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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - May 26, 1937, Arcadia, California Home edition tribunal twists a scrambled egg a in a f flying Blind in in what fort i California hens in a manner of speaking have scrambled the egg Market. They be been laying Mon eggs than the Pill a can consume primers have sagged and alarmed producers report a 1, aul Plua. Now n r Era milled egg Market in Leas it to un1 crumbled in a hurry r Tell trouble to practically every enc including the Hen. The hens Vixen returns from egg fall to a their loom and Hoard get an axe Iii the neck and end up Well roasted in various dinner tables. Later tile consuming Public begin to Fen the effect because with production Clit tailed Price go on a merry Rise. File Job then la to step up consume it i o a and fortunately the agates most capable of achieving Thi end have already swung int action. Newspapers Are u ring peo pie to eat More eggs. 8 Ane 37,00 atore5 of the National association of food chains Are throwing Thel Tehven Dous weight into he Cam it Len reducing the Price spread t f titania buying in Eastern Market and promoting ideas for the use o eggs through store displays and newspaper advertising. And the housewives Are beginning to help Cut by putting More pm physic on eggs in the a mlle diet. To a lot of femurs to the hens we o i Quot wee want a be Exeen Ted. And to our Dye who would other Len pay higher Price it will mean much of the surplus is acc eve fully moved of the egg situation is unscrambled How about in extra egg to. Break fast tomorrow and maybe in Omelette for lunch devoted vol. Vul. No. 125 Arcadia Arcadia California wednesday May 26,19 7 single copy 5c Navajo Craft designs used in super chief Mack truck Yankee body is up chased for West Side fire Hall Here 1 second truck bids due councilmen Given history of water rights tangle As protest ii filed c Nung Zero lines any air plane plat will Tel y Gnu that his most spine chilling terrifying moments in the air came u he batted that deadly condition so j of red by All pilots a a Selling Zero vis Billy Zero Quot tie i flying Blind. Fug shroud the Landing Field. Caution caution Ile cruises a be it for what seem age peeling Down for a a a Hole or the of he finds one and lands before i. Gas gives out a feels the gods have been generous now the average More Motorist shudders even to i hint of being in pitch a fix. And yet lie Hutn self or his own Little Auto is flying Blini under Zero Zero conditions every Tim he travels 60 tubes an hour a night at this Speed i. Is impossible to Slop a car in less than 230 feet ktndli., reach Only too feet. Any unlighted obstruction for 133 feet beyond them. Then would be a so Lute y unavoidably. Even perfect brakes ii ave this. Blind area. While statistic to info in us that thee. Ate faulty brakes on about one in of ave y thirteen autos in California and that faulty Brake ale r cons Lyle for More or Slick than air other me ban Leal defect. In it that the Man who must Speed at night just does t care or does no to to know that catastrophe he is inviting certainly he would quake Iii the thought of flying with even the in rat a a i mrs Pilot in a ceiling Aero it Utility Zero weather. Yet you can waster that a Veteran of Quot Loving air Pilot would himself a n t Erlih d at a rids through Zero Zro conditions of the Highway Miles at hour at night with the reckless Motorist. It than out the ertl Sii the reaction of the average head of to surges ions that he clean Cut the Brush behind the on Page two the first major step in the pro a ram outlined to eventually build up a Arcadia i e Depar ment to banking with any Community in the i stale was taken tuesday night a he adjourned meeting of Theck Council in Tho auditorium of the Cit Hall. By an unanimous count the Conn ill voted to accept the old with Mack truck company for a chass my pump at a Cost of $2,843.00, urn he bid of the Yankee body builder or tin body of the truck for the t i Ion to be constructed on the Baldwin Avenue lot in West Are Adla. The Latte estimate will b a lightly lower than the old accepted5612 00�? As a different body we he used on he Wert Arcadia True Hail that which will replace Tho called Quot dilapidated Dodge truck n the Wheeler Street station. In addition to the Chassis puny my body extra equipment will als have to be purchased. No sooner had this Deal been com continued on Page four first s2t1ie r top. Lilt new stain ass steel super chief of the saute be. I Over photos show Interior