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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - June 14, 1937, Arcadia, California Tribunal twists i it comeback a. Oft the troll of new Quot swing too see where Fred Fitzsimmons made a Brilliant debut As a Brooklyn Ite yesterday in allowing Only five lists As the dodgers took a 5-1 decision from the Pittsburgh Ali acts in a National league encounter. Swapped to the lowly Flatbush a glib from the league leading giants Quot re Mons probably has already made up his mind on one objective beating his former team mates in the next Brooklyn new York series. And the Veteran Knuck Leball is liable to do just that. He has been with the giants a Long time. During that period he j must have been Able to pick out the weaknesses of lots and lots of the giant batsmen. And a cast Oft thrills to showing his sex team a thing or two and ifs a Safe bet the Arcadia Chicken fancier will hive plenty on the Ball when the new yorkers face him the rest of the season. Home edition vol. Vii. No. 140 Arcadia California monday june 14, 1937 Jbv Lover five million expended in area for welfare during March of 1937 135,948 cases handled fears Charity Bill May run Over $154,000,000.00, report reveals Wyoming bound an expedition of palaeontologists set out from new York the other total county slate and Federal Day for Wyoming where they will welfare expenditures of $5,619,928 try to pick up the Trail of a Dino i in los Angeles county supported Saur which roamed the Western i 135948 Charity and Relief cases dimple ins some too million be irs ago i ing March 1937 according to a re their search will Center around i gently competed Survey the Mesa verde Rock formation near Flag Day noted in Arcadia with decorations Iii Observance of Flag Day Arcadia streets in both business districts were decorate on monday with the american flags the ownership and sponsorship of which Are now under question. But despite the existing Squab j Hie As to the proper Custodianship and care of the flags the y were waving on their standards on first Avenue Huntington drive Duarte Road and Baldwin Avenue Early monday morning. Several Patriot c citizens throughout the City also noted the Day by placing a Flag on the porch or Standard in the Yard it was reported. Sing in copy so newspaper game is Mead lines attracts leaders my 111 a. I permit for Arcade project on Huntington drive boosts 1937 total Here rests at $379,950.00 new Homes continue to Lead individual list of construction Here Rock Springs for it was there that the prehistoric monsters Bones were first discovered by the expedition Leader this Man or. Barnum Brown curator of Fossil reptiles for the american museum of natural history judges from a fossilized foot print he found that the prehistoric Wyoming monster weighed 20 tons stood 35-feet tall and had a stride of 16 feet. A a if we can locate thee fourths of the Skeleton it will b0 no trouble to reconstruct the Dinosaur a he says. If or. Browne a calculations Are connect and if the Bone Hunt succeeds future museum visitors will gaze at a lifelike reproduction of a the largest creature that Ever trod the by Cali fornia taxpayers association. Joint state and county Aid to needy aged amounted to $871,294 for 27,245 cases to needy Blind $88,886 for 2,495 cases and $106,791 for 7,791 orphans. County Aid of $392,987 was Given to 15,298 unemployed indigents in addition to Aid Given Charity cases supported in institutions the study disclosed. The states Sera expenditures totalled $792,105 for the 25,-908 cases in the county while the Federal government through spa. Cared for 54,487 unemployed spending $3,265,395. Total welfare expenditures in i California for All types of Relief j reached $12,845,015 and assisted a 329,130 indigents and unemployed according to the report. Joint state organization meeting to take place thursday in c. C. Offices in City coming up about once every five years the United states it seems embraces a n e w s t y the Quot in pop u i a r m us i c. Back in 1932 the Rumba was the ballroom favorite. Five years before i hat the tango craze began to sweep the country. Earlier still French tunes born of the War and hawaiian music had their vogues. The latter has returned briefly to favor in recent years but indefinable a a swing is definitely the thing now. J and county Aid to needy Blind aged i and orphans totalled $2,750,958 for i i in no a 100,234 cases. County Relief to 44,962 indigents amounted to $1,033,864 the state spent $2,299,238 in Sera Relief to 71,243 unemployed while the f ii St eleven Days construction total for the City of Arcadia for the month of june summed up to $397,950 