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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - July 19, 1938, Arcadia, California Poi Arcadia daily Tribune tuesday july 19, 104 rift or Beauty children health our own Magazine food fashion Home i say sub off the shoulder gowns and swim suits stress need for Beauty care of Back suntan Oil and exercises boiled Salmon in sauce lobster Best in summer by Judith Wilson rather to remind us that Ash is just about i is easier to prepare than it takes hot w steaks and chops lighter tempting to hot weather appetite markets and see which f _ How t of a out a crumbs. Remove the onion the Dei s Anco More readily digestible and s Quot Heck up with your local h Are at their Best just now and preparing the fish for Ngui urn Lier dinners die More appetizing l is Plain boiled Salmon Pink Aud rant a hot Savoie Luce passed on the Side is one of the most popular dishes i know. Nin nor fruit and sherbet appetizer big d Salmon with piquant sauce coiled potatoes with butter and Parsley asparagus salad fresh la Iuri tarts a supper my Krooni bisque shrimp aspic with Garnishee hot buttered robs Strawberry Jelly Roll Coffee and add the milk to the Cracker mixture Strain in the liquid from the Bones add the lobster meat and reheat seasoning to taste with Salt. Pepper and additional butt Al if Vou want it. Serve with sea biscuit or unsalted r biscuit a deep dish Blu Berr pie and Coffee �?~11. R and Vou will have a delicious not Mea of summer. Shrimp aspic i pounds fresh shrimp i onion i Clove garlic i ii spoon each sugar and Salt 3 Peppercorns 21 j cups Bouillon i Tablespoon Gelatin i Teaspoon Parsley i slice onion i Teaspoon chopped celery Salt and Pepper profiles for today socialite musters anti dirt army in new York by Talbot Lake wealthy people in High society often interest themselves in some cause or Hobby. The cause May be trivial or it May be Worth while. But whether it is one or the other they very often get thoroughly a a bitten by it and make it the be All and end All of their sex mrs. Henry Martyn Alexander. A Iowa haired Matron recently painted in White Satin and Ermine. Large space taker in the society pages of the conservative dailies. Is a Case in Point. She is Active on the socially elite Board of the philharmonic symphony society and other socially prominent causes but is proudest of her work As president of the outdoor cleanliness association. So absorbing is it to her. That she will not leave her handsome new York City Home for the country. The cause of the association is Salmon and piquant Sak f j i. Pound Iresia Salmon i Small a Ilion i Carrot Parsley i Bouillon cube 4 cups water Salt and Poppei cup butter i shallot mined i Teaspoon minced Parley i Teaspoon Lemon jute a d so tobacco chop the onion Carrot and a prig of Parsley Fine and add with the Bouillon cube to the boiling Garnish with watercress. Water. Boil rapidly for to minutes. Ti.-, and add Salt and Pepper to season highly Wash the Salmon add the onion garlic sugar Salt apr mainly worthy a and Well nigh and Peppercorns to i quart water hopeless. Its aim is to make the and brine to a boil. Add the sprawling polyglot City of new shrimp and boil for to minutes York clean. There is More Joy for Cool in the liquid. Drain and Shell mrs. Alexander in one new Chew put the Bouillon into a Saucepan ing rum rem0ver a Gadget to and heat with the Parsley onion. S rapt it wads of used gum from chopped Parsley and Salt and Pep pavements than in her Sable furs per to season. Soften the Gelatin Ghe wars against the discarded or in 2 Tablespoons of the cold Broth. Ange nuisances by dogs the Strain the hot Bouillon Over it and so t coat menace. Discarded news stir until dissolved. Cool. Arrange papers and Aii the rest of the lit the shelled shrimp in a Mold pour apr in the Gelatin and chill until firm. The outdoor cleanliness Asso serve with Mayonnaise to which ration marches sternly through minced chives have been added. Tie streets. Escorted by police officers and representatives of the sanitary squads. As it passes on. It did you know that lectures school children warns chocolate trusting is Over fruit vendors and admonishes Jan beautify Back shoulders by Jacqueline Hunt sudden changes in fashions Are always embarrassing to someone. Few figures Are perfect but by concentrating on the parts spotlighted by fashion most women manage to look smart most of the time. When a Radical change Iii style lakes place however it usually reveals a multitude it figure faults that have been overlooked. At the moment backs and Shoul it is also splendid a. V jul a Der need prompt and vigorous at miss Iii it it s a Bright idea to Wear a dazzling White Linen evening dress to contrast with your Sun Tan. Crisply pleated ruffles Edge this dress All around. It can be worn without the shoulder straps. The slippers Are White pique. Tendon. Dirndl frocks with their slim fitted bodices not to mention bathing suits and evening gowns that Are