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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - June 2, 1938, Arcadia, California Part four san Gabriel Valley advertiser edition of Arcadia daily Tribune thursday june 2, ims on silent assumptions by Dorothy Thompson Valley shoppers select bargains testifying before the congressional committee investigating the t. V. A., or. Arthur Morgan the former chairman. Who was removed by president Roosevelt for repeated his charge that the t. V. A. Has not had an honest administration. He said that that did not mean thou directors Quot had taken bribes or stolen Mon y or profited financially through their official acts Quot but he a it aia. Quot there Are More Subtle forms of fall ure to meet the Public underlying All goo government Are Cert sumption. Often they ten in the Law at All d dem it in silent Astre not writ but it is the in sumption we Lien Are of t hat that violation of these has seriously disturbed Many win in agreement with most of the Joe Tivee of the new Deal it is assumed for instance the accounting of Public age will be at least As scrupulous As required by Law from private industries. It is assumed that the government will not use the taxpayers Money to make propaganda for itself. It is assumed that if Public funds Are turned Over to the administration Unea marked for expenditure on Relief and recovery measures they will not be allocated with a View to their political effects. It is assumed that if a Man holds a position of Public Trust whereby he has control Over the livelihood of millions of people he will scrupulously refrain from using that position As a Means of bringing pen i Cal pressure. It is assumed that no administration or party in Power will so exploit its position As to make it almost impossible for any other party or administration Ever to come to Power. For if these assumptions Are violated. Then it is theoretically possible for and administration or any political party to keep itself in office forever. And that condition Means the end of democratic government. All of these silent assumptions Are repeatedly violated. Or. Morgan claims that they Are violated in the t. V. A. By Subtle misrepresentations both of the position of the t. V. A. And of the viewpoint of Commonwealth and Southern corporation with which it has been competing. Nearly every government Agency today has a press agent attached to it paid by the taxpayers whose business it is to Quot sell the activities of that Agency to the Public. This seems to me to be a thoroughly immoral procedure if a party in Power can use Public funds to make propaganda for itself it puts itself in Possession of instruments to which it has no right it misuses Money voted for another purpose altogether. If the president has the Power to give or withhold funds voted for Relief and Public works to induce recovery then he is under the strictest moral obligation to distribute those funds with the most impartial Justice and totally without regard to the political influences that he May or May not thereby help. But it is generally conceded in Washington today that Federal Money is being distributed with a View to Influent ing the outcome of the political contests now going on. Or. Harry Hopkins is at present the largest employer of labor in the j United states. He is under the strictest moral obligation not to use his position to influence the out i come of any political struggle. If any Man in the United states i ought to assume the position of an impeccable civil servant that Man j is or. Hopkins. But he does not assume it. In the fight Over the supreme court or. Hopkins took sides and went on the air and implied in his speech that if the supreme court Bill did not pass Relief for the poor would be threatened. Now in the last few Days or. Hopkins has taken sides in the Iowa democratic primaries. Or. Hopkins s personal opinion about the merits of one or the other candidates is of no importance. But the opinion of a Man who is dispensing several billion dollars Worth of Money Money extracted from All the taxpayers regardless of their politics becomes of overwhelming importance. It is precisely this continual violation of simple imperatives that Defeated the Bill for the reorganization of the executive. If we had a scrupulous civil service if we could be sure that increased executive Power would not be used largely or even partly with the object of keeping the administration in office then the people of the United states might very Well be in favor of enlarging that Power in the interests of greater efficiency in government. But they have no such Faith. Copyright 1938. New York Tribune inc the mexican thundercloud by Walter Lippmann Dorothy Dix a letter Oung mothers need to get Anay from their Chil Dren and household duties part of the time so it is up to them to show appreciation when relatives do lend a helping hand dear mss Dix we Are a Young married couple v. Till Bree Small children. We Are High in the social but Low in he financial bracket. The result is a Young Mother who i on Tho verge of nervous prostration with too much housework and baby tending and a poor tired Young father who has to come from his Days hard work at the office to help out with the chores around Home. Now in our family there Are two grandmothers one on either ride financially Well off who Sana us Lovely presents for Christmas and birthdays Ard there it stops. But that in t what we want. We need personal help. Somebody to stay with the kids one night a week end let us go out stepping or on sunday afternoons so we can go to a Tea or the movie instead of spending them in an orgy of nursing. Done tour Sisters and our cousins and our aunts and especially