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Arcadia Tribune Newspaper Archives Jun 19 1947, Page 1

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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - June 19, 1947, Arcadia, California Call at. 7-2131 with news of your family and friends help publish your Hometown paper contribute news of your neighbourhood three sections eighteen Page Saip a i a California tilt to Dav. June 19, id it vol. Xxx no. 25 Sanita Sage Al Lobo Arcadia is such a Quot Horsey Quot town and horses Are so popular and Given every consideration it is difficult to reconcile two events which took plat -1 this week monday Stu Hamblen buys Al Lobo some a Cage up on foothill where the cow Pony can spend its old age. Tuesday night the boys got ready to sell the City Hall that a a line Welcome for Al Lobo the Peoples Choice. Weather the Man Over the Back Fence was sweating and sputtering Quot you know a he said Quot this hot weather gets me Down and Here it has Only Quot you see a lot about insulate for hot weather. We know the bears hibernate in weather. Me i d like to summer ate. A hotter weather . Olson a High of looting neighbor Lorn across the Street dropped in one hot morning to find . Olson working hard Over a hot ironing Board. Quot my a she said. Quot you Are perspiring profusely tills morning . . Olson looked at her a minute and then said Quot a a a a and setting army one of the boys brought this one Buck with him. Sterns the Captain and the sergeant were always at outs. Finally the sergeant got a Transfer and it was a Happy Day when he went in to Headquarters to Tell his Boss Farewell. They Shook hands and the Captain said Quot Well sergeant i Hope that the next time i see you you la be a a yes sir a said the sergeant. Quot thank you sir. And the same to you a a civic Center Council is moving right along on the civic Center project and they timed it Well too. Most All civilian building was Given the Quot go Quot sign this week. Controls lifted on practically All types of commercial and civic construction except Heaters and recreational buildings. So that should Clear the Way for some fast action on the armory plans and make Way for the Sale of the present civic Center and Start of construction on the civic Center. At least its moving baseball some of the baseball scouts were cutting up touches the other night and one came up with his toughest assignment. He and some other baseball men were helping coach a prison team to get baseball started inside prison Walls As a rehabilitation sport. He said the toughest thing was to be a base line coach because he never could get them to steal bases. As one con told him Quot me steal i base Bud that a what got me in personnel Board resigns new members named recreation equipment fund requested in accordance with an agreement Between tin personnel Board City Council and City employees members of the personnel Board resigned tuesday night and a new Board was named based on t he ratio of two members chosen by City Council two by the employees and one chosen by lie other four. On this basis mayor Homer submitted tile names of t. Kenneth Maury Phillip a. Libby James Carpenter Conrad Reibold and Amo Rummery who were approved As members of the Board for 1947-48. The Board also asked for examinations f or police set gems and captains and this request a backed up by a request j rom Chiel it of police William Cahill for exam for patrolmen As Well pointing out that he now has three acting sergeants and six substitute patrolmen on the Force. Chief Cahill also expressed his great need for a police woman on the local Force. Tile recreation commission requested tile setting aside of a sum if $250 foe the Purchase of athletic equipment Lor the summer program and asked approval of the hiring of Don Miller As temporary director 1 ready and waking to form Classe of the program at a salary of $250 and instruct potential Home n r is per month until such time As a first Aid is an utile i j. V Tut permanent i Ector is employed need for not Only at Home it Alo sewer agreement do. Ing vacation trips there fre a letter from City Engineer Glen i Quentlyn occur situations that require Watson revealed that an Effort is this treatment. Council elects new officers . Roger Miller named chairman w Jiom Wookey named president of merchants d. W thu As direr Miller chairman of Art to m u n it coordinating in ii at its final meet. I Njie year monday. She will me office immediately a with the other new office Rev. William Lienen of the ii e f o r in e d a lilith vice chairman . In. Draw 11, s cd and i s. Ahi n Dona recording Secretary m Miller has served Thiu ugh out a e la t year As Secretary the Nom a no was Compo i . Albert Adcock Chapin m Charles Bennett and go it cot by n. I in Gerald o Keeffe of the to an Al Parish told of his ohm cd summer program of us till to Winch will consist of a summer soil i o ram the u e of the holy Ala Primo playground with new eau Cut to All children of Arcadia and a plan to Send needy Chi Dresti to a summer Camp for 15 Day i j be Kaiser reported for the pre h o Nan Community Church with a a pedal attention to the Recane time of Christian education Prog am Iii the schools its p. At la and operation and curriculum and t manner in which it was Introit cd in Arcadia through the inn i i nth committee. She Ais tout., i on her Church s plan to summer activities through its sunday he Rich school its three follow flips and its boys and girl club. Mrs w. G. Coomb.