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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - March 30, 1944, Arcadia, California Arcadia Tribune k news 35�3 int a n d n e a s i. Harold Roach John la. Molin Barbara Stevens Emery e. Hardwick Widdows publisher managing editor society editor advertising manager classified manager published every thursday at 215 Smith first Avenue Arcadia California Telephone \ Twat or 7 -2131 la ten office a reach. A Claro matter March 4, 1930, at the Pond California under the act of March 3, 1879. National editorial my f association tile Tribune was designated As a newspaper of general circulation by decree of court on May 8, 1931 subscription Price $3.00 per year with the Arcadia bulletin publish d every monday. Advertising rates on application editorial the tanks to dry dry the Oas drouth Era has descended leaving most automobile they whistle in the slightest Breeze a a a ration gasoline Stamps at the new two gallon a work limit Are Good for two grocery shopping trips twice to the dentist or once to visit friends across town and Hall Way Back. Admittedly the entire gasoline rationing system was ret up on faulty lines depending too much on tile unselfishness of individuals who were sure to be badly handicapped by the shortage. In a country boasting tens of millions of daily Drivers the Wise men who planned Gas rationing might have anticipated the course of events. Hen the Strain really began and ordinarily honest Folk who had to get to their jobs buy Gas in the regular Market Many found they could get it elsewhere. The curtailment of legitimate Gas of course won t bother those who shop in the Black Market. Hut we d All feel Kindlien about it if rather than merely cutting the Supply now available to Law abiding car owners some really effective official action were taken toward eliminating the Black Market operators who Are draining 2,500,000 Gallons a Day from the restricted civilian Supply. The new Cut in effect amounts to a penalty on Good citizenship. And while the average Man or woman would put up his car and walk his shoe soles off this year if it would help toward Victory nobody rejoices in being penalized for his patriotism. Major or neral Ping Hwang air attache of the chinese Fem baby in Washington a noted flyer and to american airmen. Major John m. Schwizer and mayor Edward j. Potter enjoy a Mack at the fort Worth army Airfield red Eros canteen. The. People s business by Jerry Voorhis member House of representatives twelfth District impartial View civic Center is Assn. Aim orca Ter Arcadia civic Center association through its president Gordon Eberly ills requested tile Tribune to publish a correction made in monday s bulletin stating that Hie association was sponsoring civic Center site on the North Ai of Arcadia county Park. Or. Eberly a statement said time set Forth in the association s i feature Quot it is not to sponsoring any particular he said that Quot tile primary purpose of the association is to bring to the attention of tile people of Arcadia the grave my take that would be made in selecting a site at some place far removed rom the other business activities of the the associations statement goes on to say that Quot to divorce arcadians municipal business from allot Lier business activities of tile City would not. Merely cause great Incon Vien once to All citizens who have bus ii. 1 with the City departments. Library Etc and with the business houses Utility Oft ices bunks Post office and other places of business Legal notice Legal notices Legal notices 75 ordinance no. Sis ordinance of Iii it of Arcadia amending ordinance so. 49&Quot of a Vii City by doing thereto Turi i new sections to be known i numbered As sections numbers 41.4. 41.5 and 41.6, licensing and regulating pm Bic Bowling alleys in said City we providing \ penalty for the \ Igi Rion j Hereof. I he City Council of the City of Arcadia Dot it ordain As follows Section i that ordinance no. 497 of said City of Arcadia entitled Quot an ordinance of the Cliv c Council of the City of Arcadia providing for the licensing and regulating the carrying on of certain businesses professions trades callings and occupations within said City of Arcadia and repealing Ord mum s nos. 1,32, 245. 268, 403 and 429 Quot. Adopted on the 17th Day of november 1942 be and the same 1 Hubli i. Hereby amended by adding thereto three new sections to be known and numbered As sections 41.4. 