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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - June 4, 1937, Arcadia, California Page eight i lot w n i to 11 258 27 i .j,174 3075 delinquent tax list con int. In lot 32 -48 19. Trad no. 3112, B. 29-68 2285�?Albert. Pickering. Vav. 60 Al of e 62.5 it. Of lot 6�?$11.73. 2293�?Mary b Adams n. Loo f of lot 8�?16.53. Tract no. 3430, B. 42-32 2318 Martha Washe e 72 60 it of lot 14�? $22,50. 2360 Mamie v Budwith lot 34 a $43.82. Tract no. 3522. B. 38-27 2392�?george s a St Marion e. Stewart. Lot com. At s. E. Cor of lot 4. The s. 80 Deg 35 min. W. Too it the n. 0 Deg. 14 min. 46 Sec. W 273 83 ft the e to e. Line of lot the s thereon 258 28 it. To in part of lot 4�?612.66. 2398�?susan f net n. E. Cor. Of so lot 4. Line of so lot 99.10 it. It. The e. 98 86 it. To a line of so lot the n. Thereon 258.27 it. To beg. Part of lot 4�?615.73. Or tract no 4099, B. 43-47 1 2,407 Chai. W Jayred. 0 .94 a. Com. I ,.�?~ s. 81 Deg Vav 471.91 it. From n e i 40 Cor. Of lot i the s. 81 Deg. W. 85.50j it. The s 480.12 it. The s. 89 Deg 59 min. 20 Sec. E. 84 it. The n 493.53 it. To beg., part of lot in 649.06. 2413�?Charles Strong. 0.94 a. Com s. 81 Deg. Vav 734.74 it. From n e Cor. Of lot i. The s. 81 Deg. Vav. 92 38 it. The s. 439.96 it. The s 89 Deg 59 min. 20 Sec. E. 91.24 it. The n a it beg., part of lot i�?$21 33 tract no. 4129. B 75-48 amp 49 2433�?eugenia Porter lot la blk i 611.40. Tract no. 4357. B. 114-66 2523�?george a. Merriam lot 12�? 612.23. 2524�?geo. A. Merriam e. 20 it of lot 13�?61.20. 2543�?henry Roth. Lot 28 $8.28 tract no. 4467, Ii. 53-10 2554a�?james Vav. Castle. E 80 it of w. 184.18 it. Of a. 209.63 it. Of lot 2 621.02. 2567�?leo l. Larue e. 118 it. Of Vav. 236 it. Of n. 253.56 it. Of lot 9�? $18.61. Tract no. 4869. B. 52-13 2628�?Frank b amp Edith v. Sweeney w. 74.45 it. Of s. 250 it. Of lot 8 Futol. 2629�?katheryn a. Dodge e. 71.5 it. Of 8. 250 it. Of lot 8�?$9 07. 2634�?paul b. Herrington e. 65 70 it of lot io�?$15.55. 2636�?alexander Mckie lot 12�? 616.13. 2666�?florence s. Roberts lot 37�? 614.66. 2692 Frank. Wackerman e. 66.41 it. Of s. 301.50jt. Of lot 49�?$14.41. 2605�?wni. E. Wilkins. Lot 52�?$15.20. 2896�?chas. W. Amp Mary e. Wagener. Lot 53�?$26 32. 2718�?loel Thomas w. 65 70 it of lot 69�?$11.23. La Delaney. Lot 74�?$21.41. 2727 Mary. Bussey w. 87.82 it. Of lot 76�?$16.78. 2728 Mary. Bussey e. 2.18 feet of lot 77�?$0.65. 2730 Mary. Bussey e. 2.18 it. Of lot 78- 60.60. 1iact no it 4870�?T m b 56-24 �?�745�?homer Carnahan w. 50 it of lot 8�?$9.63. 2746a-Pluma a. Dull e. 25 it. Of lot 9�?$5.15. Tract no. 5205, B. 54 amp 61 2764�?herman Lietz sex. St., lot in 6386.73. 2765 Frederick w. Gardner n. 130 it. Except streets of lot 2_ 62186. 2706-Frederick w. Gardner All of bat2 except n. 130 it of same 2780�?w. George Glazier 0.24 ac., com. S. 0 Deg. 02 min. W. 20 it. From n. W. Cor. Of lot 9, the. E. On 7/. Iez of Huntington drive 98.35 tue or 0 Deg 02 min w do it. R i ? it the n 0 Dee 02 min. Lot -$%.92� bib being pay a of 21fs Krame. Of a. J. Lay. Sep a a a n 600 it 01 lot 9-�?�f 20.71. M ? no 5907�?T m b -831 Una f. Shugart w 57 92 it of lot 15�?$8.78. 