views of dinner and observation lounge. The super chief passed through Arcadia on May to on its initial Chicago los Angeles run und made the return trip last saturday night. On the return trip scores of los Angeles businessmen and civic leaders trekked to Chicago for a week of conferences. Memorial Day Observance of 1919 most impressive Eyer staged in county Federal writers find the most significant and impress r named Pershing Square. Part of the Cive memorial Day celebrations Ever memorial add Ess of president withe id in los Angeles county were in son at sur Esnes cemetery Paris 1919, 18 years ago that Spring which had been cabled the same following the signing of4 the world Day was read. Nal was found sitting standing by j War armistice tile preceding no this memorial Observance marked United press news flashes beak my a stand up Sacramento May 26 it up i Alife Niaz Bear Mutt stand erect hereafter on the official Seal aroused by criticism that the lining and almost Balking on various Abs the left a i a ure approved and Lent to the governor a Bill to make lie Bear stand up. R Jun crap a a a it used to be that whenever i saw a Feller get a Telegram re be considerably impressed. It just seemed to be a wbk and t never though id get Over it but the other Day i was in the office of a big publisher. And while i was there a boy ame in an handed him a Telegram. So he a vol a tax Oigt me. Abd tear in it open he Lead it quickly to ked a lits watch and then says a til be Back in a Well i help but read what the Telegram it was laying right there before me under five or six Ether pieces of paper. It said. Quot cancel and Stop found dog a yours. Jim Sunset features copyright 1937 j in Carroll first vice commander stubby presides Over gathering As reports Given tuesday night was first vice commanders night at the glom Dyer Post no. 247, american legion with a flue turnout greeting com Ade ii. S. Stubbs in he p esd in a hair for the Venn la. Various reports were Given Duran the evening the leading ones Bein Tho a Given on the fourth of Jal fireworks Sale planned for this Yea and the memorial Day services a planned for Friday evening in the auditorium of the first Avern. School. Comrade Art Nelson repo Ted o the fireworks Sale revealing the a present plans Call for three and pos Ubly four stand. Being sponsored b the legionnaires this year. Fire works will be sold on july 3, 4 am 5, under this year s Ajo rang Enven 5 it was announced. Featured by the annual armonica cutest among students of the Sev a nth and eighth grades the Mem Octal Day services tills year arc ii charge of Comrade or. Ii. A Scofield. It was disclosed at the meet Rig that Millard blimey of the 18f Dis Trie will bring the principal Mes Sage of the evening. Other reports Given the Post Thi were Hose of the me Bersht committee which showed that 8 paid up members were on the roster four Over the quota and one fron the boy scout committee the lat Ter Given by Comrade Albe t Adco refreshments were served at the conclusion of the session. Message received by Council on Post office data a message from l. C. Peoples director of the procurement division >1 the u. S department of the Treasury giving data on the pos Chi ice situation for the City of Are Adia was plated on file this week Peoples in Ter was in answer t the Resolution forwarded to Washington Rome weeks ago seeking Pas sible action on the erection of a new Federal building in this Community he thanked the Council for tilt late information sent on the City of a i Rench plane downed big Bao Spain May 26 up a a Oman passenger and the Pilot wee in ured today when a French com Nercil air plane was shot Down by German warplane believed to a i German lug with the punish rebel forces besieging by to. Mrs. Roosevelt Speaks Washington May 20 up a lits. Franklin d. Roosevelt broke Crown Long standing Nile against commenting on pending legislation a Aday to advocate two important measures one of which her husband de president said lie did not expect a Ontress to consider at tills session. Or. Roosevelt proposals i in-1 us Ion of a clause in the new wage Aid hours Bill to guarantee Equa my for equal woke a clause which would establish women a rages at he same scale As menus providing i hey do the same work. I 2. Amendment of the social so j Unity act to include Protection of lome Etic servants and farm workers vember according to Hugh Harlan the High tide of civil War veterans supervisor of the Federal Wal ens a Tendance. The civil War ended 72 , spa who today released years