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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - March 3, 1938, Arcadia, California A Flor four a a Arcadia daily Tribune thursday. March 3, 1988 no Riali ours Lupro in that sect Ion it tied by Hie exiled / Ere were Unknow youth called on a Only of his intent in mentally inclined. \ the question How of by custom to blurt thursday night. Tile im00.000th was granted by the 1 lire. It was for an camera. Louis 8 diam the Ana set Quot Mash acadian Poi in Ige Given Sacramento it ins g Sierra Madre news tit i s vol discuss plan to organize new Western poets Sierra Madre j forty liners Congress deferred school notes w. M until March 24 m u Quot j owing to wednesday s rain storm la Paz. Bolivia. Hub cd at an examination of a too school Chil the Garden Section of the wo-1 Jevat Ion of 12,000 feet. Is the High Dren in one City recently revealed mans club deferred its meeting. Left in the worl<1> a Only fi39 had Teeth without cavities which was to have been held at the Buick a Wiss Mac so r she m pts c Jon Gross. Boon pus on d unti who a held at March i March a Ltd com v co it St ten i Marc instead mod for the Contin w is tar tent on a Pete i last few Days a of a tvs n i in Moi it some of Lac a Merit i it ii Tai e. The blooms it week. Weather window out. Anc a re by 1 a shh Gnu Leland j. Fogg was one of the principal speakers at tuesday Evo a tirade of tile Sierra nags m a Slon of the Sierra Madre Moi has completed i its Porum which held its regular Nieset some very Beautiful Rase drawn on paper and Cut club House wednesday. Tile meeting will probably take place late this month. It it it today thursday March 4, is the last Day on which you can Register it you wish to vote in the coming municipal election. Chg at City Hall. I a which work a Church windows which Illy done. The Art s lusted had coloured let the Grade vote on was Best. Census staged Sacramento ins a professor i Ai Impi i 10�?~p newsmen meet a March 4 the i ors of the soul Herm at Wist a ests of i he wis let i Packard. Chrysler de Soto s fuel Eft Aker Graham s3 64 it a. 41 2? 24 to 8 a if the it i time name in Ria Gardena Vine a is not a strictly a o Wist Arr i he formal Liis first season. Ralu cd but amount it la Rea it lat Man who is at the nil a Qun in it tee for a Ess. Say. That a mate Tai for the a lie committee the would be con these ii to the a Ken you beaut life. Buick i d Arcadia of service. Is prove that Buick is the a Chest buy on Bra Ardless of Pru to. Buick a gives. East rid in it Power Economy and Long or Sec 194. In fully equipped delivered our demonstrators Are at y Iii or Sherman j. Mcqueen 135 w. I authorized Rick i Aler a better buy buick7�?T Mon Rorn est ants have failed to comply with lie rules. He asks that poets who j wish to submit their work will read Tho rules carefully As failure to j comply renders the offering in i eligible. Poetry class there will be a meeting of the committee on arrangements pre ceding the regular poetry class at j the Park House thursday March ii. Those who make up the commit j be Are Lucia Trent Cheyney chair j Man h. A. N. Addis. Ralph Choy Ney. Mrs. Al s. Myers. Mrs. Irene i Waage president of the Pasadena. Writers club mrs. Jean Rasey mrs. Sylvia Quittner mrs. Lee High. Mrs. Bertha Rolf of Pasadena mrs. Ida Clemens tuna of Al Monte. Miss Willis Walter editor of a snug j Merle Perry mrs. Corwin Dodds of Riverside one of the editors of a horizons a and a past president of the Riverside writers club. Leslie Wynne and May Stanley Mason. Juanita Gullans Helen Stewart. Theresa keys Bobbie Morse and pal Wallace got the ribbons. Miss lusted thought Tho work done by the class was the Best she had from any Grade in a Long time. Miss Lendeman Art supervisor of Monrovia schools came to visit the Sierra Madre school monday j and she said she thought the 6-a Grade line in its Art work. Theresa keys school reporter. I it it it a a i All of Sierra Madress five set Ming basins were filled with yester i clays rain and the Tunnel water was being turned Baek into the Little Santa Anita. The dam att the head of the Canyon has not reached the overflow