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Arcadia Tribune Newspaper Archives Mar 31 1974, Page 1

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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - March 31, 1974, Arcadia, California A foothill inter City newspaper member verified audit circulation irked by slim crowd 20 pages a 2 sections sunday March 31, 1974 vol. 44, no. 26 by Helen 0 Schrader cd editor Short takes bands Shine bands from Arcadia High school and Foothills Junior High school outshone other top Southland bands in a Competition March 25 at Disneyland the has band won the music award for the highest music score and the sweepstakes award As Best hand in the Parade Kim Burdick won first place As military drum major Foothills placed first in its division Andy Webster competing in the High school division won third place in the drum major with Mace category it was his first Parade trash on Agenda no action will probably be taken tuesday night but Arcadia City Council will receive a staff report on a request by City refuse service co. For a rate increase the Council has been waiting since the first of the year for a financial report and financial and management plan from the firm whose contract with the City expires the end of october. City refuse has asked for a five year Extension of the present contract with a five year option councils decision on the rate increase could determine whether or not Kenneth c Norman president of City refuse will ultimately ask for renewal of the contract also on the Agenda is a draft of an ordinance amending the municipal code adding a new Section exempting Low income senior citizens from paying the City a Utility tax. Council had previously discussed including All Low income families in a rebate. Other Agenda items include an application for permission to hold Public dancing at 116 e live Oak. A report on installation of lights at the High school swimming Pool recommendation for conversion of to City vehicles to operate on liquid Petroleum Gas and an appraisal report on property at the Southwest Corner of sixth and Longden avenues which the Council is considering for a mini Park. Tuesday deadline Arcadia City cleric Christine Van Maranan reminds voters who will be out of the City or unable to go to the polls on election Day. April 9. That tuesday april 2, is the deadline for requesting an absent voters ballot. Call mrs Van Maranan at 446-4471, for further information. Sound of the Siren emergency Calls were infrequent the Middle of last week and Arcadia fire department personnel had an Opportunity to catch up on other chores the incident summary follows March 26 a 12 34 p.m., Rescue 49-b Eldorado. March 27 a 10 43 a m., Box alarm la Cadena and Huntington false alarm 4.44 p.m., Rescue Hio w. Foothill. 7 44 pm Structure 320 w Huntington March 28 a 3 56 a m., Rescue 27-d Fano 656 a rn., fire alarm Check 300 w. Huntington. New club forms an organizational meeting for an Arcadia senior men s club was held March 4 at the assistance league Community House too s. Santa Anita ave. Sixteen men attended ranging in age from 53 to 83, with the majority in their sixties and representing a wide variety of backgrounds the club is co sponsored by the Arcadia recreation department and the assistance league of Arcadia. If there Are questions please phone 446-4471 inside today classified.b-3 people .a-7 sports.a-4 dedication a dedication ceremonies for the new braille Trail at wilderness Park were held thursday. Above City officials and guests attending the dedication ceremonies Salute the Flag prior to the official Trail staff photo of Jim re Hohr opening the trails development was a Community Effort with contributions from Many arcadians and local firms giving special help to the trails construction were the Arcadia Lions club and the Junior woman a club. Members of the Arcadia planning commission and planning director Bill Woolard nearly wept thursday night when a much publicized Public hearing to review zoning and general plan designation in the City s Central area Drew an audience of Only 15 people three of the 15 were Council candidates two of whom managed to make a Public forum of the hearing one candidate. John Mynster said after the meeting that he was uninformed on the matter and had attended the meeting to learn a commissioner commented after the meeting that in View of the importance of the matter it was a shame All the candidates had t taken time off from campaigning to attend As a result of the puny attendance a continuance hearing has been scheduled for april 23, the commission s regular meeting night and efforts will be made through residential and business associations to draw a larger crowd one resident. Mrs Jane Corey of 28 e Newman ave told the commission that when zoning was changed in her neighbourhood to i i manufacturing it the residents appeared in Masse but it did no to do any Good commissioner r r Coghlan. Chairman of the and hoc subcommittee which made an in depth study of the Central area responded that the reason for the current hearings was to get citizen input since the commission did not want to be accused of making snap judgements Woolard added. A what happens downtown affects everyone. He said homeowners throughout the City can Benefit from a viable business and Industrial area but people seem to respond Only when their own Homes Are affected he added that when a Public hearing on changing the general plan to include High Rise South of Huntington drive was held no one appeared but when the subsequent zone change was made later there was standing room Only Reuben Ruiz reported that the East Central residential association is making a door to door Survey of the entire Central area and should have a written report for the commission within a month suggested that in the future invitations should be extended to residents and businessmen to serve on subcommittees giving the officers of the various associations an Opportunity to arouse interest Woolard ended the meeting with the facetious comment. A we might request the newspapers to say we re rezoning the whole area to ro-30 too that would bring out a crowd Quot pen lunch key proposition awaits to face last april 9 election outcome test in april i by Taylor Morton in addition to choosing three from a Field of 14 candidates for City Council on april 9, arcadians will be asked to vote on two propositions both of which Are stirring some controversy among the candidates. Proposition a. Probably the More controversial of the two. Would extend to three the number of consecutive terms a councilman could serve he May now serve Only two consecutive terms following a charter change vote by the people six years ago prior to that time a councilman