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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - November 2, 1938, Arcadia, California Four Arcadia daily Tri Duke or dec Hay november 2, 1988 Sun Baths cod liver Oil help build sturdy Bones no pains in Chil Dren vol vet Clown of Roya m Lien i own Magazine a i i act try Hoci err air i my in it i my watch so called growing pains in children for soft Bones May be harmed permanently a by Claud North chrism a. M d. So Udy and careful observation of children who complain of so called a growing pains disclose Tho lure it is Only by comparing the in the sturdy upright ones who run and jump and air Nec Many things. Moss arms and Back of of quiet will Hose who become lie town and say a they Hurt. One who complains of ins leu it May to found to have on undue prone Arnee of Tho Bone just below the knee Cap. This swelling is hard As Bone Ana is tender to the touch. To will Tell you that it has Hurt for some time. An will show that the Bone at this Point is separated into several pieces ired easily Are prone to sit or fur jackets Are a a musts among smart or Chrisman to Eleanor Gunn new York put the fur jacket at the top of the list of things the much dated Young prison considers As a musts. Given a Short fur jacket and a plaid or hound a a tooth sports jacket and one or two this i sit n e Par Alp Skirls and your Senait Gal Point w it Cie Caln work miracles Che needs a Wisp of a veil a wee bit of something called a hat the Usua assortment of shoes stockings gloves one of the largest and strongest inns Des of the leg and undies and there she is. I or hip muscle on tile lion 01 int in or Tup Riison the he is attached to the Bone. This muscle holds the entire before completing the discourse on fur jackets one must mention that every girl appears to been weight of the body when we at to Rel contented to Wear these tempt to sit Down. It Straightens Chunky jackets with very wide the knee it is used in kicking and skirts most of the skirts Are Cir helps to hold the body upright. A Cular in Fuji Ness and an unusual the constant pulling at this Point number of pleats particularly in the still soft Bone has Rausen Bona fide accordion pleats is seen it to enlarge and separated it into several pieces. A aft Bones strained in Woolen frocks. Just Here Ana there a gathered skirt in dirndl fashion. Box pleats Are an important i it Means of gaining skirt fullness the same condition is sometimes Bax p cats with fullness released in fact pleats continue to occupy a prominent place in collections both of Day and evening that found in the Heel where toe pow. Ujj some tuner pressed Erful Achilles or Ham mrm i ten but of Rcd gently undressed and give Don attaches to the Heel Bone feeling of great softness to yes. They have grow ing pain. Skirt these Box pleats Are very not just because they Are sometimes so wide that two rapidly but because the soft Bone the ensure from of the skirt material cannot Stan the great Oft a t00 the pleats Are repented stress and Strain. Botn or inese k thug giving movement conditions can be cured in a few around months by putting the part in a around splint or Brace which takes the Strain from these Bones allowing them to become solid. A plaster of these Are pleats Naris cast will carry the weight la Mona. And allow the child to be up if necessary. Sun Baths or ultraviolet. Light and some form of cod liver Oil will Supply Calcium for forming solid Bone. Some boys and girls will appear plump and full fleshed. They will co a a a St Down to it a fiddle of a the companionship com thighs. Their arms and in not plump but May be thin very Small hands and feet skins Are soft and smooth will All have Krock Knees and the the a baby or Hood gives Arches of the feet will be flatter Promise of proving one of the in than Normal. Portent items of this season. Al these children form an import ready shops along fifth Avenue Tant group. They Are very Likely to Are featuring it a in Shade in develop hip conditions that May hand knitted Bright color unions cause serious trouble in the future in suede like Rayons for sports they do not complain of pain and Wear in velvet or simulated Ermine they often do not come to the Doc fabrics for evening. Tor till permanent damage is done. A a Ladylike Grays the Grays worn glands fail to work during the end of Victoria s reign and in the Early 1900s, Are forecast this Peculiar body Type is due As important for Southern resort to improper functioning of the and cruise Wear and for