w Ith Chambul lain Iii squeezing out the Spanish loyalists according to present trends or Roosevelt will have to do some awfully steady pitching with much a Quot the Suppo. I from his infield and Outfield it he is to hold the voters. Otherwise goodbye new Deal. No ii Ven no owns a High priest and Temple will be part of the hindu to i bit at the 1939 California fair f tin by pc one o a a mint in women .1-icing to tin Tan fact univ Chi Mniller Dresser Lux it v f i of of a Mer he Price to j s a Welcome. Koss in Spanish there is a phrae to cd scribe lavish entertainment that goes Quot they threw the House out of the that i just what tile cuban embassy did for their Strong Man colonel Fulgencio Batista during his Washington visit. The irony of it was that the embassy stuff just before ins arrival received notice of pay cuts ranging from 40 to 75 per cent. Aits and Over i or women anti children $4.82, for infants $2 75 the government buyers were specialists loaned Gratis by a number of big retail firms among them Sears Roebuck Filene of Boston Macy a and Gimbel Brothers of new York. As the Law does not permit uncompensated work for the government. The buyers were Given Quot to a Vear. A i o Farley ghost Pri Kliest Thorn in due Side of the new Deal on Power policy is giant they were official role who had Severa turned Down co authorities Quot the ing tougher than my for their own co Isnit fair at the prots toxic i,.?

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