ago a 20-year-old survivor data concerning the occasion Gath j would now be 92 years of age. It is ered by workers. Not probable there will be More although los Angeles since the than one or two g. A. R. Veterans latter part of he 1870s had observed in the memorial Day Celebration decoration Day in a formal Way next week. The 1919 Celebration eclipsed All pre another great gathering of 10,000 Pioneer settler will take part in Golden anniversary fete saturday program is announced i Florin pageant scheduled As one of features of City a Celebration taking an Active go Den get tog the. Which will Mark the Ersary of the Fountain on saturday May 29, John Bender 38, first settler and oldest living Pioneer of the City will occupy a j place of Honor in the Parade planned d As a feature of the Day at 2 a clock. I. Bender is shown surrounded by the Orange Trees which he planted in 1882 to launch Glendora on t h e development of its present prosperous Cit. Us Industry arriving Here in 1874, Bender homesteaded the property on which he resides. Glendo a a fiftieth anniversary Celebration and Golden get together program which is expected to Ore thousands of Southern Calif or i nans to this City on a urday May 19, was the Center of interest this Eek As final plans for the event were completed. Cities throughout the san Gabriel Valley we Hose histories Are closely me Woven with that of Glendora vill Send Large delegations Here for he Celebration which will Trace the Lowth and development of the District during the past half Century Cash prizes totalling $250 will be awarded winning entries in the huge Parade scheduled As the opening feature of the program at two Semi Stivi oils Bose Vanees including the Spring following the return of our soldiers from Cuba. Outlying towns in the Conny As is the practice now joined in the los Angeles City Celebration and Graves in Marouis cemeteries were do ated in Honor of dead soldiers who also fought in the civil and up a n ish a m or ican wars. Gen Archibald j. Sampson Pas department commander of the g. A. R. Of Arizona and a former minister to Ecuador was principal speaker was in Lincoln Aik where lieu. B Active part in the Golden get together Celebration which will Mark the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of Glendora on saturday May 29, John gender 83, first settler and oldest living Pioneer of the City will occupy a place of Honor in the Parade planned As a feature of the Day at 2 of clock. Or. Bender is shown j surrounded by the Orange Trees i which he planted in 1832 to launch i Glendora on the development of its i present prosperous Citrus Industry. Arriving Here in 1874, Bender j homesteaded the property on which i he still . Fitts introduced by mrs. Leafie Ico entries and floats Are expects 3oan-Orcutt, of the Park Board made the Chiel address Lieut Fitts now los Angeles District attorney told of the bravely of the men in the Argonne. The largest cemetery Observance was at Rosedale where under the auspices of Stanton Post. A r. The Graves of soldiers of three wars were decorated. One of the peculiarities of this memorial Day Celebration was that at one of the which was was sponsored by civil War be held at the Bible Institute. In this i Elk ans. Newly returned from audience were 800 g a. R. Veterans the world War were guests. Al a1 \ who marched to the Institute Fol celebrations prayers were said of lowing formation in the old Cen nil the american soldiers still in various Park which recently had been re a pacts of Europe. Sought her attempts were made to have mrs. Roosevelt attend Barbecue event mrs. Franklin d. Roosevelt wife of the president of the United s ates was sought to be Honor guest at the free Barbecue fiesta held be seen in he line of March sunday at the Rancho Santa Anita Brough the City business Section it. Was revealed tuesday afternoon an original historical drama writ i by w. Parker Lyon of the Pony sex a clock in the afternoon. More than in by Rev. Henry Scott Rubel ver Atile minister radio arut and son a Titer will be Given at the Wilson school at eight of clock on the Ere Ling of the 29th. Loca citizens will Ake important roles i he drama which will Tell a complot my picturesque Story of Glendora history from Pioneer to presen hues. Memorial services billed for final Barbecue committee ses Townsend ites thursday patrol for gang log a port ind., May 26 up officers and volunteers a r m e d with shotguns machine guns radios and air planes patrolled highways of our states today to Hall Deredi on of a gang