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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - June 24, 1938, Arcadia, California I Hyrc six Arcadia daily Tribune Friday june 24, 1938 summer permanents Al the curls you want of up Roux touch up of up facials .35 up manicures .25 student work Filbin Beauty College geologists arc i e in sons Palo Alto. Cal up it a palaeontologists and Iso Logi gets have a remarkable latitude in which to disagree. N l. Taliaferro of the University of California argues j that recent researches place the creating of the san Andears fault if California one of the greatest Earth rifts in the world at about one million years ago other an Thor it less Placid it at 55.000,000 years ago. Little stories by Ella s. White it is some time since i have written in this diary but have not been Well As usual and a bit Lazy. Am better now and so All enjoy a Little work on a a father a Day Quot i wanted to write about my father but could Only in and think of him and what biting dogs Rouse postmen Arcadia deep sea fishermen i san Jose. Cal. It up it a postmaster Joseph Chargin jr., insists something must be done about the problem of mail carriers being bitten by dogs As the danger is on the increase. In to years 23 local carriers were bitten. In 1936 and 1937 there were to casts five each year one Carrier has been bitten six times. Beautiful thoughts came to me w i wonder sometimes if Many Good we enjoyed our morning play before a at 2-4825 135 n. Garfield Alhambra giant malts thick ii in Rich 1 the Best you Ever tasted milk raw or pasteurized la c gallon. Ouk. One half gallon 16c quart. 10c Rose Meadow stores 2157 e. Las Tunas or. Temple City Why buy new furniture we can recover your old set like new without placing a Burden on yourself any 2-piece set upholstered to co including fabric and labor. Estimates Given free in your Home use our new budget plan Eastern upholstering shop 1128 West main St. Alhambra phone at 2-5502 fathers Are not granted Quot a As it work and sacrifice Iren old enough to understand too often go without the words of appreciation that warm the heart and make Effort seem Worth while. All thoughtless we Are All thoughtless and so Apt to omit the word of Praise so easy to give. My Mother died when i was a tiny lad. Too Young to know. I have a brother three years older who could remember Lier slightly. A Sweet picture of her always Tood on the mantel and another As a Bride Hung in my father s room father so often talked to us about our Kotlier and with the pictures she seemed very real to Stanley and me. Sometimes he would say to us Quot your Mother like you to do that boys a or. Quot Mother would i feel badly to see you quarrelling Quot and no other reprimand was necessary. Faithful to Trust the Burden of our care in addition to his business must have been heavy but How faithful he was to his Trust. Every detail of our daily care was fully studied. He trusted us with no one not thoroughly reliable. Our bed was beside his and How just Quot taken for it were dressed if we were ailing. Were and hardier was awake to cure Tor us. Made for Chil could understand How Well i remember when we both had measles and the room had to be darkened to protect our eyes. Stanley Wys old enough to understand and keep reasonably quiet but i guess i was a problem to the patient nurse who cared for us. I wonder if she did no to almost wish me f cd enough to lie still. Every minute father could spare from the Oft ice he was with us and i think the stories he told us would make quite a volume. Often he would be so tired he would fall asleep in the Middle of an exciting Law to its finest extent. Story then an eager voice would say Quot what happened next daddy a advised of licenses deep sea fishing fans of Arcadia today were interested in orders issued to captains of All patrol boats of the state fish and game commission by commander Harry Groat commanding officer of that organisation. Included in the order were instructions to begin closer inspection