41.5 and Al to Ami to read As Billows sect to n 414 Bowlin r alleys fee every person in tile business of operating but would Saddle the people of Arlla b. Niiva Public Bowling Alley or Cnoria with an annual Cost of Many Avol who in the conduct of any bus thousands of dollars Lur wasted time and transportation in this column is about t i voted for the Worley gone a Long Way toward give he soldiers vote Hill which would. My men in the i believed have siting forces a Between the civic the business in Ess uses 11 avel am Bowlin District and operates or maintains Alley or alleys shall pay Lur a License the first $12 00 of such per annul alleys and certificate of by Kine 8 8 fictitious firm name the undersigned do hereby certify that they Are conducting liquor a Toros at 12 Wist Sierra Madre Boulevard Sierra Madre California 617 South Myrtle Avenue Monrovia California and 29 East Huntington drive Arcadia California under tile fictitious firm name of Happy 3 liquor store and that raid firm is composed of tile following persons whose names and places of residence Are As follows to wit Leo Mendell 744 Fairview Avenue Arcadia California Harvey d Mendel. Ettness our hands this 19th Day of May 1942. Leo Mendel Harvey d. Mendel state of California i county of los Angeles i is on this 16 Day of March 1944. Before me James c Bone a notary in and by said county and state residing therein duly commissioned and sworn personally appeared Leo Mendel and Harvey a Mendel known to me to by the persons whore names Are subscribed to tile within instrument and acknowledged to me that they executed the same. In witness whereof i have Hereunto set my hand and affixed my Seal the Day and year in this certificate first above written. James c. Bone notary Public in and tor said notice to creditors no 29597 Albert w Paugh de in of estate ceased. Notice is hereby Given by the undersigned executrix of the last will and testament of Albert w Paugh deceased to the creditors of. And All persons having claims against the said deceased to present them with the necessary vouchers within six months after the first publication of this notice to the said executrix at the office of Boller and Boller. 6 North first m Leeks a a place of business in All matters connected with said estate or to file them with the necessary vouchers within six months after the first publication of this notice in the office of the clerk of tin Superior court of the St lie of California. In and for the county of los Angeles. Dated March 20, 1944, Boller and boiler attorneys at Law 6 North fir t ave Arcadia Cali Lornia. Beryl Paugh. Executrix of the i ast will and testament of said deceased. Pub. Mar. 23, 30, apr. 6. 13, 1944 $3.00 per annul for each additional i county and state simple easily understood method of casting their ballots. I voted against the Rankin Bill because it did no to accomplish a single solitary thing that was not already being done by the states themselves merely in my a the entire dilemma in world and not Rome catholics alone listened judgment served to acid confusion to the situation. For flu same reason i voted against the conference recently passed by the House. The one Clear duty of Congress in connection with the soldiers vote was to make it simpler and easier for the men to cast their ballots than the 1942 soldiers vote Law still on the statute books had done. Every Soldier i have heard from on the subject has emphasized this one Point that they would like to vote and would do so if there were not a lot of red taps connected with it but that if a complicated procedure was required not Many men in the midst of fighting this War would be Able to take the time and Effort to vote. There was one w Aylo meet this problem. It was to authorize a simple ballot something which could have been distributed to army and Navy units wherever they were and used by any Man in that unit in casting his ballot. Lists of candidates for All Federal offices could have accompanied these ballots. Tile ballots could have been brought Back to the United states in bulk and tiler distributed to the proper voting precincts. Had this been done nity to prove to the world whether nazism is still spiritually Congress would have been saying bankrupt whether he still believes the military Superman that any Man wearing the uniform needs no god but the fuehrer the message offered too. A Chance to cancel out one curse at least against him in the Long memory of humanity. It grieves catholics and non catholics alike to realize that unless the nazis move out Rome must Bear the same scars of Battle As other cities harbouring the enemy. But even Pope Pius cannot Hope that Hitler will remove his troops supplies and embattled cents that make the holy City a military objective. The possible bombing of the consecrated area is Only one of the unprecedented problems mounting High on the Vatican Doorstep. Probably the greatest of All will come after the guns Are silent and the Battles Over. That will be the task of red tape As it can possibly be. The the Church in teaching the world Charity and forgiveness members of the conference com toward the German