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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - May 12, 1938, Arcadia, California Arcadia daily Tribune thursday May 12, 1988 a gunned1 iw1 1 jsbggg9ebba3kwbhbbb83b9b3s our own Magazine your Good health lives tit cd look to your general health or perhaps your lives need rest guide to Charm i by Claud North Chrisman . Frequently have to account for something i have said to Tho column and j. V. L., of Texas is interested in a statement made some months ago about the relation Between he Eye functions and metabolism. Just get out your dictionary and read up on metabolism. With a few word left out metabolism is a i he sum of the a so a a ass is processes concerned in the Hulloin up and the destruction of protoplasm incidental to the manifestation of vital Phenomena. The chemical changes o r of feeding continually in living Celli by which Energy is provided for the vital processes and new material is assimilated t o repair the tills should make Plain that metabolism works Uke a scale. Many thing can throw it off Bailee. I Eye easily affected or Chrisman profiles for today Hodza faces Hitler threats at czechs by Talbot Lare Mil an Hodza. Premier of c z e c a Slovakia pronounces his name Quot to Tchad a just the Way that Jimmy Durante says that word things will be plenty Quot hot Chat for him now for the nazis Are beginning to Nurl threats at Czechoslovakia Only recently austrian papers said it will Only be a year before tier ism will engulf that country Hodza is a Stern looking Man i have referred before to the is i2tftslcinsra?r the with Pince Nez glasses and a size Pew Type is noiseless and much Abe handle bar moustache that More simple the change was takes an upward tilt. At. The ends in order that the patient should next be affected by either sound of sight since Ary foreign distraction even the sudden closing of a door Krill change the metabolic Reading. Of course inv systemic Condi Tion such As High or Low blood pressure will have an effect noon the Eves in fact if More attention were Given to the general syst Quot Milt health there would be much More satisfaction in Rha fitting of glasses and to be truthful less business for the optometrist for instance or l is five feet Aik Inch in height forty six irs old. And weighs Only ninety no Unis his by Quot of pressure is Imp Normal but his metabolic hate is a minus 18 1 which int so re re to is of Miff pm dept in this or that toe Renora condition takes an upward tilt at the ends he is a very remarkable Man in a country that Nas brought Forth Many remarkable men in recent years it is a Catholic country but he is a protestant. Although he is not of the same Faith As most of Nis countrymen he has always worked heart and soul for them he was born fifth nine years ago when the country was dominated by the hungarians. He attended the University of Budapest where he met Many serb rumanian and slovak students they attempted to unite against the hungarian domination and needless to say it was t taken to very kindly by the government Hodza had to flee to Vienna w Here he received his doctorate at the University there returning to Budapest he founded the a Sloven mis9 run i of a Jiuu i ii tic Jiuu Uruu vile Ilkiv a Cir us by pm in map a Der study sky which became the nor Type Frid a a Ltd. Than at the to favorite journal of the slovaks. In 1905 he was elected to the Arlla ff.1 he War Job improved in ment where he became a Stormy of amp of a Vith and Nutting on petrel were to work up a better to those Days and today for Elf inn finn he fitting of that matter speaking out in pub w Ouid probably not be or be in those countries was not a a Saohie Bop very healthy thing. However rash \ i am thinking of three cases Young Hodza was More interested net have Rome to my Offee no in the state of his nation than he by All Fig of the is and wanting was in the state of his health and to know Tiv their Eves Hurt in m r red hot letter to the late pm Init a of rec Iii in a five visits to it Eror Franz Joseph be complained i opt no err1�-t one Bas arnved he lot of his people writing the be of nerve Quot origin the Reatty we Ere sure that the heart of of Nve a a Quot re the next was a Quot of your majesty is Only a Vul thai Cal of ctn my cd trouble the third a cutting machine Apt Only to demo of Ermine the order in Winch the lion which had Given no symptom carious nationalities in the Empire atle Sigme exit in Rusk t v an be played against each a Quot had Prosce Menf nil a i portion not pm food a treat a it Eft instituted for has control Rio int Ltd i a it Quot it it Diann was it the Eves to be St your eyes t won j of d a Msihie for sufferer in eve distress to do much Foi is a is if the took the time t r o u b i ?. Eve should by barred a night just Quot of wish in it to fare a o to Eye Wash always at hand and. Quot a Era a night Fogt not tie dust of Ftp div is headed Brav a Pond