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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - March 3, 1938, Arcadia, California Page two Arcadia daily i Rii Iune thursday March 3, 19h8 r to la Inge ast seems by John Hix further proof and Iresa Tho author indexing a stamped envelope for \8. Pat. Off. Published daily except sunday and Holiday at 104 n. First Avenue Arcadia California Arcadia publishing company a. Harold noon president and publisher entered As second class matter March 14, 1930, at the Post office at Arcadia California under the act of March 3, ie78. The Tribune was designated As a newspaper of general circulation by decree of court on the St to Day of May 1931. Member Arcadia chamber of Commerce Arcadia business menus association California newspaper publishers association Arcadia West Side association represented nationally by Fenger Hall co Ltd can Francisco los Angeles Seattle Chicago new York Boston. Copies of Hie daily Tribune and full information about Arcadia and surrounding markets May be obtained i rom any of these offices. Subscription Price single copy 5c Loc per week 40c per month. Phone 2131 for All departments. Advertising rates on application to to time to flu inv won the t pm econ Quot Tif Rne Cook _ own to. With i own Jam a against <00 Homen cook5/ Al cow of Treft Towe a Ianu Mthr 4\i Mem Emo mow Caping we Chiu Ano arson Tina met Cosec a wet wino m6�n7?na/ conservation week i Benjamin Franklin expressed its philosophy. President Roosevelt the first carried it out in a new Way. And today California carries it on the principle of Thrift a j plied not exclusively to the pennies which poor Richard i wisely counselled us to Harbor but to the goods which fill the Rich treasure House of our National resources. Because that wealth is highly perishable California Cele j Brates conservation week. March 7 to 14, to remind us j that Thrift Means safeguarding the Majestic stands of i californians Green Timberland the sweeping White arcs of j Benchland the tumultuous cascades of swirling Rivers and 1 waterfalls All of them sources of wealth or Carefree havens for the Fisherman Hunter camper and recreation seeker. But the conservation policy which the first Roosevelt energetically put into practice California has ably seconded i each and every citizen can be most proud of ii is stake in i the states $14,000,000 investment in our far Flung Park system of 300,000 acres which will preserve beyond the lifetime of anyone now living the grandeur of the redwoods and Sequoias More ancient than Egypt a famed pyramids. Conservation As opposed to Wanton or careless destruction is intelligent foresight. It is a common sense example of Thrift applied to perishable resources. The Success of that practical Many a philosophy can be seen not Only in conservation applied to forestland but to All resources the wonders of chem orgy conserving and transforming waste farm products the techniques of mass mar j partly that it is almost impossible keying through retail networks diligently conserving today a surplus of produce in readiness for tomorrows need. Conservation week in California Calls attention to the states vivid achievement Iii this Field. But let it also do a Challenge reminding us that conservation must not Only be preached. It must be practice a Wiick cae wifi Dum a am a a pm Emu met if chicle trought to 1hfc . By a exile it stator i Bird a ventriloquists. Nearly everyone has had the experience of walking through a Woods and hearing a Bird sing nearby yet not knowing just where tile sound comes from. This is because Birds Are natural ventriloquists and have the Power to diffuse their Quot voices so sex to locate them. The reason Tor this is simple Birds actually sing from the lower ends of the Trachea or Windpipe and the effect is a muted sound that seems to come i rom a distance. A Birds Larynx contains no to a of y 2 of by Eleanor Roosevelt new York City All interest thus get Back on a production basis ing idea has been brought to my at to me it seems Good business As Tention by a group of people in new Well As a help to the consumer and York City. They suggest that Man to the people engaged in produce fact users who Are overstocked at lion. The moment should sell their sur Carl cords they Are located in an plus merchandise at Cost and. In the Knight with the wooden 9 _ by Walter Lippmann in a time like this when so much is hidden when the policies of so Many states Are backed by sudden violence and Are meant to Surprise it is not easy to estimate confidently the consequence of an event like or. Antnony Edens resignation. But i see no reason As yet which compels us to take the desperately tragic View of it and to declare that it Marks the surrender of great Britain to All the Powers of darkness. On the contrary i can see Many persuasive reasons