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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - May 19, 1937, Arcadia, California Page four ,. Society and , California wednesday May 19, 1937 the Arcadia Tribune phone it los to Arcadia 2131 Leader speak or. Gladys Mooney outlines peace program of v. F. W. Auxiliary in talk i Tiff pm be Chambe p. In. Re. Keis program for health month at school features students of first Grade annuals fill every Garden need annual Flowers which grow to maturity produce blossoms seed and die in one season have rapidly improved in recent years i owing to their varying habits avid j wide Range of colors they Are suitable for almost every conceivable position in to a Garden for filling snapshot Cuil by a photo historian task. Ii Al i. 111. Fillet Given i mrs Gladys Mooney j National pre Aden. At pat., tic a. 1 1 in los Allyl is. Mrs. Meant v. A pleasant warn a. 1 who has a winning Perse , in her splendid tall to the Nealy 70 a. Emba ii. Declared that p act Tor America is the prime objective c the auxiliary which now embrace some Iii in bars. It is the a i Lief of her organization that this can be maintained Only by adequate a i May pm regular lunch a Rug of Arcadia rotary club clubhouse 12 noon. Sunday a it City Park True it Hunt Mien. Cha Man Amio Tinc the Cornin Spring concert of Moth chorus. June 1st 1 1 i St Avenue school Amli Orini. If Onul defense and sign entangled its of tin a Organ Izi Movin a tile pie avoid ii health month in a Clever program my a song by 18 a friers was Given. Mrs. Principal in speaking the a. Laurie s. Of cd by or lend natio a1 senior v. . Aud mrs. G Ace Preston of pry in Fitu e lip Catmint pre ident. There was a breakfast in her Honor at the Haw Cirri hotel monday morning Arri slit1 visited the Paramount studio and the two government hopi als escorted by m s. Dorothy Nichols Junior vice president. A Host it los Angeles City officials were present at the banquet. President of the los Angeles Chamar of Commerce women s Community service auxiliary division extended tile invitation to the National auxiliary to hold their 1938 Encampment there. Fallowing the banquet a Council meeting was hold. Duarte campfire group begin gifts for fathers Day members of the new Tawa a campfire group of Duarte met at the Home of mrs. Grace Day after school in tuesday and worked on their gifts for fathers Day. The group now boasts twelve members. Tomorrows a Holiday Quot Leo Perlita comedy Tiama with that con int a1 flu or tile a ire goers seen to Jay. Rem.ii.0 at the m a y a r j Wilt e Edwin o c Nike Diana Rivers Haro d Minjir Del Stone Lawrence and other members 0 the Loupe arc being we received. J i 1 la by an directed. �?�1111 Mason announces another 1 week s staging of a help yourself i with no Lull in the steady Stream of la 5 at the Box office. Pau farce seems to have a what it takes a for it played to capacity crowds at the Mustart Hollywood. Playhouse and i e a d i n g theatre j from Here to san Francisco of recent months. Joe tomes Peter Broce Ocarroll Borland and Patri j Cia Robin Craig Are featured. Quot Blind alleys stays on for two More weeks a the Hollywood play i i House and Rumor has it that studio 1 scouts have an Eye on several members of the Federal troupe Gordon the scholarly professor who outwits a had lied criminal with mental probing and Ward masters a difficult role of Quot killer Wilson. Lorin Raker directed and supporting roles Are filled by Mac Duse Arthur Gardner and Martini Pawley. I Quot Alice in wonderland a i of Lewis con oids Camoir Story his four evening performances at beaux arts. 8th and Bea con sorting thursday May 20, with j matinees slated next saturday Anc j sunday for the theat e of the Mig in Ket pin 1 a Schopis tiding red the first 1 Elsie Porri Gene ally about health of d of work it the tooth templar1 in lug Hildn n to Quot remember to a heir Teeth without the urging a a her. In stating that nervous Clink s among children Are rapidly it a Hie increase mrs porn urged Naren s to do their sodding if it is necks Ary. At the time it is needed and not to wait in. Ii evening when the child has forgotten about it. A ? n v or. A v a h \ it a a amp a the daily Tribune business and professional directory i. N. Kendall m. D. M , gynaecology obstetrics office hours to to 12 2 to a evening. 