nearly backless. Remind us that for sever Al seasons these parts have been neglected. Backs that Are rough skinned and blemished need softening and toning treatments to put the skin in the Best possible condition. Remember to protect your Back generously with suntan Oil or lotion to prevent blistering and peeling when you go to the Beach and to insure the deep even Tan that is so Lovely in contrast with the White Cotton evening frocks and sports dresses that Are popular this season. From the letters i have received recently Fleshy backs Are also causing embarrassment. For this reason the exercises i am giving today Are especially Good for removing the pads of flesh that have a Way of accumulating across the Back and just below the shoulder Blades. These exercises Are also Good for those who need to improve their posture and slim their waistlines. With the arms is another Good exercise for reducing pads of flesh and for giving your shoulders a More grateful relaxed car Ria e. Here is another Back and shoulder reducing exer Tase stand with both arms stretched Forward at shoulder height Yoni hands Clos ii in Loose lists boulders anti Elbow joints slightly relaxed and rounded now. Raise the shoulders by a vigorous uplifting swing anti twist of the arms. At the same time tense the Muscles so the Houlde Blades Are actually lifted by the tension. Relax drop your arms Back to tie starting no sit Ion and repeat five times at first increasing the number of times As your Muscles become Strong r. Do int expect reducing miracles in a few Davs you will notice an immediate improvement in posture. But it takes about three weeks of faithful work actually to break Down and remove some of the t Illy tissue. At the same time von should clerk lip on your general aright and follow a sensible dict. And Mode s m a n n e r s and arms woman pays for offhand love affairs by Maiman may3 Martin Quot Jug woman Over Twenty one has a heart problem a a Gays today a correspondent til Utica Jinp that the writer Isnit Overly sympathetic or under to Anding of her sex. Its peed by that the letter May of from a Man. Which explains an attitude which strikes in As Peculiar. From observations made ii tilts department. I s ii o u i d s a v that As Long As a heart is rap Able of a beat. It s capable of skipping one in other words. It might have its heart problems. I have seen w o in e n distinctly on the o i cd r no ii quoth to a n o War e t tee Side much p Turbed Over a love Allan in. Pend lit has in mind t us Only Tim very Young take Loc a and that the t up Rio Vive it its proper rating. A dear mrs. Martin a from Tim to time i scan the agony Angle of your column and wonder when and How you derive the courage to answer some of the queries of to lovelorn. Us my it my ably my Corn if quickly under c id water put into Peaten a few dr0ps of Glycerine hours. It handles complaints and i Iii hot court Bouillon and simmer gently for of minutes. Take out of Ivie liquid with a Skimmer remove the skin and larger Bones and Lay on a hot Platter. Melt the butter a a Saucepan and in it Cook for a minute the finely chopped shallot will bring it Back to working con forwards them to tile a Dilion thormities. The o. C. A. And its a Doughty work is known to All de if the left Over Ham you had payments and mrs. Henry Martyn planned to use in a folded salad Alexander is Happy in it. Is dried out and unappetizing look Here t0 Ippu Snail it rub it with Glycerine and the co Parsley season to taste with dred places win disappear. Open Trade with India. Tabasco sauce and Lemon juice pour into a hot sauce boat and serve with the Salmon. I like led potatoes with All kinds of i h but for texture contrast you buy prefer shoestring or Plain French Fried Dot aloes with boiled Alii n Maine lobster Stew 2 pounds bailed lobster i pm cold water i a we it milk 1 lice onion 2 Tablespoons butter >4 pm Cracker crumbs Salt Pepper or Cayenne lobster May be purchased from a a rip markets already boiled a1 9 out of to people suffer from some nasal trouble child needs equal share of affections by Jane Herbert Goward Beauty tips question Quot i have been in lie on your Back on the Bare Vitco to a twentieth wedding an floor or on a thin Rug. Stretch your in Vrsan dinner. What sort of arms overhead pushing the feet downward until your body is gifts Art appt Pori tic. Stretched As tall As you can make a mrs. T. U. C. It. Keeping the arms Over the answer the twentieth wed question Quot a have a fairly head Roll the shoulders and arms Ding anniversary is the a China Good Tan at present but would Over to the left Side keep the hips eight or ten handsome l l it into a de Flat on the floor throughout this plates Are a Safe gift selection or like to develop it into a keep movement then swing the arms the same amount of after dinner Bronze while i am on my vacation. And shoulders to the right. Repeat cups. Or a pair of Candy compotes. How can i do this without Peel rolling about ten or twelve times or a in