of sport fishing boats As Well As Ping an Eye out for transgressions of the Law by commercial fish Treen. Need licenses in explaining his order. Croat fluted that Quot much publicity Lias been Given out concerning the necessity for the sport Fisherman to obtain a License permitting him to fish forthe Gam Ltd fish in our Waters and j while on the whole this Law is being 1 favourably received by the majority 1 of anglers there Are still Many who have not procured the necessary i permit. Quot numerous citations have been is i sued to those found fishing without a License and our men have been it ordered to continue to enforce the i Faufau to t us Joy a Hollywood As far jus this dealer is concerned the Tim and Lone show is right up there with the Best of the comedy offerings. Last weeks edition was a laugh from Start to finish with some swell Hie following program Are compiled from Dally reports provided by la broadcasters. We ass mile no few last minute change ast their Pori you Ajjia it. If tonight finn m f f the of full to 70 80 90 too 110 120 130 140 Wise counsel As we grew up he worked with us and played with us and gave us Wise counsel always. My brother married rather Young and went to a Home of his own but i stayed with father working with him in his office until his sudden death when i was Twenty five. Is it strange that Quot fathers Day Quot Means a great Deal to me i could not stand beside his grave with my tribute of Flowers for he sleeps far away beside my Mother but i am offering a greater tribute to his memory my deepest love and gratitude. Sale of gasoline in state drops during May Sacramento june 24---gasoline Sevres throughout California took a substantial drop during May the state Board of equalization reported today. The gasoline tax for last month amounted to $4.296,311.55. Or 8.24 per cent below the $4,635,695.55 assessed for the same month of 1937. The loss was approximately the same when last months figures was compared with april of this year when a total of $4,632.-373.50 was assessed in gasoline taxes. The Story of of and a d a a n of and and wanted to go into business for themselves. They decided to open retail stores. But they had different ideas As to How they should get customers. This is the Story of what happened. And the 2 stores How of and and opened their stores of believed that the Way to get customers was to sell at Low prices and that the Way to sell at Low prices was to keep his expenses Down. So he spent As Little As possible in fixing up his store. Me said he was not going to a a waste Money on a trick lighting and a a fancy front. He bought Large quantities of a jew lines it merchandise because that Way he got them cheaper. Then he put an assortment of his goods into the windows hut because he had done so Little to Anake his store attractive jew people noticed that it was a new store and jew came in to buy. A Sii sad decided that the first thing he must do was to make his store attractive to customers. So he had it painted throughout Iii cheerful colors. He completely changed the windows and front and he put in fixtures that flooded the whole store with Light. He chose merchandise Well known by name to the Public and bought smaller quantities of Many lines thus giving customers a greater selection. He arranged his Stock in the store to make shopping convenient. He put in window displays of his most interesting merchandise and changed them frequently. Because his windows and his store were so attractive Many people stopped to look and enough people came in to buy so that ads goods sold quickly and he was soon ordering More of Many items. Homer Canfield Fredda Gibson music being tossed in by George Olsen a orchestra Fredda Gibson a singing and the Golden Gate quartet. And Teddy bergmans a Uncle Happy is a standout As a cleanly Cut comedy characterization. Like Jack Benny Joe Penner and the other top notch air funnyman who give pre broadcast talks to their studio audience to put them at ease and in the Light mood for the fun to