2832�?harry Potts sex w. 57.92 it of lot 15�?$9.14. 28, .n0o6074 m b 67-83 rn-�5�.5an 8eh-teto�?~��. 2851�?james e. Osborn lot 12_ 615.81. 3058 3059 Capitol co., lot 21 cd i u s a b Moore $7.93. Lot $1 5 59. 3060 Thelma m Schmidt of 23�? j $8 02. I 3062 Arcadia in. So Des. C 0 lot i 25 $7.40 3063 Ruth h or lion lot 26 $24 02 3064 Arcadia i lust Dev. C 0 lot �?$7.40 i 3065 Arcadia la v is div cd lot 28 $7.40, 3066 Arcadia inv. So Dev of a lot 29 $7,40. 3067�? Arcadia inv. Is Dev. Cd to 30 $7 40 3068�? Arcadia inv. Is Dev. Co. Lot 31 $7 40. I i 3069 Arcadia inv. Is Dev. Co vac i Arcadia California Friday june 4, j937 3537 Clifton. Platt sex $47.10. 3538 Clifton Platt exp $32.64. 3539 f. Wiley sex. St $32 64 3540�?1 $10.8 3543 f 3544 3545 3546 3547 3548 the Arcadia trl Bui lot 6 f where arcadians meet m Wiley sex. Wiley lot to Wiley lot la i m Wiley. Lot 12 f m Wiley lot 13 f m Wiley lot 14 of. Wiley lot 15 s. Adj. On e. And lot 32 $8.31. Arcadia Lay. So Dev co vac adj. On f and lot 33 $3 73. Capitol co., lot 34�?$3 47. Capitol co. Lot 37�?$3.47. Capitol co. Lot 38�?63.47. Capitol co., lot 40�?$3 47. Arcadia in. Is Dev. Co., lot $5.22. Arcadia inv. Amp Dev co., lot $5.75. A addle b. Littleton lot 45�? $10.68. A Arcadia inv 47�?$4 08 3085�?Arcadia inv. A Dev 48�?$4.08. 3086 Arcadia inv. So Dev 49�?$4 08,3087 Arcadia inv. Is Dev 50�?$4.78. 3088�?Arcadia inv. And Dev. Co lot i 51�?$4 08. 3089�?Arcadia inv. Amp Dev. Co., vac. I St adj. On e. And lot 52�?$4.35. 3090�?Arcadia inv. So Dev. Co., vac. So Dev. Co. Lot co. Lot co., lot co., lot St. Adj. On e. And lot 53�?$5.66. 3091�?Arcadia inv. Amp Dev. Co lot 54�?$5.22. 3092�?Arcadia inv 55�?$5.22. 3093 Arcadia inv. So Dev. Co lot 56�?$5.40. 3094�?abadia inv. Is Dev. Co lot 57�?$5.48. 3095�?Arcadia inv. Amp Dev. Co lot 58�?$6.27. 3096�?Arcadia inv. So Dev co lot 59�?$5.22. 3097�?capitol co., lot 60�?$5 13 3098�?capitol co., lot 61�?$5.05. Tract no. 6860, Xvi. B. 78-75 3103�?Fred n. Baker sex. St., lot 3�? $50.31. J 3104�?Fred n. Baker sex. St., lot 4 i $50.31. I 3105 Fred n. Baker sex. St., lot 5 i $50.31. J 3108�?Mary l. Turner sex. St. Lot 8�? i $50.31. 3111 Hudson Proctor sex. St lot la $58.13. O. B is g. O King. E of s. Prolongation in get 17, lot 26�?$6 71. To no. 8994, Xvi. Ii. 15-43 Floyd c Hawkins lot 1-$43.70. 3606a Floyd c. Hawkins lot 2-$6 31. 3607 Charles r. Buys. Vac. Alley adj on n. And lot 3 $6.53. 3609 Charles r buys n. 58 88 it of lot 4�?$3.03. Tract no. 9387, Ii. 126-65 3642 Ward Heller. Lot 4 $19.30. Tract no. 9610, Ii. 131-64 3371�?mildred Borg lot 19�?$14 50. Tract no. 9995, B. 138-40 3g9c Albert. Angus lot 3 677 83 36 7 tiles. A Angus. S. 90 it of lot 4 -$9.59. 3697a Albert Angus. N. Soft of lot 4-6159. 3698�?margarita c Angus lot 5-$10.68. 3699�?thos a is Isabelle Angus lot 6�?$10 68. Tract no. 10726, Xvi. Ii. 185-31-32 3712�?citizens Natl. Trust is say Bank lot 4�?$14.06. 3713�?citizens Natl. Trust so Sav Bank lot 5�?$10 97. Tract no. 10617. >1. B. 189-12-13 3728 Clara Baldwin Stocker Home amp Dev. Co., lot 3751-theo22 j2 is Dorris f. Brodhead lot 32�?$9.60. 3755�?clara Baldwin Stocker Home lot 36�?$8.20. 3757�?clara Baldwin Stocker Home to 38�?