00, a Survey of the building permit Book at the City Hall disclosed. With the $308,000 00 permit granted to the los Angeles turf club on the first Day of the month comprise the big permit of the month indication Lead Are prevailing that the june total May Leach the half a million Dollar Mark featuring the permits issued this a week at the City Hall is the $10,000 to take advantage of the two permit granted to de Laflamme for Bowling greens included in the Many. The construction of an Arcade at 38 j recreational facilities provided in i e. Huntington drive which will sex i the county a new Santa Anita re j tend Back to the Alley Way running j creation Al Park located in Arcadia. I Between first and Santa Anita ave preliminary Steps will be taken on j neg and will be made up of 12 thursday evening june 17, to the units. At the time of the ground organization of a club to promote breaking on thursday six of the play on the new greens at a meet j twelve units had been leased la ing to be held in the chamber of r flamme announced. Commerce office in the City Hall new Homes and residences con of Arcadia. J Tine to Pace the individual list of All persons interested in the game \ permits it was announced. Are invited to be present. J the following pet mits have been president Robert Sheehan of the i granted since the last list was pub ii persons quintette uninjured As vehicle turns Over catches fire on Las Tunas Road Glendale Man is Driver me newspaper game country reports say it a a lady contests. Called sweeping the believed the game will attract As much play As monopoly and other current chit a Bei of Commerce expresses g ratification on such a move and As shed in the Tribune Stephens investment company Federal spa enrol gets _ in Les the new onfttnl2atlon that the for Grace w Milliken. 274 a it a a rejects Cost $6,760.-, chamber will do everything pos Duarte Road add to garage $100 955 and gave Relief employment to min r. 112,691 during the month i. Encourage the sport on the j Stephens investment company for a the immensity of the problem j local greens. A. C. Milliken 275 Camino real delegations from Alhambra san a Avenue erect dwelling and garage league Waw unite press news flashes j,.yut.,, protests action los Angeles june 14 up a Loach Sam Barry of the University of Southern California today sent a pretest to judge Kenesaw Landis baseball Czar when John Bernardino 20, Trojan Sophomore announced he was leaving tonight to join the St. Louis Brownsen thursday. A this is an out and out violation of the major it ague agreement a Barry s Aid. A it is another ease where an inexperienced Youngsu r with plenty of prospects passed up an education at the sight of a Tor Arcadia purchasers of Hollywood bowl tickets offered double value this season fixed through the son books. They will a of sea their double value straight through i the e n t i r e season on Hollywood i bowl concerts Foi the summer of season for jus half single admis-11937 is offered Arcadia purchasers Sion Cost and each thereby will Boot season tickets ii was announced 1 come an Active protagonist of this today. The concerts Start tuesday part of the july 13 and close september 3. J season books a e ten dollars each. This was the announcement made j they contain thirty admissions Cou i today by mrs. L e i i a n d Atherton j Pons. Ten of these Are for symphony Irish executive vice president and nights tuesdays and Twenty Are general manager of the bowl from i for opera and Ballet nights it thurs g a brie Monrovia Sierra Madre $4,500 c. P. Cassady for s. S. End Arcadia will attend this initial j Stubbs. 117 Al Dorado erect dwell Union head missing meeting. Ing and garage. $3,500 w. J. Gray popular As it is swing music is doomed to lose its fad following in another year or so to some fresh melodic or Rhym thic style. Vincent continued on Page two and the huge Burden on the Public Treasury become apparent when it is realized that if Relief and Charity expenditures continue throughout the year at the March. 1937. Level. $154,000,000,�?