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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - May 23, 1937, Arcadia, California The daily Arcadia Tribune published daily except sunday and holidays at 104 n. First Avenue Arcadia California Arcadia publishing company entered As second Classi matter March a 1930. It the Post office at Arcadia California under the act of March 3, 1879. P. M. Martindale. Art Gierlich. Don a letter. Lois Spranger. The Tribune was Dot if Nard As a of frederal by decree of can re of or k i Day of Max 1931pre ident. Editor advertising manager. Soc to editor represented nationally by Fenger Hai i co. Ltd., san Francisco los Angeles Seattle Clit ago. New Yolk Boston. Copies of the daily Tribune and full information about Arcadia and surrounding markets May be obtained from any of thu be offices. Subscription Price single copy. .5c 10c per Wei a 40c i it or month. Phone 2131 for All depart mints. Nights emergency 2508. Advertising rates on application Forward Arcadia the Tribune a platform for the Progress of Arcadia 1�?an adequate sewer system for the business District. 2�?development of Ross Field into a county Park. X 3�?accommodations for visitors and increasing population 4�?widening of Huntington drive. X 5�?protection of arcadians biggest Industry. Poultry. 6�?city beautification. Stinge .45 it seems by John Hix for further proof the author Lack Blag a stamped end wipe for reply. Ret. U. S. Pat off. Ars of to Reg c to it a / Iii jct the a he Dot Aiss a Couce i Ftp a Quot Tryc it cclir\fcr4 Lorf ii of Iii amp pm a footer it runner j work Mise us hm4-, 6iwer Faour e>�h-�?~5, Arouh their Ahki a Aiho h 4hw1. Orow sat c/v5 on act ksel�?T4 it s 0r16inac no of Rattek How Marc amp lt6t?0w.� it today a Best radio programs cooperation for profit one of the most notable phases of the agricultural producer cooperative movement is the care of the successful organizations have shown in keeping out of alien endeavours. The have been urged for instance to go into consumer cooperative ventures a that is to serve As rela leis Distri Liu tors and even manufacturers of commodities which their Mem j hers buy. But they have not succumbed to these Blandishments and for Good reason. Consumer cooperatives arc based on the elimination of profit whereas american farming has been built on the profit idea. Producer cooperatives apply time tested business principles to agricultural problems for profit. Job notes from Guatemala by mrs. Bess Garner _ the Max an inn Quot f continued you enter Chichick Shenango up a Hill. At the top is a mayan Arch Over the Road. As you come up the Grade it frames the City ahead of you. A bite Walls red tile or thatched roofs on every level encircling mountains and w Hite washed cottages. And at the mayan inn Lively pleasant faced boys in the costume of the town under the direction of competent or. Rohrman carry your bags build a fire in the fireplace of your room make up your bed and serve you delicious food in one of the loveliest dining rooms i have Ever been in. In my room there were old carved Wood doors on the wardrobe both the Beds we Ere car veal one with dolphins probably at least i 50 years old. Both had specially made Simmons Springs and mattresses made to order. Unfortunately Standard sizes of Beds Hadnot come in when artist hands carved those Cedar and mahogany sleeping places for the great. There were soft lamps a one Parchment shaded and decorated with the gamer coat of arms granted by Phillip of Spain to the Indian ruler of Chichick Shenango. I Here w Ere rugs and bed spreads and drapes Woven in the town and coverings for the easy chairs and an open tiled fireplace w hich is in the Corner of every room and which tempts you to have a fire whether you need it or not and then my room had a breathtaking View and old doors with Linen fold carving to go out of onto the Patio where Flowers Bloom in red pols. You can t have Moonlight every where but id always choose mine at Chichick Shenango. It was almost dark when i arrived. I went into the Lovely room. I Luxuriate in a fire in the fireplace. I came out an hour