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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - November 5, 1938, Arcadia, California Taur two Arcadia daily Tribune saturday november 5, i of strange As it seems by John Hix for further proof address the author enclosing a stamped envelope for reply. Reg u. S. Pat off ill Hish re daily except sunday and holidays at lilt n. I first Avenue , California Arcadia publishing company a. Ii a i it it i i it n o 0 n president and publisher ered Posi Iford a s j March office at la. Under h 3, 1879 a cond class 14. 1930. At Arcadia the act Tat id1 of mfr chamber of the Tribune was a Ted As a tie spa general circulation Cree or court on t Day of May 1931. Commerce de sip per or by de he 8 in Are California n a snap or publishers Arcadia West Side Visso elation Bureau of advertising America n in w spa per publishers association represented in the United states and Canada v j j. Devins a associates. Inc new York City. Chicago a r Oil Pittsburgh. A and Atlanta Ca copies of the Acadia Mil. Tribune and full information about Arcadian and surrounding markets can be obtained from any of these offices. Subscription copy 5c 10c per week 40c per month phone Atwater-7-2131 for All departments. Advertising a tin 5 on application Wroute iar6wt Joshua Fyffee Mojave desert Calif it Viz ft6tta a a a 16 feet m of inches id 1 Cir Ummat i \ v m int u. Of Michi Ducu it m in t Orio Iii 9 cons Pont in 4ucce44i0h, ?37 1hev pef6wep Iowa 7-0,. Ii Noss 7-6, / it and Chicago 13-2 a fur a greater armistice Day Twenty years after that first armistice Day of 1918, when a bleeding1 world laughed and sobbed its hysteria of Joy at the coming1 of peace the Day acquires new dignity in this nation. By action of Congress november la this year and for All time to come is a Legal National Holiday a in ail states territories and possessions a and is a dedicated to the cause of world it is Good to remember that armistice Day has grown to equal Legal stature with other National holidays through the Post War service of the americans whose valor created the original armistice. Their step is heavier their shoulders not quite so pry it it their numbers fewer As they follow the Flag Down the main streets of America each succeeding armistice Day. I 1 they have a dedicated to the cause of world peace All our armistice Days by the insistence on adequate Nail rial defense their staunch opposition to foreign ideologies their unswerving loyalty to the stars and stripes to american democracy and to the Constitution of the United states. Hail to you american legionnaires veterans of foreign wars disabled american veterans you gave us armistice Day. And because of you it has been lifted to solemn permanence. The Day will live on a Monument to your americanism after All of you and All now living Are dust. Vaisman i a. F5nl tin a it he Ruk amp a cd for Over $0,000,000rupiahs la for Ohe Vear lfoo5-ofc> i fill in to this pay no on in i or 1 Knous we my i is i Iii j i or /-5 to 2>� ism i �?T3� la a jul daily Washinton i64r round i a n in ii ctr Aoi via a. Mid Hugh Johnson says copyright 1938. By United press Syndicate Ine. Reproduction in whole or part forbidden. All rights reserved registered continued from Page i committee absolutely Bare the brain trustees were railed upon attain. And again they produced. When you can produce not merely brains but Cash. Even practical politicians take off their hats. So Yea can write it Down As certain to lit the brain Trust boys in the Job of politicians have come to stay. Ith the president they Are bulding up a new and Liberal demo i icy w i t h i n the democratic put. Note the democratic National committees letters to government it Loyes for 8100 cd id not come in to the brain trustees. Reaper books the two a men chiefly responsible for reducing the postage on books were Morris Ernst and congressman Jim Mead candidate for the u. S. Senate in new York. When they originally discussed this reduction with Roosevelt Ernst u rested that when the executive order was signed. Margaret Mitchell author of a gone with the wind a and other writers be invited to the White House to commemorate the occasion. But the president brushed the idea aside. A tile educators of the people Esse 11-in cheaper books. While the dictators of Europe Are burning books we will bring in the educators of the United states to commemorate this Aid to Freer and cheaper american Quot no Quot he said the country Are to ally interested Washington in the news by Raymond Lapper div new Star Don t