&Quot., the councils Rummer Camp chairman reported on the citizenship program by which children Are qualifying to re ave contributions through coordinating Council from its continued on Page 6 was Idia shoving of a scouts of troop five shown leaving for tour Day tour of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks returned monday for annual family a Nic at a i. Mburu bum i county Park. Accident prevention water Safe courses top red Cross summer being made to reach an agreement with Sierra Madre whereby both cities would save some $10 too on the construction of their sewer systems by agreeing to the joint use of one Section of sewer line running South from the Sierra Madre line to Orange Grove Avenue where plans now Call for two parallel lines less than 25 feet apart the two councils Are expected to continued on Page g fences Well Wes Davies and Ais Crew finally got some order jut of those Bent twigs and branches of native lumber from lie Rancho and its a right smart ence they be got around the Huntington drive office. Husbands a advice to Young a bands. If you arrive Home Early n the morning some time and ind the Little lady with a rolling tin in her hand she Isnit getting Eady to do her baking at that Irne of the morning see you at the circus Charles Pearce awarded degree it Stanford Charles Duke Pearce of Arcadia As among the 1275 students in University a record grading class sunday. Pearce received a Bachelor of arts glee in the school of social Sci ices. Stuart Hamblen buys pasture for Al Lobo Stuart Hamblen owner of e Lebo bought five parcels of land monday at a Sale of tax delinquent property conducted by City treasurer and tax collector Emma Hainer at the City Hall. He purchased All of the land that was up for Sale for $20,600. The most important tracts purchased by Hamblen were two five acre Oak covered tract facing on foothill Boulevard betwee. Santa Anita Avenue and Mich Llinda Boulevard for which he paid a total of $19,000. A. O. Seltzer tax expert was present at the Sale representing the fomer owners. He made two pro tests based on his statement that payment was not required in Cash. Hamblen paid part in Cash and part in a Cashiers Check. Hamblen said he planned to establish his Home on the property and use part As a pasture for Al Lobo. City treasurer Hainer said that about $17,000 of the Money collected from tile sales will go into the City a general fund and the remainder will go to pay Back taxes. The City had a claim for $3300 in delinquent taxes against the property. By Laire Harles although the Board of Din Dors of i he Arcadia Rod toss will have vacation for the ensuing three months the re Gustr summer program of the organization will continue also the executive committee will meet regularly to handle business affairs and to Aid in the new work to be inaugurated. Service to humanity is the watchword of red Cross. Not ii Lone to our ciders and Sailor not just to victims of Dissat r o any j r a ii we a s Type but practical aids to living is or. J a a l it by their Agenda. For instance Home a nursing is important Mer a so prob i v4> ?11 he s �10 ably during vacation periods than at a other times. Red Cross always i j i a Morrow starting this week downtown n a reliant members of the aria. D a merchants a solution i i i in. In open till 9 . O 1 Friday nights in Tad of thursday night us in announced. This action was taken following a Diz cd s on at monday n Yah s Mel my of the association in which a majority of the merchants indicated a belief that Friday night opining would meet with the approval of More of the people of Arcadia than the previously Anontine d thursday night opening. Our Arcadia red Eros canteen i serves refreshments one even no t j month at Mccornack Hospital in j Pasadena our Home service is continuing with Many Calls for help the motor corps runs errands takes canteens is to the Hospital delivers donors to the blood Bank an each week takes members of the 1 Hospital camera club on their outings. When requested nutrition course Are Given teaching not Only nutritious foods but How to prepare them How to can them and How to not Only enjoy a picnic b i list the foods that will be sustaining and satisfying As Well As directions to cooking in the open. Fire prevention is stressed by red Cross. The forestry service requested red Cross to teach fire prevention methods during War and their classes and instructions Are f eely. Waler safety and Accident prevention head another of the sections. In fact William j. Mcfarland playground director at tire county Park will soon inaugurate a water safety Campaign with red continued on Page 6 i do wine and m ii withe Stre i ii my i Fol thales on he rat Iii w me i to Zank p. Obi Ca s Zarnec cd gelt n Willei p vote cd $5 for Aimi ruled to a i eclat on of . Zunke any Ollie pie of a ii to Chun in i oui Timur so to. To Mil g g ii -1 Arcadia Lions installing new officers tonight president elect w. G. Coe nibs and other new officers of the Arcadia Lions club will be installed at the Pomona Golf and country club tonight. Wit ii Dinn it a and entertainment scheduled Hie event will a1 o a ladies night. Luther l. Mack Pas governor of