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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - July 23, 1938, Arcadia, California Arcadia daily Tri Runk saturday july 28, 1988 age two icky it Ona oooo oooo Cho Cho o o too Doc Ancl Junt Panf tent strange As it seems by John Hix for further proof address the author enclosing a stamped envelope for reply. Reg. U. 8. . Off. Quot contraband v by Dennis Wheatley and holidays at 104 y. First Arcadia publishing company ii o i. I it n o o n president and publisher published daily except sunday Avenue. Arcadia. California a. Entered us second class matter Malch 14 1930, at the Post Orth e at Arcadia California under the act of March 3, 18.9. Tub in a t be Genet Cree Day 1 in a1 Cave of Conn if May be was Deslog avs paper of Ion by de on the 8th 31. Member Arcadia chamber of Arcadia business menus California newspaper publishers Arcadia West Side Commerce association so ovation association american Bureau of newspaper advertising publishers association copies represented in the United Sia by j. J. Devine amp associates inc. New Detroit Pittsburgh. Pa., and Atlanta a daily Tribune and full information about Arear a markets can be obtained from any of these office subscription Price single copy. 5c 10c month. Phone 2131 for All departments. Advertising rates on Apple Aton and Canada a a City. Chicago f the Arcadia d surrounding a Row a am Awn in h Keifer Chiton feb. Ii feb. A 1933 to eeb a w9f owned by . Sunj amp a Tahoka the Rue 3 highest ranks in the my View Crip amp a it c0h6rt< to 80n0r the same Man Quot Omo j. Farragut rear Admiral 18b- wee Admiral i amp of Admiral -8 synopsis i Curling tin Clouds lie mounted Gregory Sallust Young English again hoping to get above them but 6uh> Alan amp a Dunn North Carolin nne amp no out to Hen Vear per we Eek 40c per us hoho o of Iwho too chd o-o<k>o-Ock&Gtoo-r>oot>0c>oooooc or ii ate investigator to greatly in the upper layers proved thicker than private invest gtd k Enco at red and now the smugglers had disappeared. Tho sound of their engines was of no assistance since the Roar of his own blacked out any other vibration and As they Wert flying without lights he could Only Hope to spot them again in a Clear Patch when they momentarily obscured a Star Here and uphold Freedom of the press anti Handbill ordinance held unconstitutional a we Are aware that the first step toward a dictatorship in invariably an Effort to throttle the press to the end that the people May be kept in ignorance of vital Public math is. And that governmental abuses May be rendered exempt from. Ontl municipal judge William r. Mckay so declared in finding three members of the american newspaper Guild not guilty of violating the City Handbill ordinance. Those acquitted were Morgan Hull International Guild representative Philip m. Connelly president of the local chapter and Roger Johnson former president of the los Angeles they were arrested june 24 while distributing leaflets in front of a Hollywood Market urging the Public not to patronize establishments advertising in the Hollywood citizen news. Judge Mckay gave his ruling in a 16-Page opinion in which he held the Handbill ordinance to be a avoid and unconstitutional.�?�, the Guild contended the ordinance was unconstitutional and. In the june 24 instance enforced discriminator ily by police. A the Liberty of the press is not confined to newspapers and periodicals. It must of necessity embrace pamphlets and leaflets these have been historic weapons in the defense of Liberty a the judge said. In seeking a dismissal of the charges the defendants tiie 0ffleers and directors of the pointed to the recent United states supreme court decision Bank were at a loss to control the new York. N. which held that any attempt by License fee or police action to mob and subdue the run. Despite Roosevelt be a candidate for a third religious jazz to vim hired iof Fop a run on a Ink in Davenport Iowa Eph so. Hap music a soothed tut of pets Pepos fors to win. Mhz redeposited their Money then Ftp there. To ies cd in the affairs of the Beautiful hungarian girl Sabine Szen Tes. For two reasons first because her Beauty and Charm Are irresistible second because she is associated with lord Gavin Fortescue a sinister shadowy figure in International affair l Orte Acue is a strange looking Little Man curiously misshapen. Sallust knows him by reputation and has begun to cupped that he and Sabine Are concerned in smuggling activities which Gregory is investigating for sir Ellinore Gwaine Cust a British Industrial giant. Gregory and Sabine have become friends although she will Tell him nothing of herself or her relations with Bor Tescue. In saving inspector Wells of Scotland Yard from a Brawl in a cafe near Deauville France where Sabine had lured the victim Gregory gains Possession of a mysterious coded Telegram dropped during the fight. Sabine refuses to enlighten Gregory on the Telegram warning him it is dangerous to know too much. She agrees to spend the following Day with the infatuated