Way to to eliminate Many a no Deeha is to or to Fhy si0 c1�ar Tod to Sav ave Strain bsld0 of Tang rid of the in Rev of Dundi a of Tho a pc so in he a not. Ihor up tax wh3t we is a i morn eth ave Ftp Runft a a a a rum to no to coif is n ver the for a Pic for i r up on to a v by 4n< pro re i it re inti pot Irurita Tom 4h� Dav awake or it a one from a 7�nuinp to Remior rowing out of Over Nap oth or Pace so up fat intr fit in and cause this would result Ltd the of a Quot rum or i mob ind a with. Fatigue of is is and waste which the uld have not been Able to carry off a common but it tbsp of us i that we or it net snap nut a Quot a until Fth a to a iof a or a int to in we say a a wami rpt Hoth matter with my exp a Rod no i do id he of on Tot the is a pal p a for Conr put you she my 4o roof your Lee and a of at pm a Nick u Nimoth Tfir. M re of Vii no him too p to minutes a via run pow and St Etoh nut fit i roads in a god in a no i ari4 water or Woter with say for a it to Ramn bar or Tea in Ouy xxx to Pii xxx Elk a of fun to Milf in spite of this he escaped fail. Ile was the first minister to Hungary when the czech Republic Vas proclaimed. He then returned to his own country where he has held Many posts finally ending up As Premier when Benes was elected. President. Modes and manners question Quot when my Cousin. Who hrs never been in our town id orc visits Here. I d like to give Sunvie kind of g. Varlev and introduce her n Muff lends what kind v n Vartev do Gnu suggest9 a Ann answer an afternoon Tea is Zippro plate or a luncheon. Short cuts a paste of vinegar and spit is an excellent cleaner for Ora a rub the article we a with the paste and let it stand five minutes then w0�?T-h each Niece with hot wept a soup suds polish with a Soto it Jav cloth several Apo cation by be a a suede gloves with Long cuff ate made decorative by Spring Flower embroidered on their backs they come in Black and beige. Clean Scalp needed for Lovely hair by Jacqueline Hunt few women would think of facing the world today without make up. At least lipstick and powder Are generally accepted As a necessity and the average woman also does something about her Eves. Many women think of going out without going through an even More elaborate Beauty routine. Yet the hair has remained sadly neglected in seasons past Vou could manage to hide it under your hat. But this Spring there is not the slightest Chance to hide neglected hair. For dress up occasions. The tiny Watteau. Gibson girl sailors Flower turbans and veils expose All of your hair for better or worse. For in its and informal occasions Vou want your hair to get All the Sun and fresh air possible so Vou to hatless. It is to make your hair Shine like spun Gold by using a creamy hair dressing take a tiny bit of the preparation on your fingertips then Brush it across your hair it is grand for dry. Split ends t r a a forming them into soft shining r i n a lets. If your hair is frizzled from a door permanent o r from going bareheaded in the Sun and wind the Cream will bring about a prompt improvement. Apply the Cream As a wave set to wet hair before setting your fun Ger wave and ringlets. Or Brush it into your dry hair to give extra Luster and highlights. Your hair probably needs some general reconditioning too. At this season so get a Good Brush and use it be sure that the bristles Are flexible Strong and Long enough to penetrate to the Scalp. When Vou Brush be sure to work up from underneath the strands As Well As brushing or top. When the hair is literally standing on end All Over your head. Take the Brush firmly and work up and Down at the Nape of the neck to stir up the circulation. Now Brush it Down and push the Waves and curls into place. Massage is important for hair that is below Par. Brush the hair for a few minutes then Start at the Nape of the neck and press the thumbs Well into the base of the Skull. Then Massage with a circular. Lifting movement around the hairline to the ears. Knead the Scalp with pressing circular sweeps of the Palms and fingers. Keep at it until the Scalp tingles and feels warm then Brush some More. If your hair is harsh and dry after a Winter in steam treated rooms Massage your Scalp with a warm reconditioning Oil before your regular shampoo. Rub the a a Quot May Ning Oil Down the length of the hair strands and into broken ends. Leave the Oil on your hair As Long As Vou can before Sham noir it or t la Koto Anniv it a a then in out into the Sun for a couple of hons by for Wax hns with a Good opt Jqhn pinot if your hair is excessively oily or full of Send Riff shampoo it More frequently Ming a shampoo that has More driving properties. Or follow your regular shampoo my Iule. But supplement it with a doily Spain tease a a and reaming with a Snee Ial pm or for oily hair. Be More careful about your rinses. Much of the Dull uninteresting hair is due to door rinsing hot leaves a pm of soap to Ratch dust and bide the