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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - November 4, 1938, Arcadia, California Faire two Arcadi \ daily _aui3 Al Afu Hpe Sipi 3 v pm of p a a a strange As it seems by John Hix for further proof address the Nauttam enclosing a camped envelope for reply. Keg. U. S. . Off. Published daily Cut rpt swab and i a inlays at to n. Pirvis Avenue. .a.idia, California Arcadia publishing company a. Ii a u 0 1 n n o o n p. Evident Aud publisher entered a s or Eon cd matter. March 14 of the to office at at California under is of March 3. I had. Drsen Fri Escaper or a Tim by Drill the 8th 1931. Member i f id a chamber of it of Murre la of Ort ii \ a up a pet publishers most Side association i .11 Leat. Of advertising american newspaper pub kites association Repp a fated in by j j. Divin a As.4 Detroit. Pittsburgh. A i a a daily Tribune and on Nazic markets can be c a i rom a subscription Price Sun in c month. Phone atut advertising rat United Stai Fis and Canada ates. Inc. New York i v. Chicago y a a 1 i of the Arcadia a on arcs ii9�?~ and surrounding Are erected fiks no the f it a or Huff terms Isle cup m.c.,tc5 poll Fth suck the Ati Fol Etc Ocean / a Ftp t nah in of croup mss a find y. 5� 10c per week 40c per a departments. On application old Man Winter old Man Winter has Aln it by unleaded a Miz re in the mid West and i chill Hrth on tin. Eastern Lone of the Continental Divide foretell the non com Inu Day when tie Plum met Down the w a Stern slope scattering storms in the Sierra and Sisk you. And Swo n if across Tho Rel to rout southward to Iii Quot a a its of tic it at. Re Sanlino mountains. That s tin Day when read Crews and fleets of rotary plows will Swine into action smash through 15-loot snowdrifts. Sand ice Core of pavements and Cut Swift openings for the through so Edilie traffic of past Omar and freight carriers and recreation Hind pass Euver cars. Highway travellers wont lie alfin1 in hoping a mild r Winter than tile last one visits California lid year. Hie Stet Highway department wants one. Too. For it s bad weather not heavy traffic that break. And Era i s Tiju reads. Engineers live already s. Iced the weight prob him for any Road Able to carry 1 a a re in traffic a he sliced can readily withstand All Tim truck traffic traversing it. I s the weather natural enemy of highways that till Caus s engineers of grew Gray Wren 1 in t an Iman Winter Sweet Down to stage their White carnival the great what is it who has a name for to a great what a its of the anima1 world eight it f pm a just been captured in the Malayan Jungles. Zoologists. Re a h red. Not a zoo in the world has a name for the Little or tart s. And s on tim1 nameless Waits will be distorting in san i go s Ltd it without even a character reference to identify Tim in. If you n. St Ady n Eyres and have. At one time or another in your i a pm ii cd a name caller you Chat is it. They a. Coon a fangs 1 eyes of an owl. Cd t oat they eat k. Nothing has might try devising a Moniker for weigh about two of kids. Hat a to like a cats Teeth like a human lie ii and the fur of a mole. It it i Are or r bananas have two tongues a in r to been seen like them inc a Barnum painted his elephant White. The closest animal to them say scientists is one that supposedly became extinct All of three centuries ago. Its name was a pro Ems Miae by it in bus lard in Rad ii that should hold the Little a als until their Mother comes along and identifies them. F Wentico a fron pave i to. I of Sio Orth a week Crinch from i a Wyoming 1 it Way to tin next Rock. Is or respectively. Tradition gives tin landed there the second charge next vacancy to a Westerner. Doc. Waller it speck in fair of waft of v. Lien i on his re lad to Gui on or do it Story ii the Story a Farmer to in into a Wincn Junece of dynamic Rock tin it Donn of it hoi ear pin of a a. A i another i c Iii or when he lit the was. Stain no. I i he explosion s. O v it Oil and he leaped again this Limo la no. A tin third Rock. The. It a a Ping Down the Field a it Ber by the repeated blasts. . Nee to. I a. Pm it lid of. Ive haves vent off a a a his it end 1932. And. I p Eta 1 a scared. ran until i Cluj v a in run i in i has Iii ii to Tim j a 1.1 it Chancroid give darning on pension f Lan u i Conn to Glendale. A no series cd i Miwa a Anc Sal a now lie Ham Lere two Yea Anteri califor speaking by of e m a id retailers on picnic in Quot Oft sharply assailed of 3witty a for advocating i in Acca re rough Jette s ban re. Perla plan like California s jell smaller scale. Pc Vlad Only f250,000 Worth pm Hie at $1 alter $l.u4 in d let Een purchased end y ii i dials a it Worth i mid i us Mth womb Paha 3 funds ashted / and unti so f00t? we in r37 Altoona High of Jena Catholic High and Keith Junior High a in Oen a .�?