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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - May 26, 1937, Arcadia, California I follow you act confessions i from All Ano j save the / y up Ament i the expense i or a Long j Calm anal trial a and Vou re ready to begin that s right the daily Arcadia Tribune published daily except sunday and holidays at 104 n. First Avenue Arcadia California Arcadia publishing company Pumm a Geas it seems by John Hix or it Roo wires. To author lau5o�lne a enrol Tor . Entered As second class matter March 14, 1930, Al tile Post office at Arcadia California under the act March 3, 1879. In p. M. Art Herlich Don Nutter Lois apr anger tie Tribune was designated As a newspaper per. Era i circulation by decree court on the coh Day May 1931 advertising mans. Society editor r pres in Ted nationally by Fenger a Ald co j i san Francisco los Angeles Seattle Chicago new York Bostons copies the daily Tibuni and full information about Tun and surrounding markets May be obtained from any these Ces it Lipton Price single copy 5c 10c per Ween 40e it or month. I hone 2131 for All departments nights i merge by 2u08. Advertising rates on a Forward Arcadia the Tribune s platform for the Progress arcadians i an adequate sewer system for the business District 3�?development Ross Field into a count Park a or Ltd Onu notations Lor visitors and increasing population 4-�?widening Huntington drive 5 Protection Arcadia s biggest Industry poultry it 6�?city beautification. A change heart when the proposal to increase the membership the Prene court was first made it was widely believed by the Bill s opponents As Well As backers that it endorsed in the Senate by a handsome majority today the most authoritative surveys and estimates indicate that the majority in favor he Bill is sex termly slim a two or three votes. A number senators originally believed to be for it Hae recent in come out in opposition. What has caused this change several elements Are involved a but the most important a la is the Force Public opinion. It is no secret that every congressman a mail ii bulged Virth letters discussing the proposal and that the n n Ortity have opposed it. The metropolitan end Rural press i overwhelmingly opposed. So Are most the nation mos respected political and economic commentators. More and More partisanship is disappearing in regard to it packing the High court. The people and Flie r represent. \ it Are realizing that Here is one the most vital is ties the Conn has yet faced and that it must lie debated on grounds Opp j pie not politics. That is a Hearting sign. 5,1 to Guf i m \ $ Jurn x. K h no win web in av9ih6 Intuit Ike. \ i copy i p ii new jul tip amp it a amp div t it Aat Nimg Ari tick it a a j Guni hot Only klu5 Trig Tot drass Frig Eloy into Tae tarantulas / v <2wn Home a to provide / n. Vyp Hawk Colv rear. V. S. Pat off. Today a Best radio programs Nerey to _ a a a a by Quot Quot a mount \ to him a a tic rat Washinton no ohs am Ricau a most a sacred patriotic 6hrin6s, a named aft a Brush Admiral Edward l a ?n0h/ a control a v it a pane. Pith my pitched a 21-inning 6ame Witri out walking a sent bulb aim re amp lips Erc Jtj Puzzle it 8 Malchie to Irving Chuy cd Ell Hozz. Be. Tips Jio Jwj notes from Guatemala by mrs. Bess Garner _ it was a vacation w e drove for Days from one town to another one Market to another one Church to another one Mountain to another in Guatemala. We a 1 a marvelous time the Day we went to san Marco which is Only 40 Kilometres from the mexican line and when the a women Wear dresses that look like Chiapas just across that line and to the Market at san Pedro where they Don t know american Money and use the old cur Rency prices and where a woman sat and watched me Market and then reached out and touched me to Vee i Felt the same to the touch As the women about me. And at san Martin Chile verde we had lots fun with our chicle and our visiting around As Well As in buying the costume. On the Way to Joy Abac in Pursuit a Chin m3 la primitive flute we saw