the District and Holder of a 25 year be feet attendance record install the officers. F. Wesley Davies is general chair Man of the event with Tony anti stat in charge of the entertainment. Things Are looking up for those civic minded citizens who for years have Visioned Arcadia with a Beautiful civic Center around which the City might develop its civic life and for the property owners and merchants of the downtown business District who years ago foresaw the need to develop City Hall Corner into Active business frontage ii the business District was Ever to amount to anything tuesday nights action by the City Council in calling for bids on the City Hall property and the w heeler Street lots must come As a. Very great source of pleasure. Elimination of the City Hall eyesore which has served by its very appearance to stamp the downtown business District As outmoded and antiquated will undoubtedly serve to give the business District a tremendous uplift and ii some excellent business concern should see fit to locate on the Corner the advantage would be too obvious to need further comment Here. This Call for bids Means that probably within a year or less the Basic unit at least of an Arcadia civic Center which we All Hope will be the Pride of the Community and a show place of the Valley will Rise on the Beautiful 12-acre plot recently purchased on Huntington drive just beyond the Pony express museum. Hardly five years ago the Council was offered the then handsome Price of $30,000 for the City Hall property by interested local real estate men. Their Wisdom in refusing this offer is graphically demonstrated by the fact that the present Call for bids stipulates a bid of not less than $80,000 and presupposes a possible bid in the neighbourhood of $100,000�?more than enough to build the first unit of our civic Center. City councilmen have indicated their intention to push this project to completion As rapidly As possible. Add to it the assured development of excellent shopping facilities in West Arcadia and the Village and the future of Arcadia acquires beyond question a Rosy Hue. Lets All work together to make this dream of a Fine Well rounded Community where a Home comes first a reality. A an d a Nua. The by wed it v highly is indefinite s. Maurine Tig ate the in w Parkin o de and a .s the Mem balance old is j expenses. A com Mitt a Emblem Lur the go re cd Roy lout m Comstock and i in As then night open to Friday night discussion. At tin1 request of the Arcadia cab company a committee of Richard claim and William Jantzen was named to work wit ii the City Council in arranging for a taxi parking zone on Huntington drive arcadians named to state purple heart offices san Gabriel Valley chapter no. 108 and unit military order of the purple heart a Well repress need at the annual department convention of the order held in san j june 12-15. Headed by the acting command a Carl Bis be and including past commander Archie j. Bradley and past commander William d. Libby to represent the chapter and president . Myrtle Bradley vice president . Ca i Bisbee and past pre ident . Edith d. Libby representing the unit both chapter and unit members took an Active part in the be libel actions of the convention. Libby was department ser Geant at arms this past year while . Libby was department ser Geant at arms for the auxiliary. At Hie election held the last Day of tile convention Libby was elected ice commander of the department of California for Hie South and . We Dith d. Libby was elected for the department of California. A banquet at the san Jose country club was a feature of the convention this year. Bisbee and . Bisbee together with . Bradley and . Libby made the trip to san Francisco one to in. G acting commander Bisbee was elected to serve on one of the convention committees and Bradie. Was the chapters department is Cutie committeeman. Of. Governor Goodwin Knight addressed the convention on sunday giving a very inspiring add. Ess pledging support to the order in its program to serve the combat wounded members of tire military older of the purple heart. To be a member of this Orcie. Tile Veteran must have be ii wounded in action again it tile enemy and the largest part of the orders work is with and Lur the. A combat wounded in Hospital the next department convention will be held in san die a next War City Hall Corner being offered highest bidder City also Selling Wheeler Street lots he t he in Tim a it is looking to Tho City Hall Corner ant lots owned by Wheeler Street to rests tor develop Gnu is Ness frontage by t he City Council get with the is i Call for bids on a Vav i take office Eugene Willard top president and wort Encl Yke vice president will la installed with other officers by Junior Chamb r of Commerce june 25. Henry Hewitt killed by runaway truck in Arabia Henry w. Hewitt w to f or i killed instantly thursday when St uck by a runaway truck Al Riyadh. Arabia according to word received toy the Hewitt family on North Santa Anita monday. An employee of Bac Blo i Brothers of the arabian american Oil company Hewitt at tile time of ins death was working on an Airport for Crown Prince Sand Al Saud. Who visited Arcadia in february. Hewitt had spent 22 months in Arabia during the War travelling ii t in 1944 by Convoy which lock Tine a months to reach the country. After a Brief visit with