for thinking that or. Edens resignation is a Neces iary step in the education of the democratic Peoples and that it May prove to have been the Only Way in which these Peoples can be made to clarify their purposes in face of the dangers that beset them. For it is necessary to remember that though or. Eden sincerely believes in the principles of the league and of democratic resistance to the designs of the military dictatorships in fact his term of office has been marked by a series of humiliating surrenders and submissions. Between what or. Eden has wanted to do and what he has been compelled to do there has been a very great difference. It has been so great that for example miss Dorothy Thompson who hails him As Quot tile last Knight of Europe Quot was scolding him last week because he had assented to hit Ibex s coup in Austria. It cannot be a bad thing to liquidate a situation which Tan bring about such confusion in Public opinion which can cause the friends of democracy to look upon or. Eden As their Champion when he defines his principles my to feel betrayed when they look at uie record. The Crux of the matter it seems to me is that Ever since the ethiopian affair or. Eden has been in an impossible position. Instead of being the defender of the principles w a which he has been associated he Tutu been driven step by step to com promised which threaten to end in the Complete discredit of those principles. The reasons for this relent. At no moment since the d sue set out to apply sanctions to Italy has or. Eden been Able to make his principles effective by convincing Mussolini that great Britain was ready to fight. Yet nothing be had the Smalles Chance of impressing Mussolini. Great Britain Bas not been ready to fight for the principles that her for a in Secretary was proclaiming. Great Britain has not Felt herself to be wet enough armed she has not Felt sure enough of her allies. The British people have not had the wid to fight. And no one knew tills better limn Mussolini. Attiat being the Case the last Knight of Europe hts had to go Forth to fight the infidels Brandling a wooden a word. The 11ute of j4s. So Vul a Puhia incl of British foreign policy is due ii the last analysis to the fact that the democracies have wanted policies Tot which they were not prepared to pay the Price. Or. Eden has voiced the aspirations. But he has not con trolled their behaviour. They a been unwilling to admit that the adversaries of democracy Are ready to kill and to be killed in order to achieve their purposes and that As against men who Are in this mood. Enlargement of tire Windpipe known As the Syrinx. Thus Birds actually a speak from their stomachs a rather than from their throats. This is the True definition of ventriloquism the word deriving from two latin words Venter meaning stomach and liquor meaning speak. Of All the Birds the Chickadee is. Probably the Best ventriloquist. Barn doves also Are adept in disguising their voices. Everyone is familiar with the Beautiful penetrating Call of the Meadow Lurk glorified by poets. Winning loser. Turn the people who buy this merchandise f pm them should sell it to the Public at Cost. In this Way the purchasing Power of people wit i Small salaries would be increased. An manufacturers shelves would by cleared and the wheels of certain industries would begin to turn again in looking Over the studies which some economists had made. I was interested to see the regular cycles through which Many industries pass. A Good period a saturation period a bad period and then a new Start. Practically All industries apparently Over produce and then have to Stop. Bat the industries which make things which Are used Andrew Jackson in running for i up most quickly have of course the words moral attitudes economic president of the United states Iii i shortest period Between the Saturn threats and Blank cartridges Are altogether unavailing. What is More the democracies have not realized that to take the High moral attitude with the dictators when the dictators believe that it is a pious Bluff is the most dangerous of All courses which a government Canz Myrsue. For the High sentiments do not restrain the aggression and the constant yielding encourages it. It arouses the kind of contempt which Hitler displayed on sunday and in the end is almost certain to Lead to some incident where the government is trapped and compelled to fight anyway. Or. Edens resignation brings the democracies to a Point where they have to make up their minds to fish or Cut bait. If they Are going to stand by or. Edens principles then in the world As it now is they must convince themselves to begin with and then the dictators that at some definite Point they will stand and fight for those principles. In dealing with these Warrior statesmen the democracies must not delude themselves with