7 a except wednesday phone in Joi n. I ii ,1 Ive. Loans notary insurance Dee m. Payne Uhal estate Huntington Arcadia phone i read la 2291 Ai i radio phone 2 store of 8 it la repair am of nut the first Ai m ikes \ \ in 11 Iii l l in e cd Guinther chiropractor 11.0 n. 1 i of or ave nest door 10 Post pm. 2813 office Arcadia disposal co. Ai ii. Huntington or. Plume 2291 Collet Tion a monday and a in ii to 1 Adays i 1 of she. It we want poll parrots a a Active youngsters want poll parrots for their style a n d t h e i r sturdiness. Parents like the youth keeping comport and correctness of these famous strings puppeteers. Arcadians Courtesy officers at Alhambra chapter mrs. Mary b. Wheeler associate Matron of the Arcadia chapter of Eastern Star and mrs. Dana Roush associate conduct Ress filled those two stations at a meeting of the chapter tuesday evening i the occasion was a party Tor the Alhambra chapter s associate Macro % and Courtesy night. Mrs. and mrs. May Glover also attended from tilt ice chapter. Enjoy trip to Santa Catalina Island tuesday 1 mrs Carl Randolph or i Reading i chairman announced summer read. Iii activities for students and re a viewed a g cup of suggested books. She announced that a Bock club and a treasure Hunt will be conducted this summer credits will be j Given children Iii lie fait for books i read this summer. On behalf of the j Board mrs. Russell Lober 1 Coonly j retired president gave mrs. Randolph a potted Fern in appreciation of her main courtesies and her assistance with programs. Mrs. Jack Coombs retired from her dudes As treasurer at Holly to Ake up her position As now Council president. Mrs. Snyder a appointed seventh vice president her it t fice pertaining to Community Leith. Mines. Grab Niemier. Olds major. Robert Fink and Lober were dec cd Ciega is to the state convention. On june 10th retiring Board members will entertain the incoming Pard with a luncheon at m s. Car a Gay Vista of bordering annuals. Spates vacated by Early bulbs in the Border for edgings fur solid 1 bid for rookeries Many of them Tor greenhouse plants and others Fox Shady situations and still others Tor the hottest and driest of situations. Front Yard plantings of annuals Are being advocated this year in an Effort to make our i Homes appear As colourful from the a ire it As they Are in the Garden 1 1 behind the House. I annuals alone can completely t 1 furnish a Garden giving a Sheet of Asj Lourn that cannot be attained by it i inc Tise of perennials alone for a i j Long i Iod. They Are the sole j dependence for great masses of color during the later half of the j summer. Their possibilities have not been thoroughly realized because they have not received the Are and attention necessary to their Best development largely from the fact that they grow so easily that the seed is generally sown much too thickly and the annuals Are left to struggle along and despite this Handicap give a Good account of themselves the Story of our times is being told for re n photographers who take and preserve simple such us this id it Ever occur to you that As j it Bocci the owner of an Amateur camera Linn for you Are blessed the Means of posterity making a valuable Aud truly Auriti 1 even 1 cant record of the firm s in which Means in j of live Magazine new paper. A Ros Tak nows tee i and other i to photographers Are doing just that every Day Aud a a t store of pictorial history is accumulating. I Hanks to the Progress and spread of photography our descendants Are going to know much More about the Way we lived and acted than we know of the Way our great Grandi a thers did. Through these millions of photographs of life and action t of being taken our d ascendants will possess visual evidence of the things we did How we tin life went on in City Aud flite a month it Ficner Amon by Amateur ones of present Day Lite by a p i to rap hic Nisio a l in it of vein own Hun you ail do affective a Small scale. It simply h v a c ill Colon of pie-1 by 1 Imri it. In it rep 11> Lii a i us Toms i in s Aud Carl f. Bass on of rut i St a a hone Ama hours 9 to i examination by appointment am. Huntington Arcadia Arcadia health foods vegetable juices made fresh daily 148 e. Big. Or. Pm. 032 at Day Aud Al album to a by Hilly pos pictures u ill w but As in forty or fifty of the Quot a ten on foothill blvd. At ions kit b 12 30. Nearly 40 motors were in attend once and enjoyed the Tea and soda hour arranged by mrs. Meyer a Ink and her Crew of loom mothers Olio Wing the meeting. Mrs. Clare Culbertson hostess to club on tuesday or. And mrs. G. G Nutter of Newman Avenue and their Nephew i j. Butler of Kansas who is visiting them. Wen to Catalina Island via the tamed Glass bottomed boat tuesday but Pink roses and Blue Larkspur made i no y Centrepiece for the lunch on table when mrs. Clare Culbert j a on erne tamed friends at her Home i of on North Sunset blvd. Tuesday. It gues s Ware members of a sew i my club and included mrs. Ruth Nelson mrs Jessie Albertson of los i Angeles. M s. My Hie Yowell and i i mrs. Gladys elder of Whittler mrs. Marie Butler and m s. Minerva