� the association ctn turn or two it and Golf orig $4,000 w. J. Gray for Ardene Boll i monday his wife reported to police acc i i mated in Trio British Tisoc if in i Pirai Nuonno Ornot j today and asked their Aid Iii find ing him saying she feared he was Bowling on the Green is an an Tor Thomas Heffron 40 Floral ave client game Ante dating Golf by a nue erect dwelling and garage i Cia i has been Days and for soloist nights it fridays. General single admission to the bowl is fifty cents for symphony nights and seventy five cents for opera Ballet and soloist nights. The largest demand for boxes or since last Cli per capita Burden of $-2.68 for every Man woman and child in the state a a woman Hurt As car hits dips on Duarte striking her head on the top of tile car As it swung Over the dips at Duarte Road and Sunset Boulevard mrs. Geo go Deitrich of Pasadena was removed to St. Luke a Hospital on sunday on the advice of or. William m. Heidenreich. Riding with her husband or Dmitrich according to the report on Hie at the police station the Pasadena suffered an injured Back in he the report stated that Hie car was eastbound on Duarte Burden of continued on Page two in the British Isles. It is ener 56 Floral Avenue erect dwelling i 1 tirely different from Alley Bowling and garage $4,000 George a. Boyer j a and its devotees claim that no game for Ewing and Topel 370 los Flores j the victim of foul play. In ton drive erect Arcade store buildings $10,000. Or three week term launched in Arcadia Community Church with registration vacation Bible classes at the Arcadia Community Church launched j their 1937 term of Thiee weeks Mon Toad travelling at an Quot approx mat Day morning following registration Speed of 35 Miles an hour j a Lyle social Hall of the Church. Calls to e into play the co of donated faculties of mind and body than i this old game. I in Southern California there Are about 25 Bowling clubs with Home greens scattered from san Diego to los Angeles and out in the valleys As far As Redlands. These clubs have an association and this association sponsors four tournaments a year in which All clubs participate. Nat a a rally the players like to have these i tournaments held where the greens Are the Best and Many players have a these new greens with a Arcadia Monrovia instructors a a t err a of Quot j May take Par National Avenue erect residence and garage i she quoted him As saying that $6,500 e. J. Laflamme 38 e. Hunt i Thucie had b e e n some tampering her amines in. The. Hollywood hotel. Sale of season ticket books will Start june i they will be available at the bowl office 6801 Hollywood Boulevard Hollywood hotel at All music in Southern California Primo then t i and delivered by Western j individual Box seats Ever registered san Francisco june 14 up. Union messenger from All branches at this Early Date in the season was of this service upon telephoned re announced by mrs. Irish who also quests. J declared there is now a waiting list a the plan of admission Quot said mrs. J for Box seats. A for this reason we Bish represents an exact saving j Are requesting those who last season of half to any person or persons had boxes or individual Box seats to who contemplate attendance at the get in touch with Walter arms tic bowl for a succession of nights or j Kat controller Telephone Hollywood those who come in groups. The sea a 3151. As Early As possible so that we son ticket is goad Tor any number May know How Many of last sea of persons up to the maximum of songs holders wish to Reserve Loca ten for symphony nights tuesdays i tons. We a e allowing until june 12 or Twenty for the. Special programs for these renewals in order that we of ballets operas and judo its May accommodate past patrons. Of thursdays and fridays. The scope Ter that Date we shall throw the Box j and variety of the entertainment the j seat Sale open to the j Row will offer this summer is such i that i fee Freak Accident occurs sunday morning shortly after \ three of cock i j miraculously escaping serious in i july and possibly death five men j and women said to be of Glendale and Pasadena and a pet dog Are j alive today to Tell of a Freak one car Accident and fire which took place shortly after 3 a. In. Sunday j on Las Tunas Road West of Santa Anita Avenue. I reports Given Arcadia police officers and firemen disclosed that the car eastbound on Las Tunas at the Early hour turned Over As it neared the double drive intersection. Tossing some of the occupants free As it caught fire on the Highway. Other passengers in the car crawled to safety with Only minor scratches. H. E. Hickey owner and Driver of the car resides in Glendale the report stated with no one injured in the mishap no other names were taken by reporting officers and firemen. No of Mal explanation was Given for the cause of the Accident although it believed by some that the car May have slipped on the Loose gravel which covers sections of Las Tunas from truck drippings and turned Turtle. The car was towed to a local garage the report revealed. With the Union funds and that before he left Home he Slid a there will be a hot time tonight. I am going to Tell the i Nion about tilt Money stealing and All the dirty set bail at $2500 for Bell on drunk driving charge conclave in Detroit be preliminary hearing for de