whose Leader he would out Dillinger the animus John Dillinger. Somewhere in Indiana Backland interesting and unique services a e scheduled for the Townsend memorial meeting of the Arcadia Townsend ites at the regular week by session on thursday night in the City Hall auditorium according to announcement made today. Judge Fiscus of the 12th congressional District Board will be the i i principal speaker of the eve. Ning. I was revealed by George h. Steven Fred Brady James Dalhover and j publicity chairman of the club. Clarence Lee Shaffer were believed something of real interest and aiding with the $2,500 they scooped a importance to the Arcadia club will rom the Yam s of the Goodland be staged Here and every Layal and stale Bank yesterday. One Otownsend Dite will want to see what heir guns was the -30 Auto happens Stevens stated Natick Rifle which pumped 51 slug \ nto a pursuing state police car founding state policeman Pau Minneman critically and depot sheriff either Craig less be ious leave Arcadia saturday for Detroit new York Sion held by group final plans were perfected Thi week at the wind up meeting of the eco Meltee handling arrangement., for the second annual Barbecue to be held june 13 at the historic w. Y. Rowland ranch in Puente under the auspice of the Church of the holy j Angels it was revealed in a bulletin released by publicity Chai Man Theodore Mauch. This gathering of c o in Mitt e e Heads was held at the Home of father Gerald of Kheife pastor of the Catholic Church Here. Frank Wackerman chairman of the ticket committee i epo Ted a brisk Sale of ducats for the event which looms As being the finest Ever staged on the Puente site. The services of a first class or protests heard by equalization unit against Lucky shoe cafe in City the License giving the Lucky shoe cafe Huntington drive near Baldwin the right to sell liquors is in jeopardy. This was made known on tuesday afternoon when it was Learned that the state Board of equalization would soon hand Down a decision on this matter following press museum Comandante de Cele Brac Ioles for the gala fete. Lyon sent a Telegram to mrs Roosevelt Early this month when the first lady of the land was nailing a tour of the great Northwest. The wire was sent to the Seattle Post intelligencer but mrs Roosevelt was unable to accept the invitation. The wire and the reply follow a mrs. Franklin d. Roosevelt care of mrs. Boettiger seat in Post intelligencer Seattle. Wash. Committee consisting of mrs. H. H. Cotton Princess Pignatelli and others interested in restoring the Glamour of Pueblo Days or ,.mg what we Call Quot a dry in old californian on May 23 at l Lucky baldwins old Santa Anita Rancho. Preparations already made to provide free Barb a Cue for 25,000 with continued on Page 2 Harlan Ware noted writer on trek through Canada or and mrs. Harlan Ware of Arcadia left the City this week for a lain and boat trip which Wilie theme four approaches made to manager Bob sprawl to sell Arcadia theatre one would erect edifice authentic report from film Row discloses switch in plan Here a new a Boatie building Foi the City of Arcadia the Sale of the Acadia theatre by p r e s e n t owner manager Bob sprawl of e. L Vanderlop theatre magnate of los Angeles a 900-seat House on Huntington drive these and countless other Rumor questions and reports comp ise the latest a whispering Quot Campaign being carried on in this Community and after a six Dav investigation the following authentic data has been gained by this publication 1. Sprowl since he bought out s. L. Gillette has been approached by four different parties seeking to Purchase the Arcadia theatre. 2. One party was e. L. Vander lip los Angeles who according to stories published in various Trad magazines of the motion picture Indus to was to build a 900-seat hour Here following the Purchase of the local playhouse from up owl. 3. Authentic reports from a film Row in los Angeles the gathering spot of All motion picture House owners and managers disclose that Bandar lip swished his plans for a theatre in Arcadia and has picked san Bernardino. Sprowl when interviewed on the Rumor report this week admitted that he had been Given overtures by Vanderlip on the prepositions and had seen premature publicity Quot yarns Quot in the a b o v a mentioned Trade magazines. He also revealed that a new Thea re could be erected Here without buying out the Arcadia theat a but such a House would have to play Independent pictures or play pictures behind Sprowl As the latter holds the contracts t o r metro