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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - June 8, 1938, Arcadia, California Arcadia daily Tribune wednesday. Tun it 1088 by Bing Crosby a holy we it of a ii tiler cos one question the postman tosses in our Lap More often than any other it runs something like this a How do you and Burns keep the a music Hall so informal a being a Man of Only one honorary doctors degree i would t have the answer Handy for that bit of interrogation and i have to keep on the Dodge lest some persistent soul discovered my inability to come up with the reply. Nevertheless heres a few paragraphs of data which have bearing Cit the subject at hand. The following programs Are compiled from daily reports prodded by Tho broadcasters. We Tammie no responsibility for last minute changes on their part your dial a tonight 60 70 80 90 too to 120 130 140 five p. M. Ireca sons of the West Kehe Brood Way Melody pm try cowboys 1v2 hrs. �?7 15�? Kew by new reports Kei Silver tone music i Keil Uncle Ezra program Knox a Roger Pryor or. Kmec studio ensemble Kehe strolling Tom ser l Ike can the Bridge club Kehew Stu. Hamblen i or Khz. Chaa. Randall band �?9 45�? Khz Boh Crosby s band Kew by a. A. Boosters kit Freddie Martin s by Al we rangers 2 or. Ikno a Linn Ai Abner skit Kmecz news reports Knox a Kostelanetz a a or. In fact fishing facts Kehe Little theater Klaco Christian science Kecan Ben Cutler s band Khz bums at the bops Keca May happen �?T2 or i _7 30�? Jef wbk musical program �?5 15�? i pm try recordings i or. Ceca Waltz interlude a a _ a fit Charles Dillon talk a Ftp pull aver "2 or. In p. M. The show started Back around i pm pc ans. Machine >4 or Kehew news reports mtr records i or 4k_ a emits in Van Buren were she a meet Mutual friends Khz Jolone ringer it a or Kei Knox. Kiac news the time goats 111 Vantren were fac Aino sever Orch a feb musical or. Kmic Henry King s band getting plump Mound the midair _5 30�? Knox Ben Bernie >,2 or. Kehew Jay wild Dan s by from eating 1935 calendars and a fit Virginia Florl. Vocal a fact financial pro. 2 or a fact Jack Dunn a it or. Kra a the coach talk Reca Larry Clinton l2 or. Kew by Christian science a feb Mountain music �?7 15�? Kecan recordings i or. Knox a Lud Gluck Tny a by. Ike he Hal Stearn s band �?10 1 Quot it a of act whoa Cli i 2 or. Eight p. My i rpt�?1the Golf clinic Kecan pop concert i or. I of a i own Hall i or. Kmic Kosloff program �?5 45�? Kehew lets dance Orch. Kehew Hal steam a band a fit moving life stories Khz a Fulton Lewis or Khz Kealoha hawaiian Khz a orphan Annie skit rpm we shout hallelujah a feb musical mrs a feb resort reporter Knox a am. Cavalcade >2 or Knox Wilbur Hatch 1 or Knox a headlines on Parade a fact Johnny Murray Kph act the roller Derby six p. M. Kecan universe a explorer �?10 30�? a fit Ray Kyser s by. I org.j5__i a fit Bob Saunder s band Kehew news reports of he Pat Kaye Ai Orch. Kmic symphony >2 or. Khz a Popeye serial Iraj political talk Kehew Hal Cha Nalor band a feb news report a pub head late boys Khz Jan Garber l2 Iii Knox a Rainbow end tic or Ipac baseball to 10 00 i a fact recordings >2 or. Str. News reports kex7a�?nano Rodrigo Orch i �?10 45�? g-30 _ Kfir Larry Lewis vocal the roller Derby id fac 6 10. Bort butterwort -6 15 pm pc news reports 4 or mtr garment workers Kehe tile ro., Serdj Sehe-b1� ?m1�&Quot Rahe clog up. Review Knox to o. Band Khz a the phantom Pilot Khz the singing strings mtr Fri eggs band in hrs a Kwh ram tiers a or a Mir Boi Grigni s band a feb the Crimson Trail Kew by Ranger �2 or. Ftp Krombar l or Knox a buddy Rogers. Var a Pic a. Or Omar 2 or. Kab can Thompson by 12hr 1u r. Ike he Clit Ford e. Clinton �?8 45 fac Bing Crosby mtr news reports Kehew the Oil scout Khz a sons of pioneers nine p. M. J Khz eve. Hoagland a or Knox a Henry King 2 or in fact of. Sort no v2 or i Kecan Organ off 12-7 �?11 