people already incontestably hated and distrusted by millions and possibly to a lesser degree toward their italian partners in bloody aggression. Mich. I. First the University the first University students. Iny i l l coeds of Michigan was to admit women i Alley located 1. Uch business j Section proved by at the place is conducted 41.5 License Council no where i pub mar. 2330 april 6, 13, 1944. A such Legal notice earnestly when Pope Pius Xii appealed to a the responsible men in both Camps to spare the eternal City from the destruction of War. Seeing his holy Citadel now an armed stronghold of the nazis bristling with bayonets and guns controlling the Road to Berlin the Pope entreated both sides to consider Hie City the spiritual seat of their own and All Christian Peoples. The talk from St. Peters gave Hitler his final Opp Ortu locality in the nation and the army and Navy will have a pretty big Job collecting them in order to do much the Bill then p oxides an affidavit to be filled out and sworn to by Hie Soldier Sailor or Marine who desires to vote. Men taking time cd i i rom fighting the enemy will i think hardly appreciate this requirement that they fill out a Legal document As a prerequisite to voting. Newspaper accounts have called this Bill a Compromise and have said that under certain circumstances men overseas could vote by a simplified Federal ballot. This is True but let us see what those conditions Are. Here is what it boils Down to. If tile state legislature has met and passed a state Law authorizing the use of Federal ballot by soldiers from that state and if the governor makes a formal declaration before july 15th that this has been done and ii the Soldier applies formally for a state ballot before j 0f juju Angeles. State september 1st, and if he does not and described As 75 ordinance no. 512 an ordinance of the City of Arcadia reclassifying certain real property in said City and establishing said real property As a portion of zone r-3 of said City of Arcadia As defined in ordinance no. 439 of said City adopted june 28, 1940. The City Council of the City of Arcadia does ordain As follows Section i. That pursuant to recommendation of the planning commission of the City of Arcadia made after Public hearing As provided by Section 26 of ordinance no. 439 of said City adopted june 28, 1940, the zone classification of All that certain real property situated m the City of Arcadia county of California of his country regardless of age race. Place of residence registration or payment of poll tax was Good enough to vote in a National election. The Heads of the army and Navy alike testified they could handle the matter on this basis but that they did t know whether they could handle it otherwise. What Congress did was the precise opposite of what its Clear duty was. It passed a Bill that is just i about As complicated and full it Thrift remember it Mittee flatly disagreed in debate before the House against it. Some people May criticise that vote on the grounds that this Bill was Quot the Best we could get a and without it Congress have any soldiers this is the season when the Humble taxpayer May have vote Bill. My answer to that is that reduced to its final analysis Means his Day in court when City county and District budgets ills hypocritical to claim Congress that if fighting men Are to vote at Are in the making and the Man who foots the Bill must boldly speak or pay his taxes in the fall without a murmur. This is the time of year for careful budget scrutiny. And this is the year of All years for shearing off every unwarranted governmental expenditure and substituting Thrift for extravagance. Runaway tax rates threaten Many War crowded communities reeling under the double Impact of reduced assess j have Merit Rolls due to Federal acquisition of property and of mounting demands on schools transportation fire and other Public facilities. The obligation to examine budgets for improvident demands rests heavily on the already weighed shoulders of Home owners and other common property taxpayers. But no Community is Ever too Small to require watchfulness at budget making time nor too Rich to bother Ovi r its tax rate. On the subject of government and its soaring Cost Tho taxpayers association gives this hard headed warning Post War world is going to have to be run with Good sound common sense if the Depths of a distressing aftermath Are to be avoided. Anything but the absolute Ltd entails for Good government should be permanently since it is perfectly Safe to assume that no program of drastic Economy will overtake either Federal or state govern in lit in the very near future local and District demands must be pared and whittled and trimmed everlastingly. But As sure As the blood of american ancestors flows in our veins this nation