Gregory. Dining at a Roadside inn Sabine is filled with apprehension for Gregory a safety when she sees a a the limper a a one of lord Gavin a henchmen watching them. Later when Gregory goes to get his car he is attacked by a Man who throws Pepper in his eyes. Sabine disappears. Returning to England Gregory Calls on inspector marrow fat of Scotland Yard to enlist his Aid in capturing the criminals. The inspector re for another ten minutes he flew on still towards the North. He could no longer see the coastline below him but judged that they must have left Deal behind on their left and were coming up to Ramsgate. A few minutes later he was free of the Clouds and picked up Ramsgate with the North Foreland Light beyond it. Then he suddenly bunked steeply to the left for he had just spotted a single plane tearing through the night sky Over Thanet setting the controls he pulled out his night glasses and focused them upon the solitary night flyer then grunted with disappointment it was not a big plane such As he had hoped to see but a passenger machine probably a four seater. They were Well Inland now and heading West North Westward. The solitary plane was a thousand feet below them and As Gregory came Down he picked up a Long irregular broken Chain of lights upon his right which indicated the deserted front at Margate. A few moments More and he could see the sea again the North Kentish coast where it runs toward the thames Estuary. Westgate flies but As Wellington and heme Bay Lay signs Wells to Trail the latter hop j somewhere ahead of him of to cat. Music in a rank the Union savings bunk and Trust company of Davenport. Iowa faced a crisis on september 30. 1931. Someone started a run on the b Ink the situation grew More tense hourly hundreds of people jammed the lobby of the Bank in an Effort to withdraw their savings mob hysteria that dangerous driving Force that does not listen to reason threatened to result in tragedy. Hugh Johnson says copyright. 1938. By United press inc. Reproduction in whole or part forbidden. All rights reserved Syndicate my to glean some important information. That night Gregory and Rudd his servant Fly to Calais France. Later they stealthily watch five ruffians in the a cafe de la Cloche a mentioned in the mysterious Telegram until the men Are summoned outside to a limousine containing Fortescue and Sabine. After an Exchange of papers the car drives away and Rudd and Gregory Trail the five men to a secret Landing Field on the coast. Here aided by flares a Fleet of a dozen planes lands and unloads smuggled goods. Catching a ride Back to Calais Gregory is Able to get his own the leading plane was dropping now toward a giant Belt of Trees a Little Inland from Birchington. Their massed foliage stood out darkly in the faint Starlight against the Flat arable land which surrounded them on every Side. The ring of Trees was at least two Miles in circumference and several Broad open spaces in its Center suggested that the place was a private Park. Gregory watched the solitary plane through his night glasses from his greater Altitude As it descended. Another moment Arn circling into the wind it floated Down toward one of the Bare patches plane in the air in time to follow i in the very heart of the great Belt of the smuggler Fleet on its Way Back Trees. Prevent the distribution of literature was unconstitutional and an Effort to throttle the Freedom of the press. Church programs Arcadia Community Church presbyterian 9 45�?churcn school. Organized Departmentally and with classes j for All Ages graded according to age and interests. La ooh morning worship. Hearty congregational singing Good special music. 6 30�?Christian Endeavor for the Young people. A rousing meeting packed with interest and Challenge and helpfulness for the Young people of the Community. 7 30�?evening service. A somewhat informal service varied in its Appeal from week to week liter month at 8 of Esting to Young and old alike. A fitting close to the lords Day. Midweek service is on wednesday evenings at 7 30. Fellowship class 3rd monday evening Church of the holy anger Catholic Huntington at Holly. Sunday masses 9 30, 8 00, to of and 12 00. Week Days 7 30. Sunday evening devotions 7 30. Societies ladies altar and Rosary meets isl thursday each month at 2 p. In. Holy communion 1st sunday of ladies study club meets with altar society holy name society is 1st tuesday of month at 8 p. M first Church of Christ scientist of Arcadia at la of clock on sunday morn j ing. Services Are conducted by first Church of Chi 1st, scientist of this j City in the woman a club House 324 Suth first Avenue. Wednesday evening meeting at 8 of clock at which testimonies of Christian science Healing Are Given sunday school at 9 30 a. In this Church maintains a free Reading room at 50 East Huntington drive open 12 30 to 4 of p. In daily c Reep sunday and Legal holidays. The Bible mrs Eddy s writings and All authorized Christian science literature May there be read. Borrowed or purchased. A cordial invitation is extended to the Public to attend the services Aud lit the leading room. Temple City Community Church 9 30 a. school. 