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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - June 1, 1939, Arcadia, California Tite Arcadia Tribune and news thursday june i 1939 and news published every thursday at 101 n. First Avenue Arcadia California subscription Frier $12.00 per Arar Hess St Harr an publishers will f. Liar an to it Winn Ila business manager Pilleteri a s second matter March 14, 1930. At Tho Post office at Arcadia. California under the act of March 3. 1879, i i in i sin cd i the Tribune was designated As a newspaper or general circulation by Dent Quot or court on the 8tn Dav of May. 1931. Levi i s on Mem it \ i Ion Story with a moral of Kkt a a Short Story out of real life that parents and cd j Here a Hoed. It Hap Ned Only a few Days Ayu in Seabrook. N. A. A it it next Annary it will appear on the debit Bill of Tho nations Fin losses listed amour those which could have been prevented. O Henry might have written it. But youth and ignorance were the authors of he tragedy that was set in motion when some boys in fun tour Quot a a ten foot length of unfinished wire across a High tension line and a residential circuit wire. Thir prank set six homed on fire. It blew out a transformer and forced a factory to suspend All operations. And to diaries Henderson age 22, it brought death when he happened to touch a Copper screen in ins House. A a it was All in fun a said the boys. A we did i know it was there a a Story with a moral. Need it be stated. National politics warms in if suf Public is getting a Little dizzy looking into the swirling cauldron of political prophecies for 1940, let it take heart. So Are the exports. A Garner and Dewey far in Lead for presidential nominations next year a proclaim the conductors of one poll. A Humph a retorts Secretary Ickes. Fuat a Humph. We predict. Was tossed in the direction of Cactus Jack. A fall Balderdash. A conservative Democrat can never win. It will be a new Deal Democrat or and the poll takes keep adding up the answers and asking the questions. A Roosevelt popularity drops comes the word from one group of opinion takers. A a ii take that with a Grain of is the Gist it a Quick re Joiner from general Hugh Johnson often a Sharp tongued administration critic. A the president in t through yet. Ill count on him to produce an Ace from up his sleeve when he wants it. What a it All add up to just Early season training the Man in the Street concludes for the great american game of politics which opens Iii Earnest just a few months from now. And head be right better news from Home a those a men wanted signs have been coming out with increasing frequency in California during recent weeks. That a one kind of sign whose Finger Points directly to improving conditions. The last week of april like the week preceding found private Industry putting 50 per cent More workers onto the payroll than a year ago during Tim same period. Every week in april moreover showed a gain in the number of workers getting jobs Over last years record. Not a landslide not an end to Relief Rolls but a healthy encouraging sign that very few states Are equating. With Home building in California keeping up its remarkable Pace and automobile purchases showing a com it a Rati vol y Good record Alifornia continues to hold fast to its place As one of the Industrial White spots of the nation. Done to Rob your City its not Only the quilts meet the Queen tourist trek that gathering momentum at this season. There a also the influx of itinerant paddlers keeping their summertime Date with California. With feet firmly Plant d against the door Jamb these Perambo plating vendors will be unloading their wares at a super bargain rates to the accompaniment of a Swift line of chatter to be numb the unwary listener. But the a super bargain rates usually turn out to be higher than the Cost of similar articles of better Quality a1 any of the local stores be they Chain or Independent. That however is Only one of the evils of purchasing from Fly by night vendors. Why support Quot Gypsy traders who pay no taxes to the local Community pay rent for no stores pay neither Light heat nor water Bills give no employment to local workers contribute not fling to local Charity or to Community activities As do the merchants and the Quot network store managers of Tho local business establishments ? they carry the bulk of Hie tax Load and they or Duce the jobs and payrolls that make the Community a going concern. The wandering Vendor produces none of these. Is tin itinerant peddle so important that he deserves this much attention government reports say a a yes in cities where Tim peddle nuisance