natural Lusher of your hair. Fame of the special g at a softening rations a fiord rime of camomile Tea or strained Lemon be removes every troop of Sion and leases the hair soft manageable and Bright in cow speaking of style dotted Swiss sheers Cool for summer by Eleanor Gunn new York a dotted Swiss is a most useful member of modern society. Yards and Yards of it Are made up into curtains usually ruffled. And More Yards Are made up into dresses. Its the big Dot for curtains usually. Though not always and its the Small Dot for dresses usually a White Dot on a dark ground. Such dresses Are economical both in Price and in Upkeep and Are a pleasant change from All purpose prints. Dotted Swiss Means another sheer and. Come summer women Welcome sheers. I think you will see Many of them from now on some of the smartest Street clothes Are tucked and pleated sheers chiffons and a Host of things. Navy and Black Are Best for town Wear but do not forget that Brown is different and is considered by some rhe a dark horse in the race for first place. I think Brown is an Quot also rank Tor. After All. It is not Cool looking 8ut i do believe that the London ans and Luggage shades so popu a for accessories will be Good in printed and Plain linens and such a a enchanting is one of the descriptive terms applied to fashions this season and the descriptive adjective is concerned with color schemes almost As much As with Silhouette. One of the most delectable of these color schemes is Gray with Pink. Gray with Pink appears in Frothy dresses such As those developed in Marquisette Chiffon net and thin laces with the Pink introduced in Satin or velvet girdles or sashes in bands at the top of the camisole foundation in Flowers Blooming at the Decolle Tage and in dust ruffles on taffeta foundations. Modern women ii you plan a trip i lures some excellent advice from a seasoned traveler by Marian Mays Martin this column is respectfully dedicated to the woman who never knows what to Wear or when to Wear it the woman who has a positive Genius for turning up in the right clothes at the wrong place or the wrong clothes at the , place. It is inspired by a woman who has been around the world eleven times. If that d it in t oink you and your child dad wrong in Effort to a save face by Jane Herbert Goward Jimmy was digging in the backyard when his father ordered him to Stop. A age. Dad the Voung Stei remonstrated. But father Cut him Short. A a done to argue do As i Jimmy still erotic bed on her an experienced traveler fed like to know what docs she is miss Sally Dickason and she has wisely decided not to keep All the important information she has g a t ii e r de to herself but to impart it to those harassed travellers who never know what they should take on their journeys particularly their first trip abroad. If you have Ever been through such an experience Vou will appreciate hic service tilts enterprising woman offers the her Vou have Beta through such an adventure or Are planning one Vou will Lap up the Good advice the g r o u n cd. Contained in tile following ten rec spoke or a Omenda tiers. They re sound. Shaky voice. Quot Mother said i could dig. I asked her f a t n e r frowned. Mph \1am i in take Only sport clothes mrs Coward with a Jungle Green skirt of Wool featuring stitched Gores and defined at the Waist with a wide self material Belt. Frances Mercer screen actress wears a tucked in Gaucho shirt of Gold silk flecked with Oval designs of rust. Note the placement of the twin Flap pockets on the front sides of the Long sleeved Blouse and the silk Ascot that a rust coloured. Dishes for today chopped foods provide healthful diet for baby gave tile situation a new aspect. It made him appear to of wrong and he did net like that a where did you get that spoon a he demanded clutching at a Straw to save face. The Little boy stood up. Sensing his fathers injustice be assumed a belligerent air. He wanted to be on his feet and ready to run if necessary. A Mother gave it to me a he answered truthfully hiding the spoon behind his Back so that father could not take it i rom him. Subconsciously hopeful Itiat the i. Take Only sport and evening clothes. Leave All frilly afternoon dresses slanging in the closet i this Home. 2 select one or two to Ollie Basic colors and then revolve the entire wardrobe around them. 3. Include an ample Supply of hosiery and shoes As Hie cobble tone surfacing of paths and highways in Many ancient Poi a is not easy going select sturdy comfortable walking snoes with assuring heels this does not mean prosaic oxfords for walking shoes today May be Chic As Well As sensible. 