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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - November 9, 1938, Arcadia, California Wednesday remember 0, 1o. U Arcadia daily Tribune a re three Mon Hovia in women Al eke i Unk Oill i h i t \ my in be business and in club last Munch Lovely dinner Al Muel followed by in anti movies mum by sold.-1 Lilly i it it Wber it i the club. Margaret Petrie a Lynn Smith of water i strict showed an a1 film Quot ism i i e of the i inn the growth of Tahini ii Liv a with the development a brie Busine the evening enter Normal discussion the various Mea. The Monrovia Mal women lit enjoyed i i a \ Cli it la us to 1 a 111 a 11 in11114 Tail c wits n form r mein accompanied a the piano he mein pol ital Ca t int a trac metres Are hosts at sunday Soiree in new studio or meet Trig a intent pro and ires to i in i water ave in i not cd 1 and i heir met Tze and Virginia Stewart i Arcadia opened their new in dance studio Iii the alluding on Colorado Boule re wjf11 an interesting Soiree Sun v night. Artists and friends were in to Welcome the metres into i a Lien i cult ural i if. Illust were informally entertain a i aph Pisel or. Talented Pup quota he Quot a Dpi ally a Quot Molino Quot my. World fair exhibited talents in a most amusing Fusil non today Anontine Christmas parts til Iii the Aztec hotel men com of Lite til made apron and food at ii in of fax am and apron and food a held at the next woman he Arcadia comi unit meeting scheduled for no luncheon will in served a clock and a Short business will be held at 2 of clo a m Dysart president wlm hot luncheon commit act Side Al the Busine will meet in will be Guild of Church Libei to at 12 30 meet inc Mary the pre utter lit it Ai class inner Friday or members i i the upper room class i tilt Arcadia a Omin unil \ Church Rill hold their monthly potluck Linier meeting at the Church Friday a veiling at ii lit o clock. Will Hatch inside it will preside. Opposite City Hall Arcadia Calif. I Biety snows Iii is Virginia Stewart Metze spoke Brid in a bout Hie history and per Onali Tii s of the modern dance Heinie dowing tin films Mary Wigman and Lier group which she made while studying in Dresden in i Tita mile movie showed Wigman and Lier group Iii shots from the Fiance which composed their 1934-ii. Inure e program. Tom Holland a former Ballet member of or. Metze in Reinhardt s recent production of Quot Faust Quot was introduced As the artist who painted the water colors of dancers exhibited in i he studio. Dances for guests telling something of her husbands european Fiance career. I s Metze introduced Kurt Metze who danced three compositions. Quot Farruya rile thief and during the refreshment hour that followed or. Metzer a dancing the artist was enthusiastically congratulated on his dance talents and Given Many Good wishes for his american Icess the Hope was expressed that he would soon be seen in concert Here. Or Metze begins his teaching this j week pc it ii classes for professionals children and Amateur in All phases of recreational and theatrical dance. Modes and manners a Yaday honoured at Hollywood Arcadia boy members of the y m c a Are anticipating an exciting Lane on saturday november 12, when tin v go in a body to Hollywood to celebrate Quot a Day on the program will is a 9 Olock meeting it Hollywood Hig Bool and a 9 30 showing of Shirley i Emple listen Darling a with a Box lunch interrupting the exciting events at noontime at 2 of clock they will see the u. Of l. A. \ Wisconsin football game at the los Angeles coliseum i lockets for the entire list of events Iii placed at a nominal fee. They May be obtained through local y lenders or at the office of e j i sit Nond a y m. C. A District score iary at 629 South Myrtle Avenue Monrovia. Phone Monrovia 072 or 40803. Arcadia boy Are to go from first Avenue school Iii 8 a Iii., saturday. In it presidents Al let at san Gabriel i i unit presidents of the District. American legion auxiliaries for 1938-39. Met recently at the Home of mrs. Wallace Forsythe 1709 i Jackson Avenue san Gabriel for a Quot get acquainted Quot luncheon. Among the plans discussed were those for a Christmas party to be held december 29 at the Home of mrs. M. C Wilcox 1556 Baseline Road Glendora. Guests were mrs. M. Randall Pomona mrs. I. L. Olson Claremont mrs. Wilcox mrs. Arthur Seaman i mrs. G. Pitman. Mrs. G. Parker Baldwin Park mrs. M. Cline Arcadia mrs. A b. Olson Al Monte mrs. Samuel Lester or Temple City mrs. Billie Rapp East Pasadena mrs v Smith la Verne mrs. Jay i Morgan Wilmar mrs. T. Hill Monterey Park miss Mary Green Rosemead mrs. William Wright san Gabriel and mrs. L. Teets san Dimas. A ticket a tasket a Little jewelled Basket no matter