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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - November 10, 1938, Arcadia, California Niel \ it / a Trow a Swift wow. _ _. 11 a a 1111 a of a doors open 8 i hot Fig bars and Ginger snaps brought fresh from oven. Sold Flot to you. Pack eight Arcadia daily Tribune thursday november to 1938 Cantrell is Choice meats Choice hams jewel shorten purely veg. 3 my. Pkg. I lard lib pkg. Best Ever imm by i v sausage. Baby Bee 32c armours Jubilee 25 to server 14 to file. Aat rage swifts Premium 28i� is kit nod swifts Quick serve 31. Luer s Sweet pickled armours Star sum Quot. 27i All Ham prices Are whole or Shank half Hormel a and Armour s Bacon i Swift a Premium Acon. Ifancy sliced Bacon. Half Pound Sirlin Steak 29 Chuck pot roast to prime rolled rib roast la Spring legs 22 is shoulder chops 23n> steaks Swiss rib. Ground round to Lamb shoulder 151 fancy Eastern pork chops a 25 fresh dressed poultry coloured hens my frying rabbits coloured fryers 31 Young turkeys 2 breast 7 k pure pork sausage _23 fresh sliced sea Bass 16�?��?T fillet sea Bass 23 loin roasts 23 shoulder is fish fresh shrimp 23 n. Y. Count oysters 25 Martinelli cider Macom Bekus cider gallon i or mks. Kick la egg noodles in 15c crackers lab. A pkg. Bradford a bread whole wheat or w Hite ii la. A loaf. Golden age egg noodles a 15c Golden age Mac. Spaghetti 7c Sani Clor bleach quart bottle of san tier bleach All one a an of bowl clean. Fok a gallon bottle of san Lor one an of Boul clean in Fok amp Belles Tomato juice 50-oz. Vin. 20-01. Can 7c _______18c Keady to eat pop Corn my Silks Keady to eat fresh pop 29c pop Cornu Bali Oon free Dina mite Cereal w,, i1 2 la. Pkg. Blue label.17�?T/2c 3 la. Pkg. Blue label.34c i v4 la. Pkg. Red label.17v2c red e Post 29c Gibbs finn granulated muh. Paper rag Fine granulated la. Cloth Baff. Pure Cane la. Cloth Baff. Del Monte products apricots who. 2 sn/27c 8c apricots halves so. I q tall an e v fruit cocktail Zzz 1 17c no. I tall can fruits for salad Ltd a a t9c a la c peaches r 12c 3 no. I tall cans pears x3 15c no. I tall can sugar 4 a it. 505 Loh 511 pork ii Beans St fee Aoth a Catsup. 14-oz. Bottle Heinz of rns clubs Del Monte 16c 9c 8c lie Lipton a Orange Pekoe Tea via. 20c h a 38c 75c i Hills Bros. I by Challenge Golden soup crr Quot yol Sil Ernut y. Parkay 20n> 2 lbs. 39c1 3 Rice River Blue Rose local saw o,bn251 Nelsons delicious prune juice no. I fan plums 12c no. I tall can 11 Ken Mart fresh fruits amp vegetables i in extra fancy Jonathan i apples i 4lbs 15e a fancy Crisp Washington delicious i i apples i 4 a a it 15= i Patmore Brand Cape cod cranberries per f he la. A. / new crop extra fancy Diamond i walnuts ii i9c 1 m Best Quality Sweet Northern i peas i 2ito 15c d u. S. No. I extra fancy Russett i i potatoes i 12lbs 15� jumbo size Arizona Grapefruit 6 or 10c Best Castroville i artichokes each a finest Imperial Valley asparagus i 2 25�?T a we carry a Complete line i i Frozen fruits and i vegetables i come in and i i see our display a. _ pineapple a a xdcanl51c 2 Corn r 7c no. I Flat Cam 17-oz. Tin peas it 7c 17-oz. It an. Spinach 2 cans 21c no. 2�4 can pumpkin 9c no. 2 can Sauer Kraut 3 25c no. 2 can tuna 2 7-oz. Cans