Spring pituitary and thyroid glands. As a 1939. Result of this there May be soft Craigs voted a typical of u. S. Families by Talbot Lake a Jpsie a a typical american Grapefruit other Citrus fruits help Check colds Here show to serve Mem week s menus bring healthful fruit to fables plenty of Grapefruit in markets now a a broiled Grapefruit is lest f it i _ l family has just born Dis Ove Reci. They Are or. And diplomacy is Best if child is stubborn by Jane Herbert Goward when Little Mary turned Down her Cereal the other by Judith Wilson now a lie time to Market for fresh Grapefruit oranges and later on Sweet tangerines with their Loose red Orange morning her Mother was Gen mrs. Glen Craig of Muncie skins. Not Only does fresh Grapefruit and other Citrus fruits timely surprised. A this la us ind., and their two children add variety to the menu but because they Are Rich in Vitamin heard of she declared who emmy and Billy. Muncie is really c they Aiso help to build resistance to colds and other in Ever heard of a child not the famous a Middleton Quot which a Cereal. Get Ala does t. Was the Pic Iii Iliuta 11 fprlion.s1 has been the subject of a Brilliant this weeks menus contain Sov social study by gifted or. Robert pro it. Was t0 serve Brauc fruit s. Lynd and his wife. Muncie re. I rus for quite elated about that so the Sund Muncie express went out and looked for a typical family finally selecting the unsuspecting Craigs. Now they Are in new York City being typical and a Little embarrassed. Think of it All these years the Craigs have been going along just being typical Day by Day and thinking nothing of it. Now their a typical Ness puts them on front pages or. Craig is 34 and has a Job As stationary Engineer with the Muncie water works at $125 u month. He was bom in Woodside Ohio and comes of scotch Irish Stock. Mrs. Craig is 31 and came from Birmingham. Ala. They be been married ten years. Or. Craig smokes a 10-cent pack of cigarettes daily but does no to drink or Gamble. Mrs. Craig does no to do any. They Are protestants go to Church occasionally run a Small car. Done to belong to lodges. Or. Craig a Republican. But voted for Roosevelt thinks he has done More to Aid Prosperity than the republicans. Said or. Craig a i think or. Roosevelt a social Security is a j fruits a breakfast a broiled Grapefruit ready to serve Cecal Western Ham Melet Cinamon Toast Coffee dinner celery and olives / roast Chicken Chestnut stuffing a Orange Sweet potatoes buttered string Beans Date torte with whipped Cream Coffee shoestring potatoes peas a Grapefruit cheese Mold spice cupcakes Tea a a it a monday breakfast Grapefruit >111100 Fried my h with Maple syrup Crisp Bacon Coffee dinner Chicken Noodle soup Russoto with Chicken livers mixed Green salad a Grapefruit Cherry Cream Butterfly cakes Demi Tasse saturday breakfast sliced oranges fags in Bacon rings Date bran Mullins Coffee dinner fruit cup mixed Grill Lamb chops kidneys Small sausages Sweet potato slices hot Rolls endive salad mincemeat turnovers Coffee a recipes will appear in subsequent columns. Modes and manners tuesday breakfast Apple sauce Oatmeal with top milk tots confident rejoinder. It was True and Kotlier frowned temporarily at a loss for an answer. When children make such Irr e f u table remarks parents get angry As a Rule and decide to Correct the child there and then. In allowing themselves to get angry How a v e r. They make a serious mistake. Like everyone else mrs. Goward child Ren fire subject to outside influences. They bring Horne alien ideas from time to time and May put them to a test. Should these interfere with our own alms Anci practices it is our place to Correct of course. This is impossible. However if one flares up As Mary smother did. A Gerald does no to eat Cereal but you will a Mother shot Back Vin a regal gown of Garnet coloured taffeta backed silk velvet is shown above. Tho dropped shoulder Clur Rustage is edged with a band of Kolinski. The necklace and Bracelet Are set with garnets. Wonderful thing and in mall for it. Poached eggs on Toast Coffee invalids Seldom Welcome their tactless visitors other Roosevelt projects arc worthwhile too. Out our Way spa has done a lot of Good mrs. Craig lets her husband do the talking but says she goes to pumpkin pie movies once or twice a week. They entertain their friends at Home but play euchre instead of Bridge. Emmy Lou is eight and William is four. Their parents have taken out insurance policies to put them through College. Dinner a fruit plate