How Many medicines Rou have tried for your common Ough Chest cold or bronc Lral irrigation you May get Relief now with or emulsion. Serious trouble May in brewing and you cannot afford o take a Chance with any remedy Ess potent than Cro emulsion which Joes right to t he seat of the trouble my aids nature to soothe and heal he inflamed mucous membranes and to loosen and expel Genn Aden phlegm. Even if other remedies have failed Long to be discouraged try Creo mul Ion. Your druggist is authorized to fund your Money if you Are not thoroughly satisfied with the benefits obtained. Or emulsion is one Iford. Ask for it plainly see that the lame on the bottle is or emulsion my you la got the genuine product my tile Relief you want. Adv question. Quot where a girl has no. Parents or close relatives How should the announcement of her engage ment be worded for the local news i paper answer i such a Case the i announcement does not have to be made in the name of any one. It May simply read Quot the engagement Jot miss Helen Goldsmith daughter i of the late or. And mrs Henry i Goldsmith to or. Samuel Roberts j of Watertown is announced. Read and Ytaas this want ads Short its to remove sealing Wax from corks and Glass tubes use denatured alcohol. Sid dish towels to soak in hot water to which a Little ammonia has Bren added and there Mill be no unpleasant odor. Town rambler Lions club to hear former tra i robber cd we Are in. For we when use kerosene to remove Iron. Gasoline will remove Nickle. Rust from rust from to make Dresser drawers slide easier rub the parts that stick with laundry soap or paraffin. When hanging curtains tiebacks pull the shades Down and let it serve As a Marker. Pikes entertain in new Home last night serving As a combined birthday party and a housewarming was the dinner party monday night at the Lemon Avenue Home of or. And mrs. R. H. Pike who moved into their new 8-room. Georgian residence Only wednesday. The birthday celebrants included or. And mrs. Pike and John Krenz son of or. And mrs. Fred Krenz who were also guests at the party. Others at the dinner were i s. R. R. Krenz Kotlier of or. Krenz mrs. J. Harper of Altadena and the Krenzis other three sons Richard Warren and Billy. Greens enjoy Buffet supper at Padua or. And mrs. N. B. Green of 2508 Naomi Avenue Arcadia had As their guest mrs. Louise m. Green Mother of or. Green at Padua Hills sunday for the Buffet supper. My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt in Stop and go / a Miles to it cd is in Low and second your engine makes up to 3 times As Many revolutions As in High a uses 3 times As much gasoline Stop and go driving fools your speedometer a while your car is going a mile. Your engine May go the equivalent of two. The number of extra revolutions your in Pine makes depends on How Many times you Stop and Start How much of your div Ling is in Low and second gears nowadays no matter where you drive in town or country you can to avoid Stop and go. But you can do something about its Cost. Shell engineers found that getting away from a traffic Stop can waste enough a a undigested a gasoline to carry you 1 3 of a mile. To Cut this costly waste they rearranged the chemical Structure of gasoline. They make every drop of super Shell Quot motor digestible Quot a under All driving conditions. You can save on driving costs by the regular use of super Shell. Try it. Super Shell amp new of Stop amp go a Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in blockheads with Patricia Ellis movie quiz picture also a spawn of the North with George raft Henry Fonda Dorothy Lamour movie quiz picture starts tomorrow Fred Astaire Ginger Rogers in a a Carefree movie quiz picture also George o Brien in a the renegade rangers with Rita Hayworth Tim Holt everyone has a Chance giant Keno tonight in route to Washington by airline i had a Beautiful flight last saturday from Seattle to san Francisco. It was sometimes Cloudy with a soft White Cushion of Down under one Wing of the plane while on the other Side Pine covered mountains were plainly visible below us. Finally we had a Clear View of it. Shasta Snow capped and standing out alone far above the other peaks. I tried to forget How much i disliked saying goodbye to my seat tic family and kept telling myself How Luemly we arc that we can keep seeing each other As often As we do. It is Odd How hard it is to rationalize feeling. I was so concerned about the numerous appeals that came to me in Seattle that i forgot to mention the fact that i received several letters which contained Only kind messages. One enclosed a heist Mas card one a song for the president and others told of achievements which were Good to hear about. In Portland my