$13.63. 3759a�?bruce f. Sianna b Undy. Lot com. At most s. Cor. Of lot 40 the n. W on n. E. Line of Rancho Road 67.50 it. The n. E. To n. E. Line of said lot the s. E. Thereon 40 it. To most e. Cor. Thereof the s. W. 431.17 it. To beg., part of lot 40�?$11.62. 3760�?bruce f. Amp Anna Brundy lot i 41�?$25.41. 1 i tract no. 10928, B. 191-1-2 3780�?r. L. Culver lot 14�?$5.31. Treat no. 10955. B. 191-27-30 3815�?clara Baldwin Stocker lot 7�?$4.87. 3844�?clara Baldwin Stocker. Lot 36 �?$7.23. Tract no. 10985, B. 191-41-42 3912�?p. H. Green lot io�?$5.92. Arcadia democratic study club meets second and fourth fridays 8 ., City Hall auditorium. Visa Tler s Lodge. No. 1427. B p o elks. Meets first four thursdays every month. Elks Temple Monrovia. American legion a second and fourth tuesdays Glenn Dyer Post clubhouse. North first ave Ane at Forest 8 00 o. In. Mar can auxiliary second thursday i Aalon club House at 8oo In. Arc Ai Jia fealty boards Host and third tues rvs for breakfasts 7 30 a.m., Pines Coffee shop. Arcadia Monrovia elks first four mondays each 3114 John v. Green. lot 14 �?$47.10. 3115 inn r i Olaiz f. To. Green lot io�?$5.92. -$47 10 a exp a lot 15j 3922vera Elizabeth Birks lot 20 Griswold sex. St., j 3923-c. V. White lot 21-$6.27. 3117�?Albert Ellsworth sex St lot 17�?$55.35. 3120�?leo Weiss lot 20�?630 79 Oss sl0an> l0t 22$30.79. Amp we a Brian lot 23�?$31.59. 3124�?marshal k. White lot 24�? $31.59. 3125�?jones Miller inc lot 25_ $15.08. 3128�?sigrard Hanson Elsa Errick son. Lot 28�?$33.82. 3129�?Fred n. Baker lot 29�?$31.59. 3133�?nellie e. Eastlick lot 33�? $15.08. 3135�?sally s. Riddell lot 35�?$30.79. 3136�?b. N. Mcgorrey lot 38�?$30.79. 3138--Fred n. Baker. Lot 38�?$121 17 tract no. 6985. B. 106-53 3142�?Francis e. Eager lot 4 3143fred amp la Dessa Ball lot 5 $3.30. 31flfd amp Lodi Asa Ball lot 6 $4,00. Oi7-Francis e bag r. Lot 9�?$9.61 a Ancis a eat i lot io�?$9.61 3149-Francis e. Eager. Lot ll-$9 07 2 Francis e. Eager lot 12-$10.70. Junaci no 7473�?T m a 93-51 amp 52 2, addle Adams lot 49�?$4 86 , no 7723, B. 93-41 amp 42 328�?security first Natl. Bank lot la blk. C�?$1.46. 32nnitjlfirst Natl Bank lot 12. Blk. C�?$1.46. 32?m a Quot Type St Natl Bank lot 13�?blk c�?$1.72. 33l1fuhr, Nati Bank it Quot lot 24, blk. E�?$1.46. 33$97oaage Smith Lac 10�?T blk g tract no. 7820, B. 83-30 City printing notice for bids notice is hereby Given that sealed bids will be received by the Arcadia City Council up to 8 00 o clock M., june 8, 1937, for one i 500 gallon pumper Chassis Complete with and other auxiliary equipment according to specific tons therefor on file in the office i of the City clerk. All bids to be accompanied by a meet month 8 00 In. 215 we foothill blvd., Monrovia. Scouts Arcadia dist rec. Meeting third monday com Biu nity bin North second Avenue. 7 iop Business and professional woman club monthly dinner meeting. Chaminade Lyric club weekly rehearsals at methodist Church Monrovia at 930 a. In. Community Church presbyterian a woman a Guild first thursday women a missionary society second thursday world service club fourth wednesday menus Fellowship club third tuesday. Council first and third tuesdays auditorium second floor. City Hall 8 00 In. Chamber of Commerce Board of directors meets first wednes meeting third wednesday office City Hall. 800 Membership meeting third thursday office. 