11 00 a. Rny morning worship 7 00 p. league. 2 30 p Rny thursday prayer meeting 7 40 p. , choir relic Ai american lutheran 1431 South Baldwin Avenue. G. H. Schuster a Tor 9 00 a school. 10.00 .�?divine service subject a fighting orders for Chris Man soldiers the pastor May be reached by in Terrace 7436 or it 45 South holy communion meets 2nd Sun a Day at 8 of Young people s club i meets 2nd and 4th mondays at City j Hall at 8 p. I quarterly Ion 5th sunday at 3 mass Junior Young Peoples club 1st and 3rd mondays at 8 p. In. Young ladies modality meets Voth Young Peoples club altar boys Guild meets amp As saturday morning at la of clock j catechism classes for children and mexicans at Church and p e. Camp saturday morning at 10 00. The fact that business men of the Community backed the Bank and the Bank itself was on a sound basis the depositors were not in a reasoning Frame of mind. Next morning the run continued the mob still clamoured at the Bank s windows. Then Fred Zabel Vic president of the institution got an idea. Working on the Assumption that Quot music hath charms a to soothe disturbed temperaments a jazz band was hired to play popular selections from the Balcony. Almost like magic the rhythmical strains took effect. The crowd relaxed. Customers tapped their feet on the Marble floors changed their minds and left the Bank. Many actually re deposited their Money which they had just taken out next morning found the Union savings Bank Back on a Normal operating basis the music had completely swept aside the unreasoning fears of the Public. Aged automobile seventeen years Avo Gus Gainey. Dunn North Carolina negro bought i an automobile for $800.00 Cash. J lie dealer to close the bargain t in five Gallons of gasoline. Happily Gaines drove and drove until he ran out of a meter showed too Miles in. Gainey pushed the i shed and decided it w of a financial Strain or. Through the land in a kind of Semi procession inspire such term in 1940? almost every com thinking. Finally there is the Intel men Tator has written on this re actual bankruptcy of his opposition gently so Iti take a try. It is Tho and the Complete absence on the most frequently discussed subject horizon in any party including i wherever two or three Are gathered own. Of a figure approaching him together. Yet it is foolish question Glamour. With would be no 3 000,000,000. The answer is per less than human if he i g neatly obvious. A if As the time a re election would be bad Tor demo preaches he is absolutely certain Cracy. No Leader in history Ini Simi that he can get away with it-1 Lar circumstances has avoided the nothing could prevent him. If there j suspicion that god invented him. Is an even Chance that he May be i there is no weariness illness or beaten a nothing could persuade 1 disillusionment about f. D. R. No other president so revelled in bus what have been the reasons Why a or made it pay better. It no president has had a third term j has increased the wealth precedence there Are Only four. First a real and Security of his whole family conviction that it is bad for demo even to his a sister and his Cousin. Crane institutions Washington and his aunts or at least his in Jefferson and t r. In 1908. Sec Cie. His sons have married riches Ond. Weariness or illness Jackson to England. Chapter Xii Ile climbed still higher As they passed beneath him and altered his course a Little when he noted that the Fleet was now veering to the North. Soon he picked up the lights of the English coast lying thousands of feet below to his left and by the varying flashes of the Kent lighthouses he was Able to Check his course As almost dead northward with Dover and the South Foreland Light on his beam. The smuggler Fleet was a Good Way ahead below him now and still climbing hut he hoped that if he could maintain his present distance they would Lead him in to their English Landing ground without suspecting that they were being followed. Unfortunately the visibility ahead was by no Means so Good As it had been Over the French coast and a moment later they passed through a cold Wisp of Cloud. Gregory grabbed the throttle lever in his left hand and pushed it through the Gate of the quadrant bringing his supercharger into play and decreasing his distance a Little instantly Gregory swung away to the South again knowing that immediately the other plane landed its engine would be switched off and the Roar of his own machine would attract attention. Diving now to gain Speed he headed away from the big tree Girt enclosure then flattened out and returned ten minutes later at a lower height. As he sighted the tall tree tops again standing out Stark and Black against the naked Thanet landscape he decided to risk a Landing. Broad Field Lay below him. He stubble but he a soon out of it and a Rota the Low ditch into a winding Lane which followed the curve of a thick six foot hedge overhung by the Leafy branches of