is not stopped say the e reports approximately Sii per capita is taken out by these1 transient Sellers and solicitors multiply that by Hie City pop lotion and you have an appalling a by n loss for the City. And a fat profit for buy at Homo and support the men who help supt to paddlers who a a a Rke in it. Port your Community m a i Monrovia 11 air of i Monrovia i s. H no i we happen to he the of a boy who graduates Rem this our High school. This year win do the announcements Tor this graduation Havi Only Tho letter at on the face of Tim announcement t not this the hah. To of of Arcadia Monrovia and Duarte prom the treatment accorded the people of Arcadia and Duarte one would never know the people of our Community paid a Large share of Tho taxes to keep tins institution operating. Someone is responsible for this error and i believe the time has come l r the people of Arcadia end Duarte t it demand the Roeg nation our communities Are entitled to. Toe attention of the faculty of our High Schul should by called to this for whom Are you working recently a Young Chap from our High school won a contest and. Over the air. The announcer asked him what Rocol he was from his Reph. Was Mon Row a High school. Is tins the Only name for this school the announcer asked the student replied yes the student in t to blame when we cannot As much As get recognition for Arcadia on the graduation announcements. On Well it won t to ion., until Arcadia will ii in her own High Civ of and we know then As Well paying the Taxe we will be it leg in Zed As having an interest in such a school. We r. Stewart. 702 e. Camino real. Arcadia. California. Ninety five members of the eighth Grade will be graduated next thur Dav afternoon. June 8, at fat o Dock Vesper services to tax held or the front Steps and Lawn of the first Avenue school. Boys arum girls receiving diplomas follow editor Arcadia Tribune it la adv Stock tin i Dionne with Washington it it Cie to already a Little breathless Over the oncoming visit of the King and Queen of England up in Callander ont., Tho Dionne quintuplets took it All in their St ride. They met Roy Siuty and acted naturally in View of the recent activities i in our local p Utica situation it j is very evident that the people of a the cd a of Arcadia and Especial in the property owning tax payers had belter awaken and through i organized activities and direction take tilt necessary As Well a vigorous Steps to bring about a correction in our City governmental affairs. In View of the Many rumours now circulating about our City and some recent activities there is every reason to believe that a very questionable situation confronts us. Can it be possible that the gambling element who because of the insistent raids in los Angeles and likewise because of the clo get association to the race a rack Are trying to buy their Way into c Netrol of Arcadia City politics and make of Arcadia a gamblers Haven it certainly looks a Well As sounds very much like All of this and More too is True. It i a singular situation when cur it to officials will spend so much of the tax payers Money and time fighting each other for the purpose of controlling a Sio a month political Job Aud apparently with the View of discharging appointive employees without Warra table cause or any kind of a Good reason. No appointive employee of any kind should be removed without definite and specific charges being made and a hearing granted in Public. Nothing apparently except fighting for control of our City government. Has been the order of the Day now for some years past in the meantime our merchants. As Well As All of our Resi dts. Have been unduly handicapped and financially penalized by an intolerable Telephone situation that should no have been permitted to exist and these Telephone companies could and should be forced to consolidate facilities without reference to ownership into a one unit service without toll charges within the City limits of Arcadia and according to Law thus could and should be brought about without further delay. We Are being heavily charged by the electric Light and Power monopoly with its attendant results of too much for Light rates plus too High a City tax rate. In Tii these tilings Are corrected there will be no new City Hall building in Arcadia despite the rumoured inclination to that end in View. Baldwin Avenue should be put through from Huntington drive a few Boulevard. West Arcadia needs this facility which bes Long enough been allowed to lie dormant. Because of Public information of record that Large majority of p., a a to Loo the Bills and d 1 Nimitr .1 Hie political situation in Arad i better get