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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - July 26, 1938, Arcadia, California A by Dennis it seems by John i further proof address the author incl amp is stamped Tiv Cyc Fot Roo bobs swim a a it publish daily except sunday and holidays at 104 n first Avenue Arcadia California Arcadia publishing company a. Ii a r o i. D n o 0 n president Aud publisher chapter Xiv Rudd took the policeman s shoulder. And Gregory his feet. Then foil need by the woman they carried him into the House. A straight Down the passage Quot she ordered and then addressing Gregory who brought up the rear a if you try and trick me ill put a Bullet in your bark. Straight on now and the third door on your Quot think you Mother a said Gregory amiably a but id rather have a Nice cup of warm Tea in my Tummy. When you re tired of holding that thing ill hold it for you and you shall make me they proceeded along a Stone flagged passage evidently the servants quarters but when Rudd thrust his Way backwards through the third door on the right Gregory saw that it was a heavy Baize covered affair Shieh led to the main part of the House. As Gregory passed through the swinging door the woman jammed the muzzle of her pistol firmly in the Small of his Back and switched on the lights. They saw that they were in the main hallway of the House from which a Broad staircase led to the floors above. There was a Long settee in one Corner and on a Small table some Way from it stood a Telephone. A put him on the Couch a said the woman making straight for the instrument. A please one moment a Gregory begged. A the police wont thank you for lugging them out at this hour in the morning to arrest one of their own people. Hang on until this Chap comes round. I swear to you on my Honor that he to a policeman. Hell be Able to Tell you so himself in a the policeman a eyes flickered open and Rudd pulled him up into n sitting position on the settee. He groaned again and for a moment put his head Between his hands. Then he lifted it painfully and stared about him. A better now a asked Gregory. A a in a terribly sorry i knocked you out. I was under the impression that you were someone else but you remember me done to you we met a few nights ago at a a yes yes of course. I remember now you got me out of a Nasty mess did no to you i did no to know it was you either when i caught you trying to Bleak into this place but pin afraid ill have to ask you for an Quot plenty of time for that a said Gregory easily. A i think we re working on the same thing but from different angles. We be landed ourselves in a new mess since you passed out though. This lady Here with the heavy armaments i done to yet know her name. A a mrs. the woman supplied noncommittal by. A Well mrs. Bird seems to think that All three of us Are up to no Good Here and she a just about to a phone for the local coppers. I think it would be a Good thing for nil of us if you can persuade her not the policeman stood up a Little groggily. A mrs. Bird a he said a my names inspector Wells and pm Down Here on special work for Scotland Yard. Here is my card of she Shook her head stubbornly. Quot i May be right and i May be wrong but what were you doing in our grounds id like to know As for inconveniencing the local police what do we pay rates for you stay where you Are Young Man and done to you move a muscle while i a Stair creaked above them and they All glanced up. Unheard by any of them a Young girl had App a red on the Landing and was now descent Ling the Broad straight stairway she was barefooted and Clad Only in her nightdress. Two Long jul mins Opu surd say i Chimp Tom. It wive. Won eve frit in. Of Tom Witri of wet of 14&Quot Chip s ii if6to.ll to a famous astronomer was a Fred to his discovery Ihm in i pop theft revolve Mound it Sun i be pu&u4p.w his findings in a h comply a latin crossbow Puzzle to prevent ridicule a a a Al l j to be Jersey cow owned toy put vie gets herself i drink of water Wren working the pump Man plus with her 5/ once Ftp Fred in b Chicago night Chue copyright 1938, by United press Syndicate inc. Reproduction in whole or part forbidden. All rights reserved by just so much As unlimited waste extravagance and governmental profligacy increase so will that pinching on the food. Fuel shelter and clothing of the poor increase. It is pitiless cruelty by officials who have intelligence to know the truth about this not to acknowledge it to their victims but to conceal it. To the danger of their county for their own momentary political popularity As dispensers of All things Good and lords High protectors of the poor. They Are in truth purveyors of Candy coated Poison to trusting and unsuspecting people. The most charitable excuse is ignorance. But it is poor at Best for none so ignorant should occupy such places of responsibility. But ignorance will not excuse that other frequently repeated piece of Bald faced deceit a that we done to know anything about real tax burdens that our great Mother country England pays taxes and carries a debt much greater than our my own particular admiration Harry Hopkins it in a not being sarcastic got that one off again the other Day. It was in a carefully prepared statement too no slip of the Tongue. In the first place it is simply and unquestionably untrue. Stud Bethany Beach. seems to me to be the most cynical i and dangerous piece of political impertinence is the constant sneering by officials in this administration at those who protest the alarming i growth of debt and taxes As a result of Federal extravagance. The protestants Are of course All i economic royalists who squeal solely i because they object to having their i ill gotten gains taken away to be j divided up by a great humanitarian. Government and Given to those who i have less. Since those who have less Are far More numerous than those i who have More this becomes sure-1 fire rabble rousing. It is almost impossible to make Clear to a those who have less that through the intricate Maze of taxation methods there is not one of them whether employed or unemployed and on Relief who does not suffer a take off of at least one fifth of All he earns or gets by the hidden hand of Federal state and Ileal taxation. A taxes Are paid in the sweat of every Man who labors j they Are a Burden on production and can be paid Only in so said Franklin and lie never i spoke More truly. With its a Glia try fraud on the poor by Rudolph Dirks the Captain and the kids girls club to meet tile Eteri girls club of Bethany Church w ill meet tomorrow at 5 30 p. In. At the City Park with their Leader. Miss Natalie romans of los Angeles Bible Institute. 2jer� they Are a the rival candidates for the Honor of being the first presided of Bombo Island theres your Hext president i i can t / miss because my people adore me old and Kern 7 Youn for Quot president n�?7 a a my j ill Swap i p Sou ten of j my daddy it kn<5 Archibald buttons for of Loke Captain bloodshot Button 11j j Nix \ i Twenty Archibald i j ror one of imagine bloodshot i Only ten or we s i archives done to Trade l por a n a j blonds Hon undoubtedly Quot King Archibald gaze our the. I window of a we must take us for patsies honest Arch la e misses Nanc and Louis a daughters of or. And mrs Perry il8 la. Laurel Avenue Ned Home on the streamline ban Jose where they have visiting their grandmother Walter bean. Cepe Iii of Call a a Lur Ewul to bag i a eat of a All Kif by Ham Fisher Joe Paloska Shah please fellas / Kin i have perm19hun i t leave sir an go t my quarters 5 Palo oof mrs. Harriet Buckingham lie sister and mrs. Milton to it Teal Berge have just returned i Rem a wee spent at Sequoia and Grant National Parks where the y report they a tramped All the trails Welc ome a 75-gal.on travelling still he found 32 Gallons of Iver and his companion guest this week m who Lias been a so Alaska for 19 years. Mrs. R. A vex St j her Home with or returned from a ban Francisco for and president Roo Well As for a visit hand who is Coni Navy. Handshake speeds trial Philadelphia g Hemlock a truck Driver was having difficulty answering an attorneys questions. He finally turned to the judge and said a if a person shakes hands with me i find i can talk to him the judge and the truck Driver Shook hands and the trial progressed smoothly. Page two Arcadia daily tr1runk Tumko july 26, 19h�
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