eventually will shuck off tile spend Britt philosophy acquired in recent profligate years and a urn again to the doctrine of disciplined government and j Iblis As web As private Thrift. Homely Virtues perhaps and Only dimly remembered but they Are the unfailing bid Arka of both men and nations in times it it of stress. California peace plan we can recognize no germ of peace in the proposal of san Francisco chronicle Reader who wrote the editor it rot est that the human family is a family in name Only that a better world would result from the did anything helpful in passing this sort of Bill and it would be a lot to e honest to say frankly Quot we Are leaving the whole thing up to the states to do the Best they can with their Absentee ballot systems. Lit my opinion those who opposed the simple Soldier so vote Bill read into the Constitution a lot of unwarranted interpretations and used them to prevent Congress from doing anything helpful for our fighting men to really assist them voting. Furthermore this Bill will in my opinion nullify the provisions of tire 1942 Law which said that no Man in the armed forces should be denied a vote because he had not registered or paid a poll tax. This Bill in effect repeals that waiver and is a backward step for that reason. It would have been better and More honest to let the 1942 Law stand than to pass his Hodgepodge measure. The Bill consists mainly of a stump speech to the states telling them what they should do to facilitate voting by Soldier from that state. The states will do that anyway. They done to need Congress to Tell them. Our own state has already done a pretty Good Job of it. Except that apparently it did not excuse fighting men from registration which i believe should have been done and which was required by the 1942 Federal Law the Bill says there shall be a to of postcards printed and sent to the 11.000,000 fighting men. In the receive a state ballot be fore october 1st. And of he makes out and swears to an affidavit that he did apply for a state ballot before september 1st and did not receive one before october 1st. Then he is privileged to apply for a Federal ballot and vote by the use of it. If he gets it in time. How Many soldiers will go through All this i do not Snow. But if its More than a handful i wll be very very surprised. My own idea has been All along that ballots should be sent to Hie soldiers not that they should Hare to ask for them. As i see the situation therefore this Effort Winch started out As a sincere attempt on the part of some members of Congress including myself. To help our fighting men to have a ready Opportunity to vote in the coming election has been Quot taken Over by the bipartisan majority in the House and Senate and turned into a complicated series of red tape promises which even a Philadelphia lawyer will have difficulty in understanding and which when ans at All they must apply for and obtain state Absentee ballots if indeed their states provide for such just As they would have had to do if Congress had never considered the matter at All. But left the simple 1942 Law standing. The one practical thing any of us can do now to be helpful to any men in the fighting forces that we May know is to Tell them to proceed according to the Absentee voting Law s of our state. Not Many of them will know in detail about those Laws but in California the procedure is not so very difficult and if everyone of us at Home would write every fighting Man we know and Tell him How and where to apply for his ballot Well be doing a lot More in my opinion than Congress accomplished in All the months it wrangled Over this cuts a Ion. I have written to the Secretary of War and the Secretary of the Navy urging that they authorize the posting at All bars. Headquarters and other places where our armed Force Are located throughout the world of instructions for the use of state Absentee ballots As issued by the different states for ii this could be done it seems to me it would be of greater help under pre eat circumstances than anything that is a part of lot 3, tract no. 950, As How i on map recorded in Book 17, Page 25 of maps records of los Angeles county grouping of Mankind. A then i men a a he advised a and if like doubtless the idea has priceless commodity which proper re Langue _. Cards should be one family House for permit it were to All men would live i under be of the May be Bill. Used non Quot such Post to of state Law its roots in admittedly brotherly love a tile world sorely a Flay. But when we picture the catastrophe of merely if together a our relatives and All our wife a relatives not me House ,. Well that Are quite sure. As in in gathering of the clan v c a free for All. No the e not in such a project. Would be no incentive to peace of families of the