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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - May 2, 1938, Arcadia, California Page four Arcadia daily Tribune monday May 2,1088 mine helpful hints for Home and Garden edited by Shirley Tremaine % principles of decorating in John Houlihan t continued from last monday it. Red in rows on Tho eve Arf Poti Jim is nit a Cal lightly utile ups or Tho shod tort Ltd which x very c Hod to Spring tit ise together and to tar. Then the Arr laced and with a Strong hemp a a Thorn Down to a Vertain height. Tile amount or tics in this lacing is very important Cape Dally along the front rail whore i Tho greatest tension is. If those Springs Are Well tied this part of tile furniture like the webbing will last Many years. When the Springs Are tied Down to the desired height and the proper contour of the seat has Bern formed a heavy Burlap is Laid Over the Springs and tacked onto Hie top Edge of the seat rail and then stitch to the top ends of tile Springs. There Are Many grades of Burlap used and it will add to the life of the piece if the Hee vier Quality is used. Indians rent Stream Porterville. Cal. Up a indians on the Tulare reservation have decided to charge All outsiders 50 cents a Day for Trout fishing on their Stream within the reservation. Bedding plants actors petunias Etc. Glad bulbs Arcadia Nursery co. 404 s. Santa Anita pm. 2411 seat ready now the seat is ready for the first filling material. There Are filling materials used that Cost from fifteen cent to one Dollar and a half per Pound the cheapest is a Fibre which is Bulky but lacks resiliency. That which is Best is curled hair from the tails of the horse which is very resilient and will last a life time. Tile filling is laced or sewed i onto the Burlap in even thickness As needed then another Burlap is stretched Over tile filling and tacked to the top Edge of the seat rail Arni the top Burlap is stitched through the filling to the lower Burlap. This is what is known As double stuffing. The filling will Rome through the cover next tile desired cover is put on and the seat is finished. Tile bark and arms of tile piece Are built in like manner. The cover should be finished with All seams welted that is a Small piping which hides All the stitches on the outside. And adds greatly to tile appearance of the furniture. The amount of webbing Spring cords Burlap and Cotton used and their Quality determine the amount of time required in making the finished product and of course makes for the life of the article. In the interest of real Economy Over a period of years the better built furniture is More economical to the buyer. Protect covering upholstered furniture correctly built from the inside out will protect the covering from excessive Wear and when recovering is necessary no inside work need be done thereby cutting Down the Cost of recovering considerably. To be sure of your furniture. Be sure of your upholsterer. Menus a spiced up with varied vegetable dishes planning vegetable Garden 250 by Judith Wilson a Jas anyone either by word or is done arrange the peppers action hinted that you Are around it end bake until the Pep guilty of mealtime Monotony or dullness if so the remedy is a simple one. For you can give your menus the spice of variety without adding to your budget. Pers Are tender. Scalloped turnips dinners roast leg of Lamb with stuffed Pepper Garnish Broccoli with Hollan Daise jellied Raspberry ring with Cream cheese dressing cookies Coffee Fork or Chicken pie baked Hubbard Squash buttered spinach pickled beet salad baked apples with whipped Cream Tea with Lemon look Over Long list of annuals choose a few new ones hundreds to pick from nine beauties described now the seat has a lasting foundation. Next a top filling of hair is put on and this covered Muslin Over the Muslin is placed a layer of Fine Cotton this is to smooth the surface and insure that no feeling of silk dresses grand for summer festivities prints and solid shades originally priced Ai $10.95. Seasons newest styles reduced especially for Mother at frocks of r Lazy Days you do it by giving More thought to meat accompaniments and the vegetable Angle of your menus. You will find that some of today a recipes Are so Hearty and interesting that you will want to make an entire meal of them occasionally. The first bit of a a spice we have for you today is Nice with roast Lamb but it is equally Good with a pork roast veal roast or on the vegetable plate. Stuffed Pepper Garnish 6 medium size Green peppers 2 cups cooked salted Rice 2 Tablespoons butter a cup chopped celery a cup Chili sauce or Catsup a cup water Cut the peppers in halves Lengthwise. Then remove seeds and Par boil in salted water for 3 minutes Drain thoroughly. Combine the remaining ingredients and fill the Pepper cases with the mixture about 40 minutes before the roast 3 Bunches White turnips 1/3 cup Cream a n Teaspoon soda Salt Pepper butter Peel tender Young turnips Cut in quarters and drop into rapidly boiling water to which the soda has been added. Cover and boil 3 minutes. Drain add More boiling water to cover and add i Teaspoon Salt. Cook until the turnips Are tender. Drain thoroughly. Mash the turnips and beat out the lumps. Add the Cream butter and additional seasonings. Serve like this or put into a buttered baking dish. Sprinkle with buttered crumbs and Brown in a hot oven. The soda added to the water in which the turnips were parboiled keeps them White. Stake out Voua Gurden site according to your plan. Use. A guide line when opening drills to assure straight rows glorified Sweet potatoes 6 medium sized Sweet potatoes 1 no. Can sliced pineapple 2 Tablespoons butter or cooking Oil i Tablespoon flour i cup of juice drained from pineapple