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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - May 4, 1944, Arcadia, California Thursday May 4, no Arcadia Tribune amp news sex Libras. A la Ziliani Sharp Legal notices t it and n f w s i Harold Roach John la. Mrm Emery e. Hardwick value Widdows publisher managing editor advertising manage classified manager published every thursday at 215 South first Avenue Arcadia California Telephone Atwater 7-2131 entered office at As secon Arcadia mat Nia. Ref. A 4,. At the Post March 3, 1879, and v Iii Xiv my to Vespini Law Cav Marwy so ohs 200 a sub Hoa a Tom of National editorial m w of of Ciatu on Iii i a tvs oct la nit can be Tribune was designated As a newspaper of general circulation by decree of court on May 8, 1931 subscription Price $3.00 per year with the Arcadia bulletin published every monday. Advertising rates on Appi k a i Ion editorial keep the Wash roads open we think we re ready to out up with As much War time inconvenience As the next one but never could see much settee in being forced to put up with Unn Essary inconvenience any time. If it would Cost a lot of Money or put anyone out so very much to keep it cleaned out we would be willing to plow through la mud and Sticks and other debris at the Colorado crossing of the Wash every time we found ourselves in that area and even go so far As to try and convince our friends on the East Side of the Wash that it is their patriotic duty to put up with it. However to our Best knowledge such is not the Case and since it Isnit we herewith Call upon the City Engineer the City fathers or whoever is responsible for such things to pay a Little More attention to the convenience of the people and get that City scraper into that Wash a Little More frequently at least until the county gets the mud washed out of the dam. Those Sticks May be harmless to our precious tires and then again they May not and we know any number of people who waste rationed Gas going around by foothill or Huntington just because they Don t want to take that Chance. What do you say boys How about a Little / Tom Sao Aljamal i bund Nom a a Gap Jace he spent a year in a Hospital then he married the Siri from his me town pm Hartley. \ from the age of is. Al earned hts own living. Al Schmid Marine arc a Dia trireme 62553 notice e of Sale of property of ii state of Cali fornia pursuant to division i part 6, chapter 7 of the of Ven i e and tax i Ion code Sale no. 30 Ai office of the tax collector of tin county of los Angeles state of California. Whereas the Board of flu visors of the county of los Angeles adopted a Resolution authorizing the Sale of property hereinafter described and a Rhea there is filed and recorded in my office written authorization for said Sale under the lid and Seal of the state con Tseller to sell said property i her before it redemption or of Sale is not made prior to said Sale All right of redemption shall cease and in Pur-1 a itch o1 Law Public notice is Here i Given that i h l. Byram. Tax collector of the county of los an a o a will commencing on the 12th of May 1944. At the hour of. E o clock a. Rn., and continuing i of Day to Day in the office of one county tax collector third r. Hall of Justice in the City it los Angeles offer for Sale and ill at Public auction to the High bidder for Cash in lawful Money the United states the following described property. Parcel no. 130. F. A. Geier tract 1 41 m i sex w 364.58 it and sex St lot 23. Assessed in 1932 to Hael m. Grant 1933 to Wallace i j. W Dodworth in care of j h Wood Worth and sons 1934 to 1938, inc., j a id 1943 to Wallace s. Woodworth j minimum bid. $79.11, plus Cost Legal notices minimum bid $49.96. Plus Cost of publication. Location be i Cor Santa Anita ave. And Forest ave Hie foregoing described property is located in the county of Hazangeles state of California. Voice of the people affidavit to tax collector purchasers of tax delinquent property will be required to furnish the tax collector with an affidavit that pursuant to the soldiers and sailors civil Relief act of 1940 and amendments the property is not owned and occupied for dwelling professional business or agricultural purposes by a person in military service or his dependents or employees. The i denotes parcels improved with Cabins houses or other structures however no responsibility is assumed for tile correctness or accuracy of this information or of any address or Street location contained in this notice. Property purchased must be paid for in full with Cash at time of Sale. The owners his heirs or other successors in interest May prevent this property from being sold by redeeming or postponing Sale. For information As to the amount necessary to redeem or to pay the delinquent taxes in instalments apply to ii. L. Byram county tax collector third floor Hall of jus i Tice los Angeles California. Dated this 20th Day of april 1944. H. L. Byram. Tax collector of 1 county of los Angeles state of California. The importance of \ free election j Hie australian ballot was tint i adopted Iii 18h8 with More or less j variations by