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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - May 25, 1939, Arcadia, California Where Royal visitors will he welcomed to British Columbi it nil Linned 11 no Par 1 it Sci Iii i and or adjourned meetings of May in. 1039, for regular meeting of May 111, 1939 and the regularly adjourned meeting of May 17, 1939. That Everett p. Nolday a member of the Cliv Connell of the City of Arcadia failed neglected and refused to attend the City Council meetings and fails neglects and refusal to appoint persons to fill the vacancies now existing on the City Connell and refuses Falls and neglects to perform the duties of the office of a member of toe City Council of the City of Arcadia. That the said Everett f. Nolday is Able to attend the meetings of the City Council and is Able to perform the duties of his office and has had notice of the meetings and that in part the following business is now before tile City Council of the City of Arcadia and requires tile action of the City Council i appoint two councilmen to fill vacancies incurred As result of recall election. 2. Approval of covering purchases of materials arum supplies for All departments. 3. Hearing in the matter of proposed improvement of a portion of Longden Avenue in said City of Arcadia As set Forth in Resolution of intention no. 965. Hearing set for May 16, 1939. 4 hearing in the matter of pro read How this amazing new life Saver Treaon gives you a dry track for Quick i stops on wet / l 1 Slippery roads in in Victoria on May 30, their majesties the King and Queen of great Britain will receive the official Welcome of the people of British Columbia. The ceremony will take place in the Beautiful parliament buildings set in Park like surroundings beside the inner Basin of the Harbor and their majesties will be escorted by a guard of Honor from the military of the City. Afterwards they will drive through the City which is Host yearly to thousands of american tourists and which is noted for its Fine Homes Lovely gardens and typically English atmosphere. Pictured above the Central dome and a portion of the parliament buildings one of victorians picturesque a a Kiltie regiments. In the lower panel is a relic in which Britain a Sailor King will find a common interest with other visitors to Victoria. It is the one Man liner Tinicum a dugout Canoe made from one piece of Cedar in which capt. J. V. Voss sailed 40,. Too Miles around the world from Victoria to Margate England in 1901. A like a buttery of Windshield wipers attic never ending spiral bars of this new a life in very Quot tread sweep the water right and left Lorca it out through Tho deep dry Nave grooves making a a dry t Rock for Hie rubber to grip come in and see t lie new safety Silver i own wit ii the life Saver trend today 7 Goodrich safety Silvertown in g take a look at these Lew prices coupes sedans Arcadia Texaco station Jack Baldwin manager Carrier first and Huntington phone Atwater 7-2444 a 111 band a Ami up included and up Roll Federal Tref posed improvement of a port inn of Floral and Forest avenues in said City of Arcadia As ret Forth in Resolution of intention no 966. Hearing set Lur May 16, 1939. 5. Request from Arcadia Junior woman club for permission to conduct Public dance May 29, 6. Request from Arcadia Monrovia Post no. 2070, of foreign wars for permit to sell poppies on Hie streets of Arcadia May 26 and 27, 1939, 7 action on the request of or. R. W. Sears for the rezoning of property at no. 704 e Longden Avenir to permit the operation of of a Riding Academy As approved by City planning commission. 8. Action on petition from l. G. Horton it a1, protesting the re zoning of tile Northeast Corner of Baldwin Avenue and Las Tunas for business purposes. 8. Action on letter of Philip be fever protesting against the rezoning of tile Northeast Corner of Baldwin and Las Tunas for business purposes. To. First Reading of an ordinance rezoning the Northeast Corner of Baldwin Avenue and Las Tunas i to permit the operation of a gasoline service station and Sand i Wickli shop thereon la first Reading of an ordinance rezoning lot 21, tract no. 6641 to permit the operation of a real estate and insurance office thereon. 12. Various resolutions and ordinances now in hands of City i attorney As requested by City Council and ordinance committee. That Emil Bolz and James r. Griffins members of the City Council cannot transact any business coming before the City Council without the pre Canna appoint persons to Iii the vacancies now existing on lh1 City Council without tile presence in Everett f Bidav that on May 17 1939, the meeting of the City Council was adjourned to May 23, 1039 at eight of clock p. M thereof that Petitioner herein above referred Nha it no Plain speedy i and adequate remedy in tile Ord i imry com of of Law. Wherefore Petitioner prays i that a writ of mandate i Suc out i of this court commanding said defendant Everett f niday to i attend the meeting of the City i Council on May 23. 1939, at eight it 8> of clock p. M thereof in the Council chamber in the City Hall that he attend at the Council table in said Council chamber that he be required to pass upon the following business at said meeting in tile capacity of his j office of member of the City Council with Emil Bolz and James r. Griffiths members of said City Council i. To appoint at least one person councilman to fill one of the vacancies created As a result of harem la election. 2. For plaintiffs costs herein and for such other orders and Relief As the court May deem jul i and proper in the premises. Hie petition was signed by William r. Elam attorney for plaintiff Grants alternative writ acting on the petition Juda Wilson granted an alternative writ which required that Bidav App i. At tuesday nights Council session or appear in court. Tin judge in granting the 1 Lineal for an alternative writ held Vernon w. Houghton the said it and a party beneficially iile11 de herein t hat a recall i ii . In id Iii the City a. A state of California com v of to Angeles and atus b non Arthur i Malin and William a Murphy were recalled i rom the City Council of said City Arcadia Tribune classified visit your Dodge delivered prices in y ads Kring speedy Chi Tibia a to p m e to. S t take a look whereas ii further appears to in Aid petition that the voters s d ice Ion placed the duty of appending two persons to the office of Council to fill the vacancies in re by the recall of Arthur f Malin and William a. Murphy whereas it further appears that Emil Bolz and James r. Ii flirts members of the City Council Are unable to transact any business without the presence of Everett f. Niday the other member of the City Council whereas it. Further appears that Everett f. Niday having been Able to do so and after having notice thereof failed neglected and refused to attend meetings. Of the City Council on May 15, 1939. May 16. 