them making Tho crude Brown sugar or Panocha that is sold in holds All Over Guatemala and Mexico. We wound Lound mountains up to eleven thousand foot Heights and Ess gamer Down into forested valleys and i loved my Guatemala vacation All it from first to last. More about Honor go Lex a continued from Page i although a Republican who a i twice been mayor Fresno. I voted Tor president Rovelt at both preside irial elections and have done j Iii in my Power to perpetuate the i?1 spirit the Good neighbor which i liter All is the True basis All that i a Best in Civili Zavion. J Able memories which i firmly be-11-w will remain with you All during life w. Parker Lyon x Arcadia Ca free Rodeo fiesta entertainment Etc. I and the imply you Are cordial in invited As guest i ear or Lyon Honor for this memorable Occa i mrs Roosevelt a k in Sion. I von for your Telegram in to attend the Celebration aril i on May 23. She Rem it won d no1 be possible to Quot a not he a in to tin wee time and Tho she a t>-0 he ref re acct it your invite aim a a Rooseve ii a Good i lie for the Success the occasion i to in a so pit be Rome and join us in an vent that can never be duplicated Malvina t smut or and View a Celebration the Plear it a a a a . Idi ii the. ______________1 a a get icy o. To a important announcement Sci a \ Igi Naii Elk non called Lyle Hun Mya e Ivin to Rigek a or or i was i in tiler a eth i i r thes ate. Shut Oil in a i m j us i act Ion no. Alii us. 4, tip i �,1-�?T a a a. Deeded to i once it rum by i. Rile i All by it her i a i it and 3?org? Vav Shin Hon Aill in d int it Nee. A Foi Mer t in a in t he it Given out h Navy n Allied the r amount other half erne a in Honor get his in a time in Dis Fly oui Man de a Etui Ira Edwa a1 pc ? so i a y a or on. Thus. Strange As its rms dog arca i Van the uni a states most Sac cd. Had pre vie a biotic r i 1 e rile x am h s habit 0 a Nugit . Bears boating cd i it land s Nav i a a dors.1 i came to me ill. Per apr. Is lip r / a tag lie nor r the ii Avalie Der for Wile Rock fruition ii out ver in Man o in w ii a in is rim insult to baning Lien it to k Ris name i i the feral a time adm nil \ envy it we nose in Mcne ought synodical inc. In inure Diatel after n Aud Barani. Pm Quot lie is lied Ord irs on in a to that each half pint a mixed with a quart j i that this mixture be i i la parts a one Liaf to Bel a More about twists cont sea from Page i win n Lily Pon Star he Andia to t lane17, show on Knox at 3, Ock. Appe l s this Evenin she wit j the thu e numbers devote d to w nod members the song world ,Lens Usignol in pan a Fay a min Ira . To he Nightie i a sing without words iiu/.u-1 be Ian so the i Imp birdies a and Quot la opener tin Wren by Juliu j by . In addition to these mum a j Bors. That diminutive French Singer offer a fill s a to which has had its share the in Cost Light i a the past three weeks. L it 39, Lovely to. Ira dim Monette Ira in the b Ruitz Box theatre but has no released the listing Lier numbers dial kneed pit raid s variety show ret inns i it Kiu at it 30. Ann Sothorn blonde screen in or i i in Nile t or to t on this venings hit Parade kit at for clock. Gang bust a s How brin., another half hour por mor crime dramatization. Arthur \ or s or riles re a plays on Reca at i g 15. Music by Frederick Starks orchestra is heard on Khz i at 7 15, an i he Lone Ranger Story follows. 7 31 is time for winning the West on a v i on kor i log a pants Atte Jav its in columnist makes his debut with a new movie gossip column. With to current fad for such programs a v like Amateur hours and Community sings a e Defini Cly a out a a mayor Angelo Roc is by i co will to heard by direct wire ii Eddie Peabody s oif rent Row 11 Hora least at 8 clock when the Banjo King honors the Bay City old n Gate Bridge Jubilee. As a to Tai musical Salute to fhe his Ory making Safru tue Paul Ken St the Rancho a new a Foreman a will sing a song Fred Allen to Man Hall tonight is featured on Fri at 9 and Ken Murray a fun show will on the air at 8 30 Over Knox. Men the Molly will want to i dial