have de rats All show Dewey running neck wait until the election returns a rid neck with the old reliable in re in to knew that Young Tom beatable master governor Lehman. Tagni it shows that the votes always were. Win there for a Republican who had in Ide something on the Ball who had r ii something More to offer than shrieks about that Man Roosevelt. In in the p lose on to s do c t i to l w Yolk. I tical firmer Day Dewey hit if fro a the cat f i rom Hie cat a worn leftover Don period of \ Dewey is to do it i hat Dewey should come up to in tin Fin so line even with Lehman is an Ichie Cement Lor a youngster of 36. Lehman in the strongest candidate the democrats had to offer. Able and respected a Good governor w to has retained his popularity inthe state. Several factors have entered into Dewey a strength but the i no St important of these is Dewey Washington. D c. Or. Thurman Arnold the newly appointed Trust Buster of the department it Justice does no to confine his philosophy of government to Trust busting. In reorganizing our political and economic Structure he does not Overlook religion in a new York speech recently to is reported to have said Quot every organized state must have its established Church or. As i have expressed it elsewhere its Folk lore. That Church must embody the fundamental truths and principles which give the state its great a. A. Himself the same thing that enabled him to take the District attorney s office away from tammany in the City election a year ago. When this Campaign opened with the Surprise nomination of Lehman by the democrats practically nobody. Even among republicans gave Dewey More than ail outside Chance. Ii was scheduled to be murder for the Bright Young District attorney. I he body would be1 disposed of completely never to be seen again on the political landscape. For a couple of weeks after the Campaign opened it looked As if the result might be exactly that. To have come up abreast of the old War Admiral As they round the last turn in such an achievement that it makes Dewey certain to figure in politics Iran Here Cut. Such political Talent is not Likely to be wasted. Not when the republicans have so few Glamor boys to put before the Box office. The fact that today the established Church of the modern state is Legal and economic promising Security for this life rather than for the hereafter distinguishes us from the Middle Ages. The future Iii Quot can be longer be offered As a substitute for economic misery in the living world Quot new it would be Cas to get All heated Over this. It sounds like Hitler trying to set up his own Pagan pan German religion and to crush out existing form of Judaism and christianity. Ii sounds like a religion Contr oiled by him w Ith his a it i rented political system to Complete the subjugation of the people. It sounds As though it meant that the third new Deal with its Dpi social Security a x. Etc., is the new established Church and official religion. It seems to ignore the i first amendment to the Constitution which says a Congress shall make no Law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise in fact it seems to compress in five sentences a rates nest of horrendous Hob goblins and outrageous assaults on the Aith of millions. I do not know or Ai old i no no in Czar strange As it seems 50.000,000 russians for la months it 1605-06> were Lilied by a Czar of mystery a Man whose identity will probably never be known. Luh Dimitri they called him the false Dimitri a As he gained the russian throne toy pretending to be Dimitri dead son of Ivan the terrible and brother of Feodor who ruled after Ivan a death. Luh Dimitri first made his appearance in Poland where he Sou tit Sigismund the polish King. The mysterious imposter claimed i that As the baby Dimitri a physician had been sent to Poison him at ugly ten but in reality had spared his life. Now he was claiming the throne which he said rightfully belonged to him the last of the line of ranks. Sigismund raised an army to place Luh Dimitri on the throne of Russia and ostensibly to further its dream of spreading catholicism through that country. Russian peasants tired of Boris brother in Law of Feodor who had ruled for seven years went to Zhe Dimitriy said. Twice in 1604 the imposter invaded Russia and was Defeated by general Bas Manov. Four months later however he returned to Russia to find that Boris had died some say murdered. Easily Luh Dimitri ascended the russian throne in 1605 and for la months ruled As Czar Over 50, too people ally. I wish i did. I suspect