broiled Steak mashed potatoes Broccoli Hollan Daise cheese a wednesday breakfast Apple Grapefruit cup old fashioned buckwheat cakes currant Jelly sausage question a when the Host is to scree the meat and the potatoes How should his place be set mry pursed Quot her ii a. A mrs. De. a Gat your Cereal a a i done to want answer flare the Platter i it and i the child cried de restly in front of him with the i Antov. A contest followed which knife and Gravy spoon at the right lasted noisily for Over an hour. Or and the Fork and Sharpener at the most of the neighbors could con left. The vegetable dish should be firm it being a warm Day and the at the right with a spoon for windows open. Coffee serving and the hot plates at the through being disposed to a left in a pile so he May place one gup parents bring about needless at a time in front of him to be conflicts. The child is As much the filled. by mar1an Mays Rrt no t d i Hilt i a a Cand publicity has meat loaf with mushroom Gravy Sipp fiascos and the pleated no 0ne in the world loves t0 laugh More changed the even Tenor of their pan browned potatoes skirts Are done in thin woolens weary of a Wise cracks a i also have a feeling that everyone lives. Everybody is Nice to them buttered beets relishes crepes velvets metals chiffons Doeg if they were not too polite to admit it. There arc so Many and anxious to see 0a"dke of prune a Picot tarts Coffee and laces. Wise cracking books so Many Wise cracking radio programs it it must by a Grange feeling for Tii Lisda justly one More Jmst to Adao menti0n movies and plays and people that one Longs tie Craigs. Here they be been go quest Ion a is it proper to serve Gelatin with the meat course a Friend recently served Raspberry Gelatin with roast Lamb my along paying $20 a month rent $40 a month for food and minding their own business and then suddenly this happens ening of the growth plate of the Hipbone. The head of the Bone and the socket May become soft and spongy and pain grows pronounced. If this is not treated there is loss of motion of the hip Bop and a possible shortening of the leg. Or the head of the hip Bone May be thrown out of the locket with the slightest Effort. The extra weight of the plump body causes greater Strain on this weak joint. These Are treated by supplying the needed secretion of these glands of internal secretion by medications. Any child complaining of pain in the hip should be examined at once. These Are some of the causes of growing pains. The Cains Are a Cue at first toe child merely saving he has pain. It. May be in the hip. Knee Back foot or and Point after testing in a few minutes he will co on with Tbs play. Only to return and comp an of another pain sometimes these pair Quot May he arthr tic due to diseased ton ils adenoids or sinuses but a Large number Are due to faulty posture which throws an added Burden on growing immature Bones ligaments. Muscles and joints. Practically All of these condition5 can in cured if taken Early of we wait til chances in the Bony Structure have taken place we shall find that the pains generally disappear but sooner or later some spinal curvature Bowlegs Flat feet or imperfect joints result. A better Melet when making Melet add a Little water to prevent the eggs from becoming Tough. Slim outline Amber used again Amber has regained its proverbial popularity. In Distant roman times was valued above Gold itself and Long reigned As the favorite jewel. Throughout the Middle Ages Amber was entrusted to great guilds of artisans whose Amber jewelry was distributed Ever Europe in modern times an to r jewelry while popular has Dun conventional in design and a 1 of revealed to Best advantage me Lovely qualities of the historic Gem. At the hands of a he new Ai linens Amber has not Only its old popularity but a achieved new Heights. The new designs show taste and imagination the Lovely to apparent qualities of the Gem Are displayed to excellent advantage. For a sense of humor. Those who really have one Are not so sure that it is anything to be thankful for. Having been Wall owing in Wise cracks lately i can still laugh a Margaret Fishback a very Sage and Savory Book mrs. Martin called a Safe conduct a with the subtitle a when to behave Anet says the author a needs a thorough overhauling with new parts in the she then proceeds to do just. That with neatness and dispatch and rather More than a vein of humor. Yet its a Book with a kindly and definite purpose since it really does straighten out any knotty questions of