it it i Mcrae. After taking the kids to the Beach sunday morning i was driving toward town and i bet the classes will be staged Mon Day to Friday inclusive for three weeks starting at 9 a. In. And Clos a ing at 11 45 a. Rn., or. N. Milo Fiske i pastor of the Church announced. I one of the new features of this years school will be the Surprise a morning in the local police period to be held daily at 11 30 was announced today o clock and lasting until dismissal Vsev one of the largest delegations in recent years is expected to leave sunday. June 20th. Abroad the California teachers association special i of san Bernardino alleged i train for the National education Lunk Driver who smashed into a i association convention at Detroit. Tv.,.11 which Lewis Moore and Sam i t was stated today by g. W. Weth urge defeat Washington june 14 up a the Senate judiciary committee today called upon Congress to defeat president Roosevelt so utterly dangerous a supreme court reorganization program a so emphatically that its parallel will never again be presented to a free american i to committee majority presented tile most controversial constitutional Issue of Many years to the Senate in its formal report. Peo ,. ,. Lime limit for original purchases i works will j a Quot a a a a it Quot astern of season general admission Book. A will be a distinct Boon. The Tho.,-1 july 24. Two a Eck aft a the pm ing of the j c. C. Secretary applications to i be read on wednesday applications for the secretarial position of the Arcadia chamber of Commerce Are scheduled to be read on wednesday night at a membership meeting of this organization in the c c. Offices of the City Hall. The resignation two weeks ago of Captain John records who succeeded Harvey e. Moss Secretary since the resignation of miss Betty Ham on May i threw the position open again for the third time in six ands of persons who come to Southern California each summer rom ail Over the United states and Many from abroad will be Esce a i pm who a Book however May buy books up to and include Mason july 13. Persons already purchased one additional president Robert e Sheehan will preside Over the gathering called for 8 p. In. Erby. District passenger agent Hobbs jr., Arcadia boy scout leaders were Riding on Friday night i Southern Pacific company Wil be held at to of clock Friday Tor in i Wasny to More than a couple of a Young lad who was waving a worn thumb. Outside of say in it was a Nice morn Iii use did t talk much until i got Clear in by Park. About then he says a people in California ainu to very Friendly. A e they and i says Quot i done to know. Why a and he told me he says a i waited Back there the convention train is to depart court it a Horn the Southern Pacific station r j in los Angeles at 9 p. M. A Stop time. Each Day Surpri a per of will if a i next in a a a be of a different nature it a Dis before pm face Tuwa Gene b8 i a voiding to reports of the the personnel of the faculty of Hon on the Accident. Bell a have been driving while when he assert edly me Boulevard Stop at Colorado from f mls Ute the Bible school to Date has been who r f Ach announced As follows 1 pc Jim a up primary department Ages 6-8 superintendent miss Norma Parks assistants Marian Phillips. Betty Knisley and Thelma Sprague. This unit will Convene upstairs. Junior department Ages 9-12 superintendent mrs. Ted Harrison assistants mrs. Horace Crowell. Is said to intoxicated raced through Boulevard Northern delegates join the special will permit a trip across san Francisco Bay to View the new Bridges and the site for the 1939 exposition. From Oakland the delegation will go via Portland. East of which City the new Bonneville dam will be off for Asia Asmara Eritrea june 14 i p Amelia Earhart american woman round the world flyer left mass Awa on the red sea coast for Asia today. County health department holds Many records As National Honor won in graded reports soffit Krupa funeral service be held tuesday will and Colorado place col i viewed As Well As other Woik on the Riding with the eastbound car drive i Cverna it nth a extensive in by Moore with Hobbs As a Tonger. Both a Pas boys Jim Carroll sumo the w s suffered relations about the face with forty stitches Westlake Paul comb Tinl Eastwood Ortzz a a the cuts and mrs. Paul Combs. According to or. Fiske other instructors will be needed following the Check of the registration the pastor has made a special request for children who will enter the first for almost a half hour before you Grade of the City schools next councilmen to meet in regular session tuesday came along and gave me a lift. It la be almost noon before i get and so i says a where ale you headed