together and promptly or All of us Are Likely to find Arcadia As a City which is already a Syno Myn for a Kjeu Quot in a most unsavoury mess. Possibly it to lid be Well Tor everybody concerned if the los Angeles county grand jury took the matter in hand let the chips fall where they May. Walter s Wheaton a Carleton Ambler h Den z. Achilles my a i a Leila Albert Lois Marie Baldwin Robert Paul Barber Dorothy Joane Bauman Dick j. Borg r Bort Gates Bouma Elizabeth Anne Ault Bouton Elmer Brown Margaret Anne Brown Donna Leigh Browne Richard Burkhimer Fredrick Clifton Burnett Helen Elizabeth Byers William Glenn Caldwell Joan Campbell Vada g i Trude Cherry j William Cox Manuel h. Cuellar Carter Deane Walt r Doan Sylvia Donkin Colleen b Easton Jack Harold aright Charles Flack John be Quot Frazier Alice Janice full Wood Louis Garcia William George Elizabeth Ann g ii leu Addice Gordon Mary j Gutierrez for rest Hah Shirley june Haight Mae j an Haneberg Elizabeth Lorraine Hatch Virginia Lee Hayes William j. Haines Joseph Carlton Hillman or. Walter Hoffman inn Darlene Hod Virginia Lee Holmes Katherine Virginia h it per bet a g a. Hutchison mar in Eileen j irs Hoftke Harry Johnson of at Francis kalium Stephen Kerr Polly Ann King Dada erased f William b Krenz Millard John Lambert Mary Lois Lee Richard l. Lee i ois Ruth Leslie Robert h lube Tom Mike i. Mancilla r ii Nvard Mcdonald Rita Lee Merritt Elsie Carol Mclaren James l. Montgomeryjr. Stanley Wallace Moore Beatrice Ceciliam it Irones Robert William Morris Robert Murphy Robert Keith Page cd lire May Parks Audra Fae Peckham Thomas l. Pigg Loa Anna Rawson Vena Jean Ethel Rishworth Mary Louise Rodriquez Mildred Elizabeth Sanders David h. Saunders Telesfero Ted Sausedo Ida Lorraine Schenck John Joe a Giada or. Evelyn Louis Shafer Robert Leroy Shaumleffel Floyd Shobe. Or. Vivian june Sprague mar. Mar Aret Stuebner Robert r St inc i Anne Elizabeth Sutherland Anne Taylor Gladys Irene Toney Nancy Moulton Walters Dorothy Wahler Barbara White Phyllis Eleanor Whyte Dorothy june Williams Kathryn Gertrude Wright Gloria Quinn Frank Mullion Hildebrandt the St can Illier from Page one it Constitution of the United get is. Which provides that no state Hall Quot Corive any person of de. Liberty or property without due process of Law. Nor deny to any Perron within its jurisdiction the Qutul Protection of the Laws a property owner As an individual however can restrict the use of his property As he sees fit q Why does the chamber of comma be undertake to have me sign this agreement0 a. Because it is doing All that it can to make Arcadia a better place in to live. The agreement will preserve your property values Home life and the High Standard of your schools. Q. What will the agreement mean to Arcadia a. Arcadia is one of Only two or three cities in the san Gabriel Valley that does not now have a race problem. You should be proud that Arcadia is your cite and Itiat you own Arcadia proper a there is a real danger however that Arcadia canner continue in it enjoy this distinction unless a of do your part and be strict your property. Q i in should a charge of $1 of be made for each parcel that i own. When i sign the agreement a. The Slot charged covers a the Cost of checking your title and your property description printing the agreement stationery postage to you and return secretarial salary and recording fee. If your agreement was re j corded alone the county record Quot a i would charge about $2 00. It was Only by arrangement with land escrow Safe Deposit company of Alhambra that it was possible to offer All these services to you for As Little As $1.00 q. How soon will the agreement become effective a. Just As soon As in the opinion of the chamber of Commerce enough property owners have signed to adequately protect the Community. Remember Success is up of you. Your signature and $1.00 buys insurance that will protect the value of your Home for delay May prove very Protection is ridiculously choosing George Washington for her theme Muriel Albert. 