etiquette that May have come your Way. Sickroom etiquette the Book 1 Botn v 1.y Tun 1. Very helpful just the sort to to a sick Friend who to cos a laugh More then empathy. And speaking of sick fiend occurred to you to oui mercy the an around that some or ill off we n disaster for Bright silverware its a mistake of course to As silverware will stay shiny and slime that forced gaiety deceives untarnished if it is used daily creamed potatoes thursday breakfast pineapple Apricot juice hot or prepared cot Ca scrambled eggs Cocoa dinner broiled Ham slices a Grapefruit Garnish a for Ham braised celery the imitator in this As in what a a Gerald does when will parents learn that if is impossible to win an argument with a child forcing a child to conform against ills will is always accomplished at the exp of. Pense of antagonizing and Strang answer either Jelly or gala pig Iii in. A 1 tin May be served with he meat children have a Light to express course. Gelatin is generally pre a Dlf Faience of opinion. It is our pared in a special Mold. Place to show Why our own stand aids of conduct Are better anti question Quot i Ani planning a More desirable. By being reason Buffet luncheon but As my apart Able and not too insistent a Moth Bacon bread Matt is Mana a my lame no upon a we Large enough am wondering if it is Mary a Mother could have Sawl. Proper to serve the hot dish rom a yes 1 know Gerald does no to eat the Kitchen and keep the table for Cereal that s Why he has to Nice such n Rosy Chi eks Liko yours a and let it accompaniments. Any one least of All the hyper sen washed thoroughly and stored is Ive sick person whose sense of carefully use hot soapy water for humor May not be As robust As it washing hot Clear water for was. Ing. Wipe the Silver carefully with in Short if in doubt How to in a tin less soft cloth. Done to pile Sitter. And More important leave a Vernare that is Likely to scratch sick room. Send Flowers or an it. To remove tarnish from Silver amusing Book. On buying cosmetics to get most satisfaction from your cosmetics a buy reliable brands read the directions carefully and follow them give your methods and treatments a Lair trial for discarding them for something new and Don t go about them with an a i know it wont work attitude. Expect glowing results and you Are most Apt to get them. Use a polish that is very soft and is free from grit. Prune whip cookies Tea Friday breakfast stewed apricots codfish balls egg sauce Corn muffins Coffee dinner baked stuffed bluefish go at that with no room for Lur bread. Jelly relish salads and of argument fee the Silver and the napkins. A a mrs. F. D. cleaning furniture answer it is perfectly Correct use a Little Sweet Oil to remove serve in the manner which you pager Maiks from varnished Turin Buffet service any of a a pc nature. If furniture is oiled us to cd scribe the food hot or cold May served from the Kitchen. Kerosene. Hats match makeup in seasons new Vogue Beauty tips has if eve terribly a word gets we pm w is Iii Infix icing of whether or n poor invalid t to Send out and she can there conv Hance com no the sick acco to and do ii ill pm Vara to t sleep a i me wimp a he via tree Bent on Vistim a polishes its purpose whether or not the invalid want their society. A whole volume should be written c cd consideration for goodness knows a beat without having to bores along with a troubles. Miss that our. Bul one gets a taint idea of what her advice might be from he a forewarned is forearmed Quot chapter which starts off with the uncompromising statement thar a people who drop in at friends Homes without telephoning or somehow declaring thei�?T1 Mim to of s 77 on a my hands arc very thin and rather Bony. I Hare Hesi and Tat re to use any of the tinted Nail Loci polishes As i was afraid to Call attention to them. J wonder what you think about it is there any Way i can put some flesh on my Long Finger .?�?slim.