come Tim and Irene stage a similar routine. One of times pet tricks is to be addressing tile audience and suddenly have Teddy Bergman appear garbed in a White jacket carrying a Basket of peanuts and fruit. I Eddy marches up and Down the aisles shouting a peanuts cigarettes Candy and chewing gum a Tim then Calls Bergman Over to the microphones to chastise him. A Well a Fellows gotta earn a living a replies Bergman. Quot a living a How much cd you earn at this a Quot of sometimes seventy five sometimes eighty five a Quot yeah a says Tim As he takes the Busket from Teddy. A peanuts cigarettes Candy and Chew ing gum a it never fails to get the audience in a laughing mood. And the spirit of fun seems to hang on and find its Way into the Homes of dealers. Of you Haven t already made a habit of this show you might do so tonight. You la find Tim and Irene on Kei at 8 30. Hotel fades for the first time since it hit the air Lour years ago a Hollywood hotel Quot goes vacationing after tonight edition and will be away until september 2. Fittingly enough the movie pre hearing is Quot always goodbye a with Barbara Stanwyck and Herbert Marshall. Knox 5 00 Frank Parker will take in Hawaii. Or. And mrs. Raymond Paige will Board a train saturday for Detroit where they will pick up a new car and motor through the new England states which is something your Uncle Canfield a ravings about Eastern Countryside brought on. Paige while in new York will decide on several concert engagements. Ken Murray treks to London for an engagement at the famed palladium. Frances Langford and five p. W. Mtr cowboys in a Bra. Kit gone Ai Glenn. Kit Kmic Carl Lebbert Kehew Btu Hamblen i or Khz j Bob Crosby or of who Ranger it or. Knox a Hollyw a hotel i or a fact Christian science Reca de Swarthout Var �?5 15�? kit talk 5 20. Ricardo pm pc answer machine fac radio news revues �?5 30�? a fit know your schools pm pc Vagabond or Khz a the coach speaker Kpor Mountain music a fact whoa Bill Vohr. Recap spelling Bee Yahr. �?5 45�? Fri a government service Kius orphan Annie skit of we resort reporter six p. M. A fit first Nighter Var. Kehew news reports Khz Popeye serial Kew by news report Knox Amer. Viewpoint a fact Newn reports 6 10, Bert Butterworth Recap Nightmare Var. �?6 15�? pm pc news reports Kehew Blue room music Khz a the phantom Pilot Kew by Crimson Trail Knox a hoi i Ace Shaw band a fact musical program �?6 30�? pm try pension plan to or Fri. Khz Knox president Roosevelt Var. Kmic night letter or Kehe sports review a feb Tex. Rangers Var a fact Unity viewpoint Recap recordings Var �?6 45�? Kehew the magic Island a fact aunt sues Story seven p. M. Pm try musical Var. Fri a Amos in Andy Kehe Clifford e Clinton Khz or. A. Poly Zoldos a feb Ingle we drive Var Knox a Scattergood Baines Allen serial Recap sons of Lone Star �?7 15�? kit Uncle err program Kehe strolling Tom ser a Khz Emanuel seilers cd Knox a Linn at Abner serial fac fishing farts talk Kuca student federate a �?7 30�? i mtr Spanish pro. Var a fit Park concert if or Kehe news reports Khz a Lone Ranger Var. A feb pension Var. Knox a a Whiteman Var fac mrs g w Ballard Recap a. Osborne it or �?7 45�? Kehe Bernie karts Bend a fact Olno sevens ens Kight i. M. Mtr recorded program Fri death Valley Var. Kehe Alee club Var Kra Neutral thou Var. A feb musical program Knox secret Abl to no or fac Johnny Murray Reca Progress March �?8 15�? mtr studio Chapel Kew by headlight boys fac baseball to 10 15 Reca Frank Krombar by �?8 30�? mtr Chapel study pro. Fri Tim Ai Irene Var. Kehew close ups Irwin Khz Bob Crosby s band a feb Public talk Var. Knox a juvenile revue Var Recap Blue Barrons by. �?8 45�? pm try Holly wed journey mix a order of Tibet Kehe the Oil scout Khz a sons of pioneers Recap Nick Harris stories nine p Xvi. Mtr Laid Mcintyre by a fit tile circus Var. Pm pc Paradise Var. Kehe musical program Khz a news reports a feb a True Story it or. Knox Downey Ai Hall Recap Lou Blake Var. �?9 15�? mtr news reports Kehe buddy Rogers by. Kiu Toast of town Var