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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - March 1, 1938, Arcadia, California I Page two Arcadia daily Tribune tuesday March i 19jir App Mim put published daily except sunday and holidays at 104 n. First Avenue Arcadia California Arcadia publishing company a. Harold noon president and publisher entered As second class matter March 14, 1930, at the Post office at Arcadia California under the act of March 3, 1879. I strange As it seems by John Hix Ter further proof address the author enclosing a stamped envelope for reply. Firs. V. S. off. Tile Tribune was designated As a newspaper of general circulation by decree of court on Hie Atli Day of May 1931 pit to Kan Clint Nunz a Mimi for predict enc is a t Ohli Kab Elt clo join j a Hiam rnnum&6r cd member Arcadia chamber of Commerce Arcadia business men s association California newspaper publishers association Arcadia West Side association a for it winnin6 can la Fate in w Cne it?,?./ to Sod 9 no us Rex to til Olly Woore i a Tsoi a Quot Good news la v n r Kaiv uce on As no a Cid it programs ate compiled from Dally report provided of Ablations. We Rastinis to Iest&Gttiii-1t>iiiiv rot Minnie changes c indicates Chain program t us a set i i iou. The stat toe ire listed by Quarter hour in re pee tire positions of dial. Rot of a Ftp a a a a a represented nationally by Fenger Nall co. Ltd f an Francisco Las Angeles Seattle Chicago new York Boston copies of the daiy Tribune and full information about Arcadia and surrounding markets May be obtained from any of these of fives. Subscription Price single copy 5c 10c per week 40c per month. Phone 2131 for All departments. Advertising rates on application Ulm plan wet of political asininity the latest piece of anti consumer legislation to be drafted in Washington is the Patman Federal Chain store excise tax proposal. Patterned after legislation of similar nature that has time and again come before state Legisla j Tures the Patman Bill touches a new High in the current 1 trend toward soaking the consumer. The Patman measure would Levy an excise tax upon the units of Chain store systems beginning with a tax of $50 i per store on Chain stores in excess of to stores and rang j ing upward to $1,000 per store for each store in excess of i 500, j this is another Sample of asininity that prolongs de i press ions raises the Cost of living and hampers legitimate private Enterprise. It is a punitive attack on Mere a a bigness with no sincere thought of curbing monopoly a if or where monopoly exists. It is an attack on efficiency and offers a protective shield for the inefficient. If a Man works and saves and through sheer ingenuity and efficient management Success in building his business to a Point where he serves the Public a Little bit better than does his competitor such Laws As the Patman proposal immediately seek to destroy him is this furthering the general welfare does it help the under privileged the a Oil Clad ill housed ill clothed a or anyone else to Levy a punitive class tax on the distributors of the necessities of life such a proposal for destructive class taxation seems inconceivable except for the direct purpose of destroying the Chain stores. Is business destroying legislation of any kind either honest or in the Public interest splane folic 0y air her fwd Nam i ohm Wrigh Saety in amp a off under p0w although Maxim Mea to in of of the a Rompf weighing of tons Amo with a in fool Wing apr Ftp _ of was the Horly largest Phr pime Fox to pm i lash ii a Hon. hard \ put into few min tonight f. T t w to 70 an too 120 130 140 Horner Canfield go Over her part. I n a mom or those utes. W e in essay night the was rushed to rehear at tile Al Cam an theater on Hollywood Boulevard i i t in my a to aft a trying the the recoil again then let wort to j several time a recording i was made. Miss or Merlh ened to i the play Back with Chile like in i Lens y. Then she amaze ii every i one by saying j n t ii wonder >1. Ord. I mean. Pies so i May study my j i my rein ase it a me More and Mala 1 Aill r njord n it How i clan finite poll Bing l c it. A \ i. Ii. An., Mal ill Mere ii. T i i i a Only to i ii a its a now lets re or he said a but to a Ana Iller record n a with i and cup cd i have time for d o producers d Ley moment had b n such a next. T j c the actress Chinto take a tit. No Yaj i Ness to achieve 1 re to Cern a had done it Nous ii Ani evening. With in a piled to by. He Ere de critical a More making a Sand-1 did no to