of victorian or Dresden int my legs Are peeling already this exercise gives a Fine China. Anything in China in fact father took mothers hand now How to shop strengthening stretch to the Side and held it. For he wanted to 7 d it and Waist Muscles. Let the Shoul see if Little Margy would act As she them. My lips Chap easily and lit Der touch the floor throughout did before when she looked Dag tie wrinkles form around my eyes this exercise so you will get a muggers and kicked her doll Carriage in the summer. Can you Tell me Sage effect Over the Fleshy areas As to attract at How to Stop them you Roll them from Side to Side. Tension to her a huh once or skin has taken on a fat rarely accumulates around Sel 9h9hh fair Tan Vou can pose it for Muscles that Are kept Strong and in the mat a a Al or stretches of time without Active. It finds a resting place Ter he wedded fear of burning a providing you where the Muscles Are weak from unable sensations of life. Perhaps a a Rose by any other name w a sub use plenty of suntan Oil or Cream disuse and the circulation is poor. A a her Small Okay m Gince you have already had one so if your weight has a Way of bad Burn that has caused peeling accumulating from your Waist up., in. A a a a a Lott final a in Nill t by Claud North Chrisman . Ions of the olfactory system common the sense of smell furnish us with some of the most pleas would smell As Sweet a yet there Are a few people in the world body int0 the who must avoid that very reasons of personal distress narrow space the sense of smell like the Sens of taste is called a a chemical an entire column to the nature live Ixo Lovoi Usu Quot we we remove the meat Pend upon chemical stimulus for involved Only in furnishing the their behaviour. The olfactory sys sensation of smell. Now it is tem is supposed to be located in definitely known to be the source of irritating sensations As Well. La. M in f o Rien cd Cooks usually meaning that the sensory or this fifth or trigeminal nerve. Dif Fer in but re it live lobster and cells of both taste and smell de which was once considered to be Cork it at Home from Flat lobster Shell removing of a a it dark Down the Back. Cut u p Rry at into Small pieces. Dis r re the Stom my in the head of the lobster but save the Coral it Rrex and the Pale Green liver. Whih gourmets consider Are the parts of the crustacean. Put the legs and other parts exc it the outside Shell in a sauce the uppermost part of the nasal chamber which is the reason we sniff when we detect an odor that is somewhat illusive. The fact is that the entire surface of the nasal chamber is sensitive to smells because the fifth nerve the source of so Many Dif distributed Between them s h o w i no she was jealous of their affection. Margy turned and again went into a rage. She dashed a a vase a Pitcher or a set of luncheon dishes would be suitable. Question a in what order should the table be cleared of dishes pm. answer food is removed the table first then the one dishes. Mrs. Goward question a a May a fellow Call an a girl without being invited i would suggest that you go easy find a Way to put those Muscles to y. S. About deepening the color How work. Answer Only if he has called Ever. The new skin on the patches try this exercise taken while in her before. Then if he feels that have peeled is More sensitive you Are standing erect your feet himself to be Welcome he May Call and another Burn on top of it May about fourteen inches apart. Swing As often As he likes. The Young cause ugly Brown splotches like the arms sharply backward at Man however who has never been Over sized freckles that will mar shoulder height so the shoulder co the girls Home must ask Quot May your skin the rest of the season Blades Are forced together in the i Call some evening if he would there is no Way to Stop peeling Back. Repeat with increasing vigor ilk sobbing do s help a i think our Bixa people new la As the next be t. Feel Coufol Stabl after they have sobbed on sonic body a shoulder. A other writers to and for women Abo Letch and carry comforting adjectives to the horribly smitten. You must swell up w Ith conceit sometimes when you con Sider the number of ailing Vou have Solace a however has it Ever occurred to you and others of your ilk that no Man or woman Over Twenty one really has a heart problem a it is my idea that Many women. And possibly men As we. Who pour their troubles into voter ear Are just poor sports. They certainly cannot be classified with the More sinned against to inn Dinning fraternity. They go into dangerous situations with their eve cd wide of n and when thav cannot work out these situations to their own satisfaction they pull Long faces and complain. A i should like to ask you. Foi instance what right a woman has to demand sympathy for be involved with a married Man. So has neither Legal nor moral leg to stand on. To know her better. Then it one May lose entirely the ability Forward her head lowered like Oncey a have bad4 Burn ten