world any Ould almost guarantee to Rich of peace we Are afraid. He Navy a Ciliate to the la will of a As applications for ballots state Absentee ballot Laws. In at ions tor Regis anon or i is of information to imitate Absentee balloting ast what All this Means i know nor is it Clear just Soldier is to use these cards r sees them. The army and e then instructed to Quot a readmission Quot of these cards in tag forces. But the cards Nate from every state and i left Lor them to do under the Eon Gressional Bill. In fairness it should be said i a minority of us in Boti the h j and Senate tried our Best from i Start to get a simple direct sold a voting method enacted into there weren t enough of us. Only thing we could do was Quot no As a j Otest against the a of the majority. That oils the Law. The vote a Ion described As follows beginning at a Point in the northerly line of said lot 3, Distant Westerly thereon 1370 Lect i rom the northeasterly Corner of said lot 3 thence southerly along a line parallel to the Easterly line of said lot and the southerly prolongation thereof 656.93 meet to a Point in the southerly line of said lop thence South 81 West 843.31 feet along said southerly line to its intersection with a line which is parallel with the Easterly line of said lot. And which passes through the Point of intersection of the Center lines of duart1 Road 60 feet wide and Al Monte Avenue <60 feet wide thence along said last mentioned parallel line northerly 788.54 feet to a Point in said northerly line thence along said northerly line Easterly 830.95 feet to the Point of j beginning being approximately j 14 acres located at the Northeast Corner of Duarte Road and Al Monte Avenue. Be and the same is hereby changed and reclassified from zone re of said City As defined in said Ord i finance no. 439 to zone r-3 of said City As defined in said ordinance no. 439 and from and Atter the effective Date of this ordinance the real property described in this Section shall be and become a District of said zone r-3. Section 2. The City clerk shall certify to the adoption of this ordinance and prior to the expiration of fifteen 15 Days from the passage thereof shall cause the same to be published once in the Arcadia Tribune and Arcadia news a news paper of general circulation published and circulated in the City of Arcadia and thirty �30> Days from and after the final passage thereof said ordinance shall take effect and be in Force. I hereby certify that the fore going ordinance was adopted at a regular meeting of the City Council of the City of Arcadia held j on the 21st Day of March 1944. By i the affirmative vote of at least three councilmen to wit ayes c o u n c i i in e a Adcock Jones. Leeper Nugent and Ormsby. Noes none. Absent none. W. H. Nesbitt City clerk signed and approved this 21st Day of March 1944. M. H. Ormsby mayor attest w. H Nesbitt City clerk pub. Mar. 30. 1944. License mall be issued for any Puma Bowling Alley for which a License is required under this Ord malice until the Council of the City shall have issued a permit therefor upon written application and the said Council shall have the Light to Grant or refuse any such permit in its discretion and if. Ugh permit is granted said Council May impose such terms conditions and restrictions upon the operation management and conduct of sail business not in conflict with any Paramount Law As they May deem necessary or expedient to protect the health safety or welfare of said City or its inhabitants. Section 41.6. That any permit granted by the City Council under the provisions of Section 41.5 shall be upon the following conditions Ai that no distilled spirits wine or Beer shall be sold or consumed on tin premises of the Licensee. By that the Licensee be required to absolutely prohibit wagers of Money or any other thing of value on the outcome of any game conducted or played on said premises. In that no card playing of any kind be allowed to be played on the j premises. Id i that no establishment licensed under the provisions of this ordinance shall be open to the Public Between the hours of 2 00 o clock . And 7 00 o clock . Of any Day. The conditions herein set Forth shall be in addition to such other i terms conditions and restrictions not inconsistent with the conditions herein provided upon the operation management and conduct of said business As the City j Council May impose. Section 2 any person violating any of the provisions of this ordinance and or knowingly or intentionally misrepresenting to any City official any material fact in procuring the License or permit herein provided for shall be deemed guilty of a Misdemeanour and upon conviction thereof shall be punishable by a line of not More that three Hundred $300.00 dollars or by imprisonment in the City jail of the City of