13-year-old eighth Grade student of the first Avenue school today was in Possession of the Gold medal symbolic of first place in the annual memorial Day oratorical contest sponsored by the Glenn Dyer Post no. 247, american legion last Friday night in the school auditorium. George Washington is a name that will be in the hearts of american people eternally because they see embodied in him the noblest possibilities. Albert s prize winning oration follows a a it a Man is capable of doing great things he must be great within himself. George a Hing ton was great within himself and most capable of doing great things. He proved this Point by always being ready to serve his beloved country and being True Loyal and Brave in tilt darkest hours of uncertainty. During those trying times at Valley forge Washington was the one who kept the men going under terrible conditions. And it was Many a night a Light was seen in Washington s quarters and the figure of a Man bending Over a de k until 2 or 3 of clock in the moing. No one did More to further the cause of education than George Washington. He had often regretted his meager education and when he saw poor and orphaned children left helpless because of the sacrifice made by their parents in securing the Hie sings of Liberty it touched his heart. Accordingly he became a part of the movement to establish free schools. But George Washington was More than a great Soldier and educator he was a great statesman who did More than All other men to Lay a foundation for the Republic which has enjoyed great Prosperity for More than a Century. He was a Man who possessed a keen vision which saw the future of America when it was dim to other eyes. He was a pure and High minded Gen Leman of dauntless courage and stainless Honor. Simple and stately of manner kind and generous of heart. George Washington was truly the Greate t american that Ever lived for if he were not Why did Lincoln look to him As an inspiration and a guide a in the annals of of modern greatness he stands alone and the noblest names of Antiquity lose their Laster in his devoted to Aee Ellen a1. Norris writes red Cross so history this article deals with the manner in which the red Cross is organized both nationally and in chapters. It is of the Greate i importance that just As every individual and every part of the country has the right to representation in the Conius of the United states so every individual should have the right of membership in the red Cross it he so desires and every six ton of the country should be represented a a local chapter or Branch of the organization. There Are two reasons for this. First when some serious disaster overwhelms a Community at Home or abroad every american citizen should be Able through his or her chapter promptly to express by service or by gift a helpful sympathy to those in distress. Second no Community is immune from disaster and each Community should be safeguarded by a Well organized chapter ready for immediate Relief measures in such emergencies and linked up with and backed by the great National organization in disasters of magnitude. No City is too Large or important not to need its red Cross chapter or Branch and no Community too Small to share in chapter service. Whether the individual lives in new York or Chicago or in some Rural and isolated Community he or she May become a member of the red Cross just a1 he or she May be an american citizen whether a resident of the City or of the country. National Headquarters in Washington and the area offices in St. Louis san Francisco and Washington act As the coordinating Agency for the whole organization. The National organization obtains and issues information concerning War or disaster Relief measures both National and International it provides technical information concerning red Cross services and it broadcasts to chapters the general policies Laid Down by the Central committee which under the charter is the governing body of the red Cross. But remember always that the chapters really constitute the red Cross of America. The National organization conducts some activities that Are under National directions such As the operation of major disasters work in tile hospitals for the sex service men and certain International activities but most red Cross programs Are under the direction of the local chapters. Each chapter covers a certain definite territory and members of the red Cross automatically be come members of the chapter having jurisdiction Over their communities there Are a few exception. Which will be noted later. The chapter May have As its territory a City or town. It May include outlying towns or villages As Brandle or it May have jurisdiction Over an entire county the different communities in the county forming branches of the chapter. With the exception of the state of Delaware which is covered by a single chapter with branches ail other states have a number of chapters within their Borders. The red Cross has no state organizations. Exceptions to this Are in connection with state Roll Call committees and other temporary state organizations do eloped for special purposes. The chapters receive supervision directly from their arca Headquarters those on the coast reporting to the Pacific area office in san i Unusco. A