Knox Dick Jurgens band �?9 30�? pm try Montoya by. Var kit old Lnu the rang Kehe r Wiedoeft a it Kew by news report Knox Jim Walsh baud Reca the Bridge Ciu \ �?9 45�? Fri the Golf clinic pm pc news report Khz bima Ai the bog Kew by boxing i or. Knox whisper j. Smith Reca Deacon Moore by. Ten p m mtr recordings Fri Knox news report pm pc Henry King by Kehe Hollyw a try bad of Khz a Jack Denny Var Recap recording i by �?10 15�? mtr True revelation Khz King s jesters a a or Kmic Kosloff program Kehew Bernie Kane band Knox on the air Var. A fact the roller Derby �?10 3 1�? mtr recordings Var Kmic symphony Var. Kehe Hal Cantor by. Khz Ted Lewis a or a fact records All night a 10 45�? Khz the fld lers three Kehe the roller Derby Kew by Musl Cai pro. Var Knox Henry King s band eleven p. My mtr Laud Mcintyre by. A fit Freddie Martin Var Kmic Charlie lung i by. Kehew Clifford Clinton Khz eve. Hoagland Var. Knox a Bob Millar it or. Recap Organ off 12-7 -11 15�? mtr vocal Ai Organ Kehew news reports a a feb sol Howll band �?11 30�? pm try records off 12-5 a fit Organ off 11-7 Kehe Bernie Kane band Khz skin nay Ennis band a feb musical program Knox Leighton Noble Var a 11 45�? Kehew band off 12-6 Khz a hawaiian orchestra Kew by news off 12-0 $ Midnight Khz a records off 1-8 Knox a news bund 1-0 Best bets on Hie air tonight How of and and went after customers if Quot Yip of soon found that lie could hoi get the customers he needed from those who his store so he had circulars printed and hired boys to distribute them from House to House. Sometimes they put them under the door or into the mail Box but often they threw them on the porch or into the Yard and Many were blown away. Also of found it was a slow and costly Way to Tell his Story As in a whole Day a boy could cover Only a few Hundred Homes. Of vim disappointed to find that after All tin work and expense Only a few More people came to his store. Ments into newspapers read by Many thousands of people every Day. He knew that people were eager to get their newspapers to read the news. Therefore his advertising was More Likely to be seen in a paper people wanted to read. Also the newspapers were delivered All Over the City As soon As they were printed. And found that the More he advertised the More people came to his store and the More g a it is he sold and the less it Cost him to handle Khi s ii mum it i in i ii Icso la Cwaig min to and decided that tile More people he could each Sale. So he passed on the greater part of Tell about his merchandise the More people would come to his store. So he put advertise these savings in lower prices and better values to All his customers. How of failed and and succeeded so lie he h leaded to have a clearance Sale. I fug signs painted Tor the front of found that so few people it am. F his store that his goods moved ver slowly he could buy very Little a. Stock because his Money was tied to store tie Mao circulars printed and oys out to put them into parked lid distribute them at Homes. Hut who came saw so Little they Sale was a failure. At lie disposed of All his remaining k to an ont of town bargain store at less than h it what he had paid for it. W had had a very unhappy expected i. Hut recall be he had never advertised in the newspapers to pc people in All the Cit j Ever knew that his store id opened or Fiat it id closed. Sent cars ii tile be wanted that Iii la St and found that with More and More people now coming to his store his stocks moved or quickly. As a result he was constantly Able to have fresh new merchandise for his customers. He concluded that since people bought newspapers to read the news he should Tell them the news about his merchandise and his store. As a result ads advertisements were read As eagerly As any other part of the newspaper. Soon every one in town knew that and had the newest things. And did not make exaggerated statements in his advertising. He just made the truth interesting. Repeatedly and had to enlarge his store and employ More people to take care of his