the idea that there is any bloodless inexpensive Ani pleasant substitute for the willingness to go to War. Collective seem. Ity economic sanctions moral pressure can be made effective Only by nations known to be willing to go to War if necessary. Of that willingness to fight does not exist then or. Chamberlain is right when he concludes that he must try to make tolerable terms with the dictators. It is one thing or the other. It is far better so at least it seems to me for or Chamberlain to test out to the limit the possibility of a bargain with Italy and Germany i and to have or. He ? n the out Side of the bargain cannot be concluded or if the terms Are too severe and too dishonourable prepared for a return to Power with a real mandate from the British people. Fortunately great Britain is a democracy so that the terms of the j bargain will have to be submitted to popular debate. If they Are in any Way tolerable terms the Maine j Nance of peace will be Worth a heavy Price. If the terms Are intolerable then at last perhaps the democratic Peoples May decide that their heritage is Worth defending and they May set up governments that do not j have to brandish wooden swords. Then it May be we shall see an end to the proclamation of Noble principles just before and just after they have been in practice abandoned. , wits no York Bac. 1824. Had the misfortune to lose the election by polling More electoral votes than his opponents the difficulty was that he did not poll a majority getting but 99 votes to John q. Adams 84. W h. Crawford received 41 votes Henry Clay 37. The vote went to the House of representatives for a re election on february 9, 1835, and i Adams w on the votes of 13 states i and the election. Jackson won Only a seven states. Microscope eyes. I Sharp eyes and steady hand were i All or. Claude a. Southwell needed to write 12,191 words on an or i diary postal card with a Lead pen Cli. His first Effort in Micro writing was launched in 1882 when he i succeeded in getting 3003 words on a postal card. Then years later he tried it again got 4759 words Down. Inspired to do better he upped his record shortly there after to 12,191. Or. Southwell also has written the lords prayer Complete five time on a piece of paper tile size of a dime with Pencil using no magnification. Tion Point and the new starting Point. Because foodstuffs Are consumed so steadily they seem to keep farming the Only Large Industry which does not go through some kind of a Cycle like the above. However the Farmer is affected by other things. My friends who Are suggesting this new plan. Are trying to hurry the Cycle in certain industries and tin slogan they suggest for this Campaign is a people come be torn a Good slogan and a Wise Man knows that Only when you think of people first can you Ever make profits. My congratulations and Good wishes to those who Are j making this Effort. As Long As we Are thinking com-1 to racially today another interesting j punt has been brought to my attention. Tile country As a whole,1 partly because of radio and partly j because of . Art projects is becoming a a Art the added interest in music is showing itself in dollars and cents to the manufacturers of musical instruments. In 1937 the Public bought 106.009 pianos As contrasted to 27,000 in 1933. The Sale of piano accordions j has gone up greatly the guitar has j come Back to its own. And even band instruments show an increase in sales so education does pay commercially i never thought of this before. It is a Good Point to remember when we Are trying to gain greater j support for adult education and j the widening of horizons for Indi j visuals so that Lite May be More i Worth living. F us u Maywood along with a a a Good Many other institutions in this crazy town a Hollywood hotel has had some rather amazing and amusing experiences. Everyone s s ii o r t at times and Over the a ii i and faraway has a tendency to look Ever so much Greener. It Wasny to Long ago that the Homer Canfield a a hotel producers were tearing their hair and carrying on a frantic search for a m As Ter of ceremonies i h personality enough to knit the hour into a smooth flowing whole. It was Only natural i suppose to Overlook the programs cast and do a bit of flirting with some More or less big shot movie names. Adoiphe Menjou John Barrymore Douglas Fairbanks or. And George Murphy ran a lace to land the Job. While Agency a gigs were taking their time bout developing the negative your a Uncle Canfield s Hollywood office a Aas flooded with telegraphed tips reporting first one and then the Ither had the Job on ice. While All of this mad scramble for a Star was going on Ken Murray continued Labouring on die show with an axe hanging Over his head. As we prophesied the axe slipped and Ken Stooge Oswald and Quot mama that Many a Here again a Stuart were