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Arcadia Tribune Newspaper Archives Jul 31 1947, Page 2

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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - July 31, 1947, Arcadia, California Sick King 2 turn Day. Jota ii i Arcadia Tribune amp news i group to select music for civic chorus Recife % with the first Rah Ltd Ai ii or in the midair of Aik i 1 Civ Ltd horns of tined a commit j at five a tuesday to select thu i. On Hie committee Reark bar Tolina pc a i Ai mrs. Ruth Miller nettle . And Bon Kreidt. Mrs Pulci Iii Libby is accompanist. William Green i director of the chorus and diehard Ark i chairman of the chamber of Commerce committee on civic chorus. Three or four concerts a year Are i planned by the1 which now includes 34 voices. Need for a civic chorus Afir t j ten when the Christina k in i were turned on last Yea according i to Clifford i Anre of the chamber of Commerce chorus sponsor pre i a a a Dent. At that time the cite had to it Call on a Church group to supp Carlers Lance said. Inuit adore. Taro injured in Auto crash ors Huntington i co re sons were sent to the to lit. I Loving a crash at fifth Ani on. Tuesday afternoon Delph Wood Rich of Eagle Point a going a t on Hunt instr my a gravel truck. When i Ted to turn North on fifth i Ltd to see a Ca driven by or. Wal Ryman 37. Of Mentone coming and the two cars crashed i mrs fore , 61. A a niger of Woodrich a suffered free i tired ribs and was taken to Mon-11.-via to Ndah or. Ryman was treated for a Cut nose and other 1 Tai Erat ions. Joint chamber dinner tickets go on Sale arcadians 75 tickets for the joint Arcadia Monrovia chamber of Commerce dinner to hear assemblyman Ernest Geddes went on Sale at Hie chamber of Commerce office i wednesday noon first come first i be Vod. J the dinner will be held at Exton a selecting an electric Are welder j Yenta Anda aug. 5. Re 7 . With to be used a for City purposes fire Lott Jenomi manager of the South chief j. M. Nellis a taken Adem Ca i in. Min Fri on company in is admin a this area Asma tor of ceremonies. Is property City gets arc welder from War Assers unit Vantage of the War a is ration a offer of Sui to cities. The waa donates n equipment to Edue in health instil in cities and tax up in according to be it f and Public Strumental-.1 agencies ii the giant Torrance. Nellis Giumett rejoins be we i company Quot our big names top Frank Gillett is again associated lilt Mel Wilson resident manager warehouse at Torrance. Nek f Eewel company Stock and picked the air Vider the a Bordali 6 North first Avenue Chine that cot i i ii u i to Hest Gihei to was with t in firm in 1945. Advantage by All departments. For Aho Active with the company is the fire department til City vol Sari ii scr. Also be Given a portable acetyl cutting Torch. The list of equipment Bein Pic. To cities is Ion and vane i i. J state fair show Many of tile items valued at hundreds of dollars. However most of four Huron. Names of the a How the equipment could not be put Ruch a i ice. George , adequate use by a Cir. Of this size. I spa by Jones and Hominy Dorsey Nellis said. Arcadia could have of a 1 headline the entertainment Aan i trained More equipment by Nelli a cup at the first postwar Cali in oni of by v Utji of did not feel the City should accept i fornia state fair in Sacramento. M a Der a Fjor j anything that it could t put to is 28 through sept. 7. 