Quot and he says. A to the and i hated to Tell him. Yours. Jim fall to enrol. Included in the courses of study Are singing membership instr Acme Iii or v i Hon hand work. Bible meeting in regular session members of the Arcadia City Council will Convene tomorrow night in the auditorium of the City Hall. Budget matters Are expected to headline the routine course of Busi Columbia j River project in Spokane a dinner i and sightseeing trip has been Are ranged by the teachers Council of that City. The group will tour Glacier National Paik and make a Short visit in Minneapolis and St. Paul while Enro Ute to Detroit where the convention is to open on june 30th Anan cements for the convention to in were made by director Frank Henderson of Santa state association. Funeral service for Joseph John Krupa. 72-year-old Arcadia Gardener who passed away at his heme at 415 w. Duarte Road on saturday will be held tuesday morning at 9 o clock from the Church of the holy Angeles it was Ana for the work. Verse fun Dan and missionary i Ness. The Awslon a Walt Beau red unto i Schwa a distr is a it Archac Quot a a i Krupa and habit stories. Order at 8 p. M. Local teachers May attend conclave teachers. And the Monrovia continued on Page 6 i i grips u was announced by the Arcadia funeral Chapel in charge Rev. For. Gerald m. O Keeffe pastor of the Church will conduct Tho rites. Rosary will be read tonight at p of clock at the Honaker funeral Home in Monrovia. Burial will follow the services a the Church in Tho Calvary Comet y. To Angeles. Born m Austria Hungary on March ii. 1865. Or Krupa had lived in the United states for 35 Yea j years in California and j City of Arcadia of 18 Hight in the thirty years he was a noted nurserymen he is survived by his wife. Julia and one daughter mrs a Newman 335 Heliotis los Angeles j Ope drive i unsurpassable in the health of its babies and mothers perfect purity of water and milk i Supply. Incontestable superiority in typhoid and diphtheria control. Outstanding activity in suppression of social diseases. Those Are some of the Rte cords of los Angeles county which made possible its winning of first place in the annual inter chamber health conservation contest of the United states chamber of Commerce this i year acco Ding to the graded re-1 port received last we a by or j l. Pomeroy county health officer who also oversees the City of Arcadia. I in recognition of the Cahier meat prominent state City and i county health official Angel yesterday at called by the health chamber of Commerce Pomeroy and to in the Large Bronze plaque Denot first award. The presentation made by Oscar tripped chair of the committee of lug Bio Cut of a possible 1000 los Angeles county was and Winner of the Wester n Divi ton of the 1.936 contest Tor a of the eleven Western states tories of Hawaii and Ala comprehensive Survey Conin the practice of health Assoc tee on he Ann lation. Administrative rican Public according to the report card Las Angeles county rated too per cent or better in tuberculin testing of Dairy cattle diphtheria immunization program among school Dun infant and maternal Hygiene a Sci cont of venereal discs and education Public oratory service tube Reu Osis diagnosis and clinic care and communicable disease follow up. A Trade Mark registered these dam builders dislocate strains and stresses and the weight of Dame natures diaphragm at Hal Ickes Hoover dam. Type it if fifty thousand Bucks due Chil j on a Campaign i o u. A that what democrats still of John l. Lewis c. I o. Are Chin health or Mith or. With ing was Man Sci Point judge in Honor t him Sierra Madre Outh Given lecture by police a 16-year-old Sierra Madre youth late saturday afternoon was brought a it the police s at Ion following a repel i filed stating that he charging firearms in the Section of the Community postal Laws wont let you Post Boycott postal but the boast of the unions is they la end it. That they la Hae that Law suspended. Duce asked Al Smith to Tell Doe the new Deal ring the Bell Alfred answered Cai the spot. That it ainu to so awful hot. Was Dis Northern flaunt Fisca turn la Tor cd a d to the Fondue counties and Ter a by a a Ted Bact urn to youths he Day i 5 a target to. The e in a Vii hat it w finance tactic officers re the Tias in it to shoo arms within the Cit try limit Ham fish. Congress thinks the Charm Ion on i of the Roosevelt hide Park farm a con j lies in listing Patent looses. As re-1 like with phoney yachts and Bosses. Evio i a gave i a los Angeles Parade let was of the sew sew garment Trade ablation pickets hitlers Consul Theta t fire he brews trouble every where r m o r
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