those who have been through the same sex peril a e that we Are going through now realize that no matter How much one loves one s children one would like to have a Little respite from them at times and that we Are Young and dying to go to some of the parties we can to go to because we have nobody with whom to leave Sammy and Junior and Mamie believe me it would be a grand Charity to help out a couple of child bound Youngpo rents. Or. And mrs. Blank. Answer so it would and i commend it 4o the attention of grandmother and a aunt Sally sister sue and All other ladies with kind hearts Ard altruistic leanings. Indeed i should heartily advocate the forming in every family Circle of a league of visiting female relatives of the Aid of Young mothers except that on the occasions when i Hare personally volunteered to stand guard Over a babe at right while ifs Mother went to the theatre she regarded me with As much suspicion and distrust As if i had been an understudy to Herod and was so plainly surprised and relieved to find her precious Lamb still alive when she returned that it discouraged me in further Well doing along the nursing line. So perhaps when grandma and aunt Susan Don t Bob up As enthusiastic substitutes for Mother on football game Days and fhe night of the Junior league Ball it May not be altogether those ladies fault it is disheartening to grandmother who has brought up seven husky children of her own to have a Little snip of an Amateur Mother Load her Down with directions and leave a written schedule of what to do and what not to do with Especial emphasis on warnings about rot kissing the baby or singing to him or rocking him to sleep. It makes her feel that she had just As Well go on to her Bridge or her club and let Emeline raise her baby in her own Way without any outside help. So a hew on that thought for a while mrs. Blank. But All the same the Young Mother who has a House full of babies and no capable nurses to take care of them who never gets a Good nights sleep or eats a meal in peace who can t even go to Market without pushing a per ambulatory before her and having a Little Tike hanging on to her skirts whose nerves Are fretted into fiddle strings by childish fights and squabbles and the incessant cry form of he a i a pathetic figure and she does need help. For the children a Sake As Well As her own spa Koshe needs to get a Way from them for an hour or two every Day to to fact she can pull herself together and summon Mere patience with which to Deal with them. And she needs to go out at least one night a week where Here is Gayety and laughter that will cheer her up and give her something pleasant to think about during the Long hours she is shut my alone wit no other society than a gurgling infant. J think it would be a Fine thing if the women in her family or the neighbor women would think now and then that it must be Yetty a d Jot Emeline who loves life and who used to be the life of the Pat wherever she went to be so tied Down with babies end translate hair sympathy into action and Volunteer to mind the children occasional and let her have an Outing. Scene above shows of san Gabriel Valley shoppers about the produce tables at Crawford s country Village Market. 845 Las Valley Boulevard across the Street from the Alhambra Airport As they carefully select fresh vegetables at bargain prices. Budget of is sets Sik Ili Jas Leo by Stewart Brown United press staff correspondent Rome june 2, up a Italy spends 124.000,000 lire $6,-522,400 annually on propaganda of various kinds in foreign countries in an Effort to make new converts for fascism and to keep italians living abroad in closed Contact wit ? their Homeland a study of the current financial budget reveals. Almost half of this Money most a of which comes from the budget of the ministry for foreign affairs i is spent on italian schools abroad. Subsidised by the government there Are Many private italian As i soc actions and clubs supported by wealthy italian communities. This is particularly True in the United id a a pc Iii. Viz ii 25 a i la a if in u us 4 1/4 4 v the italian government maintains states it where the order of the sons 138 schools in foreign lands and Wing to Hie critical condition of Europe the trouble which la brewing in Mexico a of More Han local significance. For there la to put it bluntly Imp danger of a civil War in Mexico to such a War the alignments would be not unlike those in Spain and a civil War of this kind would Divide the Peoples of Thor hemisphere As the Peoples of Europe Are now divided. In every american nation our own included men would take sides passionately pan american to operation would be disrupted and the Western hemisphere might cease to be a Citadel of peace and order in thir troubled world if the mexican class struggle is allowed to degenerate into violence the fumes of that struggle will Poison the whole hemisphere pm battering i the internal problems of the american nations and their relations with i one another. The Issue is far greater than that of the Legal claims of foreign investors in Mexico. The Paramount interest of the United states j is that under no circumstances shall i there be a civil War in Mexico and 1 that under no circumstances shall non mexicans be permitted to use j Mexico a difficulties to foment a civil 1 War. In making our policy toward Mexico we must feel about the proven Tion of civil War As Lincoln Felt about the preservation of the Union when he said Quot my Paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union and is not either to save or destroy slavery. If i could save the Union without freeing any slave i would do it and if i could do it by freeing ail the slaves i would do it i and of i