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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - June 1, 1937, Arcadia, California To Dau i Arcadia Tribune strange As it seems by John Hix today a Best radio programs Here to yowl be health by Matt for further proof address the author Inci Czug a it amyl i ogre Joes Fie re ult Keg to Elal of first Avenue Arcadia i Aurora ult Toia publishing company Utmos of the most we to Nett try All Hurt tint a a gelding to Walth and dial will a in award. I. Orga. A Tumpf of tall add Cattail an Zolopa Mutt Fca Ancl Saad. Writ on Ana Tida of papa Only Batton Mutt not air Ltd Tao wot do addict or. Frank Mccoy Cora Al the paper. X / ramp we w uni cos in is / arson s knows Tkv i Fwsnfme--ti1.wsh St is Rio of in a ii a a putrid Fri worm Wal a iou ? and Tomor m s Patrick Campbell Veteran actress of the american theatre Lucille Browning a a met contralto Stuart Churchill radio Tenor and Allen Roberts Tenor Are billed As guest Sta s on a Hammerstein s my i sic Hill Over Knox at 4 o clock. J a violinist who has won Fame by i playing the violin and one who has i become popular by net playing the i violin join forces on Keo a at 5 i of clock when Ben Bernie presents j the world renowned violinist Efrem j Zun Baust. Little Jack Heller popu Lar radio Tenor is to be another guest on the show. Fred Astaire a show is aired on of at 5 30 with the Star reviewing High lights of his first radio series. The summer Short tatting next tuesday Wall feature Johnny greens orchestra Trudy Wood and Jimmy Bldr this evening Francia White and Conrad Ribault will revive a italian steet song Quot and a old Man River Quot Herbert Mundin and Erie Blore two prominent stage and screen butlers will in on hand to give n course in a How to on Jack Oakie a College hour Over Knox so 5 30. Jimmy it Dler a column of it >1-Lywood gossip reaches the ears of local listeners via kit at 6 30 vie and Side following at 0 45 sing time brings a lot of fun and Good music Over Khz Al 7 of clock with the f co rets an orchestra following the a Philip Morris program is featured on Kif at �?T7 30 and Al Jetson a show on Knox. Arthur Caesar s hilarious comedy skit a a Napoleon Sbai Ber a is to be featured by Jot son if newly wed Martha Raye s laryngitis and Honey Miconitis permits she will sing a the love Bug will rite popular number written by Pinky Tomlin. Another old Ranger Story will be told on this evening s edition of i death Valley Days on Kif at 8 Al Pearce and hts gang Are featured on Knox and Tho music of Phil har i risk orchestra May be heard Over Keg a. The jaw and its joints All of you Are familiar with the lower jaw and its two joints one on either Side but probably you Are not aware How Many times a Day these joints Are moved in chewing talking laughing or yawning. Possibly you Are also not aware to How great in extent a faulty position of the joint of the jaw May disturb the function of this part causing neuralgia Liue pains headache burning of the Tongue dryness of the Mouth and less frequently ear symptoms such As ear noises deafness a stuffed up sensation in the ears and dizziness. The jaw is supplied with very powerful Muscles to Aid in the action of chewing. During the act of chewing the molars or Teeth in the Back third of the jaw do most of the work. Also the extent to which the jaw closes is fixer by these Back Teeth. When these Teeth Are missing either on one Side or both sides the jaw tends to Over close and the jaw itself takes the Impact usually taken by the molars. The usual cause of a disturbance of the joint on on Side is loss of Teeth. By the Teeth being missing and not replaced the loss of molar support very often produces certain changes which result in a destruction of function in the joint on the same Side. These changes also induce the symptoms which i will discuss inter. However the joint May be forced to carry an unnatural Burden and be forced out of Normal position when the grinding surface of the Back Teeth Wear Down from continued chewing or when the Teeth Quot do no properly meet during chewing because of not being placed right in the jaw. Whether the cause i. Loss of Teeth wearing Down of i he surfaces or poor occlusion the resulting abnormal position of the joint is capable of inducing various symptoms i lie most common symptom is headache which is Likely to become worse toward the end of the Day. Or the patient May complain of pain similar to neuralgia which May extend upward toward the ear on the Side which is involved. Sometimes