�4-? y 5jr�4�te, Luj Brush against the sea for centuries Hatteras Island North Carolina has been waging a losing fight against the elements be a a use strange As it seems a Shipwreck some 400 years ago left the be smiling of a line of horses that have since pawed up nearly All of the islands vegetation. Thus exposed to wind and Waves the slow building process that created the Island was reversed. The old Hatteras Lighthouse highest in the East once stood a mile Inland. But recently High tides lapped at its base. I lately however the National Park service of Hie u s department of the Interior has reversed the tables once More and is fighting Back the roaring Atlantic with Brush fences Sand piling against these gives firm footing for new Beach grass and roundups have rid the Island of most of its wild ponies in such a manner was fixed kill Devil Hill which strange As it seems now stands a Quarter of a mile Distant from where it was when the Wright Brothers made their historic flight from it Hugh Johnson says copyright 193,8, by United press Syndicate inc. Reproduction in whole or part forbidden. All rights reserved. C Hampton town strange As it seems three football teams of Altoona. Pa., came through tile 1937 season without a single defeat or tie Gate. Altoona Hihn won All of its Olga my s. The. School s first undefeated c Ampawn. Altoona Catholic High von 12 games completing a winning creak of 19 straight games and Keith Junior High won All its games i r the second straight undefeated untied season. Toulon by Ltd rub nobody knew. Flying corps attractive although Quot Kin for Only 900 recruits for expanding its air forces the australian Federal government a received it too applications from Vitoi la alone 1 Washington l. C a fib Reut predicted i went to a he Anny not football game Aud saw my j own team it licked. After a Gallant Battle by a better team. I have made so Many boners commenting As an Amateur on football games where my heart was enlisted that i Ain gun she. Yet in spite of the Monkey j can Kieran made out of this column for calling an officious referee who could t let the boys play the game themselves a Quot Little i think nobody who saw this r alar game understood at least three of the referee s decisions. Hen Hitler was in there in addition t it Hie astonishing aggressiveness of to it great teams. I think it made no real difference. Notre Dame v. Mid have won any Way. They had and used not one but Lour Complete team. Any one of which was a match for army. I merely ask i do not suggest Why would t it be a Good Rule to permit substitutions Only for injuries is the mass production of multiple teams or the excellence of the Best athletes the object of College contests yet of if the answer is a any thing i can to altogether unders tand Why army can to produce ample Reserve material. There Are i Hou Odd cadets. They Are the physical Cream of the country. When you watch the flank companies Lead the corps to their seats you see veritable platoons of big bruisers six feet Aud Over. There ought to be Fetter material there than at any other College. Talk to the Point coaching staff and they will Tell you that they done to get the material because other colleges can proselyte among High my prep school Talent and they can t. Why can t they a West Point appointment and education offers More initial advantages than Are provided by any other College. Prosel Yting does t necessarily mean anything improper. I sold one of the Best High school ends in the country on army advantages. He won his congressional competitive examination Cid excellently Well in his academic work and an All american in football in two successive years. He turned out to bras Good a Young officer As there is in the army. I Don t know any unavoidable reason Why the army be As Good As any team. The Captain and the kids Friday november i it As err rms re lag or Vaa uam.1 Are eleven of diamonds Kendrick Gay Baynard h. A synopsis club in Miami ills i of in knife in the Back is found poker room. Fowler had Bridge thai evening is till la Fiance a seductive Lien ivc Hurdt and Dave but quit la Klime when my Ward Fowler a wealthy g in Bier in murdered at me Sunset Brid g e with a in the played Millis Blond Dutton Millie accused him of tin owing it. Me paid the owner. Toby Munroe Tor lbs ant Millie a losses and ostensibly left Only to he found dead in an adjoining room the n it morning a mysterious prow by discovered the body following which the police received an Anonymous phone Call informing Thun of the crime. Two weeks previous. Fowler had searched the hotel suite of the Durlyn bes singers had claimed to be a wealthy Grain merchant but Fowler believed this Only a Blind As letters found in a trunk relating to Grain Busine. Were evidently written by be.