Friend congressman Nan Honey Man. Came to tile Airport to soc my. She is making a Good fight in lie1 District. In Edmonton some delicious pears were brought to me and at another Stop some Flowers so i Lek very much spoiled by the kindly cordial people of the West it was about two hours drive from the san Francisco Airport to the ranch where James is a guest. I was glad to find that his enforced Holiday was doing him Good but he does not look or seem quite Strong As vet. I arrived at the ranch after dark and i must confess that it did not seem like any ranch i had Ever seen before a swimming Pool forms the Center of the House set in a Garden court from which the rooms open out. It seemed like a talc from the arabian nights and one waited for the Genii to appear and ask one to make a wish. When i awoke in the morning the Sun was shining on the Brown Borders of Flowers. I went out Tor a stroll before breakfast was shown some adorable Collie pups and discovered that once away from the House the place is a real cattle ranch run on a business basis. James and i had a leisurely walk Over the Golf course on this Beautiful sunday morning. In country Tike this which is unencumbered by people i always feel particularly grateful to the almighty who made this world and put us Here to enjoy it for a time. I flew out of san Francisco again about 6 30 p rn., had a smooth flight to los Angeles and was met there by a terrifying number of flashing bulbs and wondered Why i rated so much attention until i found out that Irene Rich was a fellow passenger on her Way to Washington to attend tile Uii Vielmo with huge fur scarves of Many Many skins so very fashionable what More striking Way to display their opulence than to fasten them about your shoulders with these jewelled pins designed by Leo Glass in the shape of tiny Flower baskets filled with sparkling Multi coloured jewelled Flowers. And for fun. Another smaller Basket at the cuff of each flaring Gauntlet Glove. Mrs. Day resigns chairmanship mrs. Grace b. Day yesterday resigned her appointive office As publicity chairman of the Arcadia . A. Council because of the illness of her aged Kotlier mrs. Nellie Wilcox. Who recently slipped and fell at the doorway of her Home. Mrs. Day will retain the office of historian of the Council. Mrs. Helen Scofield president expects to announce the name of the new appointee shortly. Or. And mrs. Lewis return from East of. Til is w sackcloth and ashes made a terrible Blunder we reported the woman a club meeting. We til rough some convolution of our brain gave the name of the pretty blonde girl who wore the 1877 brides costume As Barbara Hodgkins. When it should have been Barbara Geiger. Are we embarrassed. And she looked so cute that she made a special hit with us. So if Barbara will accept our apology we Promise never mix her up again. Rancho in Winter dress drove Over Rancho Santa Anita. The other Day. And noted sorrowfully that the time of Winter was at hand. Fields that Lay just yesterday it seems Blooming and Fertile. Are now slowed Over. And waiting expectantly for seed. Speaking of the Rancho reminds us that Arcadia should be very proud of their new residents for it seems that both sections of Rancho Santa Anita and Santa Anita Oaks came through a Hundred percent in their Community Chest contributions. R m Dickinson president of the Chest so informed us at the recent Community Chest workers luncheon. We we Cre amused at some of the reminisces of the workers. Who encountered Barking dogs. Indifferent housewives who let them Bruise their Knuckles without answering the door. And other such unpleasant Ries. But these were offset most of them said. By the charming thoughtful generous persons they met during the Campaign enjoy talk mrs. Lulu s. Reynolds. Sat across from us at the club luncheon. And mrs. Charles w. Stewart 1. On our left. With mrs. Glenn b. Watson who gave us a recipe for a cake which we re going to try. On our right. So had a Good time. You May be sure. ,. Since the three ladies Are Friendly and easy to talk to our conversation never flagged. As sometimes it does. Good commentator mrs. Carl Randolph has a wonderful grasp of foreign affairs. She revealed that at the woman s club. Frankly we had looked Forward to that meeting with not a Little trepidation. For we have often. Been forced to sit and listen to terrible hash under the name of a a current events.�?