15�? radio news Rev �?6 30�? pm try pension Var. Pm pc note letter i4 or Kehew today in sports Khz a sports reporter a feb flangers 2 or. Knox a musical Var to \2 or pm try sol Brights band almanacs we had everything but a fact Unity viewpoint a fit Tommy Dorset 2 or kit Rry records on in aim aunts. We us j 6 1 minstrels Var. Kmic Paradise v2 or. Kehe news reports �?6 45�? Kehew Nocturne Kehew your dinner dance Khz a Howie Wing serial a fact aunt sue s Story seven p. M. Pm try musical Var. A fit Amos a no Andy a pattern for the show and were slightly confused Over whether to steal one from Rudy Yulee or major Bowes. A a a it would be a gue Star show but at the moment. I Wasny to sure what should be done with the guests once they checked their hats and Coats in the Hall. The first three guests were to be two names from the movie lots another who was pretty adept at the Art of making the boys around Carnegie Hall throw their hats in the air. The musician of course would deliver a modest Little assortment of pedigreed music but i did t know whether to invite the Cinema colonists to reply to Shakespeare a charge that a fall the world s a stage or broadcast Hurricane warnings to fishing smacks anchored off the shores of Tahiti. As it turned out we did no to invite the guests from the film lots to do anything except talk for it soon became obvious that guests talk better about a subject they want to talk about. Of you Chat with a guest for a few minutes you la find he s picked up a Choice anecdote at a snack bar Worth repeating on the air or is interested in a Hobby which makes a pleasant subject to kick around in front of a microphone. And that became the pattern of the show. A a a Chester Morris is Ace among Restid imitators Warren William ipod Errol Flynn and a few others prefer to scow to a town car any old Winter evening and Connie Bennett can Tell any girl alive just which ear to touch with the stopper jilt of a perfume bottle for each occasion. Every actress and actor is a specialist in some line capable of producing in a few minutes of radio entertainment. All of which brings us around to the question of How we keep the interviews leaning on the informal Side after we be selected the guest and the subject for discussion. A a a firstly the guest must feel at Home and not worry about Micro phone fright. Before every show we Tell the guest to relax and not let anything worry him. A give us a signal a we Tell them a if anything goes wrong Robin and i will and lib the show until you re Leady to resume. And if you Bobble a line forget it and laugh Kehe Reca music i ii 3o Khz a nows reports a Ftp Organ off 12-7 Kew by theater �?~2 or. Kehe Hal steam a band Knox a gang busters v2 or Khz a ski nay Ennis j or Kecan Stan Norris >/2 or. Knox a Leighton Noble Chi �?9 15�? i Kph act records All night pm try news reports i �?11 45�? Kehew Clifford e. Clinton Kehew buddy Rogers by. Kehew music off 12-6 Khz a Chico and his Harp Khz a jazz Nocturne. Or. Kew by news off 12-6 Kew by musical program j �?9 30�? i Midnight Knox a Scattergood Baines pm try Montoya by \ 2 or Kra a music off 1-6 a in a fact Jimmie Allen skit a fit Isham Jones band Knox a news Recs off 1-6 Best bets on the Ai tonight 5.v0-5 30�?knx, Andre Kostein Anetz concert a a a Grace Moore presents Wilson Angel baritone. A Medley of a swing Waltzes also a poor Butterfly from a the big 6 30-7 00�?Keca, minstrel show a a Bert Swor will highlight the program with a lecture on vacations. 8 00-8 30�?knx, cavalcade of America a a a history of Coal As a fuel in a dramatization entitled a King 8 00-9 00�?rfi, town Hall tonight a Fisherman a Friend Ray Smith will be guest. 9 00-9 30�?rfi, Tommy Dorsey a a broadcast from Chicago for the second consecutive week. 9 00-9 30�?knx, gang busters a a a True crime dramatization. 