4 choose a handbag if i a enough to contain not Only the Standard a a fillings but also the passport Shore programs travel ers checks Sun glasses find main Matching i Oes be sure to match Toenail polish with fingernails in the matter of color tone a if you re wearing a new pair of open toed sandals tins boy was lying father said. A a we la other gadgets Spring. The custom of Matching see about Lii at Quot arid called Kotlier 5. Check your drug Ami in humic polishes with the Toenail polish at the sight of Lier. Jimmy burst lists. Then Lay in a generous subsequently worn several shades to tears. A the Stop dig ply it All your favourites Asti icy Darker in the same Orange or Blue Ging when i asked him father Are rarely obtainable outside of breast is still the thing. Said lamely. He could see he was in United states. The new Bright red shades such a Tough spot. A the first thing you As tire red Strawberry of one know. Hell be digging up the Beauty specialist Anc tire Cycle men of another Are particularly As Kotlier spoke Jimmy looked Beautiful for evening Wear with defiantly at father. Quot Jimmy knows those big mesh stockings which enough to stay in that Coiner a she prescription. 6. Take an extra watch us in pairs in route Are inadvisable also a travelling clock wit i an alarm 7 if glasses Are necessary carry at least one extra pair and the h pc no reinforcements any there and show All As far As feet get by Judith Wilson co a soaking Elbow that you need not be ashamed of your elbows when seriously As mothers take this add i Teaspoon butter and enough Vou Don a sleeveless or a Short i i t c in mph can mop milk to make a soft mixture sleeved Spring dress scrub nmn business of getting enough spin More milk to make a soft mixture. Was saying. A when i let him have g. Procure such other spoon l was understood he Sables As an umbrella a pair of was not to dig anywhere rubbers and a Raincoat. A Raincoat. It was fathers turn to admit Light in weight and color should there had been a misunderstand always be carried particularly in my and say that he was sorry. But the tropics where showers occur Clad missed his Cue. The bigness frequently and unexpectedly needed for this was not in him 9. Do not take firearms animals he simply took for granted that or pets Young children Steamer Ach carrots and Cereal into the beat until thoroughly mixed and daily with warm soapy water Aud mothers explanation had made rugs. Long flowing veils Knicker diets of heir toddlers there Are Fluffy butter 2 ramekins and fill your complexion Brush. To give everything Clear to the boy. Bookers or an ugly disposition moments Quot when this task of plan with the mixture. Dust the top them a special treat fill a Good nine and a rearing food becomes with Fine Cracker or bread crumbs sized bowl with thick suds draw 5sfr Drudge �ec0�?~nes molten with melted butter Aud set in a chair and let them soak live Alice 1 Uusi y. _ in a hot oven Long enough to minutes while von Buff your Nail a. = Brown the crumbs. This recipe Massage your Scalp or merely sit makes 2 Servings. And listen to the radio. Apple whip i cup chopped Apple i egg White there is a line of liquid cos 4 Teaspoons sugar a Teaspoon Vanilla whip the egg until stiff and beat Lime Anil Lemon cleansing Emol in the sugar. Gradually add the Bent the 11 is worked lightly Over Apple whipping constantly until the skin w the the fingertips then Hie mixture is Fluffy and thick. War,h-1 away with Char in dinners for toddlers scalloped fish and potato buttered chopped spinach Apple whip Plain cookie milk softens the skin but this was hardly the Case. Jimmy still Felt that father had Peen moan and unfair. The impression should have been corrected on the spot by a forthright apology. We Are often unwilling to admit o r mistakes to Little children because it implies a loss of dignity. To. If you Haven t a sense of humor or Are disinclined to be a a sport a please stay at Home you will be far happier As will those who cannot avoid ass 1 it my with you no trunks baked potato strained peas buttered chopped beets Crisp slice of Baron stewed prunes custard sauce milk me tics that Are esp Abs Nice for Dut m offering a deserved apology a Fung ask there s a fragrant to a child we gain dignity instead add the Vanilla and mix Well. This Ter. Thi delightful Cooling a rep 1 �1 a a a too will make 4 Small Servings. If ration should be used night and children Between two and four you make this at the same time As morning it softens Tho skin and Are a problem they Are beginning tie spinach holds you can use the there arc no waxy ingredients to. Iii Retra fat go Volk in them. Clog the pores c it Jarw it i Fairchild. This Blouse with cleats massed he Prev Quot Ilsi ii i most it it a to with suit or coat they re com Hunt d with died to match nce the per pail Cottar and Holt no fed sleeves add to the auth fullness of this Blouse in White in Pink Ray in sheer crepe. Beauty tips question 7 am Only seventeen. But Don t seem to be Able to stand up straight. Everyone is continually reminding me to stand erect. Please print a Good exercise to Correct this condition. Any help you can give me would be . W d a a tile condition Vou describe May be at least partly due to a faulty