816 South fit a a e us. A full use. They will be the stars of a lavish a v cation to. A a ii i i., South Pasadena knocks off local legion f i Ila cd t Nerp runner it 11 afternoon in the Cut catch or Cameron to runner t hat i n but that sail t to. Pirard a Trio s n wit h Hicl it Cpl Ive i an b linty pork i throwing seven Eon Reut ivc i a <1 nut i i Iii. Of his no 7 finally cat Bing the Whol i Man off. Ais Worth j South i Loail no if rentier. Off bist move of to i the avidin american i a or legion juniors dropped Tuggl h jul to 6 game to a. Adena. It v t the work showing the buy have in me accountable per Pap to the h a f the. Booted everything they got their hands on even Browing the Ball away while just having it around pie infield the Quot a looked Good in it ots e pedal to in h.1 out till i but on the whole the c Howing want to worthy of them. La South a boys collected Isi hit none for ext a baser while the locals pounded out six Knock. J a k Den in was awol from the game and hat y Huford we j braided into the Mound duties ii tarted i out to n but was rattled by the indifferent re port Given Hun by Hirn Des and wa1 i Nail Derric Kod in the sixth. Max fannello then took Over but it Wasny this Day Dtho having to make three outs in the three frames he worked red. Steve sons visit in Washington . Or and mrs. De Stevenson of a1 Avenue were recent visitors lie Home of rep a Senta Tives in Drington d. C. Watch Mem the legion juniors Hare a by i stadium to til in the county palk j come lit and help them clo if j Porter of i in tamps 3b Stringer is Powell 2b. \ ire Man of m Lien la pint Urnberg of Wuhu la p ecu clot. P \ read i i Ronald a Hunch it Bowman 2b port or la Mccallum 3b, of Adams of Scott of Cameron c Hufford a 3b fennello p aft. 5 6 ,1 3 3 Vil 2 4 it. Ii 2 ,1 4 3 2 3 i 3 2 2 3 1 i 2 0 i i i i it. I 0 i i 0 0 i i i 0 had tag Stile any Shrub in Gal. Ran with red tag of it a two for the Price of one at Arcadia Nursery 40 s. Santa Anita Arcadia pm. At 7-2111 a through the years Many wive men have emphasized the True Richness of glowing vibrant health. No one has summarized the almost Universal recognition of the value of health better than Bickerstaff who said a a Hale Cobbler is a better Man than a sic k the chief Job of the physic in and the pharmacist is to keep you Well. To this end both arc educated equipped and dedicated in purpose. As pharmacists we Are better prepared than Ever before to serve the health needs of this Community. We invite you to inspect our modern prescription Laboratory bag Wall s pharmacy the Rexall store Ifo Nripal Kings pharmacy 54 e. Huntington drive Arcadia California phone Atwater 7-2859 .sp3fs a new Imis Home town entry beauties i rom each of californians 58 counties will participate Iii the state fair Centennial girl contest which will be held at the fair Iii Sacramento. Entrant will be judged on aug 29 and 30. The it Ween will be crowned on sunday aug. 31. Mias Louise Hitchcock of Sacramento exemplifies the Beauty personality and spirit of 49. Vict no it no o a t a a hid Ole. Fill outdoor my Leal revue Montere Cave country viled the Diana a to be produced v. A f to some 9,03� Square Miles in c in a1 i Iii cled by Adrian Awan of Kentucky contain Lumere s under j hoi Wood. Noted outdoor Joey and ground passages and c pc of which Peru prod veer the Best known is the Mammoth Cave now designator Namou Como at Lake Sabrina r to a Drcar o Cli it i or i. Lambert Church Ball Ai Nadia has entered three clubs i n the Nee san Gabriel Valley Jav vol league the presbyterian method. , ant the fir reared. I Cyan a Uvea los it Rwm Park. Equal rights a government of equal must therefor rest. Pen to not wealth no brute fore or. And mrs. John or. A 222f Naomi Avenue enjoyed a week rights j vacation at t in c big Nane a mind j Bishop a a. It the limit the in a. It. Sum of the moral int la. Nee of to Community should Rule the Tate. Bancroft. Tribune Cdr a lied ads bring results vat Llyn Ash Home 3500 not Ici of intended mortgage under Section til i Ivil Bode of the state of California notice to hereby Given that Mckenzie eng Mec. My amp manufacturing co., a corporation Mort cd v. V e address is 223. A rth of a my a. T a City o. Arcadia county of los Angeles state of California intends to mortgage to Union Bank Trust co. Of los Angeles mortgagee whose address is 760 a Hill St get in the City of and county of los Angelet Stab of California All fixtures and equipment of a certain manufacturing business known As Mckenzie engineering a manufacturing co and item at 228 North first Avenue in the City of Arcadia county of los Angeles state of California and that an executed mortgage of the same will by delivered and the what would $1,000 to $2,000 have j con de action therefor paid a to in meant to you at age 18 when you o clock . On the g n c o to the or Beni August. 