8 15-10 00 10 45-11 00 sports fac baseball Seattle is. Los Angeles. Kehe the roller Derby pan Pacific auditorium. For dancing 8 30-9 00�?knx, buddy Rogers 1000-10 15�?Kehe, Jay Whidden 9 00-9 30�?Keca, Stan Norris 10 30-11 00�?khj, Jan Garber 9 30-10 00�?knx, Roger Pryor 11 00-11 30�?kfac, Frank sort no specials tomorrow 10 45-11 00�?knx, a Capella choir Webster Groves High school. 3 45-4 00�?knx, american viewpoints social Security everybody a business a 4 00-5 00�?rfi, Rudy Valleen a show Frank Craven Heads the guest list when he is heard in a one act play a the lamplighter of queer sports 1 30-3 00�?Hal Berger re creates league baseball games. 3 30-3 45�?knx, National open Golf championship. A tomorrow Well probably laugh Kiu Kew by Stu Wilson 2 hrs. Knox a Sun Salute l ,2 hrs kit about it. that curse Mike i ight. And rehearsals Are Short. Usually Robin and i run through the spot one time whenever the guest feels like dropping in during the afternoon. Too much rehearsing makes for stilted speech. Robin has no trouble keeping an Knox a news reports informal touch in his weekly Lee i Keca financial service Tuire on Arkansas. Its never put Down in writing but delivered extemporaneously which of course gives it the natural touch. Kehew Hazel b. Dodd >4hr Khjai pay for a seat six. M if wbk or. Cook talk Milt Pinc k 2 hrs Knox a aunt Jenny a Story re Shine la i hrs a Kecan lets tall Ove -10 30�? valiant lady ser a seven a. M a fit Happy Kay a club Kecan original ties �?7 15�? a fit news reports a fact Wagoner \2 or. Kecan air sweethearts �?7 30�? a fit going places talk Khz a the Home town �?1 30�? a fit a. Johnson Var. Kehew Hal chancelor by. Khz a discovering schools Knox a Kitty Keene inc a fact Good cheer hour Kecan school news a 1 45�? a fit Church Quarter Khz a news reports Knox a morning melodies Kph act news reports or two p. M. A fit unannounced Kehew listen ladies v2 or Khz a Sands of time Kew by the of Neils ser a Knox a Judy amp Jane serial a fact a. A. J. C. Var. �?2 15�? a fit candid lady serial Khz a come qty Hall >2 or. Kew by vie Ai Sade serial Knox a Catalina islander �?2 30�? to a a a Ftp air Magazine 1 2 or. Khz a merry makers 1 it or. I Pauline s pro or Kehew Little show 4 or. A feb rangers it or. Knox a Peggy Tudor serial Kew by Myrt amp Marge Knox. Reca a president i Rex a piano recital Knox a Melody weavers Knox a Mary m Mcbride 1 _h30�? j �?2 45�? a fact country Chi a >/2 or a fit Pepper Young family Khz a this crazy world k9ca�?campus kids Khz a Hollywood spinsters j Knox a Maurice a dance by. �?8 15�? xxx Fletcher Wiley a fact Organ concert a fit the o Neils serial Kecan know your child i three p. M. Knox a a. Charles recalls �?11 45�? i a Ftp easy aces sketch �?10 45�? Kfir Church hymns Kehew or. Martin 4 or. Khz a this woman a world Knox a a Capella choir a fact congregate Church eleven a. M. Kfir Mary Marlin serial Khz pm troops a Colour y2 or Knox Ray Blacks variety Kecan viennese ensemble act Man on Street �?~2hr eight a. 51. Joe can county medical t k Kei a Lee s. Roberts i t w �?o11 15�? of Jhew news reports Var Kfir a Perkins serial Kecan George Griffins �?8 30�? Kfir news reports Khz a rest Haven a by a feb news reports or Knoll 50 a news Knox Helen Trent serial Kec a Market reports fac Keca Mirandy sketch. Farm amp Home i or �?8 45�? Kehew Cliff Clint Khz a Norma your Knox Reca l a Ftp jul Khz a cd Knox a a Keca a Glenn ten a Kfir Betty Ai Khz a this Woi >4 or i �?12 4s pro Fri a or rate serial in of the Star Knox woman s forum a is reports one p m. �?9 45�? a Ftp Bennett Ai Wolverton Plain Bill serial Kehs Jack Owens 4 or. Irm counsellor Khz the country editor Kew by Gallison 2 or Khz a radio Campus Knox a Houseboat Hannan i Knox a Organ concert Nee Irwin of i fac religious science a fact our times 4 or b Job. Serial Reca civic Anne cements Kecan rackets of today Nan a world �?1 15�? �?1 45�? a serial Kfir Ann Warner talk Kehew instrumentalists irk v4 or Jih a Martin Burandt. To