�. But her commentary was masterly no less. And we think the club must be simply bursting with Pride Over her. Winter Violet we met mrs. Lorne c. Roosevelt for the first time at the club meeting. She is Small and dark and very Friendly. We enjoyed talking with Lier. And asked her How aide her pretty daughter who attends Junior College got her name for Alele rods so merrily off ones i Tongue that we wore sure there was j a Story behind it. And there was. Alele was bom in South America. We forget whether it j was Peru or Chile. Anyway it was Winter time. And Little Winter violets wore just pushing i themselves bravely up nor the Snow. So mrs. Roosevelt. Named her baby daughter William a a Bill l. Carlisle Fortner notorious train robber who assert edly served a prison term of 20 years at Wyoming state prison for Robi Irry will be the principal speaker at the Lions club luncheon meeting thursday noon at be i it a Rev inn. President Robert Sheehan will preside Over the meeting. Or Carlisle will Tell of his life a a trial robber and it is said will explain from first hand experience that a crime do Cosno to so Lovely until some girls Are Lovely until they open their Mouths to speak or smile. Done to let Dull unattractive Teeth ruin the effect of Nice features and artistic make up. See your dentist or improve your brushing methods to remove unsightly Stanus. Torrey a pure Orange juice to take out pints quarts gallon 75 w. Huntington or. Opposite the Park what s in the air ? maw min Yau Don t wont to Mao Mot Lur of a a a a Toft Fotr weft Twiny Turfy. Volt. Hut 1 Haven t to a radio my i Kun t to hit on to orphan Annis soy. Of boy a Tiv d a a Al Mim to bout i or Ihm Thi phantom i Fox ski Tai to 3f m. I Goodnoe. Mottle my Hie. Did Roar Hoe Bon 4 Tot it of to Dows at the from works Ahne be no i von Tho Mono Flay if a Thi ans Nami Wjk. Lioti in my i ired out but Happy today Are or and mrs. W g. Lewis. 1166 West Duarte Road who recently completed think is As pretty As any Violet a six weeks motor tour of the East.1 Ever could be. The lewites motored to Wichita Kansas his former Home and also visited in Council Grove Lopeka and Atchison before entraining on the Streamliner for Chicago and Milwaukee where they visited his sister. They then returned to Wichita picked up their car and drove Home to California via Flagstaff and Prescott Arizona where they just missed a severe storm. Pm i Cook Why i imm w Norma y0un0rt suppl Homes ill Haim. That veld Aalf what a a Araa Barf wed not a 9 a la 4i a. I it other highlights for today Johnny Murray ,. A is to sri f. N. Ole tray. I to a j 4ft p. J. J we Farmr Troff. Boo Tami p. S. 0d and Junior. 6 30 to 8 4 p. M. Cana hangar. 7 30 to so p. M. No i Gage Raf tha air 9.1 0 to Smi p. S. Thursday maw. 7 41 to Boba. M. Happy hour. 9 30 to 9 4j a. M. Mid morning Matin 10 00 to 10 30 a. M. Noon now. I 12 00 Taumi p. M. Queen City Dairy Good fresh milk delivered to your Home or at Dairy 2540 so. 10th ave. Phone at. 7-1440 modes and manners question please answer the Fol lowing questions in the modes and manners column 1> when drinking a soda is it permissible to life the Glass from the Fountain 2 is ing a soda is it permissible to lift of one thank you. A seven answer always when drinking whether the beverage is taken direct from a cup or through a Straw the Container cup or Glass is raised to the lips. 2� it is Correct to pass All dishes at the left. Of her daughter s Beautiful Monument to the nurses in the War. A smooth flight to fort Worth. Where my lessons Iii flexibility served me Well. Elliott and Ruth met me and announced that if i expected to vote tomorrow i must continue my flight straight through for storms were on the Way which would in All probability prevent my plane from flying through the night. I hated to five up seeing my grandchildren and Elliott s radio studio and the addition to their ranch House but i must be Home tomorrow if possible so Here i Ani on the plane bound for Washington to a Midnight train to new York. Is. Uti Pitterson named exclusive distributor Tor Mhz Fakir a waver foundations a Hie makers of charts adjustable foundation and swamis flexible foundations Are Happy to announce the appointment of mrs. Alta Patterson As exclusive local distributor for these nationally famous garments. S1v my mrs. Patterson has recently completed an int a ii course in modern figure analysis and figure style she will provide an up to the minute personalized figure improvement and Home Corset i v service a the Superior features of charts and swamis inundations Are Well known to most fashionably Inin ded women the patented adjustable charts design and the unique lightweight contour control of swamis offer advantages not found in other Gat merits. A Call mrs. Requirements pm at Patterson May be. No matter what you May reach your special her after 4 Lim 1155 Blanche Street Telephone at. 7 Pasadena. Alif. A exclusive distributor for a Radlak Charis Cor pin a Allin town a a

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