could serve As Long As he could continue to be re elected the second provision of proposition a changes the residency requirement for a candidate from two years to one year. The state supreme court has held the two year requirement invalid. Proposition b relates to the number of votes required to elect a councilman changes the Date of municipal elections and provides for a Runoff election. While it will have no effect on the present Council race its appearance on the ballot is a result of that race in which it is highly unlikely any of the 14 candidates will win a sweeping Victory proposition a too had its beginning in the thinking of present councilmen when they realized three of them would automatically retire in april having served their two terms leaving Only a minority of two experienced members to run the ship of state. Registered Arcadia voters will receive with their Sample ballots arguments for and against both propositions arguments for both propositions were signed by mayor Bob Arth and councilmen Don rage. Jim Helms and Alton Scott Hage voted against the Resolution to put proposition b on the ballot but joined the other three in signing the argument for it councilman de Butterworth was absent from the Council meeting at which the resolutions were passed and Heads the list of citizens submitting arguments against both of them the argument for proposition a states that under the present system it is probable that three Council vacancies will occur at one municipal election and two at the next. It states a numerous citizens have expressed the thought that continuity on the Council is desirable and that the change from two to three terms would tend to eliminate three vacancies occurring at one the charter change does not absolutely preclude the possibility of three persons retiring from the Council at once As is happening this year however through attrition during a Span of 12 years and three elections it might be expected to occur infrequently. The argument against proposition a Points out that in november of 1968, citizens approved the two term limit by an 80 per cent vote it Points out. A in the Short lapse of time now past there has been no evidence to indicate a need to perpetuate City councilmen in office beyond the eight year or two term provision of the 1968 it continues a democracy is refreshed and renewed by the infusion of new people with new thoughts and new approaches to the problems of our political process. Councilmen like other policy Titan grow old in office and tend to become less responsive to the voices of their electorate a no one is indispensable to the Arcadia City government. Like the restrictions placed upon the terms of office for the president of the United states two terms or eight years in office is sufficient for Arcadia City councilmen and will work to the Best interests of the people of Arcadia a proposition b would change the municipal election Date from the second tuesday in april to the last tuesday in february in even numbered years the candidates who receive the highest number of votes but not less than 40 per cent of the number of voters who cast ballots would be elected a Runoff election would be held on the second tuesday in april if the number of candidates elected in february is less than the number of offices to be filled or if no candidate is elected candidates equal to twice the number of offices remaining to be filled who receive the highest number of votes at the february election will be the Only candidates at the Runoff election for instance in an election in which two seats Are up for grabs one candidate might win 40 per cent of the vote in the february election and be declared elected the next two runners up would be in Contention for the second seat in the april Runoff election the argument for proposition b states it will tend to eliminate election of a candidate by a Small segment of the electorate under the present system those who receive the highest number of votes Are elected opponents of the charter revision claim the mechanics the amendment itself have been hurriedly considered and May prove to be unworkable Thev claim insufficient time is allowed Between the primary and final elections and that Council candidates would have to file and probably begin campaigns before and during the Christmas holidays the amendment they Point out. Would extend political campaigns to almost five months Thev say that while candidates have filed this year because of three vacancies the situation is unusual they conclude. A it has never happened before and it is not Likely to happen again the new charter amendment provides a cure that May be worse than the disease Quot after a few rounds of intensive and precise questioning Arcadia High school i has student body president Bob Vogel was successful monday night in getting his open Campus lunch proposal onto the Agenda of the april 8 meeting at Ute Board of education meeting Vogel began the meeting by Reading his open Campus lunch proposal to the Board the proposal cited a number of examples of How the open Campus lunch concept would Benefit existing Campus food services student maturity and City merchants he said that the incorporation of the proposal would Lessen student lines and pressure at the snack bar on Campus As Well As the cafeteria and As a result would improve its service also cited was the Contention that area merchants would have gains in their business if students were allowed to go off Campus at lunch time in addition. Vogel said the lunch proposal would prepare students More rapidly for greater responsibility that they would have to acquire and use later both in College and in the a real world a the proposal Calls for two 45-Mmute lunch periods with passing period included in the total time of each lunch Vogel said a Arcadia High students Are generally High Caliper students a a who Are capable of accepting the Type of v his Kronos Al would give them and Quot by refusing to Grant the open Campus lunch concept they the Board would be doing More harm than Good Board member James Harvey began the interrogation by asking Vogel if he had checked to see How the merchants would respond to such a program. Vogel said his Council had checked and results were favourable in support of the open Campus a of course you Are going to have some problems in the beginning a Vogel said a but that is True of any major adjustment to a new Way of doing things. However in the Long run the negative effects will be minimal a Frempter stressed that possible approval of the proposal at the april 8 meeting is contingent on its acceptance by four diverse yet integrated elements of the City the police department the residential and commercial Community the school s administration and the students Larry Marscheck. 