Khz a Organ concert a on Cox a the wife Saver of wbk accordion pro. A fact Frank sort no by Knox a Boake Carter news Quot met a a r \ Don Winslow skit Trepca a news reports Kew by a. Cantrell i/2 or. Khz a the Johnson family Knox unannounced Knox a a Perkins serial a fact a. A or. College a fact Hollywood Church Kecan Light opera �/2 or. Recap classic or iy4 hrs. Of in the guiding Light j Kehew news reports a 4 or Kehe Eddie Brackett i Khz a Fem. Fancies a or Khz a Paul Small vocalist Kew by Clover Kerr talk Kew by Federal housing Knox a songs for you a fact concert Hall i i Kecan Organ concert noon _3i5_ i a to Bakk take Kif lost persons tracer kit the the w a Soihr a feb a Hilltop House or a fit Hie three Romeos Khz a de Fitzgerald s show so Nib Ira v to of the stars a fact Mildred lager Knox a Myrt amp Marge ser a Kecan social relations Mil v. A a fact news to minutes 3i10 a Ftp the mystery chef Kecan agriculture pro Kfir Marto Cozzol. Volt a1 Khz the Happy gang �?12 15 Khz a news reports Knox a the Goldbergs ser a Kfir Stella Dallis serial Knox Golf championship of act meditations in Hje news reports Recap Elvira Rios songs �?9 15�? if wbk mayor Shaw a 4 or �?3 45�? Kfir mrs. Wiggs serial Knox a pretty Kitty Kelly Kfir news reports Kehe or Reynolds 4 or Kecan club matinee 34 our guests. Or. Khz a Ted Malone poetry �?12 30�? Khz a unannounced Knox a vie and Sade serial a fit Rush Hughes news Knox a Amer. Viewpoints a fact or Mccoy a a a or. Kehew Cliff Clinton v4 or Kecan Durward Howes �?9 30�? Khz a agriculture v2 or. J four p i Kfir John s other wife Knox a Hilltop House serial Kif Rudy Val Lee Quot i or. Khz a Wallenstein i2 or. Knox a Fletcher Wiley �?~2 i Kecan string Trio v2 or �?4 15�? Kehew Oil Man comm to �?4 30�? typical tourist family honoured All year we Cornette Pointe out Southland attractions to be seen by mrs. Robert Kean wife of a Syracuse n. Y. Insurance executive and her daughters Jane and Betty. The new yorkers were chosen As a typical tourists to be entertained on a two Day sightseeing tour As part of Southern californians hospitality Day program. Symbolizing the million tourists expected in the Southland 1 this summer the visitors Are seen to the right of James r. Page president of the All year club who greeted them in the organizations free tourist information Bureau 505 West sixth St., lot Angeles before they embarked on the a hospitality Day a tour. Dorothy Dix a letter Box la till few exceptions marriage succeeds Best la Hen husband and la Ife Are in the same age class have same religious beliefs and Are interested in same i linings dear miss Dix i am a Young Man of barely 22 and i am in love with a girl who is of different nationality of a different religious Faith and six years my senior. My parents Tell me that i will make a terrible mistake it i marry her. They beg me to break Oft with her for at least a year and go with other Young ladies with More of my background. Also they say that they will not help me in any Way if i marry this girl but As she will be willing to continue to work. I think we would in Happy. What is your opinion troubled. Answer your parents Are entirely right in opposing your marriage to this girl As there would not be one Chance in a thousand that it would turn out happily. The Odds Are too much against it. Every marriage even those in which the High contracting parties have the same background and when they have the same taste in politics and pies is full enough of things Over which the husband and wife can disagree and about which they can quarrel and argue without adding to it a difference in nationality and religion. These things mean nothing to you now. Perhaps it even adds a Little piquancy a Little Romance for your girl to be of foreign descent and you can think of nothing More unimportant than that she belongs to one Faith and you to another. But it will be a different Story