-, anger to himself the were at the club the night Fowler died. Bruce Farrady the millionaire enlists tile services of private detective Miles Standish Rice to help Clear up the murder because his son toil Ixer is involved. The boy s torn Check to Fowler for the sum of ten thousand dollars was found in the Hatter s room Farra play sr., tells Leroy and Stan that his party consisting of his daughter eve. Tolliver and mrs Staunton a Friend had left the club about i am two hour after Fowler left and gone to the Alligator inn with a commander Erie Dawson whom he had just met and the bes singers Glen Neal the society reporter was also in the party later Millie arrived a the Alligator inn with Eckhardt and Button. Next morning Stan and Leroy Anarch the club for clues. The door leading from the Bridge room to the poker room where Fowler was killed is locked and the key missing Toby finally admits that he locked it because Caprille the gangster had engaged the Poer room and wanted priv. V but none of the gang showed up. Chapter x tie p it or room As Semi of. A cd from the hot noon in by a it a Cully i Sod venetian h n is at each of the three wind a a Coli tory fix walk i along the Biad Blade of the coving fan it buzzed Ioor i to mod. And lazily out of to e opened Stan Rice and the Captain ent it a single Low naked. Lea coated folding chair stood at tile capita a a Cresset i Bim. As of. Or t he table its a k toward the Only Entrance to the Roe in a dark stain close to the Back legs on the i it it it a. Showed cleanly it had not but in moved since ifs last occupant was carried out in a Basket. A blood ran Down his coat and ripped on the floor a Leroy explained. A a there in t any on the seat of the chair but plenty in the Stan Enid nothing dispassionate air d stun Rice could be casual about most things but not about Dot Itu. His business had brought him in Contact with More than a fair share. Tile War had left him memories of which he never spoke he had Learned to successfully conceit All outward d emotion with a Light in is of his own but the lightness a false inwardly he fought a bullish sense of futility a queer certainty that anything stun Rice might do Aas anti a Lunatic. His Best Effort could tiling nothing but death for ii a the. A doubtful Requital Foi the living never compensation to the dead lbs soft Soled shoes made no sound As he circled Trie table i he venetian Blind shielding the window faced by the vacant Chan Rose smoothly As be pulled the double Cord bars of Sun ight on the Bai t be ship linoleum floor gave Way to a gleaming yellow Square. A the window has a full length screen on the a a so has every window in the said Leroy. Elan in Hook Eri the screen from toe Bottom and pushed it swung out Enci hold at Hie Fop by 1 Quot of 1 i. I a it i i m 0 tee 1 get the Serin to Leti snugly on w n the outside Edve of the till. Dead House flies and n Large Quito had trapped the tonsil v struggled to death in the Small crack Between screen and Sill. Stall brushed them off the Sill and looked out. A Vino covered Niellia of White Wood Rose from the ground to the left Side of tile window Loroy came up and leaned out beside him. A this windows an Ideal Balcony for a Romeo with a stun indicated the trellis. A i get the idea although eve never seen the play. It might be interest my if Fowler had t been stabbed 1 from the Back by somebody inside i the House. Foi your information i nobody climbed that trellis. In e gave it the works this morning. We did no to forget that the screen might have been hooked by the kindly soul who tipped us off to this a they withdrew from the window. Stan re hooked the screen. Quot it never j occurred to my Vince that anybody might have come in through that i window. You Fellows Are so con a founded thorough that at times you a Sun off up Side roads. I wanted to see if anybody could have come in through that window. Or reached it easily had they wanted to take a pot shot at Edward Stan pulled up the blinds on the other two windows. Unlike the one he had just left which facet toward Satsuma Road they opened on the Back of the House. Ile unhooked the screens on both and looked out. The Captain lit a Cigar and watched. A you get funny ideas yourself who said after a couple of satisfying puffs. A you think Fowler was afraid of trouble and was keeping a i weather Eye on that window thy Wasny the watching the door in Back j of him Tho killer came through there a Stan re hooked the screen in the third window and turned around. There were two doors on the other j Side of the room. One partially opened revealed the bathroom. Stun i crossed the room pushed the door wide and went in. Tho rack was Replete with fresh hand towels. Stan came out and said plaintively Quot i look under the tub. Its cemented to the tile a a you re dodging my question. a not at All. In a considering it. Assuming Fowler was killed while sitting in this room a a assuming Bosh a the Captain broke in with irritation. A quit diving off into a sea of snit Herrings you can to cart a two Hundred Pound Corpse into a House like this and lug it up a flight of stairs without leaving traces. There Are none. Now Tell me he was stabbed in West Palm Beach brought Here by plane and dropped through the roof a a fall rights All right Quot stun grinned maliciously. It made him feel better to get his Friend roiled out of official composure. A at least in a convinced that we have a common starting Point. Fowler was killed in Here. Why he came in Here a we done to know a Capri Ali a Leroy bit Down hard on his Cigar. Stan Shook his head. Quot i doubt it april lib a method is to Tai a them out in cars sew them up in arks and dump them off in vacant lots but if you done to object i d like to talk to Caprille this afternoon. I think i know where 0 locate or it