Cut off without a Penny. Murray and his gang of two found themselves on the out Ide looking in. Then along Carne some simple soul from somewhere with the idea of plunging Murray Back As emcee. Without another look at tile above contestants it was done. Just like that. And now it looks As if the boy is Riding the Drivers seat for some time to come. A simple solution to a vexing problem had been perching under their collective no. Is All that time. Quot the wheel of for Tine spins again. A round and hound and a round she goes where rile slops nobody in it it program Parade thursday romps across the line As one of the Choice evenings of the week to stay near tile old Percolator and fish the Ether for entertainment. After the poor Start made it is a Little surprising to find Quot Good news running Bing Crosby a show a lose second for top spot favor. Tile Devi try of Fanny Briceus Quot baby Snooks a the smart Learned music of Meredith Willson tile absent minded comedy of Frank Morgan the unexpected smooth Job As emcee Robert Taylor is turning in and the intelligent use of guest slurs have made this hour sound like the real thing when it porn out of your Loudspeaker. Earl Bande world famous a jockey and co owner of stagehand and Clem Mccarthy turf expert and announcer Are special guests. And the rest of the cast reads like a double feature. Our tip of the evening if you miss Meredith Willsone a arrangement of a Moon of Monak Oora a you la be sorry. And Connie Boswell a grand Little Singer at All limes will help sell Quot Good news Stock at a fancy dealing figure. Quot outside of Paradise Quot and a unique version of Doodle Are her songs. K f1, 6 j a a a whim Quot Good news entertains a americans town meeting of the air comes on it the half hour Mark to educate. The subject up i of discussion is timely and vital a dough to command our collective pm i a which Way gut of the races Are compiled from Dally report provided by station. We assume no responsibility Tor pm minute changes cd indicates Chain program t transcription l he stations Are listed by Quarter hour in respective positions on dial. Your dial an or v. A i a a a tonight 120 130 140 five p. M. Mtr old col a Haddie Paia i or. Fri Rudy Vallee s revue to i or Kmic Jayne Heldman Ltd ens ble u or n Kehe Stuart. Hamblen a gang i or. I Viti Jinx Best bets Kiev Bing Crosby recordings is or. Khz Ray Sinatra s Orch cd i or. Kew musical pro. No details t Knox woman a forum Martha Moore Fox top tune music t to 5 40 fac Christian science program Reca March of time or a c to or 5 15 fwd Cooner twins dramatic skit Knox Maurice a dance band singers fac a Robert Gordon Tenor Iii Plano "5 30 How in Wing s air adventures t Kew by musical pro. No details t Knox a giant or Ross Organ is vocal Fox 5 43 talk and music fac the a whoa Buie club Var Reca Barry Mckinley baritone c 1 45 Khz Little orphan Annie serial t Cwb the talking Drums serial to Knox a Boake Carter commentator Al Fox window chopping com Nui Reca Rochester orchestra c % or. Six p. M. Mtr radio newsreel Bud Ernst pm Good nows of 1938 c i or. Kehe news reports Khz a Jack Armstrong serial it a feb news reports Knox major Bowes amateurs c i or. Fox news a feb 6 10, vocalist fac news 6 10, Belt butterwort 6 15 mtr pictorial Parade comments Kehe musical programs t Var. Khz phantom Pilot dramatic serial Kew by resort reporter John Colbert Fox 6 23 varieties from Hollyw d fac aunt sue children s stories 6 30 mtr Calif pension plan Titi or. Khz sports comments Frank Bull 8 90�?kfi, Rudy Valley Keca March of Timm k45�?kuca, Rochester Palm urn it orchestra Knox. Bornite Carter cd id Kif. Good news of 1938 Robert Taylor emcee Earl Bande. Clem Mccarthy Constance a Nett Connie Boswell guests a Knox major Bowes 8 3#�? Keca America s town meeting a which Way out of the recession a a win Kif Bing Crosby music Hall Maureen o Sullivan Mischa Auer the foursome guests 1 18�?knx, National used car Exchange week Edsel Ford w. 8. Knudson and k. T. Keller speakers 8 15�?kfi, symphony hour 8 30�?knx. Kate Smith hour a 10 15�?knx, Art or con Versauia w 1 sports 1 0b�?knx, sports comment to Mart Kelly 7 3b�?kfwb, Santa Anita race it 9 45�?kmpc, the sportsman in Canady shortwave 7 80�?gsh 11.75london Quot great Bab entitle Ihm Overleaf tomorrow Wam Twute 7 45�?knx. Fiddle Albright 8 00�?khj, the merry makers 9 15�? Knox Edwin c. Hill 9 30�? Keca National farm a hour a feb musical programs t it or. 10 45�?knx, Hollywood in person Fox Hal Nichols bad pennies. Var 11 30�?knx, american school of tie fac Broadway Bill racing news 11 45�?khj, Ted Malone Keva americans town meet a c i or Moon aft Moon Khz intercollegiate debate a resolved that the president should immediately balance the budget 12 15�?Keca, California agriculture 12 30�?knx, questions before the Senate 12 45�? Knox let s play trains 1 00�? Knox