prunes 2 15c size ukes. Kerns Tomato juice 46-oz. Can. No. To can. Los. Can. Lie 2sc Libby a red Alaska no. Tall can. Salmon no 1 Happy Vale Salmon tall can none is ii mince meat be All Good solid pack no. M can. Tomatoes Phillips Lyl of cans pork amp Beans 2 15c schillings Ben hut i breakfast c folgers Alt Maxwell to . Can2 Chase amp san 4 19c no-2i b. A my baked Large 28-oz. Can Beans Van amps fruit specials apricots or Quot ? a Mioc r k o. I a an 7c a pit to at Dainty mix m Nivolo whole peeled. 2 to. I i tall 1 ans blueberries Stewart no. Can 15c riffed Vic Ever taty Maraschino 2-0. Bottle Rue Dirc Suprema red pitted no. An 12c Grapefruit Zzz 2 no.2 cans 19c peaches 2 n Cir Quot 13c 2 no.2 3 cans 19c d17 adult Good taste jet/mtm3 Bartlett n 0. 2 a can 12c pineapple Sotl. 3 a mat cans 25c Grapefruit juice 2 no.2 can 13c Orange juice or 6�?T 2-oz. Cans 25c pork amp Beans cd a 9c Seaside Lima Beans 2 25215c just Ofiu the cob shoe Peg Corn 3 of Del Maiz in lets Corn Cli no.2 cans a Sanka or i Kaffee hag Fly Achi Gold medal in Pillsbury in Globe a l to Flapjack Flapjack no 5ii Silverdale tomatoes Assise Dinette peas or peas amp carrots 4n x19c t Aste w Ell sugar peas cans no. T can. T a a lord Sweet potatoes sol Normandie French Fried no. J tall can. Kellogg Safu buy i pack to Oft on from t o com Bina re 1 pkg. Kellogg a Pep 2 pkg. Corn flakes i pkg. All Rye flakes Jersey Corn Fil potatoes t free dog foods or. Ross Salto Doyle lib. Cans 9c Kennel King 1117c Marco 2 lie cans Skippy a la. Taste Well spinach 2 in 17c hand Kitchen i with Furch improved for All vegetable j Snaer plated free Teaspoon wheat 22c with Albers Pearl of wheat Large package in i Jacc natural v no. 2 an americas sweetest 1224 big prizes Crisci Fluffy ,1 Lola o x y d o l or dash pkg. Pug soap a thursday november to 1938 him to to . Or i life 34ic my i life 34ic ii. I la. 29ic 0 1 a a i life 12c Naco a 2 la. 39c dec valuable a t c a pocket knife a Premium chocolate Zzz 14c hers Huyts baking chocolate Zzz 10c wha etch Purchase of Thompsons chocolate malted milk a ate new Irish potatoes i 8c can milk Golden state _3�?o 16c Banner _ 3 "16c Alpine 4 25c mothers Swift Choc late cake 19c Hershey breakfast Cocoa a lie is a motor Oil Eastern a a Rafiu bake a 2 gallon can. 7�?oc Kern Loii a pure Peni Sylvania 2-Gal. Be 12 sold under permit 225 wow aril an a Welch grape juice pin 18c quart. He St n land Green olives is free Cereal bowl Corn Xix w Ith purr a a of 2 package at 21c pint far Zzz Sunland Litfin olives Small to a. Jar 25c Sunland Green Ripe zouves a re a Quot put size an 19c Lighthouse Cleanser per can 3c 50c 2-lb. Vin 50c 25c 2-lb. Can 50c 126n ii 51c 50c ism a 25c 34c jewel salad Oil Iris products 8-os. A a pint bottle ave bottle 19c be 33c Corn country gentleman shoe Peg. Golden Bantam 2 is 23c Van Kamp Hominy Sweet peas 2 ��?z3 25c 2xv15c i tomatoes solid pack no.2 j 4 tic Grogan olives Ioc in 19c string less Beans 2 be 27c medium size Large size. Pint can pumpkin no.2 j 19c pint us a a. 20c Mammoth size. Colossal size. Can 22c can 23c Apple sauce 2 Cam 22c pint can pint can 19c can in 24c in 33c apricots whole peeled i z j 21c peaches no. 21 can 16c Bartlett pears no. 21i can 19c Lindslay olives Large size my it 22c i Mammoth size a c an can p,n,14c a a 25c vacuum Mac ked Doumakes Snow White marshmallows cello bag Ioc r 10 xae 4 4�?