five i. Xvi. Kwh Iti Jin Mil a 8 idyll pain i or. Al i la it a a it Loe Tser Lali c a. Impi Paul richard., is Esno ble 1\ or Kehe Stuart Hamblen s gang. I or. Kiev Bing Cid by recordings >4 or. Kiu musical programs it to or. Of vib musical Pio. To details it Knox woman s forum Martha Moore i of musical programs to 40 min. Fac dirty in Tsei enc program Kuca Vest pocket variety c it or. She a feb Cooper twins cd a the serial m mice s dance of. Biltmore Lac program of recordings 9 30 Khz Wayne Kings Orch c Var. Kiu Kowie wings air adventure t a feb musical fro. No details to Knox headlines on Parade news k Fox 5 40 talk and music t fac rile Quot whoa Bill Quot club. >2 or. Al Ca edit. Period Jose Rodriguez 9 45 Kiu Little Oil Annie serial t let 1 we Rue puking Drums Iser Lai it Knox by sic Carter commentator c Knox window amp Hopp g comments Kuca Cha Sonette of vocal Orch c six p. M. A mtg news it ports Bud Ernst Khz my. Be lunges brigade c Var or ii news reports Kiu Jet. K Anna Trong dra tic ser l t a feb Newt repo i Knox Silhouette Loneatra is vocal of of news a feb6 to. Vocalist fac news 6 to. Bert butterwort Keo a beaux arts Trio c or. 6 13 mtr program of recordings Kehli musical programs t bes bets tonight 5 00�? Fri those we Loa 5 30�?kf, Wayne King 5 49�?knx, Boake t Arter 6 00�?kfi, Horace yield to a brigadier 6 30�?kfi, Hollywood Mardi Liras Lan Ney Ross and Walter o Keefe final broadcast i Knox Jack Bakie of Merkel guest 7 00�?knx, Lenny Goodman to Kiu Eddie ductile a 7 30�?kfi, Jim Nile Feldler Knox ailing All car7 45�?kei, Dale Carnegie 8 00�?kfwb, Inglewood Park Coort 8 30�?kfi, Johnny presents Knox Al Jolson Maut Uund my guest 9 00�? Kif death Valley Days Knox Al Pearce 9 30�?kfi, Hood morning tonight Knox big town starring Edward to. Robinson a Claire Trevor new time 9 45�?kec a University explorer 11 00�?knx, Mardi bras Lone e. Brown Emeer sports 7 30�? a feb Santa Anglia race t 9 30�?Kehe, olympic auditorium fights i we carnage is. Lou Neva shortwave 7 50�?usd 11.75speaks fond own Imp in in lip to this it \ i dyed at lion i rom e the heart i or a willing i i. He pro a i that she a using for ,4 or. Khi phantom Pilot dramatic serial tomorrow of a feb musical pro no details let a Wal fat Knox Harriet Wilson a singing strings k Fox 6 25 a Holly Wood gossip fac aunt sue children s stories 6 30 mtr Calif. Pension plan t $4 or. Kl-1 Hollywood Mardi gras c i or. Kiu sports comments Frank Bull a feb symphonic serenade Tor. Knox Jaik Oakle College c or. K Fox in i Nichols bad pennies. Y2 or . A fact Broadway Bill racing news 1 a St Over tit tit flt 7 45�?knx, Riddle Albright 4�?Kiu, the merry makers. A feb los Angeles Hwi Hlll club 9 15�?knx, Edwin c. Hiu 9 30�?reca, National fans a hmm hour 10 45�?knx, Hollywood in person Reca colossus of the air Sierra Madre news Petite Salon group present supper program Matthias Mahn George Miller concert pianist presented the Petite Salon group of los Angeles at sunday evenings supper program at Wistaria Vine gardens. An audience which filled both the main Garden room Matthias Malin 85, father of mrs. John Hippert of Sierra Madre passed away at mrs. Hippert a Resi Donee sunday afternoon feb. 17. Or. Mahn came to Sierra Madre j from Pittsburgh. Pa., last october i accompanying mrs. Hippert when she returned from a visit to her former Home. The remains will be shipped to Pittsburgh for interment in the family burial plot. During his Short an ingenious Yankee was Hiram Stevens Maxim born in Sangerville Maine in 1840. Maxims inventions and gifts to science too numerous to mention Here were j confined not to any one Field. I one of his greatest claims to Fame j is the Maxim gun. The first repeat ing Rifle Ever known. Because of alleged unfair treatment of this and other inventions of his by american government. Maxim forsook the United states to become a naturalized British subject. Maxims interests turned to aviation in the latter part of the nineteenth Century. Ten years before the Wright Brothers first managed to lilt an air plane from the ground in successful powered flight. Maxim. Strange As it seems hurled a tour ton steam powered air plane through the air in actual self sustained flight Hiram Maxim was famed for his improvements in steam engines and it is noteworthy that he was the first Man to build one into an air plane. The engine he constructed was capable of developing 360 horsepower sufficient to raise the 8.000-Pound Craft from the air. Yet Maxim a cautious scientific general Hugh Johnson says copyright 