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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - March 9, 1937, Arcadia, California Page Tut at Ca Ila Califi Anta tuesday March 9, 1927 the Arcadia Tribune the daily Arcadia Tribune published daily except sunday and holidays at 104 n. First Avenue Arcadia California Arcadia publishing company entered As second class matter March 14, 1930, at the Post office at Arcadia. California under the act of March 3, 1879, p. M. Martindale Art Gierlich. Don Nutter. Lois Spranger. Frank g. Roush. The Tribune was designated As a newspaper of general circulation by decree of court on the 8th Day of May 1931president. Editor. Advertising manages. Society editor manager Job printing dept strange As it seems by John Hix for further proof address the author enclosing a stamped envelope for reply. Reg. In. S. Pat. Off. Represented nationally by Fenger Hall co. Ltd. San Francisco los Angeles Seattle. Chicago new York. Boston. Copies of the Dally Tribune and full information about Arcadia and surrounding markets May be obtained from any of these offices. Subscription Price single copy a 10c per week 40c per month. Phone 2131 for All departments. Nights emergency i 2508. Advertising rates on application Forward Arcadia the Tribune s platform for the Progress of Arcadia 1�?an adequate sewer system for the business District 2�?development of Ross Field into a county Park 3�?accommodations for visitors and increasing population 4�?widening of Huntington drive 5�?protection of Arcadia s biggest Industry poultry 6�?city Beauty Libaton of Zerbe Bree of h no amp the pm corded in Danzig Urino the Winter of Ila. To klh6 onto a Reni Breek poet of ote ave <?otr&6edi&5, amp Wenthe Ash pm Tor a taevtrft6ti>y Ofta year America s biggest problem in californians first major a sit Down strike at the Douglas Plant in Santa Monica violence was averted when the workers filed out peaceably and decided to conduct their walkout in the orthodox manner. Those were anxious hours when police were set to Loose a tear Gas barrage and workers replied with a threat to Burn the Plant. There might have been rioting sabotage a even gun shots and bloodshed. That there was not is a tribute to the Good sense of All parties concerned. The Hearting thing about it was that the government s labor relations Board director and the workers attorney representing the Cio joined in dissuading the men from remaining in the Plant. Could this be evidence that a sit Down tactics Are doing a fade out in this country if so it is All to the Good a for the Public for employers and most of All labor itself. But throughout the nation with some 27,000 persons Idle in disputes at More than 50 Industrial and business firms the ultimate question looms larger than Ever. Where will it end i he Public wants to be fair to both employers and labor. But at what Point does a a fairness lie at one extreme we have the present demands of the highest group of workers in the country the men who run the Railroad trains for a Twenty per cent wage boost. At the other we have Industrial plants in the South where capital takes More than its share by employing child labor and paying starvation wages. How much is enough for both sides or Erther it is the biggest problem facing this nation today. Today a. Best radio propane Fashing to it we so forc lyse fcw>n6 tic co fast of Iriney Spe constructed of a boo fates it n80 opened up find maps possible the a Settle Emen of thou Smos of Miles of territory a twice stripped of Paine lands he owned a no died without an to &5 sure on Trie Book on request a a world of con fort t for your Eye j Chest colds rub on Muster Ole. Used by millions for 25 years. Not just a Salve but a All druggist. Three strengths. R far Complete coverage of Bush ne8 and financial news read Pacific coast edition the Wail Street journal relied upon by business men and investors for current news and dependable information. Send for oar special introductory offer five months for $5.00 i Iii but St. Loft w. Cutti St., i Baa Francisco i a an a Kush i Ltd Mac bldr., ska tit pc i patronize Arcadia Tribune advertisers Daniel Boone. An exciting Iii was Daniel 3oone�?Ts�?and. Surprising enough a Long one. Without the slightest Cia Boro to in the of the Bac woodsman s career smacks of the most thrilling of a another Redskin bit the dust Quot fiction. Raised As a farm lad in North Carolina Daniel Cut Loose from the i civilization he despised in 1769 and j headed for wild Kentucky. Here he soon won a reputation As the Best j tracker Best Marksman Best Indian j fighter and the most level headed Man in the Region. Twice Boone was captured by indians and to h times he escaped. The second time he was captured the indians thought so much of him i they adopted him into the tribe. To Boone More than to any on Man goes the c Edi for opening up to settlers the vast Ohio and Missouri valleys. Yet strange a it seems when Boone died in 1820 at the age of 85, he did not own an Inch of land. When Kentucky was Admi Ted to the Union in 1792, All the lands Boone had acquired were stripped from him