~lb sack jut sack Vav ,o40c re a 90c 40c 38c no. 24-lh. Sack 30c sack no. 10�# 24h-lb. Sack 30c sack 85c 80c ii 9c �l7c Large 40-oz. 16c walkers with bean Chili concave r.v14c walkers Plain Chili on came a no 20c Walker s hot. Tamales n �?z117c fran co a Mer ic1 an Iris Coffee a tuneful Ola regular lab. Can. 27c and drip a 2lb. Can. 52c gliding planes one with each package of 0 do Al Sweet 20 Maro a in tra Chams soap Peets granulated soap pkg. 24 in Spaghetti 8c b costal Wlliet it Ripple wheat pkg 9c Keg. Size bar. 3c White Eagle chips pc 16c z 30c pkg. A a free whoop in Ball with each Purchase Palmo Uve soap 2 Bart 22c e flakes for 10c nether cent in Deal All for 8tes�-�. 5c a Mai Quaker Oats St 9c Cream Oil toilet soap 31.�?z 13c 60-oz. A. Pkg. Ioc Queen Isabella Crape juice a 13cat 23c Libby scorn beef 116c Heinz baby food 2 15c Kellogg a w Hole wheat biscuits 17c Ivory soap 2 lie 2 c 17c Camay toilet soap 2 lie Lux toilet soap 3 17c lifebuoy soap 3 ban 17c Rinso package 20c of 8-lh. Tin free 46 a b a Ai Irten ing ten 90 Scot tissue a Roll 7c miss 19c 51c t t 48c 19ic 22c 3c Waldorf tissue Roll Par it 21c old 55c with Purchase of every giant package you will receive one extra pottery plate free White King 4c granulated soap a Pkt. 28c Mission Bell toilet soap a. 4c to turn Means a univ silverware Large 22>oz. Package and one 10c package Ali. Fok Underwood steamed pudding buy 2 pkg. For 23c and get i extra package for in Arcadia daily Tribune Pace nine gise meats Hormel or i Mahy Gold Coin Elln. re Bacon he. 13 in 100% pm re Sho Loer Keystone Bacon my. Cello. Pkg Dormeus or Cudahy a picnic hams aaa to ail a la Swift s Premium hams 27 whole or honk half a Cut a bar i vib. Whole or Shank half As Cut Eastern whole or half slab i int Oil air Etc Rix to it if i of pork sausage. J3 t la Large Lea n pork chops 22 the i eds whole or Shank Hall Eastern Ham. A a in la Bacon n of sliced i Ai la milk veal leg roast.16 la shoulder veal roast 12 breast of veal. La la t to a Puritan milk Lamb leg of Lamb.231 shoulder roast whole .14ib rib Lamb chops.19s, veal chops. A la shoulder whole pork roast 15 it la pork boast a t la leg whole or a Shank pork roast 19 h la beef . Of tails la. Fresh . Calf brains set fresh Babi steer beef Tongue. .14 t Hom fir pc urn it Hoise i in i Mvi lib id a steak.24 St to it to rib roast 19 la c Hoice Bee a pot roast 13 it to 22 sliced . Sliced . Sliced Black . Eastern oysters Doz. Fresh . Young fresh dressed turkeys 24_ St la if la strictly fresh Young stewing hens. 19 coloured frying chickens is a9 frying rabbits. Aaa la la Valley Center produce Best Watsonville Bellefleure apples lbs Golden Ripe bananas a a 25 extra fancy Schoolboy Jonathan a p be s s lbs. Is Large Sweet Arizona Grapefruit Choice Stockton Burbank potatoes Sweet Spanish onions each la. La. Washington cranberries is la. Crisp Utah Type celery stalk 3 5d Ted ii a a 40, re to As of a Cit a of in Rop a Belg Ting the the not that the in. The out it ack Day Dolf Fred Ole the be re re Ilsa 1 a 14-va.s Erin it red veg Iti or 19 i to

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