1947, it the escrow depart of fitting yourself for a business it Tut mor r no o. T r profession or Trade Many Young to a n q stars whose parents to years ago Viji v a. F j Quot he j began to put aside a Little each a. L week for the Purchase of u. S. Sav Kiev Ings Bonds have the advantage a j such a nest egg this you Kenzie Engineer Glt so can Start today to put your children Man us a Turing u in the class of a bonded graduates of 1957�?the boys and girls who will have the extra Power in the race for 5uc c Ess. Ujj $ Treasury department by ii. Vav. Mckenzie president Mortgagor j 5921 pub ii july 31, 1947 with modern Rock Wool Home insulation no Down payment i first payment october 10th Low As $5.00 per month phone Atwater 7-3434 tree estimate without obligation Doern 104 East Huntington drive insulation company of Arcadi electric is Reg. $43.95 now $9.95 plastic salad Rowls Reg. $ 1.95 now $1.29 Oaster sets Reg. $1.15 now g9c ironing Board pad Anil covers Reg. $2.50 now $1.98 pm be. Stainless steel knife Fork spoon set Reg. $6.50 scissors Jack. I. J from that vacation let us make your Lothes clean and fresh again we now have a new lowered Price on ladies dresses Sitts and Coats. Cash and carry. Arcadia laundry and Bry cleaners rubber Bath Mats Reg. $2.25 i Beer sink Mats Reg. $1.95 Kellogg scouring mops Reg. 39c aluminium frying pans Reg. $2.95 Zephyr air freshener Reg. $1.95 Pearl Wick clothes hamper Reg. $6.49 Whiz bowl leaner Reg. 25c now $1.95 now $1.19 now $1.29 now 25c now $1.98 now 79c now $4.95 now 19c i Gin pm rom is a of no it. 25t/c discount on heavy duty aluminium Ware Fra Niqi. Is k inn by Mirro Wark $6.4 5 now exhaust reflectors $1.75 now 1.39 strict Auto fans Reg. $3.95 now $2.25 illuminated fender guides Reg. $2.75 now $1.69 de luxe Grill guard Reg. $11.95 now $8.95 Malabar Hydraulic Jack Keg. $15.95 now $11.50 Chrome Ripple discs Reg. $17.50 now $1 1.95 White tire paint Reg. 69c now 49c Metal polish loth Reg. 25c now 19c ignition Point set Reg. 70c now 49c condensers Reg. 60c now 45c infant Auto seat Reg. $2.75 now $2.19 25% discount on Asi Scot covers to i 11,1sea Bee outboard motor Long handled clipping shears Reg. $2.35 now $1.89 ix>0- lip Reg. $1.75 grass she ars now $1.29 3 . Reg. $89.95 now $83.50 baseballs Reg. $1.95 now $1.55 softballs Reg. $1.75 now $1.39 Badminton set Reg. $19.95 now $12.95 a part Golf bags Reg. $16.95 now $10.95 i Rish mails Reg. $13.95 now $8.95 Thompson Golf balls Reg. Soc now 69c table Tennis sets Reg. $9.95 now $7.95 Dixie Walker fielders Glove Reg. $7.95 now $5.95 electric trolling motor Reg. $71.10 now $51.95 pruning shears Reg. $1.19 now 89c Spike Sprinkle is pc 59c now 29r Pelican pick p Rake Reg. $2.25 now $1.75 Eong handled hedge shears Reg. $2.20 now $1.70 Long handled grass Cutter Reg. 89c now 69c Olson Rifle weeders Reg. $3.75. Now $2.72 109 East Huntington phone a tvs. 7-1567 Shelby de luxe bicycle Reg. $46.95. Now $41.95 Lawn mowers Michigan noiseless precision made Reg. $31.95. Now $26.95 2 Cele Chrome Flash eight Reg. $1.39 now 89c elec tric ians knives Reg. $1.89 now $1.19 Brest drills Reg. $2.39 now $1.89 heavy duty 2 strand wire Reg. 8c it now 4/c it. Soldering Irons Reg. 81.75 steel tap 6 ft., Reg. $1.00 73 pc. Socket wrench set Reg. $6.95 Bench grinder Reg. 85.95 lantern with Battery Reg. $5.75 kit v ise with stand Reg. $7.95 now $1.29 now 69c now $5.50 now $3.95 now $3.80 now $5.40 men s leather work gloves Reg. $2.50 or. $1.19 or. Shugert tire co 113 East Huntington Arcadia pm. At. 7 5385

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