Arcadia or the county jail of the county of ins Angeles. At the discretion of the committing magistrate for a period of not More than ninety Days or by both such Fine and imprisonment. Each such person shall be deemed guilty of a separate offence for every Day during any portion of which any violation of any provisions of this ordinance is committed continued or permitted by such person and shall be punishable therefore As provided by this ordinance. Section 3 the City clerk shall certify to the adoption of this ordinance and prior to the expiration of fifteen <t5> Days from the passage thereof shall cause the same to be published once in the Arcadia Tribune and Arcadia news a newspaper of general circulation 1 published and circulated Iii the City of Arcadia and thirty <30� Days from and after the final passage thereof said ordinance shall take effect and be in Force. I hereby certify that the forego no ordinance was adopted at a regular meeting of the City Council of the City of Arcadia held on the 21st Day of March 1944. By the affirmative vote of at least three councilmen to wit ayes Council in e ii Adcock Jones. Looper. Nugent and Ormsby. Noes none. Absent none. W. H. Nesbitt City clerk signed and approved this 21st Day of March 1944. M. H. Ormsby mayor attest w. H. Nesbitt City clerk publish mar. 30. 1944. Ocean muddied the Amazon where it joins tile sea is 180 Miles wide and it muddies the Ocean co Miles i rom Shore Lyric theatre Monrovia i hurs. Thru sat. Rosalind Russell Brianah erne a what a woman a also a Pat of Brien in a Iron major Quot Sun. Thru tues. Robert Taylor in Quot song of Russia a also a a crime doctors strangest Case Quot learn Anil practice Public speaking at very Low coat thru a Speecher aft dinner meetings held weekly pleasant social atmosphere Arcadia toastmasters club for detailed information phone pies. Hoyt Curtis at. 7-2725, or i has. E. Gibson a l w. 7-4301 Jymm Mumm to Bovia theatre Tel. 194 Gene a . Inc tax 10c f�?Tri., sat. A whale to the rangers also a bracket Many Sun., Mon. Paul Muni in a a Hudson a Bay also Zane Greys a last of the duanes so no Mut. A m it Colorado at Huntington at. 7-2195 thurs., fri., sat. Or John Steinbeck also Joe e. Brown a Casanova in burlesque , a. Mat. I . Hop a Long Cassidy a riders of in Timber line children under 12 a 12c a coming Mysz mses business and professional directory fire dept. Police dept. City Hall. At. 7 -1715 at. 7-2121at. 7-2124 ambulance cab service key service at. 7-111 at. 7-3421 at. 7-3211 Strauser a tailor shop c us Tomed tailored ladies and gents clothing tailored to measure room la. Arcade building 88 e. Huntington drive general practice rectal diseases colonic irrigation a Ray Colon therapy consultation free or. J. R. Griffitts i. C. 116 Lexington ave. Ii Monte next to Al Monte Post office phone Badiong h-1186 or. C. H. Wilcox general dentistry and x Ray 728 West Huntington drive Arcadia Atwater 7-2315 Lena i Olsen Macdonald notary Public new offices at 126 Bonita St. At. 7-1801 i Motte cleaners phone at. 7-2406 work called for and delivered 227 n. First Avenue Arcadia insure with Eberly 51 e. Huntington drive phone at. 7-332 Arcadia plumbing amp heating co. Walter Al Lockwood j 521 s. First ave. At. 7-1698 i James n. Walker 6 n. First Avenue everything in insurance phone at. 7-23g1 i sat Santa Anita cab co. Phone at 7-341 674 West Duarte Road Bud Maynard prop. Jet a Wah Job read want ads business needs women Amo girls slow Motorist do Down before when Down do you always slow applying the brakes Bing an intersection or. Grace Cullen Chirops it tor Telephone of. 7-2504 hours 9 a. In. To 5 p. No 225 s. I first Avenue Arcadia this practice makes tires Wear longer. And the service department of the National automobile club reminds you that it also makes lives lust longer. Ethel c. Guinther chiropractor too n first ave. In. At. 7-2813 next door to Post office Christian science Reading room a open to a. M. To 4 p. M. Except sundays and holidays Ftp West Duarte Road Atwater 7 255 the Public la cordially invited to visit the Reading room Public notice tin can collection in arca West of Santa Anita Avenue and South of Santa be railway on tile third monday of each month a Street supt. Home electric shop Home service amp contractor Temple City Arcadia disposal co. F 56 e. Huntington drive a phone at. 7-2294 collection on Mon. And Thors i on the curb 50c a month a j of. J or. George s. Parcells i chiropractor j typewriters rentals a repairs Monrovia typewriter Exchange j s. Myrtle a. Is now Ope no for business Meeker a garage 50 East la Porte formerly Guy Corpes garage a specializing in service of general motor i ars and trucks 164 e. Huntington or. Arcadia Calif. We service Al makes of cars. J

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