8 00 . President Robert a Sheehan. Phone 2279. Secretary miss Betty Ham. Eastern Star social club fourth Friday afternoon in the Homes of members. Eastern Star Arcadia chapter 7i first and third thursday evening masonic Temple Sierra Madre. Para. Bureau. Foul try Center of san gab Lei Vall Yourth Friday of every month City Hall auditorium. 8 In. Gem City Lodge no. 72, k. Of p., 229 s. Myrtle Monrovia. Meets Friday night 8 . Vernon c. Cash Chancellor commander. E. Greenlee. K. Of r. S. It. Monrovia Temple no. 33 pythian Sisters. Meets second and fourth tuesday 8 ., k. Of Hall 229 s. Myrtle Monrovia. Faith Greenlee E. C. Lions club thursday noon luncheon at be Derby tavern on Huntington drive v. F. W. Auxiliary Arcadia Post 2070, meets first thursday at woman a club 8 M., and third thursday luncheon meeting certified Check or bidders Bond i intr re for quart Tot tit. An amount of ten pet cent of the i Erans Ftp and third amount bid the City Council reserves the 49. K right to reject any or a 1 bids w. H. Nesbitt City clerk Arcadia California publish May 28, june 4, 1937. Tract no. 6341, B. 104-21 2870�?martin. Amp Jessie e Boyle lot 3�?67.22. A a Traci to. 7820, m b 83 �?�0 Wicker. Lot 9-s7.8s. J 34�?olmarsh. Sex. St. To m West it Rod lot 20�?$3.03 i , 59 so no c50s m b. 70-10 34�?�_�llsan f it her. Lot 27�?si i 26 ply her lot "1-513 04. 4l37/ierman Harringson. Lot 38-m Janes Tigner. Lot 34t 14. A.1?-24 05 i of i 3 a lot 43�?$4.49 13425 of a a of Iser lot 44�?$19.23 $4 49 Rutan strand. Lot 45 Maltbie lot 18 13�?$24.05. 2946�?curtis r $4.86. 2$13 01�n Underwood lot 29�? we Henry n. To by. Losi . Wil iams a lot 32-510.68 3000�?tresy b Engle n 246 08 it of lot 60�?648 83 30�1758parsom w 65 it of lot so my m a 126-67 3m8-capito1 co it lot 3�?$3 33 3041�?capitol co., lot 6�?$3 38 ?lsapuo1 co. Lot 7�?$3.38. Sapit01 co a lot 8�?$3.38. ?2tsaplt0 c0-�?T lot 38. 3045�?capitol co., to Io-$3 38 304-Capito co., w 25 it. Of lot ll�?$1.55. 304? Acadia inv. Amp Dev. Co., vac St. Adj. On e and lot 12�?$ 13 3048�?-Arcadia inv. Amp Dev. Co lot 13�?$7.40. A inv amp Dev co., lot -$7 40 3050�?Arcadia inv. So Dev co it. Of lot 15 notice for bids notice is hereby Given that sealed bids will be received by the Arcadia City Council up to 8 00 o clock M., june 8, 1937, for one fire engine body according to specifications therefor on file in the office of the City clerk. All bids to be accompanied by a certified Check or bidders Bond in an amount of ten per cent of the amount bid. The City Council reserves the right to reject any or All bids. W. H. Nesbitt City clerk Arcadia California. Publish May 28. June 4, 1937. Rutan strand pm �-34$5l4t, Uman a re berts log 47-34$5l4t�?~uman w Roberts. Lot 48 3449l$8d8n2a Rhum a d ,4 let Quot 3444 Ngun mrsh lot 61-sc.27 Ogden Marsh lot 6?�? -59�gden Mars a a 34-$3j3,0gden Varsh sex lot 34 3,-v59�8dn my Lush sex St lot 35 3448� Ogden Marsh sex St --$5.04. 3449�. Ogden Marsh sex St �?$5.04. 3450. Ogden Marsh sex St �?