the pain May seem to be just Iii Hack of the ear toward the lower part Over the mastoid. Or the patient May be distressed by burning of the Tongue and dryness of i lie Mouth in some cases cold sores or fever blisters affecting the Corners of the Mouth the enter Canel of the car or Tho inner surface of the checks May occur. In those cases whore All of the Teeth Are i sing and have not been replaced with artificial Teeth which would keep the jaws the proper distance apart err symptoms Are More Likely too our than pain. The oars Are affected because of the fact that till change in the position of the joints allows the eustachian tubes to he closed off. When the joints Are Normal the act of swallowing temporarily opens these tubes. With the closing of the Eustac Dan tubes such symptoms As buzzing noises in the ears poor heaving and dizziness May be produced the symptom of pain is caused by the slipping of a part of the joint in such a Way As to wedge it against the nerves on the affected Side. The diagnosis of the disturbed function of Tho joint of the jaw was first established by or. James b. Costen who worked out a special test to be used in these cases the test consists of having the patient Wear disks Marie of Cork Between Hie jaws on the involved Side. Inserting the disks naturally has the effect of keeping the jaws wider apart. In this Way the joint is helped to return to its Normal position. When such a test relieves the patient of his symptoms the diagnosis is considered Correct. The patient is then sent to a dentist who corrects the trouble by treatment which allows the jaw to come Down. When the grinding surfaces of the Teeth Are worn away such treatment consists of building up the Teeth with overlays. In Many Caes replacing the jaw in its Normal position will allow7 the joint to work in a Normal manner which is followed by Relief of the preview symptoms. Questions and answers dermatitis herpes Formis question mrs. L. J. Writes a the specialist says my Little girl has dermatitis herpes Formis. This is so much greek to me. Will you Tell me something about it answer dermatitis herpes forms or Duhring a disease is a skin inflammation usually of a chronic Type although the irritation May Clear up at periodic intervals. The most common form is that in which clusters of blisters Are found. As a general Rule the patient secures Relief from the intense itching As soon As the blisters break. The disease is More common in those past the age of 30 than in children. As this disorder is of a chronic nature the Best plan is to keep your daughter under the care of her physical w7ho can be the Case from time to time and change the treatment As indicated. A 4 Normal bleed count question miss p. L. Wants to know Quot a what is the Normal blood count a answer i consider the blood count Normal in a Man is when the haemoglobin is 95% the red blood cell number 5 million and the White blood cells run around 6,500. In women the haemoglobin should be about 90% or Over the red blood cells four and one half million and the White blood cells about 6,500. The haemoglobin is usually higher in cold climates and lower in warm climates Ai will be found if sufficient blood counts Are made to secure an average porpoise test Fate Trie few Drift Money or Howes of of Stith. /. An Island in Hie \ \ Solomon group a Szidum itty meager St Bao it Baul up Rian j of Foch of c0l, my invented b h is. He Nam Moho Ysuf of Troy a y. 4h� Trei of washing Hek sri life Wrieth own Trie Coll bks wre soils 40 Trie cur them of to launder 4eparat�lv�?z. It -/&27 fit Farmers discover truth la is reported by the dairymen a league news that thousands of communications poured into the Nev York state Assembly concerning the Rogers Allrn Bill a a measure to disc lid state control of the Dairy Industry it having been found injurious to All concerned As Well As impractical and to re place it with legislation encouraging producer cooperation. An overwhelming percentage of the communications favored detachable shirt i Oli ars a Blue monday Quot was really Blue for j mrs. Hannah Montague of Troy new York her husband Orlando was a Blacksmith and liked his Linen clean. Tile combination heaped up an appalling lot of laundry each week consisting chiefly of Hirts. Week in week out she Bent Iver the washboard in a ceaseless tight against tile inroads of or Andos Grimy occupation. It was a monday morning in 1827 when mrs Montague hit on the idea hat was to revolutionize menus shirt fashions. Alongside her Wash tub