massed tries on its far aide. Gregory ran lightly along Tho Lane hoping to find a break in Tho hedge or a place where he could scramble Over easily but it a in Good repair and he covered two Hundred Yards before he found a suitable spot. A Grassy Bank below the hedge slopped up a Little for a foot or More and from it protruded the stump of an old tree. By mounting on the stump he was Able to fling himself bodily on the top of the hedge and slip Down on the far Side. It was pitch dark there and he did not dare to use his Torch not knowing How deep the ring of Trees might prove at this Point and fearing that a Light might be spotted by the people who had landed in the plane. He ran into a tree trunk barked his knee and swore angrily. Then More cautiously with hands extended in the darkness he crept Forward. The eerie silence of the night was broken Only by the snapping of twigs beneath his feet. As his eyes became accustomed to the gloom he could just make out the trunks of the big Trees in time to avoid them but the Belt was much deeper than he had supposed almost a strip of Woodland and he had to tiptoe a Hundred Yards before a emerged into the open. He found himself then in a Meadow but there was no House or outbuilding in sight such As he had expected. Turning right he warily continued his Advance sticking closely to the line of Trees in order to be Able to take cover behind them at a moments notice until he came up against an Iron Fence which bordered a gravel drive. Remaining in the Field he broke cover and proceeded parallel with the drive toward the Center of the Park. After what seemed an interminable time the big Field ended and he came to another Wood. Clearing the Fence he plunged again into heavy darkness Down the driveway Between the overhanging Trees. A moment later he caught a Glimmer of Light through the Trees and tiptoed Forward until he reached the Edge of the Wood. Upon his left there was another great open space a wide Lawn with Meadows beyond perhaps and on his right the drive broadened into a wide sweep before a Long three storied House up to which Trees and Bushes grew at both its wings. The Light came from an a curtained downstairs window and by it Gregory could see clearly now a big closed car drawn up in front of the porch. As he watched the Light in the window was switched off then four people came out of the darkened doorway and got into the car. The engine of the motor purred. Next moment the beam of powerful headlights threw a Golden glow on the gravel drive. Quick As a cat ass "sls/.? a Tbs bul pc Tow ready harvested or stubble by switching on his Landing Light he turned his plane toward the prevailing wind and came Down gently. His Luck was in. The plane bounded lightly for fifty Yards and he was Able to bring it to a standstill without turning Over. A stay Here a a he shot at Rudd. A if the Village Constable happens to be on the prowl say we had to make a forced Landing and that in be gone for Gas. Own and crouched there dazzled for the moment by the blinding Glare and almost certain that his pre ence must have been discovered but the car turned on the sweep and roared away in the opposite direction from which he had come Down the West drive which led to the Birchington Gate of the Park and the Road to London. His glimpse of the car s occupants bet Tor Quot get out the Cork was Brief but the Man at to it wheel screws and Anchor Tho plane in Case the wind gets up. The machine we followed May have nothing to do he feared to lose tile Squadron,1 with the outfit in a after but any Crew file Odo disgusted a under a too much keep it in pastor will organize 4-Square Church of Christi \ n is i Enck i hum Hes a truth a is tile subject of the is son so Rmon on sunday in All Church of Christ. Scientist. The Golden text is from the psalms j a teach in thy Way. O lord i will walk in thy truth unite my heart to tear thy one of the Bible selections in the lesson Sermon presents hese verses from proverb a Jbv mercy and truth iniquity is purged and by the fear of the lord men depart from evil u Lien a Many a ways please the lord be Marketh even his enemies to be Al peace with him. A to Nan a heart Devi Seth his Way but the lord direct tet his file Lesbon Senna includes also this statement from the Christian science textbook. A science and health w Ith key to the St by Mary Baker Eddy a the divine demand. A be be therefore perfect a is scientific and the human footsteps leading to perfection Are indispensable individuals Are consistent who. Watching and praying can Hun. And not be weary walk and not w to gain Good rapidly and hold their position or attain lowly arid yield not to discouragement. When we Waif patiently on cod and Truh Rev John met ahls attempting to organize a 4 Square gospel Church in Arcadia therefore he would like to Contact All 4-Square and full gospel people in this locality who oui be interested in forming a congregation. And Coolidge. Third the Century and a half old precedent in part All presidents save Washington. Fourth a fear