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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - May 5, 1937, Arcadia, California Home edition tribunal twists in employ wages Are vol. Vii. No. 108 mile held t where Money Coes to Safe schools in a Man s Creed business is be. Ter., Niento has been reduced reported rising. The worst of the j a emergency generally considered to be Over. Yet. The Federal govern-1 ment is constantly spending More j for a emergency up poses that a hurtling fuel stands out in Ollie jul Treasury statement of april i. During the first nine months of the Curt t it fiscal year As compared with the same period last year Wea expenditures were Mon than 1700,000,000 greater. Social Security expenditures were to e than $300,000,000 greater. Resettlement administration expenses were More than $70,000,000 greater. Tva expenditures were Over $23,-000,000 greater. Soil conservation spending was Over $203,000,000. It eater. Pea Loans and Grants to states were More than $102,000,000 greater. Regular departmental sex Arcadia youngsters expected to phases were More Thun $44,000,000 greater. So it goes Down a Long list. Either the a emergency period is not Over by a Long shot or there is really no cause to wonder Why the National debt soars to new record after new record and Why there is talk of the a a necessity of imposing Moe taxes on businesses and individuals which Are already taxed to a Point of confiscation. Cd Wal rom few v devoted to Sper Ity to parc Adia Arcadia California wednesday May 5, 1937 Edison company launches moving of equipment Akron Ohio will be scene for finals of novel stunt of 1937, report says Chevrolet sponsoring enter in quest of Fame valuable awards inspections the National Board of de writers from the new flee on John Street report to Roble school explosion fire in York of that the at new London Texas has created renewed interest throughout the United states in the self inspection Blank for schools prepared by the Board and first distributed in 1934. The Blank makes it possible for the school authorities to thoroughly of Hack Over buildings and unearth any and All hazards and has been officially approved by the National association of Public school business officials. More than 950 communities in Ihl country have used the Blank so tar i and 373.000 copies of it have been j fint of no charge is made for the Bank and it is suitable for school of All types Aud aug. The Board suggests that inspections be made at least once a month new hazards Nve constantly appearing in buildings by a group comprising a teacher a janitor and a representative of the fire department any school which has not taken advantage of the Blank should remedy that oversight immediately. The percentage no american schools including ii e v ones which contain dangerous Haz-1 Ards is staggering. Inadequate exits. I doer which open the wrong Way. Stair Wells which would fan flames in Case lire broke out these Only a few of the fire hazards. It is too Lite to save the Hunch eds of children who died horribly and needlessly at new London. But their will not have been that catastrophe is the bringing to school boards und teachers full realization of potential hazards. And spurring a dete mined Campaign to make our schools Safe human nature four thousand years of recorded history quite plainly proclaim that i mind solution to turmoil and strife will come not through governmental or economic systems but rather through an evolution in human nature. And sometimes the essence of the goal a Good will toward men is i continued on Page 4 Are school soap Box Derby Days Are again approaching. The Southern California All american soap Box Derby of 1937 will i i by a run in los Angeles it was Learned j today at Chevrolet motor division a offices Here. The winners of this i Competition will be sent to the National event at Akron. Ohio to Eom i Pele against boy champions from j practically every state in the Union i and Horn Hawaii Mexico Canada i and South Africa. Here Are preliminary facts prepared for the information of prospective entrants from All pats of Southern California. The All american soap Box Derby took form in the mind of Myron j e. Scott a newspaper photographer j in Dayton Ohio Early in 1933 when he came across a group of Young boys scooting Down a Dayton Hill in Home made miniature automobiles. Scott took a Tew minutes Oft from his assignment to watch the fun and the eagerness and enthusiasm cd the youngsters fired his imagine. I lion. He went Back to hts office and sold his managing editor the idea of sponsoring a soap Box Derby for Ute boys of Dayton. Several weeks later under Scott a