later with that feeling of superlative virtue and luxury Liat comes to a woman traveler when she has even washed her hair and hat dressed for dinner. I walked across that Flower scented Patio. A number of people were standing on the other Side of the Street. In a narrow Gap Between two White buildings a yellow Moon was just rising. Between it and me a group of people were making a procession for the Friday of Dolores. I hey had stopped at one of the stations of tile Cross. There was the sound of prayers the flickering Light of candles on dark serious faces garishly costumed saints on their shoulder carried platform and framed by those White Walls and yellow Moon the encircling Hills the beat of a drum and the Din of maracas made the Liole thing into something a Little Barbaric a Little like voodoo or magic certainly a Long Way from today a matter of fact United Stales. Tomorrow a traffic problem. If Ini oui cons o tas is Hasful pm pc of Bupt hts. It Nas ohs of forts in pims pms a the world / in . r. v a motion Pic lure or Story Side than on the right but that n the famous gambling Cas your left hand is colder than your Mohl Aboul mome hardly based of no of Monte Carlo fails to include body temperature is on the a right according to a series of sex at least one Suu the theft o mar pm in cents recently conducted at the Worcester state , Mas a Der. Yet in Reali a Tel onto Carlo a one of the lowest Sui Eide and Crint rates in the world. This is chiefly due to a remarkable system of espionage developed by the management the a association of the or a Cring place and strangers Chib of we Nexer possible an i Vestiga Ion is made into tile finances of Ach Gamble who is lured to Monte Carlo by the d Eam of Quot breaking he when he loses All that he manage met he can of Eakle sly Knes from Page i Chu scots. The differences in tem l erasure Are relatively Small but j materials to the missions. De units y ascertainable. No reason a a for the varying temperature Para m directions Given Dux has been discovered. A in. E fiesta fans i among the a Herbert Marshall and Olivia do Havlland will co Star in the radio Rhea Tor s production of a under two flags Quot with Impe Veli z and of will when the show goes on tile air Over Knox at 5 o clock today members of the supporting , Are Kenneth Hunte. Leonard , i i Michael Visaroff. I.a1 Chand Emerson and Lou Merri. J Cecil 13. Demille will interview miss j Tanchon who has been signed to j pm Duee motion pictures. J the Carnation contented pro j Gram is Over Kei at it i of cock when Kiu features the Tom i Sawyer serial and Knox the music of Wayne Kings orchestra. Stude Baker champions with a program of Well selected music Are on Keca. A dial fac at 7 p in. For a new p r 0 g r a in entitled a itunes of the Lunes a a featuring Fleetwood Defier sen. One of the better baritones in popular numbers. Oino Sci Eric a ensemble will Supply musical background. Knox releases the program of homely philos play dispensed by Scattergood Bailies at 7. Pick and Pat. Heard tonight a and each monday Over Knox at 7 30, have renewed their contract with the sponsor for a other . Voice of Firestone on Kif at 7 3 Lea Tores the Best in music. Fibber Mcgee and Mclily Marian i us Jim Jordan heard tonight on kit at 8 of clock have been lined up for additional motion pictures. The hour Between 8 and 9 is filled with Good orchestration on Knox music i Gay fed , Jerry Coo Iier and Ted Fiorito. Martha Raye and her horse Martini will be Quot seen Quot in action on Jack Holmes Quot Hollywood sports camera a Prog a in Over of we at 8. The Story of Hawthorne and the people who live in it will be heard on kit at 9, with House it of Melody on Keca. Joe Penner has been resigned by his present sponsor for thirty nine to p weeks on the air. Joy lodges Gene and Jimmy Grieras or Chestra also have been renewed for the duration of the series. Lit Rey to your health by a exit pc Fuccy tm0i� or the r�3t Umb to it Mettr All que Ulona Wolyk and d to will he onsw�r4. Lorg a ill adj Vitich inv Flop Mutt by a Mclona Unte on in Tida of pop to Only let a re Mutt not a a to a Al Iso Woidt. Address