Many states since j always with a View to simplification to make it easy for the voter to indicate his or her preference. Instruction Are plainly printed on the consolidated ballot to be used on the 16th of May in the consolidated primary election from whence the name. Leaving Little Chance and j no reason tor error of we but give a Little attention and thought to the question first on tile ballot is the Box for our precedent while he is unopposed at the primary it is very necessary that he receive your vote of Confidence. Second and of prime importance is to discriminate in names and j the office for which they Are Eandi i dates for an example Frederick i f Houser at present it. Governor i and Fred n. Howser the present i District attorney names sound exactly alike when spoken but two entirely different candidates Fot different offices. The former is opposing senator Sheridan Downey and the latter Henry i. Dockweiler for that important office. Third if you Are going to be absent from your precinct on election Day procure an Absentee ballot and exercise your inherent and inalienable right. Voting by ballot has been made obligatory and we Are All obliged to vote but up to this Point it is a moral obligation Only so lets All help to keep it that by giving our Aid support arid to constituted authority. Grover c. Harbaugh member county Central committee Way vote two fatality records California and new Hampshire were the Only two states in the Union that tailed to reduce their 1943 motor vehicle fatality rates according to the statistics in the Possession of the automobile club of Southern California. Increases of 4 and 28 per cent Over 1942 were recorded in those two states respectively. Lyric theatre Monrovia i publication. Location s e. J pub apri 20 a 27, May 4. 1944. Of Short St. And Alta Vista so More service opa Justice a a one Way Street the Battle is on in Washington for renewal of the emergency Price control act and strategists for the office of Price administration and the nations business interests Are throwing Wordy grenades and dropping legalistic blockbusters. Chester Bowles administrator of the Law governing Price control maintains that the act must be renewed in substantially its present form to prevent chaos. Business asserts that chaos already has arrived because of the various inequities daily arising out of rules and regulations promulgated by opa officials. Bitterest controversy revolves around the Contention on the part of manufacturers and merchants that Justice in a Der the opa is strictly a one Way Street. The Law As now enacted gives to the emergency court of appeals established by the opa. Exclusive jurisdiction Over Price regulation questions and thus in effect denies to All but a few litigants the right of Appeal to the courts. The present system of recourse makes it economically impossible for the Small merchant or manufacturer to contest Price regulations through court action the food distributors Point out. Under present procedures involving delaying and often dilatory tactics by opa officials speedy adjudication so essential to the citizen and his business is denied. Even if a protest is Well founded in logic and Law Long delay often renders the sought for Relief valueless. Spokesmen for the food Industry who Are also expressing the desires of virtually the entire merchandising Field Are hopeful Congress will extend to All Federal courts jurisdiction Over Price regulation questions. There seems to be ample justification for such a request on the part of business. The opa certainly should not be above the courts. Proclamation whereas millions of russian people Are returning to their Devastey Homes in liberated territory with Only the Little clothing they Are wearing and whereas millions More russians have been living in territory Long occupied and plundered by the nazi armies but now liberated and whereas their need for clothing is increasing enormously and the need is now and whereas we of the United states of America recognize the tremendous contribution and sacrifices made by these Brave people in behalf of our United nations Battle against our common enemy of Cor i ave. Parcel no. 337. Santa Anita eolian. 42 87 m it. 1.13 aes that part ii l a. Co. Aeq. And Imp. List. No. 44 zone 17 of e 327 it. Of w 357 it. Of lot 67. Assessed in 1929 to 1935. Inc and 1943 to Frank m. Warren. Minimum bid $100.00, plus Cost of publication. Location s e Cor. Of Las Tunas or. And Al Monte ave. Parcel no. 338. Santa Anita col i ony 42 87 . 