costly cheap. Q. How can i help to get this Job done a. First sign Tho agreement yourself. Second urge the neighbors on each Side of you to sign also. Third ask your near by neighbors and your friends to sign. Fourth., arrange for your neighbors to meet with you in your Home some evening and have a signing Bee. The chamber of Commerce will gladly arrange for someone to be present to answer questions and help. Q i have lost the agreement sent to me what shall i do a. Call at the chamber of Commerce office in the City Hall or phone the office Atwater 7-2792. And mrs. Dameron or or. Eberly will be glad to give you another agreement. If your property is East of Al Monte and you have never received an agreement likewise notify tile chamber of Commerce office. Traffic whys q. It it permissible for me to pass a school lo11 s which has stopped on the Highway on or at the Edge of the Highway to discharge or take in school children z. B. A the Law requires that when a school bus ii As stopped for the purpose of taking on or discharging school children that All motorists approaching or following should bring their cars to a Complete Stop and then exercise due care and caution and not proceed faster than to Miles an hour if conditions permit. Q when i step into my automobile parked at the curb just what should i do before i Start the a hide moving m. P. A. The proper method prescribed by Law is to be sure that there Are no vehicles so close As to be affected by the movement. Special care should be exercised when ones car has been parked near an intersection As traffic May turn in from the intersection and cause a crash. Q a the other Day when i was driving my car i noticed an eld Eliv person carrying a White Cane tipped with red crossing a Street and that All approaching vehicles came to a Stop. Will you please explain the cause e. S. L. A. This elderly person apparently was wholly or partially Blind til re lore the Law makes it incumbent upon every Driver to come to a Complete Stop until such person has crossed the Street when they carry such a Cane. Q. On Many part of the highways today i find that the dividing portion is identified by three lanes a White Black and yellow. What do these markings mean w. E. S. A where the Highway is painted As above indicated you must keep to the right of tile dividing line if the White Stripe is on your Side of the Highway however you would have the right to Cross Over the dividing Stripe to pass if tile yellow Stripe is on your half. A stand fast therefore in the Liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free and be not entangled again in Tho Yoke of galatians 5 a. Hometown the Tribune and special feature on mrs. Hardy Harris news today continues a the hobbies of arcadians. Was interviewed this week hobbies or Aven stud her ing paper. Inter an leaves from tile mud s. Hardy Harris. To n. First be. Appreciates and loves to a past and present trends so lobby is devoted to preserve and guarding precious old and pictures that form an smile. Old of an collection of history a rap Book. Pasted on a books Rerng Ledger Gold fashioned containing a pm Lous and forgotten lore i out f her prize posses ions the seraph of. Veil o w e d clippings faded letters and other documents p vide a picture of Pioneer am i a a n of the end of tire 18th it the civil War. I Harris picked up a faded ill of lading for 12.256 pounds of it delivered by Captain t. Smith r Waters at Louisville. Tkv a a conjured up for the reporter lure of vast unbroken formic forgotten dangers that menaced a Small struggling com perfectly carried away with Indig Munith. Hie Alt must have been it to d. A a ests used As a medium of barter to the indians she thinks. Then a prompts on note. Dated june 17, 1791. Promising to deliver 147 a pounds b a c o n to Stoi eke a it i Richard Jones Waters caused a the note was paid Vox years later. But the reason for the delay no amount of speculation could discover. H it reds and diet cords of the civil War blazed up in yellowed letters written from Des Moines. La., on april 22. 