t0 fifteen times. This is one of would be up to the girl Toi Tell him detect doors As such but still that of an attacking Bull dad the Bas been killed and must the Best strengthening exercises when he May Call and would Able to respond sharply to Ian sufi pm Hor Antn his Slough off As new skin is formed for the upper Back and shoulders have the desired invitation. Pan. Add the cup of water and Ferent sensations is boil for to minutes. Scald the throughout the area above and i ii with the onion. Cream the below. Butter Anci add the liver Coral and some Day we shall have to give bit of Thistle in new sweaters by Eleanor Gunn new York when it comes to sweaters Vou take the High Road taking in Norway. Sweden and such Placer and Iti take the Low a to be in Scotland before you. Detour As you May to Scotia. Cue goes for the finest and if not. Iii fanciest sweater ideas. For instance. I found at an important House hat Thistle is the new style favorite. It is a soft am tryst cast. Slate Blue is also As important. Harness Tan. Rich but not dark beetroot and glands reds a Valley Green not too dark Jack Rose Cornish Gold and Nigger Brown Are featured in classically styled ribbed and smooth Cashmere in Shetland which is in a new soft version the featured color Range is natural White peach , Packrose Cornflower. To die and Maize. Four colors Are featured at another importer s. They Are Almond tween a Light Cornflower Blue and two Violet shades somewhat alike one like Dregs of wine and the other like the skin of Ripe figs. A Northumberland Tweed House has reproduced the exact colouring of it Pigeon s blood Ruby which chads Cap be featured in solid ribbed weave woolens and also in Tweed mixtures. In the series of fancies the woolens Tor Early autumn Are interesting. The patterns emphasize checks plaids and crossbars rather than stripes and nearly every fancy is matched up with Plain among the colors combined Are Quetico and soft tapestry Blue. Nut Brown and Pis tache Green of Jinar yellow Vav the Reddish it. Rust of slate Blue and Light er.,#r-#ld in Violet a can be seen by a f Nib nations. Paris is advocating colors hitherto conquered for re amt than Winter Wear to be Able to respond sharply irritating particles. The loss of the faculty of smell is great since it aids in t h e selection of food and the loss often happens after repeated a t tacks of diseases of the nasal cavities. It is this combination of smells and Irr i t a n t s that make the olfactory system responsible for Many of the respiratory troubles connected with the seasons spent so largely out of doors. It is the reason Why doors of even Choice Flowers cause Hay fever and Rose fever and others of allergic diseases laughing lifted her onto his knee. A jealous hey you want All the underlain it attention around Here Don t you a the Little girl nestled in her fathers arms grinning sheepishly use a foundation lipstick pomade or some of your suntan preparation on your lips before apply Dari had nut her few Lin Quot a into Insy or cd a lored lipstick. Try to w�5. To he it we a shed Quot vow moistening your ups while or. Chrisman dangerous thing to do. Now that she knew what it was All about it would be no Surprise if Margy demanded. A Stop making me jealous a the next time they were attentive to one another. Every child should be taught to give and share affection with his elders. Margy happens to be an Only child who has been made a big fuss Over All her life. But the same thing could and often does happen to the youngest in a family of several children. A child should have kindness and affection but Only his share. There Are other ways to show love for a child than by hugging and caressing him. The child is a Cima you Are out in the Sun. Cream or Oil applied around your eyes and Sun glasses will help prevent squint lines. College graduates face drop in jobs a jobs for this years College graduates Are from to to 60 per cent fewer than last year although starting salaries Are almost As Good As in 1037. The top ranking third of the june seniors at most schools will have jobs waiting Foi them but the remainder of the class will find the pickings much Ture of habit and feels that he has poorer to t of bos estimate that doors Are accepted As coming a right to any sort of attention to �?~1jrot�?