2.65 aes. That part in l. A. Co. Aeq. Amp Imp. Dist. No. 44 zone 17 of e 768 it. Of lot 67. Assessed in 1930, 1933 to 1936, Tad and 1943 to Reuben v. Senior 1931 to Ruben a senior 1932 to Reuben o. Senior. Minimum bid $606.27, plus Cost of publication. Location a Side of Las notice of Sale of real property at private or Public Sale no. 229 597 in the Superior court of the state of California in and for the county of los Angeles. In the matter of the estate of Albert Vav. Paugh deceased. Notice is hereby Given that the undersigned Beryl Paugh will sell at private Sale to the highest bidder upon the terms and conditions hereinafter mentioned and subject to confirmation by the said Superior court on or after the loth Day of May 1944. At 6 n. First ave., Arcadia calif., at the office of Boller ii Boller attorneys at Law Ity of Arcadia county of los Fri thru wed. Humphrey Bogart a passage to Marseilles a also a the Miracle of morgans Creek with Betty i Lutton Monrovia theatre 194 Tel. Fri., sat. A the ghost walks alone also a fug Ati be from Sanora Sun Mon. A my Friend Flicker also a the marines come through Youm want and result number Atwate. R 7-2131 a nip pit it Colorado at Hunting ton at. 7--21u5 thurs., fri., sat. Dana Andrews Richard Conte a the purple heart Ann Harding Evelyn Keyes a nine girls continuous Sal. From 1 30 sun., Mon., tues. Allan Ladd Victor mature a Captain caution George raft Joan Bennett a House across the Bay l added. The sensational bomber Over Berlin run it Memphis belly now therefore As members of the City Council of Tunas or bit. Santa Anita and Angeles state of California All the the City of Arcadia we hereby proclaim May 21st to 28th, 1944, a clothing for Russia week a and Call upon All citizens of our Community to participate in this drive sponsored by russian War Relief inc., and to prepare their 44 zone 27 of e bundles of clothing which they can share with the ass Sie a in ,1935 russian people. City Council of the City of Arcadia by Albert Adcock George l. Jones Ernest w. Leeper Charles a. Nugent Martin h. Ormsby. A a a tue a a a people s business by Jerry Voorhis member House of representatives twelfth District Tho Smith committee to investigate executive agencies was created about a year ago with the purpose of preventing any executive bureaus or agencies from exceeding the Powers duly granted them by Congress. I have been a member of this committee from the beginning. It has just issued its fifth intermediate report. This time it is on the subject of the Price control and stabilization acts personal Post War plans our War production has been enormous lint the volume of Post War plans turned out has not suffered by comparison. Federal state and local governments civic and Industrial groups have prepared Post War plans covering virtually every phase of our economic existence. These plans Range from the feasible to the fantastic of Only half of them Are carried out successfully we should enjoy an Era of Prosperity after Victory. But we can to count too much on such projects and proposals. We should make our own Post War blueprint. When the War is Over Many people want to build or buy a new Home get a new car. Or go into business for themselves. The Farmer wants a new tractor milking machine fences building and Power equipment. All these Are Post War plans. But they mean Little unless they Are backed up by the thing that makes them tick Money. Hence every Dollar Laid aside in a Bank savings account now will help make them a t0 see reality later. These Sav Ings also help to establish the individuals credit for the Day when he will want to borrow from the Bank to Aid in completing his plans. Where we stand tomorrow is largely determined by what we do today. If we think ahead wisely spend wisely and save wisely we will have much less concern about the future. Individual planning backed by Thrift will go a Long Way toward making the larger plans of government and Industry More successful. So climb aboard the Post War a plan Wagon and do your part toward building a More prosperous America. A he monthlies day�?1944 postman this week and next will cad of letters from homesick boys All Over a special mothers Day High water. There la of letters t rom daughters too who Are in far off Tho ii country either in the armed Force centers. And there la be letters from by took time out to write despite Shell fire and from daughter have an extra the world who note to a mom a thousands of _ laces serving or in War production bands written to the i which Congress must renew before i june 30th. Two reports were issued j a the majority report and the minority report. I signed the minority report but both reports agree that the following changes should be made in these Laws As they now stand i. Giving citizens Opportunity to Appeal to the courts. In this connection our minority report stated a it is our opinion that the provision for Appeal to the courts of the land from the decision of the executive agencies exercising such Broad and sweeping Powers As those Given to the office of Price administrator and War labor Board is no More than fitting and proper. At the very Lea to citizens and organization.