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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - November 5, 1938, Arcadia, California In acc four Arcadia paita to Thune saturday november 5/1338beu Uty children health o Urco Logne gives year round Beauty help its a grand for that tired feeling Darker lurks in Cabinet clean out old medicines by i Arn North Chrisman or of of a cleaning always Means Clearing out Medicine it i islet. A Medicine Closel or Cabinet has become a nation i institution. In it we find cosmetics tooth powders her cd Che tablets pills Bandage Hall mod prescriptions and a p Vav. Lot collection of everything wanted or not wanted. Or a a Pitcher kept her medicines a on n a h shelf in a closet or pan t r Ltd a try v v beyond reach of Chil Valai Liazzo a cts Iron. A i in shelves were deep with plenty of loom for Lareo bottles and boxes. She labelled them As cough medicines Colic her banker 4& years on Job or Krisman cure. W o r in Medicine Castor Oil. Cabool e i. Quinine parabolic Sweet spirits of nit re. Ipecac n r whatever tin y contained grandmother w a s Thrifty. But s h e was also neat. So once or twice a in year a he tidied up this shelf and throw out things not in use. Winn anything was needed from this shelf she got it herself. She did not Trust anyone to handle tier Cirl g store. Try Talbot i be it s a a iou tiling tile Bank lit Day is past else december 1938. Would be a bloody Day Kalamazoo Midi. At height o i be depression with Banks shutting like angry clams banker weren t dearly beloved. Now times Are different and Kalamazoo is Safe in gathering More than a score of internationally Fame together for a banquet dangerous dupe now things Are different. The Medicine Cabinet is a Small cubby in bathroom. There int mar in Bush room for All cosmetics and gadgets and a great variety of bottles pills tablets of All colors. All looking More or less a be most of them have on Diug sore Label which tells How to Tak them but not what is in them. The shelves Are too Low for Large bottles so those Are placed on dressers mantles tables ice Box or any convenient place where All family can reach them. The doctor May dispense his own medicines in a Little Box or envelope with something scribbled on it which no one can read. This is a potential source of danger. A drugs Are More or less poisonous when taken in sufficient Quantity. Used properly they Are helpful but in hands of babes and children they Are a source of great danger. Looking into almost any Medicine Cabinet we find a collection of partially empty bottles and Pill boxes. The patient for whom Medicine was prescribed recovered Tor decided it was not doing him any Good and what Medicine was left remains on shelf. No one knows what it was for. Someone becomes sick in night goes to Medicine Cabinet and looks Over these bottles. He decides this or that Medicine will help him and takes it. He May be taking a whooping cough Medicine for a cramp in his Ler. A child May fight himself into spasms to avoid taking his own Medicine but will Neak out Mother s Medicine and drink it Down. This is great danger of running to a modern Medicine Cabinet and this is reason that All medicines should be locked up or placed out of reach. With House cleaning All partly filled bottles and boxes not plainly labelled and of unknown use should be thrown away. Keep from children one of most frequent causes of death in children who have taken Slob n Medicine is strychnine. It almost always come ii Bright red coated tablets v in h should be a warning. To children color is an attraction rho child eats two of tin or or More of these and in a Short time Comal a a ions occur with fatal results. Almost a1 laxative tablets contain some Strych Nia. The Label tells it or it May to n irked Poison. But cd id does riot read Label phenolphthalein is another drug often pro it in laxative tablets it in very poisonous in Bankers tendered to 75-year-old Charles e c. Mooll Dean of them All. Or. Campbell will Nave been with Bank Fie Heads for 48 years. The Bank. Chartered in 18g3, will be celebrating its Dia morn Anni it Rosary. So they arc just going hog wild and have a Reginal banker s Holiday. Bank Jamboree six Hundred in ii and women will be guests at a dinner to or Campbell and first National Bank Anet Trust company in what probably will be largest Jamboree of its special sort Ever livid in mid West. People like James it. Perkins chairman of Board of National City Bank and other big guns will wander about at will aim tar Means billions of dollars Worth of credit will be strolling about otherwise innocuous Kalamazoo. It seems like a Lovely time to make a $10 touch from first stranger a or maybe it won t be Ocause Bankers Aren t supposed to be easy. If camera does no to lie. Tile photograph of or. Camp b e i i which lies before me is incredible Tor he does no to look More Titan fifty he has tire a wrinkled face of a Man in his prime his hair is heavy Wavy and White his eyes Are dark and sparkling and his Mouth is firm and smiling. It has been outside Bank rat or. Campbell has won ii outstand a position. He has never sought or held