direction the first organized soap Box Derby was run off As a promo-1 Tion of the Dayton daily news. The j event attracted wide interest in Dayton and surrounding cities. Its popularity convinced Scott of the possibilities of a soap Box Derby on j a National scale. He took his idea to Chevrolet whose officials were in \ mediately interested. Scott and Chevrolet went to work enlisting the cooperation of leading new spa pc s throughout the United states in a countrywide coaster race event for the summer of 1934. The response was instantaneous. Some 34 papers sponsored the event to continued on Page two single copy 5c p. E. Cars will make Stop at Holly Avenue Here i and in in i be adding a a at the la. Ii a/,��a%w.,vi.wvavw� United press news flashes a wave Vav ave Vav discuss plans Monts France May 5 up a wedding plans and a marriage settlement were discussed at the chateau de Cande today where the Duke of Windsor and mrs. Wallis Simpson were reunited alter their five months separation. It was unde stood that the Duke was advised by Telephone from London that tile Royal family agreed to provide a $500,000 in Imago settlement for mrs. Simpson the income o be hers Lur life should anything happen to the Duke. Signs of dietary dermatitis in Young Chicks i his Spring bulletin reveals symptoms Are outlined Arcadia poultry men Given data for curing disease of flocks this year entry Man of a cad and other adding poultry centers of los Anele coun y this week were warned i a bulletin announcement from in agricultural Extension service unit of the prevailing signs d i e i a r y do mastitis in Young licks this up ing. A there is considerable dietary Rma Titis showing up in chick.-, this a i Mau a i r by p. E. Agent the Holly will Bort me Eft Olive As a tie platform and station filleted s announced today is. In sin bile seen a Ilia it avoiding to Moss renal it Ludy and an assistant toll. Sought ire attorney Lacy to represent mrs. L Ouise Strickland in dance Battles petitions held Over preliminary budget study is completed fire Protection sealed arrive late members of Tho c Ity Council kept j their audience waiting this week at rep. Jerry Voorhis reveals in the re Fular me a tiny 1,1 the auditor formation in note received Here this week Jerry Edison company completes big Transfer of equipment joins with Gas units in Power shift in vain if Means of a a Jim Rax a a a bids to be asked for new fire truck for Arcadia initial Steps in the building up Al the Arcadia fire department was taken this week with the re uni i advising City clerk Harry be Biti to advertise for bids for a new fire truck for the Wheeler Street station to replace the antiquated Dodge truck. The new engine will carry 300 Gallons of water and will also be augmented with a modern Type of Bro Ter pump auxiliary the latent equipment for fighting Brush files and other blazes. Bids will be called according to the specifications As drawn up by Hie chief John s. Eshclman. Midnight deadline hour set for woman a club dance order Given Hollywood May 5 up a secretly enrolled members of the commit be for Industrial organization at film studios today were to seize crossing picket lines of the striking Federated motion picture crafts. Two men were reported badly beaten a Block from a y mount studio As they left the film lot alter working there during the night. At met of Goldwyn Mayer two labourers were arrested on charges j of disturbing the peace when they assert edly tried to Start a fight with pickets surrounding the Plant. Flyer sets Mark Heston England May 5 up a h. L. B ook English flyer landed Here at 3 24 p. In. Today breaking Ani Johnson Mollison a record to tile Cape town to England flight by More than in hours. Brock made tile trip in four Days 20 minutes. Brook also set an unofficial record to the round trip Solo flight from England to Cape town. J the completion of one of the big a gust individual moving jobs Ever undertaken in Southern California Transfer ring approximately 500 tons of electrical transformers and appurtenant equipment in preparation for the inter change of Power Between the Southern California Edison company and the Pacific Gas and electric company was in i bounced today by Fred b. Lewis i Edison company vice president and general manager. Installation of the equipment at the company sum Gunden switching Stamen near Bakersfield is now in Progress. Transported at an an hour rate by Southern Pacific railway from the Edison company a Vestal switching station forty Miles North of Bakersfield to the Magun Don Stamen six Miles South of that City tile $235,000.00 shipment of Thiec heavy transformers hoisting equipment and tank cars of