-, should have the Opportunity of appealing to the courts whether the Rule regulation order or decision is a valid one and whether the Agency in question has exceeded its duly granted powder and authority in issuing such a regulation. Indeed it is our opinion that provision for Appeal to the courts would strengthen rather than weaken the stabilization Structure and we arc certain that the possibility of such court review would add great in to the Confidence of th1 people of the nation in their dealings with the e 2. Forbidding opa from imposing penalties upon citizens which ? not been definitely authorized Congress. Amending the penalties proms to reduce penalties for or violations resulting largely Alice or carelessness and the penalties As to wiil increases in property taxes or operation costs have actually caused property owners to lose Money. J. Forbid the War labor Board to designate an order of the Board that a labor organization Lould lie the collective bargaining agent for a group of workers. Tile National labor relation act provides a regular method by Means of elections lipid under the direction of the National labor relations Board for the selection of c Inci Tive bargaining agents and this method should be used. On the other hard our minority i report disagreed with the majority j on Board principle and this is Why the minority report was written. Tilt. Majority report contained numerous proposed amendment which 1 would i Ain cerium Cair general i inserts in Price and rents All Aion St the line to take place. At Al Monte aves parcel no. 339. Santa Anita Colony 42 87 . 5.51 aes. That part in l. A. Co. Aeq. And Imp. Dist. No. 768 it. Of lot 67. To 1937, Inch 1939 to 1941, tad., and 1943 to Agnes j. Parmelee 1938 to Agnew j. Parmelee. Minimum bid $434.80, plus Cost of publication. Location approx 317 it. E and 256 it. N of be Cor. Of Al Monte ave. And Las Tunas or. Parcel no. 340. Santa Anita Colony. 42 87 . 1.13 aes. That part in l. A. Co. Aeq. And Imp. Dist. No. 44 zone 17 of e 327 it. Of w 357 it. Measured on n line of lot 68. Assessed in 1930 to 1936, inc., and 1943 to Frank m. Warren. Minimum bid. $100.00, plus Cost of publication. Location be Cor. Las Lunas or. And Al Monte ave. Parcel no. 341. Santa Anita Colony tract 42 87 . 1.14 aes. That part in l. A. Co. Aeq. And Imp dist. No. 44 zone 18 of e. 327 ft., of w 357 ft., measured on n line of lot 68. Assessed in 1929 to 1935, Inch and 1943 to Frank m. Warren. I minimum bid. $100.00, plus Cost of publication. Location be Cor. Or Al Monte and live Oak aves. Parcel no. 343. Part of Santa i Anita tract. 34 41-42 . Sex i of its i lot 9 Block 89 except that part redeemed As follows Ely a 276.67 it. Of Way 316.67 it. Of lot 9 Block 89. Assessed in 1930, 1932 to 1936, incl., and 1943 to Sec. First Natl. By. Minimum bid $137.41, plus Cost of publication location a. Line of 2nd St. Bet. Laurel ave. And Colorado St. Parcel no. 419. Tract no. 866, 16 198-199 m. Lot 2 Block 68. Assessed in 1929 to 1935, Inch 1941 to 1943, Inch to hate b. Smith. Minimum bid $15.00, plus Cost of Public a i Ion. Location a Side Santa Anita ave. Bet. Eldorado St. And Fano St. Parcel no. 1008. Tract no. 7820, 83/30 m lot 49. Assessed in 1928 1929 and 1931 to Helen r. Girvin 1930 to Helen r. Gervin 1932 to Margaret Penney and Edana Collins Ruhm 1933 to Margaret Penney and Edna Collins Ruhm 1934 to i Margaret Penny and Edana col Lins Ruhm 1943 to Edana Rhum. Right title and interest of said deceased at tile time of death and All the right title and interest that the estate of said deceased Lias acquired by operation of Law or otherwise other than or in addition to that of said deceased at the time of death in and to All that certain real property particularly described As follows to wit one fourth interest in and to lot 14 in Block 13 Alamitos Heights of Long Beach co. Of los Angeles state of California As per map recorded in Book 5 Page 124 of maps in the office of the county recorder of said county. Terms of Sale Cash in lawful Money of the United states on confirmation of Sale or part Cash and balance evidenced by note secured by mortgage or Trust deed on the property so sold. Ten per cent of amount bid to be deposited with bid. Bids or offers to be Iii writing and will be received at the aforesaid office at any time after the first publication Hereof and before Date of Sale. Dated april 24, 1944. Beryl Paugh Boller amp Boller 6 North first ave. Arcadia California attorney for executrix pub. April 27, May 4. Ruinous taxes Are deplored by Ball Pasadena Community dance civic auditorium Friday and saturday Ken Baker with his sophisticated collegiate tempos dancing 8 30 to 12 00 tax included 40 40 business and professional directory fire dept. Police dept. City Hall at. At. At. 7-1715 7-2121 7-2124 ambulance. Cab service key service at. 7-1121 at. 7-3421 at. 7-3211 Strauser a tailor shop customer tailored ladies anti gents clothing tailored to measure room la Arcade building 38 f. Huntington drive general practice rectal diseases colonic irrigation a Ray Colon therapy consultation free or. J. It. Griffitts i. C. Big Lexington ave. Al Monte next to Al Monte Post office phone Budlong 8-1186 Powers duly Havi by 3. Vista mine from to in the time the majority Woi away from the War lab the possibility of making v just ments As to really Lea amounting to no More the per hour so As to bring these underpaid people into nearly fair position. Our report stated a Hie minority members committee take the posits fore. That either the act a Price control and the Stab program must contain no a which would operate to Brit any general