Myrt is Marge 1 30�?kfi, Rush Hughes 1 45�?knx. Or. Allan Roy Dafoe 2 00�?Kehe, listen ladles a feb Hollywood matinee 2 15�?kfvd, radio poet club Redondo Beach poets 2 39�?knx. Through a woman a byte. 3 09�?Keca, education in a feb. Clover Kerr 6 45 Kehe radio Book club drama Kra news reports j. B. Hughes c a fact Westward to orchestra seven p. M. Mtr Ronicle Dell aria taint it or a fit Bing Crosby s music Hall c i or. Kehe Clifford e. Clinton speaker Khz a Hollywood serenade c it or. A feb Plano lesson commentator Knox sports comments Mark Kelly a Fox be is Zeb Rural sketch t it a adventures of Jimmie Allen t 7.15 Kehew strolling tora draw tic sketch a feb Salvatore Bant Aella a Orch. Knox a Nat i used car exch Geek. C woman a mingles Fox burning questions is answers fac Julian Oliver is Orch., g or. 7 36 mtr of the air. Var. Kehe pro. No details let Khz Henry Weber s revue c Var. Kew by Santa Anita races t Var Knox the Hollywood showcase >2 or. Fox Santa Anita of a we Tiva or i i a California safety Council talk 7 15 Kehew news reports fac dramas in literature Keca a Norman Parade chorus Orch eight p. M. Mtr Holly we gossip k. Laughton Kfir Amos a no Andy comedy Salt c Kehew musical programs t Var. Khz a Dick Tracy dramatic ser a t a feb California opera company Knox Scattergood Walnea serial Ltd Fox political talk no details a fact the county on review talk Kecan the land of the whatsit t 8 15 mtr program of recordings Kfir the symphony hour c i or. Khz a Carlton Kelsey conducts Var. Kew by the California Council talk Knox a Hollywood screen scoops c a Fox drama no details t a fact Broadway Bill racing news Kecan Elza Schallert a reviews c 8 30 pm try colonel Neblett speaker Kehew Phil Harris dance bd., Var. Kew by your los Angeles talk Var. Knox a rate Smiths revue c i or. A Fox Long Beach elks Lodge a fact program of recordings. Var. Kecan Jimmie onery a dance bd., Var 8 15 pm try property owners ass n pol i Khz a vie Arden s Orch. Is guest t a Fox musical programs t Var. Nine p. My pm try Cliff Burnell a dance band Kehew negro hour variety i or. Khz a news reports by Glenn Hardy Kew by Talent in exile variety Var. A fact Jack Dunn s dance bd., Var. Keca a Roger Pryor a band c Var. 9 15 pm try Maxle Rosenbloom s varieties Kfir Nat Brand Wynnes band c Khz a Bob Crosby s dance band c 9 30 pm try Chito Montoya s band. Var. A Ftp Captain Don Wilkie speaker pm pc news reports Khz a Ray Kyser a band c Var. Kew by news reports Knox a the camera Speaks Spiker t a Fox news reports a feb a fact philosophical talks Var. Air shortwave 3 15�?tpa4 25.6paris concert Kecan Garwood Van s dance band 9 40 Kmic sportsman John Canady kit dramatic program no details a feb musical pro. No details t Knox a hawaiian Moon Ray Hendrick a Fox Frank so runs dance band Kecan univ. Explorer Hale Sparks c ten p. M. Mtr kit Knox. Al pack news rep is pm pc Hollywood night letter is or. Kehew Tommy Tucker a band �?~,8 or. Khz a Joe Reichmanis dance by. In kf1 wbk Christian science Church a Fox Neal Glann Lnla a dance band Kecan program of recordings. I or. 10 15 pm try Jack Patton commentator a Ftp Carl Ravazza a dance band c Khz a Ozzie Nelsons dance band Kew by Eddie Bush a dance by. I or. Knox a Art of conversation c it or. A Fox Eddie Bush a by a feb ii or a fact Lea Hites dance band 10 30 kit Rry Chato Montoya s dance band Kfir Jack Winston s band c i or. Pm pc Merle Carlson s band v4jhr. Khz a news reports Kehew Lee Parker a dance Deal measures Howard Bruce banker industrialist of Baltimore opposes the administration s Busi Sci. Claude Pepper of Florida Ness policies. Keca 6 30 ii take the stage to defend new copyright. 1928, Homer Canfield a fact program recordings a Alto 10 45 pm try Maxle Rosenbloom s varieties Kehew Max Cochrane a dance band Khz a Everett Hoagland s dance by e Kew by Henry Rosenthals band it or Knox a Phil Harris dance band is or. A Fox a. Rosenthal a feb i or. Eleven p. M. Pm try Cliff Burnell s dance band Kfir Eddie Duchins band c i or. Kehew news reports Khz a Ozzle Nelsons dance bd., Var. Kecan Haven of rest c i or. 11 15 pm try Balalaika orchestra i or. Pm pc Merle Carlson a dance band Kehew George Redmanis band. I or. Kew by Aniwa boys hawaiians Var. Knox a Larry Kent a band c i or. A Fox hawaiians a feb Var. 11 30 Kfir Archie Loveland pc off 12-0 pm pc Ted fio Ritow a dance bd., i or Khz a Jan Garbers dance band. Var. Kecan Organ c off 12 to 7 a. A 11 45 pm try records off 12 00-5a Kehew Max Cochrane off 12-6 a. In Kew by news reports Knox Black Chapel ghost stories a Fox news a feb. La 55. Music t Midnight Khz a music sign off i to 0 a. In a feb musical programs off to Knox a news 12 15. By. Off 12 45-0 the Captain and the kids by Rudolph Dirks Joe Paloska two a new crop a r Poh tans outs i of by Ham Fisher

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