$3.59. V. Eunus Vav Tfir nes it a it of Central building Myrtle Avenue Monrovia. Charles a Lindberg fire Camp no. 708 veterans foreign wars Arcadia Post no. 2070. Second and fourth wednesdays 8 00 . 219 North first Avenue. J masons Arcadia Lodge no 547 ii 1 f. So a. M., at Sierra Madre tem 1 a pie. Second Friday stated meeting. Fourth Friday entertainment night Public Library open every Day Days and holidays from 2 to 3 30 In. Saturdays from to a in. To 8 30 In Parent teacher a5so. First Avenue so Looi meeting fourth tuesday 2 In. In the first Avenue auditorium Holly ave i woman a club clubhouse 824 a South first ave., Glrst and third wednesdays from october to first wednesday in june 2 In. Programs 2 45 In. Luncheons first wednesday 12 15. Roi Al neighbors use con and fourth fridays at Home of members. The Townsend club of Arcadia meeting every thursday 8 Rn., City Ham auditorium. Any notice for bids the Board of trustees of Arcadia City school District of los Angeles county California will receive a a. A Auu Winum sealed bids up to 7.30 June la 3uestlons answered. All invited. 1937, at the administration office 300 Block South first Avenue for Gas fired air heating units As provided in specifications which Are on file at the office of the District Supe intendant first Avenue school lot 66 lot 6 lot 68 25 3451 Ogden Marsh sex s a i �?$3.59. -$2 85. 30zcaciia inv amp Dev co e 50 i 3452 Ogden Marsh exit. Of lot 16�?$5.22. �?$3.59 3055�?delbert g Stanton lot 18-$7.40. 3050�?delbert g. Stanton lot 19�? $9.59 3057�?Arcadia inv. Amp Dev. Co i of bo�?$7.40. Lot 69 St. Lot 70 Arcadia bids must include delivery and installation of new equipment and to Ade allowance for All old water Heaters replaced. The Board reserves the right to reject any and All bids and to waive any informality in any bid received. Board of trustees Arcadia City school dist dated May 27, 1937 publish May 28, june 4, 1937. I mercy and humanity a when a Man cares not what suf firing he causes others and especially of he delights in other menus sufferings and Rokes them his 3453� Ogden Marsh pm r r i so a it a cruelty and not to be �?$3.59. Quot a s lot u i affected with the sufferings of other i people though they proceed not for delicious snacks. I _ Nehie. Corbett. Lot 88-$4 49. I Lom others or from causes in 8475�?T m a 114100 which not concerned is un-3506 Fred a. Blethen lot io�?$3 38 1 merciful Ness. Mercy and hum Nuy tract no. 8504, m b. 107-56 Quot Quot a Tuare the reverse of these Kraft nu4 cheese spreads 4$ just bring several Ari Netiea of Kraft cheese spreads and crackers ,. And cd a nil it airy refreshments Are ail ready lie get spreads Are grand fur sandwiches appetizers and salads too. Notice tile smart new Circle Dot design on the so Ank swig glasses Kraft spreads come in. Display. Advertisers know their advertising Dollar goes further and brings better results when spent in the Arcadia daily Tribune. Classified advertisers will learn their chances to make a Sale Are greater in a local Market. Phone your classified and to Arcadia Tribune Telephone 2131 the chances Are you la make a Sale

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