that he was an Antic wit. I think All this sort of speaking is done in a sort of puckish humor for the fun of stirring up the animals and hearing them howl. The Captain ans the kids to f f y .i2 a j z / or it up i Quot a j Jai \ Raymard 1 in a i in it a Al air in it i x id c to Moric k Synop 13 Edward Fowler a \ Hie. Is my u in ii a it to Bridge club in m i n with a knife in the l r. I i f Nuti pull toe of i r ii l i Ady la ton. Out a t a de i Jim Lite is into to. Y Iii Tim Bridge that evening a i ii kill France a seductive biota Eckhardt Anil Dave Dutton jut the game when Milia Xvi of throwing it la j i Wei Toby Mun be of m ii 11 c s ii see an i c team anly to i e found d. A i ars numb room Tarlov til next to n a. A mysterious prowler discovered the body following which Polit e received a anti Tymoc. I a be Call them of the v Ime. 1 to weeks , Fowler had searched tilt botel sine of tit Sun Lyn Les singers. to be a wealthy Grain out howler believed this Only a i Blind As letters found in a try inn relating to fits i Ain business Wei e evidently written by be Finger to himself. The bes singers Weir at lie club the night howler died. Bruce i a Luday tile millionaire tile services of private detective Miles Standish Rice to help Clear up tile Milt Der because Ina to on to liver is involved. The boy s torn Check to Fowler Tor the sum of ten thousand dollars was found in Tho latter s room. Farraday r tells be ii of and ban that his Paity consisting of ins daughter eve Tolliver and mrs Staunton a Friend had left the club about i a m. Two hours a feet Fowler Leit and gone to the Al Gator inn with a commander Eric Dawson whom he lad just met and the be fingers Glen Neal the society repo Tor urns also in the party later Millie arrived at the Alligator inn wan Eckhardt and Button. Next morning and Leroy search the club Tor clues. The door leading Lem the Bridge room to the poker room where Fowler was killed is locked arid tile key missing Toby Tinniey admits that lie locked it because an Ali the gangster had engaged be poker room and waited privacy. But none of the gang showed up. Stan can t understand any All but Fowler s chair was put away when a poker party was expected Juan the servant claims he had set them up Stan and the Captain Are about to leave when the former asks the police officer to return to tee poker room with him. Quot i saw g there that Wasny to quite i can to remember what it was but i la know if i see it charter i flan was already out of the ear. Leroy grudgingly followed. Just inside tile door o. The poker room stun stopped. Slowly he scanned every portion of the room impatiently snapping his lingers us lie did so. The Captain was about to remark ironically about stands Speed when stun said softly Quot look at tile cards Vince a a be sensible stun. What have the cards to do with Fowler they re still in the original packs. The Revenue Stamps Haven to even been a i know that. Quot Stan took the four packs from the Chip rack arid Laid them face Down Side by Side. On the . On the Back of each pasteboard package was a Sample Caid showing the Type contained in the Box. The Sample cards were slipped into a Slit Cut in the pasteboard so that Only half of them was visible. The Captain gazed at them curiously More interested than he cared to admit. A they look Oke to he started to pick one up. A wait Vince. I May be a1 wet. On the other hand you May want to get some linger prints. Done to you see what a wrong there Are three blues and a red. Bridge Cardo urn cards for poker Are bought two packs at a time a led backed pack and a Bike backed pack in a big games such As was planned last should be two sets of cards or two red packs and two a1 be fan pointed to tile four packs on tile . The red pack. And two of the Blue packs sore the same design a Baiet lancet i he third Blue pack a indicated by the Sample card was entirely different crisscross lines instead of the dam r. A in ego Lac j card Trail tut id the package. Underneath it was a and backed Caid mark1 with the dancer like til Uteri t line p,.