increasing business. And although his expenses were now very much greater he sold so much merchandise and turned his stocks so rapidly that his store was very successful and was known far and wide for the values it gave its customers. And tells of How advertising serves the store and its customers Unk Day of came to and and applied Tor a position. He asked and How he had built such a Fine business and obtained so Many customers. And said a first by making the store an attractive and convenient place to shop. , by having the kind it merchandise oui customers want. A but these Are not sufficient without advertising to Tell the people about them. So we continuous publish interesting informative truthful news about our service and our merchandise. And we Tell it in the Way that reaches tile largest possible Nuin Ber of people quickly through newspaper a-r.,t7 three major networks to air Roosevelt fireside Chat a speaking from the White House president Roosevelt will hold a a fireside Chat with the nation tonight on a the general economic situation Over the combined networks of Nhuc lbs and lbs. The broadcast scheduled to run for thirty minutes will be heard on the Pacific coast starting at 6 30 o clock. D u either Fri Khz or Knox. Husband Jon Hull will go to Man-1 Batlan for personal appearances. Anne Jamison has four weeks planned for Sequoia National Park. Then she soft to new York for i two engagements on a the magic i key Quot and a a your hit Parade assignment. Anne As far As this writer has been Able to find out is the Lone songbird in Hollywood sans movie desires. She a heading for opera already being signed for a fall engagement with the san Francisco opera co. As yet no contracts have been signed to bring this gang Back to the Quot hotel in september. Dis or data living people mentioned in a cavalcade of american Are Given script copies for personal approval before the program goes on. Andre Baruch lbs announcer won letters in football basketball track and swimming while at Columbia University. While there he established a backstroke record in swimming which still stands. When Ben Bermes ten Brothers and Sisters convened for rehearsal of his show wednesday it was the list time All of them had attended bends program at the same time. Quot done to you believe it a heard tuesdays and thursdays Over Khz at 9 45 p. Rn., is being introduced a a transcription on several Eastern stations. Rush Hughes living up to his name As the Quot Marco Polo of the microphone a a has travelled approximately 18,000 Miles within to months and has broadcast from sixteen cities plus the Sites of two future worlds fairs. Whoever seeded the name Rush ifs not a ii Narrie did so with remarkable foresight. Phil Baker. Jack Benny Joe Penner Peg Murray Walter Yin 5 l 6.00�?knx, Hollywood hotel a Barbara Stanwyck and Herbert Marshall preview scenes from a always the final broadcast of the season. 6 00-6 30�?rfi, first Nighter a a Anthony Wayne a hilarious play a ooh say can you 7 30-8 00�?knx, Paul Whiteman a show a a Back in new York again after tour with Dana Suesse composer and pianist guest. 8 00-8 30�?rfi, death Valley Days a a a Story entitled a Norton i emperor of u. S. Ana i in tee Tor of 8 00-8 30�?knx, my secret ambition a a or. William Van Wyck As commentator deals with Many different a secret 8 30-9 00�?rfi, Tim amp Irene original song skits and comedy with George Olsen a band and Fredda Gibson and Eddy Howard vocalists. Special events 6 00-6 15�?knx, or. Hugh Shih of Nankani University talk on a Campaign to Aid War victims. A. 6 30-7 00�?kfi, Kiu no president Roosevelt a fireside Chat on a the general economic situation 7 15-7 30�?Kiu, representative Emanuel seilers topic for discussion to be announced. 7 15-7 30�?Reca, National student federation a students face the for dancing 10 00-10 30�?khj, Jack Denny 10 30-11 00�?khj, Ted Lewis 11 00-11 30�?knx, Bob Millar 8 30-8 45�?Reca, Blue Barron 9 15-9 30�?knx, Dick Jurgens 9 30-10 00�?Kehe, r. Wiedoeft sports 7 00-7 30�?kfwb, re creation Inglewood races. 