transformer insulating Oil arrived safely at destination. Nine hours were required for the moving operation with the equipment being handled like the proverbial Basket of eggs. The three Transf mers each of 25 too Eva. Capacity and each weighing 138 tons in stint farm advil setting the in los an j stats Highway Bridge just North of1 Bakersfield by Only a few inches i tils extreme height of the ship j j ment As Well As the tremendous i weight made Speed on the rails i prohibitive and Nee Essi ated f a quent siding Steps to Clear the main line for other trains. The installation of the transformer equipment at the Edison Magun Den n at Ion is one of the first Steps in preparation for the Inte change j of Large Blacks of Power Between the Edison system and the Pacific Gas electric company system j including subsidiary company i the san Joaquin Light and Power corporation or. Lewis said. It is anticipated that the interconnection will be completed and in Opeta to on july i. Lir cd h the facilities of the interconnection the Edison company will be enabled to make available the Pacific Gas amp electric a portion of the1 generation of the Edison company to company i capacity big Creek position were each emptied of their 15.50b Gallons of Oil and stripped Down to 80 tons each for the j train trip. Each it arly seventeen h it bed of the and furnished civic for the Transfer data reveals Washington May 5 up a Boulder dam on tile Colorado rive now stores enough water for the Domestic needs of the entire population of the United states reclamation commissioner John o Page reported today. Forty six mile transformer stood feet High above special Flat cars built by the Southern a Job. The lifting and apparatus which with the t. An Lormer parts also made up a part of the cargo stood even higher above the car Beds and cleared the Jim Rax wednesday he says a a Man should be ambitious on his toes make Money and have Power a a and then he got kind of personal he says a you Are Lazy. Your ambition is and so All the e Way Home i k e p to thinking w ii a t a Tough spot he is in. Eva since i fix St met him he is like a Bunch of chinese firecracker. Too ambitious to relax. Piggery sleep is a waste of time. Too fixed in his purpose to be natural. He probably ainu to heard a Bird sing or smelled a Flower since be was a boy. So what i wanted to Tell you is that you better kind of steer a course about half Way Between in my him. I think we re both wrong. Yours. -. Jim. Sunset features copyright 1937 ordinance resolutions read by City attorney a Midnight deadline hour was established this week by the Council on the Benefit dance and card party to be held at the Las Angeles turf club at Santa Anita Park under the auspices of the Arcadia woman a club. The action of setting this hour As a quitting time followed the Reading of a letter from mrs. Charles Willey. General Chai Man requesting the permit to hold the dance. The affair h is been programmed for i Friday May 21. 1 Jim Carroll unemployed in Arcadia will be used on pipe work unemployed arcadians will be put to work on a project of the City water department it was announced this week by Scott Lee water superin indent. Jye was riven the Sanction of the City Council this week to use arcadians in the Job of Laving pipe on Duarte Road in one of the development issues of the department i ordinances resolutions contracts j and leases were read this week to the City councilmen by actor a Ney William Elam. I second Reading of ordinance no j 352 Vav is waived this i tiling Chang-1 ing the requirements of Street paving for new streets in the City. Ordinance no. 353 alters the zoning i ordinance to allow the establish ment of a tire retreading shop on Baldwin Avenue by a. A. Kirk while i no. 354 sets up regulations of e j More compact publishing form to the delinquent tax lists j in the Resolution divisions lotion no. 858. by the a Oun i cd approving the move to create a i new Federal Post office building in j Arcadia was read and will by for a warded by City clerk Hary Nesbitt to Washington d. C. The contract was approved Between the City and the Stephens investment company for the construction of a water pump House at the City Wells with a lease being read Between the City and Jennie Moore on some prop try in the Northern Section of the 1 police Depar Ford Chevrolet estimates be studied by Council at next session fold and Chevrolet distributors a ill vie with bids for the right to Ell to the City of Arcadia new f to door Sedan for lilt ment. Tile Council voted this week i i advertise for bids on a new ear i a the department with the above named cars selected As the basis of the bidding. Was