his family last a i he returned to Arabia after Many delays due to the maritime strike. He had been there eight months before his death. He was Rev Tai times a guest of King Ibn Saud. Hewitt is survived by his wife son Pena and do Gluer. Donna. Intel Merit was at Christian came Terr. Dhahran Arabia. Solution states that in As much a s the Cit y has purchased a 13 acre tract on West Huntington in which it proposes to develop a modern civic Center it is offering use City Hall and the vacant lots to the highest bidder with the bid on the City Hall to be not less than $80,000. The Call stipulates that the City i to have use of the City Hall far a period in one year from close of the e Crow rent tree but will pay the punch user six per cent p a annul end he p Jehu e Price for All time required above 12 months a period. The Call does not include the Public Library fire station police station or the two lots immediately adjacent to the police station on the West. It also reserves the use of the lot on which the red Cross Headquarters is located for a period i of three years. I the eight lots on Wheeler Street and double drive Are to be dedicated i to parking for a period of 25 years 1 under the terms of the Sale. I the Call for bids was made on n option of councilman c. L. Rus Ell seconded by councilman Albert Adcock and voted unanimously. I mayor Homer Ormsby stated that i councilmen Charles Nugent and e nest leaper who were absent 1 had been thoroughly informed of the proceedings and were in Complete Accord. Bids will be received at the july i meeting and if satisfactory officials indicated that work on the new civic Center will begin immediately. With a building to House All of the departments now being housed in the present City Hall. Josephine Spencer services held funeral services were held monday tor Josephine e. Spencer who died at her Home at 51 Las Flores Friday. A native of Alhambra she had been in this area All of her life and is survived by a brother Frederick a. Spencer of a Nadia the Rev. Franklin l. Gibson conducted the services at Turner Stevens and Turners Little Stone j Church with interment at Rosehill memorial Park. Veterans filing tax exemptions in i fifteen veterans took advantage j Eai i of tue Day nights special hour for 1 a is the i n i a filing of tax exemption according ize and of w. C. Billie City ases o. Us a gone Ltd r. I the City Hall will be open again of both Tibu n june 24 from 7 to 8 . For tin Cit in Iwho convenience of the win rho Fin in t it ii i inuit by june 30. Never Beni Iii b to mail Campaign brings six new members is chamber of Commerce Asti its it or a mail Campaign for membership under the direction of the membership chairman John t. Faries Ira in a me in it ers i ave been added to the chamber of Commerce cols. And several others have made known the tact that they wish to make application for membership according to Vav ii Airn d. Libby Secretary. The steady gain r past two is a healthy sign to of the City Reath it the Shambe Ith the urn ? n o i y can in cond i cd c toe a ii Arcadia attorneys form nucleus of foothill bar association electing officers tuesday receive most i Everett Watt seriously Iii Everett Watt is reported slightly Ipi oved following an operation at Vilna Hospital tuesday. Watt has been seriously ill since Ray last week and no visitors Are owed to see him. Burglary suspects it hearing today James f i Ai i i 20, and Paul Nde sted 21, suspects in two menial Day burglaries Here will by Fen preliminary hearing in Parana Justice court today. The suspects Are alleged to have Lien a $25 Mink coat and other Lua Bles from two Homes in the Uricho. A1. A in Lead new har unit six attorneys Active in Arcadia form the nucleus of the new foothill bar association which meets to elect officers tuesday at the Zanzibar cafe. Left to right Are judge Leroy Anderson former City judge who started the organization Arimo Saylin temporary chairman judge Noren Laton City judge of Arcadia and Sierra Madre t. Guy Cornyn City attorney judge Ardelio Boller former City judge and Amos done former City attorney. The a has to members from Arcadia Monrovia Sierra Madre and Duarte. Empl added due to the increased membership and tile adherence to the budget set up each year by the member. Of the finance committee. Quot the budget. Linux said Quot made up a year ago was set up with a dues i up i action of some $1,800 but the Ai Tual amount of memberships so tar tins year with Alii the month of june to go is better than $2,400 so it eau by Cen that Revenue has gone far head of what was looked for. Quot the programs completed last ear and underway for this year will Ive Hie chamber a record hard to mention a few school Bonds new business no and the business in Prepa Atlon. The a Board of directors various committees i evident Clifford hard and Long to e matters As did Samuel in Owens f do actors All the e time and a lot of re becoming a fait be ration of the member it government civic of Ami individuals were Alt Cre Bibb War Bat k at his k Tai monday Atter taking two a half Days of the vacation of a week voted him by tie Board to leu last meeting. He attended a depart to St convention of tit i fury order of Lite purple h tit in san Joie a in a now of to n til b Idem a cult took it sch m tie

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