after marriage. Then the difference in religion will turn into a holy War which is the cruellest and the bitterest of All wars and in which Between you you will slay All peace and happiness and even love itself. Then you will find yourself continually walked aggravated or outraged by your wife a tastes and habits and opinions that you will resent simply because they Are not your ways habits and opinions. When people of alien blood marry it Means that one or the other must make a terrible sacrifice in order to adjust himself or herself to the other. And sacrifice is a rickety foundation on which to build a marriage. It is too Likely to give Way. Also there is too much difference in your Ages. If you were in your Middle thirties it would not matter for the girl to be six years older than you because then you would be mature and know what qualities you want in a wife. But when you Are 22 you Are still an unformed boy while she is a woman who is Ages older than you in experience and knowledge of the world. Your fathers advice is Wise. Break off this engagement and go about with other girls for a year. Then you will be better fitted to make the most momentous decision of your life. But Don t forget that the happiest marriages Are those in which the husband and wife belong to the same class Iii age in nationality in religion in social standing and intelligence. A a dear miss Dix i am a woman of 24. I have been twice married and twice divorced. Somehow i cannot seem to make my marriages permanent. Could you please Tell me How i can get married and make my marriage last lonely. Answer if you have been twice married at the tender age of 24 you certainly do not need any guide to the altar. You seem to have what it and to be an expert at getting your Man. Getting a husband is one thing but holding one is quite another pair of sleeves As you have found out. When we make a failure of any undertaking whether it be marriage or business it is a Good thing to sit Down and have a heart to heart session with ourselves and try to find out How it happened. And i would suggest this procedure in your Case. Did you get tired first or did your husband if you did then you May safely conclude that you Are one of the fickle women who Lack the Power to be faithful to any one Man. Women of this Type must always have change excitement adventure. They Call never Settle Down to the humdrum Monotony of domesticity so they should never marry. Perhaps the reason that your two husbands threw up their hands and quit so soon was because you did not make marriage agreeable to them. Maybe you stopped dolling yourself up after marriage and went slouching about in untidy Negligee. Perhaps you did not make yourself an interesting companion. Perhaps you were a Dagger or too possessive or too extravagant. It takes a lot of work and tact on the wife a part to make a Man think that she is Worth supporting and thai marriage is a Good investment. The Only suggestion that i can give As to How to make a marriage last is for the wife to make her husband so comfortable and contented that he wants to stay put. Tribune classified ads get results we can recover your old set like new without placing a Burden on yourself by 2-piece set upholstered including All fabrics and labor. Estimates Given free in your Home use our new budget flan Eastern upholstering shop it. 1128 West main St. A Alhambra a Fine at ?