pointed out by Conn buium t c. Hoffman chairman of the Pire and fire committee of the ii. That the present radio pot in hts and other equipment i the folds would by placed on the new ear chased. According to chief of policy Oft the mileage on one of tin is recorded at Botte m uss with 37.000 Mil estered on the Othi time. San Joaquin River Hydro electric plants. The Edison company will utilize Boulder dam Power to meet a portion of the needs of Southern California system. When the new interconnection is completed lie Pacific coast will a supplied with a continuous network of High voltage transmission lines extending from the mexican line to the Canadian Border. The results will be increased Protection in eve against emergency d Power and greater flexibility in the employment of Reserve capacity by interchange of Power bet producing com panic permission for fiesta Banner sought by group 111mission to siting a Banner Aero a Huntington drive either at Sierra Madre or at Baldwin a it nue pointing Fie to Celebration Ping. States a or l. D. Sanborn rep University of California a county. This condition is recognized by the ragged appearance of the feathers Many of which break off near the base. And the Bird undersized. Scab like lesions develop on the Corners of the Mouth which ook like cold sores. The eyelids be come thickened and often stick together. But Are net moist As with Coic later in cracks May appear in the feet and the Scales on the Shanks become thickened. It is now Clear that two Vitamin ate supplied by the common source of Vitamin g Tor poultry. Both of these have growth promoting action. One of them is the yellow pigment raked f la i promotes growth does not prevent dermatitis in the Vitamin just a discovered is a colourless sub a called the a filtrate because it Hasni to been named. The filtrate Fator promotes growth and prevents dermatitis in Chicks. Flavin is the principal Factor in1 feeds supplying Vitamin g. Such As i fresh greens Alfalfa milk and dried whey. Such feed apply the filtrate Factor but to nearly so great an extent As Supply Flavin. Fortunately the the two. Grains and fresh greens contain in o d e rate amounts of the filtrate Factor. Wheat bran Rice bran and Alfalfa meal Are fairly Good sources. Dried milk and dried whey continued on Voorhis Congress the 12 n congressional week mailed out let parts of ills territory ire revealed below be Cut butter but Chicks gently St int a so not they Tribuson rep. Ii Man from District Thi tars to All parts of which dear folks there has been a lot of discussion and publicity Abou. So called Relief and about the problem of raising Money and cutting expense. I believe there Are whose government expenses can and should but i think the bread and of our unemployed whose wages have been a major cause of business improvement is not the proper place to Cut particularly from the standpoint of California. You probably read that i Intro i due cd a Bill to set up a Long Range constructive plan for dealing with unemployment which authorizes the appropriation during the year 1937-38 of $2,520,000,000. The Bill does not appropriate that much Money now it provides that up to that amount May be appropriated during year if needed. But that is about one tenth of the Story. In the firs place after seven Eais of depression we have not yet made a careful Survey of in employ prod nets dried i or adopted a constructive plan Tor dealing with it. We need both hence the Bill. Secondly tin Dent sometime ago asked a tee to draw up a works projects to be undertaken on a Long Range basis. I think we should put into practice the re of this the Only presi commit program of Public Veen the third Ala committee am in place the Bill in form represents not just my but the combined urge number also of some Washington lug on till annual Public school pageant to be held Friday in auditorium final idea. Thinking of a of congressmen and of the Ablest people in who have been worker in employing problem i think i can show that in reality this Bill is not contrary to Tho p. Its Economy program. The pea has accomplished soil useful work but has not attempted especially to put unemployed people at work. The spa has been item As to Type of project undertake and the people employ Only those on remit film of the City Hall. Slab cd to he called to order at k p. M., twas 8 15 of clock before the Gavel sounded and the minutes approved. A a Star chamber session at the heme of councilman James it. Grit Fitts it was reported made the Bourd the fight for a dance permit for Spanish Kitchen operated on foothill Boulevard by mrs. Louise j. Strickland was reopened this week at the regular meeting