increase in pric it or wages or else the pattern to id take Board e and wages in $0,50 me of a More Jority from exceeding the granted to it will thus be seen that the to Ilion which i have taken in this matter is first that the line which has been established for stabilizing our Economy must be held but that Congress must do its level Best to Iron out difficulties which have Arisen and give citizens Protection in the courts and elsewhere against any arbitrary action or action exceeding Powers granted by Congress to any executive Agency. Rent your spare room through a want and. R Chann Mot hers of the the women of hum in p. Perhaps there this year because understand that. A Mot in to want tie the Safe return of by next mothers their children will what mothers will ii Irene it Rica who tiers it Are of love keeping and Prat if Ink the Home i wont be of Many mothers Day presents of the exigencies of War. But mothers will i Here a one present above All Price that a Only one that really counts a and that a their loved ones when the War is done. Day. Maybe or. And mrs. America and be together again a hat we Are sure is Pray for on mothers Day of 19l1. Ful Black Marker operations. 4. Add to the Law the require met it that All orders and regulation s issued by executive agencies must be immediately published in full in the Federal Register so that All citizens May know exactly what these regulations Are. 5. Provide for adjustment of rents both upward arid downward wherever they Are not in line with rent prevailing for comparable housing accommodations and provide individual Relief in cases where be Marie regard to our Opina is Hie w univ Prue provide urn e h ii f i lexis the on us my Lite on by Lent the of co diag taken and its p i Ieese some advocated of upsetting without Beath ship to tile Mittee which it. With i majority oed Bill. He Ament it a in even existing g any Dir province of is As we cd restrain executive or Basic position its report we Bents there likelihood utilization relation. His com to Erst and agencies burdensome and ruinous taxes Are stressed by Tom Ball candidate for Congress from this District Iii a statement issued by Ball Headquarters. Ball declares that ome thing must be done to Stop the steadily mounting taxes which the Small Home owner the Labouring classes As Well As the Large landowner and businessmen must struggle to pay. Quot we must pay the War charges but we must get rid of the useless bureaus and the swivel chair Bosses in Washington and get Back to the three departments of government executive legislative and judicial the statement says. A was an example the state and Federal governments own 49 per cent of the land in California and the other 51 per cent must pay the whole tax Bill since the state and Federal lands Are not taxed. A your Oil Wells have curtailed production in California while the government wants to spend millions and millions of dollars for a pipe line to the arabian Gulf. Oil men say there is enough Oil in California Texas and Oklahoma to provide Lur All the War needs civilian needs and there will still be Oil left Over. We must look to the after War period when thousands must find employment in the Oil Industry Here but who will not be working if we Are to develop Oil in some far off country. A it has been said that the Power to tax is the Power to destroy and that. Ame Power now confronts us and where will it Stop the people of tile twelfth Dis Trief Are fed up with steadily mounting taxes and they intend to voice their opposition in the coming or. Ii. Wilcox general Denti str y and xray 728 West Arcadia Huntington drive Atwater 7-2315 Lena Holsen Macdonald notary Public 521 new offices at 126 Bonita 8t. At. 7-1801 Arcadia plumbing amp heating co. Walter e. Lockwood s. First ave at. 7-1698 Lamotte leaders phone at. 7-2406 work called for and delivered 227 n. First Avenue Arcadia insure with Eberly 51 e. Huntington drive phone at. 7-3322 Santa Anita cab co. Phone at. 7-3421 674 West Duarte Road Bud Maynard prop. James n. Walker 6 n. First Avenue a everything in insurance phone at. 7-2361 Public notice tin can collection in area w est of Santa Anita Avenue and South i of Santa be railway on the third j monday of each month t a Street supt. Arcadia disposal co. 56 e. Huntington drive phone at. 7-2294 collection on Mon. And thurs. On the curb 50c a month typewriters rentals a repairs saving suggestions one manufacturing suggestion by an employee of an army ordinance facility brought about the saving for each Kex armoured vehicles of 12,000 pounds of Armour plate 12,000 bolts and nuts 1500 machine hours and 7500 Man hours. Off. At. 7-4747 res. Mon. 108 or. George s. Parcells Chi to or actor 164 e. Huntington or. \ Arcadia. Calif. Franks Transfer amp storage formerly Hinmans Monrovia i typewriter Exchange 107 s. Myrtle pm. 85 a now open a for business Meeker a garage 50 East la Porte formerly Guy Corpes garage i spectating in service of Gen a Era motor ars and trucks 1403 Baldwin Avenue phone .11 water 7-2755 we service All makes of cars

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