-5o02 Tribune classified ads get results Vanderbilt wed to girl he met in Arcadia continued from Page 1 i Tell whether the Bride wore a going away or a just arrived gown. Met in Arcadia but its a Story that the writer i has had in Confidence for several Days and one that looked As though j it might stand up to become sex i elusive. Besides which the Romance began at Santa Anita Park in Arcadia last Winter and ran its Bright course through Pamlico and Belmont to today s june wedding from the moment that mrs. Charles s. Howard. Cd san Francisco introduced her charming Niece to or Vanderbilt in the Howard Box at Santa Anita Alfred has been in a slight Daze concerning sea biscuit. Stagehand and even discovery his first and my Day continued from Page 3 Flowers and not too Many and being Able to eat the things i like but none of the things i dislike. In addition. I should not want to take any disagreeable Medicine or have any painful treatments. It is now 3 o clock i have had a Glass of milk and a Sandwich for lunch. Mrs. Scheider a brother has arrived and i am at the cottage telephoning pretty nearly All the world it seems to me. When this column is done i will return to the j Hospital though i know there can one very Little change for several hours. When i left the Hospital at i a. In. This morning i was amused to j have one of the Young nurses ask j me to sign her year Book which i had just come out. It seemed a j trifle incongruous to think about autographs in a Hospital but she was not the Only one. After i re j turned from seeing mrs. Scheider j into the operating room this morn j ing three More Sweet Young things i who had just graduated appeared j and asked for signatures in their books. Finally a patient walking i Down the Hall asked me to sign her baby a photograph and handed me two other sips for patients who were not Able to be about. Children j Are the usual collectors of autographs but by no Means exclusive i by. Indian chief carries mails Charlevoix Mich. Up a a full fledged Indian chief has carried the mail Here for 25 years. Dan Mcsauby 45-Yar-old postman is the grandson and heir of a once powerful Ottawa Indian chief who ruled in this area before its settlement by White men. Greatest turf Champion. America called toe vague Kepi . I los Anoli is up a America i. J i it suffers seriously from too much great secrecy has surrounded the Happy Young couple s sudden Lect vagueness and especially from no Slon to make theirs a quiet and j Many vague words according to i strictly family wedding and it was Fred w. Orth visual education i Only within that week that the authority. The Only solution he j grooms Mother. Mrs. Margaret em-1 Beeves is education by the film i Erson arrived from Honolulu where Brj to it the student reality she had stopped off on a round the world cruise with her daughter miss Tiu objectivity ins ant Gloria Baker. Ter Ward. Opposite City Hall Arcadia Calif values a aim a Gariety printing that pleases it is a fact that your business is Best known by the Quality of printing matter coming from it. Call the daily Tribune for your next printing order. There you la get Quality work at lower prices than Ordinary printing costs you elsewhere. Tull a St. Jim 104 n. 1st ave. Telephone 2131 you May use to 60% mom Gas getting into Quot High Quot again in today a Stop and go driving you re always shifting gears. When in a flow a your engine makes about 12 turns for each turn of the wheels. In a second a about a High a Only about 4. That a Why in your Stop and go driving around Home one mile on your speedometer May be two Miles to your engine. It depends on How much of the driving is in Low and second gears. Shell engineers found that getting into High gear from a single Stop can waste enough undigested Quot gasoline to carry you a of a mile. To Cut this waste they rearranged the chemical Structure of gasoline making every drop usable under All driving conditions. Your gear ratio in High gear is about 4 to i in second gear is about 8 to i in Low gear is about 12 to i the More you Stop and Start the farther your engine travels in comparison to your wheels. And the greater your waste of a a undigested gasoline. La you can save on your Stop and go driving costs by the regular use of super Shell. Try it and see for yourself. Super Shell Shelli saves on Stop and go

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