diet during your childhood that did no to allow the Bones and the Muscles to develop properly i do not know of any one simple exercise for correcting it. You must not Only make a constant conscious Effort to carry your body prone Rev but Vou must gradually build up and strengthen the Muscles of the spine and upper Back swimming is the Best exercise for a few professional lessons if Dos the purpose and Vou should take sible. Begin gradually and try to it master the breast and Side strokes. Once in the water your body Nat Iraq la assumes the Correct posture and As your Muscles develop Vou will find it easier to carry yourself properly at All times Enion other sports if v u can but be very careful not to overtax your strength. To resent mealtime Monotony. New extra Volk in them foods and flavors racist be included in their diet and at the same time strained foods of Babyhood must change to chopped foods As a step toward a grown up diet in the past this has meant unavoidable work for conscientious mothers. But today you can buy uniformly chopped foods just As you get strains baby foods with imagination you can serve delightfully appetizing meals to the younger set in your family. The vegetables can be seasoned with butter and Salt to taste and served just As they come or they can be made the basis for intriguing recipes. Among the chopped foods baby should get carrots spinach beets and Green Beans. Apple sauce and chopped prunes Are mildly laxative and delicious in flavor just As they Are. Or converted into More complicated desserts. Just add the classic baked potato a poached scrambled or soft cooked egg daily and an occasional serving of finely minced broiled meat or fish and your youngster is assured of widely varied menus that take a minimum of tune and Effort to prepare. Here Are recipes for the Young Fry. You might even try them on Hubby the first time he stays in bed with a cold scalloped fish a cup cold baked or boiled fish i medium sized potato i Teaspoon butter milk slight grating of on a Ion bread crumbs Salt to taste additional butter Fluke the fish Well removing All Bones and skin. Add l4 cup milk a grating of onion and Salt and out in a Saucepan to heat slowly Cut the potato in Small cubes and Bod until tender. Press through a Sieve into the Saucepan with the fish. Of losing it. A better rinse Here a a new idea for a shampoo rinse. Jane Pickens combines strained Grapefruit juice with a Little vinegar As a final hair rinse to insure a Lustrous gleam to her coiffure. Naturally ones destination alters the Case somewhat it is like taking coals to Newcastle to take cosmetics to France and i in not altogether sold on Hie Raincoat and umbrella idea. For when it Rains in the tropics it rams violently. And with amazing suddenness. But its usually too hot for a Raincoat. Besides the Kies Clear As quickly As they empty one thing our Tiaval Wise woman does not stress that is the Folly of burdening oneself with an Over abundance of clothes. Experienced travellers travel Light j have known some to go to the extreme of shedding their lingerie in route replenishing As they go rather than worrying about laundry problems. Naturally those who find this a practical solution of the problem buy inexpensive things others Wear Only what May be rinsed out in a hotel room to be put on fresh but without ironing. I suppose the temperament of tile traveler has a great Deal to do in determining this but if a woman is travelling with her husband she should remember that her chances of going places Are Bast when she does no to make a nuisance of herself by washing packing and unpacking Etc. One invaluable hint to any traveler is to pack so that for an overnight or any Brief Stop one has a special bag containing the essentials. It s absurd to have to unpack everything one possesses to reach the garments and toilet articles necessary for each Stop anyone who has Ever travelled in Europe will advise against taking a trunk because tile continent does not have a baggage checking system such As we have in this country. It often costs More to ship ones trunk than oneself so if you Are planning to go abre id either leave your trunk at Home or take the lightest one Vou Cap find chopped beefs and spinach flanked by a baked potato with no a Tor dessert there s a wholesome in Al for any toddler. To prepare the potato scrub it tilth a b us. Cut the ends to allow the escape at steam when baking. Bake in a hot oven 450 degrees f it a out forty fire minutes or until m a Aly. Or else bake in a covered Baker on top of the stove. When done cd Veeze the potato in a cloth until it bursts open to allow steam to escape. Rouge needs base school girls who find 1 necessary to use Rouge usually prefer the compact or Dowder . It is easier to apply should remember that it should be applied Only aft a theft Pristine and powder have been nut 0. The skin

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