1938, by United press Syndicate inc. Reproduction in whole or part forbidden. All rights reserved Washington d. you remember the Sweet unanimity Over Congress and the country on january 1st, 1937. Tile condition today seems incredible. Yet on july 15th of last year i wrote a piece in this place that sent me to tile siberian Salt mines of administration Disfavour the courts the Congress and the president. That destruction of Ideal and esteem is the deadliest of All this deathly business. A a Relief policy but the heart sickens in the telling and this is not one tenth of the tale. Unbelievable Nightmare if it were not before or dinner sleep a he to a child. Our eyes we would say a a stand off and look Over what a Why in the name of heaven has happened in Washington re it wily because one Man govern a go on Home Rand get a it i d Iii ii told her As ii i Kin a a Lucre will be i my of time to Mon Xii of Moon a rehearse and make More re cd Jln although i d Dnn to go Back for tile dress ruin. Is i j ii urday i know Exa Aly what in owned right up to Tho moment do d news int the air flu we Riller re 1 r cd and then Reb aired some in re. Ii More of the big time performers would follow i s Rainery so m i a and a Little More lion in Quot Abt in what they g in a to to it Ai j How a11 a Jim Valentine c or. 6 45 Kehe the magic Inland serial t Kra a news reports j. B. Hughes c fac Westward to orchestras seven p. M. Mtr corriere Del aria 4 or. Al he Clifford e Clinton speaker Mem a a a a a n a a Khz a Eddy duchy no a band in in. Or a a British symphony Toa cwt Johnson guest 11 30�?knx, american school of Tho Kiel 11 45�? Krc a Western farm a Homo hour Khz Between us Boohoo a with. A Ted Malone v afternoon Eddy duchy no a band c for. A feb musical pro. No details t Knox a Benny Goodman s by. C it a or. Fox web amp Zeb Rural sketch t a fact Jimmy Allens adventures let Abc Jamboree c i or. Keca Kehe a pub Fox fac in they in in re menu. To do it in y tin it cd i if the in. Iet. Old in i on the listen. A d of toe i Lect guest niely Pur Reafer dec s dealing gently. A do you see what i see a or a there ainu to no such an overwhelmingly victorious party furiously disembowel ing itself on the Senate floor a Slicker legislative program that took a Century and a half and five wars to make and to ment won t work no matter How inspired and Brilliant the Man. e great government requires a team of great leaders and not one Genius surrounded by a pack of second rate there was More but that give program Parade notes a i a ii e do it so cunningly that tile country the general idea. I was told it Wasny to would t realize it until it was Over j True and that it was Rotten writing a that program presented with no and banished into the outer dark. Counsel with legislative leaders who j Well it was and still is True. Except were to enact it that program i for the agricultural Bill which was now that c i. In been Given a How chubs out it i i of Hlls to sound ilk i tile r int re bin Iona ii a in and Pihi it thing jabs a i and ii void no r if someone c j i. Oakie on die air n 22. On e has def sack the he cell a and he Cal tiling s of Stellar Mains have i the Lunny stir prise this be along to after and the recently completed picture gallery were enthusiastic in their resin ence in Sierra Madre or. Mahn Praise of the numbers Given. I has made Many friends who. Wished to take no fool those appearing were Roberta i sympathize with his daughter in her Hughes Soprano Clyde Campbell i to amps Tenor May to Palm Era Danseuse former Ballerina of the metropolitan opera company Howard Clark Francisza Mcarthur violinist and James March baritone. Open program miss Hughes and or. Campbell opened the program with an aria froom a la Boheme a following which i City planning commission is named by Council Hardy chances on his new venture. Accordingly his Craft was weighted Down and a Long Timber Guardrail wits built above it so that should it Rise from the ground prepared secretly by unelected irresponsible theorists without consulting experience at any Point that program dictated to legislative wheel horses and they ruthlessly herded by hard Riding annually forced by its Promise of rap to the embattled Farmers that program is still Hung up and there ii incipient or open revolt not Only against its original form but against additions to it like the anti Lynch ony Mous Young political cowboys i ing Bill the battleship Bill and the to Force it regardless of their Prin i plan to preserve most of the pres Caples or