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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - July 19, 1938, Arcadia, California Attadia daily Tui run tuesday july to 1008 24�?musical instruments of Rel i i i Quot a a Taftt Tiv v v it v t a runic Ullin air ten a in in j Dorothy Dix the daily Tribune a business am professional d5rsctoby it you won t miss with the pianos Pok Renz it per to and up grand Sun of sumo Ana up rent to apply a a Jav chose later c i o mid music by 967 i ado fit. Ram Denar jwt8 y Hipa to y Hilts More often than it lives Parent am to offer encouragement rather Ilian condolence to i heir children Rhoni j 5--aui0vi0biles la repairs amp i Sims Ohte opa h doctor declared not Ion ago that cym any Silt a a people As disease did and that men who might have got Well were swept intr their travel by the tears of pity of their Lov san Gabriel Valley topics rates minimum 50c per word .2� display classified col. In. 75 pay for four insertions Cid fifth free delivered thursdays to 39, Homes daily Tribune rates minimum 35c Dee m. Of yank realms i Ite Winick i no 4 i Arri vhf i or idiotic subsequent insertions. Display classified col. In thru bring hot with his subject or went on to relate an incident that Hod just occurred in his print be. Quot for months a he said Quot i Hare Bren try in to build up and Calm dorm a delicate neurotic patient of mine so that she Nill be Able to stand an operation that is also Lurly necessary. Antheil Mrovka hours 0 to evenings phone Arcadia 2131 or 2132 Nev. Door to pest office 33�?miscellaneous 2�?personals 18�?real estate a a oaf in t i had got her fit and i told her that i the next Day i would operate but when i went in i to see her she was surrounded by her weeping friends and family who Weie patting her hands or to flinging her and making her feel that they were la. Under their sympathetic ministrations she had Lier temperature had shot up and she we so has Ralton was out of the question. Ail my work was be done Over again. A a Vomes rent dirty re. Cd i i nes us rugs phone Coli Llu 1 Pool nil blvd f Vic Adi a disposal co 56 e. Blunt a i or. Vav a collect on Dro Days and Tjotis Days a month family laundry so pieces $1.00 outside drying individual washing pick up and delivery service White Home laundry 2867 e. Colorado St. Pasadena Terrace 0781 a Iii f. Fiat Fri o n o i till to i phone 585 Tours 8 to 5 s lamination it 50% of. Liuz Ilin on Arcadia Mary if you want me Call me at te-2322. In a Down at Kay getting my hips reduced. / s Jon i Hollihan j drop cries venetian blinds / i a noistering t \ / j of e. Ii Nti Noton drive j i phone 517 or 798 s flours i Venin the t apr Renee of att of us laymen confirms the physicians diagnosis cell c Deuil of sympathy ii the human system. Aii of us know dozens of people who have been made chronic invalids by being pitied. Boys and who were weaklings and never do we is i Era me their mothers were o sorry for them when they had tile measles that they sold them tire idea that they did t have Hie health and strength to do any t Bing. Lending Libra lies Nile mrs. Carey s Lent come in and browse tie ave., Monrovia. To Pinc Leroy Anderson attorney at i ave a had whore in he Valley Quot reasonable accurate immediate service will Cal Tor and deliver. Box 12 Arcadia Tribune Butler and eggs furnished by produce Exchange of los Angeles Job printing Beauty Parlours Arcadia Klin. 51 f. Tug. 2785 Are. Of. Hrs. Wed. A sat l. A. Oiler. 510 Vav. 6th the. To 82 ?1 women who Lay in a com ii Fieira lives because their husbands cot rented and pelted them because of their poor nerves or their we a k hearts. Men who gave up their jobs at Middle age sat. Down on the Dole thine Stool and ie4, then children support them because their boldly s sgt licit de and about How they Felt today Ana what did the Corbin say about their symptoms made them exaggerate a sight indisposition into a fatal malady. All types of Beauty work by students. Filbin a Bratty College 135 n. Garfield. At. 2-msr 647-164-tf Ai a Tribune per Beau Toful i4 our nr7j Dustless cd is rent i nor Sander 3�?employment offered Sti it and driveway of All iinds / asphaltic of excrete Phon Arcadia 2437 and we have Cli seen these same victims of sympathy cured As if by magic when their dope was u i thurau n. When nobody cared whether Oley were Well or sick they got Well. When nobody listened to the Talei their aches and pains Oley forgot them too Many a frail and delicate i onion who has been coddled All of her life by a pitying Kotlier end husband has not Only got up from her bed and walked but taken i hushing to support herself and her children when the necessity arose. Commercial artist for full or part time. not nectar but preferred. Write&fbk43 \ 60 m7>g-617 butter automobile automobiles now is the time to buy late Model Cadillac la Salles bricks Fords Chevrolet Packard and other makes bargains in used and new furniture. Ca if it Etnia furniture co. 627 South mime. Monrovia we buy and Exchange furniture. 