8 15-10 15�?kfac, baseball los Angeles is. San Francisco. 9 45-10 45�?kfwb, Gilmore stadium boxing bouts. Specials tomorrow 8 00-8 45�?knx, the Oxford ensemble a special program of string music by Cosse Kopylov Ravel and Brandts buys. 3 30-4 00�?knx, Columbia workshop a courtroom Obligato a an Experiment with the rhythm of american language. 4 30-5 00�?Reca, a Home remedies a Rural comedy written by Merritt p. Allen. Sports 9 15-9 30�?knx, Wimbledon Tennis summary. La 30-Noon�?Knx, big ten Pacific coast track meet also 12 30 to 1 30 and 2 15 to 2 30 p. In. Noon-12 30�?knx, Brooklyn Handicap at Aqueduct track. A 1 30-1 45�?Kiu, Palm Beach Golf summary. A tomorrow Ikno a fed women a clubs Khz a boy Day it by. Kel a news reports fwd works top la it. -9 4. Knox a Monitor children six a. 51. Recap Ray Kinney s band Kehew music clock 2 hrs ten a. In. Khz a Rise Ai Shine Lei hrs Fri Campus Capers \2 or Kew by St Wilson 2 hrs. Khz a spot late revue i or a fact religious science Recap Trio time it or. �?1 30-kit unannounced Khz a Golf tournament Knox a Abe Lyman Var. Knox a Sun Salute i a hrs Knox Gold melodies it or Recap classic or. In or. Seven a. M. Kfir Happy Ray 34 or Recap Vaughn de Leath �?7 15�? Recap radio City four �?7 30�? Knox a news reports Recap our barn Var. �?7 45�? a fit Church Quarter or. Khz a news reports Knox a unannounced a fact news reports Kight a m. Ikea Rex Maupin i., or a 10 30�? a fit afternoon of it lit Knox motor melodies Tahr Jef wbk or broadcast j4 til Reca Judy and Lanny �?10 45�? Kehew or Bird club it a or a fact congregate Church Ike can Burt Farber band eleven a in a Ftp Gold melodies or. Khz a Palace variety i or. Ikno a news reports Kfir music Guild Var a fact Street Mutt Var. Kehe a news reports or Recap Jean Ellington Khiv Board of education �?11 15�? Kew by rangers \2 or. Knox a All year club Knox concert Hall 3. Or Reca the i doodles a fact country Chi her ill 30�? Kex a a Ftp Swan geology i a or. Kehe juvenile pro. Var Knox track meet v or. A fact a a medical i 45_ a Ftp Birdman of America Khz Jim Livingston by two h. In. Quot Quot of in fit Chico Spanish Rev Kehew Little opera Var. Khz a news report Knox news 2 05. Music fac 2 to a baseball. 5 00 �?2 15�? of i 2 25 news report Khz a schemes that skin Knox big ten track meet �?2 30�? a Ftp Organ concert a Kehew Hal chanslor Vahi. Khz a summertime Var. Kew by Mel y master a Quot or. Knox will Mccune Var. �?2 45�? Kfir religion in the hews three p. In. Kfir re Chi a Limber it or k a Lac Ricardo a by. ,2 ill 45�? Organ concert noon or Keble a news reports a i Khz a Jack Marshard s by k no a syncopation it a him Recap Israel message Van �?3 15�? to he Bow of i in this olm the Call to youth �?8 15�? Khz a tall Corn Var. Kex a Carol Weymann �?8 30�? Kfir news reports of a we news Fie port a fact Murandy skit or Recap farm it pc Home i or a fit calling stamp men. �?8 45�? Kehe news reports Iku the charioteer kit a along Gypsy trails Kiu Phil Levant Var la. Khz a Steve Severn a pets a feb Rcpt or of Rar ? 1, i01?, i Kew by Berry a club or Knox Brooklyn race a hrs Fri Knox fed. Housing talk fac n we. To minute 5ii or nine a m Reca club matinee i or. Kecan Joe Sudy by i or. A fit county medical to �?12 15�? four p. M. Khz a meet Mutual fronds kit men of the West a fit kindergarten the. Knox Enoch Light band Kehe Flange riders or in Hje band music u or. A fact meditations 4 or �?12 30�? Knox a unannounced or. �?9 15�? _ _ Kif Al Roth s by or Ceca anniversary i or. I a 3d kit safety first tall Khz a concert Orch. Var. Knox harm y design or Reca dram i pry. I Kif Bairy Mckinley vol a Ftp Lee Gordon Ai Orch Khz Khz Elinor Sherry. Flu Knox Knox a Tennis summary pfc -9 30 Khz Kif a Buffalo Host Var Khz a Organ conch or of wbk Board Piej Alai i american legion track meet i or. A 12 45�? musical program k of a act Broad we y of p in Kfir to Hattara Bui or of fit my emn sent n to w j paper a a a Tribune classified aos get results

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