beliefs. I ent tax Structure. A it m Rul d mimic. Won the tin which has be ii by Many times Cly overlooked when on 1<> Tho a Lull t a is the Par i ii in playing role Ani Una Merkel guest to be Portland d ii Rmer Allen but to play himself. Cil Ironia is sending 12,000,000 at a special meeting held in the miss Palmera gave a turkish Street j Assembly room of City Hall Mon girl dance. To the regret of the i Day evening feb. 28, the Council-1 from the ground audience the Danseuse complied i men present voted to ratify mayor in 194 Liat Day arrived a the real purpose of the program promptly exposed to its mar tracks it would not reach a danger j 9ow-bones�?shown to be so bad i More pounds of English walnuts to ephs height. That it had to be made Over in a time and again Maxim piloted j slap dash panic that leaves it just the air plane Down the sloping run i a wreck of useless Odds and ends Way checking each detail and not a paralysis of legislative action for six ing the ships action under motion i months a fierce mud slinging from Eastern markets than last year. The crop is one of the largest on record. So that he would know what to expect if it should happen to Rise All sides that weakens and hurts the respect of All people for our government in All three branches the the Iraq governments has ordered a Fleet of British made motor coaches to inaugurate bus service across the syrian desert. Of Dor Bein Dis was com he w s brr a it a i Ltd Tor mkt i i a Quot o on hard a Lionel so ? Knox a car Florence Rice my a contract player and her father Grantland i lice Are Al guests. Lovely to hear she id be Victor Young s arts gement of a a a can to give you anything but love and if we e n sit through Martha my s silly chatter Well eagerly ii in to h a singing of �?othat.-. What a Rumba does to roman re. Knox 8 "0 copyright uss h or Milfeld Jamboree 7 15 strolling Tom dramatic Serl Salvatore Santaella a Orch. Burning questions amp answers Ernest Ball and hawaiians 7 30 mtr editor of the air. It 2 or. Kei movie news Jimmie Feldler c Kehe musical fro no details t Khz symphonic strings c >2 or. Kew Santa Anita races t it Ltd or. Knox calling All cars drama a or. Fox Santa Anita it a feb a a or fac mrs. Cd. W Ballard speaker 7 45 Kif Dale Carnegie. Speaker 04 Kehe news reports fac Lino Severius orchestra Kight p. M. Mtr mexican Catholic hour i or. Kfir Amas a no Andy comedy skit c Kehe sport review to details Khz Dick Tracy dramatic serial t a feb Inglewood hark conc to. Y2 or. Knox a Scattergood Baines draw la ser i Knox Ingle we a conc to a feb�2 or fac 2.0 years ago today come its Keca the land of the whatsit t 8 15 Kif vocal varieties 14 voices c Kehe Mildred Lowe is orchestra t Khz famous Poi tunes drama c Knox a Hollywood screen scoops in a fact Broadway Bill racing news Keo a hang Thompsons dance by c 8 30 Kif Johnny presents c Var. Kehew Lee Parker dance band Kius Jimmy Dorsey a dance by. C a feb heartbeats of the City t Knox a Ai Jolson s show c Var. A Fox musical program t i or. Fac brio sevits orchestra Keca Henry busses band c v2 or. 8.45 Kehe Josephine Herntz Geritz talk Khz vie ardent a Orch. Is guests t a feb american legion news talk fac Loyola University program nine p. M. Mtr Cliff Burnell a dance band Kif death Valley Days c u or. Kehe Phil Harris dance band. >5 or. Khz a news reports by Glen Hardy a feb vocal Samloff v2 or Knox a Al Pearcy amp gang c .2 or. Dunn a dance bd., Var. Keck a preview tonight drama2 or 0 15 mtr Maxle Rosenbloom varieties Khz a Bob Crosby s dance band c 9 30 mtr a Chito Montoya s band v2 or. Kif Good morning Tontle c Var. Kehew olympic Aud fights. In hrs. Khz i Ham Jones band c \2 or. A feb a news reports Knox big town drama c Var. Fox news reports a feb fac youth pie v night drama 9 45 pm pc news reports Var. 1 00�?knx, Myrt and Marge 1j4�?Keca, National Congem it parents and teachers Kif Rush Hughes commentator 1 45�?knx, or. Allan Roy Dafoe 2 00�?Kehe, listen ladles a feb Hollywood matinee 3 00�?Keca, our american school 3 30�?kfi, woman a Magazine 3 45�? Kmic Ruth Eleanor Mckee interviewed sports 3 05�?knx, National summary in Tennis Recap Carvel Craig a dance band to a feb Moon Over Africa serial t a Fox musical pro. No details t a fact musical pro. No details t Kecan univ y explorer by spark Fyten p. We mtr Kif. Knox a fact new rep a Kmic Hollyw a note letter Var. Khz a Johnny Long dance band c Kew by Christian science Church a Fox Neal of amp in Lnla a dance band Kecan program of recording i or. 10 15 mtr Jack Patton