Goldwyn Mayer. Paramount Fox. Warner a others. United artists and All major studios for this City. Vanderlip according to Sprowl for the past two months has been calling at the theatre two or three times a week bickering for a Deal but spurned the a buy out Price quoted by the present owner. During the past ten Days Sprowl stated the angeleno has not visited the Arcadia theatre adding weight to the disclosure on a film Row that Vanderlip had dropped his plans for a House Here and had switched to san Bernardino. Bridge Orens tomorrow san Francisco. May 26 up against a background of elaborate pc. Of in pageantry san . Omorrow will officially dedicate Ani pen the Golden Gate Bridge the or go St single suspension Span in the void. S he ruled to leave the City on saturday on the Santa few rout or. And mrs. Albert Angus travel to Detroit and from there on to new York by Auto. Angus noted potato producer will i Chase a car in de nut Tor the trip on to be a York and the return to California. Described by some authorities a the greatest engineering achieve a inning com Mission scheduled ment in history the Bridge connect for session tonight the san Francisco Peninsula with Marin county on the North linking Nadia and disclosed that the matter j the sin Francisco metropolitan area depended on the amount of Money j the Coly with the Redwood Empire voted to spend on such edifices this Region of Northern California. It i at the City Hall. Year by Congress and the allocations1 also offers a More direct route to chairman Charlo Given Vatious Staten of the Union All Points of the Pacific Northwest will preside Chittra have been secured for d Ine my which will comm Nee at 3 of clock j of equalization d in the afternoon and continue Well i pending. Into the evening. Iii addition to the p ---1 ment four other prot Pasadena boys cause of scare , m the vial intersection Here a a Trad Mark registered persevere. Be honest save. Work Are axioms John d. Gave to a world which for that matter a hearing in the state building in j take hem from Here to Chicago with j things on a Silver Platter. Los Angeles at which time several the return journey leading across by a score of four to five protests against the establishment the Canadian Rockies to Prince re j social Security a kept alive were filed. Pert just below Alaska where a just a single old Many a vote be Don Ramer will bring them Down the a keeps this new Deal boat afloat. Of til Pacific coast to Loa Antaeus. J Senate gripes because the Board Ware nationally known she t i Etc a u now St and scenario writer will visit on the court plan come from Hicks j r at v a in s pan on toe h it my j who h gtd Gall enough to vote i Rek. From St. Paul the wares for Alf inn Don Kansas Goat move to Winnipeg and thence. Wallack says at Chapel according to chief of poll o to who filed the protest local police department the c i s i o n Throe Pasadena boys is distribute s for tile Independent last Nigist. Rushed Cut from the Bol. Service station at and Santa Anita to Hail a car driven by Harry Holmes of the lire department. Reporting the incident to police to find Don the youths had mistaken Holmes i car for that of their a a Bossy due a Faulkner j that tune to give them a a lift Back i to he Crown City Lucky shoes we state Board who Contr i ing and revoking of lie employed liquors the Lucky shoe seven Nee depart a a tsp coming j i laity of the o d with til to Winnipeg Ana Rupert it was unc the application for skating rink in City to be studied a i Ray in Boc members of the City planning commission tonight a a scheduled Toj local officers investigated Convene in regular monthly b was the scene of a stabbing w h i c ii or. William Bill noted Pasadena tree surgeon Lotus life while scuffling in Friendl fashion with mrs. Virgil i. Nick. Co owner of the cafe in the kit can of the Huntington i business. A coroners jury voted the Den accidental but advised the hives gation be kept open. Place i drive i Sec be i Zzz sve i Oil d cation to opera to a at 139 e. Ii to the comic Monrovia this building ins pee her Mon Joe was men t Mort on to need Iii be i be a Iken. A Hill excess savings in the till so Cut a be snatched to serve Tho cause of the new Deal Santa Claus Roosevelt states that i wage control must come slowly As a whole. Town by own and group by group surge by surge and swoop by swoon or Schacht rules German Banks to n in Brooklyn. He outranks Hitler when some jobs too Tough for Plain paper halving stuff r m. Orr
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