17-year-old senior and editor in chief of the has pow wow made an impassioned Appeal to the Board to carefully consider the Issue he put Frempter on the spot about the conflicting Validity of a Board Survey and a student Survey among parents and How they Felt on the open Campus lunch idea last year when the proposal was previously before the Board and Iai a la a candidates respond to question tailor s note the 4rendm unit of the i rogue of la Omen voters asked All 11 Ean dilates for Arcadia City Council to submit the answer to a single question for publication the in 4rradin Tribune. Candidates were asked to respond in Hoo words or less. He cause of the number of candidates and the space involved the Tribune will publish two or three responses in each Issue of the paper until All candidates have had a turn. They will be taken in alphabetical order. The question asked was a Elf hat is the single most important Issue faring Arcadia in the next four years Why u hat solutions do you propose Quot Jack Saxelid the single most important Issue facing Arcadia in the next four years will be the question of whether our City Council dedicates itself to the principle that Arcadia is to be the finest residential City in Southern California proudly identified As the a Community of Homes Quot or instead pursues a different somewhat ill defined goal related to some hypothetical mixture of purposes. All other issues Are peripheral to this one Basic important decision. Questions of Community redevelopment population density. Traffic fire and police services recreational facilities an taxes All require an answer to the most important question what do we want Arcadia to become Quot wife and i like most of our residents chose Arcadia for our Home because of its Many Fine residential qualities and for its Fine schools and churches. We enjoy arcadians Safe pleasant environment and we want to raise our children in the safety and Security of a Chin decent and prosperous Community. All of Arcadia s neighbourhoods Are entitled to this kind of safeguarding and i am committed to working toward this goal our relaxed suburban Way of life is incompatible with the crush of High population densities. Many of us work during the Day in a High density environment and look Forward to the quietness of Arcadia in the evening i propose to retain this Quality of life by maintaining strict control of population density and continued opposition to High Rise residential developments. Consistent with a a residential Quot bearing diverting Quot out of town Quot traffic away from residential neighbourhoods is mandatory to keeping our streets Safe. We must not sacrifice the safety of our neighbourhoods for the ease and convenience of business interests our fire department and our police department offer Many services tailored to our residential needs that Are not generally available within other cities we must continue to provide first class police and fire Protection and generate a rapport with department personnel to encourage the finest of these men to remain in Arcadia recreational facilities Are an essential part of our residentially oriented Community. When new facilities Are planned care must be taken so As not to degrade the living qualities of adjoining residential areas. A prospering. Quality business climate is not inconsistent with arcadians residential image business should be encouraged in areas already properly zoned for it and developed in such a manner protective of neighbouring residential areas. Presently we have too much commercially zoned property in Arcadia and not enough Market to provide its support. As a result some of the business areas Are showing higher vacancy factors fashion Park scheduled to open in the fall will tend to add to this already existing problem these problems the inherited result of poor planning decisions have no immediate Short term solutions the City Council acting As the highly controversial Community redevelopment Agency Cra has approved a project area but has no plan for development in essence the Council has drawn a a Blank Check on the taxpayers. Until a Market demand exists for the areas in question no amount of taxpayer investment will solve the problem i do not favor the use of Cra in Arcadia though the current project area has been reduced in size from that considered earlier by the Council the Law of a eminent Domain Quot could be used in the future to threaten the Homer of some of our City a oldest families some dating Back to the Days of a Lucky Quot Jack Baldwin from a tax Point of View these redevelopment agencies tend to be self perpetuating bureaucracies lasting for decades at the taxpayers expense i would much rather Trust the free Enterprise system to bring about development consistent with a True Market condition As the foothill freeway is completed into Pasadena we May Well see such a Market demand beginning in the past few years we have had two restaurants the a a Acapulco and Quot the great Scot Quot established within the redevelopment area and both appear to be quite successful we now have two More restaurants soon to be located in the area also this is private Enterprise at its Best and i support it in conclusion i ask for the Opportunity to serve As your councilman to Lead the Council in reaffirming its primary goal to maintain and improve Arcadia As a residential Community. I am running As an Independent candidate with a dedication to these principles and As a Strong advocate of local control i have no conflicts of interest and have no commitments to special interest groups rather i am seeking your support and your vote on tuesday april 9may Secrest the Community redevelopment Agency plan of Arcadia in estimation is and will be the most important Issue in the next four years with due respect to the present City Council and planning commission of the City i feel it is a plan that requires a great Deal More study and also More attention regarding it most of the people that i have discussed it with feel the same objectives could be accomplished without it and i want to go on Public record As being inclined to agree with them witness the great improvement on first Avenue and foothill Boulevard where private interests have upgraded the appearance of the Street perhaps the City had something to do with some of it if so then it is conviction that Arcadia can take care of itself and we do not need any outside Agency to assist in any Way events May move a Little slower but in a natural course which i have always maintained is much the Best it might be for the main Public interest to re evaluate the plan and if necessary rescind it ordinance no 1490

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