commentator Fri Jimmy Vandveer interviews Khz a Ozzle Nelsons dance band of a wbk Eddie Bush a dance bd., Var Knox a what would you do c a Fehr. A Fox de Bush a by. A feb by. Of a act Les Hites dance band 10 30 pm try Chato Montoya a dance band Kfir Jimmie Grieras dance bd., Var. Khz a news reports of a act program recordings All night 10 45 pm try Maxle Rosenbloom varieties pm pc Friendly voice speaker. Var. Reme Goldman a dance band t Khz a Jack Betzner a dance band c a feb Harry Rosenthals bd., Var. Knox a Phil Harris dance band a Fox a. Rosenthal a feb Var. Eleven p. M. Mtr Cliff Burnell a dance band Kfir Jack Winston a band c Var. Kehew news report Khz a Jan Garber s dance by Var. Knox a Mardi oras lace bail c >/2 or. Kecan Haven of rest music >2 or. La 15 pm try Balalaika russian Orch., Var. Kehew George Redmanis band Var. Kew by Aniwa boys hawaiians Var a Fox hawaiians a feb Var. 11 30 kit dance band c off 12 to 7 a. Riv pm pc Ted fio Alto s band. Var Khz a Ozzle Nelsons dance bd., to or. Knox Larry Kent a dance by Var. Kecan Organ conc to off 12-7 a. In 11 45 mtr records off 12 00 to 6 a. A Kehew Max Cochrane off 12-6 a. In Kew by news reports Fox news a feb 11 55 music v Midnight Khz a records sign off i to 6 a. A Kew by music sign off 1-6 a. In Knox a news 12 15, music Oft. I to 8 with the rigid Rule of a no encores h. Reavish appointments to the giant machine stood atop the run-1 ths1 i a it a Chi amt tuc1 of hic which the group invariably observes City planning commission. I Way its wings spreading 104 feet i i la is Clyde Campbell followed with a group of songs a a Tell me tonight a Spoliansky Quot Green Light prom the those designated and the terms i like a giant Condor. Maxim and i each will serve Are As follows j two assistants stepped to their mrs. Sallie Osgood. I year or places. The engine was warmed by Rudolph Dirks Moon George Miller and a Home j j. L. Woehler i year miss Thomas i with a Roar the two 17-poet pro in the Range a Guion Francisza Mcarthur was heard in Eli Graham 2 years r. E. Wright Sellors beat the air. From their 2 years r c. , 3 years Thorn j positions behind the steam boiler a Fine leading of the meditation j ton m Carson 4 years. Acting for Maxim and his assistants waved to from thais the Liebes Leid by j the City Council As special Mem i a watching crowd and the air plane Kreisler and the Quot Sicilano anthers of the planning commission i started off Dow a Brigadoon Quot by Francoeur Kreisler. J will be City Engineer Samuel Ora Clark soloist 1 Ham City attorney Walter Dunn Howard Clark was the next Solo a and City business Quot manager a. S is singing Fryml s Quot i want the Myers. World to know a and a out of the dusk to you a by Lee with violin obbligato by Francesca Mcarthur. A the Lotus eater was miss pal Mera s next dance in which the Ballerina won an ovation for the Beautiful interpret Lon presented. Tile newly appointed commission will meet in the near future to hold hearings on the question of City zoning to decide such other matters As come within tile jurisdiction of the planning commission in the track. Gaining Speed her throttle Widi open the machine suddenly Liftee from the ground. The crowd cheered. Up it Rose then wit a sprint ering crash it struck the top guard rail. Frightened Maxim shut off the throttle and his colossus crash to Earth. The Parent teachers association John Van Dot be Manning who has and the Kiwan ians recently pro-1 Given the newly formed Garden video funds for a dental clinic for dub of Sierra Madre Many who Are unable to afford suggestions is to speak before private care. The clinic was held at Pasadena horticultural society Joe Paloska v by Ham Fisher the school and 120 defects were Friday evening March 4 at 8 of p discovered and cared for. The congregational Church breakfast club will meet sunday. March 5. At 8 30 a. In. Claude Allen is int 35 eat Union Street. Mrs. Al s Myers was a guest Friday Atte noon at the reciprocity. Tea Given by the woman scrub of chairman of the affair and Reserve Aliena Lions May be telephoned him at 132-8. A mrs. E l. Harkness West Sierra remember that thursday March Madre Boulevard has been enter-3. U the last Day of registration j taming mrs. B b. Nichol and of Yow name is not pm the voters j daughter miss Helen Nichol of j lists by that time you cannot vote Victoria b. C., for several weeks. It in the municipal elections on april her guests Are leaving shortly for i 12, _ their Home in the North. J
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