of defeat Grant and Wilson. As to the first reason if or Roosevelt Ever had a conviction that a third term for himself would be bad for democracy he has never expressed it. On the contrary he has hinted something to the effect that the recently immensely increased Powers of tile president would be dangerous to democracy in any other hands. Nobody who knows the president will doubt that in some respects he sincerely regards himself As a sort of Messiah divinely anointed to save what he regards As democracy in a world in which it us threatened on every front and to Lead suffering humanity into the Green pastures. Why he think so h exclusively surrounded by a official hallelujah chorus w chants that thought into his ears through praises and thanksgiving in every waking moment. His immense personal popularity and the adoring multitudes that follow his Progress i or otherwise been advanced to affluence. He delights riotously in All this and is having the time of his life. Weariness As a cause for his retirement is out. Respect for the precedents of Washington. Jefferson Jackson and Wilson if there is one puckish caper in which or. Roosevelt glories it is in breaking precedents. Hie seems to go out of his Way to find them to shatter. He boasts about it and chuckles every time he does it like a naughty boy heaving a Brick through the banker a window. This Chance to break the biggest precedent of All would stat rather than Stop a third term attempt. There remains Only one Barrier. Roosevelt wants above All but they flew on still gaining height and apparently taking advantage of the Cloud patches rather than avoiding them. A few moments More and the could see Only two machines on the extreme right Wing of the flight. How in a going into this place to find out a bit More about it. I May be away some Tim. A i get you sir a Rudd muttered and Gregory tumbled out onto the ground. The Field was ridged with coarse both Felt tracks of Hack 200 million years for Klein first to qualify for candidate As judge according to the records in the Beirut july 23. A up a As a Beetle tracks of 200.000,000 years j 0ff ice 0f the registrar of voters or. Ago found in the logs of arizonan Gaui g Klein was the first to petrified Forest Are under the scr i qualify As a candidate for judge of tiny of Tion. The smithsonian ins Titu the Superior court office no. I. Or. Klein has practice Law for to i 28 years and is a former Law pro the tracks discovered by m. V., a on Ltd gtd with Walker of the National Parks service Are described As a Peculiar numerous important committee a Poi talents by the state bar of Wall and another seated beside him had been wearing leather jackets so Gregory guessed them to be the pilots of the plane while lord Gavin Fortescue was hunched in the Back seat and next to him wrapped in heavy furs above which her delicate profile Rose As Tifful As a Cameo Sabine had been sitting. To be continued copyright. 137. By Kiu i Stuie. Bindi rat. In. Prisoners on speech strike Berkeley Cal., july 23�?<u.pj protest against their being omitted from the list of political prisoners who were recently pardoned by the Lebanon chamber of deputies 300 men in the Lebanon have declared a hunger and speech strike. The strikers have refused to answer questions put by officials who visited the prison. Y ridges and shallow channels some fornia the Angeles bar Asso encircling the massive citation and lawyers club of los or completely trunks dog As speedometer Washington july 23�? Angeles. Things to go Down in history As a it Juie beetles seemingly selected great president. That Honor would i Only one Type of tree for de be Hurt if he tried to do what the j auction. These Trees Are now exit h other great presidents condemned j and failed. The fear of that alone kind of could possibly Stop the attempt. He is one of the Ablest politicians in history. It is far too Early for him to put his unprecedented political judgement to work on that Hazard. When he does and if he decides he can surely make it he will run and Tinct but Are closely related to the Norfolk Island Pine a giant Pine found Only on one Island in the Indian Ocean. Be elected because if it cinch he will not run. Hugh s. Johnson. Rancher kills 37th Cougar Glennville Cal. July 21 a up a Marion Vincent District cattleman soon will be in the Market for a new gun or at least a new gun Stock. He has notched his present one the 37th time for killing is not a cougars and there is Little room for cutting any More. His last Mountain lion weighed 200 pounds. H j mrs. Lusky Rowland told the traffic judge she knew she Wasny to speeding at 37 Miles an hour because her pet dog i Chow any time she exceeds 30 Miles an hour lies Down and whimpers while at the time she was ticketed i Chow was sitting up and enjoying the ride. Between i Chow and the fact that mrs. Rowland a Pedometer was inaccurate the judge suspended sentence. Joe Paloska by Ham fishes Sierra Maare Boulevard Pasadena righteous it it lie i a Lul
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