Vas the usual pile of shirts a their oilers soiled but otherwise almost is fresh As the morning her husband had put them on. A if Only i Auld Wash the Ceil a s without Laun a ering the whole shirt Quot she thought and started scrubbing the thought recurred again and again. She straightened up to ease her aching Back and looked Down at the pile of shirts sail awaiting her inspiration popped into he mind grabbing up the shirt she moved them into her More about t twists continued from Page i i after 25 years of guaranteeing the i Legal existence of boys and girls has j be amp signed. During his Quarter of a Century of service it was reported j recently Mende recorded the birth j of 23,154 boys and 24,704 girls. I resting in the state historical department of the memorial building in Pierre South Dakota is one of the first commercial typewriters Ever manufactured. Its history dates Back to the Gold Rush Days of the Black Hills in 1876, four years after the machine was built. Now playing How Birds fool intruders one of the most pathetic defense weapons of a ground nesting Bird to attract a predator from its nest and eggs or nest and Young is to make believe that it is injured. When the nesting Bird is discovered it flutters away making believe that it is wounded thus hoping to Decoy the intruder away from its eggs or Young. The adult Bird always manages to keep just out of reach miraculously recovering from its a a injuries before any one or anything can seize it. Given to command of a Fleet he was apparently trapped on Lake Dos pates the Lake had Only one cutlet to the sea. Two Strong forts in be hands of the brazilians guarded it. But Garibaldi was a resourceful Man. Huge wheels were fitted to the Bottoms of i fleets vessels and oxen pulled them 55 Miles Overland to Lake Tram Andai where they were launched. Picnics Andrew co. To. All Andrew county mo., folks Are invited to their annual picnic in All Day sunday june 6 Sycamore Grove Park los Angeles suits Plain dresses / of amp of and Coats i f Quot a Whites slightly higher free delivery service Arcadia laundry u cleaners 105 e. Huntington or. Shorts in hand and Cut off nil the Collar half fearful Quot a half expectantly she awaited her husbands Homecoming that night after dinner she showed him her Day s Murk in shocked Surprise he gasped then the idea Back of his wife a shirt sur 1 so p. In. Shown \ it Al p. M a my a from 3 ancient murderers cruel murderers in medieval times drove wooden stakes through the bodes of their victims so that the dead men could not walk abroad and haunt them. Tomorrow wha Field read the Tribune a want ads try Thi Kune classifieds Joe Paloska by Ham Fisher you re right at that a 7 Knobby f lads and it be m e n to i Cive you Knobby Waush Fil -. A Pooh to we want Sood Knobbe Pellow i. A a West Arcadia Beauty shop we specialize in contour hair cuts at better permanents at $3 and up phone 4s4 Adeline v. Gagnon hoi by classified advertising i tis ement accepted for or ads to the Tribune Oil this years Best lot buy first ave. So. Of him in ton or>5 it. X 151�?owner needs Money $475. No phone information. Wendell 19 e. Huntington dr., arca do. 129-Tfc Beautiful Little spinet piano used since december 21, 1936. Balance $195. Terms $2.50 we. Open f aes. Till 9. C. J. Gould 967 e. Colo. A do Pasadena. 114-Tfc to real Good practice pianos. I 19.50. Terms $1 per we. C. J. Gould. 967 e. Colorado Pasadena 114-Tfc too Breeding does Aid Bucks hutches. 824 Burkett Road Al Monte. 127-3 tithe world moves so Doe the Diamond Transfer to g packing crating storage free Fth arc. 2459 buy from Arcadia merchant Dan Sunn / 50&Quot to so Asel is f the people versus i spider Slick it Al i ves. Dan Dunn it what is it 7 Juby Norman Mars \ your Honor i wish to j submit Roc inspection y concessions or guilt signed 0v each of the dependants to the Possession or \ count up arc it Cuoq Merv j a and to eve wish immediate trial and sentences that Correct to it that is right your Honor Thev All plead guilty and throw themselves on the mercy or j the court / then since Vou Alu plead Complete guilt Viz i have nothing Lett to of out sentence i each of Vou to ten years in prison and when you have completed your sentence i mope you will wave Learned �2 at least one thing crime never pays Yyi. Take them away marshal Mclellan eos oers of family. $1 per be w. J. Baldwin. Pm 2325 floor finishing por beautify Page two Arcadia California tuesday june i 19.97 the Arcadia Tribune
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