1939 and May 17. 1939 whereas it further appears that Everett f. Niday. A member of the City Council of the City of Arcadia fails neglects and refuses to appoint persons to fill the vacancies now existing on the City Council of the City of Arcadia whereas it appears that on May 23, 1939. At eight <8 o clock p. M thereof a regularly adjourned meeting of the City Council of the City of Arcadia will be held in the Council chamber in the City of Arcadia and that Emil b i and James r. Griffith cannot fill the vacancies existing on the Civ Council without the pres in e of Everett f. Niday the other member of the City Council therefore we do command you Iviz a it Ltd a p niday to attend the meet in of the City Council of the c to of Arcadia on May 23, 1939. A eight <8> of clock p. M. Theroi in the Council chamber in to e try Hall the a you attend at the Council table in said coun it ii Cham in in your Oll Ocial capacity As a member of the City Council of the City of Arcadia that you a upon the following bus. In Ess a Aid meeting in the Capo 1of you off urn As a member of the cd. Council of the City of an id i Vith Emil Bolz and Janie r Griffit. Members of scorn by my re take a look Farn Otis Dodge a ass itch dynamite a engine with All the or i in Dodge Economy Heater s. Plus new advances Tor even Ray Kyser whose Arches is furnishing1 music for dancing at the famous Casino ballroom on Santa Catalina Island. The Island engagement Marks Kyser a Only Pacific coast appearance this summer the following schedule is announced for dancing at the Casino during Kay Kyser a engage Merit saturdays 9 p. In. To i a. In. Sunday matinees 2 p. In. To 4 for your Spring Garden work we offer a Complete line of tools seeds Garden Hose and sprinklers at prices that save you Money. 5/8-Inch Hose f q 25 feet i. Bijj now on display new 1939 Dodge trucks. A truck Bud priced with the lowest Iii giant new Dodge truck Plant revolving sprinkler Garden Hoe Mon rot i i Al form Garden Spade sunday evenings 9 p. In. To 12 p. In. Mondays 9 15 p. In. To 12 p. In. Tuesdays 9 p. In. To 12 p. In. Wednesdays 9 p. In. To 12 p. In. Thursdays 9 p. In. To 12 p. In. Fridays 9 p. In. To 12 30 p. In. A a ii in Iii a Iii a a a a a a a m. Graduation special five Dollar permanent wave now a two for for a limited Tun i a an Ideal graduation gift a i powder puff Beauty studio 507 Vav. Huntington Monrovia phone Monrovia 7554. 1210 s. Baldwin Avenue at water 7-1591 traffic whys May May q my son ii , old a. A nephews Appl a Hon for a cd Quot i position offered to him. As combined minors application for limit Utility and delivery boy around a thereby accepts joint liability will grocery during school vacation this Tho minor for All purposes of Chi summer. As he is too Young to of damages and becomes jointly ant Tail a chauffeurs License and his severally liable with such Minoi a income would a is by him in attend any damages resulting from in ing school next year what can we negligent or wilful misconduct of do about this problem mrs. F. J e. Minor while driving a motor vein of a the vehicle code defines a upon a Highway the maximum i chauffeur As a person who is pm vilify that can be assessed by Quot played by another for the principal son of signing a minors App purpose of driving a motor vehicle Hon is $5,000.00 for injury to it it i upon Hie highways and receive death of any one person or $10,000 compensation therefore. If the Pron of for injury to or death of n Cipal duty of the position offered than one Peon and property it your son is to make deliveries in a age ii the amount of $1,000.00 a1 motor vehicle he cannot legally a arising from any one Accident copt the position without a Chauff a. Euros License which cannot be issued to him until lie is eighteen i years of agr if the deliveries Are a Al a i i i i merely incidental and his principal Xia Vith a duties Are Oiler than driving a motor vehicle he would not need a la f chauffeurs License and can accept Iff Hill / the position. I rid v amp q i recently accommodated a Friend and gave her aunt a ride to los Angelo from Stockton. At Delano we had a slight Accident and this lady was injured but we continued on our journey. Now her husband insists that i pay a doctor Bill which he says was incurred. Am i liable a Section 403 of the vehicle cod provides that guest cannot n Rover damages for personal injuries again t the Driver or against any other person legally liable for the conduct of such Driver unless the guest establishes that the in Baldwin at Duarte lories resulted from tile intoxication or wilful misconduct of the Driver. Q i have signed my minor licence. For what actions of his Arn i liable As a re ult,0 a b w a the person who signs a ladies Hose menus Hose he s a Quot screwdriver when he wants to turn right he always starts from the Middle of tile Road. Brakes scream Drivers grit their Teeth. Remember your engine uses three times As much gasoline in first and second g in As in High when a a a screwdriver brings you to a needless Stop he a got his hand in your pocket 3 for $1.00 2 for $1.50 2 for $1.25 4 for $1.00 5 for $1.00 2 for $1.00 sport shoes children a Hose 29 1 pairs ladies and children s leather shoes and Kedd ettes. Values $1.95 to $7.50, when you looking for bargains 9 for $1.00 you la f House slippers for men. Women and children join the share the Road crusade at your Shell dealers and get free Emblem for your car help reduce time wasting fuel a go driving 25%. Leading traffic Ai can be done by getting rid of a set their traffic boners. A share re super Shell Louth Nave in Slop super Shell saves on Stop and co free pickup and Deli Veio Serck i Mon Oil products i i Reston e Tiki Ani accessories 40 East Huntington drive thursday mat 25, 19,19 the Arcadia try Una and mfg i i i Vuk

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