\ it. He turned the i a re he was face up pm the . The Captain s face showed utter disbelief. A eve played some poker Iii my Day finn Rice but i inv about that card the kid raid about the elephant a there Uin t ii it such card in a a a of yes there Rva. A r love it of it that in Ehwa of ii Fowler once it the ii in or to with Conin an Ier Daw in and Giu nerd. Outside of the a i that Fowler had been introduced to the Sun to by Dave Button and that Fowler owed Dave butt in sixty thousand doll Iben Eckhardt could say no More by an turned Hack to Dave but ton stat Era it. Button can Pitt d a Friendship with Fowler they us liked to gain in so Why not it lied a it Fowler on the foul Caf Lover a gambling Burge Anil i Iii Ivity i it Iii Biscayne a. The rest of Ilia Alary Dove detectives Patterson and Hogue were Busy the morning after Fowler s death obtaining preliminary statements. Monds. I have a Hunch somebody shoved the knife in Fowler just on account of that card a a men have been killed for less than that showing up in a hand of poker a said Leroy. Sunday is just another Day to the Oolite. Detectives Patterson and Hogue were Busy the entire morning after Edward Fowler a death obtaining preliminary statements from those present at the club the night before. As soon As possible All available witnesses would be summoned to Headquarters. There testimony would be taken under oath for the chief of police and other officers working on the Case. Miles Standish Rice paused Long enough in his headlong Rush for Indian Creek and sunday dinner to Stop at Headquarters. Copies had been prepared for him of Tho reports made by Patterson and Hogue. He deferred Reading them until after disposing of three slices of roast beef with trimmings and two dishes of strawberries and Cream. Stretched out in a swing on Tho porch he digested the reports with his dinner. They were simple and concise but told him very Little More than he already knew. The detectives had statements from ten of the fourteen people present at the club. Eve and Tolliver Farraday were in fort Myers. Commander Dawson had gone deep sea fishing for tile Day. Glen Neal was in Palm Beach covering a society the Vansant. The statement of Ben Eckhardt held More interest. Eckhardt admitted frankly that he derived a fairly steady income from poker Bridge and games of Chance where Superior skill or knowledge played a part. Ile had seen Edward Fowler around Miami for several weeks but could not state accurately exactly How Long. Fowler was Seldom alone. His most regular companions were Bruce Farraday a son and daughter a or. And mrs. Bes Singer. And a professional Bridge player Nam cd Dve Button. Ile had 1 a tailed with the others but no mention was made of the indebtedness brought out by Eckhardt. Either Button had withheld some information which was bound to throw suspicion on himself or Eckhart had repeated in Idle Story of big Money which might have become current around the gaming houses. Stan stretched delightfully Slid from the swing and went inside to get Leroy on the phone. A a what a the Low Down on Mil la frenzy a he asked when cd Necton with the Captain. Then added a i mean Lafrance before you ask a her statements with those i gave a i want her record. She just can to be tile Way she is without a record of of some kind. Look it up will Yount i have a faint pain in the head that sin was a gun Inonu or her Mother was a a a in la Call you Back he returned to the porch to look Over again the meagre returns on Edward Fowler. His room at the Amboy hotel had revealed nothing. His Wallet found in his coat was almost As Barren. It contained four Hundred Odd dollars in Cash american express checks for thirty Sixl Hundred More and a new York Drivers License. The License Bora the address of a downtown new York hotel. The Lack of identification was striking. Too striking Stan decided. Howler was covering up. Tho average Man spending the Winter in Miami can easily be identified with his Home. There Are letters and Bills coming to his hotel or apartment. His Wallet contains business cards and membership cards. His clothes Bear the Label of his tailor or Home town store. Edward Fowler had a definite reason for keeping his past in obscurity he had done such a thorough Job the police were at a loss whom to ratify about his death. To be continued copyright by Vicc Nahori pull intr. Ina. Unit outed by a lug in Tuiga a i Tau Lait by Rudolph Dirk of Paloska a ult \ i a it i or us t a fusion we r Anc it be me nth not re elect Fred mouser j of Assai toy to a very f celtic a by a f. Of l. Beaut it Ive record. Houser Quot opponent in be i hut Pic supper to r of lion Sinclair t a hit Assembly in a Large measure to i to the main Issue in Thi. As it in Bly or n a Cut versus radicalism. Wholly aside however from the main is is should be re elected because of his past Ieese qualifications for the office d h this and. Paid for but friends of Fred Houser Han Fisher Are a sure up ii Houy smokes it a How d a know

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