a maybe i can get More out of him than you a a hop to it Quot Leroy ground out his Cigar in an ashtray viciously wishing the piece of Metal was april lib a right Eye. A if i get within Arm s length of that murdering dog ill twist his dirty neck in Stan opened Tho closet door seven folding chairs similar to the one at Hie poker table were stacked neatly in a pile on the floor he unfolded one. A 1 Ltd it along the polished floor toward the Captain and fixed another for himself. When he closed the closet door on the remainder he had proteus like again become serious almost morose. A sit Down Vince ill be Back in a he walked out into the Hall to be i right a ised the locked door to the Brome room on in., left and paused listening at the lop of Tho just beyond. A murmur of came from downstairs Toi by the sound of the Type Tho distraught Toby Munroe. Whom they had left bowed Over table in the Bridge room Nail to go Down Mil still i s \ outs Low Cli write t he recovered enough resume his work. Is an retraced his stops but paused in front of the window at the in 0f of Hall. It was right outside of the poker room door. Nurt win screened like the rest. Captain1 Leroy inside the room watched Man open the screen and close it again. It was hut a few Steps from whet Leroy was seated. Stan left the window stepped inside my took the chair he had Llred for himself. A i think Edward Fowler Kne he was in danger a he began without preliminary. A but in didst think that danger existed inside this club Ergo watched the window instead of Tho door. Does that make sense a. The Captain nodded approval. A go Quot some things hero just. Don who put the Chni make sense., of a \ Awny i a those in the a certainly. Munroe was expecting a poker Ganis in this room last night unless he a lying. I done to think he a lying. Jitian had prepared a cold Buffet. Its in the icebox now a untouched. No gambling club makes patrons set up their per chairs. There was one hero for Fowler. The rest. Were in t lie Leroy removed his Cap and mopped Bis brow. A what about a Tho Guy who phoned a Stan mimicked. A i already have a headache thinking about that talkative fool. Why should lie be roaming around in the Middle of the night putting chairs away Why vice Why you re sure they weren t around the table when you got Here Fawcett have folded them a up and put them in there when to checked them for prints a Quot you re pitching wild Stan. I can show you the pictures at head quarters if you think in a Stan was regarding the round mahogany Chip rack in the Center of the poker table. It contained several stacks of Varico lored chips were four slots in the top which held unopened packs of cards partially protruding. He pulled it toward Hun and let the chips trickle idly through his slim fingers. Then impatiently he pushed it Awny. Quot i Ani shooting wild Vinco. My Only excuse is that now and again a wild shot will hit a Bird. Everything j around Here is full of question Marks Why did no to april lib a crowd show up Monet a Capri of would Tomt Zygm his Little sister it fifty Bucks. Why did Fowler corp in Huffe at All arum the chairs Vince eve got to get something to eat a the Captain had to dog Trot on the Way downstairs to keep up with Stan s strides. Juan Andre dusting in the Hall ban paused Long enough to ask a were the chairs so up for the poker party last night Juan a the uban showed his Surprise. A yes sir. All of them. Or. Munroe gave me instruction?.�?� a at what time a the Captain demanded. A Between seven and eight sir. Just before i started to fix the a did you put them away in the clo get before you left for the night a a no. Sir. They stay around the Tat in most of the time. I Only put them in the closet just after i to polished them or while in a cleaning the a a that Sall a Leroy said Curtly. The Captain had pressed the starter of his car when stun Laid a hand on his Arm. Quot hold it Vince. I want to go Back to that poker room for a minute. There s something screwy there. Come a a what a the matter now a Leroy grumbled. A a we be been up there forty five minutes. In a sick of the a i saw something up there that was t quite right but i can to remember what it was. Ell know ii i see it again. Coming a to be continued copyright by Puhi i Thor fro it a Quot in toted by k int Tatj Rui a infirm inn. By Rudolph Dirks. Come ors mama r Ahab Oard a c a v i hey vill somebody j below please f grab her Allen said a ii a Iii. He la 1. A de Par intent of Bung a and re Curch to in ice a study of Otho forms in the county service with Hie idea of adopting county common stun i Durns for All Cipa to Nils. The system division of die it Edget and Recti re t to Epa intent to mahr the study it Alk a s request. My a by Han fishes lat. _ i guess v a a we can t get i mated yet i dint Rill be How serious it you Sweet \ Darling d i marry you 1 even if you Ann there s nothing in the world matters As but i gotta prove but you Don t t Tell you. I know Iti please Anne you re so i m like that \ Brave Anc a please understand j Good. X do a Quot understand my is or x v one. I f

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