or Frank Mccoy Tor clubs i be Coo food Coquina pions those a Olio Strong lift Tive of Finis Are inclined to ridicule the Ilea of Good food combinations they sometimes eat of mixtures and a Iii Arcill a Sidler in immediate 111 . In Hose who live Veak Digestions or who have developed certain disorders such a Cox Mia Astuni i or learn to be earful with their food it they Hope to become Well. Som Tinus ilk individuals Are so sensitive that the mistake in com lining their foods produce. Almost imm a Diate discomfort. It was from watch King this to to of patient that t first got a clue to the Imti Ortance if Good food . I Lionso who Are not so sensitive to changes in the diet May not notice the undesirable effect of wrongly combined foods hut i am satisfied , that an injurious effect results. \ i by Oft ii the used Are Good foods and if properly come ii a would he of h my fit hut when mixed together cause a slow Oiso Piug. 1 he average leis ii s Llinat it is hotter not to mix certain foods together and he May toll x on that hoc i not use fish and milk at the same time or that tickles and ice roam do not Mako a Good Cohina Tiomi. Through Tho tidal and error ii Hod to Luis found that certain combinations May . A to Luhlo in his cast and thereafter to avoids them. I am convinced that if he would learn How to use g of food combinations at All times that Only an increase in health would follow. In preparing a meal i in go t that you Laii to so Combine the lil Terent fools that thu Coni Oina Tion will he from the standpoint of physiological Chon mistry that is to avoid incompatible mixtures. Even though Tim xxx limit Soine food is it. Cd when it is i pro Erly mixed with other foods tin re i it a Dattlo Between the different in Tho Stom udi and Iii astir a s and Tho body will he unable to extract Tho full Noah . Ai lain foods Are antagonistic to Olur win placed in the human Dige Tive tract at Tho same time and we must id Tii How to a them so us to Aid i Weir chemical i u Siren in the Stom Ich and in a . I �?T.111 nov to outline Day exp. I ii to follow in a. E. Gates auctioneer will sell civic electric conductors to King the Many Beautiful household furnish Ings tuesday and wednesday at the Home located at 722 w. Hunt ill Man horses a weird sight was the Crew of Arcadia line on sunday was the couriers maintained by Early sultans cause of Early morning confusion of i Urcy. Decked out to resemble among groups a Enro ire to the Bald Egton drive hordes these men ran entirely Bare win estate to attend the free fiesta q. Treated earned pierced Silver bits in it was Learned today. I i civics their Mouths and wore mane like scores of a singers were dipped Oklahoma ale of Kiev s be can Ai j feathers in their hats. In one hand of at the first Avenue station and Ford to . He is but Ter they carried a Hatchet in the other Iliad to hike Back to the Baldwin by requested to leave. In some cases. A water Container. From thei Behs ranch while others were however there is a s in up in this j and garters Hung tiny Bells. J Neve the affair was to Tam Stem and a Gambler Brok. special fund is provided for ii i eventual v. Rathe a Man on their hands who might by j do i Quot n by Ric Sperati n to commit i suicide or turn criminal the Man i gement pays for his transportation Quot Back Home afer warning him against Ever coming to Monte Callo again. Tomorrow Queen. The broken hearted led to Betake place o i tile Sania Anita regional recreational Center. I e a p e k a tire p a la a d o x whether you Are right or month old baby has 2 Teet Ashtabula up a gurgling her j pleasure Joan Carol Archibald Dis j plays two tiny Teeth that have struggled through her Gums a1 i though she is Only one month old. babies Start cutting Teeth at egg 7 j inches Long Edwardsville la. Up a double shelled egg. 7 j inches in circumference and nearly 4 inches Long was near Here by a Rhode Island red the outside egg had no Yolk. Sale of Manv Beautiful household this will be your Call to the great annual picnic reunion of the Oklahoma folks All Day. Monday. May 31st. Which is decoration Day Lio Liday in Sycamore Grove Park. This