Kiter of Long Beach. Attend meeting of Cahuenga chapter tuesday mrs. Ethel Rishworth mrs. Nell g Schrader and mrs Irene pm Eastwood of tile Arcadia chapter of in s a attended the meeting >1 c us Suenga chapter tuesday evening. When mrs. Ingram Deputy hand Matron a or that District made her official visit. A special attraction for the radians a the initiation of mrs. In Rome Mathews a close Friend of in Worth. In keeping with bring decorations in the Hall. Mathews earned a gorgeous it it Blo oms in every pastel Garden Section schedule to meet next tuesday next tuesday May 25, the Garden Section of the woman a club will meet with mrs. A. L. Parker a her h me in West Huntington drive. Mrs. Nellie a. White chairman of the group u Ges each member to be present As the event will be the Lur regular meeting of the group this Sason. An entertaining and instructive program has been planned. is entertaining Canadian at Home Here mrs. Minnie z. Merrill and on j or. Lucie n Ross Merrill of the j Fleet apartments a entertain i lug a very Chi Ming goes. Miss i Colleen Shields of Toronto Canada j or. Merrill will leave sunday for j Alameda where he is in tin j ploy of the pan american Airway. I and will leave next week with flu i Chin i Clipper. I i s shit ids will visit other Pun contrast the advantage they will have Over this generation which has to rely upon the descriptions of writers and the work of artists for its understanding of life prior to the introduction of photography scarcely More than two generations ago. However accurate the work of writers and artists May be it cannot equal tile reality and truthfulness of photography. We Amateur photographers now millions Strong in every country arc also making a tremendous contribution to this photographic record of our time. Few of us however Are doing it by design. Most of us take pictures for Tbs present amusement of ourselves families and friends with not so much thought to their value and interest to our children a children. Too few of us take pains to preserve the pictures we take. Well what do you say to the idea research appointments made at Huntington Library announcement was made today of the acceptance of invitations to become associate members of the research staff of the Hunington Library Tor die coming summer by Ossa r j Campbell professor of Tine at Columbia uni so Charlesll. Mesh vein proof the science of govern Harvard University and Sam. Thorn. Associate professor in to v n it is or ill pie placing thin in a Apt Al up and hand Down a St Lon. Homo of the it seem commonplace in tort sting and valuable years lie Nee As those a i net ii so a re t it us. Select Schjei i which in your judgment Are m u t typical of the current set the. Mainly you should not ii ugh i in include your own Home life at.iv.-1 it a. Aes and other i How views about your changing City tin Ninn y. I Homes of the re ii and the Homes of or. Harry c. Forsyth optometrist hours Mon. A it i. 7 to 9 p m wednesdays d . To a pm. Hom Baldwin phone l�2li medical dental bldg. Moved in new location or. E. C. Underhill dental surgeon a rays hos Baldwin i hone i Arcadia or. T. H. Smith dentist hours 9 to j a phone 2f>30 by appoint men i i w. Duarte re. Arcadia pm j Engli to Lite c Iliff Ilia runt by the and return later Northern rot o. To i be i Fesse i men Uel i i the poor life in the country and present types of automobiles air planes Railroad trains and other j tilings in general be which today spell modern life Aud tomorrow will be obsolete. You should not fail to include off a guard snapshots of people doing i tilings illustrative of common life what the artists Call Tje Nve pictures. Make your camera your companion especially in travelling and be ready for these. For example a shot out of your car window of a scene on the platform of a Railroad station May seem Ordinary enough today but if is a Sample of common life. Years hence Thi picture will be a curiosity. The modern scene is constantly changing. There is no other medium than photography which can show so tingly after a lapse of years what these changes have been. John Van Guilder. Of Law at Northwestern University school of Law. It will be professor Campbells acc cred stay at the san Marino institution where he has carried on a studies regarding Renaissance Bacilli ence on English drama. Professor Mel a in will devote his t Ime t o lie examination of materials related to his Patt ocular Field. Or i Home who is ase Library in of the of Law Al Northwest a in an John f. Houlihan draperies a venetian Blind upholstering 21 e. Huntington drive phone 517 or 798 Bra Landen dance studio woman club House Arcadia mondays information Rhone c37 e a la n i k y wet or fluff dry 25 pieces 35 cents nothing ironed sanitary laundry Ani dry cleaners Arcadia 612 experienced dressmaking alterations drapes 61 Haven Arcadia la Mottles cleaners phone 2406 dependable work galled for and service a Quality work delivered. 