of the City Council in the City Hail auditorium. Cecil l. Lacy local attorney representing mrs. Strickland who was refused a dance permit several weeks ago when a 14-name petition killed the1 favourable report of the police department in a communication to the Board sought reconsideration on the matter. Lacy pointed out in a personal talk to the councilmen that other dance permits have been issued in this City and that to refuse one to mrs. Srickland was Quot improper discrimination a and that the protesting petition did no disclose a any facts Why the permit should be refused Quot and a should not be considered As the Council voted to hold the mater Over until the next meeting i the group at which time some definite settlement is expected to be made. Mrs. Strickland disclosed Iii her request for a dance permit that she would be closed every night by la of clock and would not he serving intoxicating liquors other than Beer. With the Library budget yet to be in. Preliminary work on the 1 turned 1937-38 fiscal year program for the City of Arcadia this continued on Page three a Usi ladies night set a dinner dance and card party for members it the Arcadia Den of liens International Only will be held tomorrow night at be Derby tavern in Huntington drive As the organization observes a a ladies the party starts at 7 p. Continued on age Eon tin Way to the and opening of the subdivision on the Rancho May 23rd, was hum Oring organi a letter to the annual music be Public schools coming Max of National music lava i o As the week f the Cli each Anita in by tin Friday night High school nun Santa sought Zalien Iii a let a the City Council. Tile matter will have to be rehired to the state Highway commis Ion. Los ranchers and Las rancher of Rancho Santa Anita sponsors or the fiesta event. Fut the let tier request to the be urn Union. Local professor to appear in radio skit thursday car will be Given on i of this week in the auditorium at 8 of clock. In this yearly program the pub lie schools demonstrate the various types and g Ados of must Rue lion provided in the i tem the several unit tins year represent several Hundred Sti for Mer Arcadia merchant Dies j in san Bernardino in Ca j jul kept w Hen j on and j plied Don than 80.0. Being req in seven Man j and a re. Cut thu 3 30 p. In. A scene in this scent t Rik work written by v Whit ology a Dent of Day aft Over r. The St which of of Ellis a City. Flowe s my agricultural product will be raised by the property latter on tin Young part of Chris fulfil his own ing work Whit land will take to bed Biden proles or of Apt Whittier College Arcadia will p As Rno n m by Atli at Din station Khz a Ider is taken from the White was Lashburn. A tvs lib urn will play the professor White will part in his counsel miss Margaret Cie the part of the pc and darted by m a Frances pot leu and Hai old h j the program w j lowing groups j elementary s Ivy school girls j school Orch i j ice o Chi Stra j girls glee clubs i combined. Senio i senior or Chest a club. High Sulu i school chorus. A Small adm t. And t orations heir Van Luis Yeai am made it of the brr to participate the work or dents trained a Lena Allison a ii Van Kel Vin d received her sealed the death la san Bernardino boils go who rated a Sto a Vehuda. Born in e Bon. Ha., bet frail Mark regi Ararad sevc e of i his we Saturn James a a years a v Santa a in Gib 3, of Anita women fight Pine Anc orchestra i glee club in a. High school j in j u n i a r boy of the High s Dir girls glee cd Blier boys g band Ami if ii fee Tex. Nude t War act i i fund Siblo and Iii ii a of he lie big by i and j. A for la be Chamy Yean in ived by Basque Fred for Spain and italian might and main crumbles As la Duce a brave., run for Home in surging wave Anno panics w. Four Tep child nicer n. Nunn of Ute co we my Ohio Gib Ici ent of Cal for it was Lepor cd. I widow. Halve sons Vav. C h. D. Gibbons cd Bons of san Ber Grund a Lindren. And in Leo Nunn of a m., o j. And Hattie ii m a. Be. O. On re of san be at a dinner for Gene Buck Hoover and Jim Firley one another a re from the late Duck Frain called Campal Congress dough since the treas i to More t it on Eleetia falks of say is running taxes May a Day. Via and m deny request for establishment of office Here i by dad spot to be to i they Sho i for unlit As i stations on a i he eel on Ald Tabu he talker do Vav it Hin r left some Bac on p Paul. Till Pas ban we t Rac tem a b Iii a a that he would it a the ordinance would rezone i Ili ution. Wally but or had lop Hundred Pound on pianos c staggers a this Mats n Awa own fifty players the sound is who ii the it u Ort
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