because of defective titles. Disgusted Boone moved to Missouri in 1795 where the Spanish govern 1 rent gave him a land Grant of 8000 j aces. When Napoleon took Over a he territory and sold it. In turn to j the United states Boone s Spanish de. Us Wen dec ult d worthless. Appl a1 ing Tinc Kentucky legislature in 1812, Boone said Quot unacquainted with the niceties of the Law the few lands i was enabled to local1 were through my i Normice generally swallowed up by better Zero degree. First to conceive the idea of using quicksilver instead of alcohol in thermometers Gabriel Daniel fahrenheit German physicist greatly improved the instruments accuracy. Low for Points b Low the freezing Point of v. A Tor. Taking As a limit of the greatest cold the lowest temperature recorded in Danzig during the Winter of 1709, he made this the Zero of his thermometer. He then divided the space Between this Zero and the boiling Point of water into 212 parts. I several alterations were later i made when fahrenheit discovered 1 that the boiling Point of water changes in different altitudes. He also revised his thermometer to Al a finer ingredients a a new Type of recipe mixed a special to. Painstaking Way a it marvelous flavor Quot hammers tech music hair on Knox at 5 o clock features an imposing list of guest stars this evening. Including Benay Venuta Glenn Hunter of Quot Merton of the movies Quot Fame. Or org Raseley on of the Quot maps Quot most promising tenors and a girl scout chorus of 25 voices. At 5, Reca Oil Ops a p Ogrant called Quot what s in a word a Adolph men a Tau will to the guest of Ben Ber Hie on Keca at 6. When tile old professor Jack Gatkie. Opens the session of Iris College on Knox at 6 30, his chief a car will be George j easel. Judy Gar and 13-year-old songs Ess has been signed to a 13-week contract by product is of the show at the same time Fred Astaire will introduce two new Gershwin songs from his forthcoming picture. Quot shall we dance a they re called in be got beginners Luck and Quot lets Call the who1 thing off Quot. Din kit. When president Roosevelt was on the air Ian week he indicated that he would depend his plan to reorganize the supreme court in a series of radio talks and this evening. One of the talks will be released in he form of a Quot fireside Chat at 730. Knox Kif Khz mtr and Kehe Are broadcasting the speech. The Inglewood Park cemetery association will inaugurate a new be is of weekly concerts directed by Leon Leonard this evening Over a feb fac and Fox. The initial program offering excerpts from Quot Faust Quot will feature Ruth Taber us Marguerite Beira Kibler Siebel Ralph frees Faust and Ralph Al win mephistopheles. Several excellent programs Are slated for 8 30, what with Al Joksan on Knox the dude if Arch of Keca. The Russ and Phil Duey combination on Kif and Oscar and Elmer on a feb. Death Valley Days and the Al Pearce gang take the spot Light on Kif and Knox respectively at 9 of clock. Quot on the air with Lud Gluskina the first of a new weakly series featuring the Quot Continentals a music of columbian a West cons music director makes its debut on Knox at to . Hit tunes of the Day will be offered by the and Sung by Judy and the Jester Maureen o Connor and Clark Ross. Pat Padgett and pick Malone who Are heard As Quot pick and Pat Quot on mondays and molasses n Janu Aryl on Quot showboat write All of1 their own material. They certainly have their quota of loud laughers1 each monday sounds As if someone sits near the microphone and guffaws after each gag. Duane Thompson Telephone opera or on fridays Hollywood hotel is the a Bride of William Johnson radio script writer. Braneia White Prima Donna of the Fred Astaire show has been invite d to sing with the St. Louis municipal opera this summer. Madrid May fall Saint Jean de Luz France mar. 9�? up a Madrid May fall because of the sinking of the Steamer Maar cant Abrico with a $2,700,000 cargo of War materials from the United states Spanish government spokesmen intimated today. I j in to Youfe la Ca Ith by or Fira at. Tvs Coy author of the met wet to Hurt tolf All Quattro a regarding Malatk and dial will a Aniwa Rad. Larga tamped Tail Addra Tad envelope must be enclosed. Write on one de of Pope Only. Letter my it not exceed Iso word. Add reel a. Frank Mccoy care of bit Gage causes of headaches in just the same Way As someone is always being Horn and someone is always being married so someone is always having a headache. Some of you who read this article will have a headache while you Are Reading it. Some of you do not have a headache today hut you Bud one a ast week or you will have one next week. Some of you have headaches frequently others have them Only rarely. In most instances the tendency to headaches can be banished and certainly those of the common Ordinary a Garden variety Quot May be overcome. Headaches do not just happen they Are produced because of very definite real reasons and those reasons can to found and eliminated with the result that you will thereafter remain completely cured insofar As headaches Are concerned. One of the first things to learn about headaches