205-56 invalids it also makes failures. It Breeds it turns us into cowards and quitters Large errs candles extras candles Light dirty extras candles clean standards candles Light dirty standards candles checks medium legs candles clean extras candles baht dirty extras candles clean standards candles Light dirty standards candles Check mens and ladies tall us at tash arid carry prices Huntington do. Phone 822 Many a boys and girls whole life is ruined by a Mother who Sheds tears of pity Over them until she melts Down their backbones and leaves them poor spineless creatures incapable of achieving anything. Mother is so sorry for Mary because she has to Pound a typewriter or stand behind a counter instead of spending her time amusing herself that she makes Mary feel that she is a Martyr that it Isnit Worth while to try to do Good work or gel ahead in a world that is oppressing a poor working girl. Kotlier pities poor John because he can to go to College and have port cars As Rich men s sons do until she kills every bit of ambition in him and makes him think that it in t Worth while working anyway. G. W. Strause splendid Solidi ii of Good used furniture at spaces you can afford to pay. Ahtl delivery budget terms. Pasa Eilf storage co. 55 South Marengo Avenue. I 659-162-192 unfinished furniture Small eggs candles checks candles Light dirty extras Case count. In Fin i in tur i most Complete St cd in Pasadena also made to order. Richards. 17l e. Colorado. 51- lowest prices in High Grade used car history All cars sold with an ironclad guarantee. Highest Trade in prices for your present car. An old established dealer is anxious to make new friends and customers in san Gabriel Valley. Send your name and address and the name Ani Model of the car you Are now driving and you will be amazed a1 our Trade in offer. You will incur no obligation whatever in communicating with us and we will be pleased to give you a demonstration. Again we remind you there is absolutely no obligation on your part. It is the mothers who Jack their children up with Hope that put in them the spirit that makes for Success. They done to sympathize with their children for having to work. They Tell them How Lucky they Are to have h Job and the strength and health. U intelligence to hold in Down. A is not pity we need when we have a thing to do. It a Brace. I see i la no us sensational and nobody can doubt that a Mother s sympathy is first Aid to divorce in innumerable instances. A Young couple gets married and finds that marriage is not the cd of roses that the Quot expected it to be. Value especially is Hie wife disillusioned when she discovers that she has married a Mere Man instead of a Golding and that he expects her to act like a human being and pull her weight in the boat. So she runs to Kotlier with tier troubles and complains against the husband and instead of telling her that so is act Uig like a spoiled child and a Little fool and to go Back Home and be a sport and make the Best of her bargain Mother pities her and says a come Back to me my poor persecuted Darling a and there is another Home wrecked and another woman on her Way to Reno. And sympathy has done its deadly work again. Dorothy Duc. Copyright lodger Syndicate july specials Chickering studio piano $35.00 Beautiful spinetto i $179.00 new baby grand j $89 of these Are just a i i of our very Fine bargains Over Loo to choose from. Or c. J. Gould music co. 967 e. Colorado St., Pasadena 660-162-167 summer m communicate with Box x Arcadia daily Tribune Arcadia California Capone under 7 lbs. Rabbits no. I Whit. 3% to 4 rabbits no. I mix col 3% i rabbits no. I Oid old Hen turkeys squads under la lbs. Squads la lbs. Doz. Up Capone under 7 lbs. Do you give service then of sure your name is in u p gaily i ree Toiyo its in the classifieds. 3 months subscription by j. H. Striebel and j. P. Mcevoy Dixie Dugan j Tribune Igo personal calling cards All Foley George Marcoux this of ice will be available for a Short time Only grappa i gotta \ you be got t Mand rip my hat r you i it t your of for smartness Gran Fath i a Phat certificate sign of perfect heal Tell 73&Quot / change Gran m a mind bout your i i i a a Goin t Camp i hopi he s of Nio grandma changed your in you won t mind about / Hatta worry the Camp id about Gran a s of healt h any Uve jus been at the doctor s Emma a i merely went for Why he s an examination and j Strong got a certificate j enough of perfect health / t handle jus convince three Camps you for boys it a i Gran m a i it just follow me \ Well that will j certainly change things around Here a phone cell win bring a representative to your door More Ordones n a is a porn a a in in Gabriel Valley s fastest grow in daily Nev Sph of phone Arcadia Alit 104 n. First Avo

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