a cup Brown sugar boil the Sweet potatoes in salted water until tender. Drain and Cool until you can handle them remove the skins and Cut into thick slices. Drain the pineapple and arrange the sliced Sweet potatoes and pineapple in alternate layers. In a Saucepan heat the butter or Oil. Blend in the flour and add the pineapple juice stirring until the sauce is smooth add the sugar and Cook a few minutes longer pour Over the Sweet potatoes and bake in a hot oven for 20 minutes Hasting Fryou Entov with the sauce a Well planned Garden is a real satisfaction. It is easier to cultivate and yields most Leaf and Romaine lettuce Best for bowl salads while Good vegetables will grow in crooked rows or even it the seed is broadcaster Over Beds the work of cultivating and caring for the plants is immeasurably reduced if the seed is sown in straight rows. Take the trouble to stretch a line and Mark the Row with exactness it variety ten Days or two weeks apart. Shallow Furrow where directions say sow in a Drill. It Means a shallow Furrow. Sowing in Hills does not mean in elevations unless you live in a Section of heavy rainfall. It Means a series of spots will save hours when the time comes evenly spaced at each of which Sev Nigella a shy Blue Beauty Crisp Cool frocks As refreshing As lemonade in a tall dewy Glass in barred muslims voiles and Flaxen material. Lace dresses in smart new styles and shades including Rose Cocoa and beige. You la find in this charming collection exactly the frocks you need to make your summer wardrobe a Success. My the smart frock shop Euphorbia is an interesting Flower because of its attractive foliage. Co Leus is another foliage Plant with i brilliantly coloured and mottled j leaves of a heavy texture. I the annual Static is not Only a Beautiful 168 e. Colorado St. Pasadena a. 7033 the hundreds of types and varieties of annuals we see displayed in the seed Catalon these Days is sometimes confusing to the Amateur. And As often As not he will choose the old favorite petunias snapdragons marigolds and zinnias which served him so beautifully last season from sheer habit. Yet a careful study of the list will vastly improve any Garden for from it can be chosen annuals to fit a specific situation or color scheme whether the requirement is a subject for a hot dry spot or for a Flower just 8 inches tall and of a j certain Shade of Pink. Do not neglect to Plant the old favourites although new varieties of i them should be investigate but consider the following and their i Many cousins Leaf lettuce is getting almost into leaves. Bleached leaves have much the luxury class since Market Gar j less than Green leaves Geners have almost stopped growing i Leaf lettuce moreover when fresh Datura or Angelus trumpet is a sub tropical Flower with trumpet shaped blossoms and a delicate fragrance. It grows Well in Mast climates. But should be started Early in a see Box or Flat. Good for bedding and As a pot Plant. It and the Supply of tight bleached head lettuce from irrigated sections has reached out to every Village. There was a time when head lettuce was the rarity and esteemed for that reason and Many a Home Gardener who could not grow Heads Felt that his Leaf lettuce was hardly Worth while. Tables turned but the tables have been turned i by the revelation that Leaf lettuce and its easily grown Cousin the cos lettuce or Romaine Are both Superior to bleached Heads in Vitamin a Content. This Vitamin which is so essential to the health of children is said to vary in Richness in proportion to the Rich Green color of the investors attention funds invested on or before will receive full dividend from Mav 1st May 10th earning per Nee a dividend Lur pay per annul. All has Enath at the rat1 up to accounts Are insured $5000 by a permanent Agency of the United states government. First Federal o f savings amp loan Pas iat fun la a ii Flower for Garden purposes. But May be dried for Winter decoration. Reran theum much simpler to grow than to pronounce is another everlasting which May be cured for Winter use. To has Silvery foliage and attractive Pink White and purple Flowers. Nigella sometimes called love in the Mist is a shy Blue Beauty which nestles in a Halo of feathery foliage. Easily grown in any Garden soil the Hunn Mannia or Bush Escholt Zia member of the poppy family with its Bright Sulphur yellow Flowers is excellent for summer color and is Good for cutting. Plant it late when the ground is warm. It is slow getting started but has a Long season of Bloom. By picked from the Garden is held by Good judges to be Superior to bleached Heads in tenderness and flavor and quite As Crisp. Like other table Quality vegetables it is difficult to Market because it loses its crispness quickly a hindrance which does not concern the Amateur who uses it As soon As he picks it. Bowl salad for a bowl salad none is better than the Leaf variety not Only because of its flavor but also because it accommodates the dressing in a manner which is next to impossible with the bleached leaves of head lettuce. Famous hotels and restaurants invariably use Leaf or Romaine varieties for their choicest salads. Sow your favorite variety of Leaf lettuce just As soon As the ground can be worked. It is better to thin out the plants so that they can develop Well though come gardeners do not thin but allow the plants to grow in a crowded Row on the theory that the leaves Are smaller and More tender that Way. Cos lettuce should be sown at the same time since it matures later to push a wheel Hoe Down the aisle Between them. Rows North South rows running North and South Are Best to let Sunshine reach the soil after the plants Are Well grown. Distance Between the rows May vary considerably. In Small gardens Well supplied with