Knox at 9 o clock to hear Call Jing a1 cars while the womenfolk j w111 clamor for kit. When Hedda j Hopper presents her program. J Glen Gray and his Casa Lorn i a a Che tra will debut Over the local air lanes for the fir i l or fur Zemah a Uvelio. T m. T till an d.,1 ill to q my arc j. A,0> a 0, b i he mint not a spelt co words add. J. 1,0 a Coy. Co cloth Pup finding i i m Iri i >818 i v Tim on an average about 2 out it a in a tuberculosis the lungs ire Ted by a doctor Vii i to a t to a e it it Hor in a lode. Tyly advanced or in Bundy i. T . A a he Cli. Artadi i such stage before the la t cd is is mule and to to sit started in about i per cent tin Ca i kindly it is t. My0., Ole i in to a Early a a when it is easily and to t in ily fun Hie. A in. To a. Is the lungs is one the most e., 1\ Dias e it ii. Ndem a found Early Enous h for treat i a at to to. Tarted at the Tine Ali ii is most spec Lily Accini ii , a Hie in on it i pot i. It i soon enough is that the Early symptom Imp n to lie fed a . A i. -. K he real la re h 1 >1 the >1 vol Ai to in us to some trivial con Tien Lim i i Chol. The Svino Therea h h w Nas the a at ids danger. The first symptom ii in to be not it d by the j i Lent is easy fatigue. He b. A i v t i. In than in u a to and yet tins tiredness i not enough or a Riding Enoch to Usa any alarm. Hoti he in a a it it i Ltd a i. H. P a doing too Emch or that be la a a a i it goo May be a an cd by a Vav loss 1,1 a. V a i. La. Eau i it tile patient May not die it for be. K1 11 a i a a Ai Pat v who con. Id a a Lowelor at tins singe the Long i Ion May i Overlook i my. ? the Chest is examined the x Ray. Tho. J i on a sin in a a a urn to St is not ilk by to be r i table i a i re Quot. To. I i a Iii tin Early stage the tubercle Bacilli an not yet hoi g found in to e Throat discharge. I 11 tuberculosis tile in urns is ii. I a h tarted it generally attacks a Young i hid b a to. On 15 and 2 it to a in Tho upper part one Lun y i id to t it cd it Sony la for quite a Long time toil Pat t. Y in i be a. I and the patient his still Petit Iii i ,.f a. Lera Tely advanced tub Raul. A i Al i a a i it Ivy rata re us lung the Che i i . How i at to a ii. A1a a. Rids upon a Oral factors j 1 1 m Art an Dot. A a Quot Ltd or who have developed an m i in r. A u a a Salt nil heating the i a a to i to w ii to inv a. I i Ai. Ii Circum 8lances, comp to Liui i a o or Wall Tho r i. At blissfully the fact that he i a Ever haul a lung 1< Oil at the pre. Oat the a tub a Harj or s i. Chief cause deaths in Young adults in. H it Tho la. J that when to Catmint is started Early enough the Duronso is curable. Marlier diagnosis not Only makes hic c or a in ire c by Hor is Hie leu the Tinmun it treat nuut. A a Are any urn r it in your mily a a complain boing tired and who Are b ing web to the. By it and ice i can give you is to have the i t Amin To i. In e sure ii to they have Tho Chest examined with the x Ray. K re x r y examination is one the Best forms insurance a ii it tuber Cuboid the lungs. The cd iof problem now is to get people to Bolt a mined Early enough so that the he a ease is found in time. Earlier diagnosis Means a better Hope cd Questions Ani answers i a Maniag and Limni i lie Send n in mind the dilute i drink Hung tic word fro n a nickname which he a y re Civ j because i n org a program0 a k a cog Quot. Eventually i m any kind into Xicay my is found under that a hmm today As age is u Nayr a what for nobody begin an indefinite engage Quot in flyway a j mom it the Palomar bail room in to Angeles broadcasting Over i ii a Ai .8 3u and Over Knox and Columbia Chain at 10 43. J a a a a. My orchestra with a musical style that a different. Che reply some member in Minifay whose Anc an i Biliti r 6 tinged is Likely to big but i ight a no i v id we have to look at the unsightly the interesting part about such a i a a a a him hat Hwy re both1 pens a nerds Fortine found a t House and ill it nver it up a for six months a Terri try were lib adv. It it m by a Barry a widow Drew / o la j Alii. Nat h it orc on Way i Ense were , covered with d y grass a mile High i do saw it and what they though i pc matter one Whit to the1 he p Pukite. What mrs a t. R. However. Is i Hurt cd y is a threat to life and j n a cry i e c a u e ii Cate hrs fire sly my Burn. Up Day. And there a abnormally heavy growth d fir j ,. Cd Ash this mar in Cali a u or by can be h. Heavy Earl Tva on Rains i victim Nyiry la we i Pep is fro it life Eyrie b dragging th3 t own Barrow s body. Sealing up o Hie borrow an i s Civ the Par ii pension $30 a month from the Denver Bureau Public be fare when slip died it was discovered she had $40,000 on Deposit in a lore Bank. Thyroid trouble question Marylee o. Irp Vires a what should i do i think i have trouble with the thyroid gland a answer your que lion is somewhat indefinite inasmuch As you give me no i i a to Vav to a. To it r i i it Ang it runt May to Sibly t. St. You re ii by be it pm ring. A i i a go Ivr to an e ophthalmic g it a or to hyper Oliy midis. I Ani under the Imp re ton that you it Ive not yet con ii i year do Lor a d Are i at we to it the thyroid is affected. I suggest that the Best thing to do is to see a doctor in in you. C Annex pumpkin question h. T. Wants to know a do you think that the canned pumpkin is As Good As the fresh a answer i often suggest that when the family enjoys pumpkin that la variety be used. You will find that a Large can is inexpensive and it seems to my that this May be the cheapest a j to use it. Also course the canned form is available at All parti the year. Picnics off their de Paloska. J under a a i Ait a Wasp d Jug it it the Burrow. Bes in a Tarantula it in. Kismet the pin headed Mon end in afer eve any Earl Domain. You will be Wise to keep it Clear the hot Sun summery is rapidly reaching that be dryness which invites any a spark flame to set it to Brush Oil homa til., will be year Cill to attend j the arc t Anna ii pm. Nic reunion h Oklahoma Folk All Day. Mon a d3v list. Win h is decoration Day in i idly. In Sycamore Grove Park. Thus will be made a Mammoth All i Southern Ca Fomia rally. J ail the picnic attractions will be i Alfird county registers and head Quot nor Melv Quot in the i i q Souy Rinir badges hot cof a the while that i fee popular entertainment the Chii Bren give dog mumps Mentor o i he soon a o a a. Son and daughter or and mrs. Kenneth c. Loomis hid covered from an attack mumps. Lie a Hildren s pet dog nig Sev a 12-mormon Rocker pm Toi. L stricken with the Sam ailment. I co Woken Are planning ? make it a great event in the history the Oklahoma state society Southern California. Information May be obtained from president Shoemaker Terrace 1638 or Harry c. Mabry Secretary Mutual 5222, or c. H. Parsons Secretary the federation state societies Mutual 1981, at the Headquarters the societies at the Angelus hotel 4th and Spring streets los Angeles California. Jas Hae z a a cd ave ampt Matt tie a Quot a. He property goes up in smoke an the Baske Dunn Echo a toss list i it j. E. Shoemaker and his i All Day sunday june 6. i Nua a. A okie a v re pm v a w i v. W i-4 a r i thu o 4 Dadd it s mar be you re s g i ? eve r a the Santa Anita Market is now carrying g a Complete line or wheat breads whole cheats a re pc Sova bean Ami Rutan re Pumpe Mckel and their other specially breads Santo. Anita to by. Anama Dan bum i i to at l i Garty be i May a i l. Us i. To i i raid cd by Ham Fisherr Quot an among those Ari in i in Vit d to Ti-1t a o try at in t mor Nim edition m. In Viti d to the party which never came off were mayor Guardia Stem Farley Gene Tunney Gack Dempsey Mike Jacobs Tony Canzoneri Phil. Baker 0.�0-Mcintyre, Beatrice Lillie or onions Row t a 4 a Quot 7 \ v n Xiv 7 it p i Coz and go gang tis jail i a am to Spring a Little 5 up on them secret operative i. 48 a in i in eco elder co Nve pm Vav Cal the Mayo i co o Ano it hers the gang making plans Fop their o is / 1 i int no to show Rhym we Mauf All the 5 Fri Delcean j How Hodell to j the Cid situation is understand p by Norman Marsh yrs yrs go on
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