227 North first ave., Arcadia Arcadia Texaco station Jack Baldwin prop get us explain Mareak Huntington or first ave. Phone 2444 lubrication to you s. V. Schermerhorn Agency general insurance a Keal a if knot Huntington or. Estate notary phone 547 pc we fit feet cd Monrovia a auf. Por shoes 6tyies 502 5 Myrtle a. Graduate Ortho Pedis j _ a Ray shoe fitting can order any make of shoe to fit your fool t Ici Pate making a Gal document. In Library Caric Tum. Survey a1 the Hun he lean on Sajur Tine a antique furniture shop get our prices on modern a antique furniture repairing amp refinish in Telephone 348 Mitt North first ask the i first census took time first United states census in lad. Required is months while tile 939 Crevis v. Us taken in Al quire Arcadia theatre phone 2g1j1 now playing classified advertising prompt and economical financing on Home Loans greater Arcadia evil Dong loan association 18 East Huntington or. Telephone 485 last died advert my i Cunt per word per insert in lament accept d Tor less than la cents. You nun Ada to the Tribune office Arcadia 2131�?and pay Tater Noudett Phoil your j eau it to mar i to i la id Nelson Eddy Iii a lid maytime a and Ann Dvorak a Midnight court lost and found lost bundle of clo Hing contain a ing several dresses and hath ii a i on Santa Anita Between Val Nett and l i Ber shop monday afternoon. Phone 222d Lio-3tv piano it let on pure ii a.,. C. J Gould. For rent $2 to apply later hardware Baidwin Avenue har Juaiil 907 k. Colo. A Foh Sale special Aith a t 11 Nirenberg discs on pol 1p Shoji Ltd Gillette a shoe store o shoe store 40 e. Huntington do. In hand and j anti Vries u he h j attained at the i Santa Anita regional recreation i Center Oil tin re melted a Nim a Fen he ail g of ii tis and then add Santa Anita Park and what hive you got ifs not Magnolia and there. Ill Tiu whisper of tile Polo club Field. R i phone 494 West Arcadia Beauty shop 8pec�?Tiai, in contour hair i is a i r a 11 a Srour hair cuts at 3.v better permanent at $3 and in Adeline v Gagnon p �?zu4 Baldwin Heller folks refrigeration see vice i Righi ii of. In Arcadia Ujj by a local Man we a sure you reliable prompt service pm. Arcadia 2579 Al Ellsworth 315 e. Huntington Arcadia starts thursday Maitha rave and Robert Cummings in hideaway girls a and la ire i Revor and Michael halon in time out for Romance Vinedy a parked in Puree Quot East show at 9 p. M. Sat matinee 1 30 p. In. Both features shown Ontic Ivous front 3 2 5c Beautiful lit to , used Ainee december 21, 1930. Balance $195. Therms $2.50 we. Open Eves till 9. C j. Galilei 997 e. Colorado Pasadena 114-tee to real Good prac $49.50 terms $ i per Gould 907 e Colorado pianos c j a Den a i la cd radio service free radio new 5-tub. Pack Ard Bell Kompa. Phone Gibbs radio service for your free ticket. No obligation. No contest. No Hing to sell. Los Angeles. Arcadia 379 in. Norman pm. Arcadia t05 118-6tc miscellaneous Sheehan furniture 8 Mer. Co. J two stores of Keefe amp Merritt gaffers amp Sattler Tappan Gat ranges electro Lux refrigerators r. C. A. Radios the world moves so i Joes the Diamond Transfer moving. Packing. Crating. Storage estimates fort it a. Arc. 2tai Quot floor finishing til a a i la Baths mantels. 64, Pas at 1085 i composition. Drill aboard. I tubs Onclo de floors and Howard Crouse 450 ave. I Iona p h i it n e Wakefield 114 12tp Pittsburgh paints window Shinh a venetian blinds linoleum phones. 255s or 619 Rummons Beds and Springs rugs broadloom carpet Wall paper awnings 135 it. Huntington drive 1220 s. Baldwin $10,000 wont if insurance Protection. Travel and Accident to i As Angeles times leaders and members of family. $1 per War. W. J Baldwin. Pm 2325 for of easy elect of by a Tufui a duty to on poll her Ila re a 1 plod re. Ret floor Sande a inv John on r Ren $1 of d to 24 n. I t a i 103-301 visit a a Mike for the. Best lunch in Arcadia Beer amp wine hamburgers 10c wanted portraits to property c lived ii j Tings of All kit tide buyer.-. Call arca a i e to Vvs. Duarte Road Vav n ers a or bon.i-8701 or 11 o gip mikes cafe 223 n. First ave. Arcadia com men Tai Ivo frames Kodak fun Irish framing Roush photo service 530 n. Furst ave. v lowest highest i. Amati Delaware has the a. Mavera Elevation. Its surface if level would be Only 69 feet above the s a Colo ado has the h Ghent a a As v v at a i a Cit patronize Arcadia Tribune advertisers your Home town Laper is the Arcadia Tribune
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