an elective office but his time has been at disposal of any worthwhile Enterprise of general Benefit to City. Public neighbor he helped to organize first unified Charity program in Luu was first president of newly formed Community Chest Ann for his services was awarded tin title of Public neighbor no. In by Community chests and councils inc., in a testimonial dinner in which entire City tuck part. He was a member of City s charter commission Twenty years a. Has been a a. Member Tor More than fifty years and trustee and of lice for forty years. He is now a so ate trustee has beep trustee Oti in y . A. Since 1931 and a trustee of Kalamazoo College since 1923. He is treasurer of y..a., a i a muzo it College a my first Pilot so Terian Churro and i clo Cly it a ii cd with Many of tile leading industries of to.-, City �?~split1 menus give variety Aid shopper greeting guests flirtatious wives risk wrecking their Homes by la m i la Wilson a i have never had any Difili Cutty planning luncheon for myself and children when they came Home from school at noon but recently my husband has changed his place of business and comes Home too. He likes a substantial meal at this time so i have a real problem on my hands. I do not like idea of planning two big meals a Day. It. Makes a lot of extra work for me besides second meal is Apt to be too much like first. I would appreciate any suggestions you can give dinner Sipper plans Chicken with mushroom stuffing and Giblet Gravy baked Acorn Squash spiced peaches pineapple Spanish Ream Coffee Corn chowder crackers mixed Green salad with cheese canned cherries cookies Tea with Lemon Arlen Whelan Lovely film Star soothes her tired shoulders with Cooling eau cd c Cologne when she rests Between shots of a new picture. It is a Sui tire recipe far a Quick a a Pep comeback. Dash on a bit of Cologne you la find it refreshing by Jacqueline hint thie originator of that misleading idea that Cologne should be confined to warm weather use should be subjected to some disagreeable punishment for Cologne is just As refreshing during fall and Winter of year As any other time. No frenchwoman would dream of setting aside her eau de Cologne at any time of War. A Madame May by sparing of bet ranges Are More soothing to tired perfumes because her personal nerves than Musky perfumes budget is often limited but she and heavier scents that should be uses her Cologne with a lavish used Only for special occasions h a n d. Some even though perfumers and Cost i in e s s h e Metic manufacturers have Devil sprinkles a lit coed Many new and thrilling tie on her bed things there is nothing which can Linen dashes a replace old fashioned eau de cot a by spoonful Ione As a year round picker up i or so into her per. Dash it around your person at t ii b w h e n proper time and ifs Best bathing puts possible cure for let Downs Wear rops Ness nerve or headaches. Besides it adds. At All times that feeling of Clair me that every lady enjoys wit n a Low into final rinsing water 4 when shampooing her and list s it religiously As a general tray tin a she to eau do Mother Solomon says Lent Colon for coca sir and i Clima her complexion bore be Wing her make up. Peps you i p professional Mot defenders of eau cd freshening qualities. During t ired Anne ire among i Cologne s there arc Day when is in a Totulis a Quot Washem plate a a ii Vin says leu i v e themselves or is of with fret a was pearls become a Quien so do my Pearl onions adorn lettuce salad. A tile Tongue of Lamb and foot of pig become As Amble la. After a pickling. A a banana Golden to ripeness and Mellow a a and Mother so tide fulfils a fond destiny when it is. Iced upon in it by c u n flakes Aud smothered in Pale Amber Cream. A a can of b. R and a can of Corn to cd into Well cooked Bacon and be s t he Lent and i onion sons c p i Case to a be mulched with tips of ii make a it e Tel their i e right i byte is8 othe in it a morning Dor s drink of your breakfast cocktail a a tidy can of sparkling juice he Many women no doubt have your mealtime problem at least a part of time if not daily and would probably Welcome some tips on menu planning. Have you tried scheme of planning a Complete four course dinner including soup main course of meat and vegetables salad and dessert and then a a splitting menu this scheme insures a Well balanced food plan for Day. Simplifies marketing and preparation and makes your evening meals entirely different from those you serve at noon. The idea is to serve main course of meat and vegetables with an interesting relish or Garnish. At noon finishing meal with dessert. At night serve soup and salad with fresh fruit and cheese or stewed or canned fruit and packaged or homemade cookies for dessert. You can vary main course meal and evening meal. Occasionally serve a sturdy casserole dish Oyster Stew or eggs in place of hot soup n evening. This is an especially Good plan if fish or a Light meat was served at noon. Here is a delicious dish for your main course meal Chi Ken with mushrooms i 5-Pound roasting Chicken Quot cups dried out bread crumbs 11 a cups Small mushrooms sliced i Apple cored and chopped 