could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone i would also do if a policy of this sort is to succeed. The United states government must act on two parallel lines. On the one hand it must prevent foreign intervention in Mexico in support of a rebellion against the government it must allow the government to have arms if it needs them and it must refuse Amis to rebels. It must do these things not out of sympathy with the government s social philosophy but because in the present state of affairs any constituted government in Mexico isto be preferred to a civil War. The i Only practical alternative to upholding the Cardenas government would be to intervene to overthrow it at once and since that is obviously out of the question since anarchy in Mexico is to be avoided at All costs since hesitation on our part will county receipts in state on increase county recipes throughout California have increased 26.02 per cent or $79,531,544.01, in the past ten years according to state con a. Riley who has zoo avow. A of Italy is a flourishing Organiza gives financial assistance to an and to m in South America there is in Dit ional 654. Association of italians in South this alone costs the government America. S3,000h00l a m s most of these non official Organ the United states South America Izat ions have a distinct Bond with and France have a total attend fascist Italy. Many of them oper Anre of 65.000. The pupils Are a1 ate on programs Laid Down by the Mort exclusively sons and Daugh a Dante Alighieri which Ista gov Era of italians living abroad and eminent supported organization Ere trolled Harry the main aim of the schools is to ated to spread italian culture and. Teach them italian and get them propaganda in foreign countries interested in the new fascist Italy. This organization has 2w commit tees in foreign countries with a to new citizens sought Tai membership of 23,000. Naturally the italian govern ment Hopes the majority of these to further t s wore of r Over the same period italian boys will seek for italian ment spends in r a tended indebtedness of Cal citizenship when they become of Nauy which is entered the for 5g counties has increased age rather than accepting the a j eign affairs budget As de Ense of o controllers reality of the country in which show whereas the Jesse they were born. 1 county property valuation has in the fascist party boasts that tourist Trade sought creased Only 6.98 per cent. Mole than 80.000 italian boys and pastor gives up salary Ana organa nun Uganda this appears in me duo a Broadalbin. Named the Quot Gioventu Del lit Scono. It of the ministry 0f popular Cul Rev Raymond Mills pastor of the Arm Rountr to a recent Carty. _ i Baptist Church has received con promote anarchy Fine Only Sale course is to take a decisive stand in support of the government. But lir alone will not save the situation. For the Cardenas Goven men is being driven along a path inside of Mexico which is almost cer lain to destroy its revenues to we Ken its Power and to cause such distress mid resentment As to make almost inevitable a counter revolution therefore Side by Side with the decision to uphold t he government and As an integral part of that decision the United states government a eds to use All its influence and it is potentially very great to persuade president Cardenas that the present Tempo of the revolution and the current methods can Lead Only to disaster the mexican revolution which began nearly thirty years ago is Funda mental Lvan agrarian uprising against a Feudal system. In one form or another whether by the division of the great estates into Small peasant ii Gold Ings or by their conversion into communal holdings for the indians the destiny of the mexican revolution is to solve the land question. The Industrial problem is in any True perspective. A subsidiary one. For out of some 5.000.000 of mexicans a Tipy at work of some kind Only about 750.000, or say 15 per cent Are in Industry including Petroleum and mining. The Sucic. Ful solution of the land question including the development of schools depends however on tile government revenues and tile wealth produced by Industry. And this Industry is based largely of course on foreign capital since Mexico has very Little capital of her own. Such reports As i have seen from competent observers whose disinterestedness is above suspicion agree that american influence in Mexico has not been used to advise the government of the far reaching dangers of this situation and to help it against the extremists by the kind of firmness that Only a Friend can exercise. For in dealing with Mexico personal relations Are far More important than Legal principles and diplomatic notes. Unless the United states is represented in Mexico City by some one who is at once an indubitable Friend and yet an Independent and candid adviser we shall Lack the Means of persuading the government to take the Steps necessary to Avert a very dangerous civil struggle. Copyright. 1938, new York Tribune Ino. It happened one Day when worker lost Job Wabash ind., june 2. Up a Jones Weesner was the first Wabash citizen to apply for Indiana receipts totalled Sacramento in8 a receipt of the state athletic commission from shows during april totalled i,-161 12, la vim below the same period last year. The total number Date unemployment compensation. 