�?T ? Bent on your hands would be More Inin them Torch ing with Nail polish. Choose at is they conservative Shade perhaps one tip Ible 0f the Smoky grape shades thai go so nicely with fall costume colors. When you apply the polish Leav e tiie tips and Moons of the Nail in tinted and clearly marked weal a Good sized ring or an interesting Bracelet. These tricks will flatter your thin hands. Of is out g time t. And k. Wii Alp h to polite r other called hat colors now match your lipstick by Jacqueline Hunt at first thought you might wonder How hats could possibly have anything to do with your lipstick or your lipstick with your hat. But since hats play such an important part. In making or spoiling an otherwise perfect ensemble it seems Wise to look a bit More closely into the matter. You know How often the Beautiful Ana becoming h a i you have chosen to Wear miss hum with a certain Lovely new of course. Von should keep the skin Nice and you should keep your Ter noon frock or a smart. Suit just hands flexible and poised. Probably the Only Way to make your hands Flesher is to add weight generally. To ire sadly misguided. Davi Mccord s comment on such imp1 ters i fort it Fri ii copyright 131# by Fri chm. This frock in a Novelty Woolen that suggests a it tried fabric adopts a slim Silhouette with Tup Waistline also defined. A a a Ltd and Gold ornament is introduced at the neckline. N a nuttier rattles be to strikes Quot sound the alarm in this i gather that she licit is advisable to Send out some sort of alarm before entitling on an invalids privacy a motion which is seconded by any one who has had an ounce of experience i i being an invalid. Winn ones friends regard one indisposition As the occasion for a sort of Lelu Day one is net Lour comforted strengthened nor misses fire when you put it on. Perhaps you have had the experience and have Laid the fault to some vague notion that it a just does no to go with your the smart Young american designer whose a lipstick hat appears today decided to investigate and decided that your hat must match your make up. With this in mind she designed a whole series of hats matched to the colors of the seasons most popular makeup. All very simple this makes it All very simple. A you have to do is to find the proper hat and its corresponding it grow out completely Brush cosmetic and you will be sure of Ria and have two avoiding All clashing colors. Many hot Oil treatments at one week in women do not realize that the Teivas have your hair trimmed Small amount of tinting on the Ana thinned some before the curls face is immediately adjacent to set Yoni operator should be the hat and May clash violently a question a i want to get a new permanent soon and i am particularly anxious for it to be a successful one. Have you any sir a cations As to the kind or Abt. The pre ?�?paula.�?� try to select a Beauty shop where your friends have had successful Waves. All methods in the hands of a reliable operator will give Vou a successful wave if your hair is in Good condition to Start with. If possible let the old pc Rma your i air ? Vogue Aims for Harmony in attire this shirred red velvet Bonnet is an unusual version of a victorian Bonnet with a Bow in flight to top it off. Designed for late afternoon Wear this Dainty hat will complement intriguing lips because Marion Valle the designer makes it in a popular lipstick Shad. This Vogue is based on fashions dictum that hats must match your cosmetics. Shade that is so wearable by All types and so popular this Winter. Another hat called a Eye Shadow is a trick Shade of Blue Green. It is a tiny hat. Scarcely More than an ornament to set off your new Hail do. Yards of veiling tied in the Back gives it a softness that makes it suitable even for the girl who i eels she should avoid the tiny hats because her features Are irregular. This Little hat will do magic things for the girl with Blue eyes but it is flattering to Brown eyes As Well. Ifs a big step there is another in a Shade to match Orchid Eye Shadow one to match a Clear red Rouge another with the soft Rose Champagne tone of a new fax powder and finally. A Little hat in Green designed ,1# f suggest new perfume that is suitable for both town and country Wear. The designer of the attractive hats feds that she has taken the first big step in the right direction a the ultimate goal being a collaboration of make up coiffure hat and costume to create the perfectly turned out woman. The head must Lye thought of in terms of the whole rather than the individual parts she says. The Day has past when Beautiful features alone will lend Charm. Now tha hat and face must form an integral design for Beauty and fashion. In a time was when an outmoded hat made the face look a dated Quot but this season it s the other Way around. Ifs the lips that talk. For the woman who wears purple or wine in her costume or a touch of it on Lier hat and then lets her lips Wear the Samp red Orange lipstick she wore last Vear or Leat summer is letting a a left Over face Challenge the Triumph of her new feminine clothes

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