1 i cup no fled butter i egg slightly beaten Sage cloves cinnamon Salt Pepper clean and Wash Chicken and rub in Ide and out with butter Salt and powdered Herb seasoning. Saute mushrooms for a few minutes in melted butter add bread crumbs chopped Apple and crumbled Sage a dash powdered cloves cinnamon Salt and Pepper to season Well. Add slightly beaten egg and fill Chicken. Tie or sew and roast in a hot oven about 20 minutes until Bird starts to Brown. Reduce heat Anil roast allowing 20 minutes per Pound Cook giblets in water to Rover until tender. Measure drippings from Chicken add an equal amount of flour an i blend for Gravy acid Stock from giblets and stir until very smooth and thick. Add milk or water to make Gravy desired consistency. Season Well and add another cup of sliced mushrooms that have been salted in butter. Slice Chicken and serve with die tug masked in mushroom Giblet Gravy. By Marian Mays Martin Hiie Mon who likes to Quot play around Quot or woman who must have a string of scalps at her Belt had better get it out of their systems Belore they marry. Marriage is a one Man or one woman game and those who think they can beat it have another t ii Ink coming. There a a certain Type of husband who still has an Eye for ladies anti coddling a child Only makes him fearful t Imp and Money to buy them lunches or drinks. All of which is More or less accepted or winked of. And May be according to Hoyle. Cd i b e r Tson Emily Post and i by Jane Herbert g u Vav a r i ittle Jackie wanted to stand up Iii swing so Morihei h id him firmly and gave a Little push. The youngster squealed with Delight. But one push was cd gently ii la ii wanted ii e indicated that in Hap had c n Dougli Aud in i ii e i helped him d own. Next mrs Goward copyright 1938. By Fairchild. Black crush resistant velvet makes this Square necked hostess gown outline emphasized in sky Blue embroidered Chiffon which also makes cuffs. Under soft pilots at front of skirt there is a concealed slide closing. Seeing what Jackie did. Wanted to find out it lie could swing standing too but his Mother said firmly. A a that a a Good Way to break your neck a she criticized. A i done to want you to take any Tommy pouted All rest of authorities on games and How to play them. Its just As Well to remember however that a single false p i a y a y be a Ostly and this applies to. E in e a too any one who Eves to p i a v v i t ii fire should be heavily insured and prepared to take and pay for great time o r risks. Next of lie women like to be cons died Rood sports and do try really to Overlook a flirtatious tendency in heir husbands. They condone this by a Hying a men Are like that a or a it does no to mean a but Tommy. In they done to like it and they very next swing of ten have a very hard time Selling themselves idea they Are to accept. Mrs. Martin thought of trying it again Fie might be Able to stand up longer. Means women too Point of this Dory is Why can to women get it through their Heads liar men feel bist same he Felt squelched but soon forgot about their affairs a Hughes disappointment As Mother of band May choose to accept a stray to Rcd. A hold fast. Here a goes an Man or two around a he premises other because it him appear silly Tommy gripped ropes tense object hut believe me he does Beauty tips by but push he got was a joke sending him Forward so slowly that swing swayed from Side to Side at same time. Jackie was going faster and higher m a perfect Arch. Watching film. Tommy experienced a vicarious thrill it someone had Given him an unexpected hard push however or probably would have shriek a in terror. Tommy smother a fears or his Hou safety were wholly exaggerated. A a not Ike it. To May know that there san in Fie situation and thai he Cap Trust ins wife hut lie also knows lie and to Trust stray a a in ase. He has lived Long Clough t kno a a that be b x. Thois Quot Emu us fur Limo Viti. An question a my features Are not symmetrical. My nose is worst feature As it slants slightly to left. Is there any Way Iii which i can App a my Rouge or arrange my hair to make this defect less conspicuous part your hair rather High on right Side and try some of interesting up swept curls. If your nose is Long and crooked and your other features rather irregular you. Might find that some Low placed unless impulse is squelched All a c to soften children seek to do new things a it 0 with their bodies climbing pushing wrestling pulling balancing tire not to be by they Nave spending their a other mail s most rim trusted. Their ten spa re w i a not mean in Nevi r with a i Cli lend of some i to Lier hut i do a. A married wore for a pleasant a result her child was timid. Jackie whose Kotlier did not Nob for useless dangers was not on aunt Turous but eager Foi a1. Kinds of physical experimenting. Up to age of five or six and curls in Back will help and balance your features. Place your Rouge slightly nearer nose mean in a a vied woman has no Esq a romantic Over any men it Cerf i or husband when ?. Many a Hest Friend has run of House lie will not abuse privilege unless he is re tool. He will Limp Cie Pati its at such times fix