is that much of the time the cause will not be found in the head itself but will be found in some other part of Tho body. Of course when the headache is the result of eyestrain or of sinus trouble then the cause will he found in the heat itself hut As a general Rule the cause is usually in another part of the body and the nerves of the head Are caused to ache by reflex action. When the ache seems to lie in Hack of the eyes it is probably due to eyestrain or to constipation. If the headaches occur Only on Bright sunny Days Ltd Only if you have been straining the eyes with close work this indict Tes that suitable glasses May be necessary and you should have the eyes examined. If the ache is not manifested in this Way then you May he almost sure that constipation is the principal cause and you May expect the headache to be most Likely to appear at those times when you have been neglectful regarding the important habit of intestinal regularity. The bilious a a sick headache is accompanied by nausea dizziness and vomiting and arises from a disturbed state of the fiver. The Low blood pressure headache is usually brought on by fatigue anti will be More noticeable whenever you allow yourself to become too tired. High blood pressure May produce a headache which feels As though a tight Iron band were pressing on the head. Headache at the top of the head is generally caused by a bidder disorder such As cystitis. The form of headache least understood is that which occurs through the base of the brain and Back of the neck which is practically always brought on by congestion within the Pelvis. During acute indigestion a severe throbbing ache May develop which causes noticeable distress. The pain through the forehead induced by sinus trouble May also be Sharp and severe if the Sirius inflammation is flaring up in the chronic cases of sinus trouble the ache is Likely to subside into a Dull nagging discomfort. Those of a nervous temperament discover that any Strain whether brought on by the pressure of working under a tension or excitement or shopping will produce a certain Type of headache with which they become familiar. If we exclude the h Danche due to eyestrain the two principal causes of the Ordinary i Eada Ebe Are indigestion and constipation. Those Are the two important one and most of my readers troubled with headaches will find it due to the. ? two causes. When your headache is duo f i a digestive upset which is the result of eating unwisely you will us Fly be Able to find out what food mixture has upset you if you will recall what you had to eat for three or four meals Back. In tomorrows article j will Tell you about the Home measures which you May use for the Relief of headache. Look for the next article. Questions and answers correction it has been called to my attention by the United fruit growers that an answer Given in this column on january 16th on the subject of bananas referred to the banana As a wholesome form of starch. The word a a starch in this instance is a misprint and should read the total sugar Content of the thoroughly Ripe banana is about 2d per cent while the starch Content is Only slightly above i per cent. I am glad to Correct the error. Nerves question Henry asks a what is meant by motor nerves and sensory nerves a answer the motor nerves Are those which carry impulses to the Muscles resulting in movement. The sensory nerves transmit sense impressions arising in the sense organs and also transmit the sensation of pain. In the Case of the sensory nerves the impulses Are carried from the organs of sense inwardly toward a Center in the spinal Cord or brain. Such nerves Are therefore coiled afferent nerves which Means that they Bear impulses toward the appropriate centers which receive them. In the Case of the motor Neises the impulses Are carried away from the brain centers and travel outwardly and such nerves Are therefore called Efferent nerves the meaning being that the impulses Are going away from the brain. As an example of the Way the two different sets of nerves work let us imagine that you Are walking across the room. As you walk your legs move and this is. The result of impulses sent out Over the motor nerves but at Tho same time you Are aware of the fact that you Are moving aware of muscular tension and aware of your position being aware of these facts As the result of impulses sent in toward the brain by the sensory nerves. Patronize Tribune advertisers Joe Paloska j. They be found or Walsh sir. Report just came la take you to him in a radio car Fob printing is a business with us i not4 jus a sideline f Ohhi it Gully is he a right t he aint Hurt y by ram Fisher i am of hurry please officer i he must have had a Shock. O Toole says it s probably All work ii done in or. Rent anti in Arcadia. Lei it give you an estimate on your next printing needs. Dan Dunn secret operative no. 48 by Norman Marsh All rights a couple Quot o Quot you boys haul that Guy out in the country an unload him an Well go on with our latin / the Arcadia Tribune phone 2131 104 North first Avenue
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