� two thirds to Turre Iouin from minute particles of the which he is accustomed lie is not.i1 a id Lutcs. Wlla have Woik source of the smell in the form just a doll to be loved and played by and improvement in of pollen dust or fragrant oils. To with. He must also learn to live general conditions would quickly Many the odor of a horse or dog and act independently. Its a absorb Many entire classes a is a familiar one which brings healthy sign when a Tot fights to cording to a Survey of employment pleasure to others it Means the free himself from our embraces. At 8 universities and technical immediate constriction of the nasal done to Force affection on him. Let , just completed by a Laig membranes and usually an Exten him play insurance company. Sion of the constriction into the the e majority of present pm bronchial tubes. To remove polish payment Calls Are for salesmen ii nine out of ten of us have a the latest trick in the general business and i surant. _ a a. Turon nit Bicsi Maui us in Laie i sods and for accountants a peculiarity of some sort. Many manicuring is to remove your coding to the report. The Oil Anc folks get the utmost enjoyment polish with Little Glyce rated pads Petroleum industries Are the Bighorn a drive into the country in Especial it designed for the . The pads come in jars and the season of growing and Bloom and you do is Plaj one puds ing things. One might envy those off its string and whisk it Over who recognize at once the Field your nails. On a pad is enough to Tome of the people who react to trn Ltd Ritan rather than to smells May. T 5, 51 corneal ii a .i., n i pm. Pm Ai in i fi.,1 in h a pie Quai Ai it my. Remove the polish from All ten fingers or toes. If you happen to be Ped curing of course. If you happen to prefer a liquid polish remover to the pads some Low aft copyright 191s. By Fotr Chim the dress that has a Tow Back and a Matching color sweater is u Nice one to incl has been Ito ked Cut for summer in pastels. Clover the Orchard even the weeds which have a fragrance of their own. To others the experience Means Only a tightening of the Chest or a tickle in the nose sum in suffer also from skin blemishes showing that the chemical reaction gets As far As the blood Stream these tendencies have a Strong ilk Lahood of being inherited. Usually through the Mother they can be determined Only by on your cherished repeat d tests As to. The cause my in boiling w which is Likely to be found in utile Glycerine ii sum Art id of food which chocolate Mains May to. The it a tic n in the toques. Moved by this simple Fiji oui. Fest bidders for schoo1 graduates at present. Severa schools report that governmental m envies state and Federal Offei the most Active employment de for their graduates now with Highway Relief and soda service work mentioned most Quentlyn. The rusted sink have you tried this if Little Flag to remove rust stains on a rink make a solution of three Tablespoons of oxalic acid and two upset a cup of qua Ria of water. Stop up the sink let a Lur be theme a if women wish to do the unconventional tiling you should persuade them that they also accept the penalties great and Small and direct their lives into channels where the unconventional is the conventional. Valor should be your big theme valor under fire and who has any Light to expect other than a penalty Whitn entirely out of order?�?8. t there have always been women who turn a deaf ear to the warning signals when a married Man starts explaining to them that he is misunderstood by his wife. Its such a shopworn line of Appi each that it hardly seems possible that a girl could take it seriously yet girls often do. A Moonlight night aboard ship is just the Frame for a romantic picture with or without sound effects. Usually the less said the better. But if a Man must Draa his wife into their conversation if these moments ifs just As Well for the girl to realize that she is Only sharing his attention. The proper response to any discourse starting off with. A you see my wife do sri t understand me Quot is a Hearty laugh. It is reassuring to oneself and disconcerting to the pseudo Romeo. I quite agree with the writer of today a epistle that the woman who complicates her life by becoming entangled with a married Man should be sport enough to take the consequence which by the Way. Comes under the head of very bitter Medicine for that s the Best she can Hope for. Short cuts for two or three Days Mitev window frames Are painted each window should be opened and run up and Down several times a Day. Otherwise ult windows Are almost certain to stick. Chocolate or a b frosting leaves an of canc by Brawl loth. Try or spot jail b n added and let this mix in stand in it for one hour. The Drain Arri in Quot with cold wat r every St in will be removed us the oxalic acid with Cere As it a Poison. If try he i finish by b in liken if. Licit ii no Way Toi it. A Birt us. Toke a Well tailored shirtwaist of sheer est Mcnol flannel finely id d in Light Iliad s tuck it a trim flannel skirt in Haru in color and con have a summer sports costume of Correct i Lack of weight adaptable to any it umber of daytime the Light Bike a end b in plaid of this Short sleeved a Voitcu by a Quot it itching sol d Hue skirt styled with Cronl Closie j lot added convenience and Cine. If your Kitchen in dark select it Gay linoleum for the floor it Guy Chintz Shade for Hie window and use Ether paint or paper that Wal brighten the room not add to its Wrabness. V a scrubbing brushes washed occasionally in a Strong Tols to Len of sat and water and a Lowed to dry in the open att Nill last twice As Long

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