1861. Evidently one sister to another the a called the War a this trea War and rebellion Quot of the South. It goes on to say. Quot but. Marie i Felt badly that you should a k where we stand. Ale we not All new englander in heart and principles we Are for the right the Constitution and its Law Quot a regiment is being formed lieu the letter said and Charles has joined. He had offered his service to our governor some time ago As surgeon if he was needed. He us from the son. An old ballot naming Abraham Lincoln As president and Andrew Johns in As vice president has Quot rally a round the Flag boys stamped in Inch High letters on the Back mirroring the coming conflict. The Blaze of hatred in history Dies away As mrs. Harris hands a quaint advertising folder Rubing Tho advantages Ecru Toa elect Young ladies who tile establishment of Rev. Mrs. Worcester at burling it. -11 this polder Nae pulling evidenced in the Small in bound diary of Mary raw Zool girl who journeyed in i it a Frontier to the new town to imbibe at its instruction in English and its a brandies the details walks sermons. And other minutia of life. Lings of a Long ago Romance heard As a note in a school simply. A dear Hardy i love you. You desc my chose and ton. Powch son. Fro in England source la to Ary in Are girl s Hasty scrawl is read. It says and it takes on significance when the harrises a Ell you was Mary a answer to or. It fatty a Quot a proposal. A yellowed clipping describes the wed As a impressively and a detailed list of presents and donors adds quaint interest. But pretty Little Mary the first wife of or. Harris father was i tragedy for file died in Birt h. Mrs. Harris said. That schoolgirls of the hoop skirted Era were the same As those it f today us flu rated by a Page of sketches captioned Quot drawn Annie Burnham. November 20. Iring study nerf us collection of Small. Aint albums of pictures of Long id folks it in now stirs echoes As u look Over the crinoline Moth proudly holding fat. Pretty brides Sweet faced grandmothers dignified aunts and serious minded old gentlemen with plug hats and whiskers. May that h Al dim fully doomed cd crude by 18c8. In connection with fires and facts it is pertinent to Point out that the state Law provides a Section i any Perron who 11 personally or through another and 2 wilfully negligently or Iii violation of Law commits any of the following acts 1 sets lire to 12 allows a fire kindled or attended by him to escape to the property whether privately or publicly owned of another is liable to the owner of such prop City for the damages thereto caused by such fire. Quot Section 2. Any person who allows any fire burning upon his prop try to e Cape to the property. Whether privately or publicly owned of another without exer using due Diligence to control such fire is liable to the owner of such p Operto for the damages thereto caused by such fire. A Section 3 the expenses of fighting such fires shall be a charge against any person made liable by this act for damages eau cd thereby. Such charge shall be collectable by the party or by the Federal state county or private Agency incurring such expenses in the same manner As in the Case of an obligation under a contract expressed or implied. Recall history of of Rancho at luncheon the p cynic Patio of Santa Anita a Cunt r Quot rational Park was transformed into a mexican Hacienda with colourful mexican rugs baskets p tiny and other Para Hernal a. Decorating the luncheon tab1 f r to e pot fuck luncheon of the California history and landmarks s Hon of the District federation of women a clubs held there Friday afternoon. Mrs. S j. Hathaway District Chan Man. And mrs. John Renshaw vice chairman of the local group jointly presided. A Beautiful tribute was paid to mrs. Emily Mann timerhoff Leader of the Arcadia Section who was absent because of illness and a Blank guest b of was signed by All present As a memento of the occasion for her. Mrs. Hathaway reported on a history conference at san Francisco and or j. S. Macfarlane gave an informative history of tile Beautiful Oak Tice abut which the Patio is built. Amine the d anguished guests was or o. S. Elvrum president elect of the federation who spoke briefly to the assembled historians. Mrs. J it in Renshaw read a paper on the Quot history Rancho Santa Anita that won much approval from her audience. Misel a Wolf. Lull. Descendent of William , one of the original owners of the Rancho was an honoured guest As were other members of Early California families. An attractive feature of the of a Enron was to Quot sentence length report of mss a hers on historical events o iring Between 1830 and �?T810. Following the meeting members made a tour of Rancho Santa Anita where they inspected the old Home and coach Houte of e. J. A Lucky Baldwin. Aiu Adi ans enjoy sea breezes on Holiday among the hundreds of arcadians who hied out of town for memorial Day were or. And mrs. Kenneth Barnes who spent the Day at Hermosa Beach. A Bable i Al a Fields plan to motor to w or Ren. Ohio or. And mrs e f Canfield plan a motor trip to Warren Ohio their former Home. Very shortly. They will be accompanied by their children. Jimmie. A inv and Mary Ellen

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