Plant food rows of Low growing crops May be As close As 8 inches. The Best distance for crops not exceeding 2 feet in height is 18 inches which enables you to cultivate each aisle in one trip with the wheel Hoe. Seed cat logs usually state the space which each crop i needs. These Are relative rather i than exact directions you May vary i them somewhat to fit your special i needs but remember that crowding i your crops May reduce the yield. Spend time time spent in thinking out a Gar Den program deciding what you want to grow and then drawing a plan will be Well repaid by results. Transferring this plan to your Garden area is easy if you proceed methodically. An evening s thought May save afternoons of labor not that labor Isnit Good for you but Why waste it in most gardens there will be other things to do. Your plan should provide for the whole season. This Means in some cases two or More crops grown in the same Row. Where several successive crops of the same vegetable Are desired there Are two methods of getting them. Either sow at about the same time Early mid season and late varieties which will come into yield at different times or make several swings of the same Era i seeds Are sown As contrasted with the continuous Row which is termed a Drill. Vine crops Are usually sown in a Hills a and they need room to spread. Plan your Garden so that Early swings Are made at one end and the rows Are added in regular order As planting proceeds so that the planted area is always Complete without vacant space. This simplifies cultivation and irrigation. Remember that to sow in straight rows to thin out properly so your plants have room to grow to cultivate faithfully so that weeds never grow and protect your plants against insects and diseases these four Points carefully observed will make your Garden one of professional Quality. Huge a hoppers found state College a. Up a Grasshoppers five inches Long and having a Wing spread of nine inches Are to be found in South America according to s. W. Frost Pennsylvania state College entomology professor. Cambridge. Mass. Up Wil Liam Elliott often boasted of his watchdogs aversion to strangers. But when burglars broke into his Home they stole nothing of value other than Toby the watchdog. A real Dazzler which might Well Anc we Resi St summer heat it of used to accent Beds or Borders it j must Mae growth before the hot the Kochi popularly known As the i sep comes. The cos lettuce must burning Bush because of its fiery red be binned or transplanted to six colors. It grows 2vi feet tall and its inches apart in the Row remember her with lasting gifts of jewelry a Pearl chokers h to $8.50 a costume clips $1.00 to $12.50 Aid Many other appreciated gift 564 e. Colorado Clase branching habits give it the physical appearance of a Small Evergreen. It makes a Fine colourful Low hedge for separating parts of the Garden. Globe Amaranth or go Phrena comes to us from tile East indies but grows readily in Mast climates. It has Clover like blossoms in White flesh Rose and purple colors. Sow seed in late Spring in sunny location. Blooms from july until Frost. Pick a few to dry. Most of these annuals can be grown with a minimum of preparation by the Amateur. Although they do not take tile place of the old sure fire favourites they make interesting variety and add much to the pleasure of growing Flowers. Must grow fast All Good lettuce must grow fast. If it stands still the leaves will become bitter. It requires plenty of water and a Dase of Plant food will 1 help Speed growth when cos lettuce begins to make a Gravette of slender leaves they can be tied together and bleached if you wish. Be sure the leaves Are dry when you tie them up. Many prefer not to bleach the leaves pre Ferring their Crisp fresh Green. I All lettuces tend to go to seed in j hot weather but a second crop of i both Leaf and Cas lettuce can be grown for the fall salads. Roses Are coming in Bloom come in and see them to choose your favorite color and variety. Over 50 kinds. Many new varieties and old favourites. Knit your Spring wardrobe with Bernatos yarn a Loo Mettes a popular Needle Points Jorn be ten t ins in u c to on Given those who Purchase their materials from the Tri arts shop 55 so. Garfield Pasadena a 4287 the first Law safety is the first Law of this association. Your Money is therefore insured against loss by the Federal savings and loan insurance corporation of Washington. We Are under government control and regulation for your further Protection. Safety plus Liberal dividends make membership Here very desirable for investors. Dividends from May 1st on funds received by May 10th. Insurance to $5000 for each account. Legal investment funds. For Trust we have never demanded notice for the repayment of any amount. Federal �dl0an associate Fai Robna 65 s. 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Government Friendly Loans direct to you its easy to borrow from us on your Auto or furniture you receive $ 50 00 75.00 100.00 150.00 you repay monthly $ 6 61 for to to. 7 75 for 12 to. 10.32 for 12 to. 12.54 for 15 to. Other amounts at proportionate rates we can help you. Walter Muller co. A confidential Friendly lending service. 26 no. Lake ave. The. 7166 Pasadena a a Crown City nurseries Pasadena 692 e. Mountain St. St. 3882 san Gabriel 207 n. San Gabriel at. 2-4528 roses in Bloom All popular varieties i Gal. 25c amp 35c 5 a. Soc amp 75c new patented varieties 5 Gal 75 amp up climbing roses All colors i Gal 35c 5 Gal. 6 in to 8 in. $1.00 tree roses $1.00 each amp up we Telegraph Flowers anywhere Mission Nursery amp Floril 735 s. San Gabriel blvd., san gab Raj phone Atlantic 2-3174 a to a. Id re id in y. 25 a r a it id amp i Ait

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