xvii be made a Mammoth All Southern California rally. All the pay ii attractions will be of Fred. County registers and , souvenir badges hot Coffee. Popular entertainment. The combining your i Ciul. Ioctl la a Ruks for one Dionci Jii id see How much Dettt v on fool Iii every Way in Kostein any Oil protein such mat May be used with one or More Eood to l Juul raw idiom St itchy , with the addition of one kind of fruit. Stal Irh Rule any one a Tare May he used with one or More cooked and raw non starchy . Avoid ii id fruits with the starchy meal. Of inuit Kule one fruit either raw or , May be used with a Firstein , or with milk or with any vegetable. I have 4 ii Hying this line will he helpful to you in learning More about Good food Romh nations. You May secure these by writing to me Iii care of this or find enclosing a Large self addressed envelope find cents in so Ini s. Here Are the names of the articles How to com i i be starches gives Sample menus. How to to Millne in Kote i is gives Sample menus w Len shout we use . The use of acid fruits. Quiz a scions Ani answers rupture of child question or. To c. a i live a son two years old who has a rupture on the right Side. Is there any cure besides an operation and if not what Sli Oxild it Cost a answer sometimes it is los Sihle to overcome a rupture in a child by living a Iio Ivriy fitted truss a lusted ind having the child Wear it cont la Lily win ii Wilking ii Roubid with i lighter truss for nightwear. The majority of cases will a Mhz go a cure in this manner but it lakes from one to two years. Meanwhile avoid Gas forming foods As much As . I lie Only other alternative is an operation. I do not know just Bluit it would Cost in your neighbourhood. The Hest plan would be to get tile opinion of two or three different surgeons if you decide upon tins latter course. Ray hum question c. O. a what is the Best treatment that could be effected for Healing an a Riby hum is there any cure for it answer these Burns must be treated very carefully according to their severity and it would be unwise for me to attempt to advise you through this column. Roy nose question mrs. Pauline i. Asks a what do you suppose is the cause of a boy Alwy ays Licking at his nose i have Given him the worm remedy but still he picks at each answer your boy May be troubled with adenoids or chronic Catarrh in some cases Hie nose picking is simply a habit which you can Correct by having him Wear mittens or gloves As much of the time As possible. Pm California. May be obtained from program of music and oratory will slide maker Terrace 1638 Boilow the dinner hour. Or of c. Mabry. Secretary president a e. Shoemaker and his Mutual 5222, or of c. H. Parsons. Hire and it is usually six furnishings at 722 w. Huntington hers Are planning to make it Secretary of the federation of state months before they Are act Irviv drive. Tuesday and g at event in the Host nov of hip societies. Mutual 1981, at the Lead quarters of the societies at the an whether you Are Rig lit or left j months before they Are actually i drive tuesday and s at event in the history of the handed the chances Are that your out of the . A adv. Oklahoma state society of Sou a Joe Paloska hotel 4th and Spring streets los Angeles California. Andrew co., to. All Andrew county. Mo., folks invited to heir annual picnic in Sycamore Grove Park los Angeles All Day sunday june 6. The Winner of the 5-tube Packard Bell radio to be Given away by 4 service Hill be announced in this space , 27, Phouc. Arcadia 605 or write to 379 Norman for your free tickets. Absolutely no obligation. Wrestling Tonitte Pasadena Arena 1015 s. Fair Oaks Sander so sure is. Hardy Krus Kant three other matches phone Colorado 1829 for reservations a prices 40c, 50, 75c, $1 and $1.50. Houy smokes can t raise a f t wonder Why tall them people a i is git Tim Back in their it a butyl very Peculiar o me toe j by Ham Fisher Dan Dunn secret operative no. 4s y by Norman Marsh up your Ives tji exin cml chem Murin a oohs and a fresh Sut h daily. In . Feb Yoko 4 Vrtol fat a orld of Cor or for Yvor
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