is reasonably sure that or husband will be at Home. On right Side than it is on lie themselves running jumping left a Little practice with Roug will help you find Best position. Softly cd raced necklines o. Horizontal necklines will be most becoming avoid a shaped necklines end any costume or coiffure lines that seem to c la attention to tile Center of you far a manipulating objects. Tile child a approach to life is shaped at playground or wherever he gets ids physical experience. So Don t make a Sissy of him. Help him acquire muscular skill and Confidence by encouraging him to Experiment. Kick him out hats sit High this season Turati fashion swings Large doses iodine is taken for a Yrol and Eves with Stein one Rase of to. Baking Rda a. Pc hated a one even t. Three hours. A i teaspoonful end two were was a very sic hours. Anti Cep a in Tabi Chloride of half e stomach reined neighbors who trouble. Much it result and blamed. Destroy Aff contents and i they Are Safe pm. T to Oti its i to �?T90s with corsets in style f an to cd Given i a i is a a yer. -. V y act inc my a Smili waisted in us help a lot in pro Lesii Chi diminished it of Sere medicines be Are not. Known. In sewer or Furnace keep ail medicines out of he reach of children. Pm ii or c u i s de Vin a i to Chub to Damp not act when Mhz u mite w Ith i in r or a a a for by i i is us t it i Rem h water Dis Sal yes it a St. Is medium. Rill pow Coli Many see comp in it of i. Has out i Sci ran a a hate smaller waistlines foundation must b lost Iii Nipp ii i Public add a Little Lemon fit whim Nee is boil in ten Nee. I ii if added Iii m skirt tin by Eleanor Gunn Kepics who get by with Omen would f let glueing Quot me As j00. And in Tim midst of All cheering a. In a of u for full and Small waists th.? now faint voice of woman who has words nor quite figure to Wear them i Udo on successfully is heard. Tile woman a Glass who has something of a Tough d i by time getting i Ady made clothes ii to fit i fir has a problem too. Styles re feminine something Biz and important has been happening in improvising Cut of this Silhouette to remove completely All this fun s and fuming and we Are promo ii Quot. Al everybody is going to be Happy about whole thing. Ready made versions of a Chemise dress Are seen and they Are a help in our time of trouble. After All. Women Are worn n again it that Means an it lung to you. There Are sports clothes of course by they too Are completely i in ribbed of you will agree when a lie cruise collections and resort showings Start which is any nun now even a Bing suits and clothes designed for action Are being Verv Ladylike again so give three loud cheers for family album a Ane a Farewell to Boyish figure. To get ice just quite a s to Bern is to a t a. Ward set or can to Waist to in t c first husband who hid Denly real-1 izes Ais Friend is dropping in a bit too casually at Odd hours had better Brace himself for a Shock. Of Friend is fool or Knave of both a Good wife will be Able to handle Iii action. But if Shes a bit on Hie venturesome Side wan a dash of curiosity melodrama is indicated unless someone takes a hand and changes Tempo i drama. Its a Man s world reports to contrary notwithstanding. Women invariably get worst of any situation involving men and women. To put it with Hie utmost in originality its woman who pays and pays and pays. Laugh to you must and of course you must but that does t alter facts. A lounge Lizard is a Domestic pet of obnoxious habits and to standing whatsoever. He belongs in Doghouse. The husband Wile does t keep him there is Hus band who does no to know much about women. A wife has nothing but contempt for a husband she can fool. No woman would Stalin for another w onion stalking premises let alone being a Famiie pet so naturally she feels that unman who will permit another male in his preserves deserves what he gets which is usually worst or it. I modes and manners question a i know a Young an who is called Junior and yet is name is not same As his father s. Is it proper to Call a son Junior As a nickname?�?v.�?� answer he May be named for his Grandfather. Junior is either Hie son or grandson of a person bearing same name. Land v. By Ai. T at Pink it can to and is it to Luck to copyright 193$, by Fairchild. A Hallah Piu Box Type of Black Felt with a Trout fuchsia and Green Ostrich feathers and a self Bow Back next is a Shako with pleated Trout in Lorenzo Brown with a jewelled ornament for accent. Below is a squared. At t p h it bang 1 of Blue at t Felt Beret Type in feat Blue Felt with Teal and Aqua Blue Ostrich tips at front and a veil tied Over hat and face. Question a is it time enough to Send out invitations for a costume party ten Days before a july takes place a Dorothy p a a ii s Sud invitations should go Forward at least three weeks in Advance to give guests sufficient Rune to plan their costume. Quec1 Ion a where should in or dual Sal fix end peppers be placed on table ill. B. Or answer if Vou have enough its to a Mound place one just above plate of Caca guest. If not. Place a so t Between every two Cove s

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