level although ii was within a few inches of the overflow Early this morning. I it it it the Sierra Madre Garden club. Will hold its March meeting on i Ganda evening March 7, at Wistaria Vine gardens. A Acadia theatre phone 2661 or. Fogg stated his belief that tile struggle Between the Quot haves and the Quot have not Quot can Only be Woodbridge Metcalf Extension Tor settled by a gradual process of Edu-1 Ester of the University of California j cation and revaluation. It people at Berkeley is conducting a census j will concentrate on the factors in of famous or noteworthy California i which they Are in agreement rather Trees. Than on the ones on which they a disagree he said we shall find ourselves with the groundwork for a practical and possible peace. Set 1949 As Date the speaker set 1949 As the a the subject of Technocracy stating i it As his considered opinion that capital will not be abolished but that we probably shall reach a time when the profit system will be proximate time when this bloodless come a thing of the past revolutions May be consummate next weeks forum speakers will and suggested that All who wish j Deal with the topic new political j to work for this end should call1 alignments a and will outline some j themselves the of the reasons for the new faiths i and affiliations which we see to j Bruce Johnson spoke briefly on Jay Cash Loans furniture or Auto Auto salary furniture equipment or pct a to Quot on $600 payments Are $42.40 for real Psi ail 20 months. On $60 payments Are $7,85 for to months. On $150 payments Are $10.25 for 20 months. On $530 payments Are $23.01 for la months. You will like our courteous and confidential service no brokers no insurance no co signers your loan can be closed the same Day As application made Southern finance Pasadena 1655 East Colorado Wakefield 4171 open evenings by appointment a i 25c now playing % % Quot i feed Astaire and Birns and Allen a Damsel in distress also Jane Withers in Ltd a Ltd a it Ltd a Iii Ltd a Ltd it a ii Ltd a it i checkers selected shorts j s a \ a a u verve of swiftly is dependable ancient design sturdily built in Over two million Ai ods. At least half a in year. Join this Grear army of Homo them. See the n every time. Older Mech r granted. Always ready. Never failing. At the snap of a switch. Electric cooking is just the modern electric Range is really a Miracle of accurately controlled producing the same results an i it a it is electric cooking has supplanted will switch to electric ranges this have put Kitchen Drudgery behind let ii Mac Model it or cd or s. -1 is Iff i Sill in v it a Iii Juu Joost in of j is amp at medium size fruit Large size fruit assorted flavors of fresh gelatine dessert 2-,b 11c pkg. Aat vib 8c Box 3br�?~i4c cart no. 2 can 1-,b 23c can 2- b-45c can Low prices in judging Val. Quality a a a a a a Factor. Safeway expert buyer know Quality. They buy first for Quality then for Price. That a Why you Are alway ure of Fine food when you shop of Safeway. And As to prices Las Check the one. Listed below. They Ore typical the values you la find Day after Day at your neigh boyhood Safeway store. Stokely s Grapefruit nrod2r to Edc Aarn apricots so rude Quot 0r<�?T 15c Dainty mix apricots peeled 3 cans Tyr Long slice pineapple �b.5uw�r&Quot?n l5c Sun Sweet prunes Sun Sweet prunes jello Grapefruit juice Ned a my Dole pineapple juice a 10c cd a Tomato juice --7�?~ Edwards Coffee so Edwards Coffee vacuum packed Nob Hill Coffee Iris Coffee Black Tea 15e Green Tea 9 medium size olives Large size olives jumbo size olives cd a pickles a Sweet Ollie. 21-oz. Lar 25c Ole Margarine re Brand package 13c Peanut butter bfxjf7hv 18c jams or jellies Kraft cheese Philadelphia Cream cheese a a a a Quot 9c Mayonnaise n 23c "1 Quot 41c salad dressing Goff fax 20c 34c Honey maid grahams a 16c . Cookies15c naked Beans pork amp Beans Stokely s Lima Beans Cut Green Beans shoe Peg Corn avd0 Del Monte tomatoes Hemet Brand spinach every s w i Wal w sales tax will be added to tall Price on All taxable item. Del Monte or no 2i Stokely Orand eau your Chalco of Sll cod or Halvas. 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