0f shows for the month decreased he was the first to receive also the from 240 in 1937 to 203 in 1938, the first to lose it Weesner was Laid off at the Wabash Cabinet company. The next morning he applied for unemployment Benefit payments. Hts application was approved the same Day. The same night however he was called Back to work. I commission reports. Tear Gas Routs police of Central station out Winnipeg june 2. Up a Winnipeg police showed unusual Zeal in Rushing off to their Beau one Day. Superior officers could not understand the strange phenomenon. An investigation revealed that sergeant James Maitland had accidentally discharged tear Gas from his riot gun in the Central police station. Poultry vaccines Vineland amp cutters All other poultry remedies by mail . If desired Douglas drug co. 34 e. Huntingdon or. Arcadia Calip. Phone 2372 u. S. Sends severe protest to China on missions Washington june 2, ins a the american government today addressed a Sharp note of protest to Japan demanding immediate restoration of american just issued the 1937 annual report Mission property in China through #. I t Imam in Ane of of the financial transactions of municipalities and counties of Cal a fornia. Payments made by coun a ties however states or. Riley have increased 26.69 per cent or $91,705, its owners. U. S. Ambassador Joseph b. Drew delivered the protest to the japanese foreign minister. It was the stiffest protest sent Japan since the Panay bombing last de done to miss the All american Sale at safety drug co. Thurs., fri., sat. A june 2-3-4 at both stores 408 s. Myrtle ave., Monrovia next door to the Market Basket and 200 n. Lake ave., Pasadena in the Farmers Market unheard of bargains of you did not receive our 8 Page circular and get one. Come in Elmo facial by factory demonstrator. Thurs., fri., sat. Only. Come and make appointment. Girls living in foreign countries Are now regularly inscribed in the Balilla organization recently re tourist Trade sought the second biggest item for foreign propaganda after schools is $1,000,000 annually for Quot tourist this appears in the Bud the ministry of popular Cul i i Ture. This Money mostly is spent Baptist churches rec Jjon to a addition the ministry of pop compensation will retaken frown Olar culture spends about $100,000 a a a been deducted. Annually on keeping italian press expenses attaches in the big capitals of the i world. The chief task of these men of popular culture and foreign of last year the government at its a a try to obtain a Batter press Faira Are Man a Nan or Mich i8snn of for fascist Italy on foreign news abroad $lo0.000, broadcasts to for own expense brought a soon of countries $15,000 foreign con these italian boys Back to Italy to paper it i according to a recent party communication some 10.000 applications for membership in this organization were received in latin America alone last year. The government yearly spends Between $250,000 and $300,000 in assisting these foreign branches. Spend a few weeks in summer Camps with their Young fascist Brothers. Many of them came from the United states and latin America. The same thing will be done this summer. Private organizations Active in addition to the fascist organizations which Are directly other items of a propaganda a j Ferencek and Congress $80,000 secret Ture in the budgets of the in in Istria i expenses $55,000. We always think of helping people in terms of Money but very often what they need is not a five or Tener but a Little personal service. Suppose you try this out on some Young Mother. She or not do worse than annihilate you. Government control under your savings Here Are supervised by the government and insured by the Federal savings and loan insurance corporation removing All risk of loss and with the attractive dividends paid membership in this association becomes a highly profitable matter to you. Come in for More information. # dividends from june 1st on funds received by june 10th. # insurance to $5000 for each account. A Legal investment for Trust funds. A we have never demanded notice for the repayment of and amount. Federal savings Vyp loan association of Paia Oena the 3186 85 s. Los Robles at Green drive to Arcadia any Day and enjoy Golf and other sports in arcadians new Park but. After the game Cool off in the air conditioned Pines Coffee shop. Throughout the Valley the Pines is known for its exquisitely Fine food and Fine liquors modern Bank credit for men and women in every walk of life Bank of America time plan Means instalment Bank credit for every personal or family need a Farmer near Petaluma needed extra Money to modernize his farm buildings. His wife wanted a new Kitchen Range and an electric refrigerator. A doctor in Oakland wanted to redecorate his office. A clerk in Fresno needed Money to pay a doctor Bill. A businessman in los Angeles wanted to finance a new car. A school teacher in san Diego needed extra Cash for her vacation. Every Day hundreds of such Loans Are made at Bank of America. Through a constructive helpful lending policy Bank of America a brought Low Cost easily understood instalment credit to me and women throughout California. Bank of America time plan is the copy righted name which describes this Modem Bank credit available to you whether you Are a depositor or not through the 493 branches of this statewide Hank. When you borrow under time plan for any purpose you establish your credit for any other personal or family financial need. Time plan Means credit at the lowest Cost in the most convenient form. Actually there Are More than i of reasons Why men and women borrow through time plan. The most important reasons Are listed below. Bank of America National Trust and savings association mempf1 Federal Deposit insurance corporation California s Only statewide Bane important reasons Why men and women borrow through time plan a to buy or build Home a to modernize Home or nth also through Cha property through Cha a to Purchase Home apply a i o finance automobile Anre through authorized a for personal loan dealers

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